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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 7:00pm-7:26pm +03

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the disappointment here will also be felt not only in government circles but also big companies business here in south korea who were hoping to do joint economic cooperation projects with north korea and were hoping not necessarily for a wholesale lifting of sanctions sanctions we know that that seems to be the issue here and the stumbling block what they were hoping for was certain specific exemptions so that they would be allowed to do deals and trades with north korean counterparts across the d.m.z. and that seemed to have been achievable if there wasn't going to be a big deal but it was a small deal and people here are asking well why didn't have to so many rounds of negotiations and talks of different levels they have a fall back position to this small deal at least that would allow things to go further forward now the big question remains in seoul tonight what how does moving jay in respond to this he has as we know in the past year or so when these talks have gone off the rails he's become the intermediary between north korea and the
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united states getting things back on track we know that kim jong un is planning possibly to come to south korea possibly as early as april we don't know whether this setback will jeopardize that visit or indeed whether it now makes it imperative that kim jong un comes here for a further summit with moon j.n. but it now remains to be seen just how moon can get this whole negotiation process back on track elizabeth thank you very much rob mcbride live and sell now north korea's foreign minister delegation has left for china and katrina joining us live from beijing the chinese have always been cautious about these talks katrina has there been any reaction from their foreign ministry. well yes china's foreign ministry have said that they both sides pyongyang and washington have certain sincerity in meeting and they want these dialogues to
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continue they want not the mentum to be lost completely book for them to be kind of continue to move forward and that china will continue to play a constructive role in ensuring that happens but there was some disappointment from china's side they did say that china that north korea and the u.s. need to meet halfway and i think specifically they were talking as the others have mentioned before about these sanctions china wanted to see perhaps even just a partial lifting of sanctions and that's because it's these north korea's nuclear weapons as a symptom of its vast paranoia really north korea is a country that feels very threatened by the world very threatened still by the u.s. and as long as it feels that it will continue to have the weapons it knows without because of its very weak country indeed so in china's eyes the only way to really head towards denuclearization in a meaningful way is to get north korea to feel more confident and stronger as
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a country and it sees this sanctions as a stopping this it sees the lifting of sanctions as the only way for north korea to truly reform and truly open up so that's something that china would have definitely wanted but at the same time china might not be so surprised at the lack of a big deal because china sees these negotiations as as a long game and they know it's not going to happen overnight and the fact that donald trump and kim jong un sat across each other at a table were laughing together for the second time and that donald trump called him down when his friend i mean they see that is a very good thing indeed and that that it's going in the right direction or it could turn out thank you very much for that is in beijing and we are plenty more head of the news hour including he's a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat a damning testimony by donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen. we speak to the
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families of venezuela present for their opposition to the regime. and top woman football teams are in the u.s. . top. box fan says it would be prepared to return a captured indian pilot if it leads to deescalation in the disputed kashmir region it comes a day after both new delhi and islamabad said they shot down each other's fighter jets pakistan says it's down to indian planes and captured a pilot promise to iran khan has called for dialogue and shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own and the pakistani foreign minister. told al-jazeera that the pilot is in good health you're looking out grim. reassured the media that even
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a good job is being looked after and we are going to create the dignity and respect and they're not think already know. we do not believe the pilot for easy he was doing his job through the professional tour group he was he was on the instruction should do what he was doing and part of that if if. but if his return can help the exclusion buckets are. considered with an open mind. and we'll have more of that but later on in the news hour but let's go to the indian capital new delhi our correspondent as jimmy is joining us live from there i believe we've heard from prime minister morty on these tensions what's he been saying. elizabeth he hasn't been speaking about directly about the situation unlike pakistani government officials in fact what we heard today was much more of
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a political cry what's happened is it was more lashing out at the office vission prime or sooner and there movie was speaking to party workers and volunteers at fifteen thousand locations across the country through an internet forum and there he said the opposition should stand united the country should stand united as it not doing so would be more allies india's meet india's military now since the the attacks in february fourteenth that sparked this entire incident the february fourteenth attack that the suicide bombing that targeted about forty indian paramilitary troops the opposition stood united with the government here is a bit they said we are with the government we stand behind it is very rare symbol of political unity that shattered on wednesday following the boss on the incursion into indian airspace in the capturing of the indian pilot the opposition came out against the saying that he's politicizing the situation he's not taking consultations and today the government again did not has not yet addressed these
