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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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and then i knew what i was feeling and when he would. think with the way we said we were going to thank you big ben and going to take the. release of that you think i want to thank god only for what i do feel what i don't like and under my feeling as i go on a fairly i would've been able to go through but he made up i mean people who know he was afraid and i thought i knew. to do. what you have been made me who i me yet i'm being i'm going to. carry i want to put off what i said don't get any better being there for the. amount they're going to see as more no a little pushy ideate or. you know. they don't ya know and she had a short bad. it was not true we wanted different for cuba.
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and push all the way into city hall says in the sequel. game you need to be the polish franklin opposed. to. some of it. being coming on board a couple there was no small group. among the most who. have your own upmost and. an old friend that in this ng gone.
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and get this into. a country club. out of believe people that believe it bill. when you got here you go on the date and out people don't talk and no more do you all so if we seen that our boy and then he got to i saw that it. was through your support and all of them you see him come to the left it goes in pairs i don't see movement.
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but i knew i knew i don't plan to get i mean i'll get up ok i'll rather not remain all the movie. we began to wark all the night all day and at the end of the two most of. the project was straining for control. even though. it was a moment in which brick was cheaper and there was not so most certain what is
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he she will it be so difficult for low mood ability you. know that they need to work out on a. boy yes. the couple had all the. info to turn this thing this is. on this group of the most gays. in the show is down saying you're young. and going to be seen which in your mind. they're bored out of atlanta and then minister with the same. question i asked you know when i sure wish i remembered wished. to say but if i don't will change don't really don't want to get in here i'm sure more than. he put an arc of the form
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of let's say see it's a cannon vault lord continued and he became too good one piece of very flat break to paste one with your that and so he began to do the first part and then the northern one and the northern went on till he had five pieces of breached levees and it was the way he did it. there's a gig good hour that i will give. you know you're much better all around with her there said we are very early on and if we do our get your football that out for me abroad ever consider all the other commas and all that all of which will all of york at em. like where you are from here in the willis building to. think that i mean
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a double barrel but they don't in the snow up other than club and. then when i mention and they add up they enter both all knowing they add their compass seen. nothing in a set of them where they got a date i mean they'll never know yet i was here that i see yet another mom dymov end of it by getting all that. on imo fanatically happy that. i only get about. illiquid it will be me are they going to quit i will know as they will be on the equator i've only done it once you know in the movie coping boy debbie in so normal under the hood. that it was going to be mostly that i am leaving me i mean. the fact that i'm going
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to be made up and now i'm at least someone having a fight and that. i think one of the more we may have to do some of. their work but he went on well you know what he was so yeah you know there's a but he meant it goes on you know almost like we're going to do with your get real mean this one yeah. i'm on iran to do without but out they thought that it was genuine even. going to finish him off or something or see you on all the time yeah i got a call or i don't i don't like to. dawlish when i'm not gaining in typing
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sleep on. the dog who need going into radios or elise thank you for your own. advice your. roommate they may god. know i have done right they don't like one lunar. rocket to go shot one tall woman caught again are going to talk to you on the.
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your way oh that's great i mean more laney's as young people. not know into the they are them no i don't process of being if you're sure it has it that boehner said of the possible idea that. the. bigger is bigger you're not being orderless your idea or recorded of what is a bowl of eating to go over history or so book or total i try to make the school of plastic art as the image of a goddess of fertility called or. so i put a lot of breasts indicating in the doldrums i built
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just as breasts of a woman. for mean this moment of the school of art. the kind of there no revolution because it was the romantic and moment of the revolution i wanted to express something new the atmosphere of i felt in cuba during the revolution the entrance became just like the fifty percent explosion that is what they used to feel this kind of says sation that could kunai million people in need. to enter in a place in which you have very angular pillars and this peelers when they arrive to the piazza they go in different direction. and i wanted to express another sensation i fare during this moment is the fear of that something terrible good
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happen. it could very well shown for a little more interest. if it was a little bit of a city. bomb but i think. what. you know what revolution passed from a romantic a moment after that to moment it becomes
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a rule and it's very different you know. everything that you are you. more and more to where was a near soviet union more they wanted to use the same systems as the soviet union and one of the sisters of the sort of you to your new easy very stupid system of free fabrication. and they began to make buildings and make buildings or make belief with every case that was where absolutely all for and on are bullied because there are many there are contradictions. on share on. anything that they proceed and you are only fish will enjoy them prefer. i mean it's a little to feel they yell so i could take the camel guesses said
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a yell of the sun that you take the kimono because somebody gets. out of his you don't want to manage organising when you're sure i don't but i don't blame him. i don't have one talent for war. and i don't know. who will. live or national to. swear to said it's appalling to. even. go there your head i can handle your look at border of. congo.
