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tv   Killing Whales  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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and pakistan says it down to two indian planes and arrested the pilot india said it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own. send people have been killed in an attack a party targeting the home of a judge in somalia's capital police say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate alba she at all mocked the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind the attack. chanting freedom of peace a revolution for the people many joining the mass rallies across the country to defy the sudan government's ban on public gatherings widespread demonstrations broke out in december over the price of food but they've evolved into a large of movement against the president. and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to people in power for that. africa's most populous nation a blah just economy has a youth unemployment problem and
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a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion co-incidence folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. iceland is one of only three nations in the world to hunt whales for some the practice is akin to burn for murder for others it's a sustainable part of the country's cultural heritage for those on the frontline of this battle between industry and conservationists it's also become a personal struggle between right and wrong.
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somebody said yeah finally it was definitely that. two is not as good then fine a ski was sunk in the me anymore see how me like every five years did i have a credit limit on the boat or off my boat logan to be done at military i mean your b.b.s. is she said but sia i have a hunch fog the same good teacher been found and we will do it again or even the ride will. cause you coming on will do as long as you. make something up when. it. is just down the lane just the wailing station now on the end of this pier here this is where the oh by the old dog. these are vicious
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groups and every sheesh david kill you if you can kill them. are those two. the two males i think. we don't want to see any more fin whales being needlessly so it is obsolete by rick. resource utilization for me. as his thoughts why shouldn't he believe. we have an appointment with a man who many hate and despise christian lusts and is iceland's uncrowned will king he catches fin whales and endangered species it's been a family tradition for seventy is a vision is the ultimate house floor for the procession of the latest we have been here in this location all the time she went in for the only stuff that we have a photo of. the monkey since the season started in june he's two ships have killed
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one hundred thirty whales here we most recently found that. so it made much good he said film review not just on the run but to last since operations are under constant surveillance to activists from marine conservation and juicy shouted a keeping a close eye on how many whales are being killed and always have to think about way oh this evidence of this about ten years ago just they've just fascinated me. oh. love it he just. thought of that. we think it's a question often. people like him think they can just get away with everything absolutely everything you know you just does not. think that's him. the coming days a crucial karen and josh riley. and
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a few days left since permit to catch fin whales expires and the activists are trying to prevent him from renewing it. that would put an end to his wavelength he has a quote from the icelandic government that he can go out and kill these endangered species you know they are an endangered species so why does he get to do it people need to know what's going on you know a local would realise that the still goes on. for most. of them. in the past see shepherd's campaigns have been controversial with some critics even labeling its tactics of direct action and sabotage as environmental terrorists and . these pictures from two thousand and eight sea shepherd is attacking japanese fishermen. smugglers the first time
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i've been here and i just think it is an amazing. just breathtaking play and it's just this area but to spoil the whole of iceland. the man down there on the poor. thing will be pulling a no. the fin whale is the second largest animal in the world. it can be up to twenty six meters long and weigh up to eighty tons. decades of overfishing have endangered it as a species. lost some catches only fin whales making him particularly controversial. the loudest you where you countries are all x. whales able whale themselves. couldn't manage anything because their greed was too much they quote unquote of course. we want to do layer it with this stuff on this
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this side to the plant beverly we are trying to turn him around. the international whaling commission considers the stocks around iceland healthy. this is why iceland allows whaling. everyway stocks are. healthy you have a sustainable harvest you harvest if you it's not sustainable you don't have a start it's as easy as that. they are put into the gun they have. made fun of for words and it penetrates through the into the animal in the cavity it explodes inside and kills the. cop and weighs more than sixty kilos one shot kills most whales sometimes two or three shots a needed. japanese whalers
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a seen here shooting a fin whale in two thousand and eight. japan a new way of the only other countries to have commercial whaling. japan calls it research. these three countries defy the moratorium on commercial whaling that was issued in one thousand nine hundred six when several species when their extinction. iceland resumed whaling in two thousand and six this was the reaction when the first strip arrived back at the docks with its catch all the scientific outlets on our sites all over the ideas only to harvest the waste on the basis of sustainability and. all of the precautionary approach. money. oh i head off heading off on any.
