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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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it can happen with good thinking. if those days talks go well a city won't synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this summit has to be about more than handshakes and friendly gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks and there could be many more of those adrian brown al jazeera hanoi. i spoke to bill richardson a former u.s. negotiator with north korea he said that president trunk needs the talks to succeed as a positive distraction from the problems on the domestic front such as the fallout from michael cohen's testily. right now the president has had difficulty in the congress with the shutdown of the government the wall and now this testimony but at the same time the president may want to hit what is called an america big
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home run by a successful summit he needs a distraction from his problems in washington and he's very much into personal diplomacy well still ahead for you on the program egypt's blames a deadly train crash and fire at cairo's main station on a fight between two train conductors and find out who prompted this walkouts at the united nations human rights council. and i bet there's plenty of hot weather around in australia at the moment there is a little bit of cloud showing up on the satellite picture that's mainly here over the southwestern parts i was just taking the edge of the temperatures his so from perth it isn't actually too hot instead it's adelaide melbourne where ways seeing
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the worst of the heat and those temperatures are going to rise even further as we head into friday adelaide all the way out well two degrees really a very hot day for us as we head out towards the east we do have a fair amount of cloud over the south island of new zealand but your eyes may well be drawn into this swirling area of cloud here this is all tropical cycle but it's moving southwards away from fiji so for fiji the weather should improve the system will continue to drift southwards as we head through the day on friday if we head further north for the northern parts of asia there's a good deal of what weather with us currently a loss of it over parts of japan some outbreaks of rain a lot need to be quite heavy but the system isn't expected to stick around so it's moving through fairly readily and by friday the worst of it should be gone the still going to be quite a good overhang of cloud though across many parts of honshu so quite a great day for us but at least it shouldn't be as wet for the west it should be dry for see beijing and the temperatures requite high at the moment they're up to around fifteen degrees by friday.
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for some. of the it's a way of life. a battle is raging between the whaling industry and conservationists . as the future of whaling are still on the quarters decided. people in power are killing way you know josie you're.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera live from london our top stories donald trump's former personal lawyer has told congress the u.s. president is a racist a con man and a cheat michael cohen said trump knew in advance about the wiki leaks release of hack democratic e-mails during the two thousand and sixteen election and ordered him to threaten people and groups five hundred times over ten years trump meanwhile has started his second summit with north korea's leader in vietnam's capitol hill noise the u.s. president held kim jong un as a great leader and later tweeted that they'd had great meetings. a chaotic day of military strikes between india and pakistan is pushing south asia into its worst security crisis in twenty is august on says it's shot down two indian war planes and captured one pilot india has demanded he be returned immediately india says its forces also downed a pakistani jet something denies both sides of carried out as strikes in the last two days india launched the first raids after an attack by
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a pakistan based group in the disputed kashmir region killed forty one troops thirteen days ago forces from both countries have also exchanged fire in kashmir pakistan says six civilians have been killed its prime minister has now appealed for talks al-jazeera as iran kong reports. you know. what caused this indian fighter jet to crash is disputed between these two nuclear rivals but it was evidence that pakistan and india were confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister to india's leader noor and ramadi. so. we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. that you had me tell you the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian warplanes after they
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crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district of goma. and they are doing in my yard and i have firstly we need to clear the rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team will come and investigate what happened as of now we found two bodies. initially the indian government said its plane was down because of a technical fault we have unfortunately lost one. but it is missing in action oh. there he is in the. tension in this volatile region increased after a suicide bomb attack killed at least forty indian security personnel two weeks ago the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility. on tuesday the indian air force carried out strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir the
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indian and pakistan governments have competing narratives about what's happening in the region analysts say the situation has the potential to escalate into full scale conflict this i think is being exacerbated by social media by television and by the speed with which information is being conveyed problem site all the other and there is a lot of what you might call the nationalist flow that we see in any gothic when there is any kind all right lashon security. space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down and pakistan has closed all its airspace to commercial traffic there is a real atmosphere all fair in the disputed region all by kashmir many people particularly along the border are packing up their fanes and then leaving their houses because they are worried that more will come by pakistan and india now have
