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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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julian assange and i've been informed personally that the dump was coming wiki leaks denies that any conversation over to place they said actually we announced it publicly you can look at the guardian in that same month where they say look we're going to be coming out with this dump and roger stone is just a man who should be trusted and it all depends on what poll trump told robert muller that it. was told by donald trump i didn't know anything about any wiki leaks dump when they you know whether it was because roger stone i read in the papers or you had a conversation with the stones but i could be trouble for donald trump because all trump then would have said something that someone else was saying wasn't true that you know michael cohen is saying you heard donald trump being informed about that dump so it's all about that i'm not what donald trump told robot mother whether that whether that coincides with got michael cohen is saying about his own recollections and whether robert mueller believes michael cohen or donald trump so this is where this is where the part of this comes in that it's about whether michael cohen and donald trump's accounts of what was going all about points whether they actually coincide which apparently they might not do or they might do and whether who wrote miller believes. ok shihab rattansi thank you now michael
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cohen alleges that trump asked tascam rather to contain negative headlines about how he avoided being drafted for the vietnam war decades ago adding it's ironic that the president is now in vietnam so as in vietnam he's been tweeting angrily about cohen from hanoi as he started talks with kim jong il he told the north korean leader his country has tremendous economic potential brown has more from hanoi. the full talks are on the way this was billed as a casual get together between north korea's leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump their message of the first summit was a great success and i think this one really will be equal or greater. we made a lot of progress and i think the biggest problem is with our relationship is really a good one. here we are today sitting next to each other and this time i am convinced
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an excellent outcome will be for tuesday but all people can welcome and i will do my best to make that happen this is their first meeting since the historic single summit almost nine months ago then at a casual dinner the leaders had just two aides each as well as their interpreters the evening helping to set the toad ahead of thursday's meeting. at the heart of their discussions will be the sprawling young beyond nuclear complex experts say plutonium and highly enriched uranium are produced here essential materials for a nuclear weapon dismantling it could win concessions from the united states like an easing of sanctions but. the singapore summit was more symbolism than substance and ahead of these talks in
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hanoi president trump assault to play down expectations of a significant breakthrough and even if kim were to agree to give up the nuclear weapons we know about it would still be a long and complicated process you. just like north korea vietnam a bitter war with the united states more than forty years after that conflict ended the countries achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule and trump was happy to fly the flag of his host saying north korea could thrive if it follows vietnam's example. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. if the talks go well a city wants synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this has to be about
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more than handshakes and friendly gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks could be many more of those adrian brown al jazeera hanoi. they have the new evidence linking the saudi government to the nine eleven attacks. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we do have some messy conditions here across much of the western of our look at the clouds here on the satellite image and that means a combination of rain as well as snow farts assyria snow up here towards parts of turkey a little bit further to the south though jerusalem you're only going to get to about eight degrees here on thursday as your high baghdad will be also seeing some
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cooler rain passing through as we go from thursday to friday notice those temperatures do drop the weather does get better across much of the area but most of that weather is going to go down across parts of southern iran over the next day we're going to be watching that very carefully now notice the clouds passing across the gulf in those clouds here on thursday we could be seeing some rain showers that are embedded in that area extending all the way over here towards riyadh and by the time we get towards friday most of the heavy rain is going to be across the gulf north of doha could see it rain shower or two in doha but we're not going to rule that out but most of it is going to be along that coastal area and then very quickly across parts of southern africa it is going to be madagascar that is going to be seeing the heaviest rain over the next few days notice the clouds on the satellite image a very rainy day here on thursday but we do start to get a break by the time we get to friday particularly in the central areas with a temperature of about twenty seven.
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donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary and allegation like to see the investigation stick the troops did the trump card. with russia did you at any time of the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera donald transform a person a lawyer michael cohen has told congress he believes the u.s.
