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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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you know. what caused this indian fighter jet to crash is disputed between these two nuclear rivals but it was evidence that pakistan and india were confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister to india's leader noor and ramadi. so. we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. that your men tell you that the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian warplanes after they crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district. and they are not happy firstly we need to clear the rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team will come and investigate what happened as of now we
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found two bodies. initially the indian government said his plane was down because of a technical fault. one. is missing in action. there he is in custody. at tension in this volatile region increased after a suicide bomb attack killed at least forty indian security personnel two weeks ago the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility. on tuesday the indian air force carried out strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir the indian and pakistan governments have competing narratives about what's happening in the region analysts say the situation has the potential to escalate into full scale conflict this i think is being exacerbated by social media by television and by the
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speed with which information is being can wait for one side or the other and there is a lot of what you might call the nationalist fervor that we see in any country where there is any guy all right lashon security. space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down and pakistan has closed all its airspace to commercial traffic. there is a real atmosphere in the disputed region of kashmir many people particularly along the border are all packing up their things and then leaving because they are worried that more will come but pakistan and india now have two real options military which will be faint over the last few days or diplomacy and. india's opposition who until now has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the government came out with a joint statement criticizing the government's handling of the situation since the
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attack on february fourteenth that killed at least forty indian air military soldiers the opposition said openly we are with the government to show a united stand now they're showing this issuing some cracks in the political unity now in iran han has offered that you know what happens now is the ball is in india's court but we don't know what he is going to do yet but in the meantime elizabeth i can tell you people in india are on edge they're like worried what could happen could this lead to another war the people who especially tell us they feel trapped in the middle are kashmiris themselves those in the administered kashmir people there say the sea shelling happening there worried about it getting too close a hospital staff in srinagar have told us they've painted red cross symbols on their roofs hoping that might offer them protection in case there's an air strike they're worried that's a possibility now let's face it i'm a london minister i he's a senior lecturer in peace studies and conflict management and lancaster university that's where he's joining us from thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera what
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options are available to both countries right now. the large be a pessimist here in the last instance that. lives and against each other but having said that there is a civil lining and their silver lining is that the promised land of. come is also extending the olive branch to indian side and such just saying that we should go for the nonmilitary means as one of your correspondents as a lady highlighted the bond is in india's court but in some degree the one trying to lose a minute inside yesterday after the indian air force made the strikes against the pakistani side but there is a certain degree of subdued kind of bravado at the moment justifiably what will happen to the parlor too is in the custody of the pakistani side so all
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that goes on the sources that this vehicle and this it will continue for a little while but the pessimist in me is also giving in to the optimist and that is that this is going to be some degree of diplomatic back channel that is kept all the unemployment on that for a moment because gurney there are hardly any back channel contacts between the indian and pakistani government so doesn't that make it then more difficult for them to come together and negotiate. i would imagine that the chinese are in one somewhere because indian foreign minister mrs since most one of those was there yesterday. she also mentioned the events taking place between these two countries and the chinese side of call for restraint so the chinese are the biggest allies of islam and new delhi also takes beijing very seriously so although we don't have any kind of open indicates the last two who's intervening on that be held i would
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imagine so that's one and second american side. that in spite of supporting india in the process. i lied to. that there should be some kind of more rather than ten years so that gives me a whole. realize that this simply cannot go on attacking each other and we have already seen the fallout here is basically in terms of the closure of the pakistani airspace on parts of the indian aspects as well so that on the minds of the internet's only had that on them arms into malls and economy and so on and so forth on indian so very much. so that is the not the list. jingoist is in india is somewhat subdued at the moment. the voice of reason pretty well some that is no war between these two powers right i'm in london mr i thank you for speaking to us from lancaster once more head on the al-jazeera news hour
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including despite close borders venezuelans are still finding ways to get out of the country will meet a historian who says georgia is trying to keep a lid on the secrets a fifth soviet costs sebastian vettel crosses his ferrari during pre-season testing so i know as if he tells us a little later. but first the u.s. president on the north. korean leader have begun their second summit vietnam's capital the two met for a short one on one meeting before having dinner together and trump is hoping to convince to give up his nuclear weapons program during two days of talks brown has more from hanoi. the formal talks are on thursday this was billed as a casual get together between north korea's leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump their message of the first summit was
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a great success and i think this one really will be equal or greater and. they made a lot of progress and i think the biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one. here we are today sitting next to each other and this time i am convinced an excellent outcome will be for tuesday but all people can welcome and i will do my best to make that happen this is their first meeting since the historic singapore summit almost nine months ago then at a casual dinner the leaders had just two aides each as well as their interpreters the evening helping to set the toad ahead of thursday's meetings. at the heart of their discussions will be the sprawling young beyond nuclear complex experts say plutonium and highly enriched uranium are produced here essential materials for a nuclear weapon dismantling it could wind concessions from the united states like an easing of sanctions but. first.
