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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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we will allow international inspections at any time without prior notice if they don't think that there's some sort of pain that could result if they were to resist on that point bell it is important to note as you said earlier that smaller training exercises will continue but so far the pentagon hasn't spelled out what those exercises will be when they will take place how many u.s. forces will participate and really isn't going to be the sort of thing that would make north korea not feel as if it were being threatened of course north korea has long criticized these two major exercises as being hostile is being aggressive towards the north korean people and it very much want these exercises to be canceled out right well at least in that respect that's happening but suffice it to say the pentagon isn't going to allow this vacuum to develop just because these two major training exercises no longer will be happening ok thank you for that update
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rosalynn jordan there in washington. here's what we've got coming up for you on this news hour more injuries and deaths in the disputed kashmir region where tension remains high between india and pakistan. a united front afghan women demanding their rights be protected as the u.s. and taliban meet in qatar and the. highest scoring game in nearly three decades we'll have the details but later. president unpopular campaign chief named a replacement but is refusing to bow to pressure not to stand for a fifth term abdulaziz but to his reelection bid has triggered the largest protests in algeria in decades a rare show of dissent which is engulfed thirty cities he came to power back in one
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thousand nine hundred following a decade long civil war but has rarely been seen in public since will since he suffered a stroke actually in twenty thirteen even so the eighty two year old president still commands the backing of several political parties trade unions business groups and the military but the protests signal a wider impatience with the status quo in algeria many of the protesters are young and motivated to change what they see as deep rooted corruption among the ruling elite we're going to talk to jeff porter about this founder of north africa risk consulting he's on skype from new york jeff it's it doesn't sound like it will be enough does it fire in the campaign chief when you've got protesters in thirty cities saying we want you gone. yes i mean i think we'll have to see how things unfold you know it's important to go back to nigeria history why do men get in the first president of the jury was famous for saying that the
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jury is a country of institutions not individuals so what we'll have to see is how the institution of the presidency unfolds and how the other institutions surrounding the presidency whether it's the the senate or the parliaments the constitutional court how they respond to the protests as well i also think it's important to acknowledge at the very top of your comments on the events in algeria thing is that the protests unfolded relatively peacefully that was expected of a popular expression of political will the forces of order law enforcement allowed the protesters to protest and left them on molested by and large curtail their movements in some places throughout the city through our capital of yours but this was an instance of freedom of expression and i'm sure which you don't find elsewhere throughout the region yeah good point he listed off a whole lot of institutions there and talked about the importance of how they react
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i listed a whole lot of institutions as well been those are critically the ones that supports the president do you think that support is rock solid enough to keep him where he is finale at least. well i mean we are starting to see what political scientists refer to as elite fracture where we are starting to see some individuals that historic who supported president bush start to respond to the demonstrations that took place over the last week and so they are not necessarily withdrawing their support for president bush but they are not reiterating their support for him. now but i think one of the challenges that the demonstrators face going forward it is that while they have expressed their opposition to a fifth term for president. they have not themselves proposed any viable alternative candidates so it is largely a protest movement in opposition to the status quo but it is not suggesting what
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the future state of algeria should be it's an easy comparison to make but don't face feel a little bit two thousand and eleven to you just the fact that we have got protests we have got particularly young people out on the straight who want to change as we saw in places like tunisia and egypt back in two thousand and eleven. it's a it's a terrific question and you know as i was preparing for our conversation one of my notes that i wrote to myself was that you know reasoning by analogy is always a dangerous thing to do. you know algeria is not tunisia algeria is not egypt it's not syria it's not libya this is not an arab spring this is its own. genetic a systemic algerian movement responding to specific conditions and i'm curious and
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it's not easily comparable to the circumstances that unfolded in the other countries that i just mentioned for example. you know booklet despite the protests that took place over the last week it especially on friday does have a base and he does remain popular he is not similar to. the in minot into easy oh or the border to egypt if you go to the countryside popular if you ask the older generation bootlickers popular if you ask women. especially secular women remains popular he's a sympathetic figure he's not a hated think on like the other individuals that egypt and tunisia and syria for example or libya and really great analysis could talking to holt i thank you my pleasure my pleasure thank you very much. now funerals are being held for some of the victims of the latest fighting in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed in cross border shelling between india and pakistan but tensions