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and you'll only let it that. there's a lot of them before. the thing you'll want to add he said but i got. a lot of leave it in the. i think. there's better than that exhibit and. it's not ok for the good. people it is am and socially my own being who are in take lead to get over to the conflicts because if the eloquence you know they are that. police are going to come because of us to be being alarmed but i saw a boy. here you see in the early lead tentacle me. where they begin to tell us what they're up to quality to be only the areas that were there you know where. they put on that is something. we can perceive.
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it is an. absolute that. yes they will pass some up or much of course say it's a mean trick of us are pulling us on the. where there isn't much or. this. and many of these students who were taking out i continued to give classes in my house. because i didn't agree to be. a local waddle israel should get us all off for being gay was actually a global rumble of money for. you for problem for with us i used to tell the other architects don't lose your time making small they try to
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do things fast because perhaps one day it's going to be stopped. mean a story. which eventually see if this. you know it's just like you proceed after you see one day when they you know that something is not going very well and then you realize that you have been accused of something and then you realize that you have been judge it and then you realize that you are guilty and nobody tells you. the big breaking news story it can be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people
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struction trying to provide the best most curious today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come. to realize this is history in the making. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketeers than bill gates was apple was going to reinvent stuff though made software what it is today. to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. where if you. hello i'm maryam namazie and london just a quick look at the top stories donald trump's for personal lawyer has told congress he believes the u.s. president is a racist a con man and a cheat weikel cohen made several accusations against trump including that he personally ordered hush money payments and that he knew about the leak of hacked
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democratic e-mails he also says ordered him to threaten people and groups five hundred times over ten years cohen is due to go to prison for campaign finance violation tax evasion and lying to congress i am providing a copy of the thirty five thousand dollars check that president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of two thousand and seventeen . when he was president of the united states pursuant to the coverup which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me the word used by mr trump's t.v. lawyer for the illegal hush money on his behalf drummin wireless started his second summit with north korea's leader in vietnam's capital hanoi the us president hailed conjunction as a great leader and later tweeted that they had had great meetings to met for a short one on one meeting before having dinner together in hanoi trump told him
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his country has tremendous economic potential he's hoping to convince kim to give up his nuclear weapons program during two days of talks. pakistan says it shot down two indian warplanes and captured one pilot after a chaotic day of military strikes from both sides marcus dunn says one jet came down in its territory and the other in indian ruled kashmir india has demanded that pakistan return the captured pilots and says its forces also shot down a pakistani jet tensions have exploded since a pakistan based group killed forty one indian soldiers in an attack in kashmir earlier this month and a train is smashed into a barrier at cairo's main station killing at least twenty people and injuring forty one dollars a collision course the trains fuel tank to explode setting the platform and nearby buildings alight investigators say a conductor had left his train car to fight with another colleague leaving it without brakes and causing it to roll backwards and then crash. we'll have
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more on all those stories in the news hour for you to join me then that's in about twenty five minutes time witness now continues on al-jazeera. yes they are actually pretty committed here we know. if we kind of apollo v.d.u. going to have you know be sure solidly. we're going to go but i might begin c.d.'s became i tell you i guess dolly on. the way. but little do you want to assume that what goes into it will go on your foot is getting even if you know. this you're with everybody single.
