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lost and abandoned. and saved one on one reveals how one is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. free at last after a tense few days pakistan hands over the indian fighter pilot who was shot down in the disputed kashmir region. has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a rare show of defiance in algeria protesters clashing with security forces in the capital. north korea's leader puts on a brave face in vietnam after coming out of a summit with trump emptyhanded. russia assures venezuela of full support
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hours after vetoing a u.s. led bid at the u.n. calling for new elections. pakistan has released the indian pilot it took captive in what it's calling a gesture of peace wing commander been undone someone walked back across the water authority border after being shot down on wednesday in the disputed kashmir region pakistani officials say they handed him over to india in a bid to ease the tensions between the two nations. on earth you all of us all indians are how to be in contact so long as he will be bartulis a country if you are in his. other countries custody and he comes back and delivers country are you going to think he was doing all of them by emotion. happiness in his eyes or really ever. also harami in so raman is live for us in new delhi so so
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he'll relief for all over india right now at his release. yes certainly it's been much anticipated certainly for the last forty eight hours that when command. would actually be released but when that was the actual question we've been waiting for about six hours for more news about his transfer and those very few what ten twenty steps across the border from pakistan into india it was delayed several times even up to the last minute but as you saw from those pictures he was slowly a score to it to the border by the lady that you can see the traditional show archimedes' company is from the ministry of foreign affairs standing next to her the gentleman in the air force uniform is a representative of course from the force there skordas him to the rangers who are
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the basically the commandos who look after the border on the pakistan side there he was a sort handed over to the indians the would have been brought across as he was quite late on to be processed at the worker border and there it was assumed that he would be put in charge of certainly seen by the red cross neutral body he would have made sure that he was medically fit and also he was the man that the indians were looking for and then they would scorch him across the border and handed over to indian officials because he was taken into the care of the indian air force that it's assumed he will now head towards new delhi for a complete medical check up by the deep. and so hell of this this is these ongoing tensions between the latest ongoing tensions between india and pakistan it all began of course more than two weeks ago with that attack in poorman indian
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administered kashmir on. indian paramilitary forces does this release now do something to to ease those tensions a little bit. well that's been the question to a certain extent that pakistan would like we've heard of phrases from the pakistani prime minister that this is a gesture of goodwill an opportunity to ease tensions certainly from the indian side there has been a reserve silence until their command was returned to the ministry of external affairs as well as the defense ministry were keeping very quiet about exactly what they were would not going to say it's a great deal of tension here politically as well about what's going on there is a ongoing spat between the opposition and the incumbent come but government about how politicized this particular incident has become but regardless of that the
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tension between india and pakistan has continued opposite on going to her few in kashmir and even on friday there were skirmishes in a hundred or a small area in northern kashmir where two armed gunmen were fighting indian forces and the events of the end of the day what the news we have there is that six acuity personnel of the killed one civilian and several others injured and even those details at the moment are a little bit sketchy we're trying to get more information on that. even on thursday we saw shelling between india and pakistan in the kashmir region with one fatality a lady that was buried in the tension continues as does the pressure of both countries both domestically and internationally to try and find a solution to ease the tensions but it's certainly not over or i phenomenal how raman live for us there in new delhi thanks. as the tensions have flared up between india and pakistan kashmiris living on both sides of the disputed border are
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suffering the most iran can reports now from chuck hearty. by car on foot the residents of to leave in haste. this village on the disputed border area of kashmir known as the line of control is typical of many in the area. shelling from both sides is not uncommon but in recent days it's increased to levels not seen in two decades and people aren't taking any chances or that the more. need over there more days after us we keep seeing here the government doesn't do anything we have to calm the insulted we're now wandering there's no point in living. from the village alone some three hundred families have fled in surrounding villages artillery shells have damaged houses in this village the women and children have left but the men have stayed behind to defend. we stand with the army we
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stand here just a kilometer away from the border we won't leave our forces behind there are also similar scenes happening in indian administered kashmir just post that military checkpoint law is the line of control the affected border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir and it's not just on this side of the border that kashmir is all scared people are also fleeing from. shows from the pakistani side has increased in recent days. how do you play. may god protect everyone as well as hindus and six three that the two powers you can cite so that peace freezes in the region and live in. those prayers may well be in vain for now both pakistan and india are pushing each other diplomatically and militarily and so far neither shows any signs of backing down in the disputed region of kashmir is the people that are feeling the pain and once again they feel
