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tv   Cubas Unfinished Spaces  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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two hundred forty five the nasal one eighty two using their newfound power house democrats leveled a direct rebuke at president trump table the house voted to reverse trump's declaration of an emergency on the mexican border the vote followed a spirited sometimes contentious debate how many dead americans does it take for open border advocates to support border security democrats say trump is exceeding his constitutional authority going around congress after it passed a spending bill that specifically denied him money for a border wall building a wall much faster is not an american city that's political theater dot's political posturing for twenty twenty. trump plans to use that declaration to access eight billion dollars in emergency funds to build the wall ninety percent of the drugs and the big stuff goes out to the desert makes a left and goes where you don't have any wall i'm going to call it
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a wall and you know they're likely to call it a barrier it's a wall it's a big beautiful powerful steel wall the bill now moves to the senate where if all forty seven democrats vote together they would still need for republicans to join them to pass it they appear to have at least three republican senator susan collins lisa murkowski in thom tillis say they will vote to overturn drums if republicans in congress line up behind the president the message will be clear he can do what he wants if some republicans even a few say no that might at least you know provide some reason for him to be careful if the senate votes with the house the president would be forced to veto the measure as he's promised to do and congress is unlikely to muster the two thirds majority it needs to override him but there would be no mistaking when it comes to declaring an emergency on the border the president is largely going it alone even if opponents of the president's emergency order fail with the white house and congress they could still succeed with the third branch of government the courts
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where they are already arguing that there is no emergency south of the border john hendren al jazeera washington. still ahead on the button will meet a historian who says ciancia is trying to keep a lid on the secrets of its hottest. hello again to welcome back well here across parts of china we are seeing quite a bit of rain to the north but not so much down here towards the south take a look at our forecast map as we go towards thursday will hand over toward shanghai and just to the south there we do expect to see some rain in your forecast but it is going to be much better down here across much of the south coastal areas over the next few days now we did have some windy conditions across parts of taiwan and that is going to be easing by the time we get towards friday but the rain in it's
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going to be quite cool is going to continue across much of the north as we go into the weekend as well go away over here towards parts of india well the big problem over the for last few days has been what has been happening over here across bangladesh that has been seeing some very active weather a lot of rain across much of the area snow in the higher bases as well but down here towards the cell it is going to be those temperatures into the low to mid thirty's across much of the area if anything by the time we get to friday much of those temperatures begin to come up we are going to sing hyderabad at about thirty five degrees there and then very quickly over here across much of the gulf we are going to see clouds and with the actual expecting some rain in those clouds could be a problem for some of us here over towards abu dhabi how about twenty five degrees you there miska a nice day if you at twenty six degrees and sala a twenty eight. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted
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to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have some goes head to head with gallaher is free to fuck you too you want to keep it develop and they don't is disputing the economic record saying this is a development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. the to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories pakistan's promise to iran khan is calling for dialogue after both india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets as lama bad says it's down to indian planes and
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captures two pilots one is in hospital and has shot down one part of an aircraft and lost one of its. u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il on the start of this second summit in vietnam's capital the two had a short meeting before dinner the summit continues on thursday and on transform a person noir my phone call and began what many believe will be explosive public testimony on capitol hill collins says he's looking for telling the truth about tom's contacts with russia and other accusations of criminal conduct to nigeria now where the president has been re-elected for a second four year term the home of the fifty five percent of the vote that authorization needed i think bako has rejected the result in plans to challenge it and court out of a toss the reports from. president muhammadu buhari supporters are jubilant ready at their party headquarters in a confirmation that has won four more years of power in nigeria africa's biggest
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economy and top oil producer. is. the main opposition leader has called for the cancellation of results in some states his party p.d.p. some voters will add intimidated or bribed charges the ruling party rejects all results. independent national electoral commission. is. on ice up to. talk to. some nigerians worry a disputed election could lead to violence
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a case that has been increased in most parts of the country as a precaution. president biharis first next nigeria may no longer be in the session but unemployment and inflation are now in double digits and his efforts to fight corruption and improve security remain a work in progress his supporters know that but for now at least it's time to celebrate. well let's get more on this now we're joined by a on by the author of how to win elections in africa and he's joining us live from nigerian capital as as we've been reporting the opposition have said they're going to challenge the results because it was britain's was this a free and fair election. well many observers civil society many members of the past see it is largely free and fair elections however there are significant. examples of.
