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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 61  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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and there's no culture. for his part christian lotzen doesn't believe that whaling damages tourism he says the number of tourists has risen from under five hundred thousand in two thousand and ten to over two million last year. what is to say i say is that due to the way did you think it's due to really why not people are interested to come and see and taste with me they don't get it anywhere in the world and they're saying the whaling is affecting the tourist industry some of these people. know this is going on average says. farmer like secede you know you like the whales to go through of course i'm sure there would be some people who say that you don't yeah i don't care less about that i've
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been vaccinated for that for a long time go. this we call it japanese plate it's. so different from the. like this one here this is the only i guess it's better to use this force from the only one full song . i. have a about to do that i wanted to take over i think of a fuck up. and i'll. they just take a slice in the sky and i'll. see shepherds sees it and he whaling campaign as its
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most important mission the head of the n.g.o.s u.k. branch rob reid has arrived to reinforce the message. is not acceptable. for one man or company to make its money i feel in killing of an endangered species the organization has tried to stop lofts and from whaling for thirty two years. is good then fine risky was sunk silly him or see how you like every few days in the future are going to. change. in five years to have a credit limit on the bottom off. objects or and figure out that they're going to when i shook the. sample change. i actually see this is quite a a proud achievements in seizure of his history. yes the voice really is there and
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that's for good reason that in that this is a company killing the second largest well on the planet. christian you know looking at those two books over there does it annoy you what happened yet it is. also. kind of vandalism is there a new round weaver ensure the games to go for rides along don't pay the bill. but it's not quite that you up the list again. yes i suppose it is vandalism and vandalism happening to the wedding station but i was a long time ago in a different set of circumstances and that's not the campaign we've running today. to apprise this kind of wailing in austin. over the ships in the world should be like these to. rust your wife got motivate you. know he's out the everything movement i call and they don't want anything very
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good fishing. deer hunting you name it they would argue that they are fighting a nonviolent fight against you know animal cruelty or the extinction of animals that's what they say. if these. terror. people are going to take the law in their hunts you know you have a problem a lot of them. usually christian lofts and explodes over ninety percent of the whale meat to japan but protests and restrictions mean that no one will transport the meat. and these guys are just two years of their sleeping in this event there's power in for i doing that they haven't made fun they have made in their home you. know we just just kind of both know. for sure his his stuff and i think.
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he may be. possibly proud of the whiting. i think he had seen and genuinely likes being infamous he likes being my son's arrive. at a long haul out of australia on god's most son has allies. stephon own father son is the head chef at three at iceland's only restaurant that serves finn well. this is how we get the whale and this size of boxes it's fifteen the number here and i'm a lover not three you can eat it's like so see me and eat it like roast beef the roast that will be deployed will come first the. this is. a big deal out of the pieces the restaurant sells almost two tons of it yeah and
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that's controversial. stefan and his restaurant are the object of international protests. do you get like hate mail from the council to take me sometimes to petition or something just because politely that's all the. people who live they'd be in the center of london or middle of manhattan and they don't have this. contact the relationship with nature. here is a part of a way testicle dog. also sells while. we brew with the sheep dung small way of testicles he's brewery makes four hundred thousand bales a year twenty thousand a mate with whale. i would say it's. medium dark. and
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with a smoky taste a special kind of smoky taste because of course of the sheep dung and a bit of a meaty finish. when you cook the beer he put it here in and boil it for quite a long time one testicle is like this in size maybe seven to ten kilos. this is something i wouldn't want to carry. for me you need to see your little bit you know it's time to get in the spears told to be in the craziest feel in the world all right it's always here. yeah well we're way past the blue smoke his sheep dung but if. you go first they. are actually very good very good and. i don't know if i can hear that but i don't know i'm not that scary you can tell. we have got
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a lot of threats from people especially outside of iceland it's all kinds of threats for example why not use your own testicles in a beer. we actually specifically looked up this place to try to find a place that actually had whale a pretty much over to myself to try. it's actually delicious kind of salty i didn't expect it to be red color like that but it's a. very tender. and sustainable ways with fishing and we can do whatever you want to to keep a balance in the oceans but you don't have to have some. forest just to tell us how to run our fishing. so thanks for tuning guys we'll keep you updated ok guy so what you can see. here
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is what's left of endangered fin whales number one three one. dishes brought in this morning a half a savage fika valan ein so as you can see they've removed the majority of the meat . sea shepherd has one hundred thirty nine thousand followers on facebook. many watch online one images a posted life. even though i hate it and i hate seeing it. other people need to see it. so the other people can see what's going on we won the icelandic government to have an idea of how many people around the world are actually bearing witness to the atrocities that happen in your front of you. have gone on to see ship of. home page the page and this is actually the lifestream
