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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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build software what it is today. breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution. and face to face on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm the star of the a ten this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes a call for new elections in venezuela full source at the u.n. security council. president walks away from his summit meeting with north korea but says talks between the two sides will continue. israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and after days
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of violence over kashmir india and pakistan to lower attention. much of the world has turned against nicolas maduro but he still has powerful allies in his bid to stay in charge as venezuela's president a u.s. led vote calling for a free and fair elections in that israel has failed at the u.n. security council the draft included a push to get an aid which has been blocked at the border by venezuela's military but russia and china vetoed the move while south africa also very set against it a separate call from russia for a political solution to the crisis failed as well meanwhile then israel is opposition leader is still out of the country building support among south american neighbors brazil's president also now reinforced his backing of asked amusing and
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brasilia says he'll travel to paraguayan friday before returning to venezuela despite threats. well let's go to kristen sumi at the united nations kristen the security council has met on venezuela three times in just over a month and yet the international community still hasn't been able to agree on a response why not. well essentially the international community is divided between those who support opposition leader won his venezuela's president and those who continue to support nicolas maduro like russia and china we had nine votes in favor of the united states resolution which called for a peaceful process of peaceful political process leading to free and fair elections that called for humanitarian access into the country but russia vetoed that it was not having it and it came out swinging before the vote at the united states accuse
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the united states of basically undermining the international order refusing to compromise and doing all of this as a pretext for military intervention in venezuela now many members of the council pointed out that the resolution did not in fact contain any sort of authorization for force in fact allies of the united states who also support. the country's leader have said that they were concerned about military intervention and they wanted to make sure that the resolution didn't authorize military intervention and so they rolled back the resolution the word peaceful was added to it on its in several cases in terms of a peaceful transfer of power and so on but russia and venezuela's ambassador as well kept raising the specter of colonialism and the united states past interventions in latin america. they are our mean so call various well even asian army to penetrate into the next one territory super
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bowl city this is they're saying that right now there are thousands of innocent under-served. and these are absolutely not true they are inflating those figures because they are fabricating their long gone into exactly the same like they did in the car while during the eighty's this is a very seedy use and day in ca one you please to take into consideration norm i won't check it for yourself they are planning a clandestine operation against it it's what i write out at the same time that i've talked about humanitarian efforts at the same time that i was feeling our money this is something outrageous indeed so christan an ongoing stalemates at the united nations in an ongoing stalemate in venezuela what's the next wave now for the opposition especially leader. what we know why don't plans to visit other countries in the region to continue he hopes to put international pressure on majority and mature us government.
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sorry so he is continuing to tour the region hoping to put pressure on the government. but the concern is that when he returns to venezuela he could be arrested and that's something that came up here at the united nations the venezuelan ambassador was asked about that he said that the issue is being reviewed by the supreme court at this time the united states was also asked what might happen if y. don't return and that they were concerned about that the u.s. representative pointed out that popular uprising might happen if something were to happen to why of dough and that perhaps was causing restraint on the part of the venezuelan government and also said that he hoped that restraint would continue. christensen amy at the united nations for us thank you christine.
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north korea is accusing the united states of wasting an opportunity to strike a nuclear deal president donald trump has walked away from a two day summit with kim jong un and vietnam with no agreement he says he couldn't meet the north korean leader's demands to lift sanctions. if united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yard beyond area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries. told me this proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states. when harry has more on what happened and hanoi.
