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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 59  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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months of demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule russia has vowed to continue support for venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign and his vice president says majority has ordered a european office of the state oil company to be moved to moscow. security council has rejected rival resolutions on the crisis in venezuela vote seeking free and fair elections failed with the security council with russia and china vetoing the move prominent philippine journalist maria ressa has filed a motion to dismiss the cyber libel case against her rappler founder published a story about a business been in two thousand and twelve arrests argues that the law under which the charges were filed came into effect two years later. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come inside story as that next.
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trump and. walk away from their summit in vietnam so what went wrong and where does it leave did nuclear threat from north korea this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hard on that hamid sometimes you have to walk this was how u.s. president donald trump described a sudden end to his summit with north korea's leader kim jong un the pair rived in vietnam with hopes of building on last year's historic summit in singapore but less
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than two days later they signed no agreement and there's some clear when they'll talk again north korea's neighbors south korea and china both said they were disappointed with the outcome we'll bring in our panel in just a moment but first when hey reports from hanoi. before the summit us president donald trump tried to lower expectations of a deal with north korean leader kim jong il but the expectation was at the very least that the pair would sign some form of agreement on denuclearization or make a joint statement instead the talks were cut short before lunch the table will sit by the diners didn't show leaving donald trump to explain why racially they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do. they were willing to denuclearize portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the the american said kim jong un was willing to dismantle
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his young beyond research facility regarded as the centerpiece of north korea's nuclear program in exchange he wanted all economic sanctions lifted which was a step too far for the us unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more he he was unprepared to do that but i'm still optimistic despite that optimism this was not how the summit was supposed to go earlier on thursday there was no sign of trouble ahead kim jong un the reclusive leader of a repressive state even answer questions from reporters perhaps for the first time . here if you're reading the. kenyan very mean if. you think. you'll know when you're done as you can if i'm not willing that i won't be here right. now i'm going to be the best dancer you've ever met but after two
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summits that have yielded very little there are more questions than answers donald trump warned about this possibility last year ahead of the first summit in singapore saying he was prepared to walk away if the talks weren't fruitful it seems he's now delivered on that threat but with such a sudden premature end to this summit there must be real concern about what happens next. at this stage there are no plans for a third summit donald trump says kim jong un assured him there would be no resumption of misato nuclear tests but what happened in vietnam has proved that this continues to be an unpredictable road to the stated goal of ridding north korea of nuclear weapons wayne hay al jazeera hanoi. so let's bring in our gay. joining us from seoul is c won't coup publisher of korea expose and former lecturer and korean study is at yale university from lancaster
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university in the u.k. associate professor robert gucci who is the editor of the book the trump presidency journalism and democracy and in london a research fellow at the royal united services institute and an expert in nuclear proliferation and sanctions policy gentlemen thank you for joining us on the show today robert ritchie let me start with you are this is another bad headline for president trump but on a realistic side maybe the expectations were a bit too high. well it's still unclear from an american perspective what the expectations were he hasn't been very straightforward about exactly what these conversations should lead to certainly the first conference was a surprise this wasn't something that was on the agenda for most americans in fact i think most americans enjoyed having north korea as a very clear enemy and now it's it's one where it's it's relationship is quite it's
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quite unclear and so coming out of this with with maybe slight lower expectations for the white house is still higher expectations for most americans who are confused about why these conversations are taking place well i mean this is certainly a completely different atmosphere than what we saw last year in singapore and at the time president trump was talking about a historical deal soon now he's saying no rush no rush well what happened this summit was the something needed to happen in order to proceed forward single pole was the first meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea and that was significant it is self this summit that we've just concluded now in hanoi it was ready to work out what that looks like in practice so north korea is committed to denuclearization but what are
