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as the future of whaling in iceland the quarters inside. people in power killing we all know just. anticipation at the border of peace gesture from pakistan is india awaits the return of its downed pilot. i'm richelle carey this is out there live from doha also coming out of grey's later puts a brave face on in vietnam after coming out of a summit with donald trump him to hand to. sudan's omar al bashir steps aside as the head the ruling party at a crackdown seems more than a dozen protesters jailed. and the u.n.
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security council rejects rival resolutions pushed by world powers over the crisis in venezuela. and is awaiting the release of its pilot captured in pakistan a minister imran khan says the airman will be set free so as a gesture of peace at some live pictures of the hari border where the handover exists to take place it comes after india and pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday earlier airspace in the region was shut down however for pakistani airports are now partially reopened and full services will resume from monday so here is a timeline of how we got here the tensions escalated starting on february fourteenth when a suicide car bombing by the pakistan based armed group josh out to hama killed forty soldiers and the minister kashmir then a day later. india withdrew its most favored nation status which it had granted
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pakistan since one thousand nine hundred six opting out of the trade pact means that new delhi can now and hands customs duties to any levels on goods coming from pakistan on tuesday india said it launched a preemptive air strike on what it called a terror training camp in pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir islam apod warned it would respond so we have reporters covering the story from both sides of the border so raman is live in the indian capital new delhi first let's go to call hyder who is in pakistan's capital islamabad so what else can you tell us about this handover that appears to finally be imminent. the. border there's a major border crossing with. its. prime minister had already announced. three and a gesture of good. to try to. regain india.
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from daily. got there are. greater. than having said that one has to understand that they. have all united by different throne. and everything is on high alert. or do very. welcome and may be going to. war or did very due for a media event. ok hyder live for us in islamabad as i said we are covering the story from both sides let's go to soho raman who's live for us in new delhi so
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there was a lot of confusion throughout the day so actually this is really really if this is going to happen it's clearly about to happen what will this mean for possibly tamping down some of the tension. the release of. india funding to back into into india and so it would be a great release the country i mean just a quick shot of all the national papers for the day i mean you know coming home india will look at the sentiment really of the mode. to be free today. prime minister of course and that and the hindu the pakistan will release. today those it's on the front pages of all of the national press and indeed everybody's waiting with bated breath to whether they will get a glimpse of him we do know that the indian air force personnel who will be looking
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after him have arrived at the atari world cup border being a score to buy the border security force and they will literally be there waiting to take control of the handover of the pilots now and ambulance trip just a short time ago we don't really know what the condition of the pilot is but certainly there's a great fervor at the border that he will be coming home the press were further away from the border crossing that normally it's a very ceremonial opening and closing of the day that's been canceled because of the scenario that india is facing nothing that actually comes back but the tension has not gone away here in india and others as those newspapers have said the prime minister has said that even though they're getting back their man they're not letting pakistan off the hook there is a continued curfew in indian administered kashmir there was shelling overnight one woman was killed in the porch area she was buried on friday india continues to and
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will continue according to the foreign ministry maintain the pressure on islamabad to get rid of these radical groups that they allege operating on the study against india and when we've had any discussions about this obviously there out throughout the day there are some that say that the renter modi's crackdown may actually exacerbate the situation may or may not really help what do you hear about things like that. i'm sorry i couldn't hear that could you just repeat. of course of course is that we've been discussing this this issue obviously throughout the day in different perspectives and and we had a former lawmaker on earlier who said that he thought that. crackdown was actually part of may exacerbate the situation as opposed to help.
