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i'm. sure you know. some of that. this is al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at the headquarters in doha has them seek a welcome to the news good pakistanis calling it a gesture of peace releasing it captured the indian pilot to ease the tensions between the two over kashmir but they're also warning india don't take our act of kindness for weakness we're live in india and pakistan. also on the grid why did the trump kim summit collapse north korea is pushing back against the u.s. version of how talks broke down in hungary we'll take
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a deeper look at the failure to reach a deal and what it means for north korea's neighbors. and the toxic environment in the democratic republic of congo two attacks in less than a week on clinic serving patients suffering from ebola health workers say they're also facing resistance and mistrust from people there. and the arrest of an activist in egypt sparking outrage online i made them homage to a tester in the show using the hash tag. along with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and dot com good to have you with us on this friday now large crowds have gathered to welcome back an indian pilot who was captured by pakistan these are live pictures you're looking at right now of the border where the handover is expected to take place it comes off to india and pakistan said they shot down each
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of those fighter jets. in the disputed kashmir region on wednesday pakistan's prime minister imran khan says the release is a gesture of peace we'll go to imran khan in pakistan administered kashmir shortly but first let's go to so hill raman who joins us from new delhi so hello a lot of anticipation there obviously on this imminent release but as of right now it's it hasn't yet happened. no house in the house and it's been a bit of a waiting game actually on friday the suggestion was that the exchange would have happened around about four hours ago sort of a thirty gee it didn't really happen at all and then sort of rumors and speculation that the handover will happen at sunset still nothing but the scenario is is that we believe. that wing commander of the government has actually been on has a wry at that border crossing with military pakistani military officials he then
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went through a process under the auspices of the red cross to verify who he was to make sure that he was medically fit to be transferred and placed in the care of the red cross they would then hand over command to the indian authorities now they are derived around about two hours before the arrival of the wing commander himself and they consist mainly of a security services the air force and most probably think the secret service as well he will then be verified as the indian wing commander that the indians want back from the crashed plane that crashed x. that the plane that crashed in pakistan administered kashmir it said assume that he will be whisked away to the local airport and float to the capital new delhi where would be taking to indian air force headquarters for
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a full medical given the checkups a treatment that he is needed of acquired and then from there we expect him to be debriefed over several days we don't expect a press conference certainly not with him in attendance but there may be a statement from the military later on in the night but at the moment everybody's waiting to see when and if this convoy will leave the atari work aboard of a no sign at the moment and how would you gauge the atmosphere there in india right now sail around this pilot is there is there a kind of rally round the flag field to the things there right now. yes interesting how some actually there are two sorts of camps of social cancer for example there are the large majority of indians will be very happy to see the wing commander arrive back on indian soil as and when that happens but there is the ongoing scenario that opposition politicians are certainly reminding the government
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as is the government that there is a tense situation with its arch rival pakistan across the border. near has been a flashpoint since independence in one nine hundred forty seven and the fact that it's been divided by a line of control and to the also is this a garden city the security apparently of the un has never really been one that both sides have respected or adhere to clash isn't skirmishes have happened over the years mainly from back to side of the list of kashmir into india we've seen that india itself has its own problem with kashmir itself a large muslim majority that feel that they're not being represented their voices are being heard that their rights are being abused add to all of that mix a government that has been in charge of the last five years and who they are accused of not speaking to the kashmiri people and therefore we see this upsurge in violence so you've got this underbelly of tension both of the domestic front and
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now on the international front india has been banging the nationalistic drum this last two weeks or certainly for it since february fourteenth when the attack on the military personnel carrying forty one paramilitaries in palawan actually happened now we are heading towards a general election and some are accusing the incumbent government of slight hypocrisy of the fact that they are using this as a way of garnering favor one particular. piece that we should get twenty seats in the parliamentary. sions which has caused consternation of the opposition parties who said that they should not be using what happened in kashmir the clashes with pakistan as a lection vehicle a reason to try and gather votes is a very serious issue which is about the integrity of of india and its relationship with its neighbors and that tension continues there was scope which is again in
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kashmir today in northern kashmir six personnel one civilian so this is certainly not over not as far as india is concerned certainly isn't for the moment to hell rahman there in new delhi for us while amid the fighting which as we said is still going on now it is kashmiris on both sides of the disputed border who are suffering the most as imran khan reports now. by car on foot the residents of to leave in haste this village on the disputed border area of kashmir known as the line of control is typical of many in the area. shelling from both sides is not uncommon but in recent days it's increased to levels not seen in two decades and people aren't taking any chances are that the more the amount of media but our way over there more years after us we keep saying here the government
