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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from da here's what's coming up in the next sixty minutes free at last after a tense few days pakistan hands over the indian fighter pilot who was shot down in the disputed kashmir region. rare show of defiance in algeria as protesters clashed with security forces in the capital. north korea's leader puts on a brave face in vietnam after coming out of
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a summit with donald trump empty handed. russian assurance venezuela's vice president of full support hours after vetoing a u.s. led bid calling for new elections. pakistan has released the indian pilot it took captive in what it's calling a gesture of peace a commander done a vote of the non walked back across the water hot toddy border after being shot down on wednesday in the disputed kashmir region pakistani officials say they handed him over to india in a bid to ease the tensions between the two nations. you know if you one of us wanted to have a piece of hot impact so long as he could be back in the country where you're going here. other countries custody and he comes back or dollars going to be you're going to i think he was i don't want them buying emotion. happiness in his eyes or
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really ever. offends jamail joins us now from new delhi so fez a big sense of release in india now that this fight a pilot says finally been released after several hours seven hours later than the pakistanis had said they would release him. that's true hossam it was about six seven hours we were all waiting here fun trying to figure out what exactly happened why was that delay and rumors were swirling around saying that they'd been delayed for several hours that something happened the pilot got injured some even speculating that maybe box on was going to back out of their offer to release the pilot later although the press trust of india quoting government sources said that the pilot being on the invite them on was asked to record a statement on camera by box on the authorities before being allowed to cross and that was that the leg but as you mentioned there has been lots of celebrations and
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relief here of our of them on cross the border wearing a blue blazer probably given to him by pakistani authorities and scored by pakistani rangers now there has been no official statement by the government however prime minister in the renderer movie had to tweet. he tweeted welcome home the nation is proud of your accent blurry courage and the defense minister of india also tweeted proud of you wing commander the entire nation prescience your valor and grit and heart the man also apparently according to indian sources or any officials who briefed reporters rather when he crossed over his first words were it's good to be back in my country there's a lot of celebrations here in this country in india at the border all around the country particularly on social media has become a big cause celeb here hashtags have been floating around indian media it's become their top story for some channels their only story for the past several days but despite all of this has
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a situation that deep rooted cause of what caused this being done than to be captured still remains that's the situation into shear and the tension between india and pakistan yeah this man he says been at the center of these tensions between the two nuclear power and the country's nuclear armed countries well the for the last two days now now that he has really been released is this an opportunity to for both sides to try and ease those tensions firma. well there's always an opportunity but the big question is whether indian box son will take it because the release of the pilot is a big is a gesture by pakistan but it's being received differently in different quarters some are seeing it as a big piece gesture by pakistani prime minister iran han but many indian media channels aren't seeing it on news that he was going to be released
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a lot of local media channels flashed headlines saying india saves pilot and imran khan's new pakistan surrenders in a very gentle istic attitude towards it and the root causes of this conflict between india and pox on still remains the question of mir is still there large in the eat at large in the mindset of both countries as well as india's claim that armed groups are attacking them openly from pakistani territory india says that the proof is that these armed groups openly and publicly threaten it and their soldiers including the suicide bombing on february fourteenth against indian troops which began this whole situation has done says one of their their foreign minister said to al jazeera just this week that we're a new government you know we need time to address the situation but the door's open so there's always an opportunity but we have to see whether the two sides will take it remember ha's of india's elections are now just
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a month away and whatever happens politics are going to be front and center here in france thanks very much sense to me in new delhi. in the pakistani capital islamabad and has more from that. august on has handed over the indian fire led to war shot down by a fungus donny croft pockets on saying that the indian aircraft were trying to wile aid the line of control and flying into bugger sonnie airspace after the indian pilots bailed out there was a mob that almost killed him however it was the pakistani military rendered the guard and rescued the indian pilot after which he was in pakistan's military custody fogger star and prime minister imran khan and their gesture of goodwill sent a signal to india that they would release the pilot he had been handed over now add dialogue and border and budget standards now hoping that they will be
