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eleven degrees. above. zero. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes israel's prime minister dismisses a decision to indict him on corruption charges as a political witch hunt this is the u.n. says israeli forces might have committed war crimes in that crackdown on palestinians protesting in gaza also. they want the sanctions you have to.
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endure in turkey and we couldn't do that donald trump says he had to walk away from a deal with kim jong un but north korea's foreign minister disputes his explanation and of pakistan pledges to release a captured indian pilots as a peace gesture to ease tensions over kashmir. i'm joined again with the sports another english premier league manager gets the boot as follow him sack ready ery. israel's attorney general says he intends to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust in three separate corruption cases netanyahu has rejected the allegations saying they are politically motivated ahead of elections in april he claims he is the victim of an unprecedented witch hunt al jazeera has been at smith reports now from west jerusalem. he is the first sitting
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israeli prime minister to be charged with bribery fraud a breach of trust benjamin netanyahu says he's innocent of will stay in his post and we're going to. i am telling you citizens of israel this house of cards will collapse i'm certain about this i am four thousand percent certain about this i plan to keep serving you and the state as the prime minister for many years to come don't believe all the spin this depends on you it's not dependent on the officials or the analysts. there's no legal requirement for him to step down. and parties will appeal to the supreme court say look at slow it's not logical the job of a prime minister is a very complicated job because those sort of security issues in society is called ohmic issues you can go to law serve spend days in. the court netanyahu is in the middle of an election campaign which if you wins puts him on course to be israel's
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longest serving prime minister but investigators say netanyahu made decisions to benefit a friend who's the main shareholder in israel's biggest internet infrastructure provider in return you get positive coverage from this friends popular news website prowess netanyahu is charged with fraud and breach of trust because he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in lavish gifts and their allegations of a deal that would guarantee favorable coverage from a popular newspaper as of. the corruption investigation has been going on for years and doesn't seem to have dented netanyahu is popularity on the list is that guy only bibi he's innocent the supporters of same play the role of the underdog in israel most of the media. is the left wing and the has been using this to sway the voters of the likud that is.
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haunting him and. want to. redeem him they want to go. to him benjamin netanyahu will now have an opportunity to argue his case before the attorney general who will then make a final decision on whether to go ahead with the indictment and that is months away what matters now in an election campaign has become quite tight is whether any new details emerge about the nature of the charges netanyahu faces whether they're unsavory new details that they're enough to put off currently loyal supporters burnitz main al-jazeera west jerusalem. well you know jeremy bald is an intelligence terrorism and legal analyst for the jerusalem post newspaper and joins us now via skype from west jerusalem i just want to pick up on the point that our correspondent was making about of course elections that are coming up that opinion polls had indicated that benjamin netanyahu might have been able to form a right wing coalition has the attendee general's announcement today change that we
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don't know for sure but it absolutely could polls also had the mean challenger the benny ganz you're the people already ahead of newton yahoo by a few seats so if he loses another three or five seats he could fall too far behind to catch up to them and as you said the balance of left right coalition politics was only one or two seats this where that way again if three to five seats move away from his column it could not only get him too far behind to be the top party but it could lose the right wing majority block you mentioned benny gantz and i think he's released a statement saying that he's not going to join the israeli leader in any future coalition government because of this potential corruption indictment against him does this mean that whatever happens after the election it might be nearly impossible for him to form any kind of government particularly if more damning details emerge in the coming months. i think that it's going to be a hard look if he wins the election i think you will still find
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a way statements that people make before the election about who they'll join and who they won't join have a way of changing after the election when people want to get to be you know foreign minister defense minister but that's not what's up for grabs right now right now this is probably the largest threat than it's and yahoo has faced in this ten year run as prime minister benny ganz and your love peed are much more capable candidates than the people that he's faced before and now he has this criminal investigation there are fans of natanya that will stick with him to the end but there are people in the middle they could be peeled off by this you speaking about fans of netanyahu we know that the prime minister himself is defiant in the face of these allegations he's described as a conspiracy in a witch hunt by israel's left wing politicians is the could party said it's political persecution an intervention in the upcoming elections how is the israeli public viewing this look one thing you have to understand is who the attendant turny general is obvious i mean on the bit he was not ten yahoos cabinet secretary
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before newtown yahoo made him attorney general so there are other people be all police chief who went definition it's on yahoo who are easier to attack the attacks on mandel but he sort of comes from the side in this is well he's been pressured by other people but that's i think one thing that you're going to see is man look what is actually a known factor in the israeli society before being attorney general cabinet secretary he was the top lawyer in the army and it was very well thought of and i think that's going to be one thing that's going to be difficult for him it's on you to contend with again that with voters that are willing to see both sides voters who are going to vote for it and you know no matter what this isn't going to make a difference to them but every country has its independent voters and those voters take obvious i mean the seriously thank you for putting into context for us appreciate it yanna jeremy bob joining us there from leicester some from the two recent post thank you. well in other developments today the united nations says
