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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 61  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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to the international court of justice under article nine of the genocide convention i think there is obviously no we haven't done it but we've got a government which has if handful training feeding providing health care why the government had of course we would know of course we were going to lie like you know we're going to wrap this up but let's go to our audience raise your hands i want to bring you in as as many of you as i can go to judgment in the front i represent ahmed bin custom he was disappeared by the bangladesh special forces wrap in august two thousand and sixty with all the evidence pointed to this being done on the direct orders of prime minister shaikh a senior he's only one of hundreds have been disappeared these disappearances have been noted by un human rights bodies international human rights organizations the international press ok and foreign embassies when will the bangladesh government stop pushing the ridiculous line the disappearances are not happening and when will these men be released so they can return to their family. when disappearances
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happen it is deplorable. and but i have also stated that this is not a government policy of moving people so where is his client i wouldn't know since you are the lawyer you tell us ready is your plan you just want to respond when and with with proof there is credible evidence he was being held in dhaka can torment a military base in the middle of dhaka and that's credible evidence from foreign addresses and your government knows where he is no one believes that you don't know i don't even go further you're going to let me go when i thank you for the statement but you have said nothing you have just made a statement that he is your question he told you where he thinks you know it's your job to go check it out you are the only thing i know i am prepared to take it out but you know it when you use the word credible well i have to take your word for it i want the cell number as well i was timing for meaning he would give me something for less scrutiny we'll ask about the audience gentlemen here in the front thank
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you i covered the runaround applause a factory collapse and the aftermath of that twenty thirty twenty thirteen which was convulsive event and which created a lot of promises from the government i'm just curious because it seems that now thousands of workers are demanding fair wages and have not been allowed to be unionized they're being shot at. and summerize. sacked from their job this is a recent protest of yes and. despite just two days after the election the government gave a seventy five percent tax break to factory owners and in a country which has the highest growth rate amongst rich people in the world. i don't know if you have been back since you covered rana plaza and know most indians have taken place to begin with. bangladesh is now fully compliant with its commitment to the. convention bungler this constitution fully allows.
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unionization there are no restrictions to it working with accord an alliance we have improved and made all the factories save we are insisting that the owners provide a million mom health care in the in the factories and as far as the government is concerned there is no rest whatsoever on unionization so you roger has happened since you regret the deaths of hundreds of innocent people for these changes to come about on your watch you are tragically often a war a tragedy. forces pushes the momentum when the speed at which changes take place yes in that sense it was it a tragedy did propel us to move fast lady the second row what are the challenges
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and vision of present government in bangladesh after this landslide victory. our plans the visions are very very straightforward we have numerous steps by twenty twenty one we want to become a middle income state by twenty thirty we want to complete and fulfill sustainable development goals to the extent possible by twenty forty two we want to be a developed country ok because a lady here in the front high east spoke about shahid i'm the niece of shahid yes we've sat here and heard you say that there is freedom of expression in bangladesh but you know what happened to my uncle your friend. for scrutinizing the government perhaps not in a dissimilar way from what's happening now as a journalist the way that made these a journalist also scrutinizing your government. we've all had listened and laughed
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and debated about everything that's happening but the reality is that bangladesh is a living nightmare for thousands of people you deny it but there are torture there is torture extrajudicial killings disappearances the ugliest face of the human condition and if you're saying that everyone is lying then i think you're insulting people i'm asking you as a human being how do you feel about this you comfortable with this i'm not asking as a politician i'm asking you as a human being i would like to give you a direct line to. i. really like to give you a direct answer i understand your pain and i will also see with great respect to my friend who did that and to compare him with what this journalist is doing asking question is unfair as i said earlier he was not
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arrested and i don't think one should be arrested for his journalistic work but for spreading this and for the second thing second thing i want to say you just sit that life is a living hell in bangladesh. do you have any idea how the quality of life for millions of people have improved in the last ten years how millions of people have moved out of extreme poverty and how this has achieved higher social in this is in all respects compared to all if you go resigned all or none at all it's no longer is disputing economic value you're on record you are on record saying this isn't credible development development is not the same as democracy or the same you would want to set up i think these two work hand in has actually and you cannot exclude so i am coming to that but you said it
