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campaign finance laws the top democrat says he's convinced the president of the united states committed a crime and basing that on what has already been found here they think oh. mr cohen is pleading to charges where he said he will direct it to commit a crime by the president and other allegations the trump lied about his tax returns being audited that he lied about pursuing a project in moscow and that the president's personal lawyers told cohen to lie to congress about it that he believes the president didn't know that his son was meeting with russian officials to get dirt on his opponent that it is possible trump defrauded banks and insurance companies cohen says the president was told in advance that wiki leaks would leak damaging e-mails from the clinton campaign an allegation wiki leaks denies and he says the president is being investigated for other yet unknown crimes that he couldn't talk about you know what cohen from did not hold back he's a racist he's
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a con man and he's a cheat. republicans countered cohen is a no liar he pled guilty to line to congress along with other serious crimes he can't be trusted you know you're a disgrace lawyer i mean you've been disbarred i don't know if you're in america that would believe anything mr cohen says given his past actions and. this committee laid out a case for why they need to move forward expect that they will in the coming days call for the president's personal attorneys to testify before them ask whether or not cohen was in fact told to lie to congress they're going to want to bring in the people who know the president's finances they can do that they have subpoena power they can make people testify under oath making it clear that this is just the beginning. al-jazeera washington. pakistan's prime minister imran khan has called for talks with india for the nuclear power shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it down to indian jets and captured one
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of its pilots and the it claims to have shot down one pakistani aircraft. here's. what caused this indian fighter jet to crash is disputed between these two nuclear drives but it was evidence that pakistan and india were confronting each other in the skies above the borders and it prompted this appeal from pakistan's prime minister to india's lead a new interim ot. sort of hum yeah but we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they was shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here. not yet met tell you the pakistani air force says it shot down two indian warplanes after they crossed into its territory in the disputed region of kashmir one crashed in the district of goma. bellamy i see in my yard and i have firstly we need to clear the
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rubble and then deal with the injured after that the air force technical team will come and investigate what happened as of now we found two bodies. initially the indian government said its plane was down because of a technical fault. it is missing in action. he is in their custody. as tension in this volatile region increased after a suicide bomb attack killed at least forty indian security personnel two weeks ago the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility. on tuesday the indian air force carried out strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir the indian and pakistan governments have competing narratives about what's happening in the region analysts say the situation has the potential to escalate into full scale
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conflict this i think you mean yes as we did by social media by television and by the speed with which information is being conveyed problems i will be out there and there is a lot of what you might call the nationalist flow that we see in any gothic when there is any kind all right lashon security. space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down and pakistan has closed all its airspace to commercial traffic there is a real atmosphere all fair in the disputed region all by kashmir many people particularly along the border are packing up their fanes and then leaving their houses because they are worried that more will come by pakistan and india now have two real options military which is what you think over the last few days or diplomacy imran khan al-jazeera from about an earlier festival told us about the
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balance from new delhi. india's office ition who until now has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the government came out with a joint statement criticizing the government's handling of the situation since the attack on february fourteenth that killed at least forty indian paramilitary soldiers the opposition said openly we are with the government to show a united stand now they're showing this issuing some cracks in the political unity now in iran hollande has offered that you know what happens now is the ball is in india's court but we don't know what he is going to do yet but in the meantime i can tell you people in india are on edge there are like worried what could happen could this lead to another war the people who are specially tell us they feel trapped in the middle themselves those in the administered kashmir people there say they see shelling happening there worried about it getting too close a hospital staff and tree not have told us they've painted red cross symbols on their roofs hoping that might offer them protection in case there's an air strike
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they're worried that's a possibility now still had on al-jazeera going to saudi arabia failing to cooperate with them curry into the murder of the show. and running for their lives dozens of casualties after a high speed train crash. hello there it's very windy for many of us across the middle east at the moment we can see the latest system as it gradually edges its way eastwards and behind that there's more cloud and rain and also a fair amount of snow for us as we head through the day on thursday this will also have some strong winds mixed with it too and as that works its way southwards will see that be transferred through parts of iraq and iran and down through q eight the gulf as well so let's have a look