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president is a racist a con man and that cohen says he's telling the truth about trump's contacts with russia and other accusations of criminal conduct in his public testimony on capitol hill meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un have started their second summit in vietnam's capital the two had a short meeting before dinner the summit continues on thursday. pakistan's prime minister imran khan is calling for talks with india after both countries shot down each other's fighter jets during an increasingly dramatic confrontation in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it's down to indian jets and captured the pilots india in turn claims to have shot down one pakistani aircraft for the reaction from new delhi in just a moment but first reports from islamabad. what caused this indian fighter jet to crash is disputed between these two nuclear rivals but it was evidence that
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pakistan and india were confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister to india's leader nur interim o.t. . so. we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. that you have me tell you the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian warplanes after they crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district of. firstly we need to clear the rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team will come and investigate what happened as of now we found two bodies. initially the indian government said its plane it was down to because
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of a technical fault we have unfortunately lost when we went to work the pilot is missing in action. and the plane. that he is in their custody we are sitting in the tension in this volatile region increased after a suicide bomb attack killed at least forty indian security personnel two weeks ago the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility on tuesday the indian air force carried out strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir the indian and pakistan governments have competing narratives about what's happening in the region analysts say the situation has the potential to escalate into full scale conflict this i think is being exacerbated by social media by television and by the speed with which information is being conveyed problem side all the other and there is a lot of what you might call the nationalist fervor that we see in any country when
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there is any i'm all right lash insecurity. space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down and pakistan has closed all its space to commercial traffic there is a real atmosphere in the disputed region of kashmir many people particularly along the border are all packing up their things and then leaving because they are worried that war will come by pakistan and india now have two real options military which will be seen over the last few days or diplomacy. this is exactly the situation that india was trying to avoid ever since they had their eye strikes on tuesday they've been using language such as preemptive that they had intelligence that they were about to be attacked again and they use terms like nonmilitary that no pakistani military or civilians were target that was
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india's attempt to deescalate the situation and build international pressure for pakistan not to react unfortunately as we saw on wednesday that didn't happen and also on wednesday the political unity finally cracked since the attacks on february fourteenth that killed at least forty indian troops india's opposition has been standing by the government on wednesday though they came out with a statement against the government and criticizing the handling of their response now as this happens people are on edge in india but people in kashmir say they particularly feel caught in the middle they've been telling al jazeera that anytime there's a conflict between india and pakistan they get caught in the middle and there's been shelling on the other side of the line of control between indian administered kashmir and baucus on and mr kashmir and locals nearby say they are now trying to get out of the line of fire. we are trying to take children some see if you look at
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the state my belongings in my home isn't so much has happened today this bombardment. locals in the districts. jory and tell al-jazeera that they saw an aircraft drop bombs in the area earlier on wednesday and later on saw another aircraft being shot down and crash to the ground and locals in the capital of srinagar the capital of india and mr kashmir say they got on top of their hospitals and painted red cross logos hoping that that might offer some protection in case of an airstrike because that's a real fear there now also late on wednesday india's ministry of external affairs summoned the deputy high commissioner of pakistan to their offices to protest a video of an indian injured indian soldier being widely distributed on pakistani channels and on social media and they said in a press release and i'm quoting pakistan's vulgar display of an injured personnel of the indian air force is in violation of all norms and india expects his
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immediate and safe return what happens now as pakistan's prime minister says the ball is in india's court but his offer of talks to deescalate the situation may be india's only way out at least diplomatically. at least twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after a fiery crash in cairo central railway station railway officials say a train ran into a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank to explode egypt's transport minister has resigned the syrian government and its allies have intensified attacks on the province of there with more than forty civilians reportedly killed in recent weeks the bombardment has been targeting towns along a main road which links syria with neighboring countries then heard that reports that. attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate civilians are the majority of the casualties in. the southern countryside of it live as an active
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front lines out of towns are now battlegrounds. they're being targeted by syrian government forces and their allies the northwestern province is supposed to be a deescalation zone and a turkish russian guaranteed ceasefire should be in place. was going to say that the killing was a. good person thanks this is just not great you know from getting close to the. government artillery fire has specifically been targeting two major towns and moderate noman further north they fall along a strategic highway five that connects the provincial capitals of hama it lived in aleppo before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north although there's one to hold also but on the syrian government and russia want to control that until a national highway which was through country one this road is very important for