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the actual steps so i think the united states did have some objective going into this summit the big question in the room was how much were they going to give up in in return for north korean nuclear station and that's probably where expectations didn't quite match up between north korea and the united states but this it won't. we only have the american narrative on what exactly happened and why did these talks break down i mean there was a table for lunch set up the press corps was given. at time for a signing ceremony and then all of that got scrapped but from where you are how are people looking into what unfolded in vietnam while they're watching what had happened we sure can incredible sense of devastation because we keep hearing this word expectation and the expectation in south korea certainly was very high and many analysts were in agreement that there would be some kind of deal today after
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all as mr. he would not have traveled that far to not be sincere about the nuclearization and of course no one really thought that there would be amazing breakthrough today they did not think that we are going to see a statement about completely new coy's with very concrete steps to support this process but at the very least a some kind of a smaller deal would have been possible with mr kim. giving up at least a younger nuclear facilities and north and the u.s. reciprocating with some kind of reducing of sanctions if not certainly all of them by what was really surprising to many people here was how even that small deal was not possible in hanoi after all this expectation and fanfare well robert i mean if we listen to president trump that small deal was not possible because as he put it
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the north koreans were asking for a lifting of all the sanctions we have to take it we have to take it for his word because we haven't heard from the north koreans do you think they were being too greedy or do you think they would purposely putting a pause on these talks. well the united states' use you know likes to use ancients as a carrot and stick operation and and one where there are multiple opportunities for further sanctions so removing them and applying them almost willy nilly when it comes to negotiation if if president trump didn't like everything that he was hearing certainly you know he could remove one thing and apply another one in its place you know these are these are diplomatic moves that we see from from many u.s. presidents and the ability to walk in and say you know let's start with
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a clean slate let's be realistic but start with you know some sort of clean slate here isn't going to be on any u.s. president agenda when it comes to north korea and when they have the ability to have the upper hand well let me let me in the north koreans also say that since the meeting in singapore they have taken a few steps they have for example dismantled. the rocket engine testing side they have also destroyed a major tunnel that leads to a nuclear testing site so maybe it was it was it may be that they wanted to get something in return. so the moratorium on testing is is is of course welcome i want to stress that what was outlined by trying today if that was in fact what was on the table that is no small small deal the sanctions against north korea internationally agreed sanctions at the united nations security council level
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they've been build up steadily since two thousand and six in response to north korean provocations and they're now some of the most comprehensive sanctions packages that we've seen agreed at the u.n. security council level so simply giving those up no matter how much you get in return is not a small deal i don't think that was ever going to be agreed today. what could have been done perhaps are limited exceptions or limited economic projects but i think that's a completely different area of sanctions lifting is not sanctions relief it sanctions exceptions and that didn't seem to be what was what was being expected from the north koreans in return and that is say it won't. be sanctions exemptions is something that south korea would have welcomed right. absolutely in fact government here was very much prepared to. proceed with these measures there would be what you might term limited economic engagements and they would have mainly
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consisted of restoring some of the joint ventures that were already in place before the things started to get worse here in the korean peninsula they would have included the reopening the industrial complex in kaesong restarting the tourism initiative on the east coast which allowed south koreans to travel to north korea at the time and also there have been talks about linking railways and roads through the d.m.z. so that there can be transportation of goods and people between the two koreas and these are the things the government was fully prepared to proceed with and implement and now it's kind of end up with an egg on their face so what what are they going to do now because i mean the intro korean dialogue was something that was going on at quite a pace and it seems much smoother than the conversation between game joe and then president trump at least this time. yes so the relations between the two koreas