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two real options military which is what we've seen over the last few days or diplomacy and run card from about well thousands of kashmiris a fled their homes ferrying an all out war says jamail has more from new delhi. india's opposition who until now has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the government came out with a joint statement criticizing the government's handling of the situation since the attack on february fourteenth that killed at least forty indian paramilitary soldiers the opposition said openly we are with the government to show a united stand now they're showing this issuing some cracks in the political unity now in iran hollande has offered that you know what happens now is the ball is in india's court but we don't know what he is going to do yet but in the meantime i can tell you people in india are on edge there and like worried what could happen could this lead to another war the people who are specially tell us they feel trapped in the middle of our kashmiris themselves those in need administered
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kashmir people there say they see shelling happening don't worry about it getting too close to hospital staff and tree not have told us they've painted red cross symbols on their roofs hoping that might offer them protection in case there's an air strike they're worried that's a possibility now the syrian government and its allies intensified attacks on edler province with more than forty civilians reportedly killed in recent weeks among bodman has been targeting towns along a road which links area with neighboring countries and as a whole the reports we came in the damascus highway seems to be the objective. attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate civilians are the majority of the casualties in. the southern countryside of it live is an active drug. towns are now battlegrounds they're being targeted by syrian government forces and their allies the northwestern province is supposed to be a deescalation zone and
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a turkish russian guaranteed ceasefire should be in place. was going to say that the killing isn't. going to the states must. stop you from getting closer to the. government artillery fire has specifically been targeting two major towns and moderate noman further north they fall along a strategic highway five that connects the provincial capitals of how much it looked in aleppo before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north although there's one to hold also but on the syrian government and russia want to control that until a national highway which was through country one this road is very important for the government to revive international trade is especially after they took control of the jordan border and the crossing there are still at the. reopening of m five
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along with the m four another highway that also runs it lib was supposed to have happened by the end of last year it was part of the september ceasefire deal between russia and turkey that prevented a wide scale assault by the government since then. a group many of the international community consider linked to al qaida took control of much of it live from turkey backed opposition fighters russia is calling on target to fulfill its commitments which includes disarming and removing so-called radical fighters from a demilitarized zone that rings the province moscow is showing impatience president vladimir putin says support for a cease fire is temporary but at the same time moscow insists no wide scale military offensive is being planned. already thousands of syrians have been made homeless in recent weeks and many headed north towards turkey's borders turkey says significant progress has been made in talks with russia and iran to secure the
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province but it didn't provide details regardless damascus seems to be pressing ahead with its campaign to retake the m five highway sen of beirut the egyptian authorities saying a fight between two train conductors caused the train crash in central cairo which killed at least twenty people forty one people were also injured when the speeding train slammed into a barrier at cairo's main station the collision caused the train's fuel tank to explode setting the platform and nearby buildings a light investigators say the train's conductor left his car without putting his brakes on to fight with another conductor who was blocking him so. the driver jumped out of the last really two three emergency brake suddenly stopped working he couldn't stop the train to the last minute he jumped onto the platform of the left really to go right on to the platform he did all he could also three times the driver did all he could do all he could. a saudi minister has told the
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human rights council in geneva that the kingdom will cooperate with the un's human rights mechanisms but bear the minister of state for foreign affairs did not say whether that includes the un led investigation into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the un special rapporteur for extradition killings is carney investigating shorty's case but she says she still hasn't had any cooperation from saudi officials despite her requests. and human rights council in geneva was that as well as foreign minister who is a long stretch used his speech to call for talks between a mature and donald trump but as he came out to the podium a number of diplomats walked out in protest. a new source on c.n.n. reported by their borders the extent of the use of sanctions from external powers to bring darren not elected government is a violation of all international laws for this reason we are tonight in the situation again and we're calling for dialogue or dialogue with the united states yes why not between presidents madeira and president trump why shouldn't they meet
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so they can find common ground and explain their differences. well then as well as opposition leader has tweeted that he'll start exercising presidential rights when he returns to the country why don't he's been in colombia where he attended a meeting of the anti madieu or lima group and he's now going on to the brazilian capital it's not known when know how he will go back to venezuela united states has expressed concern about quite a safety off to present president maduro told a.b.c. news he will have to face justice meanwhile three bridges on venezuela's western border with colombia and posed by the government since saturday blocking aid convoys on the other side it means venezuelans used to crossing the border for supplies and now being forced to use in legal way it's. all. thousands of in this way lands or using illegal dirt roads into since the main that crossing the illegal crossings into the country remain closed we've spoke to