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the government to revive international trade is especially after they took control of the jordan border and the crossing there are still at the. reopening of m five along with the m four another highway that also runs it live was supposed to have happened by the end of last year it was part of the september cease fire deal between russia and turkey that prevented a wide scale assault by the government since then they had a sham a group many of the international community consider linked to al qaida took control of much of it live from turkey backed opposition fighters russia is calling on turkey to fulfill its commitments which includes disarming and removing so-called radical fighters from a demilitarized zone that rings the province moscow is showing impatience president vladimir putin says support for a cease fire is temporary but at the same time moscow insists no wide scale military offensive is being planned. already thousands of syrians have been made
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homeless in recent weeks and many headed north towards turkey's borders turkey says significant progress has been made in talks with russia and iran to secure the province but it didn't provide details regardless damascus seems to be pressing ahead with its campaign to retake the m five highway sen beirut saudi arabia says it will cooperate with the un human rights mechanisms but refuses to say whether that includes the un led investigation into the murder of journalist the minister of state for foreign affairs made the comments in an address to the human rights council in geneva the un special operator for extra judicial killings is currently looking into these case. survivors of the nine eleven attacks in new york have taken saudi arabia to courts along with the families of victims the qs the saudi government of helping the hijackers launch the two thousand wanted tax
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kristen salumi has more. they came to court to demand the saudi government cough up more information specific documents that survivors of the attacks of september eleventh two thousand and one believe will shed new light on the hijackers responsible for the deaths of nearly three thousand people fifteen of the nineteen were saudi citizens i filed a lawsuit because beyond wanting justice for the murder of our loved ones who want the truth and we want the truth to be told to the world we want everyone to understand the role that the saudis played in financing and eighteen abetting the one thousand hijackers their attorneys presented new evidence suggesting that the saudis have not shared all pertinent information about these two men fahd alpha mary and omar al by you me saudis on their government's payroll who are living in southern california and helped two of the hijackers find a place to stay there the plaintiffs have long argued the hijackers would not have been successful in their mission without government assistance they can explain to
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true nature of the work of through mary and by you me and united states during that time period they don't want to talk about it and so when we ask questions well what they're really doing here they don't have an explanation it still hasn't been really explained and certainly has been documented lawyers for the saudis say they've turned over all the documents they could find and the allegations against the kingdom are baseless today's court proceedings were to convince the judge to compel the kingdom of saudi arabia to produce more documentary evidence more information about its two employees in the united states and to whom they were answering back home a written decision is expected from the judge in the coming days christine salumi al jazeera new york. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen has told congress he believes the u.s.
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president is a racist the con man and that cheats cohen says he is telling the truth about trump's contacts with russia and other accusations of criminal conduct in his public testimony on capitol hill. i am ashamed that i chose to take part in concealing mr trump. rather than listening to my own conscience i am ashamed because i know what mr trump is he is a racist he is a con man and he is a cheat he was the presidential candidate who knew that roger stone was talking with julian assange about a week you leaks drop on democratic national committee e-mails us president meanwhile donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un have started their second summit in vietnam's capital the two had a short meeting before dinner and the summit continues on thursday for some it was
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a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater. they made a lot of progress and i think the biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one i think that your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. i think. the. leader and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help with that. pakistan's prime minister imran khan is calling for a dialogue after both india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets islam abad says it's down to indian planes and captured two pilots one is in hospital india says it sought down one pakistani aircraft on lost one of its own at least twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after cry crash in cairo's central railway station officials say a train ran into
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a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank explodes those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next thanks for watching stay with us. there is growth of a war between india and pakistan conducted best fights against each other that violence in the disputed region of kashmir over the decades so give even more bloodshed. can the kashmir conflict ever be a result this is inside story. and
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welcome to the program i'm laura kyle india and pakistan have laid claim to the himalayan region of kashmir for more than seventy as well the world's longest running disputes and events escalated in the past two weeks ultra suicide bombing killed forty one indian soldiers in indian kashmir on tuesday indian. pakistani territory saying it was targeting the armed group behind the attack. six people died during heavy shelling across the disputed regions line of control then pakistan announced it shot down two indian fighter jets and its as space but india said only one of its planes crashed and that its forces took down a pakistani war play. course. and force this.