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a bit further towards the south and see what's happening here in doha if we head through the day on thursday there will be a good deal of cloud to the north of us there's the outside chance of the old shower here in doha but i think a great chance as we head through thursday night and into friday morning then during the day on friday the winds will suddenly pick up and friday afternoon will be an incredibly blustery picture really will be very very windy there before hama if you had down to salada here our top temperature will be around twenty eight degrees now bit further south still there's plenty of sunshine to be found across the southern parts of africa but it's not drawing for all of us there's still some lively showers over parts of angola and there's a stretching down towards madagascar madagascar is looking pretty wet antananarivo is expecting quite a few showers there's also going to be a fair few showers perhaps making their way towards cape town the winds are coming up from the southwest bringing in that cloud and the temperatures will be topping just at twenty one degrees. whether sponsored by qatar or. whether online. for them. to join us on sat
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all of us have been calling in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend to me you have seen what it can do to somebody people using multiple drugs including and some people you know everyone has a voice from the twitter and you could be on the street and join the conversation. watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now. no rush for a nuclear deal with north korea. on the second and final day of the vietnam summit
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pledged to make every effort for a positive outcome. former lawyer. believes the us president. and. the president including that he personally order hush money payments. testimony lack credibility. pakistan's prime minister calling. pakistan. to. capture the pilot and. colombia has shut its borders with venezuela thousands of still trying to leave the country which remains political and economic crisis. on the colombian side of the border. the steady stream of venezuelans crossing the border continues without pause with your fishel entry points closed these pathways are the only option for the
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thousands who regularly cross into colombia for supplies. food and medicine you have sick people who need treatment cancer treatment others doing jobs the closing affects us all but not everyone can and people are dying. just patrol the area but people control the pats in charge the equivalent of two u.s. dollars to cross on wednesday when the security forces reinforce their barriers across this bridge with more shipping containers loaded with soil and. bridge. thousands of people crossing on a daily basis now the colombian government says it wants to reopen this and other illegal crossings with. but that they don't have anybody to engage with on the other side. we're trying to make contact with officials on the other side for humanitarian reasons we're hoping that at least patients who need special treatment
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and also venezuelan children who study on the. but no longer. president. he describes as aggressors sanctioned by colombia for forcing him to keep the border closed. he may be referring to these young men who did they arrived at the border to help with the opposition efforts to move aid sent by the u.s. into venezuela over the weekend they have been clashing with been this way less forces every day since herding rocks and molotov cocktails into venezuela. colombian security forces don't intervene and at times help them with food and water. one of the three million fled the country in his case to help his partner a new born baby when he heard the opposition call for help he walked more than five hundred kilometers to the border from the colombian capital. he says he's not
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responsible for the violence. there the ones who shot first who lived in a truck some fire. piece a con let them kill us we're not terrorists wants freedom from venezuela. for now there is finger pointing of blame for the violence for a crisis which no one here she's being quickly resolved by listing them to. the united nations special repertory extrajudicial executions saudi arabia has not cooperated with the investigation into the murder of. agnes calmar says riyadh continued failure to discuss the location of her showed his remains is unconscionable earlier the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs told the human rights council in geneva that the kingdom will help with investigations but it made no mention of. the journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly five months ago now james dorsey a senior fellow at the. school of international studies at nine yang technical
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obstacle university he joins us now from singapore via skype we appreciate your time very much so the fact that. mark pointed out saudi arabia still will not say where he's body is what does that say to you about how genuine they are about wanting to help with this investigation. the the pattern over the past month since the killing of john office of speech on the second of october has been that the saudis publicly have said that they are cooperating will cooperate in the investigation but the fact though have not been fully transparent about what they know about what happened who. who was responsible for the murder and what happened with the body i think what you're seeing right now particularly with the statement by the saudis minister of state for foreign affairs and of those
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who bear is that they the saudis recognized that they have to respond to the united nations and more importantly because of. the attitude of the u.s. congress but they're somewhat. obstructed by the fact that given that this was the government or government officials who were involved in the murder it's a it's a very difficult thing for them to do if they don't want to really admit who was responsible so you said that they are eighteen to thirty questions that they have to answer do they really have to answer them can make just keep stonewalling and running out the clock i mean is there really a way to force some sort of accountability. the united nations itself or the human rights council doesn't have the force however what is really very important to the saudis is what moves the u.s.
