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tv   The Archbishop The PLO  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 9:00am-9:18am +03

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where as the global trade war despite falling prices a duple calls rubber white gold at least for now. by the sun in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister says a captured indian pilot will be released on friday as a peace gesture the pilot was caught off to india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region cammarata has more from islamabad danger in between india and pakistan redman high although a days now i hope and expectation that it would be announcement by the budgets on the prime minister about the release of the captured indian pilots that the indian side will get their message of peace from budgets on however their budgets on the
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military spokesman major general archibald made it quite clear that the army was ready for any eventuality the progress on air force was running constant advert throws in order to ensure that there was no for that intrusion from the indian site there were also signs of normalization with the but very real human with real love already your daily push back in your leaving this morning for india and also an announcement by that there really be action or toward a dead focused on the air experience would be reopened this afternoon after it was lowered and that of god for god of an imminent threat of an indian mr that tag so indeed steps are underway international diplomacy also being ramped up and ordered tried to convince board new delhi and its lama bought to deescalate this crisis. thirteen protesters in sudan or to go to jail for between six months and five years they've been sentenced by
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a court established under the country's recently imposed state of emergency law. the demonstrators are part of growing protests against president omar al bashir earlier this week outlawed public gatherings in a bid to stop the demonstrations the u.n. security council has rejected rival resolutions on the crisis in venezuela a u.s. led vote seeking free and fair elections failed at the security council with russia and china vetoing the move and russia had its own idea rejected as well donald trump has returned to the u.s. after talks with north korea ended without a deal in vietnam president trump says the discussions were productive but the u.s. cannot agree to lift all sciences accuses washington of wasting an opportunity by rejecting its realistic proposal. in the united states removes partial
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sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries. told me this proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu in three separate corruption cases netanyahu has dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. i mean but soon the good would be for three years they've been conducting against as a political witch hunt an unprecedented witch hunt which aims to topple a right wing government and bring to power the leftist party of lapita and counts
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that have put inhumane pressure on the state attorney general. the world of classical music has lost one of its leading figures. conductor and composer on three previn died on thursday aged eighty nine in a career spanning seven decades enjoyed a long ten years leading the london symphony orchestra and then assign julie's fanaa monic bevan also walked in hollywood winning four oscars for his work on films including my fair lady and porgy and bess. coming up next it's al jazeera world by finance.
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in the one nine hundred sixteenth an unusual supporter of the palestinian cause emerged from the holiest of places. and. at. the end of the father still mean when i say. that libya was in the year. he became an active
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campaign or even while holding high christian office. he served time in jail but that didn't deter him and he carried on his fight into his late eighty's. this is the story of hilarion capuchin a catholic archbishop in jerusalem and his controversial relationship with the p.l.o. . compute she was born in one nine hundred twenty two in the syrian city of aleppo his father died when he was very young so he grew up an orphan. at the age of eleven he joined the brazilian monastery in there to shield in lebanon where he completed his primary education lemon is our last day at canada how i did last march arsenic i'm usually could have was a lot. you know what you'd be the last
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two out of. were you the sober mother sunny you had to live in you have a look that i mean are by then beautiful because for those on the philosophy you were allowed to you let me give you a few days of the sheer. awful sleep was that us of a day look at these quotes for our show phoebe day at the. shuffle well nerd. shae that we i need has very well yet that she'll. go. on the twenty second of july nine hundred forty six the jewish armed group good in bomb the king david hotel in jerusalem. she was deeply affected by the bombing leads her writing in his memoirs. i was the only student who left the center and ministry that. i saw the destruction and the bodies of the ninety english and arab victims i felt
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unbearable pain. she went back to lebanon where he was ordained a priest in one thousand nine hundred eighty two in the battalion and order of the greek catholic church. he chose the name hilario on after hillary and the greek who lived in gaza one thousand eight hundred years earlier. you know legal ability to listen to learn your own men for cafferty well for a lot of see her there i would bob but this woman has for true hey. apology we're full of three want to be there and who we saw namely full steam me out of it but when you can if this will be a local level and working in asia or whatever you have the added comment can i was a little chemical or if your little one wish to see it all have the subtle silly
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motegi or was a little shocked or if you were miserable you were the can and when anyone actually would have met. in one thousand nine hundred eighty five put you with a pointed archbishop of syria and p.t. arkell vicar of jerusalem. he went to live in jerusalem. well enough so. they see that their kids are all ok for a week. i let the kind of alone thunderdome kabul g. because in the here and now but a better reality. of carefully focus on the math.
