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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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children a new chance at lock on al-jazeera. celebrations in india after pakistan hands back an air force pilot captured after his plane was shot down. below going on come on santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera there is anger and frustration in algeria as protesters fed up with their president demonstrate against his bid for a fifth term. candidate says it will allow the extradition case against while
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waiting to get my one judge to go ahead and decision china firmly opposes u.s. politicians give the white house read a to turn over documents on security clearance after reports donald trump's son in law received special treatment. for the indian pilot taken captive by pakistan has been released in what islam about calling a gesture of peace wing commander the man walked back across the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed region of kashmir reports from new delhi. at the walk a border crossing in punjab wing commander man is released from pakistani custody back to india two days after his aircraft was shot down. as if it might have to do were it was. going to do what it was not there all day and
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then i want to get all the. men that. this pick up and run good particularly because the officer of the. group would have already i don't know. i have to have people who have already gotten back a former colonel in the indian army says at best the decision to hand him over so quickly has been begrudgingly welcomed by india but that doesn't do enough to overcome this lingering mistrust of mistrust that have been generated by this pakistan for men to terrorism and support to the insurgency in kashmir these are the real key issues cush mean terrorism. the celebrations at the border are unlikely to last long as the roots of the kashmir dispute remain deep seated as attempts are made to deescalate tensions between india and pakistan continue to complain they're the ones caught in the middle and those from indeed in mr kashmir
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accuse the indian government of not doing enough for them not just now but over many years just before the pilots release there was a funeral in indian administered kashmir it was for woman killed by shelling between india and pakistan that began on wednesday across the line of control that divides kashmir people here complain they always suffer when pakistan and india fight and there is renewed concerns about the indian government's policies in india did mr. new crop of young educated people they have taken to almost resistance but this is something which is unprecedented that this former kashmiri civil servant made news for resigning from his post to. protest against the government new delhi's policies policies he says are far more militaristic leaving no room for peaceful negotiation but we have seen the old institutions of dialogue negotiation those being kind of becoming irrelevant and no important and no significant political initiative from delhi has been there for last few years. the indian
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government has long complained that pakistan supports groups who promote violence in kashmir whoever is to blame for the under arrest in the disputed region all these indians want to do for now to celebrate the release of their pilot fares jamil al jazeera you delhi. and as tensions have flared between india and pakistan again it is kashmiris living on both sides of the disputed border that say they are the ones who suffer the most and one can as the stories from the. by car on foot the residents of to leave in a haste this village on the disputed border area of kashmir known as the line of control is typical of many in the area. shelling from both sides is not uncommon but in recent days it's increased to levels not seen in two decades and people aren't taking any chances are that the more the. need over there more days after
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they keep saying here the government doesn't do anything we have to calm the insulted we're now wandering there's no point in living. from the village alone some three hundred families have fled in surrounding villages artillery shells have damaged houses in this village the women and children have left but the men have stayed behind to defend. we stand with the army we stand here just a kilometer away from the border we won't leave her forces behind there are also similar scenes happening in indian administered kashmir just part of that military checkpoint lies the line of control the affected border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir and it's not just on this side of the border that kashmiris are scared people are also fleeing from over there shows from the pakistani side has increased in recent days. may
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god protect everyone as well as hindus and six pleaded the two powers to consent so that peace freezes in the region and believe in. those prayers may well be in vain for now both pakistan and india are pushing each other diplomatically and militarily and so far neither shows any signs of backing down in the disputed region of kashmir is the people that are feeling the pain and once again they feel they're being used as pawns between the two nuclear powers card holders of. other thoughts now jeff states he was a former u.s. state department official who told us both sides need to act to diffuse the situation he also says the u.s. has taken a back seat compared to previous times. india might try something else i mean they seem to be celebrating it in their pilot back but they lost two aircraft overall for this thing to resolve you know moving forward pakistan has to rein in
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joshua homage in a couple of other groups in the indians need to pull back some of their troops in you know respect human rights a little bit or both have nuclear weapons now yet they do things that the u.s.s.r. and u.s. would never have done during the cold war in gauge each other like this and that's what the international community has been so concerned about you've got things like the u.s. sitting this one out which is a big surprise normally the u.s. is right in there with secretaries of state even presidents getting on the line with both sides and that's been virtually absent in this instance partly because the trumpet administration is so neglectful in state department terms and partly because they're probably sitting this one out you've seen the u.s. south asian strategy target pakistan in a way that node ministration has done before except in private so there's that sort of amateurish element that we've seen on display in north korea recently washing say vietnam and pakistan's foreign minister is boycotting a meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation because india was invited shah