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doesn't do anything we have become the insulted we're now wandering there's no point in living from the village alone some three hundred families have fled in surrounding villages artillery shells have damaged houses in this village the women and children have left but the men have stayed behind to defend. we stand with the army we stand here just a kilometer away from the border we won't leave our forces behind there are also similar scenes happening in indian administered kashmir is just part of that military checkpoint law is the line of control the affected border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir and it's not just on this side of the border that kashmiris are scared people are also fleeing from over there shows from the pakistani side has increased in recent days. may god protect everyone as well as hindus and six. to do politic and science so
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that peace peace is in the region and believe in. those prayers may well be in vain for now both pakistan and india are pushing each other diplomatically and militarily and so far neither shows any signs of backing down in the disputed region of kashmir is the people that are feeling the pain and once again they feel they're being used as pawns between the two nuclear powers. and the indian polity story not surprising has gone viral on social media readers. that start has and there's been a lot of reaction and also anticipation to the indian pilots release online the hash tag welcome back been a don has gone viral also in india as well as pakistan many are celebrating and sharing illustrations like the calling him a national hero and the family of the pilot also received a standing ovation and cheers this is on board of flights in delhi on their way to
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be reunited with him. and tend to people are talking about this on twitter as well city says forces don't go on happy trips their lives are all about sacrifices and hardships and pakistan's prime minister in non-con received some praise for what some uses are saying was his way to attempts to deescalate the situation now this india using india news or a fast to the political diplomacy conducted by the two leaders saying that pakistan has won the perception war at every stage their p.r. was ahead of us and iran says what some people can't get over is the fact that imran khan has won the hearts of people all over india right now but not everybody agrees with this like this who thinks that imran khan actually gave in to political pressure according it's an international obligation and this is what the general secretary of the youth wing of the b j p party had to say. he said that they are doing this as a gesture of peace nothing can be bought from them that. back is done it
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was left with more choice but is it time is under obligation under the geneva convention to the prisoner of war with respect to resume to the eagles a country that isn't there yet but it. will meanwhile the hash tag go back modi is also being shed online along with these cartoons accusing india's prime minister of focusing his attention on the upcoming elections instead well what do you think how much of a role does the possible release of this indian pilot play in the escalating tensions between india and pakistan to tell us is the hash tag a genius grant. thanks for hear and for the latest news and background on the indian pakistani tensions you can visit our website at c.n.n. dot com our teams are constantly working to help us expand your understanding of the news and what is a very complicated story here check out this timeline outlining the rocky
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relationship between the two nuclear neighbors through the decades these are tensions that go back many many years we're checking out there on al jazeera dot com and we want to hear from you on these stories you can send your comments to any of our online platforms we're on twitter use the hash tag a.j. newsgroup news grid our handle is a.j. english and we're also on facebook you can send us a message as well on whatsapp or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one trip or one four nine other been competing narratives over why the denuclearization talks broke down between the u.s. president and the north korean leader in vietnam trump says the u.s. had to walk away over demands it lift all sanctions on north korea if young young says it only asked for possible sanctions relief our diplomatic effort to change base has more from hanoi. kim jong un has stayed on in
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vietnam meeting with the country's president has his isolated nation needs all the friends it can get with the global sanctions now likely to stay in place following the failure of the summit what's happened has been a textbook example of the benefits and the drawbacks of top down face to face diplomacy bringing trump and came together last year in singapore worked they built a report and moved the world back from the brink of nuclear war. but in hanoi relying on the two leaders to conduct complex negotiations on the issues of north korea's nuclear program and the wide ranging global sanctions wasn't a success the north korean leader took a tough position calling for all the most recent sanctions to be lifted it was a step too far for the u.s. he actually had papers ready to be sad but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do
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it right i'd much rather do it right than do it fast an expert on the korean peninsula told me why he believes kim pushed hard to get so many sanctions lifted so early in the process for the north koreans they see an opportunity to in the trump presidency to achieve some goals that they really wouldn't expect to achieve with a quote unquote normal president in the white house so for them there is a little bit of urgency and of course sanctions relief is a relatively urgent matter for north korea as a purely as a matter of economic expediency there have actually been two similar taney u.s. diplomatic process is south korea's diplomacy with the north led the way of the winter olympics almost exactly one year ago and when u.s. diplomacy with north korea faltered at the end of last year it was president moon je in of south korea who rescued things. minutes after boarding air force one and leaving vietnam the first person president trump phoned was president moon it's