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when they have right now. what do you think of them doing that i don't care less i mean yeah to lighten their minds or get to a stage. you don't believe that you know. they're standing right up there here five you want to go talk you know i have nothing to talk to both. of which i told why you're keen on these people you ask me and every other question is about them you know you must be one of them i'm starting to see for them but i'm sure you and i hope you know this yet if you get i mean just because you are mentioning a man every other second like vision you have right there top of the world right now i am because they are all right you know right here yes they are the example of the opposition against yeah i told you i meant it i don't care less about it. as long as you don't stand still and fund the lies of property and. so we need you
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to use the links and the addresses that you find attached to our live streams email the prime minister of iceland actually discuss them is actually barbaric. these are tears coward you know when you face them there they say yes. and that has been your. you approach doing it during all these confrontations that have been with these various groups. here waiting for them. and had eight days here karen come of has documented fifteen whales being cut top. off towards she goes to her cottage on the beach it's kind of tranquil and you know when you've got the sun on you as well it's just so peaceful. even here she
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confiscate christian lofts and because her landlord worked for him at the whaling station what did you do what was until i was did everything so when you had. was it like this if it with its. if it will scare you how big i'll take the latter i have to last of my whole month it's a symbol of all go and sell in the long begun so i couldn't imagine you killed the whales and i want to save the life because when jonah come with us and just explain where all the bones on. the rib the rib yeah and said this is insane i think because it looks like a tree stump doesn't that the landlord placed whalebones on the beach as. this is just a possible yeah what. is that then. off to the season the government will decide if enough since permit will be renewed.
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that can determine his future as a whale catcha. do you think that you'll get a lawsuit. we tend to start a campaign. to keep going on that even if we have to take breaks occasionally for years we'll come back to it some will keep going until that issue is resolved we all calls in a few options on ways to continue or even escalate this campaign. what could make you stop. right if the government and we of course had thought that the i don't know for how long do you think you'll continue what could have been. earlier this month the aust london government announced that
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a maximum of two hundred nine for in wales and two hundred seventeen minky wales can be killed each year between twenty eighteen and twenty twenty five it said the new coaches are sustainable and based on scientific research. jewing sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera the case is named to be the way to the supreme peacekeeping force their list of complete eighteen zone using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those saluted by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera . the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied
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crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. al jazeera explores prominent
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figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs so much better marketeers than bill gates first half was going to grant vance to fall below made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired at digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr hall with the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. and south korea are ending their major joint military drills to support future talks with north korea on denuclearization the announcement comes just days after donald trump and kim jong un ended their summit in vietnam without a deal rob mcbride has moved from south korea's capital. effectively joint military
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exercises in south korea have been scaled back since president donald trump announced after the single poor summit last june that he was no fan of these war games as he called them that they were a waste of money but this confirmation that key resolve and foal eagle these spring exercises involving tens of thousands of troops of war planes ships and tanks will effectively come to an end is seen as a big concession they'll be replaced by a much smaller less high profile exercises these exercises have always enraged the north koreans who see them as a possible credit to war seems the joint militaries of south korea and the u.s. of now agreed at least in part with that saying that they do indeed lead to a rise in tension that these exercises are being ended as a way of supporting the diplomatic efforts this will be welcomed by president moon
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j.n. of south korea who's once again standing in as a possible mediator between north korea and the u.s. to get things back on track it will also possibly help his personal initiative to try to help into korean relations could move forward to the next step he has stated in the last couple of days that despite the disappointment of the hanoi summit he's still determined to try to resume economic and tourism projects with north korea we still wants to try to go ahead with that although it's difficult to see just how without getting sanctions relief from the united states donald trump has been speaking to supporters at the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the u.s. the president attacked democrats over their plan to tackle climate change and dismissed their attempts to look into his personal finances. they fight so hard on
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this witch hunt this phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to jackie's deals we get a check these people who see. this. while making confident noises about challenging trump is bernie sanders in his second bid for the presidency launching his campaign in brooklyn seventy seven year old saunders told supporters he expected to win the democratic nomination he describes trump as the most dangerous president in modern american history. there have been funerals for victims of the latest violence in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed in cross border shelling between india and pakistan algeria's president. is refusing to bow to protesters demands that he doesn't seek