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israel's crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza might amount to war crimes u.n. investigators say israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians israel has rejected the report branding it hostile untrue and biased victoria gating the reports. for almost a year palestinian protesters have gathered along the gaza israeli border fence to demand the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel israeli soldiers have shot at them with live ammunition the un has investigated the deaths of one hundred eighty nine palestinians killed during the first nine months of the protest. it found that israeli soldiers deliberately shot at children disabled protesters paramedics and journalists it says their actions may amount to war crimes clearly this life fire was used completely unlawfully where these people were not posing any kind of threat to life or to limb of any israeli security force or any israeli civilian. israel's dismissed the un report it says it has the right
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to defend itself from what it calls violent attacks in a statement to prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel rejects outright the u.n. human rights council report the council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east. the un also criticized the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza the not doing more to stop protestors flying burning kites over the gaza fence israel says they cause fires and damage property. the un believes it's identified some of the israeli snipers responsible for killing palestinian protesters that information will be given to the un high commissioner for human rights who could then pass it to the international criminal court israel's not a member of the i.c.c. but should those soldiers travel abroad they could face arrest victoria gates and be there in the news hour live from london more still ahead for patients missing
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after a second about a treatment center is attacked in three days in the east india are saying. why groundbreaking gun control legislation in the united states looks like it's saw once again despite being approved by the house of representatives and with just a day left of testing ferrari have set the pace again the head of the new formula one season that's coming up it's called. the u.s. president says he had to walk away from a nuclear deal with north korea because of an acceptable demands from king john and donald trump said their second summit came to an abrupt and early end because kim wanted washington to lift all of its sanctions in. in order to progress the denuclearization but he insisted that they had made good progress when he has the story now from hungary. before the summer u.s.
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president donald trump tried to lower expectations of a deal with north korean leader kim jong il but the expectation was at the very least that the pair would sign some form of agreement on denuclearization or make a joint statement instead the talks were cut short before lunch the table will sit for the diners didn't show leaving donald trump to explain why racially they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't. they were willing to denuclearize portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the the american said kim jong un was willing to dismantle his young beyond research facility regarded as the centerpiece of north korea's nuclear program in exchange he wanted all economic sanctions lifted which was a step too far for the us unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more and he he was
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unprepared to do that but i'm still optimistic despite that optimism this was not how the summit was supposed to go earlier on thursday there was no sign of trouble ahead kim jong un the reclusive leader of a repressive state even answer questions from reporters perhaps for the first time . here you already knew. him in very intimate if. you think. you'll know when you're done as you can imagine now with that i won't be here right. now it will be the best answer you've ever met but after two summits that have yielded very little there are more questions than answers donald trump warned about this possibility last year ahead of the first summit in singapore saying he was prepared to walk away if the talks weren't fruitful it seems he's now delivered on that threat but with such a sudden premature end to this summit there must be real concern about what happens
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next. at this stage there are no plans for a third summit donald trump says kim jong un assured him there would be no resumption of misato nuclear tests but what happened in vietnam has proved that this continues to be an unpredictable road to the stated goal of ridding north korea of nuclear weapons wayne hay al jazeera hanoi. well i was off to trump left north korea's foreign minister gave a news conference in hanoi in which he disputed the u.s. president's explanation for the collapse of the summit where he said they only asked for some of the u.s. sanctions lifted north of them. if united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries. told me this
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proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states let's discuss this and more now with abigail bard who is a research associate in asia policy at the center for american progress action fund thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us it appears that the north koreans overplayed their hand in the summit president walks away as he said he was prepared to do is the process completely dead now or is it a political setback. well first thank you for having me on tonight i think the process isn't dead yet diplomacy takes a long time there's a lot of setbacks and hopefully the trump administration is well it is ready to friend this is a setback and not the end of the road president trump has already told president moon of south korea that he wants moon's help to mediate between him and kim jong il kim jong un has said some things that suggest that he might be open to future