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a gesture from india also to deescalate the crisis at the moment the buggers on the military force are on red alert the aircraft are flying constant air patrols going showed their dead and no element of surprise from india again and of course the military on a heightened state of alert that situation is still create the girl and many people head in pakistan feel that the ball is now in india and you see red there they will also come up with the overture as attentions of flat up between india and pakistan kashmiris living on both sides of the disputed border are suffering the most imran khan reports now from czech hati. co on foot the residents of leave in haste. this village on the disputed border area of kashmir known as the line of control is typical of many in the area. shelling from both sides is not uncommon but in recent days it's increased to levels not seen in two decades and
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people aren't taking any chances one of the more. me over there more days after us he keeps saying kashmir here the government doesn't do anything we have to come be insulted we're now wandering there's no point in living. from the village alone some three hundred families have fled in surrounding villages artillery shells have damaged houses in this village the women and children have left but the men have stayed behind to defend. we stand with the army we stand here just a kilometer away from the border we won't leave how forces behind there are also similar scenes happening in indian administered kashmir is just part of that military checkpoint law is the line of control the affected border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir and it's not just on this side of the border that kashmir is all scared people are also fleeing from over there shows from the
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pakistani side has increased in recent days. how do you please everyone remain safe may god protect everyone muslims as well as hindus and six be that the two powers you can cite so that peace prevails in the region and believe in the prosperity. those prayers may well be in vain for now both pakistan and india are pushing each other diplomatically and militarily and so far neither shows any signs of backing down in the disputed region of kashmir is the people that are feeling the pain of once again they feel they're being used as pawns between the two nuclear powers iraq on which is over. a thousands of our dear ians are protesting against plans by president abdelaziz bouteflika to seek a fifth term police fired tear gas of demonstrators surging past barricades set up around government buildings organizers had called for a million man march two year old beautifully care has rarely been seen
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a public event since having a stroke in two thousand and thirteen among the crowd was one of algeria's revolutionary icons. is known for her role in the war of independence against france she was captured and tortured prompting mass protests before she was released. jeremy keenan is a visiting professor at queen mary university school of law he joins us via skype now from dorset county in the united kingdom thanks very much for being with us so what do you make of these scenes that we're seeing here in algeria right now it's quite unprecedented isn't it. it's completely unprecedented and it's quite extraordinary it's extraordinary because for. the last ten twenty years a lot out here and just haven't been allowed to protest in algiers it's been protests in algeria being banned i think since two thousand and eleven before that they were more to stop any protests in anywhere in the country usually treated with
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pretty stiff strong violence by the by the police so demonstrating that was was not a final compression let's put it that way and after the one nine hundred ninety s. algerians have suffered a huge amount of violence during that decade about two hundred thousand people killed many by the regime itself so the country has been afraid of violence for a very long time so to come out onto the streets in such huge numbers we just don't know how many there are that they're talking about a million today from the pictures i've seen it looks as if it could be easily that number certainly from out here's another pictures around the country so this is a huge act of courage almost by the algerian people is it's it's in a sense they've got rid of that fear. against a very repressive regime and this could this week that's just gone by which is seen huge demonstrations for about a week now this could mark i think the tipping point to nigeria what's going to happen of course it's very difficult to predict it depends very much on how that
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the street that the people in street themselves make their demands how they say they themselves react particularly how the regime reacts so far there doesn't really appear to have been much violence on the streets if you mention some tear gas but that really has been to keep the crowds away from certain government buildings rather than to if you like attack the crowds and i noticed some pictures where the riot police actually took off their helmets which was almost suggested to the crowd saying that we're on your side and i think that's one thing the government fears it's one thing to repress the people but when. their oppression is coming from their own people you never quite know how loyal they might be to every team or whether they might turn and support the people i think there is a fear that the government might have a moment and one reason why it's using such relative restraint at least for the algerian regime so i think we're looking ahead into possibly. really up an unprecedented unprecedented situation and maybe some very important things could
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happen precisely what is difficult to predict just at this moment and when you see these pictures it it it does kind of bring up echoes of the twenty eleven so-called arab spring doesn't it then but that largely bypassed algeria back then what's been the trigger for these protests this time around because it isn't all about the failing health of one elderly man is it. no it's not and this is where a lot of the international press has got it wrong they've said people do not want. a dying man in the presidency sure they don't that's quite true but that's really just a manifestation of this that the focusing point of what they want is they want massive dramatic change they want to get rid of this regime for the peacefully it is or oppressive regime it's got increasingly corrupt people refer to it as a matter of state and people had enough of it they want to get rid of it the
