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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 58  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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the stupidest the malicious little boats move they go just so the thoughts dismissed most for their. system the only super power system who was able to put it down because you know when you've written hundreds of units of soup ready oh my god that's a great question and with you it seems going to get you a group of overseas who must work you will still will soon wish to consider the kind of you know few times you have and. if. you do close it was the response through whom. who gives to the news room assure you this book will says she will be with the one who is of you who still exists and she will use to you really who says she believes and she is the ships of her group the sons of. the. mysterious isn't the word. of the music business account of the minds of those who called whom are yet to be moved
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this who should use a consistently good new movie do you think you. can really run those into nothing serious serious bomb was planted was that i don't bust out to make the news not go full time is not so low number low cost in your voice are going. by your listening go post topaz system us a bit o. caml you know about that but also come here his presence will leave way say the right to behave so good cook.
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and that i'm not going to start on noise. could be adequate or but i mean some still. wrong. the point. is some song. is out. this sloppiness now don't start as i knew it was a new road so it's not in the same song so none of. us now at the low disposal so even with a. full set up the love it doesn't do it all the.
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there are numerous and scores of the absurdity mean you're. more shares every word in the first bird. he just has a right under your thumb for the most of them are just skin conditions and he indeed is running deja news from asia is this is a movie arm or promotion or in volume which. i. i. i. think.
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there's a liberal society still three years to share. their writing or are . in real union or firm had arrived in at their not and still can be emperors europe but it's a very it requires from him and for united or store or did you or i gather it be fearsome not the adults who were in the e.q. persuasion your misery was in there and the waters from the. good old. use of felice that are our own crude color or hers that were her. i mean the.
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world well they were all over the moon but it will mean that that she had see it has not been seasick if it is to free money sneezed. i didn't go to see would not when i saw she was not money well it was if she would do this at the border she grabs with me and. perezhogin yeah but i was the opposite it went on to. another. ranch and rest of my milk of the dog. but she will damn near because almost at the muzzle go she. stood at the couldn't be such. a look did look any company mughal up late. yes dollar bill but brother. if you do call me up oh she.
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was hot was. the both of us that you my daughter and that the smart they were this way to beat the good news to make you his new yankee to convey what i think you're you and you me especially looked over at the cop because the yacht. in the concert constitute a shipping east here is a coach so you have certain of linux a great concert music you. the doubling of the delicious a great concert of course you just come was again that would just be to look at the sequential as in the good luck of the mode you can stick. at that they've just
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thought it was through. with dealership the kit the concert bunting the dismissal. what's the good all in the to do with useless. it was .
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the only. her. years you. know. hundred years. it's. a. sunk. below to. go oh oh oh yeah oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh lolo will.
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then stand. instrument put the band on the most of the almost was about my cheek you would think a bit of pull out because of the news because i understand you know as an aside this is how some welcome to spend money if it does we looked at it is a benefit that im sure got us so you want something as a. reversal is it bad just on the move in and out the up on the new moves or go with the shrink is a bit of abel which of late well that might mean he doesn't run little bit to be gone when there's a bit of back up doing guys like you going to your pool. it was a big courting should this mean us because the greedy occultist with a booming does have a good bit of city who is not just giving us a j.v. you know muslim if it has made up i want to do these my dummy yells night the one
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thing i don't suppose i've done again is late to the ending you don't like. yeah let's go over the good old delete delete. all those just to get a stuff. specifically done that the nation. into the you know in the mind than you. could tell us to see over the instrument not just to go. to let's go stones to show them to stay on. board shall see them said alice national teacher of the whole of the filthy somebody else lol i just had to call them to let those of. us
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well give it. was a little bit of us are still up by left out of town out of this deal into the sun mountain. with that there was a fortune to. be done. and i'm so good as a new brother grads and i'll grab. something out. you. know. kind of what it. would. mean the shippers here in the soul. know no
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someone more. globally both pushing close and chilly book at all is when you know there's a little. one but you but they always come. we feel for them because you know the words you always. are.
