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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on the fifth of june one nine hundred sixty seven israel declared war on egypt syria and jordan. the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ended with israel occupying the egyptian sinai peninsula the gaza strip the syrian golan heights and the west bank. the israeli army entered jerusalem and the city came under israeli control. it was a turning point in the knife of archbishop. what it can do with the. bothersome or subpoena. them when just as we were thinking in the shifu bed in my family i thought it should come have definitely. been and americana sure had that for show out it was as if the how off the holocaust the final be they hear out of by me a shade below what kind of i would offer
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a valid bob. kind of horse show if you're solidly on the island a shade i was sure that my above him what we had here the meat show here. bad. for the semi was about it in some us athene let me just. deferred it or less likely you will not be there. at the end of the man i'll ask in the vision he did in libya. horny. at the needle ahmed made in iraq on the ask anybody in the theater. looking. at a live. road in his memoirs three days after the occupation of jerusalem i was driving my car on the streets of the city wearing my clerical clothes. an israeli soldier approached and spat at. i got out of the car and started being. him until he fell to the ground. i was then convinced that
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these invaders must be confronted with violence to be their own brutality i decided to work out and resist occupation. she went on to write i founded the first resistance of the jerusalem i held meetings in the monastery the men were very enthusiastic and they left arms to carry out of ration against the enemy. mean other non-polar i don't know how. i was alone now. when i had a cat flap that most of the un had the name and home i was on some were no iraq had been involved for us in. office so how far was. a
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c.s.e. american reality for when i was here and had that little fucker on had isn't one honey fin it all about how to be that. free i walk around the stuff i see if you're asked who i was on look at the buffalo be here if you think of a general at the saloon the plank of losing a family. archbishop coochie joined the main palestinian resistance group at the time the fetter movement active in jordan and lebanon. he also stayed in close touch with a bush he had an apple fit asked hoping to provide arms to the resistance cells he'd founded. to to equip the needed to supply weapons to their cells in the occupied territories primarily to three brothers riyadh. and so here. in the in the action at which. can
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a power been reversed me and no none. at three b. what i hear that the fella me. knuckly. and that cannot. be. a push he had persuaded pucci to drive weapons to fight the cells in the west bank he was to hide them in his car and drive to jerusalem via the number who are crossing in south lebanon m a k fatah mccann i was here. and you know. the vision. of the one. who brought all men to clear. trunk i would remove will be their year.
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and. it. may well do it hamas may scale zero minutes. plan on. were suffering vertica of our diplomacy vatican welfare lada say a lot with. docs as i will be for i will let in live in a town of a new. album nakoula.
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my dear little kids who just bought it that they had then you can let. me hear me and while has that canyon called. who can build value. of the me. having driven the weapons back to jerusalem kept him in his car until an arm specialist arrived from abu feed asked to unload them. he then hid them in and for school in baytown you know. riyadh melodically to pick them up and distributed them. on the material. a bunco hannah now her donnish. her hubby on one leg the very well could look hostile to policy and not from hot the potter author we're yahoo again and no more will of her is
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free a slap in the probably at the beam f.b.o. was that. how bad the list was her value. as the hey i'm not a fair fight the author later a ten hour. gun running a thaw it computes he continued his peaceful political activism. in one nine hundred seventy four u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger visited jerusalem. the archbishop invited leading figures in the city to a meeting to organize anti israel and anti u.s. protests coinciding with the visit. the israeli authorities reacted angrily and she felt the immediate effects. i noticed the change in the israelis behavior towards the first time was on the lebanese borders had arrived in the post in the morning
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but unlike previous times the officer asked me to open the car but i refuse. to let it. be the. richer. this year alone. and under so far the. we're alone in the somebody severely severely. ill bill. why. it's wrong. for to. cross the lebanese border without being searched but ten days passed with no pickup. he became suspicious. on the second of august one thousand nine hundred ninety four. car to loaded with
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weapons was stopped at an israeli military checkpoint in jerusalem. was held at gunpoint. he refused to get out of the car as he had diplomatic immunity. but the soldiers immediately found the weapons and he wondered how they knew exactly where they were hidden. i'm intrigued when i say out of mind norma how. come i'm not. in a marriage. can i have a job as
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a sufferer in diplomacy and vertica. mother of albi for all the right say one. minute the fish. o'clock or so to have a show for me but because i've been wimber door. they have valid valid. like in a bad man pashman out of our submarine. and only on the slowly side and then milan you have a job as a sufferer in diplomacy and they said let a. diplomacy gullable. what. are they what is late what. bitch ima should be cherished a. lot of records. but. here
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beheaded my head and she not a little bit. and had a home under take you there live a bus in the union or should. be a mini. who'd rather than looking for tea in. a kid had to. have a mobile ala and know the music of the moment and want to leave. and it has an israeli problem above the store in any sort of baby limit is the beef is what and why and if so left no horny. fishy survey might not learn out before in new york do a non-argument you rock a bit more crank up would you be had a kitty they know look men will fall asleep let leonor a sob. and yet only the best be heckuva and. while bad a little and. a lot of the. a little be.