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clear south korea is now being given the job of cleaning up this mess jamesburg days out just in the north. a south korea says it will continue to work with the u.s. and north korea to reach a deal president moon j. in had been hoping helping for more to celebrate and his country mark this and teena marie of the independence movement against japanese rule from abroad reports . it's a source of national pride for all koreans. knocking the day people rose up against the japanese who wants ruled the korean peninsula this one hundredth anniversary was going to be especially significant coming after what was meant to be a successful hanoi summit between the u.s. and north korea president moon jane's hopes of improving relations with the north now dealt
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a blow but he appears to be remaining optimistic turn on her year so yeah the second north korea united states summit in hanoi vietnam meaningful progress enhanced mutual understanding and built more trust my administration will closely communicate and cooperate with the united states and north korea so as to help their talks reach a complete settlement by any means thank the south koreans had been hoping that a partial lifting of sanctions would allow them to embark on a joint economic projects with the north marked in both north and south korea this day allows all koreans to celebrate their history but the collapse of the hanoi summit leaves the future far more uncertain. is my dream to go to north korea where my parents are from and so this has left me heartbroken. to everyone in south korea i was hoping for an agreement i was disappointed yesterday i bought. hope trump and cain will meet again and that will lead to peace on the
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korean peninsula state run media in north korea has reported the failure of the summit to reach an agreement but was still positive in tone remaining positive to president moon now back in his familiar role as mediator between the u.s. and north korea problem bride al-jazeera. whiten foster carter is an honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern korea at leeds university in england he's and he joins us live now via skype thanks very much for being with us so as we were pointing out there are different narratives different versions as to why these talks broke down what do you think happened here and should they have seen this coming particularly the u.s. side yes the narratives as i understand it were all still trying to sort of work it out and not as far apart as they at first the pit trump first of all told us that the north koreans wanted all the sanctions lifted and they're all critters that
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held a midnight press conference and i said oh no we didn't we only wanted the five most recent ones that grace exchange for the seventy well same difference frankly because it's those latest funds that are the really tough ones it was time to mount the saying all. wanted to lift the wall where we go from here we'll have to see it's of a state huge disappointment but i'm encouraged that i mean i thought the north koreans might go ballistic and in the case of north korea that's not a metaphor sometimes if you get my drift but actually you know in terms of both sides like a talking out you know the process continues that we will meet again etc so you know a disappointment and get a bit embarrassing all around really they should receive it i mean yes of course they should you have working level talks to to work out this kind of stuff so that's one of the puzzles how come they didn't know what each of the sticking points were in advance to avoid this serious this humiliation how big a blow is this for south korea and for particularly for president moon because he invested a lot in the success of these told didn't. he didn't i'm really glad you've asked
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that question too often people just focus on the u.s. and north korea as if they were the only players of the city but the principals and hanoi yeah it's very bad news for president j. and i mean most of the voters in south korea are as elsewhere that don't cast so much about that i mean they don't care about unification we're hearing quotes but you know people it's bread and butter issues about the economy that concern focus and economy it's not doing great of a state forty times bigger than north korea that would be another story so really president moon who got a bit of mileage in popularity last year people you'll remember it all started a year ago with the north korean all the progs taking part in the winter olympics moon needs not the boost them but he really has come up with the sanctions because of the stuff he wants to do reconnecting roads are always across the but in syria he can't do it because of sanctions and so that there's no proposal not the sun to reign in place not to him he's putting
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a brave face on it but he must be very disappointed so where do they go from here are these negotiations dead or is it too early to say this. i don't think that dad i mean both sides are saying that they're not to head but of course they dissipate question. trump was suggesting president trump that it wouldn't be set in any immediate summit and you kind of wonder who would host one of those but in a way it would be a good thing if they could if they went on a working level that's the way diplomacy was always done is done normally it was always done with those career in the past because this nixon received been going on since since the one nine hundred ninety s. we had the agreed framework we have the six party talks that are the central what it needs is what we need is regular talks between what we have empowered working that'll officials to go over the nitty gritty and come up with a nice concrete agreement full of details acosta slightly on the united states had with iran but then we know what happened a lot of it got kicked into touch so it's always a fruit and perilous process but i am i'm not quite as pessimistic you know twenty
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four hours on not as i was in the immediate review of the shocking news that no one expected that they couldn't they would do all that way the government of vietnam put all the stops outrage a thousand journalists then and they couldn't reach a deal i think we need to have stop that happening again it's because you ate in foss the carter joining us there from exeter in case of a more in-depth analysis on what's next for us north korean relations you can go to our web site that is in dot com interesting episode on our inside story program for you with experts the sec thing for us the ins and outs of trump's talks with kim jong un. now to brussels and a potential setback for the european commission e.u. diplomats have voted against the publication of a so-called black list of countries around the world dealing in money laundering and funding for armed groups more than twenty countries are reportedly on the list including saudi arabia and four u.s. territories such as guam the u.s.
