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did rival resolutions on the crisis in venezuela. seeking free and fair elections failed at the security council with russia and china vetoing the move and russia's resolution was rejected as well gammon battled police and somalia's capital hours after a bombing that killed at least twenty nine people police say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate a sure omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind the attack the u.s. is offering a million dollar reward for information about osama bin laden's son the state department says homes have been laden is emerging as a leader of al qaeda and says he could be on the afghan pakistan border and recent years hum said bin laden has released audio and video messages calling for attacks on western targets so the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera for news throughout the day in the meantime the stream is next. with a new leader in brazil comes changes to how we deal with it in the u.s.
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brazil's vice president is playing an active role the president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil talks to al-jazeera. we are all in this together so let's do this together. i have a kid president. i announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. we need to create a wave in the rest of the country and bring that weave crashing down on their heads and i'm here tonight to ask you will you. be. my daddy and in up it's a janitor but his little girl got the chance to be a public school teacher a college professor. state senator and a candidate for president of the. america we
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will. i'm cory booker and i'm running for president of the united states of america but if we take these challenges head on the future is ours. and those are just some of the candidates running for the highest office in the united states so fall on seventy ok you're in the string with more than six hundred days still to go until election day the list of candidates is a growing that ten officially candidates exploratory committees on the way more than a dozen politicians. don't visit interviews moves and greets across the country i am only could be laughable take a look at the big names the lesser known ones and what the issues of two thousand and twenty will and should be what do you think is the right person to take on us president trump well today show was chosen by you from our latest twitter poll our community wanted to know about the twenty twenty candidates planning to run for the
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u.s. presidency so we're going to tell you about them weigh in on twitter at a.j. stream or join our youth. with us to discuss the candidates so far rina shah is a republican strategist and consultant and founder of the women's public leadership network pedicle hain is al-jazeera could this get this to you because your democratic strategist shawn you some on twitter says too many democrats are declaring i think they'll all cannibalize each other so bit in three right there it is a crowded field right now what do you make of it. well there has to be one right so. you know i disagree i think the biggest lesson learned from twenty sixteen is we had to you candidates we had the establishment candidate and we had the insurgent candidate and that was pretty much it and the largest electorate on
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election day in two thousand and sixteen were people that didn't vote right people weren't happy with donald trump or hillary clinton so i like that we have variety i like that we have all geographies all ethnic. all issues covered and there's a lot more there's a lot. of the lesson fluttering and the lesson from twenty six or teetering running had too many and that's how donald trump got to be the nominee because he was over here and they were all over here be normal politicians so there is a real danger for the democrats if they repeat what the g.o.p. did in two thousand and sixteen there just is. the difference here the difference patios there is no donald trump on the democratic side so there is no corrupt racist bully on the democratic side so i think we're going to be ok and i trust the american people look we have on the democratic side the ability to bring in millions of new people into the process and so the more candidates that are out
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there that are making the case more people are bringing it and i think that that's good for democracy and we don't want to get things tend to candidates i see if we can take one show that's quite a mission best coming out. who struck you what was the one we thought of which are of course standing there with snow all over her like that bravery right there number one because i work for candidates who are like sort of like the weather and now look at that if it's bad we're going indoors and so i think she just wanted to show that she's tough and you know that's really she she doesn't really have the minnesota night that we hear about and that's actually a phrase in the us that we hear a lot and i like minnesota republicans to be. as a very independent and with a crossover for clothes which are that's a very real a very real scenario i think i think we should also put a pause on that all of these articles a bit about how any clothes which are is not nice to her staff not one article like that has ever been written about a male candidate. how they're eviscerating her for the eating a salad with
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a comb like love get creative i think that is a miklos which you get walked centrist democrat that's perfect from the midwest. so this is a name in our rapid fire here that is one most of our audience will be familiar with this person writes and this is happy arabs he says my personal preference is sitting senator bernie sanders he has demonstrated his ability to connect with millions of americans on the issues he's the most electable candidate and the one who can beat trump he's not the only one who says it and alexander says i believe senator sanders platform is far more representative of my values and other candidates in the democratic field any surprise party that senator centers is you know thrown out back in the ring right now it's all about name recognition and that's why you see joe biden bernie sanders pulling that one into this difference for standards here is this isn't twenty sixteen he's not just running against hillary clinton which was as far from a progressive democrat as you can get still be a democrat he's going to be running against five or six other really truly