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well you will face you're going to feel it was easier it's simple rules and then why don't you want it off more disease form for giving me a war. room with the will your wife can move us and i just put anyone a overbought them war ring and they still use them for fame you know. and even then he was killed with a million quid of that it was one of the weak you it's a symbol of fix able to show this boy you know and. when you feel as if there were only ski with me on a one but you put them on the snow then the animals doesn't. move too much in the business also or you know if. you go more store would know you don't but i've known you knew the cool enough of this not. well if you go in with a. bull the question should be. who can afford a real force to knock the ball spinning like of the wolf in the video before you
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feel full for you bitter from bush i do with the media. one day fidel castro arrive into the country club and they decide to play god. and suddenly if you didn't cast just said the sheik you are a large shape we could put hundreds of students so far in this magnificent nonstate
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a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera. monch on al-jazeera. maggi has son jim bates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and had tad's five years after the revolution voters in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem shared their thoughts on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china ziad join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in min ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. for some
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it's murder still for others it's a way of life. a battle is raging between the whaling industry and conservationists as the future of whaling in icelandic waters is decided. people in power killing whales on a josie. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera there are reports that there have been last minute changes to the summit in vietnam between the u.s. president and kim jong who we are trying to get much more information on that as soon as we have it we will bring it to you in the meantime earlier north korea's
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leader says that he is ready to give up his nuclear weapons he was speaking on the second day of the summit with the u.s. president in vietnam. there is generally the. kenyans i mean if. you could you can. be building your demos you can invite him not really believe that i will be right thinking. they would be this is the way yesterday kratz are claiming they have proof the president committed a serious crime while in office it comes after donald trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen spent the day testifying before a congressional committee and his attic will hang reports there were more startling allegations. after more than six hours of testimony michael cohen seemed to be fighting back tears this was a day of high drama that ended with this ominous warning given my experience working for mr trump i fear that if he loses the election in two thousand and
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twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of power throughout his testimony cohen leveled a series of serious allegations against the president perhaps the most serious alleging that while in office the president wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws and the top democrat says he's convinced the president of the united states committed a crime i'm basing that on what has already been found here they think oh. mr cohen is pleading to charges where he said he will direct it to commit a crime about a president other allegations the trump lied about his tax returns being audited that he lied about pursuing a project in moscow and that the president's personal lawyers told cohen to lie to congress about it that he believes the president didn't know that his son was meeting with russian officials to get dirt on his opponent that it is possible trump defrauded banks and insurance companies cohen says the president was told in
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advance that wiki leaks would leak damaging e-mails from the clinton campaign an allegation wiki leaks denies and he says the president is being investigated for other yet unknown crimes that he couldn't talk about you know what cohen from did not hold back he's a racist he's a con man. and he used to cheat republicans countered cohen is a no liar he pled guilty to lying to congress along with other serious crimes he can't be trusted you know you're a disgrace lawyer i mean you've been disbarred i don't know if you're in america that would believe anything mr cohen says given his past actions and. this committee laid out a case for why they moved to move forward expect that they will in the coming days call for the president's personal attorneys to testify before them ask whether or not cohen was in fact told to lie to congress they're going to want to bring in the people who know the president's finances they can do that they have subpoena power
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they can make people testify under oath making it clear that this is just the beginning. al-jazeera washington pakistan's prime minister cameron khan is calling for a dialogue after both india and pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets as says it's down to indian planes and captured a pilot india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own united nations special extradition judicial execution says saudi arabia has not cooperated with the investigation into the murder of journalist. agnes calmar instead riyadh's continued failure to disclose the location of the show's remains is unconscionable earlier the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs told the human rights council in geneva that the kingdom will help with investigations jepson authorities say a fight between two train drivers cost a crash in cairo which killed at least twenty people and train driver has been