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a star but then he can shut he can we love. yes our. when i have had be a i was not happy when he was in. this caused an immediate crisis between israel and the roman catholic church and the pope sent a delegation of bishops to meet cappuccinos. they planned to negotiate his release on condition that he leave to loosen them and told him to deny the charges against him. but computes he flatly rejected their deal. that he. thought of my. fellow. men look learn how they all over there to. fight the ira after that we must come to be more calmly let the lad was yet loud to hum and mature as the hour let this all be one of them my idea or. what
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them he does our will sow that having been is a win is like other someone on. the m.b. and the yet one knuckle as has foreign militants. stormed a lot. fields and the whole it the hamill. archbishop was heavily interrogated. they put me in a two square meter cell the floor was wet and as many straw mattress was put there . i preferred to lie down on the floor and kept my clerical clothes on though they wanted me to put on a prison uniform. they took away my prayer book against international law because i'm a religious man with a duty to read my daily praise. in the sessions five military men in terre gave me
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at the same time. when. to howl and to happen and then you know tucker's wow ok for in a country of three a. couple which is. kind or you how luna and you hear new york or new bushy but. they are part of the island that require. them to not do to be just me and the land can be a shape. in reba. who rescission. rescission and dull who with. let's say i mean men could be a whole. could be more a says when. he was about a whole. wet i'm a. wow a little bit as
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a young. kid who choose interrogation centered on his transporting piano weapons. and on an earlier failed attempts on the life of us to quit area of state kissinger. and when he appeared in court he's three main charges contacting a foreign agent illegally transporting weapons and assisting and illegitimates terrorist organization. these also related to an incident shortly before his arrest . the man not be brothers had planned to fire to catch you sure rockets at the israeli parliament the knesset during kissinger's jerusalem visit.
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the plot was foiled and the rockets recovered. but the lobby brothers confessed to bringing the rockets from a prayer church school clearly implicating cappuccino. coming up controversy stalks to pucci throughout his career as a struggle reaches its climax. as he tries to break the. israeli blockade of gaza. and he takes a bold stance on the war in syria. well it's clear that it is likely. this weeks of thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more enlightened
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mentally friendly and we visit a danish community in to have taken sustainability to new heights just over there on the horizon to some so i only know they are officially one hundred percent renewable. look at that so this is it that's the energy right generated we see a change on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . and for us. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming
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a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do power isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have some goes head to head with a gal who is written by twenty five people who we want to do it develop and they don't is disputing the economic revolution what i don't recall saying this is a battle development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. hello i'm an associate with the headlines on al-jazeera don't transform a lawyer has told a congressional hearing he believes the us president is racist a con man and a cheat michael cohen made several accusations against the president including that he personally ordered hush money payments republicans say cohen's testimony lacked
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credibility i am providing because of the thirty five thousand dollars check that president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of two thousand and seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the coverup which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me the words used by mr trump's t.v. lawyer for the illegal hush money on his behalf pakistan's prime minister imran khan is calling for dialogue after both india and pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets as i'm a bad says it's downed two indian planes and captured a pilot india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own u.s. president donald trump is about to hold a one on one meeting with north korean leader kim jong un these are the latest pictures of travis convoy heading to the venue in the vietnamese capital their
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talks are expected to last forty five minutes and come on the second and final day of their summit chums focuses convincing kim to give up his nuclear ambitions egyptian authorities say a fight between two train drivers caused a crash in cairo which killed at least twenty people more than forty others were injured when a speeding train slammed into a barrier at the capital's main station. six people have been killed and a helicopter crash in nepal and treating the country's tourism minister the aircraft came down in a mountainous area and the country's east rescue has reached the crash site after two failed attempts because of bad weather the helicopter belongs to more to nepal based did a city air. images have been released of the wild smallest surviving baby boy the infant weighed just two hundred sixty eight grams when he was born in tokyo by ceasar in section at just twenty four weeks doctors had to perform the imagines he
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procedure after he failed to gain weight during the pregnancy the baby spent months in hospital and was discharged a week ago when three point two. those are the headlines now back to the archbishop and the p.l.o. . in one thousand nine hundred sixty five a priest in the greek church was appointed archbishop of the syria and peachey arkell vicar of jerusalem. making him. a senior christian figure in the region. following the one nine hundred sixty seven israeli occupation of jerusalem he smuggled weapons for the p.l.o. but was caught and put on trial along with three other men.
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i. mean. more clearly. i mean. saudi. and america feel. that if. saudi. and what got it off. and police men. in. columbus and i was so happy that if. the.
