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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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annoying. let's now speak to bill richardson a former u.s. negotiate with north korea and u.s. ambassador to the united nations he joins me now from new york thank you very much for speaking to us so as we were hearing that trump and kim on meeting now for the second time in less than a year less than a year there has been little meaningful progress since the summit in singapore what do you hoping to see then from this meeting well i believe that what we need to see something because in the last summit there was nothing that north korea did on denuclearization just words what we need to see is some concrete steps timelines on the dismantlement of north korean nuclear weapons weapons of mass destruction missiles and we've seen nothing of that on the good side the two presidents are getting along maybe they'll be a liaison office among the two countries progress on the return of american
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servicemen but what really affects the international community the peninsula japan south korea is some kind of curtailment of north korea's nuclear weapons and they haven't done much since the last summit in fact they've enhanced their nuclear capacity. right so then why what reason do we have to believe that that's going to change any time soon clearly the two sides have very different definitions of what the new very zation means. well i would be satisfied if we simply establish a framework for negotiations say in the next two to three years in return for north korea dismantling some of its nuclear capacity they get an easing of sanctions but we can't let him off the hook on that we can't just say ok the next meeting we're going to talk about denuclearization without any progress because for the north
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koreans their idea of denuclearization is not this management it's to keep their existing stockpile maybe blow up a couple of facilities that they don't need anymore possibly beyond a missile site that they blew up without any inspection what we need these enforcement inspection of the nuclear facilities of any commitments that north korea makes because they are very good at it escaping their commitments and they always want you to go first the negotiation when it comes time for them to do something they do very little or they postpone that it's been my experience and of course that it's the timing of this meeting confident we have seen a day of dramatic developments in washington i'm not going to ask you about it that to specifics of michael cohen's testimony but does it perhaps undermine the u.s. negotiating position when it does come to extracting those concessions from the
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north koreans. well it can have two effects one it would hurt the president's credibility and right now the president has had difficulty in the congress with the shutdown of the government the wall now this testimony but at the same time the president may want to hit what is called an america big home run by a successful summit he needs a distraction from his problems in washington and he's very much into personal diplomacy what might help is this relationship that he has a good one with north korean leader which is good i'm not diminishing that there is less tension in the peninsula but you know the president needs to be tough with kim jong moon because it's good for everybody including himself and i believe kim jo moon who once economic and investment in his country from the united states from
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the middle east from asia from south korea he's under sanctions now so it's in mutual interests of the two leaders to come out with a good deal not just photo ops not just sitting together not just personal chemistry but we'll see though very soon thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us bill richardson fully u.s. negotiation with north korea and u.s. ambassador to the united nations joining us there from the. well with the news hour live from london more still ahead we're going to tell you about what prompted this work out at the united nations human rights council. that story also dozens of anti-government protesters are released and look at i'm way ahead of talks between the government and the opposition. and chelsea's ninety three million dollar keeper pays the price they support a nation i know have that story sport. now
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to a chaotic day of military strikes between india and pakistan pushing south asia into its worst security crisis in twenty years pakistan says it shot down two indian war planes in captured one pilot india has demanded he be returned immediately india says its forces also down the pakistani jet something islamic denies both sides have carried out strikes in the last two days indian on the first raids after an attack by a pakistan based group in the disputed kashmir region killed forty one troops thirteen days ago forces from both countries have also exchanged fire and kashmir says six civilians have been killed its prime minister has now appealed for talks. in iran kong reports. what caused this indian fighter jet to cross is disputed between these two youth. but it was evidence that pakistan and india were
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confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister a man called to india's leader nur interim ot. sort of one year but aren't we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. that year mick jagger the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian war planes after they crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district of goma. bellamy i see in my yard and i have firstly we need to clear the rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team will come and investigate what happened as of now we found two bodies. initially the indian government said its plane was down because of