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arrested and the transport minister has resigned and so the headlines keep it here on al jazeera digital dissidents its next. no it was the war the person in the end is saying who did what he absolutely should have done. being a patriot doesn't mean. obedience to a. putting aside your obligations to your people to your country for the benefit of your government is the office and it is and. where she needs of eagles very concretely. streaming after a documentation of the us is our own records shows that it was involved in one way
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or another in the deaths of more than one hundred twenty thousand people in iraq and afghanistan between two thousand and four and two thousand and ten. and the u.s. government's response is maybe hypothetically as a result of this release of this material some afghan family or u.s. soldier. could face risks. we will likely. face is the cost in human lives on tomorrow's battlefield or in in some in some some place where we will put our military forces the end result as a last year of the earth but a single person as a result of. if you were going to write for a moment you lost a whole lot of time and that's why this matters is because it happened and we didn't know that we were told. for some people their superheroes for others
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simply traitors whistleblowers like daniel ellsberg thomas drake william binney and edward snowden. hackers and activists like the wiki leaks founder julian assange and the former british secret service agent an emotional they warn us about the complete surveillance of our society they oppose intelligence agencies governments and corporations and for this they are threatened hounded and imprisoned. why are they so committed what drives them. to. the intelligence services enough the only ones monitoring communications and
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processing massive data. also private corporations like google amazon facebook and apple collect millions of pieces of information about us to analyze and monetize. that's i think it's a self that's not on sacked that i hope assertion dr cynthia watched of this iran's once they want it's just their nine v.h.f. it is slick not to sit there for stuff to thank us and does all sky oh to be honest . we don't really know what exactly happens with their own digital trails our data is transferred invisibly to. huge data centers. sublimating into a complex new identity creating our digital self.
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to go to an event linked to smith think that's the sky in a human endeavor it doesn't just pad make it it's an ending of then thought into. view that often have the bus start to not feel and that again if you know it's off these hours for the want and thought stunt one for the finished ima it's all much money that is through an s.t.d. it is against us but it's on our file and the shots it says in everyone gets smarter because of this technology because it's free or very inexpensive and the empowerment of people is the secret to technological progress. we are all participating in this enormous transition where billions of people are joining our party or joining our fun in joining our anxiety. you're missing the end of the two mission with and if we do balance fall in d.v.d. i don't doubt that shuts me modify how it all started noir put looked at some of
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them given the new developments in a machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result and this means everyone on the planet genetics revolution has a huge and positive impact on the way we treat disease progression disease and so and so on it's all basically because these smartphones are really super computers. and it gunson being a friend as well you just telephone not just me or does this is a gotten him going to them and be nice to him and i'm from no one's a smartphone into who was in touch i have it so i can get out and then it would g.p.s. iseman him of war b.s. and has asked me how my vance into was in touch in the middle ones. with the advent of the smartphone we have become even more visible.
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so under those glitches but. then it's not just i phones that i lost my phone i mean most small phones are these days smart phones capture our communication behavior along when where and with whom we talk. apps collect data about our user behavior even our health data in addition many people use digital data storage like clouds carelessly handing over their information all of our communities. are being intercepted elected analyzed and stored automatically and that means that all of our years or all russians are associations who we talked to who meet who we hate. as the old internet saying goes if it's for free
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and you are the product because the use of all those convenient digital online services are only seemingly for free because we pay with our data. we have neither inside nor overview about our digital self and absolutely no possibility to actively control it. then put somebody stole online as a c. have a command been. offended about his full name is best dismissed so then you've got to spit sublist and now it's an increase in just making the atom cannot decide which of the he'll be at is that supposed capital on fit it in internet gun.
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this will be missed this is a few women get some which have been up to date up brokerage as highest consequently frenzy it's best to stand on one field sit under a few minutes i spritz my eyes it will be quinces highest and i'll fetch back into quotes as a hint accordion sprouse us mit the hidden task. for i'm lost and for will soften some cow off. won't that's. so it's better than i was vietnam. and so. exciting if you off the bat i was informed on like i did and think the less trust the promotes and three hundred fifty rushed us to been would soon come under hostile explicit seem to see. that since this matter and i agree that most unprofessional so far gone on vile even does it looks like it's won't get out too much and he kind of did point out. the dirty we create assembling our digital self is also of interest.


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