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tv   The Vanishing Vaquita  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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they are not having any discussions with them at the moment but that is of course something the americans want to see happen eventually and that is one of the main points for the americans here they want the taliban to first acquire cease fire with the current government in kabul and then bring the two sides to the table so they can have a discussion about what the future of over thirty five million people will look like in their country or a dosage of things for them but in afghanistan the violence continues the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers you sure about base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed sharla ballasts has more from kabul. this is attacked again at two o'clock on friday morning and lasted some sixteen hours information was incredibly difficult to get out of home and about
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what exactly was going on afghan military sources were saying yes we are taking casualties but we can't tell you how many your sources were saying we do not have any casualties but like the afghans to speak for themselves but then as the day wore on we started to see that this actually was quite an attack on those flags eventually the u.s. off to saying this isn't a big deal they did say we are supporting afghan troops on the ground and also through airstrikes not great optics providing us taliban talks on. top u.s. commander general miller has been meeting with the taliban command. in doha shaking hands trying to figure out how to come to some kind of consensus about a withdrawal on the taliban side this attack in helmand was not a coincidence timing wise because they do the support for the negotiations say this is what we can do if you do not play ball and. talk with us and and
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actually get serious about us about pulling out of afghanistan they did this in january on the very first day of talks in doha bin and they take to india space and wardak province complex attack truck bomb and they khost forty afghan military people would be a and injured another forty. and charlotte ballasts has more from kabul on how women are trying to make their voices heard in the peace negotiations. afghan woman a refusing to be left behind in political negotiations they say they want to present a unified front as the taliban in the united states hold talks to end seventeen years of who today there are four women behind them a fifteen thousand ground i spoke after the largest ever national women's jirga council as the taliban met with the u.s. and doha this was a parallel meeting except men were replaced by woman whom i did everyone came to
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say their perspective it was a proud moment for me among these women we cannot travel to other provinces because of security but this allowed us to be united the national women's jirga was the result of a grassroots movement that began in kabul in august and spirit to all of afghanistan's thirty four provinces influential women from each province late the meetings the format included a question and answer session where they discussed women's legal and constitutional rights their role in islam and afghan culture then each province wrote a statement of their demands for peace these declarations blind what they want and will fight for should the u.s. and taliban agree to a deal or seen a sufi is the acting minister of information and culture the government backs the woman's jirga but she denied they were all president danny supporters they were not all government. they were all women who believed in who have analyzed their involvement from different social economic
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political and nonpolitical government non-government civil society addresses where they would. see that we have federal there is concern the taliban could roll back hard for. women's rights but many women say it's conservative afghan values that they're rallying against and need protection from the provincial meetings were held in secret to protect women from any backlash the woman's jurga highly guarded be said concerning most people are not among the taliban but they are like taliban just suited ties we can understand from their words that we are in danger they have the old conservative mentality that it's a threat for us and we feel they may try to kill us president danny is organizing a lawyer jirga in mid march with four thousand people men and women it's a national council to discuss their priorities in future negotiations these women
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will be there to determine that their voices are not forgotten shelob ellis a couple kurdish forces in syria say they expect the battle to retake isis last held area to be over u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched the final push against arsenal in the village of buchholz on friday last remaining group of civilians was evacuated just hours earlier thousands of people have left in recent weeks they're being taken to a camp near the iraqi border or sorry now there is the director of the levant institute for strategic affairs he says the threat from i saw will not be over. this is the final battle i mean this is the ground operation that will clear what is remaining from isis military forces but this does not mean that the isis threat is over let's keep in mind that isis is the mainly in ideology.