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before the summit u.s. president donald trump tried to lower expectations of a deal with north korean leader kim jong un but the expectation was at the very least that the pair would sign some form of agreement on denuclearization or make a joint statement instead the talks were cut short before lunch the table was set but the diners didn't show leaving donald trump to explain why. they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do new portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the the american said kim jong un was willing to dismantle his young beyond research facility regarded as the centerpiece of north korea's nuclear program in exchange he wanted all economic sanctions lifted which was a step too far for the us unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think
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chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more he he was unprepared to do that but i'm still optimistic despite that optimism this was not how the summit was supposed to go earlier on thursday there was no sign of trouble ahead kim jong un the reclusive leader of a repressive state even answered questions from reporters perhaps for the first time. here you're reading the. kenyan very mean if you can't. feel the wind in your donors you can get in i'm not really that i won't be here right. now i'm going to be the best dancer you've ever met but after two summits that have yielded very little there are more questions than answers donald trump warned about this possibility last year ahead of the first summit in singapore saying he was prepared to walk away if the talks weren't fruitful it seems he's now delivered on that threat but with such a sudden premature end to this summit there must be real concern about what happens
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next. at this stage there are no plans for a third summit donald trump says kim jong un assured him there would be no resumption of misato nuclear tests but what happened in vietnam has proved that this continues to be an unpredictable road to the stated goal of ridding north korea of nuclear weapons wayne hay al jazeera hanoi. well scott snyder is a senior fellow for korea studies at the council on foreign relations and the author of south korea at the crossroads and he joins us now from washington d.c. scott so we're clearly hearing contradictory accounts of what the north koreans demanded the u.s. as it was full sanctions relief song is saying is possible was this just a miscommunication well it's hard to say till we get a little bit more of a readout i think from the working level and try to make sure that we understand exactly but i do think the two sides have identified very clearly the gap that
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remains to be addressed and it involves the scope of denuclearization in return for the scope of sanctions lifting and so in that respect i think that we have a clear and relatively straightforward quezon in terms of what would be necessary to move forward and then the question is whether or not the gaps can be bridge so scholars in your mind is there a mutual understanding of what denuclearization means between kim and trump now. i think that the working level talks have moved positively in the right direction but we don't yet have public evidence of a convergence a view on how to define complete denuclearization that's another good reason why the u.s. and north korea should resume working level talks in order to and do it in a situation where they're not preparing for a high level meeting in order to try to grapple with the substantial differences
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that remain between the two sides scott given there was some kind of a deal expected and some a saying trump walking away and not agreeing to a deal for the sake of a deal was a good negotiating tactic what's your take. i believe that there are benefits to president trumps to having no deal summits and probably the biggest one is that if he had made a deal at this time i think he would have been specially if it were a bad deal he would have gotten a lot of domestic criticism that would have actually piled onto some of the other domestic challenges that he faces well as you say these domestic challenges is there a concern there's a limited window for progress here especially with some potentially getting distracted by those domestic challenges that are well there's always on the u.s. side we have a political cycle and that's not something that the north korean side is burdened
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with necessarily the important thing is really for the two sides at the working level to establish regular communication. under the guidance of the respective leaderships and i think that there is a form of shuttle diplomacy that could be employed with meetings alternating between washington and pyongyang through which the remaining gaps can potentially be addressed or through which we realize that there is such a significant gap that they will not be rich a month from his saying now it's time to regroup what happens next will there be another summit or as you say more south of the primacy it potentially leading up to a third summit. i think that there will be a period of evaluation on both sides i believe that the south koreans may also try to facilitate an understanding through kind of shuttle diplomacy of their own between pyongyang and washington and that in combination with that evaluation
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hopefully it will be possible to launch a working group process that can properly prepare the ground for a successful leader level summit and scott what do you think that relationship is like at the leader level between trump and kim how would you characterize their their relationship i think that they have some chemistry but you know ultimately for the relationship between the two governments to change we need more than chemistry we need a convergence of interests that it needs to be defined in a mutual way that satisfies both sides and this is a relationship that for seventy years has not had that convergence of interests and so now is the time to try to work on bridging that gap scott snyder from the council on foreign relations thanks for being with us on al-jazeera. plenty more ahead on this news hour including un investigators say they found evidence of
