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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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and they've done nothing but try to highlight an anon an unnecessary and frankly medieval interpretation of the law dozens of other human rights defenders academics and religious clerics remain in saudi prisons where the saudi kingdom continues to promote what it sees as its reform agenda its attempts to modernize saudi arabia for him home it al-jazeera always chief financial officer will appear in court next week after canada allowed an extradition request to proceed when one joe was arrested vancouver airport in december at the request of the us government it accuses morgan the chinese tech giant of conspiring to violate st shins on the wrong to go to justice will prevail in the end zone now in fact not only the chinese and canadian citizens but the whole world is extremely interested to hear how the canadian government answers this question u.s. president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural
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products he says trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are going well u.s. president also pointing out that he did not impose the twenty five percent tariffs on friday as originally planned and china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seen tit for tat hikes in tariffs since last year andrew learning is a china affairs analyst he says the u.s. is not the only country concerned about china's trade practices. china's trade model is regarded as the tory and then some of the practices translate into perceived intellectual property theft and force intellectual probably transfer and there's their perceived to be a lack of resupply city in the opening of markets so all these worries have been add and they are central to the negotiations and i think that both sides are coming closer to one another. china. seeing that these concerns
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will. is affecting the investment environment and china and also risk the reputation of china's economy so i think that even before the trade war you know so china already introduced legislation protecting the lecture probably the foreign investors and opening up certain sectors so i think that both sides are coming together but all the other hand the trauma administration i think is doubling down on the foot of demand so we will see. what will happen eventually but i think that the prognosis is has been good so far. venezuela's opposition leader is rounding up regional support to have president nicolas maduro removed from office is latest stop was argentina after leaders after meeting the leaders of brazil and he's vowing to return to venezuela as early as next week the spike the threat of arrest that isobel reports from us. one way though is touring latin
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america to thank those leaders who have come out in support of his bid to replace an equally as venice where less president there are members of the so-called group and why though says their support is crucial in this i want that i that will be returning to caracas soon to continue carrying out the judy that i support and that all of venezuela support we're going to continue mobilizing in the streets of venezuela despite the risks and even the death threats. the opposition leader was banned by the government from leaving venezuela on a tour that's already taken him to brazil imperiled why but while he's away the united states is promising to keep up the pressure on the government of. this time new sanctions on those who prevented food and medical supplies from the united states entering venezuela but the united states has imposed new visa restrictions on individuals responsible for undermining venezuela's democracy we are applying
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this policy to numerous aligned officials and their families and supporters the abuser violate human rights steal from the venezuelan people or undermine venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the united states but as the u.s. tries to isolate my would've been if we left leaders turning even more to russia for support he's ordered the european union based office of the state or company to move to moscow in an attempt to buybacks recent economic sanctions imposed by the united states recently which is just the sort through which we cooperate closely and coordinate our actions in the international arena and of the moment our cooperation is gaining special importance on the circumstances of venice waiver facing a frontal attack on a shameless intervention into its internal affairs we will categorically counteract such attempts and will be defending the ideals norms and principles of the united nations. with why the out of the country the big question is when he will be able
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to return to doing so will allow him to continue challenging the kilometers legit ima see inside the country with a united opposition front that was divided until he came along. with us itis. in france yellow vest demonstrators are marching for the sixteenth weekend in a row calling for president in one year mccraw to resign the protests began in of a. over a proposal to raise fuel taxes the movement has since grown into anti-government rallies support for those rallies as fall in recently as president mccraw engages people across the country in a national conversation known as the great debate the strategy is to gather ideas to form a more inclusive government as david schaper reports from the city of ras it is gaining support from one of the toughest crowds. when the gate closes behind you at number twenty three boulevard robert spear in rants you might lose your freedom but