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is living living hell for thousands of people i am telling you their lives have improved that is not to say that if there is a breach of human rights if there is arbitrary arrest of people that we justify and we applaud absolutely not and that is what i say the prime minister's current agenda high emphasis is on the question of governance and when i say governance it is a shorthand for all the thing that we all of us aspire to full liberty freedom of expression . you know. a real qualitative improvement and just on her first particular question to you personally as someone who's not a politician or your whole life to majority of you have to be the politician you're an academic a scholar you are teaching people about the world when you read these reports from academics from scholars from human rights activists all making the same claims about enforced disappearances crackdowns on the press torture it doesn't bother you at all of course it bothers me as i said it is deplorable it is that these things
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are true and i also say to you whenever this information has come to me and i will not cannot at this moment divulge names i have done everything personally humanly possible to make sure including in the case of your uncle which i do not want to say publicly ok let's go back to the audience yesterday when the tires. just a question to mr regime he is an advisor to the pm and he is a very intellectual man but does he call that when there is a crackdown on opposition and there is a extrajudicial killing and disappearances even the opposition party doesn't have any freedom to gather free assembly or anything that cannot speak is that called democracy in bangladesh what has happened was not a crackdown what happened is again this is the law of the land that if you want to hold a public meeting you need to secure the permission of the police department so that . adequate facilities are provided but where the difficulty arose when two
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parties decide on the same day to hold their meeting in the same venue no rich police force in the war. is a very serious event really by the same let's go back to the audience dr is very you've already answered a couple of questions on the in-force disappearances and some of the other human rights violations and you've used the term deplorable why have you refused to engage with the un special rapporteur and working groups when they've tried to engage with you on this issue and all you do is flatly deny the existence of these that is true what he said un special all wrong record i can let me ask my colleagues we are working very closely with un special rapporteur us geneva but have you invited him to visit the country they always request us to come the country we always love that and i want to have any record where we didn't and you know what you are only going to tell you to take them to the going to take them some of the prisons we had mentioned earlier some of these people might be actually un special rapporteur has visited balad visited by prison once it's not
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a question of inviting them there have been complaints there have been request made by the special rapporteur that your government has not replied to not engage with in any way ok just before we finish one last couple questions for me very quickly. you were an advisor to shift you've been for years you represent her here on the international stage you know that she's now widely considered by many people many journalists many governments to be leading bangladesh towards an authoritarian destination you may not agree with that view but you know that is the view of many people do you feel that view back to her does she care because there's a quote from her son where he says that she thinks it's a badge of honor to be called authoritarian well. you know what he was saying is when you have been cornered and authoritarian perth and the prime minister of malaysia. mahathir mohamad has been so he was putting it in that way my
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point is this he has these things have been said we have heard it we have heard it and we hear it again and i think the reality is very different we have had. regular elections not only i didn't know you made this point i'm asking about her what is her attitude when you tell her this is what people say to me you travel around the world he know the people raise these complaints seriously she reads newspapers he reads. her does it bother her daily briefing and she knows that this is not what she is and does it bother you you're an academic a scholar you people of a lot of times you've told a harvard oxford before you join this government job or think you know all this is hard work going around offending check is it time to head back to academia. i can tell you on t v i while i would love to do that let me say to you i am truly delighted to be able to stand and speak for
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a person who has quality to valley scenes the lives of millions of people. that is. and as she has promised herself that he's going to address many of the questions that have been raised so i think we should applaud her for what he has achieved. we should give her the credit for the ok and it is due and who spied believing that somewhere in the middle there was some people say she is very good somebody will say this is very red. in the middle written oh let's be little bit more you have no plans to retire anytime soon i'm seventy. seventy this year congratulations thank you and i have a writing aspirations but at the same time i'm very privileged and honored to stop because. you very much for joining me on head to head that's our show head to head
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will be back next week thank you. matthew has an old erik prince to account. at the head on a jersey or. hello