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i'm not quite sure that it will exacerbate the situation but it's what some of the from the political spectrum of what's going on in here in india i mean we are just weeks away from a national general election being called up to this incident on february the fourteenth the renter modi was coming under a lot of pressure a lot of criticism over his policies and inaction over the last five years people are very frustrated on the whole with his performance and his government's performance his role now and his performance in reacting to pakistan after that suicide bombing that killed over forty indian paramilitaries has you might say lifted not only his spirits but his hit his position in the eyes of the indian public they are waiting to see how he deals with a strong arm with a strong hand how if you want to describe it against pakistan what has been very evident is the way that the politicians here in india certainly the b.g.p. ruling government have managed to get their story across to the international
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community their p.r. machine has swung into motion in a very positive light as far as critics here are concerned people are listening to india about the way they are treated by terror groups alleged terror groups infiltrating from pakistan that was in fact highlighted by the indian foreign minister who's currently in abu dhabi at the organization of islamic conference an annual conference of over fifty mainly looking slim majority of nations who will have been very interested in what the foreign minister had to say surprisingly the pakistani delegation in government decided not to attend some might think they've shot themselves in the foot by not standing up to india on an in a forum like that it gives certainly. the foreign minister a chance to explain india's position and even present the facts that she. the it's
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a great opportunity for india to explain themselves the past and pops the last opportunity for pakistan but certainly this is all leading up to the general election and inevitably what happened in poor on february the fourteenth and since then up to the return of this indian pilot which we expect in the next two to three hours will all play as a major factor in how the politicians react to domestic and international policy when it comes to the general election people in this country want to be safe and they want the government to keep them safe so you're ok you're talking about people because you're right that we've been talking about this back and forth between governments but the reality is people on the ground other one now have to live are the consequences of their actions what have people's lives been like during this escalation sense feb fourteenth. i think there are two different scenarios for anyone here you are there will be the kashmiris who are in indian administered kashmir they
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largely are muslim groups that also hindus there and maybe some christians too they have a very different life experience to the rest of india. if you ask indians in the south of the country about what they feel about kashmir or the pakistan india border areas they would have very different opinion to those actually live on the border security has always been an issue in this country just doesn't really matter with your the west of the country or the east of the country. towards bangladesh security has always been an issue and we've seen attacks on indian soil whether it be the attacks of two thousand and eight we've seen attacks and at of our in delhi courts in our highways that now this is yet another attack in the world or kashmiris up in the in the indian administered areas would say as they have been demonstrating on the streets in the several weeks leading up to this event that they too have been punished for wanting to talk to the government about their
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rights and the obligations of the government towards than most indian nationals or even have some sort of autonomy in an area that's been disputed both by india and pakistan both countries claiming it in their entirety after independence in one nine hundred forty seven it is such an into line issue that and in twined some might think intractable conversation that neither islam about a new delhi could find a way at this present moment in time i doubt very much they're going to find time to talk to each other when this general election is pending whoever does take that seat by the thirty first of may may have a change of heart here in india may have to try and find a way to talk to pakistan and vice versa but only time will tell. for the moment people are on tenterhooks one hundred how after the pilot arrives back here in india how india is then going to you might say play the political game with
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pakistan and try to perhaps if they can resolve the outstanding issues ok so how raman stand by close i'm sure will be coming back to you and just to remind people what it is we're watching this is a lot of atari border where they are and the and highlights who was captured pakistan is allowing him to feel like that clearly from the pictures that seems to be imminent we don't actually know anything about his medical condition but as we keep an eye let's let's kind of move the story forward a little a bit amid all of the fighting it's the kashmiris living on both sides of that disputed border who are suffering the most with that so let's take a look at the support from enron caught. by car on foot the residents of leave in haste this village on the disputed border area of kashmir known as the line of control is typical of many in the area. shelling from both sides is not uncommon but in recent days it's increased to levels not seen in two decades and
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people taking any chances. over there more days after us. here the government doesn't do anything we have to come be insulted we're not wandering there's no point in living from the village along some three hundred families have fled in surrounding villages artillery shells have damaged houses in this village the women and children have left but the men have stayed behind to defend. we stand with the army we stand here just a kilometer away from the border we won't leave our forces behind there are also similar scenes happening in indian administered kashmir just post that military checkpoint law is the line of control the affected border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir and it's not just on this side of the border that kashmir is all scared people are also fleeing from all over the. shows from the
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pakistani side has increased in recent days and. three hundred. may god protect everyone as well as hindus and six be the two powers to consent so that peace freezes in the region and believe in. those prayers may well be in vain for now both pakistan and india are pushing each other diplomatically and militarily and so far neither shows any signs of backing down in the disputed region of kashmir is the people that are feeling the pain and once again they feel they're being used as pawns between the two nuclear powers. or does it. there have been campaigning narratives over why the nuclearization talks broke down between the u.s. president and the north korean leader and vietnam says the u.s. had to walk away over demands that left all sanctions on and that has been
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reiterated by u.s. secretary of state my palm. i think the president had it exactly right he said they basically asked for for sanctions relief that's true they basically did ask for that. that was in exchange for. some relatively undefined but the scope of the president didn't think was adequate to justify that level of economic sanctions relief but north korea's foreign minister says the country only asked for partial sanctions relief isn't his in the u.s. and wasting an opportunity to strike a nuclear deal. you into the united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium and in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries he was told me this
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proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states our diplomatic editor james has more on the summit from. kim jong un has stayed on in vietnam meeting with the country's president as his isolated nation needs all the friends it can get with the global sanctions now likely to stay in place following the failure of the summit what's happened has been a textbook example of the benefits and the drawbacks of top down face to face diplomacy bringing trump and came together last year in singapore worked they built a report and moved the world back from the brink of nuclear war. but in hanoi relying on the two leaders to conduct complex negotiations on the issues of north
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korea's nuclear program and the wide ranging global. wasn't a success the north korean leader took a tough position calling for all the most recent sanctions to be lifted it was a step too far for the u.s. he actually had papers ready to be signed but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right and do it fast an expert on the korean peninsula told me why he believes kim pushed hard to get so many certain sions lifted so early in the process for the north koreans they see an opportunity to in the trump presidency to achieve some goals that they really wouldn't expect to achieve with a quote unquote normal president in the white house so for them there is a little bit of urgency and of course sanctions relief is a relatively urgent matter for north korea as a purely as a matter of economic expediency there have actually been two similar ten years diplomatic process is south korea's diplomacy with the north led the way of the
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winter olympics almost exactly one year ago and when u.s. diplomacy with north korea faltered at the end of last year it was president moon je in of south korea who rescued things. minutes off to boarding air force one then leaving vietnam the first person president trump phoned was president moon it's clear south korea is now being given the job of cleaning up this mess james but i'll just sit. still ahead on al-jazeera we are standing by at the waca it's hard border crossing between india and pakistan where the andean pilot who was a captured after his chat when town is set to be handed over we will keep you posted and investigators say they found evidence of possible war crimes by israeli forces against the protesters.