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direct concerns directly and there was many people thought at this rally today he might do that instead he sent out another political message now there will be a news conference held by fishel from the indian military that will take place in just over an hour and that might be our first actual government response there and more and more the indian government has been calculating and what they do next and how they respond because the head from pakistani prime minister emraan khan yes today another government minister today the foreign minister in fact saying that they are ready to run these as these pilots a lot of offers from pakistan but i'm not a lot of response from the indian side. well that's just it elizabeth they're really contemplating what to do next and it brought some primacy in iran han seems to have given them an out diplomatically
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that in exchange for this pilot we can deescalate the talks and take the situation forward but a lot of political analysts have told that the government's also keeping the upcoming indian elections in mind they want to show that their government is strong that they can defend the country and that they can really flex their muscle when they're attacked like as they were on february fourteenth so the worry i've bumped the analysts is that the government is more playing politics and they might worry about how the optics optics look to voters then we could really deescalate the situation says thank you very much for that for now that fence jamail of the latest in new delhi thank you. now high level negotiations to end of the seventeen year war have been put on hold for a few days talks between saying a problem on officials and the u.s. special place on war is on the had expected to resume and on saturday afghan taliban co-founder and political chief one of them danny but all that has been leading the discussions stephanie deca has been following those talks and the.
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after three days of meetings there is now a two day pause talks will continue to the americans and the taliban delegation on saturday there has been a tweet from. the u.s. envoy he said the talks were productive and they continue to take slow and steady steps towards understanding and eventually peace you also said that the both sides will take the next couple of days for internal deliberations and all four key issues remain on the table that we know from the taleban that the only two issues being discussed so far are timetable and specifics of u.s. troop withdrawal and also trying to stop groups like isis and al qaida from using afghanistan as a staging ground from what we've been told from what we understand talks of a ceasefire haven't happened yet and certainly the afghans i've been speaking to will tell you that that is what they are more concerned about laying down their arms security and also what is some kind of national unity government with the
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taliban going to the people who are very skeptical that the taliban will come back in the form that it was at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. have to wait and see what can be achieved here over the next couple of days but certainly all sides seem to be saying that potentially there could be something on the table if that's going to be able to be implemented in afghanistan on the ground we'll have to wait and see. now the united nations has israeli crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza may amount to war crimes u.n. investigators saying it's very intentionally opened fire on civilians two hundred palestinians were killed and thousands wounded during weekly rallies along the gaza border fence since may last year as frail says it rejects of reports. to friends which according to those were not military operations but. i would investigation from the. overwhelmingly unarm even if they were not at all
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times peaceful. conceit wouldn't leave and as one of the first two conclusions we wrote international human rights law must be deemed legal framework let's go out to our correspondent then it's better he's joining us live from west jerusalem so what more is the u.n. saying about this planet well we've got something from israel they've just given a reaction in the last few minutes the acting foreign minister israel counts now he has said that this is the theater of the absurd is a report based on unverified information aim is to tarnish the reputation of israel and to harm is ability to defend itself from terrorist organizations the problem for israel has always been that he's been accused of using force way out of proportion to the threat faced now i've been to some of these protests in garza the overwhelming majority of protesters on the garza side the palestinians there are unarmed yes there are some throwing stones yes some in century kites have been sent
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over the border and very occasionally a couple of armed people have been found there but israel's response which isn't to use snipers to shoot to kill or to shoot to maim people and these are life changing injuries many people losing limbs the accusation is that is out of it completely out of proportion and war crimes in fact the u.n. is saying so what happens now with these findings and. or. well what the un has said is that is that it has now identified confidential and it's gotten confidential information that they believe identifies a specific commanders and snipers who are responsible for some of these killings and we're going to pass that information on to the u.n. high commissioner for human rights who could then pass that on to the i.c.c. the international criminal court now israel is not a member of the i.c.c. but member countries arrest warrants can be issued by the i.c.c.