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there the weather is all very mobile across parts of north america at the moment see the cloud there working its way into the western parts and we have seen some flooding recently here so we don't really need any more rain but the rain is coming anyway and it's working its way eastwards and as it does so it's going to be tipping up as we head through sunday so we'll see it pushing its way down towards the southern states bringing heavy rain here and a fair amount of snow on its back edge as well and then that system will sweep its way eastwards as we head into monday and it will turn a good deal cooler behind it at lunch or at best getting to ten degrees on monday and fourth in dallas will only be getting to three so really quite cold for many of us here as we head through the next couple of days a bit further towards the south and there's generally a lot of fine settled weather to be found across many of us in the central americas currently few showers perhaps started about one or two perhaps they're in the full
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in parts of cuba but i think most of us will get away with a draw a day a bit further towards the south though and there are plenty more showers here for many of us across brazil it's looking incredibly wet currently and that system stretches all the way down towards rio rio is looking pretty soggy and as we head through monday that system doesn't really move anywhere in a great hurry it'll stay rather sherry here asuncion will be hot will be up at thirty eight degrees. on counting the cost this week the secrecy of money working to influence the ukase exit from the european union good morning vietnam will get to grips with one of southeast asia's tiger cup economies plus who really benefits in the five g. telecoms are counting the cost of al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in due time tiger's nest ball astri
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seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow petang example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. this is al-jazeera. and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. we're going to go into his finances
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we're going to jackies deals we're going to check these people are sick. president donald trump lets loose as he delivers a blistering speech to his base attacking the democrats and other political rivals also focusing on diplomacy instead of rehearsing for war the u.s. and south korea decide to scrap their joint military drills going back home a bittersweet journey for syrian refugees who fled to neighboring lebanon to escape the war and the campaign to save an endangered reptile we will join a labor of love in kenya. for two hours he went off script railing against the democrats on the miller investigation and in doing so got back in the comfort zone after one of the most damaging weeks of his presidency don't trump he's been speaking to the people who got him elected at the largest annual gathering of conservatives in america it is
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the pac the conservative political action conference this is of course after a bad week for the u.s. president his second summit with north korea's kim jong un ended in failure his former lawyer michael cohen labeled him a racist a con man and a cheat during testimony to congress and so in this speech to see pac trump went on the attack criticizing democrats over their plan to tackle climate change and using profanity over their attempts to look into his personal finances we had the greatest of all time now we have people that lost. unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of issues and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with ok i. more now from our correspondent andy gallagher he was at a conference in oxon hill maryland i was president donald trump might have had a couple of uncomfortable weeks with north korea and his former fixer michael cohen
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giving damning testimony before congress but here at sea-tac this is his base and he's been talking to them about all the usual issues his relationship with china the booming economy and also immigration but he did touch briefly on the miller report let's listen to what the president had to say. they fight so hard on this witch hunt this phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to check his deals we get a check these people is sick this is. i saw a little shifty shift yesterday. it's a first time he went into a meeting and he said we're going to look into his finance i said where did that
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come from he always talked about russia collusion with russia the collusion delusion so what the president was essentially doing he was energizing his base you talked about the love that was in this room and this theme of this year's c pac really a's trump ism he talked a lot about the forthcoming twenty twenty alexion and he has a theme that will come up again and again he wants people to believe that he's an opposition and democrats are socialists he talked about that in relation to venezuela he will talk about that once again in the future but in this room lots of love a grocer and don't trump going forward to the twenty twenty large also plenty to say from donald trump about a democratic plan to introduce and they calling it the green new deal a stimulus program to fight climate change it's something our country needs desperately they have to go out and get it but i'll take the other side of that argument only because i mandated to amend it but they should stay with that
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argument never change. it. no planes. no energy. when the wind stops blowing that's the end of your electric let's hurry daryn i had barely used the wind blowing today i'd like to watch television darling our. political analyst eric hamm who we spoke to earlier actually said trump speech highlights the extent of the divide in u.s. politics. walk for this president he has made his base he has made his home on the right on the far right and so now after a brutalising couple of weeks where he sees his declaration of emergency on the u.s. border wall threaten michael cohen threatening both his administration and his organization and of course the southern district of new york closing in this is us a place where the president can be at home where he can be around his supporters