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well seen by concourses. on this on the other stuff it. in this is. we have unfortunately lost when we went to what. is missing in action. and is playing there he is in the custody. pakistan's prime minister and rank on is calling for talks with india to deescalate the crisis. sort of one year but then we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is
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where do we go from here this is a very important issue i am addressing india it is very important that we use wisdom here let's take a quick look at the history of this long conflict kashmir came under dispute off the petition of india and pakistan in one hundred forty seven they ended leader of the mostly muslim region chose to join india on condition that a referendum would be held and never was in the first kashmir war india and pakistan fought for more than a year the un imposed a cease fire line and called on pakistan to withdraw there was a second war in one thousand nine hundred sixty five and seven years later the two countries signed an agreement for the line of control dividing kashmir into one part under indian administration the other pakistani was has been going on going violence since then and it's estimated forty seven thousand lives have been lost. i. ok well let's bring in our panel now in islamabad mo
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a political commentator in pakistan and geo strategic analyst in new delhi via skype sanjay cack editor of witness kashmir one thousand nine hundred six to two thousand and sixteen and a specialist on the kashmir conflict and in london. a senior lecturer in international relations at the department of war studies at king's college london a very warm welcome to all of you adnan if i can start with you because a lot has happened or wenzhou jets downed lives lost plenty of competing narratives what's the situation as you see it. well right now i think that in some senses the sort of mutual retaliation of air strikes is actually getting us hopefully to a situation in which we can start deescalating india has achieved its objectives in terms of hitting supposedly jaish
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e mohammad camps inside of pakistan but then pakistan feels especially since its own. challenges in terms of its airspace following the capture of bin laden in two thousand and eleven. feels like it needed to respond to this abrogation of its own airspace and now it has done so and actually. could be seen as having sort of two indian up to india to indian pilots hopefully from from from now we have a situation which india and pakistan have both achieved their primary objectives and now have a space for potentially the escalating the conflict that would would you agree with that because these airstrikes mean that the almost unprecedented outlay in this very long running conflict it was a viable escalation but have we now weeks the point. where both sides say right
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a-k. is laid all calls on the table now we're ready to back down. our i just heard the gentleman from new delhi and i agree with him even in islamabad and all across pakistan there is no appetite or desire for escalation in fact pakistanis are very surprised by the indian intervention and the attack on the so called the surgical strike because pakistani sees no reason for this kind of you know the indian attack the understanding of islam about a very clear consensus understanding in islam about this that whatever been the member movie government is doing it is to do with the indian elections that if you act through in which the number will be wanted to win all the sympathies will be for bank of the him be valid and north of india and he is picking up a confrontation and tension with pakistan that will help in the elections and unfortunately he has
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a history of from two thousand and two onward when he first became the chief minister of the indian state of gujarat he has been picking up one other kind of extremist theme ok and right now i'm just an example in having only one occasion she has any i'm sure that will bring this up with our indian guest that indian politics does play a part in this but i just want to pick you up on that point that you made a that there was no reason for india's attack on the training camp of the mohammedan of course india would say there was every reason because it blames dicy mohammed for the biggest attack in indian administered kashmir that is as seen in years where more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers were killed. you know look at the india accused pakistan without first investigating the whole thing the attack took place on the side of a road with deep inside the indian administration occupied a german kish me india claimed that three hundred fifty kilograms of r.d.x. was used in the attack india also said the attack was carried out by young nineteen
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year or a cinema boy by the name of. and the fact that he was in and he was basically a citizen over there so then to india said the video has been posted by jewish and mom but if you do investigate where the video was posted who posted the video and immediately what indian media does not tell the world is that the moment this video turned up the dish a moment whatever it was in pakistan started denying the said he had nothing to do with it b. have no knowledge of it but this is what the indian media does not tell the indian public right then the idea glib but that's beside the subject to what pakistan can do in this instance because what investigation to pakistan launch into this group and into these training camps which a clearly very easy to access. barcus son is continuously are asking india to provide any form of intelligence any form of actionable evidence or evidence it's very clear that not only why not but why it's on to find his own intelligence doesn't evidence what football look what could pakistan investigate into unless
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india basically provides any evidence that connects with any pakistani group or citizen with what happened in full mama how would pakistan investigate but i mean that's where the strange india has to provide some evidence even now pakistan is asking them even today india has to wait some evidence by some elect on that sunday let's bring you in at this point on the one hundred got pakistan saying it doesn't want to escalate this crisis or go to war it's it's offering essentially an olive branch hasn't it to india for talks on the other hand saying this group is not responsible and india had no right to launch a strike on as territory so where is india sitting at the moment what's its response likely to be if i may you know i think this binary between india and pakistan it's as if this these these these the fight was happening over some kind of invisible tell a tree which didn't have a history and a story of its all so i think that the apparently is reconciliation bill