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talks if you know the u.s. is willing to put things on the table so it's definitely not dead yet but we need to keep watching to see what happens. just hearing a clip there from the north korean side it's very interesting that they're now saying they only wanted some of the sanctions removed and not all of them not completely surprising each side trying to take charge of the narrative now that this summit has come to nothing have the north koreans changed their positional might they do so. the north koreans said they're not going to change their position but i think what's important to know is that the sanctions that north korea seems to want removed while they're not all of the u.n. sanctions against north korea they're the majority of the ones that were part of the maximum pressure campaign exerted over the past two years by the u.n. security council so lifting the sanctions might not be all of them but it does it gets to the heart of the sanctions that have recently caused pain for the north
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korean economy yes but they're not willing to make concessions in return they want to retain their certainly key elements of their weapons program as leverage i mean they do want to retain some of it i think part of the issue was that the united they were willing to offer up parts of the younger nuclear facilities and trump was willing to. bid but they weren't really going to offer all of their nuclear facilities and so it was the balance of how much sanctions relief to get for how much decommissioning of young beyond and it looked like the united states and north korea were not seeing eye to eye on the appropriate training for that so their positions both might change but i think this is the starting point and we'll see where it goes from here. but in terms of seeing where it goes from here we've had nothing since last year on a declaration of what the north koreans have in terms of their weapons program nothing on verification and no timeline to do so that a second summit now is absolutely no framework or channel for that for any kind of
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diplomacy to make progress so i mean can we be optimistic that we are likely to see any progress after the second summit so i don't think we're going to see any progress immediately right now i do think though that leading up to the second summit we did have some good signs that we were starting to turn there appeared to be a deal on the table that actually would have started getting us moving in the right direction that people were expecting to see signed yesterday that involved some decommissioning of young be on some sanctions relief or enter korea projects opening of liaison offices more returns of p.o.w. remains and so if they're willing to go back to what seemed to be the sort of start of a real deal we could see some things happening especially now that we've got to begin on the ground to actually is finally getting to meet with the north korean counterpart at the same time it really does depend if you know donald trump is willing to let his team do their job or if he sees that the only way to go forward
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as dr talking one on one with kim jong thank you very much abigail barred from the center for american progress action fund joining us there from washington. president trump is on his way back to washington while flying to a political storm following his former lawyers testimony to congress which he's branded ninety five percent life speaking earlier trump said michael cohen's only truthful statement was that he didn't collude with russia to win the two thousand and sixteen election going accused of racism and of breaking campaign finance rules to cover up an affair with an adult film star he lied a lot but it was very interesting because he did lie about one thing he said no collusion with the russian hoax and i said i wonder why he didn't just lie about that too like he did about everything else i read a lot about so many different things and i was actually impressed that he didn't say well i think there was collusion for this reason or that he didn't say that he said no collusion and i was. you know a little impressed by that frankly could have precluded going all out he only went
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about ninety five percent instead of one hundred percent but the fact is there is no collusion and i call it the which aren't we should never happen to another president this is so bad for our country so bad. so all kinds of accusations against john likely to damage and especially among his base well out is there is john hendren joins us live now from the annual conservative political action conference a gathering of the political right and oxon hill maryland how do conservatives feel about off to this week's testimony from. across the u.s. americans are evaluating in pondering just what the testimony of michael cohen will me means to them and a lot of people are particularly concerned it seems to corroborate a lot of the negative reports about what the president has done the chairman of that committee said the president appears to have broken the law while the president of the united states but if you are looking for criticism you've come to
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the wrong place if you look behind me here it's the end of the day and all those seats are largely empty right now but on saturday when president trump comes here you can expect them all to be filled that is because trump is raucously poppets popular here this is his base and everyone we have talked to and all that we have heard from the stage there has been supportive of the president now we talked to the first spokesman for the president of the white house sean spicer he's not exactly a typical attendee here but what he says is typical of what we've heard take a look. at michael as a convicted liar and that's who the democrats saw as their star witness so if you if you believe michael as the democrats do and i think you have to believe the fact that he said that there was no collusion in the campaign had never been a prog he done all these things that undermine their own argument so the democrats want you to believe a convicted liar so if you're going to believe on them believe what he says about the collusion everything else which further undermines our entire campaign argument
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. well donald trump is not always been well received that john what's changed. well that's right i mean in two thousand and fifteen there was a straw poll over president donald trump got three point five percent the next year when he was candidate for president he was highly criticized here people walked out and eventually canceled his speech the reason for that is largely that he's not an orthodox conservative he is a bit of an isolationist when it comes to international military affairs he is a go it alone you know america first type non none of that really works with the crowd here so what's changed he's really gotten them a lot of what they really do want to conservative supreme court justices major tax cuts deregulation and a growing economy and they seem to be willing to trade some quirks like ethical