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the singapore summit was more symbolism than substance and ahead of these talks in hanoi president trump assault to play down expectations of a significant breakthrough and even if kim were to agree to give up the nuclear weapons we know about it would still be a long and complicated process you're told uniformly over it's like no. korea vietnam fought a bit of a war with the united states more than forty years after that conflict ended the countries achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule and trump was happy to fly the flag of his host saying north korea could thrive if it follows vietnam's example you know what. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what
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can happen with good thinking. if those days talks go well a city want synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this has to be about more than handshakes and friendly gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks and there could be many more of those adrian brown al jazeera hanoi let's speak to thomas a countryman he's a former u.s. assistant secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation is joining us from washington good to have you with us on al-jazeera so on the second day thursday will we see more than just handshakes do you expect a breakthrough moment between trump on tim. certainly we're hoping for more substance them we saw either in singapore or in this evening's dinner what we'd like to see what i'm reasonably optimistic about is that the two sides will
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each take a step of real substance for the north korean side as your report indicated it could be a commitment to close down the yongbyon facility where they produce material for their nuclear weapons for the us side i expect it will be some form of statement formally ending the korean war actually ended sixty five years ago but not a full peace treaty and if each side is prepared to take a step of real substance then we can begin the much more detailed negotiating process of going step by step each side addressing the other's concerns so you're also met i remain not so we'll see taken to morrow you if you're optimistic but how realistic is it for this to actually happen in the space of
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twenty four hours. the difference between hanoi and singapore is that there was very little preparation work done before the singapore meeting about the joint statement that the two sides will make in this case there clearly have been detailed negotiations between north korea and the united states about what kind of statement is going to be made here and what steps each side is ready to take. now i understand that there could still be issues that the two leaders have to resolve but as long as you keep your expectations within a realistic limit and look for steps rather than a comprehensive global solution i think we can be somewhat optimistic and speaking if i expect a since some u.s. officials have in fact attempted to lower the expectations of this hanoi summit so
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the outcome of the summit but for the president himself trump how much pressure is he under to extract some sort of concession and come back to the u.s. to his home with some sort of deal from. well as a lifelong diplomat i generally don't like the words concession and winning and losing the whole point of a diplomatic process has to be to create a win win outcome and i think that if the president is successful in getting a meaningful step on north korea on denuclearization i'll be happy to give him credit for having achieved that. i know he's under some political pressure at home we have these interesting hearings going on today but i am hoping that he and his team will remain focused on the actual nuts and bolts the real
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substance of the decisions that he and mr kim will make tomorrow. we thank you very much for joining us from washington at least twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after an accident in cairo central railway station officials say a train crashed into a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank to explode egypt's transport minister has resigned after the accident some of the kaldis is a nonresident fellow at the to hit institute for middle east policy he says that although the government has agreed to give money to the victims there has been little government reaction. we heard that most of the injuries are from security from the from the explosion the fuel tank or the train. beyond the beyond the minister resigning we haven't got much germs of. the political reaction you know the parliamentary committee responsible for transportation and. expresses
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concern about this further damaging egypt's reputation internationally the time that it doesn't need to be further pressure. and the state has announced. that it will be giving money to the families of the victims to. help them sign a helicopter crash in the paul has killed six people including the country's tourism minister the helicopter came down in a mountainous area in top lajong district in the country's east bad weather hindering rescue efforts there iran's president hassan rouhani has officially rejected the resignation of his foreign minister he said allowing hama divides a race to step down would not be in the interests of the country on monday is a reef announce his intention to resign on the social media platform instagram without giving a reason the reef played a central role in brokering the twenty fifty nuclear deal between iran and a number of world powers. saudi arabia says it will cooperate with the un's human rights mechanisms but refuses to say whether that includes the un led investigation
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into the murder of journalist. the minister of state for foreign affairs. made the comments in an address to the human rights council in geneva the un special rapporteur for extra judicial killings is currently looking into a case saudi journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly five months ago. we stress are resolved to go ahead in order to achieve protection of human rights in the country and also to support just causes regionally and internationally we will also cooperate with the un mechanisms related to human rights including the human rights council as well as supporting the works and contributing to the reforms and effecting their mandate so i had on the al-jazeera news hour we'll tell you why nicaragua is opposition in exile are skeptical about the government's call for a national dialogue more on the allegations of sexual abuse against migrant
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children held in custody in the u.s. in support rail madrid play down talks of a rift in their town ahead of the first of two close that's coming up in sports. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we do have some messy conditions here across much of the western of our look at the clouds here on the satellite image and that means a combination of rain as well as snow forts assyria snow up here towards parts of turkey a little bit further to the south though drizzle and you're only going to get to about eight degrees here on thursday as your high baghdad will be also seeing some cooler rain passing through as we go from thursday to friday notice those temperatures do drop the weather does get better across much of the area but most of that weather is going to go down across parts of southern iran over the next day