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congress tax. and i saudi sentiment in the congress has already been developing prior to the soggy killing and was certainly multiplied by the fallout of the murders and the saudis need to do that you agree that they can prevent congress from restraining. u.s. president tried in his approach just deport the saudi crown prince our james dorsey with us rajaratnam school of international studies thank you very much mr dorsey at least twenty people have been killed forty others injured after an accident in cairo central railway station transport officials say a train crashed into a barrier at high speed causing the fuel tank to explode on reports security cameras in the station captured the moment of the crash those waiting on
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the platform and gulped in flames others ran for their lives. their thoughts on the terms of it seems the trying lost control of the brakes it entered the station at very high speed hitting the pavement. it should have slowed down as it was about to enter the station but it came on too fast. for two years i saw dead bodies many dead bodies isis seven bodies myself but there were a lot that we couldn't reach. investigators say the train's driver left his locomotive to fight with another driver who was blocking his way they say he failed to put on the brakes i egypt is one of the oldest and largest rail networks in the region and accidents a coleman blamed on badly maintained equipment and poor management. after this latest crash the minister of transport has resigned. in the i wish the speedy recovery of our injured people i have directed the
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government team mediately moved to the scene to follow up the situation and to hold the perpetrators accountable after the results of the investigation. but many egyptians say it's the president who should be held accountable accusing him of failing to do enough to upgrade the rail system at least every year there's a major accident that claimed quite a large number of lives so this is not it was unfortunately not only the people are used here. the real minister the tradition minister had made a request for a large amount of funding to upgrade the infrastructure of the ground network of particularly upper egypt. not too long ago but i don't believe that the oldest ones were were dispersed the prime minister has visited the site of the crash and is vowing a tough response the dr has been arrested but any action now is too late for the victims of this accident and with many of the wounded in
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a critical condition the death toll is expected to rise alexy o'brian al jazeera images have been released of the world's smallest surviving baby boy if it weighed only two hundred sixty eight grams when he was born in tokyo by c. section at just twenty four weeks doctors had to perform emergency procedures after he failed to gain weight during the pregnancy the baby spent lots in the hospital i was discharged a week ago and he now a three point two kilos. three kept the headlines now on al jazeera says he's in no rush for a nuclear deal with north korea as he meets kim jong un on the second and final day of the vietnam summit and pledged to make every effort for a positive outcome the leaders just had a one on one meeting. we need is not that important to me i very much appreciate no testing. nuclear rocket or any other religion brigitte but i just want
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to say i have great respect for human pm and a great respect for his country and i believe. it will be some of the economic value that will be almost hard to compete with the money going to be there as a. former lawyer has told a congressional hearing he believes the us president is a racist a con man and a cheat michael cohen made several accusations against the president including that he personally ordered hush money payments are public and say cohen's testimony lacked credibility i am providing a copy of the thirty five thousand dollars check that president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of two thousand and seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the coverup which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me the word used by mr trump's t.v.
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lawyer for the illegal hush money on his behalf pakistan's prime minister imran khan is calling for a dialogue after both india and pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets as ahmedabad says its down to endian planes and captured a pilot india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own united nations special repertory on extrajudicial executions says saudi arabia has not cooperated with the investigation into the murder of journalists marcus shouting agnes column are said riyadh's continued failure to disclose the location of show tickets for mains is unconscionable earlier the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs told the human rights council in geneva that the kingdom will help with investigations but he made no mention of the inquiry. gyptian authorities say a fight between two train drivers caused a crash in cairo which killed at least twenty people and train driver has been arrested in the transport minister has resigned so the headlines keep it here on
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al-jazeera throughout the day. the stream is that next. we understand the difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring you the news and current of the. i am really could be and i'm funny ok can venezuelan president nicolas maduro hold onto power today we're diving back into the ongoing political crisis we want to know what you think so tweet us at a.j. stream or leave your comments on our live you tube chat and you too could be in the stream.