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possible war crimes by israeli forces against gaza protesters. after his former lawyers congressional testimony president trump offers a bit of praise about mischaracterizes what michael cohen actually said. and another english premier league manager gets the birds as for them sat cloudier ranieri turner will have the details in sports. but israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust in three separate corruption cases who has dismissed the allegations as the result of a politically motivated witchhunt the announcement comes ahead of elections in april but it's methe reports from western sudan he is the first sitting israeli prime minister to be charged with bribery fraud
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a breach of trust benjamin netanyahu says he's innocent of will stay in his post. i am telling you citizens of israel this house of cards will collapse i'm certain about this i am four thousand percent certain about this are battling to keep serving you and the state as the prime minister for many years to come don't believe all the spin this depends on you it's not dependent on the officials all the analysts. there's no legal requirement for him to step down. and parties will feel to the supreme court say look at slow it's not logical the job of the prime minister is a very complicated job because those security issues insist at the core nomic issues you cannot the law serve spend days in. the court netanyahu is in the middle of an election campaign which if you wins puts him on course to be israel's longest serving prime minister but investigators say netanyahu made decisions to benefit
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a friend who is the main shareholder in israel's biggest internet infrastructure provider in return you get positive coverage from this friends popular news website browse. netanyahu is charged with fraud and breach of trust because he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in lavish gifts and there are allegations of a deal that would guarantee favorable coverage from a popular newspaper says of. the corruption investigation has been going on for years and doesn't seem to have dented netanyahu is popularity on the list is that guy only bibi he's innocent these supporters are saying play the role of the underdog most of the media. the left wing. india's been using this to sway the voters of the likud that is. hunting him and. want to. redeem him they want to do with
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enjoy him benjamin netanyahu will now have an opportunity to argue his case before the attorney general who will then make a final decision on whether to go ahead with the indictment and that is months away what matters now in an election campaign has become quite tight is whether any new details emerge about the nature of the charges netanyahu faces whether the unsavory new details that there are enough to put off currently loyal supporters burnitz me out west jerusalem well al-jazeera senior political analyst mullen the xara says netanyahu has been channeling trump aligning himself with the religious right and accusing the media of a conspiracy i think there's a general sense in israel that. no but i mean something like the most honest guy and that he and his wife are probably guilty somehow because the trial of public opinion is more important at this point in time before the elections than the
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actual legal processes that are going on in israel and i think much of israel our much of the right has already coalesced behind that and you know regard less of his character. and that is very similar to what's happening in the united states because most of our viewers are probably have followed president trump the investigation and so on so forth and netanyahu has been channeling trump nonstop over the last several months and even a couple of years you know aligning himself with the radical extreme right the religious right saying that the media is the enemy accusing the left of conspiracy and that all the ills of his own making are actually those of a conspiracy by the left but that he is a deserving of the position and he just said in the press conference in his statement that he hopes to be the prime minister of israel for years and years to
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come if the public trust in him continues as such but will the public trust continues where we will see in the next few days from the pools that will come on is whether this snowballs or not now the united nations says israel's crackdown on palestinian protesters in gaza last year to war crimes u.n. investigators say israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians out of there as victoria case in the reports. almost a year palestinian protesters have gathered along the gaza israeli border fence to demand the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel israeli soldiers have shot at them with live ammunition the un has investigated the deaths of one hundred eighty nine palestinians killed during the first nine months of the protest. it found that israeli soldiers deliberately shot at children disabled protesters paramedics and journalists it says their actions may amount to war crimes clearly this life fire was used to completely unlawfully where these people
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were not posing any kind of threat to life or to limb of any israeli security force or news release civilian. israel's dismissed the un report it says it has the right to defend itself from what it calls violent attacks in a statement to prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel rejects outright the u.n. human rights council report the council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east. the un also criticized the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza the not doing more to stop protestors flying burning kites over the gaza fence israel says they cause fires and damage property the un believes is identified some of the israeli snipers responsible for killing palestinian protesters that information will be given to the un high commissioner for human rights who could then pass it