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and of the story in japan's increasingly one of rain at the moment it shouldn't really be but it is all the same it's a bit like feeding the ground for a nice warm spring fourteen degrees in the sunshine setting on saturday but if you follow your eyes back towards shankar that is where the rain is starting in the cloud masses moving east across the korean peninsula start falling you know soccer come sunday ahead of it the temperature dropped a little bit lack of sunshine if you like but it's still in the teens the korean plates are seventeen in beijing for taking us temperature for early march and plus three in all of the tower with the sun shining but the breeze not really blowing the rain is still evident in china from shanghai westwards and it's just one study says in fact we've seen the odd spot of rain in hong kong in the last day or so you wouldn't think so necessary from the forecast for rain proper is coming down
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towards fujian towards her current run down this is the line come sunday leaving will hang the sun shines i was sure and if you look west and show blue skies there longest no that's a bit of a change the last three or four days as well there is a big gap with nothing much in the sky and to pick up a shower concentration which is in indonesia in particular parts of indonesia centered near western java. dontrelle and sundown of china jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see the investigation did not say did the trump tower. with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the baggage down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know. next question in battlefield washington on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories for you something that we are following right now india is awaiting the release of its pilot that alex captured in pakistan you can see jubilant crowd there at the ouattara border where the handover is expected to happen any moment now this comes after india and pakistan so they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday. or korea's leader kim jong un has met the president and had no way it comes just one day after nuclear talks with the u.s. president on down after disagreements over international sanctions. russia's
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government says it stands behind that as well and president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign but rose vice president. has just wrapped up a news conference in moscow alongside russia's foreign minister let's go now to moscow where step pozen is live for us so what is the highlight from from this press conference from these talks. well it was a very lengthy and strong worded confirmation of support from russia for the government of nicolas maduro and this was very important in the light of the loss of the russian resolution yesterday in the security council which basically had to show support for nicolas maduro russia lost this draft resolute the resolution would only for vote but for the foreign minister here in moscow sat he stands for russia's stance very firm in what he called a cynical campaign to topple the legal government in venezuela and he said russia
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supports a peaceful solution it wasn't very clear on how concrete the support will be from russia one of the most concrete measures that were announced during this press conference was the move of the head office to european had office of the state oil company from venezuela which is based in lisbon right now this will move to moscow because the vice president of venezuela sat we cannot get any guarantees in europe any more state assets have been stolen from us so it will be safer in moscow furder the russian foreign minister said that russia is helping with madison sending we like agricultural project products but any other like really concrete support for us or for venezuela has not been announced yet there will be a high level commission of both countries convening in moscow in april to sign agreements that shoots. show more economic cooperation between the two countries
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are itself as my friends and ask of thank you. the battle president of sudan omar al bashir has stepped down as leader of the ruling national congress party but the main call by protesters has been for him to resign as president the move comes as thirteen protesters in sudan are to go to jail for between six months and five years. they've been sentenced by a court established under the country's recently imposed state of emergency law earlier this week to share outlawed public gatherings and a bit to stop the demonstrations. embattled police in somalia's capital for hours after a bombing that killed at least twenty nine people police say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate up a sure omar the chief judge of somalis appeals court says it was behind the attack a prominent philippine journalist has filed
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a motion to dismiss the cyber libel case against her the rappler founder published a story about a businessman in two thousand and twelve arrest argues that the law under which the charges were filed came into effect two years later she says it's just the latest in a string of politically motivated accusations against her. the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended its work at the epicenter of the ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo two of its clinics were burned down in the latest attack against aid workers trying to contain the dangerous virus brian reports this is all that's left of an ebola treatment seem to in the town of. attack is set fire to the building on wednesday before engaging in a gun battle with security forces for people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus fled the scene and a still missing were those who would miss not forget a bulldozer lethal disease in extremely contagious illness entire families in north
