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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred eighty seven israel declared war on egypt syria and jordan. the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ended with israel occupying the egyptian sinai peninsula the gaza strip the syrian golan heights and the west bank. the israeli army entered jerusalem and the city came under israeli control. it was a turning point in the life of archbishop. what it can do with the whole world by the some most of the. them when just as we were thinking in the shift for bad and morality the us. government had definitely. been and americana sure had that for show out it well as it got for how awful. the final be they hear out of by me a shade below what kind of i would move
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a valley bob. usually on the island a shade i was sure that my about to him what he had to hear about me it show here. bad. for the same use of our city some our city let me just. deferred it or you less likely you will not be there why the end is the man i'll ask in the vision he did in libya. the one horny. at the needle ahmed made any and everybody in the theater. looking. at a live. road in his memoirs three days after the occupation of jerusalem i was driving my car on the streets of the city wearing my clerical clothes. an israeli soldier approached and spat at. i got out of the car started be. the him
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until he fell to the ground. i was then convinced that these invaders must be confronted with violence to be their own brutality i decided to work out and resist occupation. she went on to write i founded the first resistance elves in jerusalem i held meetings in the monastery the men were very enthusiastic and they left arms to carry out of ration against the enemy. mean other non pollock i don't know. how. men had a cat flap that most of their own have the name and home. some more know the new dollars for. office
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a house was. a serious american reality for when i was here and had that little fucker who had risen on one honey gun. had to be that. free. welcome on the stuffies of your ass on the. buffalo if you tickle fatma john at the saloon the crank up losing a family. archbishop coochie joined the main palestinian resistance group at the time the fatah movement active in jordan and lebanon. he also stayed in close touch with the bush he had an apple fit asked hoping to provide arms to the resistance cells he founded. the to equip he needed to supply weapons to their cells in the occupied territories primarily to three brothers riyadh. and so here. in the ng at which. can of
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our been a peck of us me and no not. at three be could tell here that the fella may have been hornblende. knuckly. and it cannot. be. a push he had persuaded to drive weapons to fight the cells in the west bank he was to hide them in his car and drive to jerusalem via the not good a crossing in south lebanon. and you know. the vision. of one. trunk i would remove would be the area.
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and. it. may well do it how much means kalo. the body plan on. suffering. of the bluesy vatican roughly lada say a lot with particle of how do you orthodox us i will be for i will let in live in atlanta a new. nakoula. my
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dear little kids who just bought it for the family and there has. to be yeah. you me and i'll has that canyon called. who can build value. of the me. as. having driven the weapons back to jerusalem she kept them in his car until an arm specialist arrived from up a few dollars to unload them. he then hid them in a fair school in baytown you know with three of my lab elites who picked them up and distributed them. to my peer. among. when well the very well could look hostile to policy and not run hot the potter we're young men who were can and more will say well as happened the problem. was that
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there qatar how bad the list was when you. asked the hey i'm never fair fight that how if there are ten hour. gun running i thought i'd put you continued his peaceful political activism. in one nine hundred seventy four u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger visited jerusalem. the archbishop invited leading figures in the city to a meeting to organize anti israel and anti u.s. protests coinciding with the visit. the israeli authorities reacted angrily and put she felt the immediate effect. i noticed a change in the israelis behavior towards the first time was on the lebanese borders had arrived at a post in the morning but unlike previous times the officer asked me to open the
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car boot but i refused normal milo militants the barrier allotted to some level. was. volatile that dude if. richer markham was this year alone perfect at the un anderson for the. we're alone in the zombie survival bubble something. to watch. for to. cross the lebanese border without being searched but ten days passed with no pickup . he became suspicious. on the second of august one thousand nine hundred ninety four. car still loaded with weapons was stopped at an
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israeli military checkpoint in jerusalem. was held at gunpoint. he refused to get out of the car as he had diplomatic immunity. but the soldiers immediately found the weapons and he wondered how they knew exactly where they were hidden. time in track. and norma. in america. a rock band what rock band. can i have a job as
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a sufferer in diplomacy and you know vertica. the. other half i'll be for the not say one. minute the fish. really. what luck or so to have a show for me but because i've been wimber door can know what they have valley very clever. like in bad small mom pashman out of our submarine jar what kind of professional pony and slowly. and then milan you have a job as a safari in diplomacy and they said like they have fun diplomacy. what . are they what is late what. bitch ima should be cherished. but the.
