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the scent of the whale meat to japan but protests and restrictions mean that no one will transport the meat. and these guys are just two years of the sea being in a sea bed there's no need for the i believe that they are in need month they have a good one and. the week is just going to both know. for sure he is his stuff and i think. he may be. possibly proud of the whiting. i think he has seen genuine new likes being infamous he likes being bisons arrive. at a long haul on the road. on odds most sun has allies. stefan
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own father son is the head chef at free it from iceland only restaurant that serves finn well. this is how we get the whale this size of boxes it's fifteen the number here and i'm a lover not three we can eat its like so seven and eat it like roast beef the roast that will be deployed will come first the. this is. a big piece out of the pieces the restaurant sells almost two tonnes of it yeah and that's controversial. stefan and his restaurant are the object of international protests. do you get like hate mail from the council to take me sometimes to petition or something just because politely that's all the. people who live they'd be in the center of london or middle of manhattan and they don't have this. contact the relationship with nature.
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here is a part of a way testicle dog. also sells while. we brew with the sheep dung small way of testicles he's brewery makes four hundred thousand bales a year twenty thousand a made with whale. i would say it's. medium dark. and with a smoky taste a special kind of smoky taste because of course of the sheep dung and a bit of a meaty finish. when you cook the beer he put it here in and boil it for quite a long time one testicle is like this in size maybe seven to ten kilos. this is something i wouldn't want to carry. any you need to see here because they know it's time to get in the spears told to be in the craziest feel in
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the world all right it's always here. well we're way past the blue smoke his sheep dung. and you go first. and then actually very good very good or. i did i don't know if i can hear that but i don't know i'm not that terry you can tell. we have got a lot of threats from people especially outside of iceland it's all kinds of threats for example why not use your own testicles in a beer. we actually specifically looked up this place to try to find a place that actually had whale a pretty much over to myself to try. it's actually delicious kind of salty i didn't expect it to be red color like that but it's a. very tender. and sustainable ways of fishing and
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we can do whatever we want to to keep a balance in the oceans but we don't have to have some. forest to fish to tell us how to run our fishing. so thanks for tuning guys and we'll keep you updated ok guy so what you can see here is what's left of endangered fin whale number one three one. was brought in this morning a half a savage fica valan ein so as you can see they've removed the majority of the meat . sea shepherd has one hundred thirty nine thousand followers on facebook. many watch online one images a posted life. even though i hate it and i hate seeing it. we kind of got to suck it up and get on with.
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other people need to see. other people can see what's going on we won the icelandic government to have an idea of how many people around the world are actually bearing witness to the atrocities that happen in your front of you. have gone on to see ship of. home page the page and this is actually the lifestream when they have right now. what do you think of them doing that i don't care less i mean yeah like in their minds are getting a stain on you. you don't believe that you know. they're standing right up there here five you want to go talk you know i have nothing to talk to both. of which i told why you're keen on these people you ask me every other questions about them you know you must be one of them i'm starting to see for them
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and she and i hope you know this yes you guys i mean just because you mention a man every other second like vision you have right over top of the world right now i am because they all right you know right here yes they are the example of the opposition against yeah i told you that meant that i don't care much about it. as long as you don't stand front allies of property and things like that so we need you to use the links and the addresses that you find attached to our live streams e-mail the prime minister of iceland actually discuss them is actually barbaric. these are just coward you know when you face them there they say yes. and that has been your. you approach doing it during all these confrontations that have been with these various groups. here waiting for
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them. and had eight days here karen come out has documented fifteen whales been cut top. off towards she goes to her cottage on the beach it's kind of tranquil and you know when you've got the sun on you as well it's just so peaceful. even here she confiscated christian lofts and because her landlord worked for him at the whaling station what did you do what was until i was did everything so when you had. it like this if it where it's. it will get you how big i'll take the latter i have to last of my whole month it's a symbol on go and sell them along vegan so i couldn't imagine. the way i want to save the life when children come with us and just explain where all the
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bones on. their rib the rib and said this is insane i think because it looks like a tree stump doesn't that the landlord placed whalebones on the beach as. this is just a possible what. is that i'm. off to the season the government will decide if since permit will be renewed that can determine his future as a whale catcher. do you think that you'll get. we tend to start a campaign. to keep going on that even if we take breaks occasionally for years we'll come back to it some will keep going until that issue is resolved we all of course i feel. options on ways to continue or even escalate this conflict. what could make you stop. if they go to the planet and we of course at the thought
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that the. following do you think you'll continue to put over. belly of this month the osce london government announced that a maximum of two hundred nine from wales and two hundred seventeen minky wales can be killed each year between twenty eighteen and twenty twenty five it said the new coaches are sustainable and braced on scientific research. jewing sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state sometimes on the population in plain sight of
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a journalist camera the piece is named to be a well trained to screen peacekeeping force the last approach to complete eighteen days on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians piece kilis on al-jazeera. what christian priest you are a friend of the palestinians is it true. for everyone and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom.