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they're being used as pawns between the two nuclear powers. which is a trickle in. pakistan's foreign minister is boycotting a meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation after india was invited sharma mood could and she is skipping the oh i see event in abu dhabi here sent lower ranking officials instead she says india is not a member of the fifty seven nation organization india's external affairs minister is attending as a guest of honor. for pressure to be put on countries that support what she called terrorism if you want to see if that indeed. the state. and frankly the decades to dismantle the infrastructure of that dead are just games and. like hanging in shelters that get it in asia is based in that country. a gunfight between police and fighters in somalia's capital is now over somali
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special forces spend the past several hours battling members of the armed group in mogadishu played earlier bombed hotel and shooting at soldiers who were trying to enter the building at least twenty nine people were killed in the hotel attack. other been competing versions over why denuclearization talks broke down between the u.s. president and the north korean leader in vietnam u.s. president donald trump says he had to walk away over demands the north korea lift all sanctions and that view has been repeated by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. i think the president had it exactly right he
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basically asked for for sanctions relief that's true they basically did ask for that. that was in exchange for. something relatively undefined but the scope of the president didn't think was adequate to justify that level of economic sanctions relief our diplomatic etta james maes has more on the summit from hanoi. kim jong un has stayed on in vietnam meeting with the country's president as his isolated nation needs all the friends it can get with the global sanctions now likely to stay in place following the failure of the summit what's happened has been a textbook example of the benefits and the drawbacks of top down face to face diplomacy bringing trump and came together last year in singapore worked they built a report and moved the world back from the brink of nuclear war. but in hanoi
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relying on the two leaders to conduct complex negotiations on the issues of north korea's nuclear program and the wide ranging global sanctions wasn't a success the north korean leader took a tough position calling for all the most recent sanctions to be lifted it was a step too far for the u.s. he actually had papers ready to be sad but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right than do it fast an expert on the korean peninsula told me why he believes kim pushed hard to get so many sanctions lifted so early in the process for the north koreans they see an opportunity to in the trump presidency to achieve some goals that they really wouldn't expect to achieve with a quote unquote normal president in the white house so for them there is a little bit of urgency and of course sanctions relief is a relatively urgent matter for noise. korea as a purely as
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a matter of economic expediency there have actually been two similar ten years diplomatic process is south korea's diplomacy with the north led the way of the winter olympics almost exactly one year ago and when u.s. diplomacy with north korea faltered at the end of last year it was president moon j.m. of south korea who rescued things minutes after boarding air force one then leaving vietnam the first person president trump phoned was president moon it's clear south korea is now being given the job of cleaning up this mess jamesburg days out in the north. thousands of algerians are protesting plans by president abdul aziz bouteflika to run for a fifth term police fired tear gas and demonstrators surging past barricades set up around government buildings organize is called for a million man march eighty two year old beautifully care has rarely been seen at
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public events since having a stroke in two thousand and thirteen. among the crowd was one of our dear is revolutionary icons. is known for her role in the war of independence against france she was captured and tortured prompting mass protests before she was released. all right still ahead when we come back after the failed talks in hanoi south korea's leader offers to help the u.s. and north korea reach a deal. ahmed bashir steps aside as head of sudan's ruling party but protests against him gone. hello yesterday so sudden downpours and flash floods in jordan around the west bank as well you just possibly the end of the cloud now has dissipated and the next day or so should be fine but i have to say the breeze is picking up in the cloud is
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picking up there is something brewing in the mediterranean so you will see a bit of rain come the end of saturday just coming onshore in lebanon there's a big gap between that and the next system which is currently developing i will show itself in pakistan afghanistan leaving iran dry saturday and probably sunday by which time the rain will have made its way inland but probably further north than the last lot so it's like to affect the world in syria sudden turkey but look what else is brewing so it's not the end of it this is still unsettled spring weather that we would normally blowing down the gulf of momentum she's being kept out to be knocked down further in bahrain and qatar yuri the ria down to the low twenty's but if you ease the breeze given the sun is to or is strengthening now day by day still low twenty two twenty three a near thirty in mecca as you can see otherwise skies largely blue the rain is moving north out of southern africa it's still there concentrating in madagascar
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and touching south and tanzania was occasional showers too not far from jo'burg. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influence the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer. apple is going to real bad stuff will be made software what it is to go. to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera.