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you don't lose your vote the champagne city's only prison is the latest venue for president macaroons attempt to outflank d.l. a vest rebellion and listen to the voice of the people we can't identify the inmates but we can bring you their opinions so many business your life things that you love as demonstrations were beneficial as a gathered not a political party but to people the french regarded as the differences it was a good movement as it actually triggered his debate a debate that was needed a new national. a thirty one year old m.p. from the president's party was the heart of the debate with the prisoners she passionately rejected their cynicism about politicians and they want to be i think we are living an excellent democratic exercise as of today we have received more than a million contributions to this debate and that is a success it was time to give back the word to the french people that you do see
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the big debate is meant to reach every now and every level of society even here behind us and it is beginning to work present emmanuel mackerels ratings are beginning to climb once again. the same can't be said for the conditions in french prisons they have one of europe's highest rates of overcrowding. the new france is sacred to be the homeland of human rights but the penitentiary system is not given the means to guarantee that inmates human rights european regulations require we are two in a cell have a shower and a landline but sometimes we have four people in one square metres to. us the debate goes straight to the key point it allows the detained population to be fully recognize the citizens as french citizens but radicalization is flourishing in french prisons the. bait about how to tackle that has barely begun yet and scores
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of ice or fighters may soon be repatriated from syria david chaytor al-jazeera runs britain's looming exit from the e.u. is wiring the u.k. science community they say it's scaring off potential new students and teaches them a haywood reports from the university city of cambridge which voted overwhelmingly to stay in the european union this is a team effort to because it's it works well with two people matty islam the originally from germany is teaching the next generation of the scientifically he's lived in the u.k. since nine hundred eighty nine and want to cambridge university for more than twenty years the prospect of work that has left him feeling depressed about what the future may hold but the scientific community and society as a whole important people have left other people who normally would have come to take up jobs here are not coming students are worried some students are worried about coming we get increasingly questions about what you know what does it mean
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for us. yeah you know this is the greatness of british signs comes from english as an international language and therefore inviting in people from all over the interface of different ways of thinking come together that's where your creator seventy three percent of people in cambridge voted to remain in the e.u. in twenty sixteen many people from all over the world live here it is affluent and has one of the fastest growing local economies in the u.k. this part of cambridge the highest percentage of remain voters in the u.k. that's in part down to the largest student population really poor many who thought i think inside there. cambridge of course is steeped in history but it's developed a multi-billion dollar science and technology sector at springboard for designing life saving medical equipment the sole globally but the company has
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a large customer base in europe keeping trade as open as possible in a post break that world is vital to the sector value apparent customers by contrast because we're about what we do and we can solve problems really quickly and effectively if that becomes slightly. more hostile. than a lot of other choices many here in this remain stronghold hope the breadth that can still somehow be avoided with just a month to go though they know that time is running out and the hayward al-jazeera in cambridge are still ahead on al-jazeera. the largest and oldest african film festival in the world exposed to me to movement of violence and gender equality. and manchester city's algerian star gives them the edge in the premier league title race details in sport.
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i made it in every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. march on our. magic debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to head five years after the revolution voters in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come sit. in a powerful new film residence of a. q parties jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in tunisia join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist
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monks and the military in million man. march on i'll just sierra. hello again or space x. has launched its astral capsule into space for the first time the unmanned test flight is a major step forward for the company owned by billionaire long mosque mohamed they were bought d.c. has. it's said that. nasa describes it as a historic moment that could pave the way for a new era of space exploration vehicle down here at kennedy space center in florida
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billionaire elon musk's company space x. successfully launched an unmanned test flight bound for the international space station. what to what today really represents is a new era in space flight and an era where we are looking forward to being one customer as an agency and as a country we're looking forward to being one customer of many customers in our in a robust commercial marketplace in low earth orbit so that we can drive down costs and increase access in ways that historically have not been possible. the crew dragon capsule atop the falcon nine rocket is the first space shuttle intended for commercial use the only passenger on this demo one mission is a dummy named ripley carrying with him four hundred pounds of supplies for the space station it's expected to arrive on sunday and if all goes well the next mission could put two astronauts in space as early as this july nasa wardy contracts the space x.