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differences between india and pakistan. somewhere in all this in all this noise and bluster in the brinkmanship there is never enough space given in this flurry of charges and countercharges about what the issue finally is about and the issue is about push me you know and i think that fundamentally to reduce what is happening in kashmir and that is the fundamental problem if there was not a political a deep political problem within kashmir. what is happening today would not be happening so india and pakistan are both engaging in a kind of shadow war all worth an area about which to which the conversation never turns and i think every time we talk about forty soldiers being killed on an aircraft been downed we should also ask what is the soil on which it's happening
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this is not pakistan this is not india's alone it is a region called and that is never given adequate space absolutely and then on that point i mean let's let's turn to history a little bit just to get a deeper understanding of this region that we're talking about the u.n. ceasefire it demanded many decades ago a referendum to determine what kashmir is actually wanted and that never happened why not. well i mean the indian position is that the referendum could only have occurred after pakistan had disarmed and with withdrew pakistan's point of view is that the referendum never occurred and so therefore indian control over kashmir is illegitimate i mean i completely agree that the the real victims of this kind of brinkmanship in this this competition are in fact the people of kashmir who. are most of them especially in the kashmir
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valley under the administration under the governance of the indian government and then over time the indian government has put forward larger strategic concerns rather than over the interests of the cautionary people at various points the same time pockets don it doesn't put the pockets of the kashmiri people first either but rather uses kashmir as a kind of a bargaining chip chip in a sort of broader competition between india and pakistan that goes back from a to a very early moment in india pakistani relationships in which pakistan felt like it's existential that it felt an existential threat to its own existence i don't think that in. you know it would you are doing this that's that's fine it's if i'm married agrees with that the pakistan uses kashmir for all of indians fall into is
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false pakistan is also partly to blame because it uses this region as a bargaining chip that could be true that's an academic discussion but it's important for our viewers to understand that what's happening in cash me since two thousand and fourteen which has created this new form of for political it and see has to do with in the number of would be government trying to change the special status of the state of jammu and kashmir because i'm going to just tell you then that you can't just dismiss dismiss pakistan's role as an academic discussion it needs to take responsibility as well for its actions but talking to india we've got sanjay to give the indian point of view we need to get the pakistani point of view from you could pakistan should pakistan be doing more the pakistan is not in the in in any pakistan it has no intentions to go on of war on kashmir the situation where three experiencing right now is not necessarily related to india has serious political problem since two thousand and thirteen ever since the bt government came
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into power in new delhi and they wanted to change the special status of the state of german kashmir which was given to them under the constitution of india which is article three sixty three seventy and then article thirty five of the indian constitution this is what the trouble against which to you think ashmead is reacting what we are seeing right now is a totally different thing there is an election in india an epidural an indian government is using its this whole. is trying to ship a narrative for winning the elections this is how we see it if you if you happen to be in pakistan this is how we see it this is indian election pakistan has become a domestic issue in the indian politics is not about kashmir this delicate it's about kashmir a story about kashmir ok i think i think sanjay would probably agree with you that sanjay is that true that you would concede that point the maidy is totally using the kashmir issue to play in. to this election that's coming up and of every said i would absolutely agree i think that right now the fact that the killing of forty
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soldiers in this suicide attack has come at what is unfortunately a very proficient moment for the known or more the government because they are looking to an election not too far away in which they're increasingly finding their incredible the incredible support that they came into government in twenty fourteen with slipping away very fast and they definitely needed something like this to galvanize support so if it's a coincidence it's incredibly useful a coincidence for them that this thing has happened and of course they have milked it for all it's for all it seem your take and symbolic value there's no doubt about that but having said that i think that just simply think that it's only the in the more the government which is a caused such this kind of you know they the upsurge in the level of pressure the
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question the people are feeling that's not true there's a very long history which is at least thirty years already if not seventy years old so i think there is a there's a great deal of disingenuousness even on the part of the pakistani position where they see that you know that they play the game as well you know the brinkmanship is and the political posturing including i would like to say including iran khan's very statesman like statements these are all part of posturing that leaderships in both countries do in order to reach out to their own political constituencies. and i can only come back to the fact that everybody seems to ignore the fact that the twenty year old who blew up those forty soldiers was a young missionary that when the aircraft falls on the soil of you know of on crush me soil it's question of the civilians who are. or die along with. the soldiers who die that when india launches
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a cross border raid these are question midis even if they are across the line of control is crushed midis were dying so i cannot overstate the importance that if we're ever going to understand what the issue and how are we going to resolve it which is how you began this program with well i would like to tell the world and whoever's listening that they've got to stop thinking of it as just an india and pakistan issue because unless you get beyond to the third player in this game and that's the question of the people on both sides of the border say this i don't think we are going to make a step right sanjay we want to cast mary's want do they want independence i think that if you know this is a kind of a simple question which needs a complicated answer yes some do many. also want a merger with pakistan that cannot be denied and many of them would like some kind