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beheaded head and she not a little bit. and had the whole minder take you there live in a bus and the whole indian or should. be a mini. who'd rather than looking for tea in. a kid had to. have the mobile ala know the music of the moment and want to leave the island has an israeli problem above the so in need of any baby lima to make them of beef is what and why and if so left no horny. fishy survey not now not a full in new york do a non-argument you rock a bit more crank up would you be had a kitty they never looked men were from the streets let leonor a sob. and yet only the best be heck of a and. who are bad a little and. a lot of the. a little be.
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a star but then he can shut he can we love. yes our. when i happen to be a i was he had. a deal with. this caused an immediate crisis between israel and the roman catholic church and the pope sent a delegation of bishops to meet computer. they planned to negotiate his release on condition that he leave to loosen them and told him to deny the charges against him . but computes he flatly rejected their deal. that he. thought of my. fellow. men look learn how they all over there to. fight the ira after herbie markham to be a more cowardly act the lad was yet loud to hum and mature as the ha let this all
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be one of them madea or. what them he is our will sow that having been is a when was like other someone on. the m.b. and the yet when apple has star mila. star millet. fields and the whole it the hamill the wishing. archbishop was heavily interrogated. they put me in a two square meter cell the floor was wet and as many straw mattress was put there . i preferred to lie down on the floor and kept my clerical clothes on though they wanted me to put on a prison uniform. they took away my prayer book against international law because i'm a religious man with a duty to read my daily praise. in the sessions five military men interrogated me
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at the same time. when. the how when and to happen and then you know tucker's wow ok for in a country of three a. couple which is. kind or you how luna and you hear new york or new bushy but. they are part of the island that require. them to not do to be just me and the land. in reba there was a far. who rescission. decision in gul who with. let's say i mean men could be a whole. could be more a says when. he was about a whole. what i'm mad. at them
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a lot are wow a little bit as. cooties interrogation centered on his transporting piano weapons. and on an earlier failed attempts on the life of us to quit area of state kissinger. and when he appeared in court if he's three main charges contacting a foreign agent illegally transporting weapons and assisting and illegitimates terrorist organization. these also related to an incident shortly before his arrest . them and not be brothers had planned to fire two cats use our rockets at the israeli parliament the knesset during kissinger's jerusalem visit.
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the plot was foiled and the rockets recovered. but the lobby brothers confessed to bringing the rockets from a prayer church school clearly implicating cappuccino. coming up controversy stalks to pucci throughout his career as is trying reaches its climax. as he tries to break the. israeli blockade of gaza. and he takes a bold stance on the war in syria. but. beyond that behind. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming
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a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to power isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested or killed and even disappeared maybe her son goes head to head with her is free but going to fuck you too you want to do it develop nobody is disputing the economic revolution why don't recall saying this is a president development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and with point on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have to float anti-riot know. we are challenging the forces for challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going . al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth
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century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketeers than bill gates for apple is going to reinvent stuff bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london the top stories the u.s. president has told supporters at a major conservative conference he will win the twenty twentieth's action with a great image and then in twenty sixteen he criticized congressional inquiries against him and labeled a special counsel investigation into claims of russian influence
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a collusion delusion and agalloch i was at a conference in maryland he's been talking now for almost two hours one of the longest speeches i've ever heard the president makes any longer than the rallies that i've been to but this seems all the ones we would expect these talks about his relationship with china the economy immigration very little has been said about that meeting in vietnam over north korea or what michael cohen his form of fix was saying in congress last week this is really about donald trump energizing his base . i level talks between the u.s. and the taliban have concluded in doha without any agreement the taliban wants foreign forces to withdraw from afghanistan but is refusing to directly engage with the afghan government meanwhile inside the country the violence is continuing the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers sure about base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the defense ministry says twenty attackers including
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eight suicide bombers were also killed at least seven people have died as india and pakistan continue cross border shelling in the disputed kashmir region bucky's downs military says indian fire overnight killed two civilians and two soldiers along the line of control indian officials say a mother and her two children were among civilians killed when pakistani artillery hit a house in indian administrate kashmir kurdish forces in serious ai still has almost been defeated in the last territory controlled in the country the us backed syrian democratic forces launched a final push against the armed group in the village of on friday. more than fifty people a missing after an oil pipeline exploded in southern nigeria the blast caused a huge spillage near member on the niger delta it's not clear if the pipeline which carries crude oil to the nearest export terminal has been shut down.