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still high between those two countries were fighting resuming only hours after pakistan released an indian pilot's is a gesture of peace for prime minister indian prime minister near and remote he is calling for indians to unite in this challenging those who question his leadership amid the current crisis ragas the only. radio these are those people who listen to statements from pakistani generals pakistan radio and they are saying there is evidence against india they are against me against modi and now they are damaging the country india and tuning against the country i want to ask the people who do you believe us or not or do you believe those people who are sending to arrest and to country. the syrian democratic forces say they are closing in on the last remaining i thought fighters in the village of bugaboos and while the group may soon suffer a territorial defeat analysts say it is still premature to be declaring victory
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under schapelle has more. exhausted hungry and sick thousands of women and children have fled their resort in southeastern syria in the last week ahead of a us back to salt on the last piece of isis so-called caliphate the town of. the mainly kurdish fighters of the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. say only those they call terrorists remain there now as fifteen thousand troops advance on the town and incendiary munitions rained down from the sky. we do not know what the clashes will lead to but the military operational continue to eliminate terrorists inside if we notice any civilians we will try to avoid them and evacuate them during the ongoing military operation as the s.d.f. advance on five fronts they face more than a thousand hardened fighters difficult terrain suicide bombers mines and a large tunnel network but even once bugaboos falls and i still suffer what some are calling a final territorial defeat the group and its members will remain
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a serious threat this is not that and all of this at all we have seen. this and this kind of similar terrorist group. thriving in africa and i won't be surprised if these same groups when taught to get. video they would have limited or put. inside you would order the united states of america because all the grudges and. political crisis that open that led to the emergence of this group. there. all the battle for the goose is expected to end soon and commanders will declare the group defeated no one really knows for sure what happens after that and are schapelle al-jazeera. well.
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uncertified to neighboring lebanon where the war began have started going home the new minister in charge of lebanon's millions of refugees is an outspoken supporter of syria's government found to make the return of refugees a priority for human rights groups say those returning face arbitrary detention and torture by the regime in a court of appeals from beirut. a new group of syrians is returning home thousands have made this journey in recent months but their numbers are still small lebannon hosts over a million refugees from the war in syria authorities say it is time for them to go home now that much of the country is back under the syrian government's control but there are those who accuse bashar al assad's government of reestablishing we're pressing a rule they cite the southern province of death as an example there is a. a lot of insecurity for the population. for
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former rebels as well as for civilians people who never engaged in military action but who are have a record. people supporting the opposition. being against the government. the opposition and there are had agreed to a negotiated surrender for an amnesty but some say the so-called reconciliation agreements are not being respected instead there have been arbitrary arrests. international organizations including the u.n. say the lack of security guarantees is why many refugees are afraid to go back. into the conflict and we haven't seen any reform being done by the syrian government towards the security situation especially the syrian security services that are responsible for crimes against humanity and for stepparents arbitrary detention and torture and that in custody lebanon's politicians are divided on
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whether it is safe for syrian refugees to return home but the refugee affairs portfolio is now run by a politician allied to the syrian government the newly appointed minister salih first act in office was to visit damascus it further politicized the issue. there are some politicians who criticized the visit saying it breached the government's policy of not intervening in the gulf that they believe in return as well as normalize direct contact with damascus should not happen until an international political solution is reached. many in lebanon complain about the refugee populations impact on the country's economy and infrastructure those who hold power say they will push ahead with what they call voluntary and safe returns for many syrians that could mean more difficult conditions to discourage them from staying in. beirut more than fifty people are missing after an oil pipeline