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question is how do they do it they can't do it by uprising because that the regime is very final and so they're acting at the moment with extraordinary responsibility these demonstrations we've seen enough the last three weeks on and off but particularly during the last week these big demonstrations have been extraordinary responsible. in terms of not trying to provoke the police behaving if you like in in a in an extraordinary responsible manner but they want to get rid of that they want change they want change you know big time change they want the regime out in its entirety and hopefully peacefully or what give us a sense of what daily life is like for so many. here eons of that and the challenges that they're dealing with with this government. it's tough well the country as a whole fifty percent of the syrian population rich or about forty two million people fifty percent of them are under twenty seven thirty percent of those are
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unemployed so those are the basic demographics which are which are difficulty or tough to start with you also have a country which is potentially extremely rich the revenues from oil for the last twenty years have been at least a trillion dollars of that at least three hundred million dollars unaccounted for that is the fraud if you like the looting that this regime is taken from the wealth of the country people know that they're sick of it somehow they're living you know in a day to day existence which is one of survival most of them just want to get out of the country and go to france where they can get to it one way or another or just to get on with their lives and keep their heads down and survive and those are the basic conditions and they're in an economy which hasn't been reformed is deteriorating rapidly and. the economic future is looking pretty grim. and they have to contend with that and they have
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a government which really shows very little care for the people it is it is a corrupt government it's referred to as a matter of state biology or it's themselves and that's a pretty good description of it and it's run by a cabal of people around the presidency with a nominal president a nominal president who is. basically a dying man he has a younger brother he sort of who manipulates the situation with a cabal of corrupt businessmen are they got to think all him around them and a highly repressive state operators of army and police so yes it's a tough it's a tough life being an algerian and it's a country with huge potential but it's a it's a potential it's been wasted by this regime has been looted and. and people have reached. a tipping point that i think today i think we can look at this week as marking if you like the beginning of the end with the end of the beginning
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whichever we want to look at it but it is an unprecedented situation to have the whole country and this is every town and city across the country or forty eight provinces where that has forty four of them have had you know big big demonstrations that is massive it's unprecedented and i don't think the people will turn back from this you know they crossed the line they've shown they've got rid of fear. and they're not going to stop until until something happens. it'll be it'll be positive and one way or another we will move from this regime tell it to a far better what could to get your perspective very jeremy keenan thanks very much for being with us. as plenty more ahead on this new job new reports the u.s. president overruled intelligence officials over security clearance for senior adviser jared kirshner. european leaders say no to a so-called blacklist naming countries sending money to armed groups. and this
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former magistri united star makes a positive start to life in asia more details. solar still ahead head but first the gunfire between police and fighters in somalia's capital is now over somali special forces spent the past several hours battling the armed group in mogadishu and earlier bombed a hotel and was shooting and soldiers who were trying to enter the building at least twenty nine people were killed in a hotel attack catherine sawyer has more from kenya's capital nairobi. it's been an intense battle between somalia's special forces and the government since the attack started on thursday night we have been told that gunfire rang the air most of the night and throughout friday and this happened at a very easy street one of the main streets in mogadishu at the hotel that was
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targeted is very popular with government officials and and politicians as while we have offices there are people at this time all of the knives are out in the hotels on terraces having coffee socializing thing so you can imagine how difficult it was and how chaotic it was when this attack started. being told that there's been a huge damage on the hotel and other buildings that are i just sent there who tell rescuers have had a very difficult time trying to get people out of this buildings. but they're trying the best they can and the best circumstances the situation is still very tense indeed also bob has claimed this attack and it has been able to carry out brazen attacks in the last few months in areas in mogadishu that are protected remember back in twenty seven thousand five hundred people were killed in
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a car truck bomb attack and it's also able to carry out attacks in neighboring countries like in kenya and in january twenty one people were killed when van men attacked. and office complex in the capital city nairobi so the group remains a very big threat to the region and a very big concern to the region a new report say the u.s. president ordered a top secret security clearance for his senior adviser and son in law jared cushion or donald trump reportedly overruled concerns by intelligence officials and the white house's top lawyer this prompted the then white house chief of staff john kelly to write an internal memo about how he was ordered to do it she had the chance he joins us live now from washington thanks very much. what more do we know about this. well this is a long running saga it was in the guard who was appointed top of a top advisor to donald trump for