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the member countries must all or so for example should one of these commanders or snipers travel to european country for example they face the risk of arrest then a thank you very much that is ben smith with the latest live and west jerusalem thank you and a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead on the news hour we'll tell you why naked eye was opposition in exile skeptical about a dominant chord for national dialogue. running for their lives dozens of casualties after a high speed train crash in egypt and coming up in sports there's a big one for the bad boy of tennis the. next.
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hour now here is some pictures you should not see in february in whispering gore were more specifically. in kolkata it shouldn't rain in february can happily rain in june or july or august but this time of year you don't get to see that bangladesh maybe should be the same thing but you can have these pics in just the same place at the moment so i have to season right i'm talking about some of first time has happened or other but this second street has been quite significant the figures that come out compared with the average for tons in kolkata gets about thirty millimeters it does rain sometimes but hundred twenty three in the last two days quite significant so that's the first phase in this is brought rain and will continue to bring right across the border into china and snow of course on the higher ground but we're going to go west once again this morning i was working at was crushing thunder yes that's what this rain this cloud produced not was in the street goes across to southern pakistan and i think that's what's going to develop
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in the next two days we've had this again before we had flash flooding in pakistan last time it happened we could get it again this is the picture come friday which is a lot of green in southern iran and pakistan and then i think saturday it really spreads northwards i think majority of rain and snow will actually be in afghanistan. sponsored by time anyway. one day arrive into the country on the playground. and something the constitution to show you have knowledge. we. just couldn't so far in this magnificent thing a campaign for the last two weeks chris cost crisscrossing the nation really praising his own achievements opening one infrastructure project after another where there be a new airport a new train station and. related into votes because one number to remember
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barbara is the amount the number of people that came out to vote sixty eight percent of the electorate came out to vote then this in itself is unprecedented through the eleven presidential election that that cycle has had since independence never has there been so many people that come out to vote and something to remember many of those who came out to vote are milling people that were born after two thousand and they were calling for change and it seems that part of this population believe that monkeys can deliver this change barbara. it is so you know you you say those millennial want to change and actually the incumbent they feel that could deliver it being more specific what kind of change were they asking for . well one of the big issue not just here in senegal but throughout west africa is jobs because here in senegal you have an
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educated class you have universities and you have people that graduate with master's degrees engineering degrees but cannot find a job and those are young people that feel frustrated many of whom are under the time of manky cells mandate took this perilous journey to cross the desert to the mediterranean to make it to europe and these are young people educated people that they're not fleeing conflict or war they're fleeing economic opportunities opportunities that seem to not have materialized during that time. he sells a presidency not just during the time of monticello presidency but for the last decade or so and so that's the real challenge ahead for president mikey so are any president that will take charge of this country there is a young population hungry for jobs and hungry for opportunities at home and that's what mike you sell needs to deliver on not just opening up infrastructure projects
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but providing basic jobs for this population also worth remembering barbara despite you know this booming economy that's that's rising at the rate of seven percent and despite the fact that senegal has recently discovered oil and gas worth fifty billion dollars there are basic needs that people here don't have on the ground the lack of electricity the lack of water or the lack of the hospitals among the electorate where many young women and they make up the majority of the electorate one of the issues that that women were asking for is more medical centers in the third largest city in senegal kalmuck there's only one gynecologist for a population of over three hundred thousand people there in kalak though those are things that monkey cell needs to deliver on basic health care jobs for young people barbara nicholas with the latest analysis there from senegal nicholas as always
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thank you. now the united nations says israel's crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza may amount to war crimes u.n. investigators say israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians israel has rejected the report branding it hostile untrue and biased victoria gate in the reports. almost a year palestinian protesters have gathered along the gaza israeli border fence to demand the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel israeli soldiers have shot at them with live ammunition the un has investigated the deaths of one hundred eighty nine palestinians killed during the first nine months of the protest. it found that israeli soldiers deliberately shot at children disabled protesters paramedics and journalists it says their actions may amount to war crimes clearly this life fire was used completely unlawfully where these people were not posing any kind of threat to life or to limb of any israeli security force