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television you're watching the news in a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has released an indian pilot in what it's calling a gesture peace wing commander done done walk across the border his plane was shot down during an aerial clash over the disputed kashmir region on wednesday . a gunfight between police and fighters in somalia's capital is now over mali special forces have spent the past several hours battling members of the armed groups in mogadishu. thousands of algeria protesting plans by president abdelaziz bouteflika to run for a fifth term to old is rarely been seen a public event since having a stroke in twenty thirty. or russia's government says it stands behind venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign but duros vice president reagan's is in moscow seeking continued support step
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busson as. the timing of the visit of the driggers the vice president of venezuela is interesting because it comes only one day after russia lost a resolution of vote basically asking for support of nicolas maduro and his control over international aid this resolution got only four votes in the security council which is quite a dramatic loss but still the foreign minister a lot for here in moscow has sat that he stands firm behind nicolas maduro and he says he is against any cynical attempt as he describes it to topple a legally elected government he also says that he knows that the united states is trying to militias remember intervene in venezuela and they are basically buy in arms in the eastern european country to say to be sent there and plan some kind of syria skin area for venezuela as well he says there's not a single country in latin america who is supporting this kind of military action
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and that russia is basically supporting a peaceful solution for venezuela of course russia has a lot at stake in venezuela not only militarily politically but also economically billions of dollars have been put in the country in recent years especially also in the oil industry to most concrete results for the meat of the meeting today is that the office of european head office of the state oil company of venezuela will be moved to moscow from lisbon because venezuela said we can't get any guarantees in europe anymore to defend or state assets also russia has said that they have sent seven a half tons of medicine and also agricultural products like wheat to venezuela to support the population there but nothing else concrete has been announced so far the spokesman of president putin basque office said there has not been any agreement between mcdougal and put into land more money to venezuela and also they
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have planned. high commission meeting in april the scarse more agreements between the two countries which basically gets gets russia a few male more weeks to decide and look at the situation in venezuela which is happening very rapidly. the un security council has rejected competing resolutions on venezuela the us draft urged free and fair presidential elections and the delivery of aid russia and china vetoed it and a russian counter proposal in support of the government failed to get enough votes krisna salumi reports. that as well an opposition leader traveled to brazil on thursday visiting president jeroboam. and passengers of european union states it was part of a tour of several nations meant to ratchet up international pressure on president nicolas maduro to step down. at the united nations knows allies attempted to
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do the same united states introduced a resolution calling for a free and fair elections in venezuela as well as humanitarian access but russia would not have it. we are seriously concerned by the fact that today's meeting may be exploited as a step for preparations for real not humanitarian intervention and as a pretext for external intervention they vetoed the draft which was supported by nine other council members the u.s. is special representative for venezuela said the biggest threat to the venezuelan people came from their government regrettably by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield his cronies and prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people. more than three million people have fled the country seeking food and medicine while others have taken to the streets in protest after an election widely regarded as illegitimate supporters of the resolution
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pointed out that it contained no authorization for military force but venezuela raised the specter of colonialism the power to this will have to do with having this one on slaughtering at the end of an assault on people they behave like colonial thing these approach yourself recall and i say show love letting them russia introduced its own resolution reaffirming the territorial integrity and political independence of venezuela but it only got four votes european countries which have also recognized quite doe accused russia of misrepresenting the us draft and venezuela of working. against the interests of its own people and i said it is not true that the dilemma in venezuela is between war and peace as they have said it is not true that a dilemma in one ideology or another in venezuela it is between democracy and dictatorship. so the international stalemate continues nicolas maduro remains in power and won by del wonders if he'll be allowed to go home christine salumi