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violence in many states and police units and intimidation by security agents but the observers who are on the field many civil society organizations and many parts of the media seem to believe it's a free and fair election and so what are the opposition's chances and what this legal challenge. well i do think that the opposition has a fair grounds to challenge these results and it will be a gift to a democracy if i mean twenty fifty was the first so the first time an opposition party won an election at the presidential level if the opposition this time goes to court and wins that will be a significant push through for democracy it will signal the maturity of democracy to signal the vibrancy of the courts and so i don't really see that that's a negative outcome if the opposition believes that it has the evidence it says it has then our democracy says better what it is sorely tested president of a hearty and his party is saying they got something like fifty five percent of the
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vote if we look at the voter turnout wreck or did all of this time thirty five percent down from forty four and twenty fifteen was that just because the election was delayed or other other bigger issues here. i did write a piece for a. magazine and said to the people this is one of the work in terms of despair in terms of resignation in terms of sadness this is one of the worst elections have seen in recent history and many people especially in the city centers they didn't rush to the polls in excitement it was just the sense of which is in between so historically unpopular candidates and it was just a hunger for something fresh and something different so i seriously doubt and i don't have any data either way as to prove this but i seriously doubt that the depressed voter turnout is because of the postponement is because nigeria that in just feel like we got the best options in these polls and do you think that one of
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the body doesn't do get the chance of a second what will has sort of greatest challenges been now there are some many facing the country from corruption to more than half of the population living in extreme poverty the security threat that he promised he defeated and his first term has not been eliminated. i think his greatest challenge is basic competence to be honest there has been such apostasy of confidence in his judgment and in his decisions and she's health hasn't visibly improved it must be recalled many of the campaign events saw him appearing only very briefly and i think the first thing that anybody who is serious about investing in the job about keeping niger nuthin about the economy and all its development would be looking for
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is that we have a healthy president and is he able to make borderline competence decisions that inspire confidence in the citizens and this is across the board this is not an economy question so the security questions the corruption question is really. is the president's couple of making decisions that we can hold him responsible for the city on with that you very much for your time and your expertise on this we do appreciate it as a on one live end of the ija thank you now at least twenty eight people have been killed insisting others injured after a fiery crash in cairo central railway station runway officials say a train ran into a barrier at high speed coronets fuel tank to explode it its transport minister has resigned to what they call the losses along resident fellow at the they'd institute for middle east policy and he says that although the government has agreed to compensate the victims is there little official reaction. we heard. most
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of the injuries are from security from the from the explosion the fuel tanker the train. beyond the beyond the minister resigning we haven't got much in terms of. the political reaction you know the parliamentary committee responsible for transportation he. expresses concern about this further damaging egypt's reputation internationally the time that it doesn't need to be further pressure. and the state has announced. that it will be giving money to the families of the victims to. help them at this time saudi arabia says it will cough right with the un's human but mechanisms that refused to say whether that includes the un that investigation into the middle of june just to jemaah kushal the minister of state to fatah phase out of the job it made the comments that an address to the human rights council and geneva the un special rapporteur hole for extra judicial killings was caught in the king and to kushal g.'s case saw the journalist was
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killed and saw the saudi consulate in istanbul leaving five months ago and. france is urging algeria to ensure full transparency and conduct an upcoming presidential elections where protests began last week and opposing abdulaziz both of his bed for a fifth term and have continued for days he is rarely seen in public after suffering from a stroke years ago next year brian has more of the a demanding change and defying a ban on protests in the capital algiers most of these young people have only known one president eighty one year old abdelaziz bouteflika. he's rarely seen in public after stroke and twenty thirteen and his opponents question whether he's fit to lead the country to stick up for such him not only here to demonstrate against the fifth term fed up with it twenty years of high authority twenty years it's