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and i've got a couple hours. ago when i had a wedding out with totally furred auto johansson to see whales that are alive we use in a scene make us backwards in a way to know where those white big dolphins for five years the young captain has made a living from taking tourists on will watching tourists. it has become a lucrative business in iceland even bigger than whaling. and lord suffer got the word out in your forgot that last year three hundred seventy thousand tourists went on whale safaris in iceland there it is again. one for the. real coach it was their nature because they weren't going to work their rights were white and we were going to be a majority of icelanders were in favor of waiting for
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a long time but an increasing number and now against it like totally for being shot with our poor and drawn it says no. it's not my way and i don't like. in june two thousand and eighteen paul showed icelandic public opinion on whaling is now evenly split one third in favor one third against and undecided way watching industry gives way more jobs on the way more money for everyone it's just a no we can see all of these are the same out of more four hundred dollars a year still didn't you never see the. eucharist trying and system now. you were not at the whales are deathly like majestic animals and i think it's a cruel punishment oeuvre it's basically cruel and unusual punishment to hunt them and expressly if they're eating them always on mammals and and they deserve equal
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respect like us we are mamas and they deserve the same respect as us and they maintain an ecosystem and i think we have to respect that ecosystem and nature so to me that's a complete no no i slung that says in in a small scale and they've gone to extinct the race then i don't mind do you see the boat over there. what is that that's the whaling boat that i figured it's going out . according to turn the third whaling is detrimental to whale tourism. would go get it i agree responses we've council a solution the old saying. i think this whole abortion never going to go there. for me it's not a cultural. thing with me there's no culture. for his part christian lots and doesn't believe that whaling damages tourism he says
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the number of tourists has risen from under five hundred thousand in two thousand and ten to over two million last year. i say it's due to the way. you think is due to really why not people are interested to come and see and taste . and they're saying. some of these people. can be. this is kind of an average size. farmer likes to see you know you like the whales too. i'm sure there would be some people who say that you don't yeah i don't care less about that i've been vaccinated for that for a long time go. this. place it's. so different from the.
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this is. really i guess it's better to use this for some. of the above to do that i don't think there's something i think of it. they just take a slice in the sky and i'll. see shepherds sees it and he whaling campaign as its most important mission the head of the n.g.o.s u.k. branch rob reed has arrived to reinforce the message.
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is not acceptable. for one man or company to make his money i phone in killing of an endangered species the organization has tried to stop the last cent from whaling for thirty two years. is good when pharmacy was sunk silly him or see how you like every day seem to do going to. change. in five years that i have a credit limit on the bottom off my blood flow going to object to and think that they're going to when i should be. i'm somewhat changed. i actually see this is quite a a proud achievements in seizure of his history. yes devival is there and that's for good reason that in that this is a company killing the second largest well on the planet is.
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christian you know looking at those two books over there does it annoy you what happened yeah it's. kind of vandalism is there a new round you know we've written shooter games to go for rides along don't pay the bill. but it was clear that you up the list and again. yes i suppose it is vandalism and vandalism happening to the wedding station but i was a long time ago in a different set of circumstances and that's not the campaign we've running today. to apprise this kind of wailing in austin. over the ships in the world should be like these to. bust your wife going to motivate you. know is asking everything movement i call and they don't want anything very good fishing. deer hunting you just name it they would argue that they are fighting a nonviolent fight against you know animal cruelty or the extinction of animals
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that's what they say. if these. terror. people are going to take the law in their hunts you know you have a problem. usually christian lofts and explodes over ninety percent of the whale meat to japan but protests and restrictions mean that no one will transport the meat. and these guys are just g.p.s. of the shipping industry you need gas powered for and i do think that they hadn't made the rounds they have made in their home you. know we just just kind of both know. for sure his his stuff and i think. he may be. possibly proud of the whiting. i think he has seen genuinely likes being infamous he likes being my son's arrive.