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lapses like extramarital affairs and a twitter account that has gotten him in some significant trouble over the past they seem to be willing to accept all of that if they can get all of the things that they want to hear his support for him is expected to be very strong when he arrives on saturday thank you very much john hendren there in oxon hill mary. and now pakistan's prime minister is saying that as a gesture of peace his country will release on friday an indian pilot whose plane it shot down after his capture the fighter pilot was attacked by a mob then paraded on video by pakistan's army and went viral and here in pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region says it down to indian planes and arrested one pilot india said it shot down one pakistani at croft and lost one of its. earlier pakistan's foreign minister shot mahmood qureshi told al jazeera his country's willing to cooperate with india to deescalate
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the situation. we are a new government that has been elected by the people of thugs. this is a historic baggage but beyond a government with a fresh mindset we want peace and stability in the region we have ted agenda which is the people sent to kids into we want to focus on government we want to focus on the western front where we want peace and the consideration of a lot of fun why it would be want to heat up the eastern border we have nothing to gain from the know we are willing to engage we are willing to sit and talk and we are willing to cooperate. meanwhile india's prime minister narendra modi has also been speaking about the tensions with then name now. see my part of the country's brave soldiers are showing their strength at the border and across the border to the country is one today and we're standing with the soldiers. how large is here
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now is samarra provided we have faith in the ability of our forces and that's why it's very important that nothing affects the morale of our soldiers otherwise our enemies will have the upper hand. but with the indian elections due in a few months modi is being accused of politicizing the situation for electoral gain as jamil reports from new delhi. crowds cheer and chant from other india prime minister in their in their modi appeared on screen at this form one of fifteen thousand across the country for party workers and volunteers of india's governing party and people here back the government can be confrontational with pakistan. the soldiers who died in the recent attack he must avenge that he's doing absolutely that i think. he should explore possibilities of peace going forward but the way he has responded was very quick because we had to
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show that we are no weak links. but there are concerns the situation is being politicized stead of being deescalated anything that is going to happen at this point of time will be politically this analyst says india's air strike on tuesday which the government targeted its august on against our group jaish e mohammad lack the strategy of a military operation against such groups as it was unexpected given anything that we've seen of where that gone competitors i'm in india are all to actually the history of the missions to go that deep into pakistan where they may have strike what a pity now is a question that wouldn't matter but certainly it was unexpected and it was political. and he was some worry that the need to restore calm the situation was not being given full priority as debate continues here in new delhi and around. i'm calling on the baltics of automation people who. are the ones being put at risk as mayor of the one in the line of my community. in the capital of indeed administered
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kashmir hospital staff and trina painted red cross logos on the roofs hoping it may somehow spare them the case of an airstrike and there's heightened security and restrictions in some parts of the region. jets were hovering over the region all night was not an option this all is happening. in the last seventy years about four times india and pakistan have fought a war the question still remains the same if they all sit together and resolve this issue once and for all this is going to be good for both india and pakistan and particularly for kashmiris. but with india's general election due to take place in a few weeks time this concern the current military confrontation with the schmear will remain unresolved as politics takes center stage says judio al-jazeera thank you so had for you on the program the u.s. tycoon his detention has sent shock waves through the business community in russia
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. i. support to celebrate his official results gave him a second term as senegal's president without the need for a runoff. and breaking the barry i will tell you how a female player has made college football history that's coming up in sports. hello get a welcome back to the national weather forecast well has been a beautiful week here across much of central and western europe unfortunately that is now going away we're now seeing that area of high pressure moving over here towards the east and it's allowing more moisture to come across parts of central europe as well those temperatures are coming down so those above average temperatures those record breaking temperatures are now gone across much of western europe so here on friday london
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a nice day for you but down to twelve degrees there paris at thirteen and they are quick have across central europe rain as well as snow here on friday as we go towards saturday another system coming in from the atlantic and that will bring a few waves of rain and showers across the region but we do expect to see some very windy conditions across parts of scotland as well as northern ireland by the time we get towards the weekend down here across another part of africa where we are seeing some relatively nice conditions across much of the area most of the weather is really up to their towards the north well we are going to be seeing is some windy conditions here along the coast so from gazi it is going to be sixty degrees here on friday maybe some more clouds and when by the time we get towards saturday but over here towards algiers it is looking like a nice day for you with the terms of eighty and for tunis a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of eighteen degrees there. the fact. this morning both place on the planet and one that could soon be lost.