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your what a lot of the. opal get the are you also one of the be able to support aisa but i will humbly your love and my will on the other thing. initially came and many thought i'm going to say on. i really i think that the names here. and loudly personally that i nor. inside likely things i could take but i'd be thinking big book a lot of the middle saying you get any attorney and will not be in in order for the world. and the work until still. one of them by my more like a big tour is going to take them a third time go like you think if you read for me and see. hear quando many thirty year kubelik already big who don't know where to go like a big time i'm going to care about the main point it will be your. you're right in
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the saloon or if you don't think. it was me schieffer my boss. and of course he if he everything he could do we against me. to to speak me in a very disagreeable way he used to do it on the sets. and don't step on the walking banner. iraq will surely sing i don't know how long are you going to sort of i knew that something was wrong i own list too that no more was going to be built by my hand so i was going to lose my life and i love my life i don't want to lose it not because they're willing to kill me but because i wouldn't do anything else but
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i made a very individual architecture and they wanted soviet architecture and as i was forbidden i couldn't walk anymore in america teacher i had to do awful things as they were doing and i decided to leave cuba. and there's a lot of dissidents. in our little same time. like us to take a look at. home i know we. going to see more a. dollar on the money put it on fact and on a par or not really a bank account all impulse on yonder on by years i had cost and i don't import bank
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or part of. mine i. said omentum ellicott oh they only receive. ok. we know he going to get a star being he doesn't get any. if he said tara no the crowded theater he plays so many men that'll only him placed calls to pull. your so because we've had many more with europe waiters here. already did several calls to the area made you i was elected to them to stop them from going to made you on the feeling. you know that somehow the wake of a good no you're intending. to get in your city. first of all if we do all quartermaster.
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and i'm going to a ministerial air complete i mean fields will be in the know. it will you know who am going to be a strong physical. and i thought well being here and go home when i was the. cargo the prime directive. i'm going to run it through to a show he said i'm going in a studio to tell ya how that department to put the panel there where to. look at us i'm going to let you from we would we know one of us on a time when i mean day he is not going to be doing well what i see on it you could pull a maybe thirty in a seal. ok so your plan i like i say they going to because you see discipline so don't care if you are. over there in the local if you know where a line are going to say i want to say. you are check out
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a copy of. a copy i would still need more in to say there on the whole question of humane to the body i don't really see. the cause at the base of the most talking a little bit of that. if you haven't there you go. you will call. it a word yet not at this time anything. to get the phone up on our own morning go to work etc the only answer like what i had . thought and move it only commenting that before the plea because. you won't be as
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i could he is willing to do some koala and you know it's interesting to see it this isn't your job i mean i was like well obviously thought i was going to take bill but i mean you know what important these human they are not have to feel like a boss i want to a woman book with a delay the case held up to the united meant a thing for god i mean no. sorry and i have been organizing your revolution only thought and stance only toria there argued that they wouldn't go so the less clear they are that is if they don't want to get to work in opinion accurate about it would seem. to influence you on which i can think we can you think i remember where i'd get to know that a few i mean think of that even now if i want to in a moment though and. if you could ignore me all the articles who came out of cuba or where written by him you're
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a long time he decided what to say and what was more and what was in more or less a take or was it more. to school of the story you was almost seen is ninety percent thinnish. and the first downs of the cuban belly elise yellow one day she arrives and she says i don't like it no more ballet here. she took the bullet out of victoria and they left the school of victoria die. in a moment to ship out all the talent on a mysterious because they said one of. you know i watched. it or not but in right now.
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they try to use these new victorian for series cool. could use a circus for simple says to those you know all socialist countries believe very mushy syracuse's they love this kind of thing i will make it so much but anyway they love it i hang on for we're going to be in battle. i told we should. all know who will be totally over open telling the serious serious lucille. you know he is a top line eater about hierarchy to say sorry if you. disagree maybe promote your own production of this. money and go no go say. it was probably about it.
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now yeah. i understand. it are manically out of. on the site. when i said i gotta go he said. that's it for those that have yet to be up on the. right on the part of the. a conduit where area out there caution. tape in total shine your keys to unlock the new car our choice of there you yourself wait for the tall but. close to
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your own and careless your program of their lives they reappear on huntin or just in. i thought i might he now. but becoming can also be i guess our out of it i want to hear i don't know what i might be. in doesn't begin to see knowing through it all in the awful it could be the good no they don't think what the internet they got to misapply so on dhamma the invisible if not more the em that i'm forty million.