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a very long time chris turney had an interim top secret in the above clearance because it was taking so long to get his background checks sorted out in part because krishna himself when he applied initially for security clearance some of the good to mention he met all sorts of foreign officials including the russian ambassador to the u.s. about applications it was taking a very long time to get get. a judgment on whether he should get a permanent security clearance last february there the rules were tightened up by john kerry the chief of staff at the white house and everyone with an interim security clearance had clearance taken away and was under review at the time donald trump said that whether cush that was going to get an eventual top secret clearance was entirely up to that review process headed by john kelly and just a month or so ago that will trump told the new york times he had nothing to do with cush was eventual granting of a top security clearance but now we have these reports in the new york times in the washington post which are john kerry felt he had been ordered by donald trump to
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give cushion a security clearance he wrote that memo detailing his concerns a lot of you that don't like the white house counsel at the time also wrote a memo discussing the various concerns that security security organizations have about gerrard so this is completely yet another part of this this this rather interesting narrative about how the white house operates yeah and the. critics this raises troubling questions again about the president's relationship with his own intelligence officials and how he go it has gone and gone against them on a number of things. what i think are two key questions there one why would the intelligence agency is so concerned. that they didn't want to get that they didn't want to necessarily give george question about security clearance immediately what do they know about jared krishna which is making them so nervous about this and why did donald trump i mean really it's entirely up to the president who gets top security clearance the president so it can tell people whatever he wants i mean he
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probably would tell george bush to do what every new of you want to do but then why did he lie about this why didn't he just say look is getting the security clearance i'm making sure to get the security why is he wouldn't why why if what john kerry is saying is true why would you suggesting that he had nothing to do with it so the two main questions on congress now is going to take this up they already investigating the security clearance process in the white house now they're saying look you haven't been cooperative to us over the last few months by saying this to the white house now we're going to start and that you saw giving us information perhaps also those questions were going to start demanding through subpoena power absolute memos that have been written or anything else we want she habitat's you live in washington thanks you're out of the summit collapsed without a deal but who's to blame depends on who you talk to u.s. president donald trump says he walked away from nuclear disarmament talks with north korean leader kim jong un over his demands the u.s. lift all its sanctions u.s. secretary of state might pump a reiterated that you. think the president had it exactly right he said basically
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yes or for sanctions relief it's true they basically did ask for that. that was in exchange for. it's relatively undefined but the scope of the present trip didn't think was adequate to justify that level of economic sanctions relief but north korea's foreign minister says it only partial sanctions relief he's accusing the u.s. of wasting an opportunity to strike a nuclear deal. you into the if united states removes partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of us experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries you have been told me this proposal was the biggest
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denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states. our diplomatic editor james bays now has more on the summit from hell. kim jong un has stayed on in vietnam meeting with the country's president has his isolated nation needs all the friends it can get with the global sanctions now likely to stay in place following the failure of the summit what's happened has been a textbook example of the benefits and the drawbacks of top down face to face diplomacy bringing trump and came together last year in singapore worked they built a report and moved the world back from the brink of nuclear war. but in hanoi relying on the two leaders to conduct complex negotiations on the issues of north korea's nuclear program and the wide ranging global sanctions wasn't
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a success the north korean leader took a tough position calling for all the most recent sanctions to be lifted it was a step too far for the u.s. he actually had papers ready to be sad but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right than do it fast an expert on the korean peninsula told me why he believes kim pushed hard to get so many sanctions lifted so early in the process for the north koreans they see an opportunity here in the trump presidency to achieve some goals that they really wouldn't expect to achieve with a quote unquote normal president in the white house so for them there is a little bit of urgency and of course sanctions relief is a relatively urgent matter for north korea as a purely as a matter of economic expediency there have actually been two similar taney a step or matic process is south korea's diplomacy with the north led the way of
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the winter olympics almost exactly one year ago and when u.s. diplomacy with north korea faltered at the end of last year it was president mungy in of south korea who rescued things. minutes after boarding air force one and leaving vietnam the first person president trump phoned was president moon it's clear south korea is now being given the job of cleaning up this mess james but he's algis in the north. by still ahead on al-jazeera another blow in the fight to contain the eight ball epidemic in the democratic republic of congo. and the n.b.a.'s most valuable player has no intention of giving up his title details later in school.