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exploded in southern nigeria the blast caused a stampede in resulted in a huge spill. in the niger delta clear if the pipeline which carries crude oil to the nearest export terminal has been shut. conservationists on the kenyan coasts poaching is putting turtles species at risk it working with local fishermen to try to stop the endangered reptile being caught on purpose or in the nets but the turtles are also losing their breeding grounds due to erosion and construction catherine sawyer reports from. a green tart all carefully covers eggs she's just laid down we have to be careful distracting how with bright lights may force her to stop what she's doing this stretch of beach in what time on the kenyan coast is a nesting site for hundreds of green and all you've really tuttle's both endangered species. every time they come out of the ocean to nest there life is in
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danger hunting them is illegal but some people here do for meat and oil which they say is maybe seen all and it's also an aphrodisiac this residence of atomic tuttle conservation group it's their job to guard the tuttles but the biggest threat is poaching where some people should be talking that's why we are patrolling to give the security for the nesting models they then tag them to keep count of how many are out there up to four hours of hard labor she is done and has covered up eggs the best way she can to protect them from predators she's lucky that she's in a protected area many cattle that come up to nest in other parts of the beach are in most danger of being hunted down for food by people another tart all lead her eggs in what is considered a danger zone this part of the beach is too exposed the title watchers have to move
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the eggs to a safe area it's a delicate process they have to make sure the eggs are well protected from poachers and direct sunlight. during the nesting season they carry out by weekly surveys which they say are often green last week. that we did we collected a total of eight. statistics we feel like we haven't done enough because we have done our outreach with awareness of the people but still not really ready to work with us many fisherman in what time will know that titles are protected thousand muhammad several have been trapped in his fishing net he hands them over to government wildlife wardens or conservationists in the area for a fee it's a program that has helped but does not cover the entire nesting stretch the river. is protected i think is very difficult to see as fishermen poaching. and after two
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months to. make their way into the ocean only one in a thousand will survive into adult hood catherine saw al-jazeera on a kenyan coast. ok so here's what's coming up an inside job we're going to look at how far the french government is going to get its message across. africa on showed the continent's top film festival draws the crowds and celebrates the center's really cool stories on the big screen and in sport manchester city's algerian style gives them an edge in the premier league title race far with the sport and later.
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hello the rain is developing across the southeast and parts of china at the moment we have a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud here as it began to sprout up work its way towards the northeast and we're looking at some fed heavy downpours as we head through the day on sunday so some of the wettest of the weather is likely to be around the food yam province and then the whole system gradually moves away as we head into monday breaks up as well so not a great deal left to it a tool there will still be a handful of showers day for some of us in the far southern parts of china and across into the northern parts of it now well normal two of those showers are likely to turn heavy with the old rumble of thunder a bit further towards the south as the moral to heavy showers here particularly over the southern parts of borneo through java and through so much or as well and this is the region where we're most likely to see the showers as we head through the next few days i think for the north there's also the chance that the clouds will be gathering near bangkok so here don't be surprised if you see the old shower as well but i think by and large the majority of the showers will be for the south
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over towards india and in the north here it's been incredibly wet recently as it has been in pakistan and afghanistan the whole system is sweeping its way eastwards taking it heavy rain and snow with it they'll be some again as we head through sunday. the weather sponsored by qatar and. went on line. went to the answer for them not to do granted or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion based is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the fund and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the us your thoughts here twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on mt is iraq.
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al-jazeera. it's. where every. year on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories donald trump's been speaking to his supporters of the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the united states the president attacked democrats over their plan to tackle climate change and dismissed their attempts to look into his personal finances the
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u.s. and south korea are ending their major joint military drills to support future talks with north korea on denuclearization that's just days after president trump and the north korean leader ended their summit without a deal. on algae. president of the lizzie's but flicker is refusing to belgian protesters demands that he doesn't seek a fifth term instead the eighty two year old has sacked an unpopular campaign chief and named a replacement for next month's elections. a high level talks between the u.s. and the taliban are continuing in doha the u.s. envoy said an earlier round today ended with unprecedented progress to end the seventy or. refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw its delegation is led by the co-founder of the group. the. more from the talks here in doha. they four has wrapped up here in doha without any specific agreement being reached between the taliban and the u.s.