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saudis. the mother sadly for it accords. to how best attack the ability to have a bellow. that one too is out if a doctor who fathered. mineral milk. the trial of computing and the may not be brothers started on the twentieth of september one thousand nine hundred eighty four. it lasted one hundred eighty days and became a major spectator events in jerusalem. israel came under increasing pressure to release the archbishop. and. as you. have done it's a good thing that the have been. possible by what the show and of.
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what israel says and. i can only tell it to have. that if we are committed. to start your own on the committee and. what. i mean. that will conduct that if we have. that load on the. wall and i couldn't be shabby when men read and if the mother and i were let in when i knew him when he. had a lawyer say and. then about a fifth ironically had otherwise luck. i kind of thought. that would have led to the little shit come back and we didn't know how many were laughing i knew how have they that it buys in. to back that sort of a thumb and i. cannot in my how come at. you how slim you need to.
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top of a new course loon in and how come it where you are you doing the whole way arsenal who and allison janney and. you do not out of i now who. did. it well a lot of look at it from day one of the trial i was very clear i said i don't recognize the legitimacy of the school that was prosecuting me. i decided to remain silent. i wouldn't take part in the discussions or comment on the trial procedures . i previously confessed to all charges so i didn't want to prove my innocence but to turn my trial from a personal top political one where israel would get convicted in front of the international public opinion. only. i this had he could speak in his defense during the trial.
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his defense was built entirely on the principle that israel was an occupying force and had no legal right to stage the trial at all. but when the courts reached a guilty verdict he was sentenced to twelve years in prison. and. looked out of the. fish is no one in america as you are. but a good illustration of. fear kind of those who don't feel what we're. for them out on the medicine nickel and red doesn't shut the you know. as
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a nanny you know it would ruin any sunraysia me i was a little brother to never see the saucony company's only consultancy in the canal with uncle heather the new year old reactor number will we know who we are when we sell without of those the seal. of silver bullet illini. still the enemy. brain wins it'll. mean that there's a would never see a lick in the. and the mayor to the base will little can with the decision . to do or we have newly beers by salute of this can we sort of a merry little of this mesa lose a little brown is a looser loss of the illusion had. protested at the ban on him praying and having his prayer book confiscated and went on hunger strike several times he smuggled letters to
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a number of contacts aimed at getting him released. one was to an old friend a journalist at a newspaper for fear. the whole world as alert hakeem our arbor soluble one of the really rather badly. recently. believe a few. of this a lot. of our doubt there is revenge in vertical what. we want both of and he said casually can be the had. our neighbor short. no. less than minimal the lemmy beer for ours. was up also in the far one of them so they're usually on the telly and a new one for him i can in buy you down for the street and you can measure
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brilliant film and for your own good. enough for. the hard. feel but we are. willing and i had our own. we can that were for. young the. ilario. and. look around and if there's an affinity for. vertical or worse for eat then no fear. of alamy. might be allergy about them like in bad because the without either know we were for my knee. was. matar
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a few which you know if ali. was involved in the final agreement. the israelis insisted he travel at night to avoid media attention. he served three years three months in jail. the room and catholic church had arranged for him to arrive back in its city in secret . was a little more for the bubble we live in but the most to. me the. kawasaki call was. shocked to see. the whole us of the heaviest also the gannett a rebel saloon is about right there's a bubble we built. the. bus just in the plan still in the can i refer to my shift in the midst of and that is. land of the sea
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our study a was had this looked around the bushie but who's who in the system can with a subject. have to know that i'm an mother and the thought of but had been mother. was a morris a lot of my mother started a war and human like. me as my mother how i mean how. can a man how it led to us or obama again i've been in. ghana . could as well today as mean as bela lugosi is that little guy and you know i'd be nothing she said. that was just of the whole do wish that was the word that me. i'll get. the federal court does no comment about treason we're not. you was quoted yesterday
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in the newspaper that you are a friend of the palestinians it is true is it true. that i am a friend of everyone. she was banned from talking to the media or taking part in any political activity but kept his title of archbishop. he left room for south america as agreed with the israelis. i went to venezuela then to brazil and argentina was highly regarded and respected my heart kept longing for jerusalem and its ancient streets left a small prison to enter a big one. but within months. broke the agreement banning him from visiting arab countries he accepted yasser arafat's invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the palestinian national conference in
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syria for the national the south america loves the club and i contribute well shaped all i can i walk and gnarly and. courage and measure. and measure so you know of us and you will have many. a one model a half of the last of another if the ballot measures rather than going to one engine. would be. why is our staff from our arts. beirut. the us. is always that all. that is going. to be vertical which would need as i would at the end he can hit with a man in the house i'll. be here to look if it will make him and feed us we're looking to move the simply because we can is a good to be healed.


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