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it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the ticket and i would say here too that vast amounts of race against time to try and favor a species take a crisis that's in the nation's heaped on stave off extinction techno onal jazeera . examining the headlines searching the discussion it's a warning from air boss over the risks of the no deal breaks in sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the globe to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire brazilian people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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a combine put look at the top stories now benjamin netanyahu says he's the victim of an unprecedented witch hunt this off to israel's attorney general says he intends to indict the prime minister on corruption charges meanwhile the united nations says israel's crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza might amount to war crimes after soldiers to deliberately opened fire on civilians and the u.s. president donald trump says he's had to walk away from a nuclear deal with north korea because of unacceptable to moms from kim jong un north korea's foreign minister is disputed his explanation saying they only also some of the sanctions to be lifted. all in all the stories we're following at least
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five people have been killed in a suicide car bombing targeting a mogadishu hotel it happened in one of the somali capital's busiest streets destroying several buildings gunfire was heard after the attack. responsibility there also reports of a bomb attack near the home of a senior judge and he said the attackers then tried to force their way inside but was stopped by the security forces. for the second time in three days in a boat a treatment center has been attacked in the eastern democratic republic of congo the latest attack targeted a center run by the french medical charity doctors without borders in the eastern town of pretend on to tack is set fire to the building before being forced off in a gun battle with security forces for people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus fled the scene and is still missing on sunday the brother of a patient was killed when another treatment center was burned to the ground just a few kilometers away in qatar it's not known who is responsible but several armed groups operate in the volatile border region and there's some mistrust of foreign
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health workers since the current outbreak began last august they have been five hundred fifty three confirmed deaths and another three hundred believed to be infected. this is the first time and outbreak has happened in such an unstable and insecure area like eastern congo it's a challenge for us on a daily basis for all the team to answer the call to fight against the epidemic the events in the last forty eight hours definitely are a big deal but even so what seems important to us is that eastern congo is a zone we know particularly well where m.s.f. has intervened for a long time regarding access to health care. around thirty thousand nigerians have reportedly returned to their country from neighboring cameroon since choose day they'd fled the border town of ron and neighboring districts which were repeatedly targeted by boko haram fighters this year nigerian officials had encouraged them to leave while they attempted to restore order cameroonian authorities have pledged
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not to force the refugees back across the border. russia and china have just vetoed a u.s. push for the united nations security council to call for free and fair presidential elections in venezuela a resolution also called for unhindered aid access the u.s. draft resolution gone to the minimum nine votes prompting russia and china to make the move south africa also voted against it meanwhile venezuela's opposition to one has been holding talks with brazil's right wing president made his country's ongoing power struggle wider met with priscilla and said there was no chance of dialogue with president nicolas maduro his government without discussing elections the opposition leader also says he'll travel to paraguayan on friday before heading back to venezuela or let's get more now from a listener who is in bogota for us and so we see that opposition leader. is busy meeting up with leaders in the region he is traveling to several countries but
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i suppose there are serious questions and concerns about how he will return to venezuela when he chooses to do so. absolutely mariam he made your introduction with. the president of brazil for the first time on thursday in the capital of the country great. and he received support a pledge of support. for the opposition effort to start a transition period house the president of venezuela. said that the hope for. the free and prosperous and democratic. you also made reference to the fact that you will have their leaders. to court. the venezuelan opposition and say that he will try to go back through beneath where loved by monday this is by risking.