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a technical fault we have unfortunately lost one. the pilot is missing in action. and just plain that he is in their custody. as tension in this volatile region increased after a suicide bomb attack killed at least forty indian security personnel two weeks ago the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility on tuesday the indian air force carried out strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir the indian and pakistan governments have competing narratives about what's happening in the region analysts say the situation has the potential to escalate into full scale conflict this i think we did by social media by television and by just needlessly information is being raped. probe on site and there is a lot of what you might call. nationalist flow that we see in any coffee
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when there is any kind. lashon security. space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down and pakistan has closed all its space to commercial traffic there is a real atmosphere in the disputed region of kashmir many people particularly along the border are all packing up that things and then leaving their houses because they are worried that more will come but pakistan and india now have two real options military which will be sent over the last few days or deploying mysie. from about the thousands of kashmiris have fled their homes ferrying an all out war faz jamail has more from new delhi india is off is ition who until now has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the government came out with a joint statement criticizing the government's handling of the situation since the attack on february fourteenth that killed at least forty indian paramilitary
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soldiers the opposition said openly we are with the government to show a united stand now they're showing this issuing some cracks in the political unity now in iran han has offered that you know what happens now is the ball is in india's court but we don't know what he is going to do yet but in the meantime i can tell you people in india are on edge there and like worried what could happen could this lead to another war the people who especially tell us they feel trapped in the middle of our kashmiris themselves those indeed administered kashmir people there say they see shelling happening don't worry about it getting too close a hospital staff and tree not have told us they've painted red cross symbols on their roofs hoping that might offer them protection in case there's an air strike they're worried that's a possibility no. well the indian fighter pilot captured by pakistan has become the face of the crisis pakistani villagers filmed his capture and clips and gone viral on social media making him
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a hero in his homeland and his foreign ministry has accused pakistan of violating international law is what indian citizens in new delhi had to say about the tensions. and for noir to truth to you know you see the employee choice in the i'm more in favor of anything towards anything but what this kind of still story to always has to be me to see the least there is a must win if somebody is doing wrong plus we should fight back when i don't because this is a fictional dignity to our nation that is what we can believe that it would be like a bubble rocked the problem is inside the bubble if we don't step out the bubble and look at the problem we will not be able to find a solution india and pakistan are inside the bubble we have to step out to move forward. a saudi ministers told the un human rights council in geneva that the kingdom will cooperate with the un human rights mechanisms but bear the minister of state for foreign affairs didn't say whether that includes the un led investigation into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a un special effects or judicial killings iscar investigating to shelties case but
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she says she still hasn't had any cooperation from saudi officials despite her requests also speaking at the un human rights council in geneva it was venezuela's foreign minister who. used his speech to call for talks between president nicolas maduro and donald trump but as he came out to speak a number of the diplomats that walked out in protest. a new source on c.n.n. for part of their borders experiments the use of sanctions from external powers to bring down an elected government is a violation of all international laws for this reason we are tonight in the situation again and we're calling for dialogue dialogue with the united states yes why not between presidents madeira and president trump why shouldn't they meet so they can find common ground and explain their differences. well then as well as all physicians to one guy does tweeted that he'll start exercising presidential rights when he returns to the country has been in colombia where he attended
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a meeting of the anti madieu or lima group and he's now going on to the brazilian capital it's not known when or how he will go back to venezuela united states has expressed concern about why the safety of the president to do or told a.b.c. news he will have to face justice meanwhile three bridges and venezuela's western border with colombia have been closed by the government since saturday blocking a convoys only on the side it means venezuelans used to quote you use the crossing to head towards the border for supplies are being forced to use illegal crossings instead yet he has more from the border. thousands of venice where lands are using illegal there are two roads into. the main crossing between illegal crossings into the country remain closed we've spoke to a number of them and they've said that the closing of the border is hurting them because they need to cross into to be able to buy the food and medicines that they
