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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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a new chance at one. zero. setback for benjamin netanyahu israel's attorney general decides to indict him on charges of corruption. this is just zero life i'm dead you know also ahead. it was a very productive two days but sometimes you have to walk donald trump blames north korea's unacceptable demands for the failure to reach a nuclear deal and his second summit with kim jong. a gesture for peace as prime
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minister iran khan is pakistan announces it will release the captured indian pilot on friday senegal's president gets a second term in office his rivals concede defeat and decide not to contest the election results. hello israel's attorney general says he intends to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust his recommendation is based on a two year investigation by the police into three separate corruption cases and that's and yahoo denies any wrongdoing or has the party is calling it political persecution ahead of april's election it's the first time a sitting prime minister has been charged bernard smith joining us from west jerusalem to talk us through the extent of the investigation bird how big is it and what happens next. well this has been overall a three year long investigation during twenty senior justice ministry officials
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going through thousands of pages of evidence they've taken one hundred forty witness statements and five of those witnesses are either current or former cabinet ministers are reaching to the very top of government now what happens now is that benjamin netanyahu gets the opportunity through his lawyers and himself to argue his case before the attorney general before there's a final decision on the indictment that is a long way away it's a very unlikely to before the election which is in april and it will take is a months long process so you're a long way from seeing netanyahu actually appear in court to face any particular charges but nevertheless this is a significant step along in the process during but that's it now was liquid party had her to send the attorney general to delay this announcement obviously he didn't
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choose to do so so what impact will this have on the april election. well this these charges have been well trailed in the media ahead of the election ahead of netanyahu calling the election and he's got his supporters essentially ready for these charges and he's painted himself as the dog he's painted himself as someone who's the victim of a sort of a liberal left wing media that's out to get in he's painted himself as somebody who the law enforcement agencies are determined to get and his supporters believe it and so he still maintains very strong support amongst his support base a majority of our fifty fifty five percent of israelis in the latest polling overall believe uses some level corrupt but nevertheless his supporters are sticking with him because they see as being very strong on security particularly so it's
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a setback in the run up to the election but netanyahu will strongly professes innocence and we in fact we're expecting to hear from him in about an hour's time all right bernard smith of than update from leicester islam thank you let's take a closer look at the cases against the israeli prime minister the most serious one accuses netanyahu of offering incentives to the country's largest telecom provider busiek in exchange for positive coverage and media own the prime minister is also charged with colluding with israel's top selling newspaper yet your thoughts are on for the same reason and the law was pushed forward to limit the circulation of a rival publication the third case involves allegations that that's on yahoo granted billionaires personal as well as financial favors after receiving more than two hundred eighty million dollars worth of gifts and benefits from them. or a senior political analyst joining us to talk us through this situation marwan because it's quite unprecedented that you have
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a first sitting prime minister in israel to be charged and possibly indicted how significant is this. well absolutely it's quite significant not only because as we've heard earlier this is been going on for over two years in terms of investigation but it does come less than two months before the elections on april nine and that's why it does have huge significance on the political spectrum on the political governance in israel and for our viewers around the world or in just for them to get a picture of what this is looks like politically speaking in israel the parallels with the united states cannot be escaped. the israeli prime minister is facing something very similar in terms of the reactions in terms of the reality in terms of the accusations and counter accusations as to what's happening to president trump in the sense that like president from prime minister tony i think says his allies claim that there is
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a conspiracy by the left by the liberals against him and against his camps in order to steal away the elections that none of this is justified that there is no collusion if you will between him and the magnets and the corporate giants and that he there is no wrongdoing but in a sense i think we will see in the next few days weeks how this plays out in israel because not only are there are those on the on the sun to out of the center left who are interested but there are also laws on the right who are now would like to get a piece of the prime minister even within his own party and that's why a few days ago prime minister netanyahu was warning against one of his former aides get on solder who came out the third i think in the likud primaries so i think there will be some competition from within the party and from without the party yeah and then a coup party specifically what does this mean for for them will it be losing a chunk of that support or the ability to form some sort of coalition after the
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votes. look something similar to what ben just said from jerusalem in the sense that there is a majority within the record that will speak about for the time being about the conspiracy against the prime minister but there are some now that will say look enough is enough and prime minister now is no longer an asset he could be a burden because the general public does not trust them you know and might now one a vote for not only all for that he could in that sense so it's but that was to put . aside for the time being and for that he could to run under a different leadership now having said that it's important to note that the four other smaller parties on the right both the religious and the secular basically the radical right in israel have already said that they are willing to join an ateneo government coalition or other kind of correlation within israel so in general in