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have become quite good especially after almost a decade of tension on the south korea being ruled by the success of conservative administrations and mr when jane the president of south korea has put himself really in his own words as the driver of the korean peninsula he said he was confident he could make this work he could influence what happens between north korea and the u.s. and today it seemed to suggested extra d. he does not have that leverage and it just going back to the sanctions i mean if you are chairman can. you look just at recent history you have examples of leaders. the most recent being mom or khadafi who were pressed to abandon their in that case their chemical weapons in the case of libya and then look what happened to him no one came to help and it was actually
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destroyed by nato was the u.s. is part of we can look a bit further back also to what happened to said them hussein who gave up all of his weapons of mass destruction so kim don't own must also be worried that if he gives up everything what happens to him after that. no that's exactly right i think kim jong un was in hanoi to see the boundaries for what the denuclearization agreement could look like north korea has nuclear weapons in a way in a very simple way to protect itself there are a myriad of reasons but that's the key reason to protect itself against perceived aggression from the united states and its allies in the region so nuclear weapons plays a very important role in north korea's foreign policy and so does the sanctions the sanctions that have been agreed against north korea put limitations quite strict limitations on the amount of revenue that north korea can get from exporting
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certain commodities like coal or seafood or textiles they're no longer able to host north korean labor as abroad that matters to and kim jong un has promised both security for his people but he's also promised economic prosperity and perhaps it's become clear that you can have economic prosperity if you are a country facing some of the most comprehensive sanctions packages and your total embargo of your economy if you're facing now economic prosperity is very difficult so i think they are interested in a deal but of course they're not going to give up their nuclear weapons for nothing they need some assurances from the united states and that's going to take some wide changes to the way that the united states operates in the region and for me i don't think that that's currently something that the united states can even sign up to. so it's interesting to see how this will proceed denuclearization should absolutely be something that we try and pursue and president trump is right to push for this and right so engage with north korea but i think actually on this on this occasion
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if things are as donald trump outlined them sometimes walking away from a deal that would ultimately not be implemented in the way that you wanted to or you'd be you're not quite sure you've actually got a lot nuff assurances maybe that is the better approach ok and it's possible also that the north koreans were thinking exactly the same thing that they were not getting enough from their point of you robert. in all of this we have also the fact that president trump has a lot of problems back home with the cohen testimony and other things unfolding there is it may be possible that the north koreans put that into perspective decided to wait and see how it will all pan out and also are maybe slightly worried because he is a president that changes his mind quite often. well certainly things are not good
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at home for donald trump in the last two days especially his former lawyer has been very clear about interactions he says he's had with donald trump that have been possibly illegal certainly and this former lawyer is going to racist and sexist and so you know donald trump is not looking very presidential at home and so this is the north korean talks certainly earlier in his administration were an opportunity for him to appear presidential on an international stage these have been surprising talks things that again were not on the agenda for most americans or many of the lawmakers back in the united states and so this was an opportunity for donald trump perhaps to come out and say look i can broker deals with the worst of them at least in the minds of the united states public and so this was an opportunity to to appear to be something that he isn't appearing to be at home certainly today and
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those distractions such as bringing in talks with north korea and his his stance on venezuela and his very loud very very not tempered attitude distracts from exactly what is going on in these contrary congressional hallways and conference rooms that are appearing to put donald trump's presidency in some sort of danger certainly a second term so this if we look at the whole region. and seemed to indicate that it actually agreed with the position the position of the americans. statement was quite bland may i say and and in south korea we do know that the president had a phone conversation immediately after he left with president moon.