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virgin islands american samoa and four to record the trumpet ministration and saudi arabia have denounced the list as politically motivated the use says it wants to stop suspicious bank transactions and illegal activities a formal report is expected to be announced next week let's talk about this more now with anna brett sure she is a lawyer specializing in european criminal law and sanctions and she joins us live now from london thanks very much for being with us while i know a lot of people. would would applaud the intentions here on the part of the you there they have come under criticism for the way the way it's being done what's your what's your take on this. well it comes at a bad time for the e.u. because the e.u. is itself the subject of some quite stringent critz of how it
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complies with anti money laundering and terrorist financing obligations within the e.u. the list that it operates of high risk countries third countries i.e. non e.u. countries is also controversial precisely because it doesn't include its own member states and in parallel another controversy is that there is little need for it there is already a list in existence which has been in existence for a long time and a soft rated by the financial action task force set up by the g seven so if as you say there is already mechanism mechanism in place for this then then why are they doing is it is it for political reasons as some have suggested. it's difficult to gauge the e.u. financial system obviously house to be assessed by the e.u.
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in isolation from the global financial system as a whole because it is the e.u. financial system that ultimately these rules are designed to safeguard so from that perspective it makes sense for the e.u. to assess the particular risks that the e.u. institutions face as distinct from risk more globally but because the exercise unnecessarily takes only that he used prospect of needs into account the. right target for criticism from third countries so on on a more broad note then is there is there more that needs to be done to tackle international money laundering and funding for some of these groups well the trouble with tackling money laundering it's always how you go about. targeting your
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resources and focusing. the time and effort where it can make a difference and the e.u. has been trying various strategies largely up until now to great success. very advanced and promoting a preventative approach to requiring banks and other financial institutions to conduct you diligence k y c it is pressing very hard for transparency with beneficial ownership registers and the like so some of the ideas coming out of the e.u. on the island counter terrorist financing front do help to improve the global international framework but it's a question of reconciling these very. good good moves with with the political ripples that they cause and these political objections are not
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just from outside the e.u. but also from within so the proposal now has. spectacularly been voted down by almost unanimously at least twenty seven out of the twenty eight member states and part of the reason is clearly because of the difficulties that measures like this could cause to bilateral and multilateral relations for third countries. it's it's always going to be a very difficult balancing exercise yeah it certainly is called taking us through a show that i was you know talking to us about the. bradshaw thanks very much for your time pressure. now the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended its work i beg your pardon we going to go to a break now this is the new just great if you're watching us on facebook why we've got a bonus story for you now about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his indictment
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of friends and a.j. plus a look at what he is accused of and later doctors without borders suspect work in parts of the democratic republic of congo after armed gunmen attacked two medical clinics. yesterday so sudden dime polls and flash floods in jordan around the west bank as well you just crossing the the end of the cloud now has dissipated and the next day or so should be fine but i have to say the breeze is picking up and the cloud is picking up there is something brewing in the mediterranean so you will see a bit of rain come the end of saturday just coming onshore in lebanon there's a big gap between that and the next system which is currently developing i will show itself in pakistan afghanistan leaving iran dry saturday and probably sunday
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by which time bahrain will have made its way inland but probably further north in the last not so slight to affect the world in syria something to but look what else is brewing so it's not the end of it this is still unsettled spring weather that would normally blowing down the gulf of momentum she's being kept down to be knocked down further in bahrain and qatar you're a down to the low twenty's but if you ease the breeze given the sun is still or is strengthening now day by day still there twenty two twenty three thirty in mecca as you can see otherwise skies largely blue the rain is moving north out of southern africa it's still there concentrating in madagascar and touching sounds in tanzania was occasional shouts to not far from jo'burg. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one politics state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been
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voted into power isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have some goes head to head with cow her is free to fuck you too we want to be a developed country they don't is disputing the economic revolution what i don't recall saying this is about it in development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full drives with bands like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape over.