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israel the right continues to support nothing you know and even if netanyahu loses and this is the most important thing about this whole thing the right in general will continue to govern is whether it is the new party the new coalition that is forming on the center right or whether it is the likud and the other people on the right other parties i think generally speaking with or without and then you know the right will continue to govern in israel ok my one beside i thank you. the united nations says israel's crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza may amount to war crimes u.n. investigators say israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians victoria b. reports. almost a year palestinian protesters have gathered along the gaza israeli border fence to demand the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel israeli soldiers have shot at them with live ammunition the un has investigated the deaths
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of one hundred eighty nine palestinians killed during the first nine months of the protests. it found that israeli soldiers deliberately shot at children disabled protesters paramedics and journalists it says their actions may amount to war crimes clearly this life fire was used completely unlawfully where these people were not posing any kind of threat to life or to limb of any israeli security force or any israeli civilian. israel's dismissed the un report it says it has a right to defend itself from what it calls violent attacks in a statement to prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel rejects outright the u.n. human rights council report the council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east. the un also criticized the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza the
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not doing more to stop protestors flying burning kites over the gaza fence israel says they cause fires and damage property. the u.n. believes it's identified some of the israeli snipers responsible for killing palestinian protesters that information will be given to the u.n. high commissioner for human rights he could then pass it to the international criminal court israel's not a member of the i.c.c. but should those soldiers travel abroad they could face arrest victoria gate and be al-jazeera. donald trump says he had to walk away from his second summit without a deal because he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to lift sanctions the u.s. president put a positive spin on the talks saying they made good progress towards ridding the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons when hey has the details of what transpired in hanoi. before the summer u.s.
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president donald trump tried to lower expectations of a deal with north korean leader kim jong un but the expectation was at the very least that the pair would sign some form of agreement on denuclearization or make a joint statement instead the talks were cut short before lunch the table will sit for the diners didn't show leaving donald trump to explain why racially they wanted these sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuclearize portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the the american said kim jong un was willing to dismantle his young beyond research facility regarded as the centerpiece of north korea's nuclear program in exchange he wanted all economic sanctions lifted which was a step too far for the us unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more he he was unprepared
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to do that but i'm still optimistic despite that optimism this was not how the summit was supposed to go earlier on thursday there was no sign of trouble ahead kim jong un the reclusive leader of a repressive state even on to questions from reporters perhaps for the first time. here if you really knew. me and then you know if. you think. you'll know when you're done as you can imagine now we think that won't be here right. now it will be the best answer you've ever met but after two summits that have yielded very little there are more questions than answers donald trump warned about this possibility last year ahead of the first summit in singapore saying he was prepared to walk away if the talks weren't fruitful it seems he's now delivered on that threat but with such a sudden premature end to this summit there must be real concern about what happens
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next. at this stage there are no plans for a third summit donald trump says kim jong un assured him there would be no resumption of misato nuclear tests but what happened in vietnam has proved that this continues to be an unpredictable road to the stated goal of ridding north korea of nuclear weapons wayne hay al-jazeera hanoi and our diplomatic editor james bays has more from her noise well. i was saying twenty four hours ago what they needed was a little bit of progress and a continuing process you have had no progress whatsoever and you just about still it's a bit shaky how a process so this isn't where they wanted to be they were ready i think to sign something that was the plan that was the schedule the reporters were there the plan was for both sides to have lunch the reporters were there waiting to watch them come into the room the tables were set the food was ready they were going to have
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their lunch and then they were going to sign a deal but at the last minute the u.s. side it seems we only have the u.s. account to go on decided they were not going to sign anything because they were not happy with the concessions north korea had made and the north korea had made it the problem now is how do you restart this process because it has been a top down affair the way these things normally work is low level officials do negotiations they come up with a draft and then in the end you get high level officials who come to a summit and sign things this whole process has been led by the two leaders singapore started off and this was supposed to reenergize it can you now bring in the two leaders to start it yet again i think that's going to be difficult the worry is that is if you don't get something soon some sort of momentum and there
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is delay after delay that's how diplomacy dies. and on that note we'll take you to north korea's foreign minister we are hones addressing the media in hanoi and this is the first response from north korea after this kim jong un summit with president translated listen engine is in. place. if you want to. tell. me what you're. hearing. if you are capable of the united states of america hold a serious discussions with patients as self-restraint. you would see. if there is to show.