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or any israeli civilian. israel's dismissed the un report it says it has the right to defend itself from what it calls violent attacks in a statement to prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel rejects out right the u.n. human rights council report the council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east. the un also criticized the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza the not doing more to stop protestors flying burning kites over the gaza fence israel says they cause fires and damage property. the un believes it's identified some of the israeli snipers responsible for killing palestinian protesters that information will be given to the un high commissioner for human rights he could then pass it to the international criminal court israel's not a member of the i.c.c. but should those soldiers travel abroad they could face arrest victoria gate and be
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there. so those president omar al bashir insists that he wants to speak with the country's youth have been protesting against this thirty year rule for the past three months they've also the five the national state of emergency imposed on friday that bans them and stray sions he morgan said that in with some of the protesters to ask if they're ready to negotiate. in this room moment to oppose they brings his passion of creating visual arts to life a filmmaker he says his dream is to reflect the beauty he sees in sudan but he says that's difficult because of the lack of freedom. so there is nothing there was ever shot that describes sudan the way is the way it needs to be described. because of the restrictions that the sudanese government is throwing upon the public. in his views are not unique young people make up about two thirds of the population of forty two million and for the past ten weeks they've led
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anti-government protests in the home and we have so much talent that we can't because of the restrictions i'm see denise but i grew up broad i feel like a date have a hey i'm their regime to step rules that will not be the myself so we'll have to just say the same to the same. but i didn't know that there were. those that do this this corrupted like like blood was the last thing the they really care about the life of the person who lost in the current market you're right all the lost in the current lot and how they use brutally treated the people. now we work well i gave myself a promise it's either me or this regime in this country. president bashir remains defiant in the face of calls for change since the demonstrations began in december rights groups say at least fifty people have been killed by security forces the government put the figure at thirty two the protests began over rising costs of
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basic goods including bread but quickly turned into demands for the president to end his thirty year rule. the government characterized the demonstrators as traitors influenced by foreign agents but as the protests continued it changed the tone and called for dialogue but it also imposed a state of emergency to last for a year the ruling party says it's already on the path to engage the country's youth but here we have started talking with young people because we understand that our political reforms overlooks the young we address the grievances of politicians but not everyone in sudan or the youth of their own concerns so we will include the youth create jobs for them and participate them in the country's development on the streets of her two young sudanese have differing views. given that was that let's wait to see what they're offering the dialogue they've called for and if we don't like it we can vote in the coming elections for a new one rather force this one out and create a vacuum you can't leave someone's words out of. this or do you think only words
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pointedly suddenly speeches are many haven't seen. each and everyone goes out on the street. and i'm part of the only religion you know very brutally but with a state of emergency in place there are limited options for those who want change to voice their demands without breaking the law he morgan al-jazeera how to. take another look now at the top stories making the news here on al-jazeera israel's prime minister has been charged with corruption the attorney general is also informed benjamin netanyahu that he intends to indict him he denies the charges and is due to make a statement in the next two hours in the center police recommended indicting netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust in three different cases the us
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president says he had to walk away from a nuclear deal with north korea because of i'll accept a bold demands for kim jong il and donald trump said their second summit came to an abrupt end earned an early end because kim wanted washington to lift all its sanctions on pyongyang in order to progress with denuclearization. basically they wanted the sanctions lifted. in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do you knew go large portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that so we continue to work and we'll see what we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from the well trump is now flying back to washington d.c. and right into the heart of a political storm his former lawyer michael cohen is giving evidence to congress for a third day this time behind closed doors after slamming his former boss in a public testimony on wednesday trump says cohen's revelations are ninety five
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percent lies pakistan's prime minister says that as a gesture of peace his country will release the indian pilot whose plane is shut down on friday india and pakistan each say they shot down each other's fighter jets over the disputed kashmir region where tensions have been escalating in recent weeks senegal's president has won a second term in power mikey sow won fifty eight percent of the vote that's according to results released in the last couple of hours the opposition initially rejected the results but now says they will not issue a challenge now for the second time in three days an ebola treatment center has been attacked in the eastern democratic republic of congo armed attackers were driven off after setting fire to the building it comes three days after a similar center just a few kilometers away was burnt to the ground while that say for now do stay with us though this is a europe is next with the story of the somali moms patrolling the streets of
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a notorious swedish suburb thanks for watching. were. some of that was i am is that you have been about access that out of the sub.


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