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of an autonomous relationship with india and some might actually want to be a part of the india but the simple sort of the issue is that how will you ever ascertain what kashmiris want so long as the situation is as hideously abnormal as in is right now you know the fact that this was a convoy of two thousand five hundred soldiers which was attacked as an ordinary day you know in kashmir where you have upward of half a million soldiers so in a situation of such grotesque militarization how will we ever be able to ask that question fairly what do question is one how will any kind of election whether it's to the national parliament whether it's to the state assembly with us to a municipality whatever level how can we ever think. that these are genuine barometers of public opinion so i would say if you were to demilitarize kashmir for a period of five or ten years then you would know what kashmiris want do they want
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independence do they want to go to pakistan do they want a kind of relationship with india or do they want to be a part of india we will not know the answers to these questions until the situation of normality continues and that is what requires a global intervention and that i was going to get on to that what would it take for the world's most militarized zone this region this kashmir region to become demilitarized to at least for india sesame to draw back its presence of troops in the kashmir valley region. i think it's a very good question i don't know if there is an answer unfortunately i think that the the problem is that it's very hard to unscramble eggs and the the ratcheting up of militarization leads to a lot of discontent which is then exploited which then leads to greater attacks which then leads to greater military zation and i think that one of the things one
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of the things that have has really driven this in both india and pakistan is the sheer intensity of electoral competition in which is not actually represented the the pakistan and mr john when kashmir is not actually represented in the pakistan national assembly which is is is unfortunate and in india most of the votes for the b j p but also for congress and other opposition parties don't come from questionnaire at all so in part i think that the notion of the sort of national national politics and the sort of saber rattling and waving the flag around elections which in india happen quite quite frequently and in pakistan more regularly is is increasingly sidelining. increasingly sidelining ordinary kashmiris and
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make it more rather than less likely that there will just be increasing militarization and indeed increasing spending on defense on india and in pakistan investments in their forces investments and strategic capabilities so in i ates the right question to ask i don't know whether there is a political way forward right. we know that the situation in india as far as kashmir is concerned is. far from ideal but i'm interested to know what the conversation is in pakistan and how much is given to what kashmiris themselves want and if it is independence would that ever be granted a look pakistani of the different kind of positions within pakistan i mean the pakistani government obviously has a very traditional position they think tank community has
2:43 am
a different position i just heard the gentleman from new delhi and he i think he's gotten on he is very rational when he says that it is absolutely essential to deescalate the situation in kashmir of it almost like seven hundred thousand armed soldiers in kashmir of this is in addition to the central reserve police and so negative kashmir police and all that it is a dire need for demilitarization in cash we've no one in pakistan in rational mind frame thinks that kashmir issue can be this or very quickly or kashmir can become pakistan also it is now understood that any region that has seen so much convulsion and so much violence and so much struggle against any kind of authority let it been given authority in this case has developed an identity a new identity of its own so the what is required is also the india's previous governments of congress and the coalition government were for more advice in dealing with the situation in kashmir so the kind of situation that is now. extreme
2:44 am
to any position which isn't cash me since two thousand and fourteen will not prevail ian was not prepared and before and before the indian government would always come up with some sort of conciliatory package some sort of negotiation some sort of engagement in kashmir so what the movie government has done it hasn't really engaged me to utah because media leadership in it has taken a very hard stand which is even unpopular in india so this time to deescalate in kashmir. india has to take steps pakistan cannot take those steps at the ok and sanjay brought up before that the need for international intervention hell its national hell. efforts what needs to happen on the international stage to try to resolve this conflict has been going on for more than seventy yes well for the first the first thing i think would be to just increase the level of scrutiny i think that. i have been doing a remarkable job of telling their own stories documenting what's been going on
2:45 am
trying to understand trying to make a way forward. but you know that kind of a conversation needs an audience you know i think that with and it's not as if you know that when i stock about international scrutiny and we know what what how politicized that is that really it whether it's a it's a it's u.s. interest or european interest it's always guided by their own self interest you know so american in to attention for example will rise a great deal and they're trying to pressurize india when they're trying to concede space the coverage will disappear but we have seen some remarkable steps in recent times i mean the the un for example last year came out with quite a scathing report on the situation in kashmir and even though the current political regime in new delhi may seem to be undeterred by what the word thinks of
2:46 am
what is going on in kashmir we do know that in the end it is public opinion that matter whether it's domestic public opinion whether it's international public opinion so i'm not exactly doc all about you know white helmets or blue helmets landing up it's you know their effort not at all i'm not sure that they have ever sold any problem anywhere in the world and they are unlikely to do so in india but i think just as an international audience we have to pay attention to what's going on it's very much indeed we have run out of time for discussions that we have any good one thank you for joining us molly sunday cack and at than nasima. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any times by visiting our website that's al-jazeera dot com and of other discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story from me and the whole team here it's by fanatic.