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enough. students at the university of algiers were locked inside campus to stop the demonstrations spilling onto the streets i was but their anger already stretches beyond this fence with protest in the port town of and above and all around algeria seeking sisi. i sat there against the first term and against the system the system has to change they have to give the all have to be. the release began on friday after a beautifully kids candidacy was announced the president hasn't directly addressed the process it's about his army chief is warning they'll only have dangerous consequences alexy o'brian al jazeera to georgia now where historians are fighting what they say is the censorship of soviet archives there appears in the state national archives of blanking out information about crimes committed been georgia
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was part of the u.s.s.r. robin forestay a walker reports from the capital tbilisi. historian irakli yani wants to bring to light the soviet secrets locked inside georgia's national archives. alongside the propaganda reels existing records of systematic state terror between the one nine hundred twenty s. and fifty's tens of thousands of georgians were executed exiled by joseph stalin and his henchmen in a society infiltrated by informants it's just today researching that past has become difficult when historians request piles they get redacted copies the main details just deleted and it irakli says george's state national archives is censoring personal data and in barga criminal case records for seventy five years he has this theory it's. some kind of
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a power bring ourselves. to us because the coloration was serious and it's better to an aging yourself and your society exclusively as a victim it's better to close access to keep. it's less problematic then to. research areas. ironically this archive which includes files of the soviet secret police the k g b is safe from censorship the now. documents are restored and held by georgia's interior ministry but al-jazeera has been told that may be about to change this room contains more than forty thousand boxes of documents hundreds of thousands of files from georgia's soviet past it too will become a relic of history when this entire collection transfers to the state national
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archives the state's national archive failed to respond to repeated interview requests but the director of the interior ministry archive says he's concerned by the censorship threat. there is nothing in those documents to hide and nothing that will create problems for society if someone's close relative was a hero and someone else sold out to the system we have to deal with it long ago. by chance the k.g.b. archives reveals a secret to our producer merriam has discovered a letter from one thousand nine hundred fifty seven written by her great grandmother requesting a pension her great grandfather died in exile in guyville to retire. florence it's too emotional and especially when you read your name and like.
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everyone should have access to. a trove of information that could help georgians come to terms with their past will stay hidden so long as the state believes censorship is in the public interest robyn for a steelworker al-jazeera tblisi. you know again it is a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister emraan khan is calling for dialogue after both india and pakistan shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region islamabad says it's down to two indian planes and captured two pilots one is in hospital new delhi says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own. sort of one year but don't
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we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here this is a very important issue i am addressing india it is very important that we use wisdom here and here in pakistan have also been exchanging heavy fire across the line of control india says five of its soldiers have been injured police say six civilians have been killed by indian mortar shells in pakistan administered kashmir and other news u.s. president donald trump has hailed north korea's kim jong as a great leader during this second meeting in the vietnamese capital trying told kim his country had tremendous economic potential he's hoping to convince kim to give up his nuclear weapons program doing two days of talks the meeting comes eight months after a historic first summit in singapore. first it was
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a great success and i think this one thankfully will be equal or greater for the little other program and i think the biggest growth was our relationship is really a good one i think to do your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. i think. leader and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help but there. donald trump's former personal lawyer michael collins just arrived in capitol hill to give what many believe will be explosive public testimony cohen says he's looking forward to telling the truth about trump's contacts with russia and other accusations of criminal conduct if these twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after a crash in cairo central railway station where a officials say a train went into a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank to explode egypt's transport minister
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has resigned well those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us to stream is coming up next thank you for watching. africa's most populous nation the broadest economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some kind of digital i am told. we bring you the stories the economic world we live. on al-jazeera. i am ok and i really could be here in the streets today at mass starvation in yemen be treated as a war crime where here the latest on what the u.n. calls the largest food security crisis in the world what can be done to end suffering we want to hear your thoughts on this story you can send them to us live via our you tube channel or on twitter.