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into born opposing them we're gone not because too animal assumed to have ceased reasonable on me i'm only model not on my own. though look at their own evil. everything negative to this where they have to get even though i had been. those who are. you going to get and i mean
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you know i mean did they ever see joe movies being one group will be the big game they will draw america. this year could get the yeah on this it would be you know it is going to have. their ok shape or levying going for a little if you. but they still better hope for the benefit the tour guides were not being cooperative and they came up with a whole series of reasons you know the bust and the have left us from it too far away or will be interrupted classes there. will never know. which of us off. having for consecutive weeks again think that is a risk we have had. and he said look if you're really interested in learning about i'll come and pick you up tomorrow and take you out for a mother to give me. that so he thought he was winning the. national through emotional feed us english grade a. i think one of the most profound things that rivera said that really resonated as he was walking through
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them he says well despite the poor treatment despite deterioration he felt that the schools still embodied all hope for the future and all that enthusiastic that they had at the beginning of their design. began the whole saga of the book came about. having to leave really missing and knowing she had to get across a new job to miss me for those that want to. send i don't. but i don't the. memory you can't will not with. my thought on your. there said well you have to go this is you know the national school of art and he made it he took us there literally and that time it was very easy to go there it was all open so we just went in and met some students walked around and we
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say this is so absolute something to be preserved why is being preserved i mean this is extremely interesting and incredible architecture and of eternal explained that at that time the country was not so interesting wasn't paying that much attention to that kind of architecture and particular to the schools of our september of annoying the loss of color salad probably got us in the last year momentum on you know a national schools of art where one of the first modern sites that came into our watch list. richard called drawn the short was twenty share the whole issue of premier overdeveloped you dream of that make a more priesthood and i'm going to. do if you were not. but i would just temper it's a good thing do you know then i thought ok now we're going to really try to do something. and fortunately because of the embargo we were not able to actually fund work at the site directly which what was their intention that's what we really
5:37 am
would have liked to do at that time for our hands were tied in order to be able to support sites in cuba we would jump at the opportunity. or. were you this year and this year and really we were. ok you don't really know where i mean the. only lowly. d.c. only that they go out. there was. at the union of artists and writers about what they were going to teach. high school.
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instead of new undergone so i want to. do it only if like everybody. but i think in the near like we're not going to where all those. who are saying that are going to. get. the early get a bit of money can already numb it to the end but if choice toluene to step on the way that can help or you know that i'm buying international. we're going to tell who i know and when there's an assumption if you tell me i mean the whole going to jump on the show is all about i'm. for a letter put out for another quick get them into the order would you. consider moving in my. well you have to monitor you have to see one joke and. you're proud to call him. joe for the p.t.s. . h e l n a little caylee the needle in the quantum seal for
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gabrielle up a solar. last nor we have but there's a little country where the caller said fido. very you will be over to pull you have big plans to rebuild. and they convince the table that what they have to do was soviet union architecture and now they realize that all these prefer a case of not adapted to the human climate and that these results they're what they did. i think the shape of mind you can change of mind i have change of mind so many times in my life. i don't believe that you know we learn more we act. well and i want to. be. in oregon.
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they were looking to see. one day sell by the gate called me so here we are and said regard to go today to air france and to buy the ticket for the first plane coming to have a new book. they made a lot of very beautiful species throughout my schools of art wish i am grateful. and they are restoring my school so far. and know they'll be very interested to see what i said of me today. simply circular. got an hour or so i meant it was told that. this is a very beautiful class for me this is the mural painting class room. with the new
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for the concert. question for the. kids what officials in mo mo meet at the course there. are no not for me to put a hit better. yet though it don't look a solid part of. a statement. that is what i want to go to festivity to be a goes for fifty with the for the for young people. yeah they did i think was great oh yeah though those greatest country me out here i mean look at me and. your spirit will just sign you.
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being so good she said i was too good to. see a room prayed to get up to nowhere oh great again i see you in on this my. but those up i've been was all till six at zero six in the single but where congress had been able to see i'm. going to have the most i was really looking at that i'm open and i suppose a book. so i could get him k.k.k. ohen going to. the other main thing i said i existed a proud was a less credible more qualified as a simple no not that i meant that not maybe also was found innocent get ok your i mean they will not be shown if it ain't they my mother huda they were that they are throw that out give it to the it will. catch phrase one of those how to teach the national put planted there. to catch
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your eyes to yorkie and it's going to compress the. i know the only warhol the world can always only suppose your own toes and belly. and age ok going to get to the plains be it out of a whole other sort of peace. and a perfect. daughter then was she going there come up to the scene the apt back by ninety nine k.m.'s you know they are going to see what made you. want to block one of the or. at the.
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at the grove i said joe. now you say on board the yacht may see one you know. they have their parents or the famous in them if you men of the year gave. maybe your. say.