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my. one day fidel castro arrive into the country club and they decide to play god. and suddenly she didn't castro said to she you know i imagine shape if we could put . bread sauce cuban so far in this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming
2:48 am
a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do politics isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have some goes head to head with gallaher is free but going to fuck you too we want to be a developed country they don't is disputing the economic revolution what i don't recall saying this is about all development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news our life from a headquarters in doha i'm getting up again coming up in the next sixty minutes. i know what just trump issues. he is a racist. he's
2:49 am
a con man. donald trump's former lawyer accuses him of wrongdoing on multiple counts in an explosive congressional testimony. pakistan's prime minister off first talks with india after both sides said they'd shot down each other's work planes in a confrontation over kashmir. for some it was a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater affable leaders of hostile nations donald trump than kim jong il and begin their second meeting on an optimistic note and almost thirty people are killed by a fire that broke out inside pyros main train station. and found almost with a zero day sport police arrest five athletes in an anti doping a great deal of the king world championship have all the details in the next sixty minutes.
2:50 am
hello donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen has spoken candidly to congress about what his job entailed and his testimony he called trump are racist and spoke at length about his suspicions over his former bosses connections to russia before and during the twenty sixteen election campaign cohen also apologized for some of his behavior while under trump's employments i am ashamed that i chose to take part in concealing mr trump. rather than listening to my own conscience i am ashamed because i know what mr trump is he is a racist he is a con man and he used to cheat he
2:51 am
was a presidential candidate who knew that roger stone was talking with julian assange about a week you leaks drop on democratic national committee e-mails. shavar town c joining us from washington d.c. so pretty explosive testimony given by michael cohen talk us through the significance of what we heard. yeah i think it's quite lucky quite fortunate that michael kearns prepared testimony did have all these revelations and because i think the other big surprises just how poor the questioning it is from the various members of congress they're not listed in any other further information really if no it's just the republicans either calling cohen a liar or the democrats trying to go for the other extreme outlandish allegations of in-depth collusion with russia which michael cohen says he doesn't have so we didn't know michael cohen was going to directly link donald trump to the crimes that he's already pled guilty to the cohen has already pled guilty to that's the campaign finance finance law breaking that is the paying of hush money to women who claim to have an affair with and we knew that what was new there was. appeared to
2:52 am
draw a line between the payment or the reimbursement for those payments and double trouble jr donald trump's son so that was new but then we did hear a lot about russia which was a surprise because we had been told not to expect anything about russia because the chairman didn't want to step on the toes of any other investigations underway but because it was going to talk about russia in his statement that rule was waved in russia is now back on limit so we can we heard that story about the wiki leaks now this is significant in the russian context because prosecutors allege we received all the hacked e-mails from the democratic national committee for example from russian hackers wiki leaks denies that of course so the doctor was always said he had no prior knowledge of those wiki leaks e-mails or they were going to be published michael cohen says he witnessed a phone call between trump and roger stone. saying that stone had just spoken to julian assange to wiki leaks and that that document dump was imminent we should add
2:53 am
that julian assange has always denied any conversation with roger stone and in fact as a way said look you could look at the public record we had already announced publicly that we were about to release those e-mails so there was no need for a conversation but the point there is though donald trump has always denied any for knowledge and so that might be relevant to the special counsel investigation then my. suspects to donald trump was told by his son and his older son about the trump tower a meeting that's often talked about in relation to the special counsel investigation that is donald trump jr and several other members of the trump organization meeting with russian nationals ostensibly to talk about getting dirt on clinton curran says he suspects he watched donald trump jr tell donald trump about that cold front has always said he never knew anything about it but finally the point about the trump tower and they go for more scared donald trump throughout the campaign saying he had no business dealings with moscow that they any negotiations about the trump tower in moscow ended in january of twenty sixteen michael cohen went to congress
2:54 am