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now continues but i will be back in the news hour for you in about half an hour's time i'll see you then bye for now. in one thousand nine hundred sixty five a priest in the greek church was appointed archbishop of these ria and peachey arkell vicar of jerusalem. a senior christian figure in the region. following the one nine hundred sixty seven israeli occupation of jerusalem he smuggled weapons for the p.l.o. but was caught and put on trial along with three other men. and how i may add. i'm such a kind of a mack and. medic and ca and the chance to write the. can at the mac and.
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my dad. and my mommy and. more clearly. had to complete the bushy bitumen to know who our power. saudis liquor you saw were bob it would fish. out of our siberian and america and yet there was a fear from doc was it i'm sorry i made a caricature of. the little. terrify the shut out if. only kind of saudi. and. hair. kind of a sad sad that if. i had the. saudis.
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the mother sadly for it because they never. had. that's. a linear diabolo. that one does out if i go too far that. men know. the trial of the abbey brothers started on the twentieth of september one thousand nine hundred ninety four. it lasted one hundred eight days and became a major spectator events in jerusalem. israel came under increasing pressure to release the archbishop. and. then it's good. to have him. with us about why what the show and of.
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what israel says and. i can only tell it to have. that if the mathematical model i thought of because to start your own on the committee and . what. i mean. that work on that if we have. that loued on the. wall and i will wash the shabby when men read and if the mother fall to heaven i will let you know what i knew him when he. had a lawyer say and. then about a fifth i like would have otherwise luck. i kind of. have a little bit of those she comes back and we don't know how many were laughing i have is that it has in a bad luck i need to back. a time when i. cannot even have come out.
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now you need to. top of a new course i live in and how come it where you are you do know. you do not out of a now who. did. it when we're out of that from day one of the trial i was very clear i said i don't recognize the legitimacy of the school that was prosecuting me. i decided to remain silent i would. take part in the discussions or comment on the trial procedures. i previously confessed to all charges so i didn't want to prove my innocence but to turn my trial from a personal top political one where israel would get convicted in front of the international public opinion. only. i this had he could speak in his defense during the trial.