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how yesterday so sudden downpours and flash floods in jordan around the west bank as well you just crossing the the end of the cloud now has dissipated and the next day or so should be fine but i have to say the breeze is picking up in the cloud is picking up there is something brewing in the mediterranean so you will see a bit of rain come the end of saturday just coming onshore in lebanon there's a big gap between that and the next system which is currently developing i will show itself in pakistan afghanistan leaving iran dry saturday and probably sunday by which time the rain will have made its way inland but probably further north than the last lot so it's like to affect the world in syria sudden turkey but look what else is brewing so it's not the end of it this is still unsettled spring weather that would normally blowing down the gulf the moment temperatures being kept down to be knocked down further in bahrain in qatar yuri the ria down to the low twenty's but if you ease the breeze given the sun is still or is strengthening
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now day by day still low twenty two twenty three a near thirty in mecca as you can see otherwise skies largely blue the rain is moving north out of southern africa it's still there concentrating in madagascar and touching south and tanzania was occasional showers still not far from jo'burg. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other to put it to. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road. the stories we don't often hear are told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is an al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks after the explosions to the point to save the city save
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the civilians one of the targets. with detailed coverage despite the high cuz young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of touch you'll see. from around the world it must see it different now that is a view that speaks for sure by many many people here in the past a republic. and again you're watching i did see a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has released an indian parliament in what it's calling a gesture of peace when commander i've been on done a lot of them on that walk back across the border this plane was shot down during
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an aerial clash over the disputed kashmir region on wednesday. a gunfight between police and fighters in somalia as capital is now over somali special forces spent the past several hours battling the armed group in mogadishu. thousands of algerians are protesting plans by president i'm going to run for a fifth term the eighty two year old is rarely. even seen a public event since having a stroke in twenty thirteen. to afghanistan where the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in an army base in helmand province the should our bucks base is shared by the afghan army an american military ministry of defense says twenty attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed at least twenty three soldiers were killed in the gun battle sixteen others have been taken to hospital this comes after high level talks in doha between the united states and the taliban the u.s. is offering a one million dollar reward for information about osama bin laden some state
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department says hamza bin laden is emerging as a leader of al qaeda in recent years he has released video messages calling for attacks on western targets on friday saudi arabia announced it revoked bin laden citizenship at the end of last year to brussels on a potential setback for the european commission diplomats voted against the publication of so-called blacklists of countries around the world dealing in money laundering and funding for armed groups more than twenty countries are reportedly on the list including saudi arabia and four u.s. territories qualm the u.s. virgin islands american sam moore and puerto rico the u.s. and saudi arabia have denounced the list as politically motivated the e.u. says it wants to stop suspicious bank transactions and illegal activities a full report is expected next week or tom key to nj is director at the
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center for financial crime and security studies he joins us now from london thanks very much for being with us so why why is the e.u. doing this particularly when you have there is a mechanism an international mechanism that is already in place that does this job . so the e.u. introduced the fifth money laundering directive last year and that requires the european commission to produce this list and the list may not as you say follow exactly what the financial action task force has previously produced but the european commission judged that countries like saudi arabia and the u.s. territories you mention represent a threat to the integrity of the financial system in europe specifically so why the what why the discrepancy then why does the you believe that countries like saudi arabia are threat here but the. the financial action task force doesn't it
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was important to recognize that the only reviews the integrity of countries every seven to ten years so what the european commission is doing is effectively reviewing certain countries that haven't yet been reviewed by the f a t f i'm coming to an early judgement now saudi arabia is an interesting case because saudi arabia was judged by the f.a.a. chief last year given a clean bill of health yet the european commission has come to a completely different view and did the u.s. and saudi arabia are saying that this is politically motivated are they do they have a case in saying that we are seeing an increasing use of these kinds of powers for political purposes is the european commission politically motivated it seems unlikely to me but we certainly see financial coercion used for political gains and what we are witnessing here frankly is a lifting of the lid on an increasingly politicized field both the u.s. if a.t.f.