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extreme malnutrition and starvation those are the conditions faced by many people living in yemen where a four year war has left families impoverished and in desperate need of aid according to the u.n. around ten million yemenis are on the edge of famine but images like those of a twelve year old to suggest otherwise when this video was filed two weeks ago for tomorrow weighed only ten kilograms since fighting between who the rebels and a saudi led coalition started in two thousand and fifteen an estimated eighty five thousand children under the age of five may have starved to death according to the charity's save the children so who should be held responsible for the thousands of yemenis who have died from starvation joining us to talk about this in gothenburg sweden after a nasser a journalist and founding editor in chief of the sun roof you in paris. is
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a humanitarian work project coordinator for m.s.f. and in oxford in the united kingdom david king he studies the politics of famine and is a professor of conflict studies at the london so. economics it's good to have you here guess i wish it was under better circumstances so the u.n. describing what's happening in yemen as the worst manmade humanitarian crises of our time let me show our audience some of the statistics so they can kind of get it into their head what this actually looks like so. twenty million people don't have access to food or have difficult access to food ten million people suffering from extreme hunger food prices up as much as hundred sixty two percent africa that is even hard to imagine for your family for your friends who are in yemen can you explain to us what that actually means what are they having to deal with on a day to day basis. on a day to day basis. every time i call my mom and son out and we exchange
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information about the crisis of poor here in sweden where they stand and from are pretty much the same prices and for millions about two million people in the yemen they have not been. their salaries wrong the civilian sector. that means that millions of people don't want ward buying food so these numbers really reflect the same people ability financial ability to get access to food and warry food so it's how life is pretty much very very difficult it's unbearable to how the skyrocketing. prices. in yemen so they're just people. to
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buy the poor from what you're saying there is completely going what we're seeing online here this is a group that call themselves the yemen polling center and they surveyed yemenis this is status from twenty seventeen but they write in that the people that they talked to believe that access to food was getting worse thirty three percent of the people said that high prices were but sponsible for making that access to food so difficult others said that it was the salary crisis as you mentioned that was responsible for the lack of access to food there's food in markets but people don't have the money to buy it they go on to say that half of those yemenis that they talked to who had a paying job lost their income due to the war the state's inability to pay salaries affects roughly a third of the yemeni population and this in turn a chinaman to join battlefronts to feed family many households are now women lead altering gender roles a friend or you want to jump in there on that but they're saying that this is shifted things and families. this is very important because a today it was
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a big day with her back and that you know that international. you know during the conference but it's not really the direct mylan in the conflict that is creating the humanitarian crisis because it is the contra quinces of the conflict the economy aspect of the conflict it is what it have what it has and the beating and back on the people who know them divided i came i see not in go ahead. yeah it really was. just. brought an economic crisis. there was also an embargo since two thousand and sixteen imposed by the saudis that question when posed. that secure reception brittany's a trade and the economy going to extend. was a resource. that will support the recession also human needs who don't have enough resources to buy food but at the opposite there is food on the market when you book
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a son are and even to a day that city for example there is food on the market there is a food that the vans the programs for the people how to access. this food as a consequence of this economic crisis is that the people don't talk enough financial resources but at the same time. there is a unit and see the arts program was bringing food to. the amount so. people cannot buy food but at the same time as a result of humanitarian assistance was bringing food to the country david i'm just thinking because you study famine and. politics and conflict all mixed up together and we're not saying that this is a famine because there are particular circumstances under which a famine is actually declared but when you see what is unfolding in yemen is that
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a blueprint for what has happened in other places and is it done on purpose to basically terrorize civilians well i think it is something that we've seen many times is the intentional creation of famine whether that's for economic or political or military purposes certainly something that has been very very common in in sudan and we've seen it in many other countries as well like ethiopia. some time ago so i think if we look at yemen you know you can look at it as an economic crisis and it clearly is an economic crisis and this is part of what happens in a famine you have gotten food in the markets but people who are particularly poor or can't afford to buy what there is so that's typical really over famine and i think on top of the economic crisis you know we have to take you account of
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the ways in which the saudi led coalition in particular has been waging in effect a kind of economic warfare you know with systematic blockades with the destruction of water processing facilities construction markets destruction of the courts i mean this is a massive. this is a massive series of blows against a society that was already very vulnerable because importing you know about ninety percent of its food even before the war. i came what do you think you might have. yeah i don't know i think we all agree that there is an economic crisis in humanity which is a consequence of the conflict we all agree us or so i think that there is within men but is not accessible far and what i what i described before the level of recession and humans the fact that they don't have enough by national success or
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access food sources a key drivers for food and security in the union men today as an assessor cannot say that there is a funny man we cannot say that now a lot of people are. suffering about from starvation. we have many projects around right now we are working now we are covering eleven eleven with an alliance. supporting and war on running more than twenty maybe got to the cities. our beneficiaries are. a far one hundred we provide most are in child yes we are also quitting just very unclear are but we are also money. on this money different programs but we observe the last year plus an increase of going each month mission clinic money for everybody to know it was already existing before this conflict is approached the problem that we we have