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his defense was built entirely on the principle that israel was an occupying force and had no legal right to stage the trial at all. but when the courts reached a guilty verdict he was sentenced to twelve years in prison. a. lot of the law and fish is no longer america's you know. but a good illustration of. fear kind of those who don't feel what for work. for them out in the medicine to kill and read doesn't measure up to you know. as
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a nanny you know what we would do in any son recently i would say a little brother to not see the saucony companies only consultancy in the canal with uncle head or the new guard we have and then who will we know who we are when we sell with all of those you see here. we're no silver bullet illini. are still the enemy yet. they know when's it all. and there's a would never see a lick in the. and the mayor told us to luke and with the decision . to do all we have newly beers by salute of this can we sort of a little of this makes a loose a little brown is a looser laws of the in which i had. protested at the ban on him praying and having his prayer book confiscated and went on hunger strike several times he smuggled letters to
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a number of contacts aimed at getting him released. one was to an old friend a journalist at a newspaper but i feel. the whole world has alert hakeem out. soluble one of the really rather badly. zachary said he. believes a few. of this a lot. of our doubt there is rebranding vertical while. we was both and he said casually key the had. a leo no. less than minimal the l.m. e beer for hours i. was up also in the far one of them so they usually only tell you and you want for in a mechanic by you down for the street and you can measure the year film and for
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your own good. you will. feel younger and a can the heart. beat the field but we are. willing and i have. we can that were for. young the fun little. ilario. and. look around. but if the. main vertical or worse for eat and no fear. has of alamy. reality about them like in bad ass the without either no we were for my in me. it was. my part of
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a few would cino if ali. wasn't involved in the final agreement. the israelis insisted he travel at night to avoid media attention. he served three years three months in jail. the room and catholic church had arranged for him to arrive back in italy in secret. was a limo for the bubble little bottle of mosul. sir look. a little me the aloha a wussy colossal a lot of shock to see. a whole lot of the heaviest also to get it out of rebel saloon is about right and there's a limo for the bubble we built on the. bus just then the plunge in the cylinder can refer to my shift in the midst of and that is. one of the same.
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study as you raised a was had these looked around the bougie but who's who in the system can with such is that should. have. been mother of any twelve but had been mother. was a more a sailor my mother started a war and human like. me as my mother how i mean hey as you. can a man how it led to us or obama again i've been in. ghana . is similar. could as well could as mean as bela lugosi little guy and you know i'd be nothing she said. that was just of the whole do wish that was the word that me and i might get and. the fact bill could does no comment about reason were not. you was quoted yesterday
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in the newspaper that you are a friend of the palestinians it is true is it true. a friend of everyone. was banned from talking to the media or taking part in any political activity but kept his title of archbishop. he left room for south america as agreed with the israelis. i went to venezuela then to brazil and argentina was highly regarded and respected my heart kept longing for jerusalem and its ancient streets left a small prison to enter a big one. but within months she broke the agreement banning him from visiting arab countries he accepted yasser arafat's invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the palestinian national conference in
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syria for the national the south america loves the club and the country well said all i can on body and. measures so you know of us and you will have many. of the loss of a lift up the whole measures rather than going to one engine. would be lit if it. is are far from our earth. beirut. for us. is that they're all. going. to be vertical which would need. any can it when they meant. more we had a lot of filmmaking i'm in phoebus we're looking chemical nudism three week old connecticut and he. will be in with. elephant camel
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vanier palau up by anna who muffy of your. we shall. stop. when. she was busy in exile from the levant. he was involved in several hostage negotiations and played a key role in iran after the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution in maine one nine hundred eighty he obtained the release of the bodies of american soldiers who died in a rescue mission. he also mediated in a hostage crisis in iraq in early one nine hundred ninety s. . but his main preoccupation remained the palestinian cause and he was the link between the p.l.o. and the catholic church in the vatican. he promoted the palestinian cause wherever he could in the world.
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they levied. on an idea as though well maintained there was just so mad to model. shop all as normal shop man only the amana of the remote are murat and me will free worth of a whole rotten as will full steam half of europe can be had on my national community grandma brown. layers of the northern about member like an animal. in any normal men. if you can. fishwife didn't like. bond doesn't know what doesn't and know with. you and how to started to. sob well i can can you sort of that you man of the year well move. us before us to
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let her come. across. then. we'll finish this up shot a carbon. because it has some of. the . the r. . and israeli blockade of gaza began in two thousand and seven after hammers to control there. in two thousand and nine joined a flotilla of boats carrying aid to gaza he was eighty seven very similar to. that no can ever do all is only and had. been have been like to have his
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alma. mater. along with a little luck a marker for kenya. what took. him in war zones. for a visual. and the lads will do it here and then i had. a moment with the head official learned. that a colleague. was also on board a turkish ship the mad in twenty ten and. there. yes and a lot for this to mean when i say. that lydia was saying that. mildred may not like these.