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here at the news good good to have you with us taking a look at the stories that are trending on our website not surprisingly tension is the ongoing tensions between india and pakistan still very. much in the news there and it's among the top stories that you are looking at on our web site there as you can see these are the top six stories that are trending right now but if you scroll
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down you'll find lots more it's all there for you on our website al-jazeera dot com . now a medical charity doctors without borders has suspended its work at the epicenter of the bowl epidemic in the democratic republic of congo two of its clinics have been burnt down in the latest attack against aid workers trying to contain the dangerous virus lexi o'brien reports this is all that's left of an ebola treatment center in the eastern congo town of. attack is set fire to the building on wednesday before engaging in a gun battle with security forces for people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus fled the same and are still missing but it's certainly a witness not forget a ball is a lethal disease an extremely contagious illness and tire families in north have been in dismay to entire villages in west africa disappeared because of the
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epidemic so the health workers are here to avoid the picture. it was the second such attack this week on sunday and now the treatment center just a few kilometers away and was burned to the ground the brother of a patient was killed as he tried to escape the blaze. long long isn't that easy they set fires to areas that were not for treatment like the changing in utility rooms which were burnt down in any case the treatment center is no longer operational. this is the outbreak began last august and is the worst in the country's history it's believed to have killed more than five hundred fifty people so far and infected about three hundred others aid workers have faced what the world health organizations called a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust. the health ministry says foreign and local medical teams have been attacked on average three to four times
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a week. as armed groups of ifa control of the region which is rich in minerals. is the first time in a bull outbreak has happened in such an unstable and insecure area like eastern congo it's a challenge for us on a daily basis for all the teams who answer the call to fight against the epidemic. the charity says its immediate focus is the safety of its patients and staff but with its medical work suspended it could affect the battle to stop the virus from spreading and congo and across its borders alexy o'brien al jazeera. newport is an emergency coordinator at doctors without borders in geneva trisha's worked number of times in the field as a coordinator on ebola and she joins us live now via skype thanks very much for being with us so help us try to understand this if we can for people who are not not familiar with what's going on in the democratic republic of congo because you
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had a clear situation there where there is an ebola outbreak and you have dedicated people like yourself who are trying to do to do their best to eradicate it and they're coming up against this sort of opposition from people there what what why is that what's what's going on there. it's a good question to start with. there were three there were two treatment centers being run collaborative collaborative lead between and the science and the ministry of health in the temple and catch one had ninety six beds one had over sixty beds so we had a lot of staff from the ministry of health that were working with us unfortunately the one in catch was attacked on sunday night and then on wednesday night we had the one in the temple that was attacked the problem is we don't know why they were attacked we don't know what the motive of the attack was or who is responsible for it and that's one of the reasons that we suspended our activities because we have to do a further analysis to be able to better understand how we can safely work and provide
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medical care in this context so potentially then how bad could this get i mean if if if groups like m.s.f. are prevented from from trying to contain or eradicate this virus then presumably the there is potential for it to spread further in the country and beyond. what i will say is that. already the numbers the epidemiological characteristics of the break at this moment are concerning so last week what we saw was an increase in the number of cases is. sorry is blue tembo in cata was more than eighty five percent of all of the case new confirmed cases coming from those areas we also saw that almost half of the new confirmed cases were. were community deaths a large percentage of them have no at the timea logical link to
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a confirmed case and so all of those characteristics are really concerning for the outbreak and now considering that those two treatment centers are are not functioning at the moment it's even more concerning so we have a medical organization we have real concerns for the patients that were with us for their families for our staff that were working but also for the. what where does where does it go from from here. so at this moment we can see we continue our other ebola related activities that are not in the tempo and catch so we have ever activities in north kivu and we have at their activities in the tree we can continue those activities and then we do a much deeper and alice of the security situation in the moon cats region and we look at trying to better understand why these attacks happened and we also start