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and other organizations are politicizing this issue and why do you think that is. i think countries are realizing that coercion through financial means whether it's hard sanctions that we see around the world or whether it's perhaps slightly more subtle means by designating countries much money laundering threat of very powerful tools tools of international coercion and so i think as people realize that this is a powerful tool they're going to increasingly use it now the interesting thing is that we're seeing european union countries voting against european commission in this case perhaps because of the trade ties and the investment ties with some of the countries that are on the list and that is that is a powerful i mean from the point of view of some of these european countries that that that is a power for imperative isn't it that. very often. financial considerations go above considerations of human rights and criminal activity and so
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on the other you're absolutely right leaders are going to have to make a judgment do they value the integrity of the of the european financial system more or less than the investment opportunities operated around the world and we certainly seen in the last twelve to eighteen months that the integrity of the european financial system is very poor with scandals like the dansko bank scandal in denmark and dystonia so their opinion is that clearing up the financial system in europe and one of the things they're trying to do is to protect the european system from dirty money from outside the union to speak of you tom joining us there from london thanks for being with us our kurdish forces in syria say they've launched the final push against i saw on friday the last group of civilians were evacuated from the village of beit who's thousands of them have left in recent weeks they're being taken to a camp near the iraqi border. toxic chemicals were used in syria that's according
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to reports by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w. said it finds what it calls reasonable grounds that chlorine was used as a weapon of war in the southern city of duma in april in an attack that killed dozens of people the organization began investigating twenty fourteen after continued accusations of toxic weapons use in syria. sudan's president omar bashir has stepped down as leader of the ruling national congress party but the call by protesters has been for him to resign as president of the move comes as thirteen protesters in sudan go to jail for between six months and five years. they've been sentence of by a court that was established under the country's recently in post state of emergency rule. tarantula rain has triggered flash flooding in jordan's capital hundreds of shops in downtown are man was swarmed by twenty four hours of downpours
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divers have been helping stranded people to safety schools in universities were shot on thursday and a road connecting to the dead sea has been closed. the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended its work at the epicenter of the ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo two of its clinics were burned down in the latest attack against aid workers trying to contain the dangerous virus alexy o'brian reports. this is all that's left of an ebola treatment center in the town of. attack is set fire to the building on wednesday before engaging in a gun battle with security forces four people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus fled the same and are still missing but they're still with us not forget it is a lethal disease an extremely contagious illness and tired families in north kivu have been to dismay to entire villages in west africa disappeared because of the
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epidemic so the health workers are here to avoid a big tragedy. it was the second such attack this week on sunday and now the treatment center just a few kilometers away and was burned to the ground the brother of a patient was killed as he tried to escape the blaze. they set fires to areas that were not for treatment like the changing in utility rooms which were burned down in any case the treatment center is no longer operational. this is the outbreak began last august and is the worst in the country's history it's believed to have killed more than five hundred fifty people so far and infected about three hundred others aid workers have faced what the world health organizations called a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust. the health ministry says foreign and local medical teams have been attacked on average three to four
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times a week. as armed groups of ifa control of the region which is rich in minerals. this is the first time in a bull outbreak has happened in such an unstable and insecure area like eastern congo it's a challenge for us on a daily basis for all the teams who answer the call to fight against the epidemic. the charity says its immediate focus is the safety of its patients and staff but with its medical work suspended it could affect the battle to stop the virus from spreading and congo and across its borders. al-jazeera. the u.s. envoy for venezuela says he's concerned about the ability of opposition leaders to return to the country safely been meeting with several latin american leaders over the past week elliott abrams also called on russia and china not to undermine its efforts in venezuela clearly the support of russia china for the euro regime helps
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the regime. i don't think you're going to see large amounts of additional money put in by either russia or china. but there are there are political support their diplomatic support. helps the regime and we have made the argument unsuccessfully to date to both russia and china that they're not helping themselves that is if their concern. or to the degree their concern is about the recovery of monies they have lent or invested a bankrupt venezuelan economy will never be able to repay those amounts only even as well in recovery will be able to do so and that's not going to happen under the murderer regime or russia's government says it stands behind venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign step us and
9:42 pm
has more. the timing of the visit of dallas you rodrigo's the vice president of venezuela is interesting because it comes only one day after russia lost a resolution of vote basically asking for support of nicolas maduro and his control over international aid this resolution got only four votes in the security council which is quite a dramatic loss but still the foreign minister a lot for here in moscow has sat that he stands firm behind nicolas maduro and he says he is against any cynical attempt as he describes it to topple a legally elected government he also says that he knows that the united states is trying to militias remember intervene in venezuela and they are basically buy in arms in the eastern european country to say to be sent there and plant some kind of syria skin area for venezuela as well he says there's not a single country in latin america who's supporting this kind of military action and that russia is basically supporting
9:43 pm
a peaceful solution for venezuela of course russia has a lot at stake in venezuela not only militarily politically but also economically billions of dollars have been put in the country in recent years especially also in the oil industry to most concrete results for the meat of the meeting today is that the office of european head office of the state oil company of venezuela will be moved to moscow from lisbon because venezuela said we can't get any guarantees in europe anymore to defend or state assets also russia has said that they have sent seven a half tons of medicine and also agricultural products like wheat to venezuela to support the population there but nothing else concrete has been announced so far the spokesman of president putin basque office said there has not been any agreement between mcdougall and put into land more money to venezuela and also they
9:44 pm
have planned a high commission meeting in april to do scarse more agreements between the two countries which basically gives it gives russia a few male more weeks to decide and look at the situation in venezuela which is happening very rapidly. the movie tells.