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monch on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times in head to heads thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupied jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. edges nearer and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military and me and mom much on al-jazeera.
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hello there there's plenty of hot weather around in australia at the moment there is a little bit of cloud showing up on the satellite picture that's mainly here over the southwestern parts i was just taking the edge of the temperatures his so from perth it isn't actually too hot instead it's adelaide melbourne where with seeing the worst of the heat and those temperatures are going to rise even further as we head into friday adelaide all the way out well two degrees really a very hot day for us as we head out towards the east we do have a fair amount of cloud over the south island of new zealand but your eyes may well be drawn into the swirling area of cloud here this is a tropical cycle but it's moving southwards away from fiji so for fiji the weather
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should improve that system will continue to drift southwards as we head through the day on friday if we head further north of the northern parts of asia there's a good deal of what weather with us currently a lot of it over parts of japan some outbreaks of rain a lot need to be quite heavy but the system isn't expected to stick around so it's moving through fairly readily and by friday the worst of it should be gone there's still going to be quite a good overhang of cloud though across many parts of honshu so quite a great day for us but at least it shouldn't be as wet for the west it should be dry for say beijing and the temperatures requite high at the moment they're up to around fifteen degrees by friday. for some meds murder. for others is a way of life. a battle is raging between the whaling industry and conservationists
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as the future of whaling in icelandic waters is decided. people in power killing whales on a jersey or. al-jazeera wherever you. zero. zero zero zero i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. he's a racist. he's
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a con man. and he used to cheat. donald traumas form a lawyer launches a blistering attack on the u.s. president and congress saying he ordered him to threaten people or groups some five hundred times over ten years. this is trump begins his second face to face summit with kim jong un the hailing him a great leader. and pakistan's prime minister calls for talks with india after both sides say they've shot down each other's fighter jets in kashmir. the hamas with the old days boarding clothing. during the raid he was caught and arrested with a blood transfusion still in his arm. caught redhanded a five assays arrested in an anti doping raid at the nordic skiing the world championships.
5:50 am
a man who once said he'd take a bullet for donald trump has given a searing testimony against the us president michael cohen was the lawyer for ten years but is now going to prison for campaign finance violation tax evasion and lying to congress in a dramatic appearance before congress he said his former boss knew in advance about a wiki leaks dump of e-mails stolen from senior democrats during the twenty sixteen campaign cohen says trump ordered him to threaten people and groups five hundred times over ten years he also testified that trump ordered him to pay one hundred thirty thousand dollars to adult film actor. stormy daniels to cover up an affair and said he was later reimbursed with some checks signed by trump and his son don jr he launched a basic tirade against john calling him a racist a con man and a cheat who once told him that black people would never vote for him because they
5:51 am
were too stupid and that trump only ran for office to make his brand great not america shihab rattansi has been following the hearing it's firm and as expected michael curran explicitly linked to donald trump to his conviction for campaign finance violations the president of the united states thus wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to file a campaign finance laws in so doing could also allege the connection between the president some donald trump jr in connection with a criminal conspiracy to which he has pleaded guilty he also played into the president's current term he is a racist he is a con man and he is a cheat what was unexpected is curt also discussed issues related to the russia investigation although he made clear he had no direct evidence of collusion first with a low b.s. roger stone had informed trump that wiki leaks a told him that they would release e-mails damaging to hillary clinton during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign
5:52 am
mr trump responded by stating to the effect. when that the great prosecutors allege russia supplied wiki leaks with those emails we can leaks denies that and also says no conversation with stone took place but that it had publicly announced that publication was imminent either way trump has denied for knowledge karen also said he suspects trump knew that a trump tower meeting would take place with russian nationals about getting damaging information on clinton during the campaign and alleged the trump lied throughout the campaign about his attempts to build a trump tower in moscow and that the president's lawyers signed off on false congressional testimony about those negotiations you need to know that mr trump personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress about the timing of the moscow tower negotiations before i gave it to be clear mr trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about
5:53 am
it. he lied about it because he never expected to win and also made this statement is there any other wrongdoing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding donald trump that we haven't yet discussed today yes and again those are part of the investigation that's currently being looked at but the southern district of new york there are also allegations about. ford on the part of donald trump's charitable foundation this would have made uncomfortable viewing for the president if as was reported he was wondering even of. all the allegations. washington. patty cohen has been following the story as well and joins us now from capitol hill so obviously a dramatic day that way of cohen's testimony just tell us a bit more about what we have lines and about the impact these revelations of hat.