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discussing with different community groups. to be able to engage with them and develop our relationships with them and then we look at what the next steps are we know that we're not returning to morrow or the next there's a number of big steps that we need to do the for we can resume our activities. appreciate your time trish newport in geneva thank you now to egypt where the arrest of an activist who was caught protesting a day after a train crash that killed at least twenty people is generating outrage online retailer has been monitoring the situation in force the reaction there really that's right has a mall the train crash and explosion and one of cars main train stations is now regarded as a national disaster and many online now want more accountability and on demanding answers from the president himself but a young egyptian activist has taken this a step further i have been more he went to check her square a symbol of resistance during the arab spring that removed former president hosni
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mubarak from power and he held up a sign calling for protests for president sisi to leave and then was arrested shortly afterwards now while being transported by the police mo he managed to post this video online appealing to his followers. i'm in the polling station and they are trying to make one for their right now trying to take my phone. call another guy with me now i'm asking although you might be all over the board i am please. hold this. unknown i want you to stand up i want to i will i don't want to face on this to be like before i am i am a human being and i you just resent that my point of view using this signal and saying we don't want you c.c. this is the real truth this is the real truth i am
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a human being and i'm saying i don't want you mr president people have heeded his calls the arabic hash tag i support and more he and don't forget me are being highlighted to praise his case online on its facebook page and many of his videos have also been taken down since his arrest many people are now condemning this and others also praising him for his courage raising awareness of some of the cases of detained activists in the country issuing a warning about not repeating the past well if you are currently in egypt and know more about the story to tweet us use the hash tag a genius quit or you can disappear message directly and after him home it has a thanks for you and i want to hear from you on the story you can send your comments as always to any of our online platforms on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news grid and our handle is english and we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash. send us
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a whatsapp if you like as well as our telegram that's plus nine seven four five one trip one for not. now taking a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the president of sudan ahmed bashir has stepped down as leader of the ruling national congress party but the corporate protestors has been for him to resign as president and that comes as thirteen protesters in sudan have been sentenced to six months to five years in jail and. the court that sentence them was established under the country's recently imposed state of emergency law earlier this week the shit out of more public gatherings in a bid to try and stop the demonstrations. an attack by al-shabaab in somalia as capital has ended with all fighters killed somali special forces spent several hours battling members of the armed group in mogadishu. now former arjun time
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president carlos menem has been cleared of involvement in a cover up of one thousand nine hundred ninety four jewish center bombing that killed eighty five people but the court jailed the retired judge who led the investigation into the attack along with ex intelligence chief will go and iran was blamed for carrying out the bombing but it denies involvement that i suppose reports from one of. twenty five years they demanded justice they accuse the argentine state of failing them the prison sentence issued on thursday gave them something they had so long been after. said hugh augustine's wife was killed in the attack on the jewish community center in argentina. i have a bit more peace now because we knew we were being lied to they always ignored the victims for them it was all about politics and trying to hide what really happened
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but destroyed all the evidence so we still don't know whether anything they say is true. the one nine hundred ninety four attack against the army i was argentina's worst terrorist attack eighty five people were killed and more than three hundred injured. argentine judges had always claimed iran was behind the attack a charge it long denied. but the coverup operation carried out by the administration of then president menem has prompted even more questions about what really happened on the night or during the trial prosecutors attempted to prove that a four hundred thousand dollars bribe was paid to a police informant witnesses work and there was a failure to investigate what is known as the syrian lead that lead involved a close friend of former president cattlemen in. who was originally from syria men m. was acquitted in the trial. son was also one of the victims in the attack. i'm