9:45 pm
hello again the philippine journalist maria ressa has filed
9:46 pm
a motion to dismiss the cyber libel case against her the rapper found a published the story about a businessman in two thousand and twelve the rest used of the law on which the charges were filed came into effect two years later she says it is just the latest in a string of politically motivated accusations against its part of its series of harassment i mean if you take a look in the last year or so rappler has been slammed with ten ly court cases that are taking up my mind taking up our resources the second thing that really stands out from the is that this is the sixth time sixth that i posted bail in two months this case cyber libel is a case that i was arrested in between thread you take on my rights i think as a citizen and were violated because i should have been granted bail immediately. i guess the end point is this these are just legal acrobatics to try to get a journalist to told
9:47 pm
a lot. i think we're sandwiched in between propaganda machine and social media ninety seven percent of filipinos are on facebook facebook is our internet and both on facebook twitter you tube wherever you go and you'll see this also al-jazeera is a victim of this when you do a story that sets out the facts to challenge us for example the number of people killed in a brutal drug war that began in july plans seem if it isn't the government narrative you are pounded with thousands and millions of attack messages in month one kings for me and october twenty sixth you know i actually counted and i was getting ninety nine zero messages per hour that's bottom up top down the government then uses its vast powers to pressure you into. following its narrative and in our case you can see at ten cases and six time posting bail six times in two months. all roads good old sport has for them thank you so much roger federer is
9:48 pm
now just one win away from clinching the one hundredth title of his career the swiss star thrashed born of corage at the dubai championships to reach the finals the thirty seven year old won the match in straight sets six to sixteen in just over an hour he's going for an eighth the title in dubai the last time he won the tournament was in one fifteenth just to try to use. of federal phrases greek rising stars stephanus sets of posts in the final on saturday the twenty year old knocked out better on route to the australian open semifinals being france's seized in the other semifinal sets of this is aiming for back to back titles after winning in marsay last week. for real once pre-season testing has come to an end ferrari sebastian vettel set the fastest time on the final day in barcelona is time of one minute sixteen point two two one means
9:49 pm
he's been fastest in test for a second year running on all good news though vettel car stopped on track with an electrical problem it was the third world liability issue to hit for ari in the last three days while champion lewis hamilton who was second fastest expects ferrari really test for savings when the new season kicks off on march the seventh . this is going to be the toughest battle yet so it which is exciting for all of you and excited for them for the fans. but as i said we were not known for the pace is very very good at the moment so the challenge is going to be harder than ever. earlier we spoke to one writer luke smith who says total success at ferrari is long overdue. ferrari is the most famous brand in formula one you think that's why you think for ari really ferrari being successful it's a good news story spores are all really that is its most famous famous thing. and
9:50 pm
then the skeleton savings dominance as well and to sort of shake things up a little bit a bit like savings to go from red bull a few years ago. and have a really really good impactful for no one for our e of seeds hopes of the whole of italy basically on it as well it's very very important for our country they are successful and yeah i think that tired of not being not being world champions after sex with my and thousands i think now they're trying to rebuild that didn't get back up to the very top and yet it's crucially important that they end this drought of students possible i'm saying someone the last five championships for a reason and i think they can take confidence in the last year they did sort of out develop a catch for our across the course of the season so even if they're on the back early on that it was still fancy their chances of making up the gap but yeah to still be a little bit concerned after last year and far it's begin with that it's been
9:51 pm
a similar story this time around. madrid manager is sent to expect the team to be sharper in front of goal they are getting ready to host arch rivals barcelona on saturday for a second class go inside a week plus one goes for beaten three nailed by bartha in the cup at del ray sammy finals on wednesday and managed fourteen shots but only four were on target this time the face off in the league our with ralph sitting in third nine points behind bars so who topped the table i don't know him for going to drop out of the year but oh some of the chance of the should have gone didn't go in but this is football that's the way it is i don't play the same things that i said the other day but we do have another chance if another chance to score those shots that didn't go in. former manchester united star marwan for laney has made a good start to life in the chinese super league the belgian scored the winner on debut for shange as they beat beijing or a hate fellini's new crop signed him for
9:52 pm
a reported thirteen point two million dollars in february yet spent five years that old trafford but have fallen out with a favor since the rather well only gunners so sure as united's caretaker manager. it's hard to. change the disease. and some over excited football fans in australia cause a bit of damage to their stadium this was the reaction of sydney f.c. fans when cameron devlin scored the winning goal in injury time giving sydney a two no win over adelaide united in the early and suddenly there team is now closing in on the title. daniel jacobs believes he can seal his boxing legacy when he takes on canelo alvarez in a middleweight unification bout alvarez became