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progressive people who aren't seventy something years old and scream all the time so this is going to be a much different election for him so i think you're on to something there with the sort of you know name recognition but with biden you know it's i think biden bernie are two very different people they're just extremely different despite the name i.d. you're getting a feel good person with biden with bernie you know what you're getting you're getting somebody who's loud and angry and sort of a crazy we're going to learn that you. always. think about bernie sanders that people aren't realizing he had a monstrous first eleven million dollars and. forty percent of those donations were people who have never given to bernie sanders or what does it mean what does that mean for the countries that doesn't have much money behind potential candidates what does that mean that he raised that much money that quickly. it's an incredible amount but it's pretty close to a record i believe i mean most candidates and their quarter and filings they're
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hoping for a couple million dollars in the bank bernie is crushing through those expectations so you know i think that he's going to have a very broad level of support he's going to have a lot of support from from young people and yes there were millions of people that not on doors and supported bernie sanders in that twenty sixteen primary who are just as fired up today as they were back in two thousand and sixteen let's move on and so pat's when i think back on the idea there's only just bernie and the rest of the field that actually makes it a lot more compelling for bernie because he is someone who has such a broad level support when you have fifteen other candidates going for a very specific voter that kind of opens the field for bernie sanders in the primary let's move on. and if you don't know who she is to another candidate look supply ocus he's going on move things declarations full i'm running for president he's in the what have a look i was born in oakland my parents met as students at the university of
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california where they were active in the civil rights movement my mother was one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my life she was a scientist and an activist i was taught that i had a responsibility to be a part of the fight for justice and that's what i've done my whole life. patti come in the house senator california centrist was a former prostitute general of the state and so there her records are already being torn apart but she's a really smooth rollout so far i think this is an example where somebody can be a great senator for their state and just not perhaps have national peel there's nothing to clap back on that though with her going to charleston south carolina people saying look at the crowds she garnered there and i just think it's sort of a one off i just don't see her having the the and durrance to really stay the course and punch back at trump the way that is necessary that i have to disagree with you i watched her and saw the hearings she has the best face when someone tries to mansplaining her on the planet and if they're finally like she really was
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wicked smart and i think i'll give her that a lot of attention i wouldn't write her off especially because remember we're not just talking about presidents one of these people who's running for president probably a but a few of them don't think they're actually going to be president they want to be vice president. they want to be able to bring that you know ticket in there i think you know look not only have twenty thousand people at her rally in oakland but she really taken the infrastructure from the hillary clinton campaign her campaign staff a lot of her bunglers the infrastructure at the state level in places like iowa and south carolina new hampshire so she in many ways you know she has a lot of the groundwork that's laid for her that's why her name i.d. is so high i think she is as great of a shot as anyone she has crossover appeal although she is from san francisco i think she's going to resonate in some of these early states like south carolina
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nevada and california now in early states it's been pushed out so california actually becomes a much more important state in the long slog that will be the primary so i hear you there brad. patty you mentioned vice presidents and reno you mentioned some of the class back that come a lot received i'm. a tweet here that links those two things so this is part of who says joe biden former vice president the u.s. drafted the one thousand nine hundred crime bill which imposed mandatory minimum sentences on drug offenders bernie signed onto it coming to heart as was a prosecutor who sent people to jail for possession so that's what they think of some of those potential candidates cory booker the new name we haven't heard today has advocated legalization and expungement which is the best idea so let's shift on over to cory booker brad what's your take on the new jersey senator well as you can tell i like all these candidates i'm from new jersey so i've known mayor booker and
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senator corker for many years look i think he's compelling i think he's a guy who if you noticed the way he's talking about this campaign it's very reminiscent of obama he's talking about bringing the country together it's talk about leading what. he's not writing anyone all right he's trying to reach as many people as possible i think it's going to be a challenge cory is going to have the same challenge that kamel and many of these newcomer candidates have which is they don't have a ton of a track record and so you know a lot of people are going to want to know what is your policy platform what record you have to show or in newark or in new jersey but i think in terms of his rhetoric in terms of his oratory skills. like i just went through an event with cory last week and she was crying oh that's how captivating. let's see him on video he's very charismatic but will. this have that we're our criminal justice system keeps us safe instead of shuffling more children into key just coffins where we see the
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faces of foreign leaders television deal i not she is not a matter of can we it's a matter of do we have the collective will the american will i believe do. is incredibly good on television he comes across and that's one of the problems some of these candidates have elizabeth warren to name one his little problem and it's old fashioned he's not married. but i mean really has a girlfriend has a girlfriend not married it's america we've never had i think it's really hard to get that right so she would just cause a lot of people also tend to mean i don't think we cross them up i think it's just to tell someone how to tell battle for them right and when you don't have a family to talk about like ok my wife's gone through this my kids you know that's kind of stuff and corey. i personally like him when i when he came on the scene i was like wow that energy you know and i think we mentioned something earlier the