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a number of them and they've said that the closing of the border is hurting them because they need to cross into to be able to buy the food and medicines that they can find back home they also cross here to sell ministerial and goods for a profits it goes from scrap metal to even car parts that we've seen many have also told us that they need to pay gangs along these illegal crossings to be able to come here to colombia even if they colombian government has been trying to reopen the broad bridges this was supposed to happen late on tuesday they weren't able to do so because they remain blocked on the venezuelan side and because group of supporters of the venezuelan opposition continue to clash with venezuelan security forces and civilians armed in support of president nicolas maduro
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to nigeria now a president mohammed who bill hari's appealed for unity after he was reelected leader of africa's biggest economy his main opponent was a car who's about to challenge the resulting course calling it a ch'an. course now from. supporters from nigeria's ruling party mock rivals from the main opposition party they say they are celebrating and that this is their way of making it clear president mohammed you bihari won saturday's election with more than fifteen million votes the balance here and the problem with time supporters and that is an indication that the bases widely accepted election result of beriberi upset they will deny gams of the of the main opposition leader abu bakar classes challenged the results in court. in is a nigerian witness and a little too old for. the warriors and his best friend. he was
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a long and only people for the simple reason that he doesn't always remain in nigeria if murder. or is. it is will be easy really. that. the opposition insists there was widespread rigging and allegation rejected by the ruling party opposition parties don't have a great record when it comes to dealing with courts in africa those in zimbabwe and democratic republic of congo recently appealed election results and failed it's not clear how successful the legal challenge made by nigeria's opposition will be. nigeria is africa's most populous country the recent election was a continent of not just democratic the size how the electoral dispute is handled is crucial but i do and i'm impressed by the temperament of the position in terms of
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the we've chosen to have a list of chosen please clarify the process to my east the process they're going to form will. they have evidence that has never happened before the president. but also the development for the. twenty fifth or so maybe this is another step in to put out democracy. while bihari supporters continue celebrating his rival says he will elaborate more on this plan of action soon how demitasse. just a quick recap of the top stories donald trump's former personal lawyer has told congress he believes the u.s. president is a racist a con man and a cheat michael cohen made several accusations against trump including that he personally ordered hush money payments and that he knew about
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a leak of democratic e-mails he also says ordered him just stress of people and groups five hundred times over ten years cohen has judy go to prison for campaign finance violation tax evasion and lying to congress. why the new car of the thirty five thousand dollars check that the president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of two thousand and seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the coverup which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me the word used by mr trump's t.v. lawyer for the illegal hush money on his behalf meanwhile has started his second summit with north korea's leader in vietnam's capital one noyo u.s. president hailed kim jong un as a great leader and later tweeted that they'd had great meetings the two met for a short one on one meeting before having dinner together in hungary trump is hoping
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to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons program during two days of talks. well in our other top stories pakistan says it's shot down two indian war planes and captured one pilots after a chaotic day of military strikes from both sides pakistan says one jet came down in its territory and the other in indian ruled kashmir india has demanded that pakistan return the captured pilots and says its forces also shot down a pakistani jet tension's of exploded since a pakistan based group killed forty one indian soldiers in an attack in kashmir earlier this month a pakistani prime minister has called for talks a train has smashed into a barrier at cairo's main station killing at least twenty people and injuring forty one of those the collision caused the train's fuel tank to explode setting the platform and nearby buildings alight investigators say a conductor had left his train car to fight with another colleague leaving it
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without brakes and causing it to roll backwards and then crash those that lines coming up the fierce battle over the future of whaling in iceland that some people in power. lost and abandoned. found and saved one on one east reveals how one shower is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. iceland is one of only three nations in the world to hunt whales for some of the practices akin to a brutal murder for others it's a sustainable politics the country's cultural heritage for those on the frontline of this battle between industry and conservationists it's also become a personal struggle between right and wrong.
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somebody sat there finally it was definitely them. two is not as good then fine a ski was sunk to me anymore see how me like every five years did i have a credit limit on the bottle or off my bottle are going to be done at military i mean your p.b.s. is she said but sia i have a hunch fog the same good teacher will bend finest we will do it again or even the writer will. know schools euclidian will do as long as you. make something up and.