12:35 am
being arrested since he left the country in violation. and that was issued by the country's supreme court now says he doesn't recognize that supreme court because the judges were appointed by president nicolas maduro. as you know i've received threats to me and my family and threats of being imprisoned as well but in the doing a regime even so that will not prevent my return to venezuela this weekend we have an international agenda to continue with details and procedure needs to be announced but faced with the threats faced with the rightful claims of the people of venezuela the own so the regime cannot continue to be repression prosecution of indigenous peoples as they did. now he always seen faces a risk of being arrested upon his return to the country there are concerns about
12:36 am
that but in terms of the opposition's campaign we've also seen today russia and china vetoing any action that is in the u.n. security council what might the opposition's next moves be now. well that's the question here that nobody has an answer for and now my trips commingled least for now from these bilateral meetings that he's holding the one you held here and now but with that with the president of colombia now the second one with the president to brasil we've also i met me here in bogota with the vice president of the united states why though it's asking that these countries that are supporting him to open the door to considering the possibility of a foreign intervention inside venezuela that's something that everybody is pretty much excluding get except for the united states at this point that brazil has been
12:37 am
quite clear in saying that they will not offer their territory for it and in beijing and under no circumstances and they seems to be pretty much the position of all the other left you know my country that have been at the forefront of trying to isolate diplomatically president my daughter so i guess that at least for now the strategy is to continue pressuring get my do it all and also expecting that the crippling sanctions will produce even more damage inside when you sell or of course the other side of that is that the people will be suffering the question is experience will change their stalemate in any way especially if the armed forces remain loyal to my daughter which seems to be the case now we've seen over five hundred more than five hundred soldiers them for these two men from venezuela crossing into colombia or or express feel at suborder defecting but none
12:38 am
of the generals none of the people who could really turn things around inside the various way less so for now the idea is still to try and pressure internationally open a dime. hello but only. due to work. early pretty sure elections and reelections we're new through national monitoring which for now it seems that a man who rejects. guitar thank you. the former judge you headed an investigation into the one thousand nine hundred four bombing of the jewish center and what desire is has been jailed for his role in what's been described as a cover up but the former president carlos menem has been acquitted in israel have accused hezbollah of carrying out the suicide bombing on iran's orders to raise a boat is in. an argentine court sentenced to prison a prosecutor judge and a former chief of intelligence during the government of men and back in the nine
12:39 am
hundred ninety securing them of corruption and obstruction of justice the courtroom says that they were involved in coursing witnesses and paying bribes and this shows that the argentine state at the time was involved in this directing the investigation into an attack in a jewish community center that happened back in one thousand nine hundred four and this whole investigation came in as a request by the victims' relatives who were demanding a serious investigation into what they said was a cover up of the attack the argentines state has repeatedly said that iran was behind this attack but the whole case has been filled with irregularities and also let's not forget that about four years ago a prosecutor appeared with a shot in the head the victims are saying that this is a first step towards finding out the truth about what happened during that attack that happened twenty five years ago and they're hoping that
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a new investigation will begin soon. a mass grave thought to contain the bodies of dozens of yazidi as has been found in recently recaptured i still territory in syria the s.d.f. says it discovered the graves. hundreds of people of many nationalities are continuing to stream out of the village most of those fleeing will end up in the whole refugee camp in northeastern syria where conditions are desperate last month more than eighty one people mostly children and babies died in the camp most from hypothermia with conditions a similar further south in the rock band camp on syria's border with jordan where forty thousand people have sought refuge at least twelve children including five newborn babies have died there since january aid groups blame freezing weather and poor camp conditions russia says it will evacuate the camp by next week around the world more than twenty thousand prisoners are on death row waiting for that death sentence to be carried out capital punishment to still
12:41 am
a legal reality in fifty four countries a congress in brussels this week is examining whether the death penalty achieves its stated aims or whether it should be abolished world wide paul brennan is that. who deserves to die the title of saffir morris photographic portrait series on display here at the world congress against the death penalty in brussels within one hundred. years especially this. day this is a campaigning for him petitioning for clemency and advocating judicial reform with a remarkable cross-section of speakers and delegates my name is and. i spent twenty years in prison twenty of those years was on death row for granted i didn't commit and i'm a was wrongly convicted of murder in tennessee since his release he uses his office to educate and campaign as long as you have to deal purely innocent people go meet you and i came think and nobody did support the idea there were say that i support is so much no innocent people normally kill you in are willing to sacrifice or
12:42 am
maybe are newer to maintain a system nine hundred ninety three prisoners were known to have been executed in twenty seventeen although no figures are available from china which is believed to have executed several thousand people every year my name is jerry givens percent nineteen years i was a cheat executioner for the state of virginia he executed sixty two prisoners but the inevitability that one day he might take an innocent life lead this devout man to quit before that could happen mistakes cannot be undone we need to stop killing we need to stop killing one another to demonstrate that killing this wrong we know that is wrong we need to show love for one another if we can replace their love. as to the hay tree it will be a better world for everybody one hundred fourteen countries have already abolished the death penalty and thirty two more have introduced a moratorium on its use but as you can see from this great swathe of red here many countries are continuing to resist reform. just this week egypt's president sisi