and said as much now michael cohen is saying not only did those negotiations carried on throughout the campaign don't trump was lying throughout the campaign about those negotiations but the reason he was lying and this might disappoint some of those looking for those explicit russian collusion stories is that he really didn't think he was going to become president and he was trying to the suggestion being that he was trying to increase his international cachet by running for president simply to build the browns and then eventually make that deal in moscow or anywhere else frankly so he was lying to the american people according to to michael cohen so that is the the trump tower issue for the campaign but then subsequently although donald trump didn't tell michael cohen to lie to congress about how long those negotiations were going on trump's lawyers did see what michael cohen was going to tell congress the law is he was going to talk congress and signed off on it so that could be potentially significant we have tax fraud allegations we have allegations of wrongdoing by the trump organization we have allegations of false financial documents being submitted to all of these could put
2:55 am
trump in some legal jeopardy ok as she had her town seen with an update from washington thank you let's bring in steve clemons he's the washington editor at large for the atlantic he's joining us from washington as well steve clemons thanks for joining us and that congressional hearing in fact still going on or playing it on our screens right now but what we're hearing is that cohen has also just said that he's aware of other possible illegal acts involving trump that he can't discuss because they were under investigation so is what we saw today just the tip of the iceberg for trying. absolutely this is it was trump's personal lawyer for ten years in and around the family in and around the operation of the trump organization the trump foundation and around a lot of you know trump's otherwise entrepreneurial activities like trump university and others which have been disbanded so he knows a lot and you know this just feels like a mafia trial where a guy you know deep inside who had the ledger books and you knew what was going on
2:56 am
is confessing all or at least intimating that he's got a lot and because he is going to jail already it's interesting that while he could he could add to that you know he is coming off rather well and stable and sound in this very fascinating you know highly tense discussion and back and forth he made reference to a check that the president wrote reimbursing cohen himself for house money and he also said that trump knew in advance from roger stone about the we can leaks drop of e-mail to damage hillary clinton's campaign that was back in twenty sixty and out of those two which is the most potentially legally damaging revelation to the president. it's hard to go either or the president has denied knowing anything about the wiki leaks but as you know from my my you know schoolbooks perspective here on the sidelines the president may have known about wiki leaks but that doesn't imply active collusion or participation or request but when you sign
2:57 am
a check you're president of the united states you have won an election and you were afraid that that revelations from the woman that he had had an affair with might. change the course of that election and thus he paid her off through an agent in this case michael cohen i think the breaking in the violation of the law there is almost an ambiguous and very clear so i think both are extraordinary you know dynamite potential but i think that what we heard today in the case of these giant checks both from donald trump and donald trump jr gives us a sense of the criminality and the direct role that donald trump was involved in so i look at that as well the one that's more immediately legally actionable but i think the other is very relevant to the moeller investigation which we know is near its end stages for those who support president trump particularly his republican
2:58 am
base will all if this matter to them will cohen's testimony actually make a difference and change the way that they perceive the president's. the true answer is we don't know but i think what's been interesting is that most of these revelations or speculations have been out there and his base has shrugged at them and said that they don't really matter a bit fundamentally they look at these things as small issues but that's not even during watergate i wouldn't say it was public revulsion with president nixon that led him to be there was finally lines got crossed that legislators couldn't accept anymore when it came we don't delegate all of this out to the public the public doesn't vote on that so there is a kind of shrug among you know the thirty percent or so americans that are strongly behind him remain by behind him and look at him and his and the merits of what he represents to them in a different way and i think largely they don't think this this matters to them in
2:59 am
the same degree that his critics would be there but that's not the same thing as looking at legislators and whether among those republicans who thus far have not asked questions that have really just been out to disparage michael cohen's character where there are a few of them that say you know what the there are lines that are being crossed by the chief executive of this country and we need to take action to preserve the kind of democracy that we have we haven't seen that yet but it could happen all right steve clemons we thank you very much for speaking to us my pleasure. now pakistan's prime minister imran khan is calling for talks with india after both countries shot down each other's fighter jets during an increasingly dramatic confrontation in the disputed kashmir region so pakistan says it's down to indian jets and captured the pilots india in turn claims to have shot down one pakistani aircraft. wow the reaction from new delhi in a moment but first iran khan reports from islam about. what caused this
3:00 am
indian fighter jet to crash is disputed between these two nuclear rivals but it was evidence that pakistan and india were confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister to india's leader nur interim ot. sort of harm you but we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. that you have nic tell us the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian warplanes after they crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district of goma. and i have firstly we need to clear the rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team.


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