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mahmood qureshi skipping the oh i see events and i would be sending lower ranked officials instead this is india is not a member of the fifty seven nation organization should be there but india's external affairs minister is attending as a guest of honor and wants pressure to be put on countries that support what she calls terrorism. if you want to see it thank you. and frankly. the infrastructure to get better just games and. being in shape to get it going asians in that country. to other news of the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base in afghanistan which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers. in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops so the u.s. says it sector didn't come under threat the afghan defense ministry says twenty
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attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed high level talks between the u.s. and the taliban are expected to resume in doha on saturday and security forces in somalia have shot to three al shabaab fighters ending a standoff following a bomb attack on a hotel the fighters held out for several hours in a building next to the central city hotel a market issue before being overwhelmed by special forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in the suicide bomb attack on the. hotel on thursday night. demonstrators in algeria are demanding their eighty one year old president pull out of next month's elections abilities but the fleet has been in power for twenty years and now plans to run for a fifth term but protesters across the country say he is unfit for the job most of the demonstrations are peaceful there were some confrontations with police and baka reports. of violent clashes on the streets of the algerian capital algiers as peaceful protest turned violent. protesters hold that police tear gas was
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fired back just last friday thousands have joined rarely seen anti-government protests. earlier large crowds gathered in algiers in the biggest demonstrations in the country in decades there were similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president abdulaziz beautifully co withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seventy two frail to cast his ballot without
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help. demonstrators say he's too weak to leave. it's widely believed the country's really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who failed to find a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading party the national liberation front parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent beautifully kept presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics leave barca al-jazeera. a german keenan's a visiting professor at queen mary university school of law and told us these protests are about more than just the president's age. and this is where a lot of the international press has got it wrong if said people do not want. a
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dying man in the presidency sure they don't that's quite true but that's really just a manifestation of this that the focusing point of what they want is they want massive dramatic change they want to get rid of this regime hopefully peacefully it is or oppressive regime it's got increasingly corrupt people refer to it as a matter of state. people had enough of it they want to get rid of it the question is how do they do it they can't do it by our rising because that the regime is very final and so they're acting at the moment with extraordinary responsibility these demonstrations we've seen enough the last three weeks on and off but particularly during the last week these big demonstrations have been extraordinary responsible. in terms of not trying to provoke the police behaving if you like and in an extraordinary in a responsible manner. but they want to get rid of that they want change they want change you know big time change they want the regime out in its entirety and
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hopefully peacefully fifty percent of the syrian population we're talking about forty two million people fifty percent of them are under twenty seven thirty percent of those are unemployed so there is the basic demographics which are which are difficult here tough to start with you also have a country which is potentially extremely rich the revenues from oil for the last twenty years have been at least a trillion dollars of that at least three hundred million dollars unaccounted for that is the fraud if you like the looting that this regime is taken from the wealth of the country people know that they're sick of it. still ahead fear on al-jazeera the hard so long look at why it's taking so long to clean out one of the world's most polluted rivers that in the headlines in a moment. hello
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there is more significant rain for china it's march nassau so we can always call it early spring rains if you like there's been a few spots in hong kong and you can see the cloud that brought us a few spots for the the generation is further north heavy rains a possibility in shanghai and so a young sea valley a long way west and a long way science as well and it's coming scientists whole system is moving slowly says leaving or on the sunshine shanghai just getting about into sunday but that could be significant rain as went on its way through fujian stretching down towards the in the process of your now but it's all right it's not snow you know there's been this stage and then south of that there's virtually nothing in the sky the philippines a good plan a southeast asia clear skies moony by day the biggest showers have been and i think will be around western java southern borneo sun and sumatra they do stretches far sooner way see and they will be a few elsewhere but not many if you're in singapore kayo especially if in bangkok
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showers are possibility but they're also likely to be a rarity. that's no longer the case in pakistan should be a draw a country you know but this building cloud news is significantly wet today i think for pakistan and afghanistan on saturday. the weather sponsored by qatar analyst. john presence on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see ongoing investigation stick the troops did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time or birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form a closer to backing down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera.