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but the taliban spokesperson is optimistic that they're on the right path he said that they have made progress but they haven't finalized any kind of agreements and of course at stake here is the future of over thirty five million people in afghanistan something the taliban wants to make sure that they are involved in their future and their governments that is the issue here is the idea of u.s. withdrawal is there's a u.s. troop withdrawal that is there's over fourteen thousand u.s. troops in afghanistan and the taliban wants them to leave their country the other main issue is that the taliban does not recognize the current government in office ashraf ghani as legitimate they are not negotiating with them they're not being represented here and that is something the americans hope they can work on to bring the two sides together to have a dialogue that will discuss the future of their country with all parties involved . meanwhile thousands of women have met in provinces across afghanistan to ensure
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their rights are protected during these negotiations and the voice that demands a special conference in kabul. afghan woman a refusing to be left behind in political negotiations they say they want to present a unified front is the taliban in the united states hold talks to end seventeen years of who today they were four women behind them a fifteen thousand. they spoke to the largest national women's jirga council as the taliban met with the u.s. and doha this was a parallel meeting except men were replaced by woman. everyone came to see their perspective it was a proud moment for me among these women we cannot travel to other provinces because of security but this allowed us to be united the national women's jacket was the result of a grassroots movement that began in kabul in august. and spirit to all of afghanistan's thirty four provinces influential women from each province lit the meetings the
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format included a question and answer session where they discussed women's legal and constitutional rights their role in islam and afghan culture then each province wrote a statement of their demands for peace these declarations lined what they want and will fight for should the u.s. and taliban agree to a deal a scene a sufi is the acting minister of information and culture the government backs the woman's jirga but she denied they were all president danny supporters they were not all government. they were all women who believed in who have analyzed their involvement from different social economic political nonpolitical government non-government civil society addresses where they would. see that we have federal there is concern the
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taliban could roll back hard for women's rights but many women say it's conservative afghan values that they're rallying against and need protection from the provincial meetings were held in secret to protect women from any backlash the woman's jirga highly guarded a circus and most people are not among the taliban but they are like taliban just sooty ties we can understand from their words that we are in danger they have the old conservative mentality that it's a threat for us and we feel they may try to kill us president danny is organizing a lawyer jurga in mid march with four thousand people men and women it's a national council to discuss their priorities in future negotiations these women will be there to determine that their voices are not forgotten shiela ballasts. the beta is a human rights activist for afghan women who we spoke to she's concerned the taliban will try to reverse the progress made for women's rights in afghanistan.
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first of all the against that we have had for the past years are very fragile that we still need a very long way to go and secondly the taliban have continued to attack issues for the past fifteen years when they were at po-r. but also and their mascot meeting we saw their statement that they were the statement itself short that they are they will be limiting that i it's of limited once again they have their own definition of what woman can do look based that i understand and of slotnick values that's not me crates of lament so this is that it concerning and it's it's also very concerning because they're not talking to women about their rights they're talking to men to add their men we are not a part of these discussions we're not a part of these think of negotiations so. it's all that escape advice and during that time other than women are not able to get an education or not women are
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not even able to leave their homes without male company all of these things have changed tremendously for women women are more active in politics they're more present in the social life they have more access to education that the situation is not a deity's that have a long way to go but we are in a place where we can hope for better begin to continue working for bet and if the taliban are an integrated and they come back we are worried that there's this opportunity that is given to us to build on it will also be taken away and we will go back to see it on any platform any opportunity that is available for a moment did today's their voices and to make themselves heard to be included in this peace process is a good thing it can it can create a positive impact it can raise our voices it's a it can make our voices heard. protesters in turkey have denounced the recent executions of nine men in egypt hundreds of people demonstrated outside the
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egyptian consulate in istanbul saying where these these killings were illegal turkish president reject type erdogan has criticized egypt's leader of the federal sisi for these executions rights groups of also condemned the deaths saying the men were convicted in trials marred by torture allegations. new york times is reporting a deal u.s. saudi physician has been tortured by authorities the newspaper alleges well lead fatah he was beaten and electrocuted during his imprisonment at a hotel in riyadh he was one of hundreds of people arrested in twenty seventeen in the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon said was a crackdown on corruption for to he is still believed to be in detention saudi officials have denied any mistreatment of detainees. coal fields director of advocacy at the project on middle east democracies voters and says the case is unlikely to affect the relationship between the u.s.