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it's been a month since we last discussed the political crisis unfolding in venezuela on the story in some ways a lot has changed there's been an increase in violence along the country's borders u.s. aid convoys blocked and meetings between the country's opposition leader and latin american heads of state. in other ways the status quo the country is still crippled by hyperinflation food and medicine shortages continue at present nicolas maduro we maintain power but canny hold on joining us discuss this in caracas venezuela and beyond is a political activist and a co-founder of the caucus quite a cause also in caracas and a tele come anigh and he's a reporter with the new york times and in new york to me upon us he's a professor of economics at science out of form a political advisor to venezuelan president nicolas maduro at a level that i get to have you here. at a tony i mean i want to go back to the weekend when you on the border and it's how
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do you start the story and tell it from your perspective what did you see what happened was a lot of expectations that saturday would be that day that break this deadlock that you mentioned earlier but your position would be fine to be able to really be a through overly communitarian channel and basically break mcgillis hold on the military. and it didn't turn out like that the date it generated and russia's very early on protests this crash or at least that national guards on the bridges that led to colombia and the government had to resort to their militaries to arm farms to basically disperse the protesters have as lot of violence a lot of injuries and the opposition basically failed to bring breakthrough. i mean on a what did you report on from the border. i made my way to the border with a camera crew hoping to get shots of the food coming into the venezuelan side i was in a small protest in one of the three bridges and i had to stand for those and while
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first of all a convoy of national police special forces known as spies pointed at us and peaceful protesters who were there with automatic weapons one of them tried to hit me and tried to hit several other female women protesters who were there and minutes after right in front of a cordon of national venezuelan national guard we were attacked by gunfire motorcades paramilitary groups came roaring by and started shooting i could hear the bullets flying i could hear them ricochet off of the off of the walls we were we were able to find shelter in a nearby home where around forty persons were cowering in fear we had to crouch down to the ground children were crying women were separating for separated from their children and it was it was it was a scene of terror and we had to flee to hide out and wait until the paramilitaries left. and they and they and they went on to do the same in a different bridge i mean i don't know what you are describing sounds absolutely
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terrifying to be part of and thank you for sharing your story with us we got this comment though from someone who sees the events of this weekend of saturday in a different light and here says another way of putting this might be clashes broke out after u.s. aid convoys tried to illegally penetrate the borders of a sovereign nation check your perspective as the hash tag they're using hash tag hands off minutes away a tear what do you make of that take well i would say that. they did in the past. on folding over events after twenty three twenty third we're going to leave to buy the outcome and that's what we saw this week and i'm not surprised at all. that violence sparked emerged out of this. attempt by the opposition and the survival and the u.s. administration and the government of colombia to again illegally penetrate into the
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territory of venezuela whatever you make of the internal situation of venezuela and whatever your views are on the government of mahmoud of you cannot ignore the fact that there is a regime change policy in motion that has been on folded from the us and the so-called humanitarian mission was part of a political move to generate a crisis of the regime in venezuela and generate regime change so again i'm not surprised that. the actors to be privileged avenue to generate regime change that violence sparked and we are now. very dangerous situation where the violence could become general not only at the border. between venezuela neighboring countries but within venezuela and eventually also with the prospect of a potential military intervention to be put out regime change i think it's. the
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other yes i think. it's important to point out that these armed military groups are working in tandem with the national guard say that not one of its leaders made his way over to the colombian border with venezuela over a week ago and lined up prisoners the minister of the prison system in minutes while i was also there so it's important to point out that there is a very clear collusion between the violence generated by paramilitary groups and government security forces whose whose last job it was to protect the people of venezuela to me. what i have to say about that is that basically you have the cop kill for a civil conflict in venezuela again you can you can have but it is an extremely polarized country and you can have polarized narratives about the situation of
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venezuela having again mutually exclusive visions of the same objective reality and i'm not interested in that debate what i'm interested in is in focusing on the very deep political crisis that been as willits make is going through and what are the ways out the ways out of that political crisis that can deliver stability and aid democratic and peaceful outcome so making a case for further interference making a case for a violent outcome by the intervention of a foreign government in venezuela whatever again the internal situation is will only lead to a deeper crisis will only lead to a you know the eventually be of this violence is spreading all around the country and this is not a solution out of the political crisis that is why again i'm not interested in comment to this fact of violence here or there ok but when you heart of the major point let me just bring let me just bring in president ad like puppets of the us
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this is what he said at the weekend when he was on the venezuela pull it have a listen well what we announced today the media the aftermath of this week were sanctions against three border state governors or to security in the brutality that took place preventing the military. to come intervention with. another individual within the derision but look i also made it clear the treasury department of the president's direction is also working on a whole new range of financial sanctions that will further isolate. the derision and access to world markets. anatoly the u.s. isn't the only country that's making it very clear that they have an interest in what's going on politically in venezuela how are you reporting that. well the u.s. has become by far the biggest ally or why don't governments in the last few weeks