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was there any other reaction coming out we had a statement this afternoon from the presidential spokesperson kima gilman that the government here very much sees what happened in annoyed actually has even been productive it allowed to two sides to iterate to each other the precise positions that they're all couponing of course you could argue that this is been bod for south korea what really matters about this whole thing is not perhaps the minute denuclearization although that is certainly important what is important for people on the peninsula as a whole is peace whether you like it or not things have become much better here in south korea since two thousand and seventeen when mr kim's own a mr don't trump or engaging in this war veteran and people actually fear there might be military conflict and nobody will tell you that things are right now war stand what it used to be and they want this process to move forward the government
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wants to process to keep going and that means to say that yes there is hope for the future there's hope for more dialogue and in fact mr trump today at the press conference if not completely kill off the possibility of for a dialogue and we are going to have to wait and see how the north korea reacts to this by there's a strong chance that it too might stay the course and continue high level discussion so that maybe there would be another summit in the future the big fear however is whether mr trump really has more time in office given the kind of political troubles that he's having and whether if democrats were to take power this kind of move for peace can actually last go well i mean president somehow needs. these talks to succeed because that would be his one major foreign policy achievement during his presidency but one could also argue maybe that north korea has all no other choice as well no other option to improve its economy to
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really start becoming part of the. international community. well you're right so point out that trump has made this the cornerstone of his foreign policy we can assume that in about a year from now he will be in his reelection campaign and in a way time has then run out for the north koreans if they want to agree to some kind of deal it probably has to be done before donald trump goes too much into reelection mode because we don't know if a democratic president would take the same approach to north korea part of the reason why we have a sitting u.s. president willing to meet the north korean leader is a personality type donald trump that shouldn't be understated then again we've also had a lot of instability because of tweeting and things like that so in a way the future is uncertain on what's going to happen and i think really the ball's in north korea's court we haven't heard from them yet we don't know why the
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talks broke down or didn't go as planned from their perspective so i think we need to wait and see what comes out from north korean state media what is their willingness to continue to with this process which is hugely important as you point out is something that the north koreans do want to engage in either to buy more time or actually to pursue music and that's something we have yet to to fully clarify why it was their true intentions for participating in this and then are they going to stick to things like not testing missiles in the next few months that will really be crucial for determining if there is another summit that could be arranged in the near future and then leading up to the summit the behind the scenes talks needs to be done clearly in a different way i don't know what went wrong but but having that surprise on the day of the summit where you have a scheduled agreement signing seems odd to me with the months of preparation that
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went into the summit again i don't know what what went wrong but clearly there needs to be a leveling of expectations between the united states and north korea before. some of processes this is continued well and robert let's assume they will be a third round of these talks sometimes in the future maybe in a few months. in the meantime. do we expect probably china will have to play a role which it has been doing quietly you know even though even just merely allowing the travels of chairman kingdom through china to reach those summits but it's certainly do we expect trump to lean a little bit on china and asked them you know to have a conversation with chairman kim jong. well it certainly would be nice to see the president start to use other countries in the region more publicly
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to engage in these types of conversations but it's going to have to take him also sitting down in his seat and letting other leaders have a little bit of a spotlight and making ways for for peace and for not you know and for nodding to them for that sort of effort and what we can't see is donald trump going back to twitter and going back to his microphones ranting and raving when something doesn't go the way that he likes or responding immediately without putting some thought into what what he's going to say he doesn't seem to play well with others when it comes to sharing the spotlight and he's going to have to decide is this really is this sort of peace relationship something that is pivotal for a second term or is it something that he wants to be remembered for the lives of
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the people who live in these regions worth the peace that he could hopefully broker or is this again a distraction or some sort of play that he's that he's making and you know this far into the administration we really can't tell if this is something he's absolutely serious about or if this is something that he's serious about to to win a second term well he certainly is still was very measured doing the press conference that he gave from had no noise now he is flying back home so i'm sure we'll hear more from him. remains in hanoi for a two day state visit but we have reached the end of this show so thank you very much for joining me and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion. go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me one of the heaviest and of all team you're in the buy for now . because there is room grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly we know look even use some nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and
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source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. this week's earth rice a new method of cremation is helping him to transition become more environmentalists friendly and we visit a danish community in who have taken sustainability to new heights just over there on the horizon is some so i only know they are officially one hundred percent when you. look at that this is it that's the energy right generated we see a change on al-jazeera it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have goes head to head with a gal who has written by printing forty two we want to do it develop the owners disputing
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the economic revolution want on record saying this is a battle development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. i'm sami's a down in doha with a look at the headlines here now just now india is awaiting the release of its pilots captured in pakistan these are pictures of the saudi border where the handover is expected to take place it comes after india and pakistan so big shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday so raman is live for us from new delhi tell us about the mood there. indeed a great deal of anticipation here in india.


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