12:43 am
rebuffed european union criticism and defended his country's use of execution by saying the two the agents had two different cultures but the abolitionist campaign is remain hopeful in southeast asia there is definitely room for positive signs. from the decision of the malaysian government to abolish the death penalty let's see if they can succeed but they have the willingness this is very important argument sometimes used in favor of capital punishment employed to terence and retribution interpretations of religious nor may also play a part the conclusion here though is that essentially it's a political and human rights debate one that is slowly shifting. al-jazeera brussels. of course in moscow is dismissed the appeal of prominent american businessmen michael calvin it was arrested two weeks ago for alleged fraud he'll be
12:44 am
kept in custody until his trial is detention has sent shock waves through the business community in russia calvey has invested almost four billion dollars in the russian economy seven ports now from moscow. michael coffee has been doing business in russia for more than twenty years he's been charged with fraud worth more than thirty seven million dollars prosecutors say he illegally underprice shares of first touch any bank sas he's the victim of a corporate dispute which shareholders high level executives have come to his defense he believed in russia and he believed the russian claimant if he's in such a situation called believe in those other words. alvie is one of russia's most successful foreign investors one of his biggest success stories has been the rise of internet giant young deck's better known as russia's version of google in an open letter to vladimir putin colleagues have asked the president to personally get
12:45 am
involved in his case but in his annual address to the federal assembly last week britain suggested his concern that i'm not always listen to. the better stories maybe their colleagues to achieve these large scale goals we have for our country we should get rid of everything that limits the freedom of the mission of entrepreneurship honest business should not always fail it means prosecution already asked for your attention on this problem and showed you the figures but unfortunately the situation hasn't changed much but despite its worth it reports have emerged that put in insisted this case should be investigated making the business community not hopeful of the president's support we hear it from mr putin for about fifteen years on the whole and nothing changes of situation councilmen was. either it means that he sails joaquin and essentially he needs another thing. or he's powerless and cannot influence the world for small systems legal experts at
12:46 am
the business against corruption center in moscow have started their own investigation open to prove his innocence and they say that according to russian law it is illegal to detain a suspect in a corporate case before his trial michael called his case is seen as a sign of the increasing uncertain russian investment climate some say the case shows that without the right connections it has become more and more difficult to do business here and with tons of billions of u.s. dollars of oil revenues coming in every year foreign investors like healthy are not the government's priority fasten al-jazeera moscow's. the u.s. house of representatives has approved the most significant gun control measure in more than two decades but the legislation is expected to die in the republican controlled senate and president donald trump says he would veto the law alan fischer reports from washington. democrats who now have a majority in the u.s. house of representatives are pushing on with gun control the first step
12:47 am
a major piece of legislation which passed easily the yes our two forty and the navy a one nine. partisan background check act expands background checks for gun sales and closes the loophole which allows people to buy guns a gun shows and over the internet without those checks back you see there is widespread support for increased checks has been one of the calls from the students from parkland in florida where a mass shooting at a high school last february claimed seventeen lives and sparked a nationwide campaign public sentiment it's clear i think the public is tired of moments of silence but opponents say the legislation would not stop mass shootings and would not make americans safer according to one wants dogs that have already been more than fifty mass shootings in the u.s. and twenty nine hundred almost one a day more than one thousand people have been killed more than one hundred sixty wounded at the conservative political action conference in maryland the president of the national rifle association insisted gun rights advocates wouldn't stop with
12:48 am
background checks and should be approached with the disc armament movement six years in taking over our government every one of those god given individual rights liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our constitution will be up for grabs that means the america we know now will be no augur it will cease to exist the house of representatives is also voted to increase the time for background checks to ten days making it harder just to pick up a weapon legally it too is expected to be defeated in the senate donald trump who had one point said he was in favor. of tougher gun laws says he will veto anything that makes winning a gun harder alan fischer i'll just you know washington. well news from senegal now president macky sall has won a second term in office with fifty eight percent of the vote of a six million people voted on sunday to elect a new leader senegal's prime minister already kind victory for sol something
12:49 am
opposition with jacques did that all four candidates have issued a joint statement saying they would challenge the result because he has more from dot com or outside monkey cells headquarters and people have come here to celebrate the news that he has won with more than fifty eight percent of the vote only that people came out in number of them in record numbers sixty eight percent of the lecturer came out to vote during this election st louis has a mandate from a large part of the people but there are those who haven't voted for him a lot of young first time voters who decided to vote for the opposition candidate at least one song go he's the outsider the anti establishment. candidate and he has campaigned on the issue of unemployment to try to stop so many senegalese from migrating going across the mediterranean to europe he says the issue that people want is electricity water health care no these are the issues that much the cell
12:50 am