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can find back home they also cross here to sell goods for a profits it goes from scrap metal to even car parts that we've seen many have also told us that they need to pay gangs along these illegal crossings to be able to come here to colombia even if they colombian government has been trying to reopen the broad bridges this was supposed to happen late on tuesday they weren't able to do so because they remain blocked on the venezuelan side and because group of supporters of the venezuelan opposition continue to clash with venezuelan security forces and civilians armed in support of president nicolas maduro dozens of anti-government protesters have been released in nicaragua ahead of talks between the government and the opposition widespread protests broke out across the country last year with demonstrators demanding president daniel ortega step down
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right scripts a brutal crackdown by security forces left more than three hundred people dead and still seven hundred all those arrested money. it's the worst political crisis. in forty years now almost a year since the unrest began because i was president has renewed calls for a national dialogue. assuming a commitment to the people. of this meeting this negotiation that we expect will take place on wednesday will be full of good will. so that we may give the people what the people deserve. which is peace the political crisis began with university students leading a protest over a national pension reform plan. what followed was a violent crackdown by government forces that has left at least three hundred sixty people dead scores injured and more than six hundred imprisoned thousands of others
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have fled the country we as. citizens we are. negotiation icy cold it is not and all of the friends say community are not properly sent many opposition leaders have left for neighboring. exiled activists like. say they're afraid to return to their homes but add that any peace talks the government is proposing can't exist without their participation. we are looking for guarantees from the government guarantees for citizens to feel safe to feel free and in peace so that we may finally return to our country and there's nobody. in the it's illegal to hold demonstrations against the government for some of the most vocal critics this is meant traveling to washington and calling on the international community to intercede the evidence is there for
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everyone to see we are asking for people to listen to the testimonies of mothers who have held their murdered children in their arms and please find a way to help all of us nicaraguans who are suffering like last year the united states imposed sanctions on senior officials within the nicaraguan government including ortega vice president and spouse. anti-government activists have accused the government of manipulating the upcoming national dialogue as a way to avoid further sanctions by the international community when. us. last and i have for you on the news out egypt blames a deadly train. russian fire at cairo's main station on a fight between two trying to conduct as. they report on the desperate daily search for clean water in yemen where the united nations says twenty four million people need humanitarian aid and that in sport roger federer remains on course for his one hundred eighty feet it were
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a thanks . to the a. hello there we're still enjoying some glorious weather across parts of europe it's in the northwest where the temperature is a most unusual at this time of year it should be grey a damp and very cold instead we've got blue skies people are wrapped in the parks without their coats without their jumpers and instead they've got sunglasses and ice cream it really is very warm some places have seen new record sets and it's all thanks to an area of high pressure now that is slowly being eroded away their say things do change as we head through the next few days or more in the way of cloud there as we head through thursday a little bit more in the way of wet weather to them that sinks its way southwards and just takes the edge of the temperatures a bit so let me get it to twelve degrees on friday that's still not too bad but it's just not quite as good as it has to be but the east largely fine and dry for
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many of us here too with bucharest getting to around fifteen now for the other side of the mediterranean here there's plenty of dry weather to redact there getting to around twenty degrees on thursday not much different really as we head into friday just a little bit more cloud working its way towards us but the east a falling for us as well kyra getting to around seventeen degrees now for the central belt of africa we are seeing more showers now they're pushing a bit further north which we could see some of those in uganda but also in the western parts of africa too in the south of. the of. all the presidents on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton allegation want to see the investigation sit down to see did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the close sort of batten down the
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investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al jazeera. the latest news as it breaks also after the explosions to report to save the city save the civilians for the targets. with detailed coverage despite the high cuz young men are still volunteering to fight this policy out of a sense of profit off the juices. from around the world it must be a different now about is it through the troops for through by many many people here in the brush to rip up the.