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planning is ok you're going to get some people who don't is. going to get that if you start from the principle of building trust every solving issues matter which was jointly they acknowledged for the first singaporean. we offer if they did this difficult for them in this meeting. we. move. means to get to key in minutes and why did she say only do one hundred. who don't know. if. we're on you. borden hang on this is really true. we. do not really. need to overrule. the little one journey began then within the give to the united states removes partial sanctions naming if he moves the
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obstacles of sanctions that have for disability in front of me and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all the nuclear material production facilities in the new many areas including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by joint work of technicians from both countries. you know what he was . hooted a little known. you can go in this room. to continue. to pick didn't ask. who is the means who can do it. wouldn't do it has sat on the scene would be proposed first not the removal of all saying chosen but there partial removeable in detail there are eleven un sanctioned
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resolutions all together impose on the p.p.r. ok and we proposed to begin our distributors to leave because of sanctions that impede the civilian colony and the livelihood of our people from far fewer and sanctioned resolutions adopted it yourself in the sixteenth and two thousand and seventeen. told me we couldn't see this was in our local. cause uncontrolled for we. this proposal was the biggest reason we could take it for the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the p.r. campaign and the united states. would you have. undone dumble menzies' the month. we are going. on which he.
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won't. go to do it again with. even though the security guarantee it is more important was as we take him a christian be just we are too stupid that it could be more difficult but we do know this stage to take musician to feel that another tree. that is why we composed the removal of partial factions as corresponding features. people and pay them into . if you don't believe we go to you assume. you have proof. during the meeting we suppressed are willing to make commitments permanent hold of nuclear testing long range rocket launch test in written form in order to go over the concerns of the united states. little some done good it would soon. be won
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by lee. if we go through this level of trust building here then we'll be able to start and ready to the process of david pretty. soon. if. he will be. on time with see. if wherever during the meeting the united states insisted that we should take one more step to the stars of the dismantlement to grips with what it is into. therefore it became crystal clear that the united states was not ready to take steps. he said is. it is difficult to say whether there might be better agreement then the
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one based on our proposal of stage you don't hear much don't see. such opportunities might be difficult to talk. so if one didn't get. on the. trading it bonnie she didn't quite. the key to the first stage of the process is inevitable the conflict between the current agent and the best possible those that. must go through the process of that realisation. can be sure that you know i mean because you will. probably be able to be shown does it say you're only going to do . you know you because of principles that will remain variable and our proposal will never be changed even though the united states proposes
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negotiation again in the future. that is the north korean foreign minister ri yong ho speaking in hanoi this is the first time we hear from the north koreans on their take on the meeting on the summit that took place between can and donald trump the foreign minister saying that north korea made a realistic proposal at the summits with the united states and what he also added is that north korea proposed not the removal of all sanctions but we proposed removing partial sanctions that impeded the livelihoods off our people but the united states insisted that we should take one more step and he said the u.s. is not is not ready to accept our proposal just a reminder this comes after a donald trump had said that he had to walk away from the second summit with kim jong un without a deal because he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to lift the sanctions so that
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is the update from hanoi with the north korean foreign minister speaking saying that their countries seeking a partial sanctions relief not complete lifting off the sanctions. the pakistani prime minister says his country will release a captured indian pilot on friday as a gesture of he's a day earlier india and pakistan they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it down to indian planes and arrested the pilots india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one if its own. and was thought up by their government of indian pilot is in our custody we will release him and return him to india tomorrow as a peace gesture. well pfizer meal has this update from new delhi. word of the pilot's pending release has been very well received here in india
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particularly on social media but local indian channels here had a very interesting take on the situation even flashing headlines saying india saves pilot and imran khan's new pakistan surrenders they've been taking a very patriotic or some may say jingoistic take on the situation now unlike pakistan's prime minister india's prime minister has been very tight lipped about the situation he's only alluded to it in general thursday at interactive form across the country addressing party workers and volunteers in the render most of the stated how he believes the public should be reacting to the situation let's have a listen to that. seema part of the country's brave soldiers are showing their strength at the border and across the border to the country is one today and we're standing with the soldiers. how it is here now against samarra provided we have faith in the ability of our forces and that's why it's very important that nothing affects the morale of our soldiers otherwise our enemies will have the upper hand. now that's
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being seen as a direct dig at the opposition the opposition party stood shoulder to shoulder with the government ever since the february fourteenth attacks on indian troops in the needy administered kashmir then on ones day after the pakistani incursions and the capture of its pilots openly criticizing most of these handling of the situation now analysts say that no matter what the situation is here in india with elections just a short time away just a matter of weeks whatever happens politics will be front and center senegal's president has want to second term in power all four opposition candidates say they won't oppose the official provisional results that show he won by fifty eight percent nicolas has more from dakar. more outside monkey sells headquarters and people have come here to celebrate the news that he has won with more than fifty eight percent of the vote only that people came out in number in record numbers