5:54 am
you know i think it's pretty remarkable if you look at the partisan divide on this committee i mean let's think about this there's just been a man who testified that the president of the united states well sitting in the white house continued to further and of what the prosecutors have said is a crime a campaign violation he provided a check he said i'll provide all eleven checks to show you that this came from the president's own account and that he in fact signed it or his son inside it but we didn't see any kind of outrage really from the republicans there was one republican house member who seemed to want to question mr cohen the rest have really been attacking him and his credibility his credibility one interesting thing is they're not trying to pick apart a story they're not trying to say what he's testified to is not necessarily true there's been some minor attempts at that but the overarching thing is that they think he's not a credible witness they are still protecting the president. why suppose patty
5:55 am
that's the crucial point is that in regards to these revelation. no matter how damning the claims might be the republicans are still standing by the president they are protecting him and costing doubt on cohen's credibility what then is likely to change for the president you know in the aftermath of all this. you know that is the biggest question in washington we've seen politicians that we've given the label teflon politicians to before but really nothing seems to shake the president's base who is without question the most controversial president in the history of the united states what comes to his attack to break the all of the norms of society but the republican stay with him and part of the reason for that is his base is staying with him there's been some cracks in the polls but still he's very popular among republicans that's not the case for the rest of the country remember republicans make up about twenty percent of the country but that's important to these politicians if they are the president if they are the base they
5:56 am
could possibly lose their job one of the things i think that is clearly driving this is that a lot of the core republicans watch fox news and if you watch the fox news coverage after this hearing there were some mention of the allegations there was some discussion about it but a lot of it was talking about how cohen isn't credible how these already been convicted of lying so it's really how the conservative media frames the debate that has the biggest impact and so far even with this explosive testimony there's no indication that that's going to chip thank you very much patty call haina on capitol hill thank you patty. all u.s. presidents and north korean leader have started the second summit this time in vietnam's capital hanoi paled kim jong un as a great leader and tweeted later that he'd had great meetings with him if you met for a short one on one meeting before having dinner together in hanoi came his country
5:57 am
has tremendous economic potential. he's hoping to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons program during two days of talks the meeting comes eight months after their first summit in singapore adrian brown has more on the story now from hanoi. the formal talks are on thursday this was billed as a casual get together between north korea's leader kim jong un and us president donald trump their message of the first summit was a great success and i think this one really will be equal or greater than the first they made a lot of progress and i think the biggest prize this was our relationship is really a good one. here we are today sitting next to each other and this time i am convinced an excellent outcome will be for tuesday but all people can welcome and i will do my best to make that happen this is their first meeting since the historic singapore summit almost nine months ago then at
5:58 am
a casual dinner the leaders had just two aides each as well as their interpreters the evening helping to set the toad ahead of thursday's meetings. at the heart of their discussions will be the sprawling yongbyon nuclear complex experts say plutonium and highly enriched uranium are produced here essential materials for a nuclear weapon dismantling it could wind concessions from the united states like an easing of sanctions but. first. the singapore summit was more symbolism than substance and ahead of these talks in hanoi president trump a sort of play down expectations of a significant breakthrough and even if kim were to agree to give up the nuclear weapons we know about it would still be a long and complicated process here with uniformly over just like north korea
5:59 am
vietnam for a bit a wall. with the united states more than forty years after that conflict ended the countries achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule and trump was happy to fly the flag of his host saying north korea could thrive if it follows vietnam's example. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. if thursday's talks go well a city won't synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this summit has to be about more than handshakes and friend b. gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks and there could be many more of those adrian brown al jazeera hanoi. let's now speak to bill richardson a former u.s.
6:00 am
negotiate with north korea and u.s. ambassador to the united nations he joins me now from new york thank you very much for speaking to us so as we were hearing that trump and kim on meeting now for the second time in less than less than a year there has been little meaningful progress since the summit in singapore what are you hoping to see then from this meeting well i believe that what we need to see something because in the last summit there was nothing that north korea did on denuclearization just words what we need to see is some concrete steps timelines on the dismantlement of north korean nuclear weapons weapons of mass destruction missiles and we've seen nothing of that on the good side the two presidents are getting along maybe they'll be a liaison.


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