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al-jazeera the united nations the south korean president says he will help washington and pyongyang reach a deal on denuclearization after talks failed in hanoi jane were speaking in seoul on the country's one hundredth independence movement day it was hoped there would be more to celebrate after the vietnam summit from abroad reports. it's a source of national pride for all koreans. knocking the day people rose up against the japanese who wants ruled the korean peninsula this one hundredth anniversary was going to be especially significant coming after what was meant to be a successful hanoi summit between the u.s. and north korea president moon jane's hopes of improving relations with the north now dealt a blow but he appears to be remaining optimistic turn on her for years so yeah the second north korea united states summit in hanoi vietnam meaningful progress
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enhanced mutual understanding and built more trust my administration will closely communicate and cooperate with the united states and north korea so as to help their talks reach a complete settlement by any means thank the south koreans had been hoping that a partial lifting of sanctions would allow them to embark on a joint economic projects with the north marked in both north and south korea this day allows all koreans to celebrate their history but the collapse of the hanoi summit leaves the future far more uncertain. my dream to go to north korea where my parents are from and so this has left me heartbroken. to everyone in south korea i was hoping for an agreement i was disappointed yesterday. i hope trumping can we meet again and that will lead to peace on the korean peninsula state run media in north korea has reported the failure of the summit to
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reach an agreement but was still positive in tone remaining positive to president moon now back in his familiar role as mediator between the u.s. and north korea problem bride al-jazeera. a sudanese president omar bashir has stepped down as leader of the ruling national congress party but protesters have been calling for him to resign as president that. protesters in sudan were sentenced to between six months and five years. a quarter stablished under the country's recently imposed state of emergency law sentence them earlier this week the bashir out nor the public gatherings in a bid to stop the demonstrations. kurdish forces in syria say they've launched the final push against i saw earlier on friday the final group of civilians were evacuated from the building of a bug who's thousands of people have left in recent weeks and they're being taken
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to a camp near the iraqi border tarantula rain has triggered flash flooding in jordan's capital hundreds of shops in downtown a man was swamped by twenty four hours of downpours divers have been helping stranded people to safety. or washington is still talking about the damning testimony to congress by president champ's former lawyer michael cohen but at a prominent gathering of conservatives the attacks on the president seem only to have made trump backers more fervent john hendren reports from oxon hill maryland. one day after president trump's former lawyer in fixer accused the president of committing crimes in and out of office conservatives stand solidly behind him this is step one in the democrats' crazy efforts to impeach the president the united states michael is a convicted liar and that's who the democrats size their star witness michael cohen implicated the president in a series of crimes violating campaign finance laws with payoffs to mistresses and
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knowing about leaked e-mails to democrats and meetings with russians but at the annual conservative political action conference he found only support on the main stage this is the most conservative president. since ronald reagan if not in american history and among the conservatives chatting in the hallways i think everybody. just don't know what you know if. it wasn't always like this donald trump was once considered a person unknown grata here in two thousand and sixteen many walked out when candidate trump was scheduled to speak he later canceled what she packed his long stood for cutting the national debt religious piety a hawkish military family values and now a president to his challenge them on every front now they seem to support him more than ever i think the president has accomplished more two years and any president in my lifetime i'm sixty nine years old and seen