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for his beliefs. al-jazeera world tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano. elsewhere this is the opportunity to understand the story in a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs for a much better marketer than bill gates for apple is going to really fancy stuff all the old made software what it is to change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera.
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after a rough week in vietnam for failed talks with kim jong un a u.s. president donald trump gets ready to address a conference full of his supporters back on. iraq as i'm thinking this is al jazeera live from also coming up. efforts for peace in afghanistan as attacks by the taliban continue. the final push us back forces say i saw is on its way out of syria. gree you right here it's a. landmark left office assess for this test launch that will pave the way to resume manned space flights.
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it's been a week that saw a failed summit with north korea an explosive testimony by his former lawyer branding him a criminal the u.s. president has returned home to a far more friendly setting no donald trump will address his base at the conservative political action conference known as c pac which is taking place in the state of maryland these are live blog we have live pictures here is due to speak shortly and he gallagher joins us live now from oxon hill in maryland where we are expected to hear from the president at any moment now and as you said there for a far more friendly setting for him after this week. you're nothing but love for the president at this particular gathering this is of course a gathering of conservative leaders from all over the country understood appearance by donald trump since he came to office although it's a good many times before that in the first hinted here in two thousand and eleven that he might want to get into politics now more one we expect the president to say
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when he takes the stage here behind me well that's a good question because the last time he came on stage europe basically threw his script away and ranted and railed against his opponents and really tried to energize his base i think he probably will address the issues you just talked about in the introduction to the summit in vietnam and also those ickes ations from his former fixer michael cohen but really what the president is here to do is it energizes the base in a orally already energized you can feel the build up to the president taking to the stage every years back has a kind of defining tone and this is seems to be trump is a he's. redefined is policy that now looking to the twenty twenty alike should not as i said there's nothing but love and support the president on trial in this room and in previous speeches that he's made to this conference and the we've heard him take his usual shots at the media at the ongoing investigations. over his alleged
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connections to russia the mole report and and so on and pretty much anyone anyone else who criticizes and are we likely to hear much of the same rhetoric this time around. i think there's a scene really beginning to emerge from the trumpet ministration and that he's painting the democrats has socialists that is something i heard the president talk about when he was in miami a couple of weeks ago talking to venezuelan exiles is something mike pence said here on friday when he spoke that will be the theme of the twenty twenty alexion in my opinion the president on trump will target his enemies call them socialists compare them to nicolas maduro in venezuela that's going to be one of the emerging themes here as i said but this is a president who you never know quite what he will say these last three packs we through the script the way no one here is not going to enjoy anything the president says and they like him for that they like the fact he goes off script that he is a man that he's almost an anti-establishment in their eyes but we'll wait to see he
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was due on stage about a half an hour ago and should take to the sage with this sea of red marker hearts any moment now. already andy thanks for that andy gallagher live for us there in oxon hill now. level talks between the u.s. and taliban have been held in doha u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad says an earlier round ended with unprecedented progress in his words to end the seventeen year war the taliban is refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw its delegation is led by the co-founder of the group. he has from doha. before has wrapped up here in doha without any specific agreement being reached between the taliban and the u.s. but the taliban spokesperson is optimistic that they're on the right path and said that they have made progress but they haven't finalized any kind of agreements and
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of course at stake here is the future of over thirty five million people in afghanistan something the taliban wants to make sure that they are involved in their future and their governments that is now the issue here is the idea of u.s. withdrawals there is a u.s. troop withdrawal that is there's over fourteen thousand u.s. troops in afghanistan and the taliban wants them to leave their country the other main issue is that the taliban does not recognize the current government in office ashraf ghani as legitimate they are not negotiating with him they're not being represented here and that is something the americans hope they can work on to bring the two sides together to have a dialogue that will discuss the future of their country with all parties involved but in afghanistan the violence continues the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers shoot up a base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed.