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to the international criminal court israel's not a member of the i.c.c. but should those soldiers travel abroad they could face arrest victoria gate and be there. white house senior adviser jared krishna has met turkey's president on the latest leg of a regional tour to promote his israeli palestinian peace plan russia is an important player because of his support for the palestinian cause and hamas donald trump's son in law has already discussed his peace proposal with some gulf leaders this week including the saudi crown prince palestinians have preemptively rejected the plan because of u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital at least ten people have been killed in an attack apparently targeting the home of a judge in somalia's capital police say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate bashir omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court after the blast near his house in mogadishu security forces fought off gunman who tried
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to force their way inside says it was behind me attack. pakistan's prime minister says his country will release a captured indian pilots on friday as a gesture of peace a day earlier india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it downed two indian planes and arrested the pilot india said it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own. indian pilot is in our custody we will release him and we take him to india tomorrow as a peace gesture. but we spoke to pakistan's foreign minister who says they're willing to cooperate with india. we knew. that helped reelect it by the people of iraq. yes it is a historic package but be on a. fresh mindset where we want peace and stability in the region
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we have a very clear agenda which is the people centric agenda we want to focus on the government we want to focus on where certain. where we want peace and consideration and a lot of. people want to heat up the eastern border we have nothing to gain from that now we are willing to engage we're willing to sit and talk and we are willing to cooperate. has been very well received here in india particularly media but local channels here had a very interesting take on the situation. india pilot and. they've been taking a very patriotic. take on the situation now unlike prime minister india's prime minister has been very tight lipped about the situation he's only
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alluded to it in general thursday at interactive across the country addressing party workers and volunteers. how he believes the public should be reacting to the situation let's have a listen to that. seema part of the country's brave soldiers are showing their strength at the border and across the border to the country is one today and we're standing with the soldiers. how odd it is here now samarra provided we have faith in the ability of our forces and that's why it's very important that nothing affects the morale of our soldiers otherwise our enemies will have the upper hand. now that's being seen as a direct dig at the opposition the opposition party stood shoulder to shoulder with the government ever since the february fourteenth attacks on indian troops in the needy administered kashmir then on once day after the pakistani incursions and the capture of its pilots they openly criticize know these handling of the situation now analysts say that no matter what the situation is here in india with elections
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just a short time away just a matter of weeks whatever happens politics will be front and center. well there that capture is a former secretary and india's fine ministry and from new delhi he says pakistan handing over the indian pilots is not a goodwill gesture that but an obligation under the geneva convention pakistan and its risen condition is in no position to carry out all still it is in the further the indian a deck on that did it is facility and by the well that daddy justified and the bark is the only response was very weak today at the military press conference the military to present it it was displayed bark of a myside system which fell on the indian side which could only be mounted on and if sixteen so did fall in the area of operation which took place yesterday pakistan
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suffered a grievous loss often if sixteen fighter. and all this i say also despite all his fame around cons brave words having a sobering effect within pakistan too as far as india has made it very clear that it will not targeting the pakistan state park has done a military facility that will only operating against. this dog and that dog which has consistently launched deadliest attacks in india the jaish e mohammad indeed the bomba the suicide bomber who guided out the bull bomb attack on federally fall deemed him save in the predicted radio said that he is a member of the jaish e mohammad. still ahead on al-jazeera an american businessman behind bars and
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questions over the pot russia's president has played in that case. we need to stop killing one another to demonstrate that killing is wrong with the lads of a former executioner as a form examining the death penalty. and red bull loses its wings during pre-season testing china will have all the formula one nice in sports. hello again and welcome back we're here cross the western part of nine states we have been talking about the rain as well as the flooding going on across parts of central and northern california now the good news is that storm is making its way towards the east and we're going to be seeing much better weather across much of the west coast so here's your forecast on friday
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a lot of that flooded area just to the north of san francisco partly cloudy conditions here on friday unfortunately as we go towards saturday we do have another weather system coming in out of the pacific now most of the rain will be towards central and southern parts of california but that flooded area could as well see some more rain as we go towards saturday night and into sunday here towards easter we are looking at better conditions for new york with a temperature of about four degrees for you there across much of the caribbean it is going to be clear or dry partly cloudy conditions across much of the area what we're seeing here is those high clouds with the temperature of towards a van of about twenty nine degrees maybe a passing shower towards nasa at twenty seven and as we go down here towards panama city it is going to be a cloudy day with temperatures into the low thirty's and then across parts of warnings out as it is going to be a hot day for you attempted there of thirty but no rain in your forecast up towards rio that is where the front is twenty eight degrees there and it's sunshine a very warm day if you attempt this into the mid thirty's.
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oh jeez you. were in for.