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israeli commandos attacked the gaza bound ship in international waters before it had reached gaza opening fire on the campaigners on board. nine protesters were killed and was among the injured. he was detained and sent back to jordan. for help of them i mean an overt. phone mineral has been love as well slightly always had them very. little north. bears out a law. that allows a behavior. with a bill of the year for us to any. of it the shovelfuls know that at the end of the love them we're there for and how complete. in march twenty seventh
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protests broke out in syria part of the so-called arab spring. syrians took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations calling on the aphid government for reforms. the violence multi factional seven year conflict and huge exodus of refugees has been well documented. from a distance she took the government site in the war. on. he thinks he closure beat. this to dog you live. in. as the. one you know i'm going to.
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see out of the horse will seem almost on a plank of wood i don't have a. doubt about it and i have in my head a common when one of them to preserve. them and the other half a man. you have. probably you know what i was up there on your post. at the council you're. well shot not. one who has a better one you feel. let. us not rank up. moka if one has a member live there with a sort of year or. three you have to take. it appeared that is likely. to be done. ever so that's one
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subject you get a chance to in the. three years you've been here and can e see the shap when it's up to missy he missed them and then a message to what he shouted when he said it was to me willian it can easily shout ten years and that if he can he said my shop one to death and. fear and you travel around with a battery at the obama record having probably what i thought i really welcome it was from a bollywood shot from a spinning the economy out of obama yes. if you're feeling a little lucky you know how to be. she was a senior figure in the mel kites greek church but this is overseen by the pope in rome. it's quite unusual for catholic priests to become heavily involved in
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politics this forced him to make difficult personal choices and did not play very well with the authorities in rome. helen mckechnie see muscle my brain c.s.e. would deem why she must cool n.z. each arty molokai something where magilla lila. may. be me he and hey leah and no. young heir this lee by the way is not so and no anna. jani nor amal there nor in the. head the sit are always at the most old and the political machine in mrs healy here call him out of it a little bit with the same or. sort of the samuel a line of a worker with. a head of a heavenly host most will be and they will can be seen as
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a meant and the film a little. missa here liberty in. a no chef nor is this them or they are of the a force than a year as you and your. full can e see our. i . say the. year was
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a. but. they ought to be. on the first of january twenty seventh. the vatican and nouns that archbishop hilarion. had died in rome aged ninety four. it was his wish to be buried next to his mother in lebannon. on hearing of his death palestinian president mahmoud abbas described him as a great freedom fighter. a controversial figure he'll nonetheless be remembered as the christian priest who put his life in danger for
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a political cause he believed in and fought for passionately all his life. a hundred and sixty. starts advantage in an artist's street in cairo. there brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a halt later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today us about the people's music on al-jazeera.