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this is attacked again at two o'clock on friday morning and lasted some sixteen hours information was incredibly difficult to get out of home and about what exactly was going on afghan military sources were saying is we are taking casualties but we can't tell you how many your sources were saying we do not have any casualties but like the afghans to speak for themselves but then as the day wore on we started to see that this actually was quite a large attack on those flags eventually the u.s. off to saying this isn't a big deal they did say we are supporting afghan troops on the ground and also through airstrikes not great optics providing us taliban talks on. top u.s. commander general miller has been meeting with the taliban command. in doha shaking hands trying to figure out how to come to some kind of consensus about a withdrawal on the taliban side this attack in helmand was not
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a coincidence timing wise because they do the support pressure on the negotiations to say this is what we can do if you do not play ball and. talk with us and and actually get serious about us about pulling out of afghanistan they did this in january on the very first day of talks in doha bin and they take to india space and wardak province complex attack truck bomb and they killed forty afghan military people would be a and injured another forty. at least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed kashmir region the indian pilot captured by pakistan earlier this week has returned home to a hero's welcome here raman reports from new delhi. it appears missing military pilot is back home and people are celebrating on the streets. i've been on the birth of man's fighter jet crashed in pakistan administered kashmir on wednesday after being shot at by pakistan's force pakistan's prime minister brown card
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ordered his release as a goodwill gesture which was welcomed by new delhi it's the only story and turn around yet the government's message is clear pakistan is not off the hook in the past twenty four hours there's been ongoing shelling in the kashmir region indian administered kashmir officials claim three members of one family were reported to be killed in the area. at six in the evening pakistan started firing and shelling the shelling was going on for about three hours one of the shell fired by pakistan hit a house in which three members of a family were killed including two innocent children. fifty kilometers away and three civilians were due to temporary accommodation after coming out to heavy shelling from pakistan's forces the suicide bombing that killed more than forty paramilitaries last month prompted the latest escalation of violence in the disputed kashmir territory it's one of the worst attacks a decades and of group operating from inside pakistan claimed responsibility
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india's foreign minister speaking at the organization of islamic conference in abu dhabi as its guest of honor was clear about her country's approach to terror groups they have to go. because this newspaper editors says the government is keen to play a bigger role of the international stage they want to be of the process of decision making in the muslim world because if you are there on the idea when you go and. things. also there are. two somehow sidelined by a stand. to somehow as going to leading role in the muslim world india is heading towards a general election in twenty fourteen the issue of relations with pakistan was not high on the election campaign agenda and with weeks to go just before that date is announced politicians are trying to work out how to internationally isolate
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pakistan while domestically build consensus that would help them with the election so whole raman al jazeera we delhi prime minister narendra modi has spoken about the situation with pakistan and is calling for indians to unite is also challenging those who are questioning his leadership over the current crisis. these are those people who listen to statements from pakistani generals are christan radio and they are saying there is evidence against india they are against me against modi and now they are damaging the country india and tuning against the country i want to ask the people who do you believe us or not or do you believe those people who are sending to arrests and to arab country. still ahead on al-jazeera eat eat eat hundreds of thousands of volunteers take to the streets against their president. signs of a thaw in relations for the u.s.
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china trade standoff could a deal on tariffs becoming. hell and today's the day for heavy rain in pakistan afghanistan afghanistan isn't it he says climate here but that's the fishes has to fight it is on his way out that is a big gap back for iran towards the coast of the event which looks fine the moment but increasingly i think as the day progresses we go into sunday in the freezing wind cloud and rain you'll see it again not to quite the same degree that brought the flash floods the west bank to be further north running through syria and northern iraq and by this time it looks fine weather cobbles in the sunshine and about seven degrees at sunday come monday and it's still west that we look more rain in cloud march eastwards to the iranian border to be replaced by showers
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frequent showers in the lebanon and probably as fast south as sinai beyond that where the breeze has been blowing quite steadily and that's going to slowly lighten on sunday and indeed monday along the thames has decided saudi arabian around the gulf nations to rise slowly a sunny picture not a particularly dusty picture. the rains been moving out to southern africa recently but is going to be a brief pause i think for big showers to reappear on the eastern side of south africa in sudden mozambique and particularly concentrating in southern tanzania.
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well daniel watching i just did a reminder of top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is about to speak on the final day of a major conference of american conservative it's been a week that saw a failed summit with north korea an explosive testimony by his former lawyer branding him a criminal. high level talks between the u.s. and taliban have resumed in doha talabani is refusing to directly negotiate with
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the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw. at least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed kashmir region indian officials say. the fire killed a woman and her two children pakistan says indian troops killed two civilians and two soldiers. the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are clearing the last pocket of iso fighters from backhoes while the group may soon lose all their territory it is likely too soon to declare total victory and reports. exhausted hungry and sick thousands of women and children have fled their resort in southeastern syria in the last week ahead of a us back to salt on the last piece of ice will so-called caliphate the town of. the mainly kurdish fighters of the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f.