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not happy with the result the sentences were too short and menem was acquitted i was hoping for a lot more because they harm the investigation every day that passes our chances of seeing justice become small this sentence confirms that not only members of the administration of the catalogue man i'm back in the one nine hundred ninety s. but also prosecutors and a judge were involved in ms directing the investigation into the attack some of the relatives are saying that they're hoping that a new investigation will begin now that will help them shed light into what happened twenty five years ago. vesta geisha and has been filled with irregularities a prosecutor investigating the case appeared with a shot in the head four years ago. lawyers say the trial sends a strong message to the argentine judiciary who has been accused of being driven by political motives in the past. this is a message to the justice system that everything that has gone wrong with the army
6:44 pm
cannot happen again you cannot invent false cases you cannot coerce witnesses intelligence officers cannot be involved and it continues to happen all the time. thursday sentence does not help those who lost their loved ones find closure. but it certainly shows the failure of the argentine state in finding the truth. all right we're going to take you live now to the border the. border where the expected release of the indian pilot who was captured by pakistan is taking place right now there he is this is wing commander. vitamine he's become the face of the current crisis between india and pakistan we have been told for several hours that this release was imminent this was what pakistan had called
6:45 pm
a gesture of peace and after several hours of waiting it is finally happening now he is being handed back to indian officials at the border crossing this friday evening there at the. border now in new delhi the announcement of his release by the pakistani prime minister imran khan the day before was seen as a as a diplomatic victory with indian leaders welcoming the pilots to turn but announcing that they would remain on what they called heightened military alerts there's been a lot of anticipation in india for this release so many people there are pleased about this and pakistan has a said they are looking at this as a gesture of peace to show that. they have the they have they're holding the
6:46 pm
cards here and they are in their view trying to to to play them as sensibly as possible and they they want india it's important for them to for india to see that. a diplomatic source was. telling us earlier that the handover had been expected around four pm pakistan but of pakistan time but obviously that hasn't been announced so this this handover happening some. later than advertised but that is not something that people in india are going to be too upset about at this stage when command. of the man being released there at that border crossing at the wagga atari border we're hoping to get. a live update from our correspondent raman who's been monitoring this for us. it's come as somewhat of
6:47 pm
a surprise that we are actually seeing this these pictures in in real time right now because we've been led to believe that this would or that this would be this be happening. sort of very quickly away from the cameras so that indian officials indian military officials could meet with him and brief him immediately so they could talk to him about about the way the whole thing went down for him and how he was treated by pakistani officials i'm told now we do have. and who is live in new delhi for us and he is watching this with us as well so help. yes just a few moments ago as you've seen as well has them a us our viewers have we've seen when commander. of the unknown arrived at the. border crossing with the indian side the atari on the other side we're looking at
6:48 pm
pictures obviously those military personnel extra of got a look at the screen took the pictures all to one side of the military personnel exchanging details in a slow walk along with that out of the new towards the gate with officials it seems from the pakistani side now we were told about half an hour ago that several members or officials from the indian high commission had also arrived at the border crossing it seems that the processing itself has gone according to plan that the pakistanis had delayed the release of the wing commander at least three times during the day we were expecting this about five hours ago and then it kept getting delayed and delayed and delayed they were told it happened after sunset we don't know what the delay has been or why there has been a delay but it seems that certainly the wing commander and the pilot of the crashed military jet that landed on the pakistani side of kashmir is
6:49 pm
now on his way home. to certainly a great deal of relief i'm sure for his family and certainly some very eager. politicians and military personnel waiting to hear what actually happened to him in that dogfight in the skies above kashmir and also how he was treated and his experiences once he landed of course of the. process of him now being handed over shortly we can see those are live pictures coming out. from certainly the pakistan side of the border he's surrounded of course by military commandos to his front turn to his rear. and he will then be handed over obviously to indian officials who we've been led to believe will take him directly to.