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a lot of them come and go so why is trump so popular among conservatives when he's such an unconventional figure perhaps because he's delivered for them too conservative supreme court justices tax breaks deregulation a bulwark against gun control and an expanding economy for that they seem willing to put up with some quirks ethical concerns marital infidelity and an undisciplined twitter feed. many also support his relentless attacks on the media and god's word to the bad guy despite cohen's testimony and expanding array of investigations that target him when trump speaks here on saturday he enters a safe place where he is expected to be welcomed as a conservative hero john hendren al jazeera oxon hill maryland. the nearly two thousand workers at a factory in pennsylvania have gone on strike they're on happy a changes to their pay and conditions it is the first of may just try can the manufacturing industry since president came to power the reports from erie
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pennsylvania. david plato works the factory floor assembling train locomotives he said third generation from his family who has worked at the plant but today he's out in front of the factory on strike one of more than one thousand seven hundred welders and machine operators who are fighting to keep their jobs report for america no longer a race to the bottom we're tired of it so we're making a stand right here the general electric plant is now under new ownership web tech a conglomerate that generates eight billion in revenue is the new owner protesting workers picketing and all the entrances to the plant say the new company wants to cut pay for new workers and force overtime something web tech says is standard practice for the industry and that's exactly the problem according to the union
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boss workers' wages and rights are being stripped every day from country to country location location state to state here in the united states and at some point you know american workers are going to have to take a stand and say we've had enough the last time union members here at this plant in erie one strike was fifty years ago right now this is the biggest strike in the manufacturing industry anywhere in america in the last three years so far the strike has not gotten the attention of president donald trump whose election victory was largely thanks to his popularity in places like erie fueled by campaign promises to protect good paying manufacturing jobs according to a local economist the number of manufacturing jobs in erie have been cut in half in the last decade reflecting the trend in the industry across the united states the trends from technology that affect the labor market with the competitive pressures do to cope with zation that affect the labor market unfortunately those are what we
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see as the major reasons why we see lots of disruptions but for david paletta and his factory floor coworkers this is a stand that they won't back down from well if they are here for as long as it takes. once years whatever it takes for workers determined to protect their jobs no matter what. erie pennsylvania. this is al jazeera to get around to pull the top stories pakistan has released an indian pilot in what it's calling a gesture of peace wing commander down. back across the world the atari board his plane was shot down during an aerial clash over the disputed kashmir region on wednesday. one of you all of us olympians on how big a problem but so was he to be back on the country you're going to hear. other
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countries custody and he comes back into his country are you going to i think he was doing all of them by emotion. happiness in his eyes or really ever. a gunfight between police and fighters in somalia's capital is now over somali special forces have spent the past several hours battling members of the armed group in mogadishu they did earlier bombed a hotel and were shooting at soldiers who were trying to enter the building. thousands of algerians are protesting plans by president abdelaziz bouteflika to run for a fifth term police fired tear gas of demonstrators surging past barricades set up around government buildings to your beautiful has rarely been seen a public event since having a stroke in twenty thirteen. kurdish forces in syria say they've launched a final push against isis early on friday the final group of civilians were evacuated from the village of thousands of people have left in recent weeks they're
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being taken to a camp near the iraqi border. north korea's leader kim jong un has met the vietnamese president in hanoi nuclear talks with u.s. president donald trump broke down there on thursday after disagreements over sanctions on north korea it's accuse the u.s. of wasting an opportunity to strike a deal russia has vowed to continue to support the venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign as well as vice president says macdougall has ordered a european office of the state oil company to be moved to moscow sudanese president nominate but she has stepped down as leader of the country's ruling party but will remain president those are the headlines we're back with more after inside still.
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benjamin netanyahu remains defiant the israeli prime minister is facing corruption charges it's a witch hunt ahead of the election come here avoid prosecution and what does it mean for his political career this is inside story. this is inside story welcome to the program he's the first sitting israeli prime minister to put on fishel notices of planned prosecution on charges of bribery fraud and for.


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