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hello again i missed. our mind of the news this hour a u.s. led vote calling for a free and fair elections in venezuela has failed at the u.n. security council the draft included a push to get an aid which has been blocked at the border by venezuela's military russia and china vetoed the voters. the u.s. and north korea have failed to reach a nuclear deal and vietnam president donald trump says talks webb productive but the u.s. cannot agree to lift all sanctions north korea accuses washington of wasting an
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opportunity by rejecting its realistic proposal. israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu in three separate corruption cases nessun yahoo has dismissed the allegations as the result of a politically motivated which. president trump is on his way back to washington where he'll fly into a political storm following his former lawyer testimony to congress which he's branded ninety five percent lies speaking in vietnam trump said michael cohen's only truthful statement was that he didn't collude with russia to win the twenty sixteen election cohen accuse trump of racism and breaking campaign finance laws to cover up an affair with an adult film star he lied a lot but it was very interesting because he did lie about one thing he said no collusion with the russian hoax and i said i wonder why he didn't just lie about that too like he did about everything else i read a lot about so many different things and i was actually impressed that he didn't
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say well i think there was collusion for this reason that he didn't say that he said no collusion and i was. you know a little impressed by that frankly because if we could have gone all out he only won about ninety five percent instead of one hundred percent but the fact is there is no collusion and i call it the which aren't this should never happen to another president this is so bad for a country so bad however despite president transfer vox cohen did testify that he suspected him of collusion the questions have been raised about whether i know with direct evidence that mr trump or his campaign colluded with russia i do not and i want to be clear but i have my suspicions. and at a gathering of conservatives outside washington the attacks on the president made trump back as more fair john hendren reports from oxon hill in maryland. one day
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after president trump's former lawyer and fixer accused the president of committing crimes in and out of office conservatives stand solidly behind him this is step one in the democrats' crazy efforts to impeach the president. michael is a convicted liar and that's who the democrats saw as their star witness michael cohen implicated the president in a series of crimes violating campaign finance laws with payoffs to mistresses and knowing about leaked e-mails to democrats and meetings with russians but at the annual conservative political action conference he found only support on the main stage this is the most conservative president. since ronald reagan if not in american history and among the conservatives chatting in the hallways i think everybody loves our president some just don't know why. it wasn't always like this donald trump was once considered a person unknown grata here in two thousand and sixteen many walked out when candidate trump was scheduled to speak later canceled what she packed his long
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stood for cutting the national debt religious piety the hawkish military family values and now a president to his challenge them on every front now they seem to support him more than ever i think the president has accomplished more two years and any president in my lifetime i'm sixty nine years old i've seen a lot of them come and go so why is trump so popular among conservatives when he's such an unconventional figure perhaps because he's delivered for them too conservative supreme court justices tax breaks deregulation a bull walk against gun control and an expanding economy for that they seem willing to put up with some quirks ethical concerns marital infidelity and an undisciplined twitter feed. many also support his relentless attacks on the media to god's word to the bad guy despite cohen's testimony and expanding rave investigations that
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target him when trump speaks here on saturday he enters a safe place where he is expected to be welcomed as a conservative hero john hendren al jazeera oxon hill maryland well the u.s. house has approved the most significant gun control measure and more than two decades but the bill is expected to die in the republican controlled senate and president donald trump says he would veto the law as it affects people second amendment rights alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . democrats who have the majority in the u.s. house of representatives are pushing on with gun control the first step a major piece of legislation which passed easily the yes are to forty and. the one nine. by partisan background check act expands background checks for gun sales and closes the loophole which allows people to buy guns at gun shows and over the internet without those checks back you see there is widespread support for increased checks has been one of the calls from the students from parkland in