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we're going to be watching that very carefully now notice the clouds passing across the gulf in those clouds here on thursday we could be seeing some rain showers that are embedded in that area extending all the way over here towards riyadh and by the time we get towards friday most of the heavy rain is going to be across the gulf north of doha could see it rain shower or two in doha but we're not going to rule that out but most of it is going to be along that coastal area and then very quickly across parts of southern africa it is going to be madagascar that is going to be seeing the heaviest rain over the next few days notice the clouds on the satellite image a very rainy day here on thursday but we do start to get a break by the time we get to friday particularly in the central areas with a temperature of about twenty seven. this week's thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to transition become more environmentalists. and we visit a danish community to have taken sustainability to new heights just over there on
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the horizon is some so i only know they are officially one hundred percent renewable. so this is. the energy right generated with a change on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know it's very challenging to believe particularly because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real story i'll just mended is to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen has told congress new believes the u.s. president is a racist a con man and a cheat cohen says he is telling the truth about trump's contacts with russia and other accusations of criminal conduct in his public testimony on capitol hill. prime minister among con is calling for a dialogue after both india and pakistan say they've shot down each other's fighter jets islam about says it's down to indian planes and captured two pilots one is in hospital india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft on lost one of its own. meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump of the north korean leader kim jong il have started their second summit in vietnam's capital to hide a short meeting before dinner the summit continues on thursday. venezuela's foreign
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minister has suggested that president think about donald trump should meet to try and find common ground and explain their differences but. also told the u.n. human rights council that washington is trying to overthrow their majority government the u.s. has expressed concern about the safety of opposition leader. after president maduro told a.b.c. news that he will have to face justice is expected to return from colombia where he's been meeting with regional leaders. well the border between colombia and venezuela remains closed but many venezuelans continue to make their way across the frontier hundreds as you can see have relocated to towns just across the border in colombia to escape the economic and the political crisis. is joining us from colombia's border with venezuela with an update on the bridge is that still closed . yes there it is closed
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trying to reopen it we spoke to a number of officials today that said they were trying to find somebody who they could talk to on the venezuelan sides besides the military the national guardsman to see when they could indeed reopen the crossings that colombia us hoping to do so at midnight. wednesday but they weren't able because these bridges are still blocked on divinest way land side in many of them have the breeze from last weekend's violence and also other clashes that have happened since then so hundreds if not thousands of in a swell ends are using illegal dirt roads paths like the one that you see behind me to cross into colombia we've spoken to a number of them they said that they need to do so because only in colombia they can find the food the man they say in that are lacking. in that they
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need that they also cross into colombia to sell things from venezuela even scrap metal or car parts they can sell for a profit on this closings are definitely hurting a lot of people here and of in this website and we understand that there is a lot of claim for these bridges to be reopened the soonest possible the one we're close to this you won't believe a bridge sees up to two hundred thousand in this one crossing on a daily basis and maduro has said that aggression sanctioned by colombia had forced him to close the border what is he referring to. well yes he's blaming the groups of young people that arrived over that we can actually days before last week and after the leader of the even this one opposition bill called for
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a tsunami tsunami of people to come to the border to try and push the aid sent by the united states inside the. as we know that didn't happen by and spoke out especially on saturday the twenty third that. these trucks were loaded with the aid sent by the united states two of them have been burned to during the clashes and since then and these group of people have continued to confront a business well and security forces and also civilians who support the president on top of the these bridges or underneath pretty much on a daily basis all the way until yesterday things have been called today and also what the minister the government is saying is that they are being supported by the cologne been police here and indeed at least on saturday we've seen the police helping them with food and water and also being able to set up their molotov
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cocktails on the colombe inside the police and seeing them and it's not doing anything what seems clear now is that this situation will continue for the coming days and just last night the minutes went on for the forces of another convoy on the simone believe bridge of trailer to block even further that bridge and they filled it with soil and rocks to make sure nobody could move it all right. with an update from kuta thank you. dozens of anti-government protesters have been released in nicaragua ahead of the talks between the government and the opposition widespread protests broke out across the country last april where demonstrators demanding president daniel ortega step down rights groups say a brutal crackdown by security forces left more than three hundred people dead and seven hundred others arrested while many view the proposed dialogue with optimism exiled anti-government activists are calling the negotiations
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a chore parade's manual wrap of the reports. it's the worst political crisis that i will has seen in forty years now almost a year since the unrest began to get out was president has renewed calls for a national dialogue. we are assuming a commitment to the people. this meeting this negotiation that we expect will take place on wednesday will be full of good will and compromise. so that we may give the people what the people deserve which is peace the political crisis began with university students leading a protest over a national pension reform plan. what followed was a violent crackdown by government forces that has left at least three hundred sixty people dead scores injured and more than six hundred imprisoned thousands of others have fled the country we as. citizens we are.