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top stories for you here on al-jazeera this hour the indian pilot taken captive by pakistan has been released in one of some about's calling a gesture of peace wing commander. back across the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed kashmir region. the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers the shit about in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the u.s. says it's sector did not come under attack. and tens of thousands of people around him to cross algeria of the president abdul aziz put the fleet his plan to run for a fifth term police fired tear gas at some protests protesters in algiers but the
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demonstrations will mostly peaceful. this president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products because he says trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing well trouble's i pointed out he did not impose twenty five percent tariffs on friday as he had originally planned china in the u.s. negotiating a way out of a trade war that same tit for tat hikes in tariff since last year. meanwhile a canadian judge will decide next week if a top while way executive can be extradited to the united states canada's government has approved an extradition hearing for monk show the chief financial officer of the chinese tech giant who's under house arrest after being detained three months ago at vancouver airport at the request of the us government money and way face charges of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran the case triggered a diplomatic row between canada and china we'll check in with rosalynn jordan on
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this one in washington d.c. in three months this has been going on now roslyn does this mean things will now potentially speed up. probably not come all and that's because under canadian law money has the right to appeal her proposed extradition to brooklyn to face wire fraud bank fraud and conspiracy to commit both wire fraud and bank fraud charges it's said to be a lengthy process there are reports that some cases have taken years to be resolved between canada and the country that wants someone extradited so that doesn't mean that this is going to be resolved very quickly and what's also not going to be resolved quickly is the tension between china and the and the u.s. and canada over the status of monkland so as well as the indictment in
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brooklyn federal court against its u.s. subsidiary and a company called sky com that the u.s. government says is not a local business partner but is in fact. subsidiary in iran itself so just because she gets to go before a judge on wednesday and to argue that she should not be extradited and that the canadian government should not proceed with its intent to extradite her this is not going to be over any time soon what is it rosalynn that makes joe quite so important i guess i'm just asking for the background on the situation and the fact that there are you know four countries involved in this. well let's see if i can summarize this very quickly as our viewers know there are u.s. sanctions and international sanctions against iran there are a lot of consequences for violating those sanctions including being charged and
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being fined and perhaps being imprisoned for violating those sanctions what one joe and huawei and the local city areas are accused of doing is basically conducting business inside iran with it without at mit ing as much to the u.s. and to the u.n. security council and in fact when it became known that they probably were doing business and despite these sanctions it is alleged by the u.s. government that among and the companies actually lied about their involvement lied not just to the u.s. government but also lied to a number of u.s. financial institutions in essence laundering the money that they had been making in iran through u.s. bank that is not allowed and so when you have these four countries involved iran being the target country you have canada where mung has two homes in
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vancouver and you have china and the u.s. which are already at odds over trade policy it will it does make for a complicated and perhaps protracted international legal and political diplomatic i should say controversy it's not going to be resolved any thomson the chinese embassy in ottawa has already said that it is disgusted with the fact that the canadian government is moving ahead with trying to extradite mung to the united states and it's calling this latest decision a political act not one grounded in any legal evidence of course canada says that it is following the rule of. law and even though there hasn't been any comment from the united states in this matter when the indictments came out in january the u.s. was very keen on having monk show brought to brooklyn to face trial on these
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allegations very nicely summarised indeed rosalynn jordan in washington thank you still in the u.s. the white house has been given until monday to hand over documents detailing security clearances this is off the reports that president double trump ordered his son will jarrett cushion to be given top clearance trump has previously denied that he had any role in question security potts the story was she had her taxi. here's the question is appointment as a senior advisor to president trump was controversial the president had tangled business affairs but no political or diplomatic experience yet he was given some of the world's most complex issues to oversee on behalf of the u.s. failed to report various contacts with foreign officials like the russian ambassador to the u.s. on his initial security clearance application but was granted an interim security clearance nonetheless that allowed him to view top secret information as well as even more confidential resources known as sensitive compartmented information he could see the president's daily intelligence report and attempt classified
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briefings security of the white house was tightened them in february of twenty eighteen and those with interim clearances were no longer allowed to view top secret and above information pending review and that included at the time the president said it would be up to his chief of staff to review question a status so that will be up to general kelly general kelly respects general lot and general kelly will make that call i won't make that call and earlier this year i don't trump said the eventual granting of top secret security clearance to question or had been out of his hands and. i was never involved with the security i know that he you know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth. about security for. the numerous people actually but i don't want to get involved in that stuff we just swaraj general kelly but according to the new york times john kelly felt he was wanted to get a question about top secret security clearance and was so worried he wrote
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a memo to that effect the white house counsel don mcgowan also put the concerns that the cia and other intelligence agencies had about kirshner into writing the white house says it doesn't comment on security clearances and following donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen's testimony this week about how trump interacts with his subordinates there are questions as to whether kelli was actually ordered or just felt he was being pressured to grant question about six. the clearance but congressional democrats are vowing to pursue this further and are demanding answers as to what derogatory information officials had on krishna that made them reluctant to give him clearance and why president trump concealed his role in overruling their recommendation there have been multiple reports that various foreign powers including the u.a.e. china israel and mexico have been intercepted having private conversations about their hope to exploit cushion his inexperience and business debts to their advantage the crown prince of saudi arabia was once quoted as saying he had cushion a quote in his back pocket cushion himself has been in the middle east this week as