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the latin american countries also made a big role to maturity or something so let's neighbors have come out very strongly against meant to row colombia becoming a key and i swear we've seen the european nations which have usually have sensitive so except roche share in the consumer trip also recognize quite daughter nicole i'm not sure it's a go so what do it does look increasingly isolated the way we've been reporting that we've been trying to figure out what's going on inside china and russia but sue biggest allies month or so has and how their position is changing you know the government both have big investments in the country and both want to move to europe to stay but only on the other hand and extent that the economic crisis makes the center untenable. that perspective is seen here online as well this is one person who says of the job or on twitter he says the u.s. involvement is geared toward serving the interests of big western corporations and stealing the oil wealth of venezuela the world's largest which the socialist model
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has prevented so far so we see a lot of tweets like this but this second comment we got from someone who tweeted in is a little bit of a nuanced view that we don't see as often he says even though america always plays double standards their involvement in venezuela is very much needed to save the venezuelan people in many other take us through this idea are there are calls in venezuela are they growing for military intervention. well what i saw after this weekend's atrocities was people that are terrorized are defenseless and live in constant perpetual fear because of these paramilitary groups that have been unleashed but also because of other different irregular actors that control great parts of that its own territory such as ellen and other guerrilla groups as well as drug trafficking cartels excedrin i find it disingenuous to to blame the state
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sponsored violence and terrorism on these defenseless protesters who have led efforts that have been that have been supported by many countries not just in the region but in europe and in asia as well to defend that as one constitution we have to remember that this movement began and on january twenty third when when one way though took the oath of office and obeyance of the constitution seeing as there was a vacuum of power because motos reelection was widely considered a sham so so i did see many i spoke to at least five persons in fact in a state at the border who after they had been attacked by paramilitaries and given this life of terror that they that they live under told me that we cannot do this alone we need military intervention and just basically rendered defenseless and hopeless and i tell you i don't agree but i would agree that. you know invasion for invasion was always kind of a three shot fair into the soil
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a confined survey radical right wing groups and the support for intervention stephanie wrote you know you see people that have been so beaten down by the economic crisis that we just said look you know just regular marie osmond's normal whole class to any other solution and and that's what's scaring us. through twenty four peaceful negotiations the room for peaceful transition that's a miracle referred to earlier strangely day by day because of the actions of both sides and they know something you sit down very soon to avoid a military and interest louche thing i'm looking at but i would i would let them have them in a tense situation to take i had. to have. i just i would like to have an association to a hostage situation and so i see i see a very difficult path out of a hostage situation through dialogue which has been tried once and again to no avail yes to me. now i would just like to point out that my co-hosts
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are speaking from iraq as they were at the border the covert the situation the border travelled back to crack are speaking to international media so again. the description that there that i had just heard of the. venezuelan society required sorry requiring to be saved by any intervention of marines needs to be balanced frankly needs to be balanced and i would disagree also with the with the vision that the window for negotiations has closed i think that on the contrary the the the strategy consisting in the self proclaiming of me said well where you go on a very peculiar once again this is a polarized country everybody has its own interpretation even of the constitution so based on a and then to predation of the constitution the self reclaiming of where you go was intended to generate a regime collapse in the following days of the generally twenty third and that did
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not happen so this is what has led to this month long crisis where we have seen the evidence that this escalation is ridiculous because there are internal conditions in venezuela that will not generate the rapid collapse that the us were assuming and the owners are in a position where so many so it is now more obvious than ever for that any goshi ation an internal political negotiation of venezuela needs to take place if we are not willing to reach a potentially devastating or surely the best dating conflict in venezuela and a catastrophic insurance for us that support us and we support us in order for a negotiation to happen and actors the interlocutors have to be credible what credibility has nicolas maduro demonstrated three times over when even the pope a couple of weeks ago in a letter said that he does not keep his promises once and again. dialogue negotiations as it has been used to buy time and to and to perpetuate the mother
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the regime in power to the detriment of venezuelan people who are dying of hunger every day of preventable diseases because he refused to read knowledge that there is a humanitarian might make i want a marriage they really are i'm going to have no no i like what i get enough not are not going of congress not. so because you're to because there's one thing i think i'm saying i was good enough. here's the thing writing without having a day it any other day i mean yeah you can write in your alchemy just to finish a sentence and then you can then can you try again because the crisis in the third person and this is something that is very typical of the people who make these in my opinion irresponsible calls for intervention you describe the country as you as if you didn't live in it saying people here are dying hunger but you are doing well so this is the very the very explanation that the reality of venezuela is very diverse that there are of course situations that could be called humanitarian
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situation but but the situation of the venezuelan society is much more complex i'm only insisting on one thing the only an alternative to dialogue is conflict so if you say that dialogue and negotiation is exhausted because you are ready to change war but dialogue. and also the street or is it somebody else who is going to going to assume the cost of that conflict this is this is again why this dialogue is never exhausted and the political negotiation is required to solve a political conflict unless we responsibly want somebody else to kill each other and don't believe you're going to be involved in the conflict this is again i call you to a more reasonable position because closer to the vision says to me right here you anatoly i hear us well i want to keep it here with this comment from someone live