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and i bet it's definitely not as hot for some of us in australia now well incredibly hard for many of us in tasmania but then this area of cloud worked its way across us and has dragged down the temperatures somewhat so no higher than around twenty nine degrees there on sunday and then that cloud works its way further east with still a melbourne we see the temperature is only it's twenty seven by monday then towards the west here is the army quite warm there in fact the temperatures in perth will be rising again so thirty seven zero maximum doesn't seem like we're getting a break at the moment as it i will towards the east plenty of sunshine across the many parts of new zealand you can see this huge area of cloud just drifting away to the southeast that's the remains of an old storm that staying away from new zealand though and so forth that should be fine and settled as we head through sunday and
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for most of us on monday as well further north though there's a little bit more in the way of showery weather looks like some of us in fiji and across towards new caledonia was in pretty lively showers over the next couple of days up towards japan of there is a good deal of cloud with us currently at a few outbreaks of rain most of those are on the south coast as we head into monday i think we'll see the rain begin to pick up and the temperatures will be dropping as well so take you only getting to around nine it is milder towards the west beijing up at seventy. in slave abuse. freedom the plight of too many of these girls after a lifetime of servitude a remarkable young woman. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrified unfolds it was. driven by her favorite book elections of subjugation. my
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memory is my power a witness documentary on a. new stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. told this is. a low i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes embracing the stars and stripes after
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a failed summit in vietnam and damaging testimony from his former lawyer donald trump returns to the warmth of his core support. a push for peace in afghanistan talks take place in doha but on the ground attacks by the taliban continue. tightening the noose u.s. backed forces advance on five france in a battle to retake. village in syria. three. but there it is right. and a landmark left off a successful test launch that could pave. a way for nasa to resume manned space flights. to. balance for roger federer has won his one hundredth career title the thirty seven year old beat greek rising stars that's supposed to end the final they did by chance. to.
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spend a week that saw a failed summit with north korea and an explosive testimony by his former lawyer who accused him of criminal conspiracy the u.s. president has now returned home to a far more friendly setting donald trump is addressing some of his core supporters of the largest annual gathering of conservatives in america the conservative political action conference known as c pac and what turned out to be the longest speech of his presidency last in more than two hours he criticized congressional inquiries against him and labeled the investigation into claims of russian influence a collusion delusion and gallagher was at a conference just outside washington d.c. and sent us this update. the president don't jump might have had a couple of uncomfortable weeks was north korea's foremost fixer michael cohen giving damning testimony before congress good to hear that she packed this is
5:51 am
a space that he's been talking to them about all the usual issues his relationship with china the booming economy and also immigration but he did touch briefly on the miller report let's listen to what the president had to say. they fight so hard on this witch hunt this phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to check his deals we're going to check these people and see. this. i saw a little shifty shift yesterday. it's a first time he went into a meeting. and they said we're going to do is finance i said where did that come from we always talked about russia collusion with russia the collusion delusion so what the president was essentially doing he was energizing his base he talked about
5:52 am
the love that was in this room and this theme of this year's seabright really a strong prism he talked a lot about being forthcoming twenty twenty alexion and these are things that will come up again and again he wants people to believe that these are all decisions the democrats are socialists he talked about that in relation to venezuela he will talk about that once again in the future but in this room lots of love for the president don't jump going forward to the twenty twenty lunch. now in our other top stories this hour high level talks between the u.s. and the afghan taliban have concluded in doha with no agreement this despite u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad saying earlier that a previous round of talks made unprecedented progress and the seventeen year war the taliban is refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw from the country that occasion is led by the co-founder of the group when the abdul ghani baradar also jabari is in doha with
5:53 am
more. therefore has wrapped up here in doha without any specific agreement being reached between the taliban and the u.s. but the taliban spokesperson is optimistic that they're on the right path and said that the have made progress but they haven't finalized any kind of agreements and of course at stake here is the future of over thirty five million people in afghanistan something the taliban wants to make sure that they are involved in their future and their governments that is now the issue here is the idea of a u.s. withdrawal is there's a u.s. troop withdrawal that is there's a lot of fourteen thousand u.s. troops in afghanistan and the taliban wants them to leave their country the other main issue is the taliban does not recognize the current government in office alva ashraf ghani as legitimate they are not negotiating with him they're not being represented here and that is something the americans hope they can work on to bring the two sides together to have a dialogue that will discuss the future of their country with all parties involved