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have been dismayed to entire villages in west africa disappeared because of the epidemic so the health workers are here to avoid the tragedy. it was the second such attack this week on sunday another treatment center just a few kilometers away and was burned to the ground the brother of a patient was killed as he tried to escape the blaze. that fires two areas that were not for treatment like the changing in utility rooms which were burned down in any case the treatment center is no longer operational this is outbreak began last august and is the worst in the country's history it's believed to have killed more than five hundred fifty people so far and infected about three hundred others i'd workers have faced what the world health organization is called a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust. the health ministry
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says foreign and local medical teams have been attacked on average three to four times a week as armed groups of ifa control of the region which is rich in minerals. is the first time an outbreak has happened in such an unstable and insecure area like east and it's a challenge for us on a daily basis for all the teams who answer the call to fight against the epidemic. the charity says its immediate focus is the safety of its patients and staff but with its medical work suspended it could affect the battle to stop the virus from spreading and congo and across its borders. on al-jazeera. the u.s. is offering a million dollar reward for information about osama bin laden's son the state department says homs is emerging as a leader of al qaeda could be along the afghan pakistan border. going to best occasion into the killing of one hundred eighty nine gazan protesters last year may
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amount to war crimes the commission of inquiry says israeli soldiers intentionally opened fire on civilians at the weekly demonstrations on the border and to again the reports. for almost a year palestinian protesters have gathered along the gaza israeli border fence to demand the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel israeli soldiers have shot at them with live ammunition the un has investigated the deaths of one hundred eighty nine palestinians killed during the first nine months of the protest. it found that israeli soldiers deliberately shot at children disabled protesters paramedics and journalists it says their actions may amount to war crimes clearly this life fire was used to completely unlawfully where these people were not posing any kind of threat to life or to limb of any israeli security force or news release civilian. israel's dismissed the un report it says it has a right to defend itself from what it calls violent attacks in
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a statement to prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel rejects out right the un human rights council report the council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east. the un also criticized the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza the not doing more to stop protestors flying burning kites over the gaza fence israel says they cause fires and damage property the un believes is identified some of the israeli snipers responsible for killing palestinian protesters that information will be given to the un high commissioner for human rights you could then pass it to the international criminal court israel's not a member of the i.c.c. but should those soldiers travel abroad they could face arrest victoria gate and be there. laurel the classical music has lost one of its leading figures.
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and doctor and composer andre previn died on thursday at the age of eighty nine and a career spanning seven decades he enjoyed long ten years leading the london symphony orchestra and the los angeles philharmonic also works in hollywood one in four oscars for his work on films including my fair lady and porgy and bess. roger the headlines now on al-jazeera right now and he is awaiting the release of its pilot captured and pakistan these are live pictures of the atari border that's where this handover is expected to happen any moment now that comes after india and pakistan say they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday we'll keep you posted on that for three hours later came john has received an official welcome and vietnam's capital annoy him is currently
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holding talks with the vietnamese president comes just one day after his nuclear talks broke down with the u.s. president. for washington almost immediately after their summit and to our koreas accuse the us of wasting an opportunity to strike a nuclear deal. if united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries. told me this proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states. so he's president omar bashir has stepped down as leader of the country's ruling party but will remain as president. facing months of
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demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule russia has vowed to continue support for venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign and his vice president says majority has ordered a european office of the state oil company to be moved to moscow. security council has rejected rival resolutions on the crisis in venezuela vote seeking free and fair elections failed at the security council with russia and china of each owing the move prominent philippine journalist maria ressa has filed a motion to dismiss the cyber libel case against her rappler founder publish a story about a business been in two thousand and twelve arrests argues that the law under which the charges were filed came into effect two years later. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come inside story as that next.
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donald trump and will walk away from their summit in vietnam so what went wrong and where does it leave did nuclear threat from north korea this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hard on that hamid sometimes you have to walk this was how u.s. president donald trump described a sudden end to his summit with north korea's leader kim jong un the pair arrived in vietnam with hopes of.


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