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on you tube never mars has how badly does a leader have to fail the for the people can replace that person and why would anyone oppose replacing him why fear the people having freedom to vote for a new leader and of course i see already where the debate along that comment could come but i want to push us just a little bit further because the. a dialogue did come up i want to play a video comment from the former u.s. foreign disaster assistance because at the heart of all of this the heart of this story is the humanitarian crisis and what people are facing here's how he says we can begin to address that the urgent priority now is to d. politicize the effort and for the u.s. government that's going to mean separating its political intervent as whale a from its support to the humanitarian response. in the immediate term that means stopping these confrontational border showdown tactics and instead working more through traditional humanitarian partners that already have a footprint in venezuela and can provide aid in
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a more neutral and impartial way that is wholly from your reporting do you think that's even possible de politicizing the aid. know right now it think it's impossible and that most of the rain has delayed my guru he still refuses to recognize that there is a humanitarian crisis in venezuela despite all the evidence of massive collapse in living standards of malnutrition or people fleeing the country gases to your point that out there still be people fortunate enough to have a good standard of living but you've got to generalize that have any sort of discussion and the facts is that most people miss zero evidence very hard so i'm wondering is allowing some humanitarian aid through us through a back door for our n.g.o.s here working to try to help people but she's refusing to recognize that there is the exact bad in venezuela so how can you how can you do deep only size an argument then one of the site says everything is absolutely fine so i guess just a few hours before we started on the strongly hasta mama adam he was
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a member of the venezuelan national assembly to record a comment to actually share with us on the stream things got a little bit chaotic and we show you what happened just a couple of hours ago. and she's trying to tell us to make a point for us to add to ash but what happened in the national assembly and to me he would talk about dialogue is that government simplifies as people who support immature i broke came in there was some commotion there and you can see the commotion that behind tamara just wanted to sort of go into what is the political process right now to me where discussions can or cannot happen. well i think there is two things to be taking it to see the action on the one hand other international actors in my opinion more responsible international actors that the trumpet ministration have put forward proposals you have the e.u. . the european union commission through fredricka moderating who instated
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a international contact group with european countries and latin american countries and these european allotting american countries have reached out to the government and to the opposition saying there is a roadmap and we are putting forward a proposal of force for talks you have on the other hand mexico europe why and the countries of the character which are fifteen countries of the caribbean so it's mainly a latin american and caribbean initiative saying that they're also willing to mediate between the parties to generate the conditions for a political dialogue so once you have those those those those two initiatives and i must say that the international contact group initiative includes the necessity of provision of humanitarian aid but through the principles of humanitarian action which is not what the u.s. administration and the colombian government are doing with the with the opposition they have put that side the package if you will they're offering the parties in
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venezuela for for generating a dialogue so again i think this is today that we have shown we have witnessed sorry that this that this escalating strategy is absurd that we are reaching a deadlock it is time now to give space for responsible stakeholders of international community to facilitate a dialogue in venezuela so the question is how to go about that emily and i want to share with you this tweet this is from valen who says i believe a peaceful transition can be achieved only people from his circle turn to big knowledge the mismanagement the corruption and the crisis that the regime is responsible for and support the transition of a government that leads to free and fair elections for the new electoral council and she's preparing to majority people there do people still have hope in the idea of a dialogue are they still putting their hope in the opposition where does that hope lie. well of course the hope for all of us was is that a peaceful transition can and can happen and that we can have free and fair
1:43 pm
elections the vast majority of venezuelans have been supporting this this movement in the hopes that that that they can take back their future and hopefully eventually regain a minimum standard of living that will stop the massive exodus of been a swoons who who are fleeing their country because because because anywhere else is better than here i have to i have to correct mr bott us and that the european union contact group after the meeting and what they beat out rejected the calls for for a dialogue that will the mexican and euro why and plan and have since recognized one way though as president. and just yesterday there was a meeting at the u.n. security council sorry human rights council where more than sixty delegations of walked out if there's something that i want to leave you with it's the fact that it that the violence perpetrated throughout this entire weekend and days prior is entirely the fault of the government if one day they'll come back into the country
1:44 pm
and citizens go to greet him or he calls upon citizens for peaceful mobilizations if there is violence the responsible parties are once again the government mother would go his paramilitary forces which have been unleashed and are accountable to no one and unscrupulous in the terror that they perpetrate i want to wrap up this conversation with a little report that we found on instagram from out aziz mohammed jenji and he was reporting from brazil talking to some of the venezuelan lachlin a swindler because they need health care how the case report has a happy hour and how much. real the body with full of spirit roughly oh my organ exudes the kind of calm determination most people in his condition would find hard to muster. before being transported to this hospital in neighboring brazil the thirty year old venezuelan was it death's door and while he's still extremely weak he's also much improved.