5:54 am
. but inside afghanistan the violence continues the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base on friday which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers a share about base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide bomb has also killed thousands of women have met in provinces across afghanistan to ensure their rights are protected during peace negotiations their demands were voiced at a conference in kabul shown by this report from the afghan capital. afghan woman a refusing to be left behind in political negotiations they say they want to present a unified front as the taliban in the united states hold talks to end seventeen years of who today there are four women behind them a fifteen thousand other they spoke after the largest ever national women's jirga
5:55 am
council as the taliban met with the u.s. and doha this was a parallel meeting except men were replaced by woman might get on everyone came to say their perspective it was a proud moment for me among these women we cannot travel to other provinces because of security but this allowed us to be united the national women's jirga was the result of a grassroots movement that began in kabul in august and spirit to all of afghanistan's thirty four provinces influential women from each province late the meetings the format included a question and answer session where they discussed women's legal and constitutional rights their role in islam and afghan culture then each province wrote a statement of their demands for peace these declarations lined what they want and will fight for should the u.s. and taliban agree to a deal a scene a sufi is the acting minister of information and culture the government backs the woman's jirga but she denied they were all president gani supporters there were
5:56 am
a lot of government. they were all women who believed in who have analyzed their involvement from different social economic political and nonpolitical government non-government civil society addresses where they would. see that we have federal there is concern the taliban could roll back hard for women's rights but many women say it's conservative afghan values that they're rallying against and need protection from the provincial me. holden secret to protect women from any backlash the woman's jurga highly guarded circus and most people are not among the taliban but they are like taliban just suit and ties we can understand from their words that we are in danger they have the old conservative mentality that it's a threat for us and we feel they may try to kill us president danny is organizing
5:57 am
a lawyer jurga in mid march with four thousand people men and women it's a national council to discuss their priorities in future negotiations these women will be there to determine that their voices are not forgotten shiela ballasts. at least seven people have been killed by artillery fire as indian and pakistani soldiers continue to target each other's posts along the volatile frontier in the disputed kashmir region tensions remain high after both sides said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday the indian pilot captured jaring that as strike has had a medical check up after being released cell raman has more now from new delhi. the baby is missing military pilot is back home and people are celebrating on the streets of the the birth of man's fighter jet crashed in pakistan administered kashmir on wednesday after being shot at by pakistan's false pakistan's prime minister it brought car ordered his release as
5:58 am
a goodwill gesture which was welcomed by new delhi it's the only story in turmoil yet the government's message is clear pakistan is not off the hook. in the past twenty four hours there's been ongoing shelagh the kashmir region indian administered kashmir officials claim three members of one family were reported to be killed in the area. at six in the evening pakistan started firing and shelling the shelling was going on for about three hours one of the shell fired by pakistan hit a house in which three members of a family were killed including two innocent children. fifty kilometers away and three civilians were due to temporary accommodation after coming out to heavy shelling from pakistan's forces the suicide bombing that killed more than forty paramilitaries last month prompted the latest escalation of violence in the disputed kashmir territory it's one of the worst attacks a decades and odd group operating from inside pakistan claimed responsibility india's foreign minister speaking at the organization of islamic conference in abu
5:59 am
dhabi as its guest of honor was clear about her country's approach to terror groups they have to go. this newspaper editors says the government is keen to play a bigger role of the international stage they want to be of the process of decision making in the muslim world because if you are there on the idea when you go and influence things and also there. will be. somehow sidelined by. somehow as you are going to a leading role in the muslim world india is heading towards a general election in twenty fourteen the issue of relations with pakistan was not high on the election campaign agenda and with weeks to go just before that date is announced politicians are trying to work out how to internationally isolate pakistan while domestically build consensus that will help them with the election
6:00 am
so whole raman al jazeera delhi. at the news hour live from london still ahead algeria's president. shows no signs of valleys of russia despite anger at the plans to seek a fifth term in office. as french protests continue for a sixteenth weekend prisoners in france are also amy to get their voices heard. and in the n.b.a. is seen its highest scoring game in nearly three decades far all have more details in sport. kurdish forces in syria say i still has almost been defeated in the last territory controlled in the country the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched a final push against the group in the village of on friday but while the group may soon suffer a territorial defeat.


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