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at a long haul i want to roll. on god's most sun has allies. stefan on front sun is the head chef at three ad from iceland only restaurant that serves finn well. this is how we get the whale this size of boxes it's fifteen the number here and i'm a lover not three he can eat its like source even though he did like roast beef the roast will be deployed well first the. this is. a big deal out of the pieces the restaurant sells almost two tons of it a yeah and that's controversial. stefan and his restaurant are the object of international protests. do you get like hate mail from the council to take me sometimes to
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petition or something just ask politely that's all the. people who live they'd be in the center of london or middle of manhattan and they don't have this. contact the relationship with nature. here is a part of a way testicle dog. also sells while. we brew with the sheep dung small way of testicles he's brewery makes four hundred thousand bales a year twenty thousand a mate with whale. i would say it's. medium dark. and with a smoky taste a special kind of smoky taste because because of the sheep dung and a bit of a meaty finish. when you cook the beer he put it here in and boil it for quite
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a long time one testicle is like this in size maybe seven to ten kilos. this is something i wouldn't want to carry. me you need to see your little bit you know which man. the spears told to be crazy is feeling the world all right it's always here. well we're way past the blue smoke his sheep dung. and you go first. and then actually very good very good and. i don't know if i can hear that but i don't know i'm not that terry you can tell. we have got a lot of threats from people especially outside of iceland it's all kinds of threats for example why not use your own testicles in
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a beer. we actually specifically looked up this place to try to find a place that actually had whale a pretty much over to myself to try. to actually delicious kind of salty i didn't expect it to be red color like that but it's a. very tender. and sustainable ways of fishing and we can do whatever we want to to keep a balance in the oceans but we don't have to have some. foreigners to fish to tell us how to run our fishing. so thanks for tuning guys we'll keep you updated ok guy so what you can see. here is what's left of endangered fin whale number one three one. was brought in this morning one half a seven by kovalainen ein. so as you can see they've removed the majority of the
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meat. sea shepherd has one hundred thirty nine thousand followers on facebook. many watch online one images a posted life. even though i hate it and i hate seeing it. become a go to suck it up and get on with. other people need to see some of the photos so the other people can. see what's going on we won the icelandic government to have an idea of how many people around the world are actually bearing witness to the atrocities that happen in your front of you. have gone on to see ship of. home page baseball page and this is actually the lifestream when they have right now. what do you think of them doing that i don't care less i mean they're lying their
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minds are getting a stain on don't watch if you. don't believe that you know the football. they're standing right up there here five you want to go talk you know i have nothing to talk to both. of which i told why raise your kids on these people you ask me every other question is about them and what you must be one of them i'm starting to see for them and she and i hope you know this yes you guys i mean just because you are mentioning a man every other second like we sure you have right over top of the board right now i am because they all right you know right here yes they are the example of the opposition against yeah i've talked enough mention i don't care much about it. as long as you don't stand front allies of property and things like that so we need you to use the links and the addresses that you find attached to our live streams e-mail the prime minister of iceland actually discuss them is actually barbaric.
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don't be scared these are just cowards you know when you face been there they just fall down. and that has been your. you approach doing during all these confrontations that have been with these various groups. here waiting for them. and have days here karen come out has documented fifteen whales been caught top. off towards she goes to her cottage on the beach this kind of tranquil and you know when you go on you it is just so peaceful. even here she confiscated christian lofts and because her landlord worked for him at the whaling station what did you do what was until i was did everything so when you had. it like this if it where
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it's. it will get you how big i'll take the latter as i have the last of my whole month it's a symbol to all go and sell them along vegans so i couldn't imagine. the whales and i want to save the why would you want to come with us and just explain where all the bones are this is the rib the rib and so this is so insane i think because it looks like a tree stump doesn't that the landlord placed whalebones on the beach as. this is just a possible yeah. is that i'm. off to the season the government will decide if life since permit will be renewed that can determine his future as a whale catcher. do you think that you'll get. we tend to start a campaign. to keep going on that even if we have to take breaks occasionally for
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years we'll come back to it some will keep going until that issue is resolved we all also feel. options on ways to continue or even escalate this campaign. what could make you stuff. right if the government i mean and we of course had thought that the i don't know for how long do you think you'll continue what could have been. earlier this month the aust london government announced that a maximum of two hundred nine fin whales and two hundred seventeen minky whales can be killed each year between twenty eighteen and twenty twenty five it said the new coaches are sustainable and based on scientific research.
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jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera this is a name to be a well trained the supreme pisky been forced to watch the full complete eighteen his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seeking justice for those slaughtered by their guardians of peace kilis on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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that matter to you al-jazeera at night in a stockholm suburb somali bombs patrolled streets police are not going to hide out for lack of money i'm tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. i do a little bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. up. right here. somebody like. a christian priest if you are a friend of the palestinians is a true go for everyone and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. for his
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beliefs. al-jazeera world tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the p.l.o. . no way forward on the venezuela crisis rival resolutions fail at the u.n. security council. i'm told matheson this is all just here on live from doha also coming up after days of rising tension over kashmir both india and pakistan moved to ease tensions. donald trump returns to the u.s. without a deal on north korea's nuclear program but differing explanations on what went wrong is.


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