1:45 pm
just sexy he had skin rashes pneumonia and all of his conditions were derived from his diabetes which was uncontrolled that's most probably because x. used to things like insulin is rare and venezuela is insulin a medication for diabetes patients readily available in most countries the world over. how did. putting all and some of the people who have left venezuela and moved across the border because the situation at home to where you were. with one of those people that left a balance says i want to change for my country i want to believe i can go back and contribute with what i have to offer to build a country has learned from its past creating space and opportunities for the big part of our society for so long in the shadows had to say thank you very much to. the totally and to mia for given their perspective on what is going on in venezuela if you want to know what's going on in venezuela it a lot is happening have
1:46 pm
a look here my laptop this is one way of keeping up to date as well in quite says or the latest updates you can buy to al-jazeera dot com until the next time. thanks so much. the carts are.
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the latest news as it breaks hours after the explosions to the point to save the city save the civilians one look targeted. with detailed coverage despite the high cuz the right young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of possibility choosing from around the world it must be a different now that is a view that being supported by many many people here in the press to rip up. the fact. the smallest hopeless on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give them the key i would say here to at best now it's a race against time to try and paint a species take a crisis that's in the match and see plan they've all extinction tag no zero.
1:48 pm
zero. ever your. says he is willing to denuclearize or he wouldn't be in vietnam talking with donald trump. he's a racist. he's a con man. and use a cheat back in washington the u.s. president's former lawyer takes aim at the man who once served.
1:49 pm
and michelle kerry this is out of their life and coming up accusations from both sides as india and pakistan continue their clashes over the disputed kashmir region . on the borders of venezuela may be close but that is not stopping the flow of people into colombia. are about to lunch together in vietnam on a second day of talks already bringing positive words or korean leader told reporters he wouldn't be in vietnam unless he was prepared to pursue nuclear is ation will be live with our correspondents and hanoi and a moment first wayne hay on the summit so far. have been hostile rivals but the pleasantries returned as the leaders met for the second time on the neutral territory of vietnam after wednesday's dinner donald trump and kim jong un sat down
1:50 pm
to talk business straight away that was an attempt to lower expectations of any significant outcome the road you just want to do the right you know. appeared in there was this the reclusive leader of a repressive state on spring a question from a reporter perhaps for the first time right here you know i think. what it is to all the to till i would not prejudge what might. results might come out to go. it was another small but symbolic moment in the continuing story of north korea's engagement with the outside world but the engagement will mean little if progress isn't made on the key issues the first summit in singapore last year was all about the symbolism and the historic significance of the initial meeting but little came out of it apart from a broad agreement to work towards denuclearizing the korean peninsula since the
1:51 pm
last summit relations between north and south korea have been steadily improving but negotiations between north korea and the united states have largely stalled because of that pressure has been mounting on the leaders to come up with some concrete results in hanoi. the united states says sanctions relief will only come after north korea has completely dismantled or destroyed its nuclear program experts hope the u.s. sticks to that and doesn't leave any room for kim jong un to hold on to some of his arsenal peace with a nuclear weapons is no peace at all because our peace agreement with allowing nuclear weapons in for fragile and with. fragile and risky could also be words used to describe the two leaders and their high stakes negotiations wain hey al jazeera hanoi. it's going to diplomatic editor james. james some major developments some of the worst has been saying the
1:52 pm
questions he's been answering to reporters tell us what he said about why he's at the summit. i mean i think that it's interesting that he is even answering questions from western reporters he's aren't so the number now and this is historic in itself kim jong un does not answer questions he delivers statements normally so this is unusual and he's had important questions thrown to him that are at the center i think of the negotiations is he prepared to denuclearize clearly there is a question mark over the definition of that word but he said he wouldn't be here in hanoi he wouldn't be sitting here around this negotiation table if he was not this among a number of different cultures to questions joey three hours of talks we've had a significant portion of these talks actually in front of the cameras three
1:53 pm
different times the cameras have been invited to watch what's going on the sort of fitting perhaps for the reality show style of president trump's ministration that much of this is being conducted in front of the cameras we in fact have a live shot now from the french colonial era hotel the metropol you can see the old there and very shortly we expect to see the leaders making their way to lunch again in front of the cameras an unusual way of doing things not sure entirely the north koreans are happy with it because at one point kim actually ended the interaction with the reporters and said we've got to get back to work every minute here is precious speaking of work ok what are the terms of any potential deal is being discussed james. well we don't know any of the details at this stage we know that after lunch there
1:54 pm