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sixty eight percent of the lecturer came out to vote during this election think really has a mandate from a large part of the people but there are those who haven't voted for him a lot of young first time voters who decided to vote for the opposition candidate at least one song go he's the outsider the anti establishment. candidate and he has campaigned on the issue of unemployment to try to stop so many senegalese from migrating going across the mediterranean to europe he says the issue that people want is electricity water health care no these are the. that much to sell will have to address during his five year mandate but it's clear that his campaign he's going through the last few weeks going across across various regions of senegal promoting his his last monday where you've been one infrastructure project after
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another that you know in rebuilding what he has achieved during his time in office the life of senegalese has gotten better the economy's growing at the rate of more than seven percent this capital hands and you trainline new airport and these are all the children that seem to speak to the majority of cynical these hundreds of protesters in sudan have once again taken to the streets to defy the government's ban on public gatherings. chanting freedom peace a revolution for the people many join mass rallies across the country for widespread protests broke out in december over the price of crude but they've evolved into a larger movement against the president. morgan sat down with some of the protesters to ask if they're ready to negotiate. in this room moment to appreciate brings his passion of creating visual arts to life a filmmaker he says his dream is to reflect the beauty he sees in sudan but he says
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that's difficult because of the lack of freedom. so there is nothing that was ever shot. that describes sudan the way is the way it means to be described. because of the restrictions that the sudanese government is throwing upon the public. his views are not unique young people make up about two thirds of the population of forty two million and for the past ten weeks they've led anti-government protests in the whole nine we have so much talent that we can't split because of the restriction but i didn't know that there were. though that there was just this corrupted like blood was the last thing the they really care about the life of a person with a loss in the current market you're right all the lost in the current market and how the u.s. brutally treated the people. now with work well i gave myself the promise it's either me or this regime in this country. president bashir remains
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defiant in the face of calls for change since the demonstrations began in december rights groups say at least fifty people have been killed by security forces the government puts the figure at thirty two the protests began over rising costs of basic goods including bread but quickly turned into demands for the president to end his thirty year rule. the government characterized the demonstrators as traitors and one by foreign agents but as the protest continued it changed the tone and called for dialogue but it also imposed a state of emergency to last for a year. the ruling party says it's already on the path to engage the country's youth but here we have started talking with young people because we understand that our political reforms overlooks the young we address the grievances of politicians but not everyone in sudan or the youth of their own concerns so we will include the youth create jobs for them and participate in the country's development on the
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streets of her two young sudanese have differing views. given that was that let's wait to see what they're offering the dialogue they've called for and if we don't like it we can vote in the coming elections for a new one rather forced this one out and create a vacuum you can't believe someone for. this region. only works in the big cities features and so many we haven't seen. each and everyone goes out on the street. and i thought that's the only way you treated them you know they do today but with a state of emergency in place there are limited options for those who want change to voice their demands without breaking the law he will morgan are just there on how to. tell him again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour north korea's foreign minister says pyongyang made a realistic proposal at the summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong il in just told the media that north korea has
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been only demanding partial a partial rollback of sanctions the meeting at hanoi was called off after failing to reach an agreement on denuclearization and sanctions will trump told reporters the papers were ready to be signed but it wasn't appropriate. basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do you knew go lower portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the so we continue to work and we'll see but we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from the israel's attorney general says he intends to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust is recommend ation is based on a two year investigation by the police into three separate corruption cases netanyahu denies any wrongdoing while his lip read party is calling it political
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persecution ahead of april's election it's the first time a sitting prime minister has been charged the united nations says there is evidence the israeli army may have committed war crimes in the way it responded to palestinian protest in gaza un investigators say israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians close to two hundred palestinians have been killed along the gaza israel border since may of last year. that will release a captured indian pilot on friday the prime minister has called the move a gesture of peace after days of tensions those are the headlines inside stories coming up next on al-jazeera then it's the news hour i'll see you then bye bye.
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no deal done trump and king don't walk away from their summit in vietnam so what went wrong and where does it lead to new clear threat from north korea this isn't story. hello and welcome to the program i'm head of that hamid sometimes you have to walk this was how u.s. president donald trump described a sudden end to his summit with north korea's leader kim jong un the pair rived in vietnam with hopes of.


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