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tons and probably not i'm on going right in i'm in we were tripping. chronic malnutrition before the fall before this war. what we observe there is no matter how you market your rates leading us to conclude that there is a so i mean today in your man what he can say the way we look at the situation today it's more about. a foot and security in the country i came in so i hear you there and here is the fact that the disconnect between. officially this is not been declared a famine and there are people online and people saying that those in yemen they see the disconnect there so we look at this tweet from niger he says yemen is standing as another example in which hunger has been used as a weapon of war the whole against negotiation in this conflict is centered on the opening of humanitarian corridors corridors for food to move which people say is not happening we got
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a video comment from someone who's picking up on the same theme there she wanted us to look at how she sees this as a tool of war and this is a country on a murdoch and she speaking to us from the hague yemen promises to be the most severe famine in living memory documentation supports thousands of repeated strikes and agricultural areas fisheries markets factories and water infrastructure this is in addition to the sieges and blocking salaries going on page for use and extreme inflation these are the methods of seemingly plenty in yemen there is little doubt that these mass atrocities masquerading as natural disasters should be investigated and placed within the rubric of international criminal so a fresh mentions famine there and as we've already confirmed this is not a famine but using it as a tool of war using it as something that should be within the rubric she says of
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international criminal law where you make about. i disagree with the notion that. there is not famine in yemen i think that it is a famine it's under way. and i think this might i mean we can debate this but i think. strongly that a product would be like saudi arabia or united that of embedded the marking the kind of not a tip from the united nations or you know any kind of report that could support. or prove that the famine is already there in yemen because it's going to be like a horrific embarrassment for these countries but i think it's very important to say that only warring parties share equal responsibility to what to do that the common or the how the country is on the verge of famine so you have the saudi led coalition on one hand is blocking or having a blokey to fan out
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a port which is you know most of according to a lot of human tidy and aid workers inside the a man who i interviewed. most of the human population who live in the north part of yemen so having a blockade on some i reports had a devastating impact and getting a smooth access for the human tatiana gave operation and then on the other hand you have these are also making like really help putting a tattoo where that grim having impossible logistics for them or having you know feeding what example for more than two years and blocking all to access actually for human taliban aid workers were killed and i feel that part of this conversation has to be possible because it's about people who call to get enough food who can't afford it i want to show you this story this is
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a little moving. eighteen month old let's run the video. because i'm going to talk about him so daly can see the situation here he's eighteen months old he weighs three kilo so that's six pounds david and he severely malnourished and several weeks ago his mother sapphira in his four year old sister and she got treated for mt nutrition she went home with him she later died and his mom is now terrified. also die so this is a situation that is in a conflict situation the kids are the one suffering they're not even fighting they have no politics who is responsible for this state it. well i think you know it's good to go back to the save the children. finding as well that eighty five pounds and children have already died of starvation in their estimate in this conflict who is responsible i think there is that pressing there's responsibility
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on both sides in fact there are more than two sides but there's also a primary responsibility and sometimes the situations seem to be very complex there's quite a high threshold for actually declaring a famine and you find that a lot of time and have already occurred in places like somalia two thousand and eleven south sudan two thousand and seventeen a great number of famine that several already occurred by the time the international community gets around to declaring a famine because of that high threshold where the clearing it so that that's a danger i think with labeling it as a as a nonpermanent in terms of the responsibility i do believe that there's a huge responsibility with for example the united states government the british government people who are making the saudi led coalition and we know that the
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violence that that coalition has carried out has has an enormous impact on the economy in yemen and that this is a form of economic warfare sometimes the situation looks very complex but the lines of responsibility are not as complicated as all that and often in the west we end up giving with one hand in terms of the humanitarian. feeling good about where we're actually taking away with the other in terms of all the signals that we're sending about who can be legitimately attacked and his religious timidly stark's in the name of one more or another and this is you know this is the latest in a long line. i came. no shoes should commence the first one and we all agree that there is food reaching your man but the main question mocked is that this food reaching the beneficiaries because when you look at all hours of william of food brought by the walks that program. ports and when you look at
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some. press releases made by some journalists regarding what plans been said by the executive director of the biggest being on and off the dozen eighteen saying that there is a reason there is diversion. of food inside. the country as a second command that i would like to put about arms of footage and pictures showing a single children. picture lost money vision when you look at all of this with judge and others big general you can only see one one one single child why because there is a zoom in. about a child inside a medical facility but there is no as the mouths of a number of children dying of starvation today in the new man i'm not saying that there is there is nor children dying in human today this is duration is very very
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critical but we are very careful about using the water so i mean also to comment about the numbers. of some of the children eighty five thousand children who died since the beginning of the conflict in human we had a debate last week we said the children and agenda of the debate even said that you're going to agree with us m.s.s. saying that it's impossible to carry. that you've survey in your men today and to bay's conclusion about. quality that done for us wide. because. so many. many parts of the country are not. doing well and all sorts of new search of constraints to move from summer. you need specific authorization for the riches.