will have to address during his five year mandate but it's clear that his campaign he's going through the last two weeks going across across various regions of senegal promoting his his last monday where you can one infrastructure project after another that you know in rebuilding what he has achieved during his time in office the life of senegalese has gotten better the economy's growing at the rate of more than seven percent this the capital hands and you train line and you airport and these are all achievements that seem to speak to. the majority. still ahead on the program. closes in on his next massive tennis milestone the details in school i. am. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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as promised his the sport now with. thank you claudio ranieri has become the sixth the english premier league manager to lose his job this season for them and dismissed the italian manager with the club in serious danger. currently ten points away from. safety with ten games remaining ranieri sacking follows films to nil loss to southampton on wednesday he was hired in november and only managed to win twelve points in sixteen games this sacking is the latest chapter in what's been a roller coaster career which has seen the italian manage sixteen clubs in over three decades is started promisingly early on he guided calorie and fury and tina
12:53 am
to promotion in serbia he also helped monaco get back into league in two thousand and thirteen his major achievement was one of the biggest shocks in football history he coached rank outsiders leicester says he's the english premier league title in two thousand and sixteen but while his c.v. includes managing some of europe's biggest clubs many of them have fired him for underperforming the list includes the likes of you ventus into milan landseer and chelsea you a for of given real madrid captain sergio ramos is too much banned for deliberately getting booked ramos was already a booking away from being suspended when he helps rail beat i axed to want to weigh in the last sixteen of the champions league but late in the game he was given a yellow card for a foul willing him out for the return match after the game he suggested he did it on purpose so that he could get this is pension out of the way despite retracting his comments you a fan of punished him ramos will now miss the first leg of the champions league
12:54 am
quarter finals if royal progress. formula one teams have just one more day of testing to get their cars ready for the first from prix of the season in melbourne in march for already has been the most impressive so far newcomer charlotte clerks set the pace on day seven in barcelona alexandre album of toronto was second with mclaren's lando norris in third. obviously i think as every team we are not flat out. still some margin obviously myself i still have to learn i get more comfortable with the guy laps after laps and also the guy so. yeah it's looking good for now not a great day though for pierre ghastly who was lucky to escape this crash on her twenty hit a barrier but the same can't be said for his car which was left without its red bull wings the mechanical team face a long nights rebuilding it for friday's final day meanwhile constructors champions
12:55 am
miss avies will be looking for one final push push after lagging behind for arya mclaren their five time world champion lewis hamilton finished up in ten. eleven sadie's could use an extra pair of hands all pause to figure out where their pace is gone is hamilton posted this video of his dog roscoe who could well be in training for one of f. once famously fast pitstop roger federer is just two ins away from a one hundred eighty p. title he came through a stop start quarter final at the divide championships beating hungary's martin folks of a seven six six four gusty conditions in brief rain delays frustrated the seven time to buy champion but he's through this. yeah i mean. i'm happy it's over that we had a couple of ranger those gusty winds again marjon playing well save to step on to the first set it was dramatic at the end so. i got to go in for millions of young
12:56 am
sportsmen and women it's a dream to play in the n.f.l. that dream has just got a bit closer for one female player. i will be signing to. central methodist university this is tony harris who has just become the first female non kicker to sign a letter of intent and get a college scholarship and she had a difficult journey to make it this far in what's traditionally a male dominated sport harris started playing at six but it eighteen she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost half of her body weight. they said never get to the next level. never. generate. never get started. paris was already well known in the u.s. before getting that scholarship she was the focus of an ad by car company. ed that during the super bowl. and despite only just getting her place in college she said
12:57 am
she dreams of one day playing for the seattle seahawks and she set a taste of the big time appearing as a guest on n.b.c.'s today show. they didn't make the sport they don't want females to play in this for and so if you want the chance you do have to be so good they can't ignore you because once you're that good so before reaching out like say that no matter what school you're at no matter what state or what places you have the talent they'll find you and i guess and they found me people that the game is more eighty percent mental and twenty percent physical and so although i do have the mentality for that i still have to build my mentally more every day because the next level gets harder and harder it won't get any easier yeah we wish her all the best and that is all the sport for now it is back to maryam in london thank you very much joe well that wraps up the new album remember you can get much more on our website al-jazeera dot com for the latest news and sport as old analysis that takes you behind the headlines it will be
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a full bulletin of news coming up in just a couple of minutes very shortly. and abandoned. found and say. one on one reveals how one char she is giving pakistan's children a new chance at one. zero. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother
12:59 am
is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested or killed and even disappeared maybe hassani goes head to head with gallaher is free but going too far to do we want to be a developed country we don't want is disputing the economic revolution why don't recall saying this is a battle development is not the same as democracy head to head on out here a. new yorkers are very receptive to alycia because it is such an international
1:00 am
city they are very interested that global perspective that i would see are provides . israel's prime minister dismisses a decision to indict him on corruption charges as a political witch hunt. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're always al-jazeera also coming up on the program basically they one of the sanctions you have to. endure in turkey we couldn't do that donald trump says he had to walk away from a deal with kim jong un but north korea's foreign minister disputes his explanation
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