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crossover appeal right somebody who has that is so necessary in this moment to take on trying to take on the people that are are noid and just disenfranchised by trump's presidency there's a lot of us out there and a lot meaning me like i'm one of the republicans from the beginning was that he had a problem with i'm not saying that it's bad that he's not married i'm saying that in politics it can be. what a surrogate she was for her husband she's more popular than he was and she was able to go to iowa when i went to south carolina and cover more girls that way we have a president we have a president who's sleeping with foreign stars right i mean i think the fact we're not going to have the white go over we live we live in very real live in an alternate universe right now with donald trump is president so anything that was you know i agree with you maybe years ago i think about. so i don't think we're going to go zero for just because i was in anything go now or does it with back the other way because we built our during the cabinet confirmation that was
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a problem with the right just didn't like his behavior the i am spartacus moment like all this stuff it's just i think it's still a bit problematic for him and we're going to throw another name in here because there are so many we've been we've mentioned this is friends who says elizabeth warren who is married for audience will win this with the e.u. she is the best candidate and even real donald trump doesn't stand a chance against her elizabeth warren for twenty twenty no ok patty why she has a shoe right out of the gate because she came out and she's said throughout her whole life with the grown up in oklahoma that she was a native american heritage she had this disaster. where she did the whole ancestry d.n.a. thing you had like practically done and then it took her like three months or four months to come out and apologize to the cherokee nation and so she's been labeled pocahontas she a lot of people are going to. a lot of them going to see in her some of the same character characteristics of the didn't like in hillary clinton and she is incredibly progressive we don't know where their party's going to try and go to
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they're going to go real left or if they're going to try to find someone in the center with the goal of beating trump if it's trump let's not forget it might not be trying. to think about elizabeth warren is that she has said that the way she's funding her campaign is going to be different how putting its money in this campaign let's have a look at this before and i say have a look. but you also need an unwritten rule of politics that says that anyone who wants to run for office has to start by sucking up to a bunch of rich donors on wall street and our insiders in washington so i'm opting out of that rule i'm not taking a dime of pac money in this camp. again is that even possible the only one with where we currently are it just doesn't the influence of money is too great you need the money and the type of money that bernie raised very quickly to run ads to have
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a successful ground game and frankly if you ask me i think elizabeth warren is running because she's kind of had to everything she's done up until now in her political career at the federal level has sort of signaled this and i think she understands she's already sort of read the tea leaves and realize that this is not really hers to win but she's doing it she's kind of doing it in a principled way she can redeem herself from the you know native american tie it's just it's a it's a bit problematic at her point at this point and more images from the on that i think you can win a primary without put corporate money and then you get around that the general by having corporate money go to the democratic party who spends it on your behalf but with the field this wide now brad what do you think. yeah i know i agree with that assessment look bernie sanders outraised hillary clinton by small dollar donations hillary had all of the big donors and burning out all of the people there more people than there are big donors and i think you know a tip of the hat to elizabeth warren and her team for doing this i think one i mean
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to be candid i don't think she's going to be getting that much money from big dollar turner three hundred she's been a critic and she's been really out there on taxing the rich so i think that that's practically it smart why are we going to waste dialing for these big dollars if we're not going to get it but i do think it's important i think it's important for candidates to stand for the people i was opposed to corporations and i think it's resonating you know heard a. nations are looking good her indorsements look great for poll numbers could be a little bit better but i think you know we've gotten to that point where we're in debates and i do think a little bit warren is a great debater she's a great litigator and i think she's been running on this these issues for years she created the c.f.p. she's been talking about wall street as an academic and as as a professor for decades so she really well the playbook in many ways that what is animating arrows c. and the justice democrats so i think she will resonate i think it just depends on you know how much she resonates i mean that's the question with all of these
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candidates is how do they break through it about level where that fifteen percent delegate math threshold in iowa that's what everyone is going out there let me bring republicans into this comes as we talk about democratic candidates who are planning to run for president one more i'm just going to squeeze in here fiat preston trump he's what he's saying about who could possibly. the only thing i worry about is that some total unknown that nobody ever heard of comes along then there's andrew andrew yang entrepreneur and author of the war on normal people and you are running for president yes yes i am so we're in the third or fourth inning of the greatest technological and economic shift in human history you look at what happened so that's andrew young. and saying i am running for president but in reality who compulsively be president trump i mean the republican said i'm not sure that i want to get surprised and yet not yet it's not been formally declared but
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we've heard a lot from governor of maryland larry hogan a lot of rumors rather emanating from from that governor's mansion because he's so well liked he and charlie baker of massachusetts are amongst the two most like to governors in the entire country has done that with a serious bipartisan lobby i think he really garners attention from both sides people like him for the state however and he's been anti trump all along he has never embraced the president fully so does that mean he can really get the vote of republican primary voters i don't think he can i think republican primary voters are going to be very loyal to trump unless there is a large scale terror attack or the economy tanks actually there is a terror attack it would probably work in his favors people tend to rally around the president during one of those things but i really think we cannot and this is a mistake i think the democrats are making right now they're suing they're going to run against so everyone keeps talking about who could be trump the question they have to be asking is who could be trump who could be governor casey from ohio