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florida where a mass shooting at a high school last february claimed seventeen lives and sparked a nationwide campaign public sentiment flare i think the public is tired of moments of silence but opponents see the legislation would not stop mass shootings and would not make americans safer according to one wants dogs that have already been more than fifty mass shootings in the u.s. and twenty nine thousand almost one a day more than one thousand people have been killed more than one hundred sixty wounded at the conservative political action conference in maryland the president of the national rifle association insisted gun rights advocates wouldn't stop the background checks and should be approached with the disarmament movement succeeds in taking over our government every one of those god given individual rights liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our constitution will be up for grabs that means the america we know now. will be you know order will cease to exist the
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house of representatives is also voted to increase the time for background checks to ten days making it harder just to pick up a weapon legally it too is expected to be defeated in the senate donald trump who at one point said he was in favor of tougher gun laws says he will veto anything that makes owning a gun harder alan fischer al-jazeera washington. the former judge who headed an investigation into the one nine hundred ninety four bombing of a jewish center and what his area is has been jailed for his role and what's been described as a cover up that the former president carlos menem has been acquitted argentina and israel have accused hezbollah of carrying out the suicide bombing on iran's orders stories about has more from buenos aires. an argentine court sentenced to prison a prosecutor a judge and a former chief of intelligence during the government of men and back in the nine hundred ninety secu zing them of corruption and obstruction of justice the courtroom says that they were involved in coursing witnesses and paying bribes and
2:38 am
this shows that the arjan kind fate at that time was involved in directing the investigation into an attack in a jewish community center that happened back in ninety three ninety three when this whole investigation came in as a request by the victims' relatives who were demanding a serious investigation into what they say was a cover up of the attack the argentines state has repeatedly said that iran was behind this attack but the whole case has been filled with irregularities and also let's not forget that about four years ago a prosecutor appeared with a shot in the head the victims are saying that this is a first step towards finding out the truth about what happened during that attack that happened twenty five years ago and they're hoping that a new investigation will begin soon senegal's president has won a second term in power or for opposition candidates say they won't oppose
2:39 am
provisional results that show macky sall taking fifty eight percent of the vote al jazeera as nicolas hock reports from dhaka. it's a victory they were expecting thank you so declared the winner of sunday's presidential election with fifty eight percent of the vote there will be no circuit which the relief of his party supporters i am so happy that he won he deserves this because you were. seven years to really start this in against people let me know that it might get a day to ten days to another five years old sorry decors university students protest the you know it's mit police firing tear gas to quell the angry crowd. it must be said that the candidate has confiscated the will of the senegalese people and will be only one to bear the consequences in the face of the people and history . while the other candidates reject the results they say they want to peel the outcome during the two we campaigned incumbent president boasted of his
2:40 am
achievements the economy is growing at an unprecedented rate of seven percent the number one has tripled so all promises to turn seven going to middle income economy thanks in part to the recent oil and gas discoveries estimated to be worth more than the fifty billion dollars but unemployment remains high and nearly half of senegalese live on less than two dollars a day thousands have attempted to cross the mediterranean not war but the lack of economic opportunities. candidate attracted mostly young voters frustrated with corruption the political system and calling for change the challenge for president is to address grievances of young people who haven't voted for him who are unemployed and struggle despite the economic growth. during his two thousand and twelve campaign promise change seven years later he's
2:41 am
promising the same but the electorate has changed senegal is now made up of mostly wanting action promises a load or no longer enough nicholas hawk the car hundreds of protesters in sudan have once again taken to the streets to defy the government's ban on public gatherings. chanting freedom and revolution for the people many joined mass rallies across the country widespread protests broke out in december over the price of crude but they've evolved into a larger movement against the president. the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended its work at the epicenter of the above the epidemic in the democratic republic of congo two of its kind and down and the latest attack against aid workers trying to contain the dangerous virus brian reports this is all that's left of an ebola treatment center in the eastern congo town of. attack is set fire
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to the building on wednesday before engaging in a gun battle with security forces for people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus fled the saying still missing. with this not forget a lethal disease and extremely contagious illness entire families in north have been dismay to entire villages in west africa disappeared because of the epidemic so the health workers are here to avoid a big tragedy. it was the second such attack this week on sunday and now the treatment center just a few kilometers away and was burned to the ground the brother of a patient was killed as he tried to escape the blaze. that fires two areas that were not for treatment like the changing in utility rooms which were burned down in any case the treatment center is no longer operational.