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and saudi arabia but i think what this does is continue to add criticism to the relationship right i mean as we've seen shoji case has not gone away and now this is just the latest case again now with a u.s. citizen and involved it will just increase pressure i think on the saudis it's very difficult to see them being active on this one in any way publicly and if this gets resolved in any way it's going to be very private very behind closed doors you're not going to see any kind of public criticism i think from the administration but that said you know they have they have shown this willingness to get involved with u.s. citizens before and so we may see some behind the doors progress this. the newly elected congolese president felix says he wants to free political prisoners within ten days he told supporters that around me that includes those who were detained in the run up to the elections in december it was pronounced winner of the vote that has been contested by the opposition is named easing tensions as
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a major goal of his first one hundred days. within ten days i will take a measure of granting a presidential pardon to political prisoners who have been sentenced by decisions that have been overturned i will actively work to create the conditions for the early return of compact who are currently outside the country for political reasons to carry out their activities in accordance with the law and the republican institutions. and as well as opposition leader will return home after his visit to ecuador one guy though is there holding talks with president clinton moreno following similar visits to colombia brazil paraguayan argentina and years drumming up support to topple a venezuelan president nicolas maduro but is facing the threat of being arrested if he goes home the european union urged the merger of government not to do so saying it would risk escalating the crisis the yellow vests protesters are keeping up
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their demands for the french president to quit have marched for a sixteenth weekend in a row these protests of course began over to increase fuel taxes which has since been scrapped but the movement has grown into anti-government rallies support for those rallies has tailed off as the president tries to engage people in a national conversation which is called the great debate the goal is to gather ideas for a more inclusive government as david schaper reports from the city of rome's is getting support from one of the toughest crowds. when the gate closes behind you at number twenty three boulevard robespierre in rants you might lose your freedom but you don't lose your vote the champagne city's only prison is the latest venue for president macaroons attempt to outflank deal a vest rebellion and listen to the voice of the people we can't identify the inmates but we can bring you their opinions simonis things you know as demonstrations were beneficial as they gathered not
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a political party but to people to french regarded as the differences it was a good movement as it actually triggered his debate a debate that was needed a new national. a thirty one year old m.p. from the president's party was the heart of the debate with the prisoners she passionately rejected their cynicism about politicians they want to eat i think we are living an excellent democratic exercise as of today we have received more than a million contributions to this debate and that is a success it was time to give back the word to the french people that you do see the big debate is meant to reach every now and every level of society even here behind us and it is beginning to work as in the manual mackerels ratings are beginning to climb once again. the same can be said for the conditions in french prisons they have one of europe's highest rates of overcrowding. the new friends
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say to be the homeland of human rights but the penitentiary system is not given the means to guarantee the inmates human rights european regulations require we are to in a cell have a shower and iran is lame but sometimes we have four people in one square metres to madiba us the debates go straight to the key point it allows the detained population to be fully recognize the citizens as french citizens but radicalization is flourishing in french prisons the debate a. how to tackle that has barely begun yet and scores of i still fighters may soon be repacked rated from syria david chase al-jazeera runs. rival groups and confronted each other in the israeli city of tel aviv plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu. israel's attorney general has said the decision to prosecute netanyahu will be made within six weeks some demonstrators holding
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signs that condemning netanyahu as the crime minister supporters said he is the victim of a witch hunt i tell you he faces possible charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust. hundreds of croatian journalists have rallied in the capital zagreb demanding more press freedom they say government policies are having a devastating impact on their work croatia's a public broadcaster has filed lawsuits against its own or other journalists who have complained of censorship. still ahead fear sports news as roger federer claims a historic title win in dubai pharo will have less details and. magic bates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to head.


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