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former governor who could be governor hogan who let's face it you're not the governor of maryland and you go to iowa because they're not eat the whole lot of maryland crab style and new hampshire so hoping this can seriously consider as usually popular as a republican in the blue state a democratic state but we don't know the trumps going to be the nominee this is a man under investigation for literally everywhere it's in the congress it's in the courts it's a new york it's a molar everywhere we don't know what's coming out. we've just now seen cohen his former attorney michael cohen do his first day of congressional testimony and it was devastating for this president he went through about six different felony offenses that the president might have committed so we don't know where any of these investigations end up and the big thing is the economy every economist across the board will tell you this has gone on too long the economy's going to tank definitely in twenty nineteen or most likely twenty nineteen but definitely in two thousand and twenty people vote with their wallets so i want to bring this up because you said we may not be this conversation moving forward may not be
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a race against trump this person on twitter this is john who says at this point there are no democrats strong enough to defeat the president so he's still thinking in the mind of running against trump he says though a year in politics is five lifetime so that is important for us to remember but pushing forward just a little bit into what the issues are that we're going to discuss this is a comment we got from richard a member of our community portugal and here's what he says there are very few progressive democrats in office and the handful who are progressive are actually suppressed by the democratic national committee machine the value status quo establishment over progressive social ject is the establishment democrats feed from the same trough as the republicans the pharma defense goldman sachs wall street and the with the exception of trump's madness the establishment democrats bottom line is virtually identical to the republicans nothing will change until people rise up on the streets like the yellow vests and friends and elect many more a go sees who are serious about change. can i jump in real quick sure but i just
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want to note for our audience of course and see if you're not following the news alexander ties go ahead that is a new kind of the youngest congresswoman ever elected to congress and it was really brilliant in the cohen testimony what this person said about no one can be trump at this point if the economy tanks with his numbers yes he's probably going to win the primaries got seventy percent approval with republicans his dismal approval with the entire rest of the country and republicans make up twenty percent of the electorate my cat at this point if nothing change could be tried in my cat kind of annoyed that no one would rise was needed tries to wake me up sometimes a piece of my house all right speech this is the speech section one issue that you think is going to be a dominant issue that people will tell in twenty twenty it'll still be a migration to a large extent i believe. though it will be immigration is what republicans were going to vote on because they're going to make everyone afraid it's going to be
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health care what would it be the big issue for twenty twenty people be focusing on that yeah i think it's going to be money in politics to be honest i think that's what animates a lot of anger it's money in politics and corruption i think donald trump is so disintegrated all over institutions that we're going to look for someone to bring us back. this is probably not in he wanted to be criminal justice reform and tough on crime policies that some of these candidates are complicit in because you also great together we're going to put up ten declared candidates there are a couple that we haven't mentioned yet you will. explain who they are peter but to get that was hard because we didn't even know how to say his name young lizzie young charismatic mayor of indianapolis very openly gay doesn't have even the slightest chance fascinating julian castro you know we were just a baby brother this is we believe the secretary but his brothers of choice would
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brothers in congress and this is how little known years i couldn't remember just now i'm going to remember and you will get to know them better next year. really he is the democratic congressman from maryland who announced he was running for president when i was a teenager and this is what he's now disney correspondent thank you patrick thank you brad as well one more thing to show you look here i have a countdown clock to the twenty twenty us presidential election this is where we are just i'm a six hundred and some think more days to go almost thanks for watching see the next time. this week's thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more enlightened mentally friendly and we visit a danish community and i've taken sustainability to new heights just over there on
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the horizon with some so i believe that they are officially one hundred percent renewable and. look at that so this is it that's the energy right there at that point it's a change on al-jazeera dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russia occupy crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president of the mir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights
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away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. the fact. the north pole place on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is the time and no to let that happen without intervention to give that the i would say here to do it fast now it's a race against time to try and save a species i think chrysler is in the mess and the plan they've all extinction techno on al-jazeera. i'm. well you. know some of it i like.
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the art. below our cost and tensions on both sides as india waits for the release of its captured pilot pakistan. and michelle kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up your command leaders a rare state visit to vietnam a day after his talks with president trump collapse in the capital annoy. omar al bashir steps aside as head of sudan's ruling party as more than a dozen protesters.


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