is a time set aside for initialing the two sides to an agreement they are hoping to come up with something concrete here one of the key areas that has been discussed is a very early stage of better relations between the two countries remember these two countries are technically at war they do not have diplomatic relations the idea is perhaps to open what are called liaison offices that would be a step short of diplomatic relations but it would mean diplomats in each other's countries both leaders were asked about this by reporters and both president trump and kim said they broadly welcomed this idea as they say a step short of formal diplomatic relations right now the situation is that u.s. interests in pyongyang are actually represented by your own a spender who is the swedish ambassador sweden acting as the protective power for
1:55 pm
the united states other things being discussed maybe ending of the korean war you may say to me oh the korean war didn't that end in one nine hundred fifty three it was three years nine hundred fifty two million fifty three while the fighting ended but the war has never to be declared to have ended there's been no formal peace could they now declare a formal peace what was signed at the end of the korean war was an armistice it's possible they could do that today it's possible they could announce that they're going to do that at a future summit i think many think that china would like to be at the table for that particular meeting ok james is live and in a way james and you can only help us also an annoyance he's traveling with the white house press corps kimberly am obviously this summit is a big thing that is why the white house press corps is there but an equally huge thing was happening across the globe back in the u.s. . michael cohen was testifying about his former boss donald trump how did those two events collide. yeah well it's very
1:56 pm
problematic for this white house because have been carefully orchestrating this. building of donald trump's legacy if you will he is trying to negotiate an historic agreement the problem is the spectacle in washington being that testimony by his longtime lawyer fixer michael cohen that took place on wednesday on capitol hill and congress was very problematic not only because that testimony seemed to potentially be incriminating for the president but also it really rust his negotiations here and how noida into peril because what it did as the white house tried to project this image of american strength and really undercut that effort because of the headlines coming out of washington so the headlines happened because reporters are are doing the best job that they can the white house press corps in particular has been a few challenges getting the job done and to know what's been going on.
1:57 pm
yes so what happened on wednesday in the white house correspondents association really push back on this is that during the initial handshake photo opportunity that took place between the north korean leader the u.s. president the members of the white house press corps shouted questions asked for reaction to the michael cohen testimony asked if the president had walked back on his effort to try and get north korea to denuclearize the president was not happy with those questions and shortly thereafter the white house press secretary sara sounders said in light of the shouted questions those reporters would be banned from covering the subsequent dinner between the president and the north korean leader what is interesting about all of this is the white house correspondents association push back vigorously said that this was really an opportunity for the americans to display strength to show the value of a free and independent press what in turn happened because of those actions was that they telegraph weakness well it's very interesting because one of those
1:58 pm
reporters jeff mason from the reuters news service who was not allowed to cover that dinner was allowed back in today and it was his question to the north korean leader kim jong un where he asked specifically if you was ready to denuclearize his answer i wouldn't have come if i were not ready to denuclearize that is really now the headline of hanoi for at least the moment so it shows an underscores the point that the white house correspondents' association is trying to make it is certainly newsworthy that the fact that the north korean leader is now answering these questions but so notable that there was this effort to try and squash that effort by the free press to generate these headlines all right go live for us and you know i can barely thank you and particle has been following the testimony of trump's former warrior and has this report from washington d.c. . after more than six hours of testimony michael cohen seemed to be fighting back tears this was a day of high drama that ended with this ominous warning given my experience
1:59 pm
working for mr trump i fear that if he loses the election in two thousand and twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of power throughout his testimony cohen leveled a series of serious allegations against the president perhaps the most serious alleging that while in office the president wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws and the top democrat says he's convinced the president of the united states committed a crime i'm basing that on what has already been found here they think oh. mr cohen is pleading to charges where he said he will direct it to commit a crime about a president other allegations the trump lied about his tax returns being audited that he lied about pursuing a project in moscow and that the president's personal lawyers told cohen to lie to congress about it that he believes the president didn't know that his son was
2:00 pm
meeting with russian officials to get dirt on his opponent that it is possible trump defrauded banks and insurance companies cohen says the president was told in advance that wiki leaks would leak damaging e-mails from the clinton campaign an allegation wiki leaks denies and he says the president is being investigated for other yet unknown crimes that he couldn't talk about you know what cohen from did not hold back he's a racist he's a con man. and he's a cheat republicans countered cohen is a no liar he pled guilty to lying to congress along with other serious crimes he can't be trusted and you know you're a disgrace lawyer i mean you've been disbarred i don't know a juror in america that would believe anything mr cohen says given his past actions and lies this committee laid out a case for why they need to move forward expect that they will in the coming days call for the president's personal attorneys to testify before them ask whether or
2:01 pm
not cohen was in fact told to lie to congress they're going to want to bring in the people who know the president's finances they can do that they have.


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