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and boeing to develop cheaper methods of going to space since retiring its shuttles in two thousand and eleven thus ending its reliance on russia so use spacecraft which cost more than eighty million dollars a seat what it means for the space program is it's really opening up much more regular access to the space station redundancy right now we're relying on just one system the russian soyuz system we also have boeing starliner vehicle coming later this year so so we really will see a lot more capability in terms of our ability to launch humans into space space x. and boeing own and operate the spacecraft and will be leasing them out to nasa and other clients when striking as and regular parishioner i think we will. rules seek a crush of customers. over which the best mr and now center has been very supportive of that of that idea so but we've been very focused on just making sure
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the vehicle worked and maximizing secure liability. ulan must then bishops go far beyond shuttling astronauts he says it won't be long before the dragon starts taking commercial customers to space some of that but d.c. al-jazeera. and wright is a space and lifetime member of the board of governors of the school of cosmic physics he says there are still a few of hurdles ahead assuming this is a complete success it started well then it will have a significant impact in the short term it means there will be a second way of getting to the space station and then third when boeing start flying but in the medium term not so far away we could start to see very very rich people flying to the space station aboard commercial rockets i think a lot of scientists will be to be quietly pleased with this because there has been
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a real anger within the science community. human space flight sending men and women into space was sucking all the money out of the american space program in particular. and that there wasn't enough although of course the americans are doing by far the most in robotic exploration but there's a feeling that this may mean there is more money in the space agency so the sorts of things that scientists want to do exploring the cosmos. girls born now has far hasn't thank you so much swiss tennis star roger federer has claimed the one hundred title of his career the thirty seven year old being the rising greek player stefanos but suppose from the final the divide championships federer who lost to the twenty year old in the fourth round of the australian open closed out this victory in straight fat six four six four the twenty times grand slam champion becomes just the second man to claim a century of titles after american jimmy connors who want one hundred and nine.
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manchester city of liverpool off the top of the english premier league algerian international riyad marez got the winner as the champions being bournemouth one nil they now have a one point lead at the top level bordeaux have the chance to reclaim first place on sunday when they face everton between two chattels already in the season the community shield in the kind of two they will sleep leaders in the in the premier league and you know a good position in the last sixteen champions league in swansea game so when when everybody is there enough to me we're going to win but no complaints no regrets each other that is the most important thing we can feel like an athlete like a sportsman manchester united had moved ahead of arsenal in two four and that's because the gunners could only draw with their place a top while united themselves came from behind to beat southampton three to two so
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please for the boys that the money to claw. three points out of this game cause. we spoke about half time just get some more urgency get in the box play more forward the structure then we'll sort the ball in for you. around madrid and barcelona are set to meet for the second time in just four days were beaten three nil by bar st in the copa del rey semifinals on wednesday this time they mean in the lead with rail sitting in third nine points behind bars so the top of the table. the n.b.a. has seen its highest scoring game in nearly three decades three hundred twenty nine points were scored as the chicago bulls took on the atlanta hawks it was a marathon game that went into a fourth period of overtime goals eventually ran out one hundred sixty eight to one hundred and sixty one winners the game was also one of the highest scoring of all time it ranks third on the all time list and surpasses the one nine hundred ninety
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game between golden state and the denver nuggets friday's match is however still some way off the highest total in n.b.a. history the three hundred and seventy pointer in one thousand nine hundred three where the detroit pistons the tender one hundred eighty six to one hundred eighty four world rugby have denied claims they played to exclude pacific nations from being part of a new global leak the sport's governing body has suggested the formation of a twelve team competition that would exclude samoa fiji and tongs or in response players from the three countries are set to vote on whether to boycott this year's rugby world cup in japan concerns about a player welfare have also been raised with leading names fearing an overload of international matches. world rugby says any plan is yet to be finalised but they're hoping to have a.


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