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and where he can feed red meat see pac has now become trump pac and if it's a place of political conservative red meat today donald trump was the primary of the president's support now even among republicans is around eighty percent of very high and unfortunately what we're seeing with the president among independents and democrats of course his numbers are are at a astonishing low rate in fact if you look at texas a conservative state a state where no democrat has won and more than twenty years right now in a hypothetical match up with democratic challengers the president is in a dead heat with joe biden bernie sanders and kamel harris and so right now we're seeing the president if the election were held today it would be very difficult for this president to get to be all important two hundred seventy electoral votes so right now with the president needs to do is is he needs to ensure that his base
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hold strong because unfortunately that's all he has keep in mind this is a president who now we know has paid off porn stars we see the president under siege from politically legally and so unfortunately this has become normalized we are looking at the fraying of relations with allies the united states and have held for decades and so everything right now from our treaties from our allies even from the us constitution is being frayed is being pushed to the brink right now. well donald trump told the conference he was confident of victory in twenty twenty but the independent senator bernie sanders is determined to beat him he was launching his second bid for the presidency and hasn't lost the fighting spirit this was the site of his campaign in brooklyn sanders telling supporters he expects to win the democratic nomination for candidate he also took a donald trump calling him the most dangerous president in modern american history
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this is what i believe from the bottom of my heart if we do not allow trumpeters friends to divide us up if we stand together black and white latino asian american native american if we stand together the urban and rural dought south east and west if we stand together not as red state and blue state but as working people fighting but i think if. i if we stand together believing in justice and human dignity if we stand together believing in love and compassion. if we stand together brothers and sisters. the future of this country
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is extraordinary and there is research thing we will not be able to accomplish. we're moving to other news in the u.s. and south korea are ending their major joint military drills in an effort to support future talks with north korea on denuclearization won't be the end of their military cooperation entirely with the u.s. and south korea committing to new smaller exercises this is of course just days after this summit between president trump and kim jong un which finished early without an agreement let's just get some details with rosalynn jordan in washington d.c. can you clarify what this actually means these particular drills and. well key fall and. i'm sorry key fall and fall reserves are ending these were the major joint military exercises involving land sea and air forces from both the united
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states and south korea basically to be prepared in case of an attack from north korea on south korea the u.s. and south korea have the kind of relationship where the u.s. would come to south korea's defense if such a thing were to happen now the president dull trump had criticized these two major exercises in previous years saying that they were much too expensive even though combined they only cost the pentagon about fourteen million dollars a year and these exercises have been going on for the better part of a decade but these exercises are ending for at first people thought this announcement would come alongside any sort of agreement that would have come out of the summit between the u.s. and north korea but instead the exercises are being ended now according to a statement put out by both the pentagon and the south korean military in order to support the ongoing negotiations between the u.s.
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and north korea to try to find a way to and north korea's nuclear weapons program whether or not that's actually going to be enough to induce north korea to return for another round of talks well we'll just have to see come up short but it's helpful i guess at this point given as we pointed out the failure of the north korea u.s. summit in hanoi this is something. well it is something even as initial reports were coming out that the u.s. was going to end these two big exercises on friday there was already some concern from defense analysts that perhaps the u.s. was giving up some of its leverage in this ongoing negotiation that there wouldn't be any reason for it to say wells sure we'll give up our nuclear facilities will give off our development program we will allow international inspections at any
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time without prior notice if they don't think that there is some sort of pain that could result if they were to resist on that point bell it is important to note as you said earlier that smaller training exercises will continue but so far the pentagon hasn't spelled out what those exercises will be when they will take place how many u.s. forces will participate and really isn't going to be the sort of thing that would make north korea not feel as if it were being threatened of course north korea has long criticized these two major exercises as being hostile is being aggressive towards the north korean people and it very much want these exercises to be canceled out right well at least in that respect that's happening but suffice it to say the pentagon isn't going to allow this vacuum to develop just because these two major training exercises.


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