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and the people responsible for that because that's where this part of the conversation started you know if i may ask who is responsible that is what our community is reacting to so this is route on you tube he says everyone is to blame for this iran and saudi arabia america great britain canada france they're all to blame another person picks that up sort of with despair this is mark asher goodman and he says this makes me frustrated and hopeless someone should help but how does one fix a crisis of a civil war where the two sides are backed by reprehensible actors saudi arabia and iran isn't this the kind of situation for which the un and un peacekeeping forces were created for what do you make of that comment. could i answer your question i just want to comment that it is true it's difficult and complicated situation to count the dead. and yemen but we have many many reports from the local press
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comedies committing joining too much side because of the house economy situation that they are at but example one mother said a police and her kids and she had the poisoned herself and committed suicide along with her kids because she couldn't bear you know sort of driving and the stating what so that that is one comment but how to do how to how to proceed i think the international community should set the priorities their priorities what when it comes to them and i could you know. get a quote from the executive director of them today and the pledging conference she's she mentioned about maybe we need to have another pledging conference to give to those. who are
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a trading arm stated in order to get that on money and stop you were doing this more with their arms it's very important for all these state. stakeholders to media understand the the the main causes of the conflict and add to that the meeting that they are contributing and the prolonging of the conflict with not having any political solution this is all. going to be just temporary solution. he mentioned the pledging conference i'm just looking here at a twitter post that kate wiggins posted she captures a nasa had from the islamic relief fund which is a charitable organization and he quoted to the pledging conference our staff see grown men too frail from thirst and hunger to stand now norrish children so we can by hunger and preventable diseases like diarrhea that they might not make it through the day and this may just be the perspective of this camera shot but it
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doesn't look like there's an awful lot of people there how do you think we can get out of the situation what's the next step. this concerns the u.n. . it's rich on three billion dollars last year a billion the loss. when that seventy four millions. they way i look at the source of all we can say that it's the biggest financial volume for you meant an operation but i don't know what is the result of this rage on the field beginning or the main question is does the assistance richard have been a fisheries a human use and another commanded so it is possible to organize such conference in order to to feed the conflict i mean to keep that
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assistance. and the operation demand an operation running in your meant. bush in its how is not possible to organize the same kind of conference together all of the sky countries to find a solution to stop. the conflict. also want to comment about who is responsible i think as it was said everybody's misapply is responsible when you see a situation that was faced by your missteps since the beginning of. six because our cities bombed in new man two days our morals and fifty percent of the niggas that's in it you are a match or not function even because it was have been bombed or so you should look at that that task for you meant that our projects they said that a certain of them unitary targets and so do that and that question you start getting civilian infrastructure us. so the comment will be ok let's go to
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sions are bombing yemen somewhere that they bring us weapons to bomb yemen so now we can reach. their origin country bringing this weapons would you let a question right how is this conversation going down online what i want to people weighing in with several people saying something very similar which is that not enough people are covering this and this is not enough headlines this is someone i need to pay says the fact that yemeni. it's been in the state for this long and hasn't been addressed in the mainstream media enough is a joke and this last one is on twitter says what will your man look like in ten to fifteen years when half of the population will be in their teens and twenty's either immense progress or more destruction depending on the commitment from the global community to bring peace and stability and the u.s. involvement in yemen thank you very much to ask. and also to david for joining us here on the street and giving us their perspective and their take on what is
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happening in yemen right now the insecurity of food and the people in yemen actually struggling to eat thank you so much for joining us we will always be online at a stream on twitter see you next time. monch on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times in head to heads thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupied jerusalem share their thoughts on that hostile present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for
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breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military and million mom march on al-jazeera. a face can tell a story without uttering a single hand. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the lens of the human nine. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. and this is different is that whether someone is going for some of these very reds but the mentally ill try capping it's how you approach a vigil and if it is a said we're doing it to congress inject historian fire out. we
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want to return to care bring your people back to life. with updates and the best of the al-jazeera documentary. continuing with australia's most generation. is a really important issue. do or mine very high. the national average. on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera we begin this news hour with our live coverage of michael cohen's testimony in washington d.c. he's president donald trump's former lawyer as you can see right there he's just about to testify in just
11:49 pm
a couple of minutes before the house oversight and reform committee. second of three appearances before various panels this week those before the senate and house intelligence committee are in closed session. so in just a couple of minutes we do expect to hear from michael cohen where in their prepared remarks in his testimony he's expected to brand the president a racist a con man and a cheat well cohen as you recall worked for the trump organization for decades and has signaled that he intends to tell politicians everything he knows about the inner workings of the president's business interests he'll be facing questions on the president's debt payments relating to efforts to influence twenty sixteen election the president's business practices the trump international hotel in washington d.c.