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a fifth term instead the eighty two year old has sacked an unpopular campaign chief and named a replacement for next month's elections the new york times is reporting that a jewel u.s. saudi physician has been tortured by saudi authorities the newspaper alleges alleges waleed fit the hair was beaten and subjected to electric shocks while in prison did a hotel in riyadh he is one of hundreds of people arrested in twenty seventeen in what was called a crackdown on corruption saudi officials have denied any mistreatment of detainees . up to two hundred thousand people have launched through the italian city of milan against government policies they say it promotes racism and discrimination if he's seen an increase in racially motivated attacks since the far right five star led government came to power last year and yellow vest protesters are keeping up their demands for french president emanuel to quit they've launched for a sixteenth weekend in
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a row those are the headlines please do stay with us you can also find more information and more news on our web site al-jazeera dot com. ah donald trump do solemnly swear donald trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states the authors of president of the united states the day trump this morning and the two thousand and sixteen election that secured his victory is already under investigation did russia help them get the presidency. so help me
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god directly. as he walks on pennsylvania avenue from where he took the oath of office towards the white house he steps onto a political battlefield. pennsylvania avenue is the heart of washington it connects major political players congress the f.b.i. the department of justice. the press. the white house. this is the story set at one of the most powerful capitals in the world
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a political and judicial conflict. a battle that has pitted tromp against those who believe he was an accomplice and russia's interference is. a battle for the truth. about the president of the united states and for the principles of american democracy. according to top u.s. intelligence chiefs the russians interfered in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election putin they say developed a clear preference for trump over clinton so russia's intelligence services stole and leaked thousands of clinton's e-mails to discredit her. two weeks before his inauguration they brief trump. trump rejects their conclusions he does not want his victory to be questioned. the intelligence
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agencies maintain their findings and partially release them to the public they say putin ordered an influence campaign to help trump win the election. putin's role is immediately raised in congress which calls the chiefs of the intelligence community to testify. in. their question by democratic party sen i just go down the line in. any of your careers have you ever seen this level of russian interference in our political process and start would recommend just going on the lord no. you know. i think very few documents that i can remember would have had the political weight
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and the political influence of this particular document. the purpose of making that report was to make sure the american people were aware of some of the dynamics going on behind the scenes this was the first time that a major covert action major clandestine action against the united states at the very heart of our democratic process had been tempted because of the sophistication. and then the pervasiveness of those attempts to have a widespread impact it was broader than anything that had been seen in prior actions. bring. us intelligence community you know fish is blaming russian president vladimir putin who would ring again and again to the russians tried
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everything possible to release the november election i pod teligent and there are. only three days after the intelligence report a new classified document makes the headlines i want to be very perfect precise here multiple u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell c.n.n. that classified documents included allegations that russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about mr trump this is a confidential report written by an ex british spy christopher steele on secret links between trump his businesses and the russians. it claims moscow has been helping trump all along with the regular flow of intelligence and that the russians have compromising material on.
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the main point of the steel dossier that there was an ongoing attempt by the russians to get close to the trump campaign is undisputed at this point he doesn't like the fact that the press said it but it is out there now mr president elect president since you were trying to decision in your with the still dossier made public news trucks battle with the press intensifies rice or twice a day why it was the reason why did you say categorically why should the president like can you give us are going to be reuniting us can you give us are going to be you know not getting work. during his first weeks at the white house trump is on the defensive the man he just appointed national security adviser general michael flynn is caught in the eye of the storm. he lied about his contacts with moscow and the russian embassy and washington. the press reveals it and trump has to retreat mike flynn is
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a fine person and i asked for his resignation he respectfully gave it flynn is the first victim of the battle of washington but firing flint is not enough the question remains what are the relations between trump and moscow did she knowingly cooperate with a hostile foreign power to take over the leadership of the united states. for many months to come finding the truth will test the pillars of the american political system the independence of justice of the freedom of the press and the rule of law. under pressure from the press and from the democrats congress gets involved. and congress before the two thousand and eighteen midterm elections the republicans trumps party are the majority and the democrats the opposition.


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