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comeback a quick look at the top stories now donald trump's for us a lawyer has told congress the u.s. president is a racist a con man and a cheat michael cohen said trump knew in advance about the wiki leaks release of hacked democratic e-mails cheering the chinese sixteen election no ordered him to threaten people and groups five hundred times over ten years trying meanwhile has started his second summit with north korea's leader in vietnam's capitol hill noyo u.s. president hailed kim jong un as a great leader and later tweeted that they had great meetings. and pakistan says it's shot down two indian warplanes and captured one pilots after a chaotic day of military strikes from both sides india has demanded that pakistan return the pilots and says its forces also shot down a pakistani. that's and more now from michael caine's testimony to congress he had no desire or intention to lead this nation
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only to market himself and to build his wealth and power mr trump would often say this campaign was going to be the greatest in from our show in political history he once asked me if i could name a country run by a black person that wasn't a shit hole this was one pericope bamma was president of the united states and while we were one striving through a struggling neighborhood in chicago he commented that only black people could live that way and he told me that black people would never vote for him because they were too stupid just trump is a con man he asked me to pay off an adult film star with whom he had an affair and to lie about it to his wife which i did i'm talking about a man who declares himself brilliant but directed me to threaten his high school
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his colleges and the college board to never release his grades or s.a.t.s. course mr trump test me to handle the negative press surrounding his medical deferment from the vietnam draft mr trump claimed it was because of a bone spur but when i asked for better call records he gave me none and said that there was no surgery he finished the conversation the following comment you think i'm stupid not going to vietnam and i find it ironic mr president that you are in vietnam right now. well bruce fein is a former us associate deputy attorney general who participated in the impeachment process against both richard nixon and bill clinton he joins us now from washington thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us so it appears that president trump is facing legal bills on two fronts festival the russia investigation and
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then alleged violation of campaign finance rules festival on russia can you tell us what new information came to light that could be relevant to molest case will we have the testimony of mr cohen that he witnessed donald trump jr walking behind the desk of donald trump sr whispering in his ear something to the effect that well the meeting has been set and mr trump says well that's great that was inferred to be a reference to the meeting with the russian and their lawyers. which could show some kind of collusion if you will actually would be a violation of the campaign finance laws for the president in any way or his campaign to be soliciting dirt on hillary clinton from any foreign source said.
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no evidentiary element of vulnerability the second is the information according to mr cohen that mr trump head in advance of wiki leaks release of the hillary clinton e-mails that were damaging now it wouldn't be wrong if this was some plea to someone who is receiving the information but not collaborating with wiki leaks as to its timing of but this information was something received in conjunction with roger stone who's had communications with wiki leaks is known to be a friend of songe and it could lead with further evidence showing that there was collusion if you will not with necessarily the russians but with wiki leaks which is a foreign entity wiki leaks is not a u.s. antony and therefore it would be illegal to work with wiki leaks to get information of value in the campaign relating to the emails so that's the new evidence i think
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we have with regard to the collusion claim right could be very significant what knew about the the communication between raja stone and. julian assange about those. e-mails how much is going to depend on what evidence michael cohen has to back up these claims how how can this be corroborated . well i don't know whether mr cohen has anything more than what he put on the table today he did indicate that he did in order to buttress the claim you have to put people under oath which would be mr stone mr trump obviously mr songe still holed up in the ecuadorian embassy is not going anyplace fast and then at this point it's just making inferences you know there's a general rule called cui bono when you're searching for
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a mystery like sherlock holmes who benefits you know from the if the facts were a particular way it's not conclusive and remember as well that when we're speaking about the president's complicity we're not really speaking about proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case and fact the department's policy is you can't indict a prosecutor president well a sitting but impeachment standard is not a criminal standard and if there became just a conviction that mr trump was going close to the criminal line that could justify an impeachment article even though it wasn't a crime i remember in the nixon impeachment case for example there were instances in the articles of impeachment citing allies to the public allies that weren't necessarily under oath there were used as evidence that he was no longer fit in a trustworthy occupant of the white house so that's where trump i think is the feel that even if there's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt people who know how washington and power worse could confer well