11:50 pm
as well as the accuracy of the president's public statements so michael cohen expected to start speaking giving his opening statements his opening remarks his testimony in just a couple of minutes the house oversight and reform committee that committee by the way. is the main investigative committee in the u.s. house of representatives so he's had three hearings this week he will have three hearings this week this one you're looking at right now is his only public hearing and it will give him the opportunity to tell his side of the story as we're saying involving his interactions with his former boss who is the president of the united states. of the committee at any one and you're looking at the republican hearing a light train coming in who is the chairman of the house oversight a fine committee giving his opening statements earning that's written on trump mr chairman i have a point of order your state you're going to want to rule after real rule nine f.
11:51 pm
of the committee rules say that any testimony from your witness needs to be here twenty four hours in advance the committee the chairman knows well that at ten o eight we received the written testimony and then we were sieved evidence this morning at seven fifty four now if this was just an oversight mr chairman i could i could look beyond it but it was an intentional effort by this witness and his advisors to once again show his disdain for this body and with that i move that we postpone this hearing. on it thank you john. let me say this said we got three testimony late last night we did
11:52 pm
and we guided you all. very much the same time that that we got it. i want to or we would it's hearing mr chairman with all due respect mr chairman the . rule and if it was not intentional i would i would not have a problem i'm not saying it was intentional on your part i'm saying isn't to jump on is part because mr dean last night on a cable news network that or actually made it all very evident john d. and i'll quote mr chairman he said as a former committee counsel in the house judiciary committee and then a long term witness sitting alone at the table is import quote holding your statement as long as you cannot as i said on capitol hill right now let's bring in see how the town see you joining us from washington see how but even before the testimony got underway michael cohen's testimony mr meadows is asking for
11:53 pm
a postponement just talk us through what we're seeing and hearing. and we have to have them including that this might happen that some members some of the republican members of the oversight committee may try and prevent the testimony happening as warned by raising not supporting preventing preventing the the testimony to get underway to preventing the hearing from getting under way so as you can see there representative meadows saying well we didn't get the testimony on time as and representative meadows suggesting that this is part of cohen's strategy to mislead the committee to mislead the republican side of the committee who are certainly going to be going off to his credibility and citing john dean who was richard nixon's white house counsel who famously invited seventy three testified before congress and that test me that to nixon eventually resigning and there are some democrats who may be hoping that michael cohen may have a similar effect on ball drop it seems pretty unlikely it has to be said so we'd have heard that this may be a possibility the republicans would try and delay and delay and delay and delay and
11:54 pm
delay and prevent cohen from testifying about seems to be what's happening now whether it'll be a success. it's. ok so as we wait to see whether cohen will testify as we're saying this is a public hearing she have and we now know what he will be saying because we have seen his remarks his opening statements we know that he will be calling trump a con man we know that you will be calling trump a cheat but we've also learned of other surprising surprising things that perhaps we didn't know about before. right and actually there's another interesting detail there were currents as you had told from didn't even intend on being president he was running to improve the trump brown he says the trumpet was going to be the biggest infomercial the greatest infomercial of all time he didn't expect to be president we've got several surprises there in the last few hours since we've seen the prepared testimony out we're hearing other other bits and pieces from members of the committee first of all we knew. was going to try to tie it all trump to his admitted crimes to kernes bit of crimes of campaign finance violations he produced
11:55 pm