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this is outbreak began last august and is the worst in the country's history it's believed to have killed more than five hundred fifty people so far and infected about three hundred others i'd work as suffice the world health organization is called a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust. the health ministry says foreign and local medical teams have been attacked on average three to four times a week. as armed groups of ifa control of the region which is rich in minerals. this is the first time a new ball or bridge has happened in such an unstable and insecure area like eastern congo it's a challenge for us on a daily basis for all the teams who answer the call to fight against the epidemic. the charity says its immediate focus is the safety of its patients and staff but with its medical work suspended it could affect the bessel to stop the virus from
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spreading in congo and across its borders. al jazeera negotiations to end afghanistan seventeen year war have been briefly person on hold talks between senior taliban officials and the u.s. special peace envoy is on there are expected to resume in qatar on saturday afghan taliban co-founder and political chief. has been leading the discussions to wrench all rain has triggered a flash flooding in jordan's capital hundreds of shops in downtown amman were swamped by twenty four hours of downpours divers have been helping stranded people to safety and schools and universities were shut on thursday and a road connecting to the dead sea has been closed. a moscow court has dismissed the appeal of american businessman michael kawhi who was arrested two weeks ago for alleged fraud has helped invest almost four billion dollars into the russian
2:45 am
economy but his detention has sent shock waves through russia's business community has stepped up with more. michael coffey has been doing business in russia for more than twenty years he's been charged with fraud worth more than thirty seven million dollars prosecutors say he illegally underprice shares of first touch me bank sas he's the victim of a corporate dispute which shareholders high level executives have come to his defense. and he believes if he. would believe in the words because he is one of russia's most successful foreign investors one of his biggest success stories has been the rise of internet giant young decks better known as russia's version of google in an open letter to vladimir putin colleagues have asked the president to personally get involved in his case but in his annual address to the federal assembly last week button suggested his concerns are not
2:46 am
always listen to. the better stories in the business and your colleagues to achieve these goals we have for our country we should get rid of everything that limits to freedom of intrapreneur a ship on his businesses should always feel looming prosecution and the risk of criminal punishment i've already asked for your attention to address this problem the unfortunately the situation has not changed much but despite its worth reports have emerged that put in insisted this case should be investigated making the business community not hopeful of the president's support. for about fifteen years on the war nothing changes of situation councilmen was. either it means that he. really he needs another thing. to keep you cool spring. powerless. the. legal experts at the business against corruption chanter in moscow have started their own investigation hoping to prove innocence and they say that
2:47 am
according to russian law it is illegal to detain a suspect in a corporate case before his trial michael called his case is seen as a sign of the increasing uncertain russian investment climate some say the case shows that without the right connections it has become more and more difficult to do business here and with tens of billions of us dollars of oil revenues coming in every year foreign investors like we are not the government's priority for us and al-jazeera. more than twenty thousand prisoners around the world are on death row now a forum in belgium is examining whether capital punishment achieves its aims or should be abolished brennan reports from brussels. who deserves to die the title of saffir morris photographic portrait series on display here at the world congress against the death penalty in brussels. this. this is a campaigning for him petitioning for clemency and advocating judicial reform with
2:48 am
a remarkable cross-section of speakers and delegates my name is and. i spent twenty years in prison twenty of those years was on death row for granted i didn't commit them a was wrongly convicted of murder in tennessee since his release he uses his office to educate and campaign as long as you have to do any innocent people go me and i came think and nobody did support if there were say that i supported so much no innocent people know me. in a willing to sacrifice or maybe i knew or learn. to maintain a system nine hundred ninety three prisoners were known to have been executed in twenty seventeen although no figures are available from china which is believed to have executed several thousand people every year my name is jerry givens percent nineteen years i was a cheat executioner for the state of virginia he executed sixty two prisoners but the inevitability that one day he might take an innocent life lead this devout man
2:49 am
to quit before that could happen mistakes cannot be undone we need to stop killing we need to stop killing one another to demonstrate that killing this wrong we know that is wrong we need to show love for one another if we can replace the love. it's the the hey tree it will be a better world for everybody one hundred fourteen countries have already abolished the death penalty and thirty two more have introduced a moratorium on its use but as you can see from this great swathe of red here many countries are continuing to resist reform. just this week egypt's president sisi rebuffed european union criticism and defended his country's use of execution by saying the two the agents had two different cultures but the abolitionist campaigners remain hopeful in southeast asia there is definitely room for positive signs. from the decision of the malaysian government to abolish the death penalty let's see if they can succeed but they have the willingness this is very important
2:50 am
argument sometimes used in favor of capital punishment employed to terence and retribution interpretations of religious law may also play a part the conclusion here though is that essentially it's a political and human rights debate one that is slowly shifting. al-jazeera brussels the world of classical music has lost one of its leading figures conductor and andre previn died on thursday aged eighty nine in a career spanning seven decades he enjoyed long ten years aiding the london symphony orchestra and the los angeles philharmonic previn also worked in hollywood winning four oscars prez work on films including my fair lady and porgy and bess.