9:53 pm
a three division world champion after his win over britain's rocky fielding and december is only career loss came against floyd mayweather jacob spent close to two years out of the ring due to bone cancer before making his return in two thousand and twelve his idea middleweight title will be on the line when he faces alvarez in may. but he's a very strong mental fighter you know his history and his past and that showed his perseverance and that's a big strength when a fighter walks in mentally strong and with the will to win it makes him very very difficult to beat but i love that i invite that because i'm that type of fighter very strong willed that's going to just give a great fight with them is going to be a. because i know that for me this is my one shot you know and i know there can no laws been used to give him great performances so he's going to show up this is what he does this is what he's used to it will be more special for me it's not even
9:54 pm
though it's not my first rodeo to me you know this is everything you know so i'm not going to show up like some kid happy to be at the circus or pretty i want to actually be a part of that can take over the show and be the you know be the headliner james harden is looking good and his effort to be named the n.b.a.'s most valuable player for a second straight year are going to have to hit fifty eight points in his latest game winning performance they used to rockets were twenty one points down in the third quarter give miley gave but his back thanks to their star player pardon able to lead his team to a narrow one hundred twenty one two hundred eighty when it's the most points ever scored by a single player against the heat and he's also hard and it's also hard in six fifty plus point game of the season. and the philadelphia seventy six ers twenty nine game losing streak against oklahoma city thunder has finally come to an end the sixers tobias harris scored thirty two points and ben simmons had a triple double as the sixers prevailed one hundred eight to one hundred four.
9:55 pm
and that's all you support for the house and back to you thanks for now a nearly two thousand workers factory in the us state of pennsylvania going on strike there are happy and changes to their pay and conditions it's the first major strike in the manufacturing industry since president donald trump came to power gabriel zonda reports from erie pennsylvania. david plato works the factory floor assembling train locomotives he said third generation from his family who has worked at the plant but today he's out in front of the factory on strike one of more than one thousand seven hundred welders and machine operators who are fighting to keep their jobs report for america no longer a race to the bottom we're tired of it so we're making a stand right here the general electric plant is now under new ownership web tech
9:56 pm
a conglomerate that generates eight billion in revenue is the new owner protesting workers picketing and all the entrances to the plant say the new company wants to cut pay for new workers and force overtime something web tech says is standard practice for the industry and that's exactly the problem according to the union boss workers' wages and rights are being stripped every day from country to country location location state to state here in the united states and at some point you know american workers are going to have to take a stand and say we've had enough the last time union members here at this plant in erie one strike was fifty years ago right now this is the biggest strike in the manufacturing industry anywhere in america in the last three years so far the strike has not gotten the attention of president donald trump whose election victory was largely thanks to his popularity in places like erie fueled by campaign
9:57 pm
promises to protect good paying manufacturing jobs according to a local economist the number of manufacturing jobs in erie have been cut in half in the last decade reflecting the trend in the industry across the united states the trends from technology that affect the labor market with the competitive pressures do to cope with zation that affect the labor market unfortunately those are what we see as the major reasons why we see lots of disruptions but for david paletta and his factory floor coworkers this is a stand that they won't back down from well if they are here for as long as it takes. once years whatever it takes for workers determined to protect their jobs no matter what gabriel's andro. erie pennsylvania. as always there is lots more on our web site al jazeera dot com get the latest on all the stories we're following net dot com that is it for this news and for me has
9:58 pm
a thanks for your company our colleagues in london we'll have more news in a couple minutes. the fact. this morning poor place on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save a species like a chrysler that's in the meshes he plans to stave off extinction tag no zero.
9:59 pm
examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire brazilian people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. rewind return a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates and the best of al-jazeera stock you mentoring the struggle continues. to no use distance continuing with australia's most generation of recovery. is a really important issue suicide writes do or mine very hard was still twice the
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national average rewind. a captured indian fighter pilot is released from pakistan after the biggest eruption in hostilities four years between the two nuclear armed countries. now i maryam namazie in london you with al-jazeera also coming up on the program a rash of defiance in algeria thousands protest against plans by president beautifully.


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