6:50 pm
international airport where he will board a domestic flight could actually be a military flight as well because the circumstances straight to capital new delhi he'll be transferred to indian air force headquarters where he'll also be given a medical then the process of deep briefing begins we don't expect him to say anything here the work of border press are being kept well away throughout the day . about six hours ago and this is sort of how long the timeline has been of friday around about six hours ago we were told the press had been moved a kilometer away from the work a border fence then there seems to have been a change of heart a mysterious put the pressure by the indian press upon the military to actually make sure they could be witnesses to this potentially historic event and therefore they came closer to the work of border but still at a safe distance for the military it's all now in the hands i suppose of the
6:51 pm
politicians want to see actually makes his move across the border and there may be a press conference in a few days' time but certainly nothing from him we are expecting a statement from the indian military we will have to wait and see what happens. thanks just to let let our viewers know we're trying to get ahold of our correspondents in islamabad at the moment to to bring us bring us the view from the pakistani capital but that will stay with hell for now as i hear as you say this is a huge sense of relief in india right now that this is finally happening after. having to wait several hours and as you say this happened several hours after it was it was supposed to. be is is is the ball now now in india's court now that pakistan has made what they say is there is a peace gesture that perhaps the politicians in india will have to respond to this now it's a very interesting question
6:52 pm
a very interesting statement from the pakistani prime minister when one cancers is just of good will adjust to a gesture to deescalate the situation that both countries face at the moment and while iran can't has been. saying all of these things and reaching out perhaps it can be viewed. in one sense to the indian government it was very clear on friday as we waited for the wing commander to be released and we can see now obviously these pictures of him being taken by indian forces the wire gate being closed by pakistani commandos there is a about a ten meter gap between those two gates which is no man's land for bob's brief and what we're seeing now the formal. closure and ceremonial entertainment that normally accompanies the closure of those gates was canceled on both sides of the border because of what we were expecting today has been
6:53 pm
a highly sensitive. scenario for for the military and as we see the wing commander go off now into the distance certainly from the pakistani side of the border he will be taken by his own people into custody and care in terms of how the indian government have played this what has been very interesting certainly the last seventy two hours since we've had that crash since we had his incarceration since he's had his release that he we will wait to see how the indian government reacted been very quiet as to how they will react to this overtures and i think the next twenty four hours be quite crucial to see what moves they make towards islamabad if any. all right for the moment raman live for us there in new delhi with the reaction on the release of the indian parliament to is held by pakistan let's get the view now from islamabad come on hyder is standing by for us there so as we've been saying this release came quite
6:54 pm
a few hours later than than advertised any any sense of why that why that's the case. first of all you have to understand that budgets on how to go to grady agreed in principle to release them part of their timing is concerned involves a lot of faith but was the international red cross and water and i use all even that final hand go. to many debuggers tiny soldiers cross signatures from the indian soldiers and indian violate the guards were standing just a few meters inside the gates on god he was dressed in a blue blazer white shirt. uniform that he was then when he was shot down inside pakistani general diddy much greater member died when he. crossed that make twenty one was shot down he fairly bailed out in august i needed it thirty to be president
6:55 pm
got to him and if it had been put to paper they were probably killed him however the military dad was president. there was a young captain who would then go to everybody to get back and they were able to rescue the indian violates i'll still raise the flag a tiny milegi said that he would be treated with our thanks and god he was given that respect and of course today because of the announcement by the pakistani prime minister that gates would be a gesture of good grace but having said all died the most important thing right now a how do you dispute. rights is because the pakistani military is on the whole a great. line constant frodo will progress on and i will pray said being open and movement. between india and progress on freshening commercial aircraft are still under their stricture and so engage a critically important to see what kind of response comes from india so far what we
6:56 pm
have been coordinated and progress on the idea indians are still in a village in mood that modi is trying to capture. prices for his election that is coming up where then the next two months go or the border as part of august on is going to turn eggs in india's court and it will be important to see how that plays out also importantly the budgets on the military chief has spoken to the new centcom cave and door to him bugger standards of the right to retaliate any for that a geisha and ridge full force means the situation is still very critical and everybody now going to be waiting for india as a response. all right kamau had a life first there in islamabad pakistan with the view from the pakistani capital on the imminent release of the indian the pilot. of an undone the man who was taken in
6:57 pm
a convoy. and set off from the pakistani city of lahore on that border crossing on friday you're looking at pictures of his parents there earlier waiting to see him all of india right now waiting been keenly anticipating this moment stay with us for the latest on this story this has been something that is at the center of the ongoing tensions between india and pakistan over the disputed region of kashmir this is the pictures on that border region there his parents that you're looking at right now so we are expecting him to be released at any moment now that as we were saying this was something that was supposed to happen several hours before but it's finally happening now for reasons that we don't know at this point hopefully they'll be a clearer picture this has been the news good we appreciate your company or maybe you can keep in touch with us on social media the hash tag as ever is a.j. news grid all the ways to connect with us all right there we'll see you back here
6:58 pm
fifteen hundred g.m.t. on saturday. fly you can sign ways and experience the world like never before cats are always going to places together.
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with a new leader in brazil comes changes to how it deals with and the u.s. brazil's vice president is playing an active role of press and asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil talks to al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bring that story to the forefront. donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton an allegation to see ongoing investigation seductress did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i.
7:00 pm
director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. a pilot captured by pakistan is handed over to india after days of escalating tensions between the two nuclear armed countries. oh i maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up on the program. a rare show of defiance in algeria as protesters gather outside the presidential headquarters in parliament. north korea.


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