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say only those they call terrorists remain there now as fifteen thousand troops advance on the town and incendiary munitions rained down from the sky. we do not know what the clashes will lead to but the military. operational continue to eliminate terrorists inside of if we notice any civilians we will try to avoid them and evacuate them during the ongoing military operation as the s.d.f. advance on five fronts they face more than a thousand hardened fighters difficult terrain suicide bombers mines and a large tunnel network but even once bug falls and i saw suffers what some are calling a final territorial defeat the group and its members will remain a serious threat this is not and of isis at all and we have seen. this and this kind of similar terrorist groups are now thriving in africa and i won't be surprised if these same groups will
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target. to get civilian they would have military operation inside europe or the united states of america because. all the grudges and. political crisis that are still open that led to the emergence of this group are still there. all the battle for the goose is expected to end soon and commanders will declare the group defeated no one really knows for sure what happens after that and you should tell al-jazeera. another defeat device well in the northern iraqi town of sin jar in twenty fifteen has left a power vacuum competing groups are vying for control of their lack of agreement among them is fermenting thousands of people from the minority community who fled eisel going back channel strafford reports from moscow. there's a piece of fears eisel either killed his wife or like many young women sold into
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slavery she disappeared in two thousand and fourteen when along with tens of thousands of other families from iraq's minority easy the community they tried to flee the eisel offensive on sin john i saw was defeated in sin jar in november twenty fifth dean now measure his children and sick father are among a few years e.d.'s who have returned. from their eyes a deisel ruled over everything they sabotaged the lads and killed our relatives and neighbors what i saw was kicked out they left nothing behind we still don't have much left to eat or to drink. it's estimated around seventy percent of sin job was destroyed in the battle against isis but it's not just the delay in reconstruction that's preventing people from returning to their homes. there are various military forces and armed groups in the area but according to commanders little cooperation
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between. what remains of the town of sin jar is in that direction behind the tile and you have a p.k. k. forces in control of that area to my left over those mountains there is the iraqi army and pro iran armed groups known as hash of a shabby i'm standing on a peshmerga position one of the main reasons why thousands of people cannot go back to singe are to try and restart their lives because of the lack of coordination between the various armed forces operating in this area. the us either you in turkey consider the kurdish p k k to be a terrorist organization it's been fighting for an independent kurdish state for more than thirty years. and there's been tension between the iraqi federal government and the semi autonomous kurdish regional government of northern iraq over disputed territories for decades. the various forces in and
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outside sin jar aren't reaching consensus to better administer the town's political and security situation they've been not returning to their homes because there's no long term solution being implemented by the authorities around two hundred thousand years edis have little choice but to live in poli equipped camps in the kurdish region and all iraq who obama want this issue ation since it is critical that the political bickering and security tension among the various forces is overshadowing on the town's future the only solution to move forward is to pull all these forces out and live the people of the town decide their fate these e.d.'s often called iraq's forgotten people of the suffering some of the worst atrocities on the eisel political violence and distrust means they are now also struggling to rebuild their lives stuff at al-jazeera more northern iraq saudi activists who were
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arrested on accusations of undermining security and harming national unity last year will be put on trial prosecutors say they've completed investigations and are preparing court referrals rights groups say the case is include mostly detained women activists who campaigned for the right to drive. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across algeria demanding their president pulls out of next month's elections and has been in power for twenty years as planning to run for a fifth term need baka reports. they are the biggest demonstrations in algeria in decades this is the country's capital algiers the error similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president up to lizzie's bouteflika withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader
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issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. flicka was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seven t. too frail to cast his ballot without help. demonstrators say he's too weak to lead . it's widely believed the country's really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who failed to find a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading party but national liberation front the parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent when he's not on the stand it is not him who really is the. it's the group behind the group in the presidency backed up by the cynical economic burns
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the leading business. and the army and the security. who are trying to force their own choice to guarantee no continuity in power and that's one of your ears really object to beautifully care presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics leave barkha al-jazeera more than fifty people are missing after an oil pipeline exploded in southern nigeria the blast caused the stampede and resulted in a huge spillman m.b.a. on the knees yet delta it's not clear if the pipeline which carries crude oil to the nearest export terminal has been shut down u.s. president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural
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products he says trade talks between the world's two biggest the biggest economies are going well the u.s. president also pointed out he didn't impose the twenty five percent tariffs on friday as originally planned china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seem tit for tat hikes in tariffs since last year our chief financial.


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