2:51 am
2:52 am
thank. you now it's time for sports history. thanks very much cloudier in the area has become the sixth english premier league manager to lose his job this season for them have dismissed the italian manager but the club in serious danger of relegation they currently ten points away from safety with ten games remaining ranieri sacking follows forums to nil loss to southampton on wednesday he was hired in november and only managed to win twelve points in sixteen games this sacking is
2:53 am
the latest chapter in what's been a roller coaster career which has seen the italian manage sixteen clubs in over three decades is started promisingly early on he guided calorie and fury and tina to promotion said he also helped monaco get back into league in two thousand and thirteen his major achievement was one of the biggest shocks in football history he coached rank outsiders less to cities to the english premier league title in two thousand and sixteen but while his c.v. includes managing some of europe's biggest clubs many of them have fired him for underperforming the list includes the likes of you ventus into milan for landsea and chelsea you a for of given real madrid captain sergio ramos of too much ban for deliberately getting booked ramos was already a booking away from being suspended when he helps royal beat i axed to want to weigh in the last sixteen of the champions league but late in the game he was given a yellow card for a foul warning him out for the return match after the game he suggested he did it
2:54 am
on purpose so that he could get this is pension out of the way despite retracting his comments you a fan of punished him ramos will now miss the first leg of the champions league quarter finals if royal progress. formula one teams have just one more day of testing to get their cars ready for the first from prix of the season in melbourne in march for already has been the most impressive so far newcomer charlotte clerks set the pace on day seven in barcelona alexandre album of toronto was second with mclaren slander norris in third. obviously i think as every team we are not flat out. still some margin obviously in myself i still have to learn i get more comfortable with laps after laps and also. so. yeah it's looking good for now not a great day though for pierre ghastly who was lucky to escape this crash on her twenty hit a barrier but the same can't be said for his car which was left without its red
2:55 am
bull wings the mechanical team face a long nights rebuilding it for friday's final day meanwhile constructors' champions miss avies will be looking for one final push push after lagging behind for arya mclaren their five time world champion lewis hamilton finished up in ten. eleven sadie's could use an extra pair of hands all pause to figure out where their pace is gone is hamilton posted this video of his dog roscoe who could well be in training for one of f. once famously fast pitstop. roger federer is just two ins away from a one hundred eighty p. title he came through a stop start quarter final of the divide championships beating hungary's martin folks of a seven six six four gusty conditions in brief rain delays frustrated the seven time to buy champion but he's through this. yeah i mean. i'm happy it's over that we had a couple of ranger those gusty winds again mark on playing well save to step on to
2:56 am
the first set it was dramatic at the end so yeah it got me going for millions of young sports men and women it's a dream to play in the n.f.l. that dream has just got a bit closer for one female player. i will be signing to. central methodist university this is tony harris who's just become the first female nun kika to sign a letter of intent and get a college scholarship and she had a difficult journey to make it this far in what's traditionally a male dominated sport how i started playing at six but it eighteen she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost half of her body weight. we should never get to the next level. never by generally. never get the full stop. paris was already well known in the u.s. before getting that scholarship she was the focus of an ad by car company toyota.
2:57 am
during the super bowl and despite only just getting her place in college she said she dreams of one day playing for the seattle seahawks and she set a taste of the big time appearing as a guest on n.b.c.'s today show they didn't make the sport they don't want females to play in this sport and so if you want the chance you do have to be so good beginning nor you because once you're that good so be futile reaching out like always said that no matter what school you are no matter what state or what place if you have the talent they'll find you and i guess and they found me i always tell people that the game is more eighty percent mental and twenty percent physical and so although i do have the mentality for that i still have to build my mentally more every day because the next level gets harder and harder to get any easier and that's all sport for now. but you can find much more on our website including coverage of tensions between india and pakistan the address al jazeera dot com and
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that's it for me for this news hour. one day if you don't cast arrive into the country club and they decide to play god . and suddenly she didn't castro said to she can i manage shade if we could. bring sofas to do so far in this magnificent nonstate a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera.
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the latest news as it breaks hours after the explosions to the point to say the city is safe and the civilians one the target. with detailed coverage despite the high cost the right young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of tough you'll see choosing from around the world it must see it different now that is a view that speaks for to many many people here in the past a republican. africa's most populous nation a block just economy has a youth unemployment problem and a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go to this folder we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. a call for new elections in venezuela fails at the u.n. security council. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president trump walks away from his summit meeting with north korea but says talks between the two sides will continue. israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu.


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