tracks to try to back up cohen's allegations that trump was directly involved in the campaign finance violations we now know that cohen would also be implicating donald trump something donald trump jr in cohen's allegations that the trump organization was involved with him that the felonies that he has admitted to but beyond that there we have been told that they would be no discussion of russia as part of this testimony because a larger cummings who we just saw there the chairman said he didn't want to step on the toes of other investigations that were underway either in congress all from by prosecutors in the last few minutes we heard the because cohen's own initial statement talks about issues related to the special counsel investigation into allegations of russian collusion that rule has now been relaxed and members will be able to ask about russia because cohen himself talks about various issues connected to the russian vest occasions in his testimony so those topics that we've seen in the prepared testimony involve the wiki leaks dump of democratic national committee
11:56 pm
e-mails which prosecutors allege originated from russian hackers we can leak has always denied but not told trump has always denied having any advance knowledge of the imminent to dump of those e-mails michael cohen is going to say that he heard a conversation between roger stone the lobbyists and donald trump of a speakerphone where roger stone said. i just got off a phone call with the sounds and wiki leaks is going to release e-mails down. to hillary clinton very vague but saying that these e-mails will be released to which michael cohen said to which donald trump said well wouldn't that be great so pretty vague stuff here and again we should say that wiki leaks denies having ever talked to roger stone and always says well actually julian assange had announced publicly that he was going to do that so there was no need for roger stone to even talk to his sons about that but this is a key component of the russian investigators in either way donald trump has always denied any for knowledge of that e-mail dump so that's something that's kind of a great deal of interest here in washington and secondly michael cohen is going to
11:57 pm
say that he suspects donald trump knew in advance of the july twenty sixth meeting between dogs from junior and other associates of the from the trump organization and russian nationals ostensibly about getting dirt on hillary clinton again donald trump has always said he had no knowledge of that no for knowledge of that and thirdly one of the crimes that's that michael cohen was convicted off was lying to congress and what he was lying about was the timeline regarding donald trump's attempts of developing a trump tower moscow so cohen had said to congress well those those conversations ended with donald trump early in two thousand and sixteen now it transpires he says no actually they were they went all into july of twenty six you know twenty sixteen so he's now going to say that although donald trump didn't tell him to lie to congress certainly it was an indirect suggestion from donald trump and the donald trump's own lawyers have signed off on his misleading testimony to congress so that's quite significant form the russian investigation point of view it all
11:58 pm
depends now on what robert mueller actually believes whether he believes michael cohen well the and what donald trump actually told told robert mueller about all of these allegations and we should always remember everything michael cohen is saying are allegations these are his recollections his his claims and you can bet that the republicans will be going after him saying well you can't be trusted on any of the self because you've admitted in the past to perjure yourself in front of congress. so i have to stand by for just a moment because i'm being told that a vote had been talking place to see if this proceeding this hearing would actually go ahead and let's listen in to the lines of congress for a second women alleging affairs with donald trump mr cohen admitted to violating campaign finance laws and other laws he admitted to committing these felonies wote in coordination with and had the direction of unquote president trump
11:59 pm
and he admitted it to lying about his actions to protect the president somewhat certainly as mr cohen was lying then why should we believe him now. this is a judgment question as a trial lawyer for many years i've faced this situation over and over again and i asked the same question here is how i view our role every one of us just room has a duty to serve as an independent check on the executive branch ladies and gentlemen we are in search of the truth the president has made many statements of his own and now all of the american people have
12:00 am
a right to hear the other side they can watch mr co-existed money and make their own judgment we receive a copy of mr cohen reduce a bit late last night it includes not only personal eyewitness accounts of meetings of dollars from as friends inside the oval office but it also includes documents and other corroborating evidence but some of mr cohen statements for example. mr cohen has provided a copy of a check sent while president trump was in office with donald trump signature on it to reimburse this a colon for the hush money paid meant to tsunami daniels this is new this new evidence.


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