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there were something wrong anyway about this and even if it's not a crime it's no longer is remaining in the white house thank you very much bruce fine efforts and washington just apologies that intermittent thank you very much christiane thank you. the egyptian authorities say a fight between two train conductors cause the train crash in central cairo which killed at least twenty people forty one others were also injured when the speeding train slammed into a barrier at cairo's main station a collision course the train's fuel tank to explode setting the platform and nearby buildings alight investigators say the train's conductor left his car without putting his brakes on to fight with another conductor who was blocking him the transport minister has resigned over the crash millions of yemenis spend hours every day trying to find clean drinking water the united nations says
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some twenty four million people in the country are likely to need humanitarian assistance in two thousand and nineteen the world body has launched an appeal for four point two billion dollars worth of aid for yemen the largest in its history in germany as mall. this is how to begins every day fetching water for himself and his family the merest well is the many kilometers from his home a camp for the displaced he starts the water at dawn is can take more than three hours to get enough to fill a small container. i am not able to contribute much to use my own search for water we have been fleeing for more for four years first to flood. but due to heavy shelling we hope to come to this camp if you talk to foreign child to food medicine or water here. more than eight swirls around the malacca camp and hodge or profits
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have dried up it's no surprise considering five hundred families live here in the past clean water was provided by oxfam but the water tanks are now empty the charity planted it permanent wells but as the fighting intensified in the area its workers were forced to leave. now when people at this camp find water the quality is poor and i know you know a lot. less terror for the water most of our children's over from dehydration are very real and skin diseases as a result water shortages are common in yemen is one of the most water scarce countries in the world because of the war around twenty million yemenis have no access to clean water and sanitation. and due to fighting out the port city of her data the main entry point for the fast majority of aid entering the country other vital supplies have also been cut off. according to the u.n.
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almost three quarters of yemen's population of just under thirty million are close to starvation and children are among the most vulnerable. twelve year old fatima is suffering from extreme malnutrition it's almost paralyzed her and without treatment she will die. the u.n. brokered a cease fire in her day day late last year and for the first time in six months aid workers have been able to reach food storage facilities at the port. but while warring sides continue to buy later the agreement is uncertain when or even if much needed aid will arrive in time for those who desperately need it. at least three people have died and dozens are still missing after an illegal gold mine collapsed in indonesia rescuers
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a digging through the rubble at the site in all sort of way see their efforts have been hampered by steep terrain and unstable soil conditions after the collapse triggered a landslide some of the victims have been responding to rescuers calls but it's not clear how many are still alive so far fourteen people have been pulled out alive florence newey has been following the story for us from the capital jakarta rescuers are still trying to reach people buried in the landslide they say they can still hear voices so they're trying to reach those people as quickly as possible that been working through the night helped by people who live and work around the area a spokesman for indonesia's national disaster mitigation agency said the landslide occurred when supporting beams at the mine gave way rescue teams have not been able to bring in heavy equipment because of the difficult terrain and video shows rescue teams working on a rather bad and steep slope so while they have to try and get to those people who are buried as quickly as possible they're also very they also have to work very
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carefully and quite slowly now on small scale gold mines like this are quite common throughout indonesia even though they are banned you'll be able to find them not only in soon see where the landslide occurred but also in sumatra and kalimantan and they're not regulated so often they are poorly constructed emergency and safety measures are lacking so it's not uncommon for accidents to happen yet people are still drawn to work in these illegal gold mines driven by a lack of work opportunities and poverty. nigeria's president mahmoud abbas has appealed for unity after he was re-elected leader of africa's biggest economy is main challenger was a teacher i will because his vow to challenge the resulting court calling it a sham election was marred by violence delays and a low turnout particularly in the christian south of the country harmon tosser reports from abuja. supporters from nigeria's ruling party mark rivals from the
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main opposition party they say they are celebrating and that this is their way of making a clear president mohammed one saturday his election with more than fifteen million votes pants. problem down supporters. and that is an indication that the bases widely accepted election result of. absentee will promote good hands of. the main opposition leader abu bakar plans to challenge the results in court. in isn't a jury with little. force . as. it is.


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