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it. is just down like the wailing station now on the end of this pier here this is where they oh by the old dog. these are vicious groups and every sheesh david kill you if you can't learn. are these two. two males i think. we don't want to see any more than whales being needlessly so it is obsolete by rick. resource utilization for me. as his thoughts why shouldn't he utilize. we have an appointment with a man who many hate and despise christian lofts and is iceland's uncrowned will king he catches fin whales and endangered species it's been
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a family tradition for seventy is a vision is the fucking house full of the procession of the woods and he had been here in this location all the time she went in for the wonder stuff that we have a full of around one hundred ninety since the season started in june he's two ships have killed one hundred thirty whales every mostly the coupons that. so it made much good he said film review and watch them both of them voted to last since operations are under constant surveillance to activists from marine conservation and juicy shot but a keeping a close eye on how many whales are being killed and always have to think about why all this evidence of this about ten years just they've just fascinated me. oh. love it just. the thought of it. we think it's a question often. people like him think they can just get away with everything
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absolutely everything you know you just does not. think that's him. the coming days a crucial karen come out and josh riley. in a few days since palm had to catch fin whales expires and the activists are trying to prevent him from renewing it that would put an end to his wavelength he has a quote from the icelandic government that he can go out and kill these endangered species you know they are an endangered species so why does he get to do it people need to know what's going on you know a local would realise that the still goes on. for most. of them. in the past see shepherds campaigns have been controversial with some critics even labeling its tactics of direct action and sabotage as environmental terrorists and
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. these pictures are from two thousand and eight sea shepherd is attacking japanese fishermen. smugglers the first time i've been here and i just think it is an amazing. just breathtaking play and it's just this area but to spoil the whole of iceland. the man down there on the poor. thing will be pulling it no. the fin whale is the second largest animal in the world. it can be up to twenty six meters long and weigh up to eighty tons. decades of overfishing have endangered it as a species. lost some catches only fin whales making him particularly controversial. the loudest
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ugly way in countries out of all x. whales able whale themselves. couldn't manage anything because their greed was too much quote unquote of course. we want them to lay on a ridge with this stuff on this this side to the plant where one of your tribal totem on. the international whaling commission considers the stocks around iceland healthy this is why iceland allows whaling. every way stocks are. healthy you have a certain harvest you have or if you it's not sustainable you don't have the start it's as easy as a. veil is put into the gun they have. made fun of. words and it penetrates through the into the animal in the cavity it explodes inside and kills the. cop and weighs more
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than sixty kilos one shot kills most whales sometimes two or three shots a needed. japanese whalers a seen here shooting a fin whale in two thousand and eight. japan a new way of the only other countries to have commercial whaling. japan calls it research. these three countries defy the moratorium on commercial whaling that was issued in one thousand nine hundred six when several species when their extinction. iceland resumed whaling in two thousand and six this was the reaction when the first strip arrived back at the docks with its catch all the year scientific outlook on our sites all over the ideas only to harvest the waste on the basis of sustainability and over the all of the precautionary approach
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. oh my head off and on and. on i've got a lot of that. are going to have to wear heading out with totally furred auto johansson to see whales that are alive we use in a scene make us backwards in a way to know where those white big dolphins for five years the young captain has made a living from taking tourists on will watching tourists. it has become a lucrative business in iceland even bigger than whaling. and lord suffer got the bill which i think you forgot that last year three hundred seventy thousand tourists went on whale safari is in iceland there is again. what for that. your
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coach it's worth their weight because they weren't going to work their rights it was quite real and it's worth it i'm a joy. icelanders were in favor of whaling for a long time but an increasing number and now against it like totally from being shot with are pulled and drawn since. it's not my way and i don't like. in june two thousand and eighteen poll showed icelandic public opinion on whaling is now evenly split one third in favor one third against and undecided away what's in the industry gives way more jobs on the way more money for everyone it's just a no we can see all the you the same out of all four hundred dollars a year still didn't you notice anything. are you curious to try it and system now.
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you were not in the open wheels are definitely like majestic animal and i think it's cruel punishment oeuvre it's basically cruel and unusual punishment to hunt them and expressly if they're eating them always on momma's on and they deserve equal respect like us we are not listen they deserve the same respect as us and they maintain an ecosystem and i think we have to respect that ecosystem and nature so to me that's a complete no no i slung that says in in a small scale and they don't want to extinct the race then i don't mind do you see the boat over there. what is that that's the whaling boat that i figured it's going out. according to turn the third whaling is detrimental to whale tourism. would go get angry responses with council a sincere old saying that. i thought this horrible woman never going to go there. for me whaling is not a cultural thing. and eating would mean there's no culture. for
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his. part christian lotzen doesn't believe that whaling damages tourism he says the number of tourists has risen from under five hundred thousand in two thousand and ten to over two million last year. what is to say i say is when you think it's due to release why not people are interested to come and see and taste with me they don't get it anywhere in the world and they are saying the whaling is affecting the tourist industry some of these people. can be this is going on average says. farmer likes to see you know you like the whales to go through of course i'm sure there would be some people who say that you don't yeah i mean i don't care less about
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that i've been vaccinated for a long time go this we call it japanese plague it's. so different from the. like this one here this is the glee i guess it's better to use this force from the only one for. i heard are they about to do that i don't think their government i think i'll go over thank you ok. now i'll. just take it in the skin i'll. see shepherds.


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