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and their root causes of that led to the emergence of this this is the group are still there when it's comes to all the political settlement that's pending whether in iraq or in syria so the root causes that led to the emergence of this group remaining this is why the military operation is may be all over however that threat is there. and. chances are high that when it came to the type of a tactic that the that he would be using and he will resort in my if you will to move to get a law type of operation instead of a classical type of warfare that we have been witnessing in syria lately that if a device all in the northern iraqi town of sin jar in two thousand and fifteen has
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left a power vacuum the area is rife with competing armed groups vying for control lack of agreement among them is preventing thousands of people from the minority and zina communities who fled eisel from returning home shell stratford reports from the more. there's a piece of fears eisel either killed his wife or like many young women sold into slavery she disappeared in two thousand and fourteen when along with tens of thousands of other families from iraq's minority easy community they tried to flee the i saw offensive on sin job i saw was defeated in sin jar in nov twenty fifth dean now mary his children and six father are among a few use e.d.'s who have returned. with some of their wise advice a ruled over everything they sabotaged the lads and killed our relatives and neighbors what i saw was kicked out they left nothing behind we still don't have
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much left to eat or to drink. it's estimated around seventy percent of sin job was destroyed in the battle against isis but it's not just the delay in reconstruction that's preventing people from returning to their homes there are various military forces and armed groups in the area but according to commanders little cooperation between. what remains of the town of sinjar is in that direction behind the tile and you have a p.k. k. forces in control of that area to my left over those mountains there is the iraqi army and pro iran armed groups known as hash of a shabby i'm standing on a peshmerga position one of the main reasons why thousands of people cannot go back to singe are to try and restart their lives because of the lack of coordination between the various armed forces operating in this area. the u.s. either you in turkey consider the kurdish p k k to be
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a terrorist organization it's been fighting for an independent kurdish state for more than thirty years and there's been tension between the iraqi federal government and the semi autonomous kurdish regional government of northern iraq over disputed territories for decades. the various forces in and outside sin jar aren't reaching consensus to better administer the town's political and security situation people are not returning to their homes because there's no long term solution being implemented by the authorities around two hundred thousand years edis have little choice but to live in poli equipped camps in the kurdish regional iraq who obama want this situation and since it's critical that the political bickering and security tension among the various forces is overshadowing on the town's future the only solution to move forward is to pull all these forces
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out and let the people of the town decide their fate these edis often called iraq's forgotten people after suffering some of the worst atrocities on the eisel political violence and distrust means they are now also struggling to rebuild their lives stuff at al-jazeera much more northern iraq. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including the french president's novel ploy to quell protests demanding change of better battle between chinese tech company weiwei and the u.s. continues its carrier makes the decision and is pacific island players is said to vote on whether the boy called this year's rugby world cup details coming up. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across algeria demanding their
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president pulls out of next month's elections these beautifully been in power for twenty years he's planning to run for a fifth term but protesters say he's unfit for the job they've buckaroo orts. they are the biggest demonstrations in algeria in decades this is the country's capital algiers. or similar scenes in several other cities they demanded the country's ailing president up to lizzie's beautifully care withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. to flicker was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering
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a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seven t. too frail to cast his ballot without help. demonstrators say he's too weak to leave if it's widely believed the country's really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who fail to find a successor to ensure the. the country's leading party of national liberation front parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent. it is not him who really is the. it's the group behind the group in the presidency backed up by the cynical economic by the leading business. and the army and the security. who are trying to force them to guarantee a continuity in power and that's really object to. presided over the end of the
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bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation but demonstrators say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics. al-jazeera. is a research fellow at the school of advanced studies in these social sciences she joins us on the line from algiers good to have you with us first of all let me get your take on what we're witnessing right now in algiers is this simply a protest or the start of the revolution no i wanted that with a country. that's something we have you know each country has a manic i think that what we are. seeing now is and what. yesterday's session a very good control happy was from a very. poor child to the country to the trouble after
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a. war. she expressed. to the troops and that that's in itself an appeal to all. but it didn't look like a revision of who looked like much and whether like an independent thinker yesterday so that's a fact. cheerio. an independence day a celebration what do people want simply that the president. of the whole ruling elite by can call them that the alliance in the security forces and some powerful economic figures should leave power in algeria. now the question is really. going to run are not the question is. they going i don't. have to having to. accept alaska.
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the question. that of course trying to transition control. from their ranks and practices and the same. we apologize for that we seem to have lost them in the. least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed kashmir region and officials say a mother and her two children were killed when pakistani artillery fire had a house in indian administered kashmir august island's military says indian has
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killed two civilians and two soldiers along the line of control tensions remain high after islamabad in new delhi said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday so raman is live for us from.


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