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negotiation icy cold it is not and all of the friend sector some community are not properly sent many opposition leaders have left for neighboring exiled activists like. say they're afraid to return to their homes but add that any peace talks the government is proposing can't exist without their participation. we are looking for guarantees from the government guarantees for citizens to feel safe to feel free and in peace so that we may finally return to our country and there's nobody. in the it's illegal to hold demonstrations against the government for some of their guys most vocal critics this is meant traveling to washington and calling on the international community to intercede the evidence is there for everyone to see we are asking for people to listen to the testimonies of mothers who have held their murdered children in their arms and please find
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a way to help all of us nicaraguans who are suffering the last year the united states imposed sanctions on senior officials within the nicaraguan government including ortega vice president and spouse. anti-government activists have accused you of their government of manipulating the upcoming national dialogue as a way to avoid further sanctions by the international community when read about follow. us president donald trump's immigration policies are under attack in the u.s. a new. reporters detailing accusations of abuse at american immigrant attention sensors on the democratic led u.s. house of representatives has voted so blog trump's declaration of a national emergency along the border with mexico john hendren has more from washington yes two hundred forty five the nasal one eighty two using their newfound power house democrats leveled a direct rebuke at president trump table the house voted to reverse trump's declaration of an emergency on the mexican border the vote followed
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a spirited sometimes contentious debate how many dead americans does it take for open border advocates to support border security democrats say trump is exceeding his constitutional authority going around congress after it passed a spending bill that specifically denied him money for a border wall building a wall much faster is not an emergency that's political theater dot's political posturing for twenty twenty. trump plans to use that declaration to access eight billion dollars in emergency funds to build the wall ninety percent of the drugs and the big stuff goes out to the desert makes a left and goes where you don't have any wall i'm going to call it a wall and you know they're likely to call it a barrier to wall it's a big beautiful powerful steel wall the bill now moves to the senate where if all forty seven democrats vote together they would still need for republicans to join
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them to pass it they appear to have at least three republican senator susan collins lisa murkowski in thom tillis say they will vote to overturn drum's order if republicans in congress line up behind the president the message will be clear he can do what he wants if some republicans even a few say no that might at least you know provide some reason for him to be carefully if the senate votes with the house the president would be forced to veto the measure as he's promised to do and congress is unlikely to muster the two thirds majority it needs to override him but there would be no mistaking when it comes to declaring an emergency on the border the president is largely going it alone even if opponents of the president's emergency order fail with the white house and congress they could still succeed with the third branch of government the courts where they are already arguing that there is no emergency south of the border john hendren al jazeera washington a senior catholic cleric has been has been
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a main remanded excuse me in custody in australia until he's sentenced for child sex offenses next month cardinal george pell was heckled us to arrive at court where the judge revoked his bail he was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a cathedral in melbourne in one thousand nine hundred six who was one of the pope's most senior advisors faces up to fifty years and prison. the events of yesterday and i for a fact that that would have brought all that back to play their families people that i lost. and my thoughts are really with them i got aside i've listened to their stories and i know they're paying and i know they pine would have they would have filled it all again yesterday and it would have been a really tough guy for them and it'll be tough again to die as these issues are continue to be about this look there's a legal process underway that will follow i says i said yesterday i was appalled
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and shocked. historians in georgia are fighting what they say is the censorship of soviet archives they accuse the state national archive of blanking out information about crimes committed when georgia was part of the u.s.s.r. robin forrester walker reports in the capital tbilisi. historian directly like jani wants to bring to light the soviet secrets locked inside georgia's national archives. alongside the propaganda reels existing records of systematic state tera between in the one nine hundred twenty s. and fifty's tens of thousands of georgians were executed or exiled by joseph stalin and his henchmen in a society infiltrated by informants it's just today researching that past has become difficult when historians request piles they get redacted copies the main data is just deleted and it irakli says georgia state national
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archives is censoring personal data and in bargo in criminal case records for seventy five years he has this theory it's. some kind of a power bring ourselves here to speak about the coloration with. him and it's better to an aging yourself and yourself explicitly as a weak team it's better to close access to keep. it's less problematic then to open door to. research areas ironically this archive which includes files of the soviet secret police the k g b is safe from censorship the now. documents are restored and held by george's interior ministry but al-jazeera has been told that may be about to change.


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