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class i've got a few mocha tran and the attorney because. it. was the it in men business let him women they're seeing more of him what i thought when had he the raw and me and messy hey you not so arise son a heavy. man must lead to work and if you work not work but we let you. sit under our. under flemish clear on how dumb are you done to have there. and that was standard because you are a. year in the valley you can contest me or to a lot of almost all of them which to me were measured here while a somewhat of a rumor carefully forgot. who had great market b.c.
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let me add whole of. it band which would have all could well there you should beit could be seen in your quote if a kind of muslim and messy hate young man and your part if i am in a powerful message. would be i been math or now. eleven was a higher percentage thing and that only. at the level puts if you have comes as alliance of our city in canada out of illinois this will. be a for sure mulan work for. a walk here yet. on the. if the june one thousand nine hundred eighty seven israel declared war on egypt syria and jordan. the nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ended with israel occupying the egyptian sinai peninsula the gaza strip the
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syrian golan heights and the west bank. the israeli army entered jerusalem and the city came under israeli control. it was a turning point in the life of archbishop. what he can do with the whole world by the some most of the. of them were just as we were thank you nearly shifu bad in the us. come had definitely. been and americana sure had that for show out it was as if the how off the holocaust the final be they hear out of by me a shade below what kind of i would offer a valid bob. you're solidly on the island a shade i was sure that my bother him what he had to hear about me it's show here. bad. for the same use of our city some of us athene let me just.
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deferred it or you less likely you will not be there to be at the end. of the shell it did in libya. because. the one horny shot at the needle ahmed made any and everybody will feel or. look in google that it is. the road in his memoirs three days after the occupation of jerusalem i was driving my car on the streets of the city wearing my clerical clothes. an israeli soldier approached and spat and. i got out of the car and started beating him until he fell to. the ground. i was then convinced that these invaders must be confronted with violence to be their own brutality i decided to work out and resist occupation.
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she went on to write i founded the first resistance of the jerusalem i held meetings in the monastery the men were very enthusiastic and they left arms to carry out of ration against the enemy. mean other non-polar i don't know how. i was alone now. when the ticket for that most of the un had the name and home i was on some or no iraq had been involved for us in. office so how far was. a c.s.e. american reality for when i was jailed had that little factor had risen on one hundred gun. had to be that either. the fetus or i walk around with stuffies of your ass on the head of the above. physical fatma john at the saloon the plank of
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losing a family. archbishop coochie joined the main palestinian resistance group at the time the fatah movement active in jordan and lebanon. he also stayed in close touch with the bush he had an abu fit us hoping to provide arms to the resistance cells he founded. for to equip the needed to supply weapons to their cells in the occupied territories primarily to three brothers riyadh. and sahara. in that in the area at which. can of our been a pack of us me and no none. at three b. could tell here that the fella may have been hornblende. knuckly. and that cannot. be. a push he
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had persuaded pucci to drive weapons to fight the cells in the west bank he was to hide them in his car and drive to jerusalem via the not good a crossing in south lebanon i'm a case that i'm not going to hear. and you know. the vision. of one. well is a good lot almost the. trunk i would remove would be the area. and . it.
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may well do it how much means kalo. the body plan and. were suffering vertica of our diplomacy vatican welfare lada say a lot with the having no particle of how do you orthodox us i will be for i will let in live in a town of a new. album nakoula. the . let my dear little kids who just bought it for the family and as we had then you can let. me hear me and my last act canyon call. who can build value. of the forgotten me.
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having driven the weapons back to jerusalem she kept him in his car until an arm specialist arrived from up a few dollars to unload them. he then hid them in and for school in baytown you know. three of my lab elites who picked them up and distributed them. a bunch who had. done this. one was the very well could look hostile people listening and not from hot the patrol thought we're you know we're can and no more will say that has to happen the problem would be i b m f e o was that. i was on the list. as the hey i am and i'm in.


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