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he prepares his long touted deal of the century for the region friday's news will be another blow to his authority shihab rattansi al-jazeera washington european union members have blocked a proposal to add more countries to a blacklist over money laundering in the financing of groups more than twenty countries reportedly on that list including saudi arabia and for us tara treats the european commission says it wants to stop suspicious bank transactions and illegal activities but the trump administration and saudi arabia lobbied against the list calling it politically motivated and e.u. nations said the way the list was drawn up was unclear and vulnerable to legal challenges tom keating director at the center for financial crime and security studies tells us that financial regulations are being increasingly used as a foreign policy tool. i think countries are realizing that coercion through financial means whether it's hard sanctions that we see around the world or whether
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it's perhaps slightly more subtle means by designating countries much money laundering threat of very powerful tools tools of international coercion and so i think as people realize that this is a powerful tool they're going to increasingly use it now the interesting thing is that we're seeing european union countries voting against the european commission in this case perhaps because of the trade ties and the investment ties with some of the countries that are on the list leaders are going to have to make a judgment do they value the integrity of the of the european financial system more or less than the investment opportunities operated around the world and we certainly seen in the last twelve to eighteen months that the integrity of the european financial system is very poor with scandals like the bank scandal in denmark and dystonia so the european union is to clean up the financial system in europe and one of the things they're trying to do is to protect the european system from dirty money from outside the union. activists who were
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arrested on our kids oceans of undermining security and harming national unity last year will be put on trial prosecutors say they've completed investigations and preparing court referrals right groups say the cases include mostly detained female activists who campaigned for the right to drive now there is a cleanup going on in one of the world's most polluted rivers but it's taking a little longer than expected because every day about twenty thousand tons of waste and three hundred forty thousand tons of waste water dumped in these autonomy in indonesia for and slowly reports now from bombed them in west java and why this is such a difficult job. cleaning up indonesia's most polluted river is a huge undertaking even the military's involved. machines have been brought in to bury the tons of rubbish fished out from the cheetah it's been a year since the government launched a program to clean up the river. but one military commander tells us progress has
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been slow with an action plan only put in place recently but they would number out the school we were supposed to have four thousand six hundred military personnel working on this last year but we only had one thousand six hundred this year because of a lack of funds four hundred of us involved thankfully the villages see the benefits of this program so they've been helping us so. the cheeto river flows through northwest java and provides eighty percent of the water supply for the capital jakarta this photo taken in january by a local environmental group shows untreated waste from a textile factory dumped directly into the river runoff from farms upstream also contribute to the contamination a government agency that routinely tests the quality of water in the cheeto room says it went from bad to worse last year. the slow progress is even more apparent
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in other areas this looks like a landfill but it's really part of the river the surface is completely covered with all kinds of rubbish plastic bags bottles but here you get a sense of the scale of the problem and just how massive the cleanup effort is. the plan to rehabilitate the river isn't only about improving water quality floating garbage clogs up drainage the river frequently overflows during the rainy season. people in the village of cheap attack have had to endure floods year after year and example. in the young and we still have it i would remind you that when you look at this this happens every time it floods our streets and homes get covered in mud and trash and i worry not for myself but for my children and grandchildren. the newly appointed governor of west java indonesia's most populous province has been tossed to the cleanup making. much progress more than the perception.
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five years stefania given from the decree we will show the world from the dirtiest of the further we can become one of. the for in the workforce. to make good on his word he'll have to ensure that the river is cleaned up but that the laws that punish those who pollute the river on forced florence louis al-jazeera indonesia. so let's run it through the headlines on al-jazeera the indian pilots taken captive by pakistan has been released islamabad is calling it a gesture of peace when commander i mean a man walked back across the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed region of kashmir. one of you all of us all indians are happy to have him back so was he to be battle is a country where you can hear when he's. in other countries custody and he comes
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back into his country are you going to i think he was doing all of them by emotion . but the happiness in his eyes or very evident. the taliban's claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers should a base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops so the u.s. says it didn't come under threats security forces in somalia have shot dead three al shabaab fighters ending a standoff following a bomb attack on a hotel the fighters held up for several hours in a building next to the central city hotel in mogadishu before being overwhelmed by special forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in these suicide bomb attack on the. hotel it was on thursday night tens of thousands of people around the. cross algeria if the president abdul aziz
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beautifully does plan to run for a fifth term police fired tear gas at some protesters in algiers but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. u.s. president donald trump's asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products because he said trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are going well china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seemed to for tat increases in tariffs since last year canada has begun the process of extraditing a top. of the u.s. among one joe's under house arrest after being detained at washington's request accused of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran and saudi activists who were arrested on accusations of undermining security and harming national unity last year it will be put on trial rights groups say they are mostly female activists who campaigned for the right to drive headlines inside stories next.
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benjamin netanyahu remains defiant prime minister is facing corruption charges fox says it's a witch hunt ahead of the election. prosecution and what does it mean for his political career this is inside story. this is inside story welcome to the program he's the first sitting israeli prime ministers who put on fishel notices of planned prosecution on charges of bribery fraud and.


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