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this bridge serves as the official border crossing and is usually bustling with pedestrian traffic but a week ago venezuelan officials set up barricades to prevent international aid from entering the country through colombia since then people have had to find other ways to get across the border. as many as twenty thousand people are estimated be crossing to and from minnesota every single day this river is what separates been a swell from colombia some people tell us they've been traveling for four hours or more in search of food others say what they're seeking is medical attention. this woman was rushed across the river on a stretcher after suffering a miscarriage her mother tells us they didn't know where else to go you know her mouth is purple she's vomiting infirmity it was no went to treat her if i didn't bring her here she would die. the local economies on both sides of this border rely heavily on commerce and it's clear that people are anxious for it to reopen even
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though there's no clear sign of when that might be but ended up with. who could. so head on al-jazeera. we're going to go into his finances we're going to check his deals we're going to check these people and see. the u.s. president's outburst against rivals after damning testimony by his personal lawyer . and i bet it's looking pretty stormy in parts of europe for look at the satellite picture we can see an area of cloud that's marching its way eastwards swirling around parts of northern scotland that's where we're seeing the strongest of the winds at the moment but if that system plays away is this massive cloud here we've got to watch this is giving us the strongest winds we're likely to see winds
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gusting well over one hundred kilometers per hour and we've seen some very heavy rains as well that system run its way across the central parts of britain but up towards scandinavia bringing that wet and windy weather with it and behind it there is a whole trail of cloud rain and some still blustery winds there as we head through the day on monday monday then for many of us in the western parts of europe it's looking very messy for the east though it's generally a lot quieter here for war so we're thirty and for bucharest with a bit of sunshine we should make it to around fourteen or fifteen the southeastern parts of europe though we're seeing some pretty violent thunderstorms this system here is just spiraling its way eastwards is working away from greece at the moment for some of us in turkey and through into syria looking pretty wet during the day today and a system with and continue its journey east with as we head into monday behind it they could be a few showers around the north coast here particularly around parts of libya but further west it's quieter nineteen imre back on monday. who would sponsor a town. with
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a new leader in brazil comes changes to how we deals with when it's really and the u.s. brazil's vice. resident is playing an active role of president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil. was. watching. the top stories right now the u.s. and south korea have upgraded and major joint military exercises in order to
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support future talks with pyongyang on two nuclearization the drills have been a major point of contention with north korean leader kim jong il. had been held for victims of the recent fighting in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed on saturday and cross border shelling between india and pakistan. and then israel's opposition leader insists he will return home despite threats of being arrested. door where he met with president let emery know he's on a tour of latin america drumming up support against israel and president nicholas witchell wrote. as president has launched a furious attack at the mall or investigation during the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the us speech came after his former lawyer michael cohen labeled him a racist a con man and a cheat and his testimony to congress says his political opponents are trying to take him out with the investigation into possible russian collusion during the two thousand and sixteen election we have the greatest of all time now we have people
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that lost. unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with ok. illinois and gallagher has more from the conference and maryland the president don't trump might have had a couple of uncomfortable weeks with north korea in his form of fix and michael cohen giving damning testimony before congress but here at c pac this is his base and he's been talking to them about all the usual issues his relationship with china the booming economy and also immigration but he did touch briefly on the miller report let's listen to what the president had to say they fight so hard on this witch hunt this phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion
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so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to jackie's deals we get it checked these people are sick this is. i saw a little shifty shift yesterday. it's a first time he went into a meeting. and he said we're going to look into his finance i said where did that come from he always talked about russia collusion with russia the collusion delusion so what the president was essentially doing he was in a giant zing his base he talked about the love that was in this room and this theme of this year's c pac really a's trump ism he talked a lot about the forthcoming twenty twenty alexion is a theme that will come up again and again he wants people to believe the days of all position the democrats are socialists he talked about that in relation to
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venezuela he will talk about that once again in the future but in this room lots of love the president don't trump going forward to the twenty twenty large. areas president abdullah sees but a flick as expected to officially file our canada say for april's election that's despite growing protests against the decision to seek a fifth term and it's a thousands have rallied and at least thirty cities eighty two year old has rarely been sam public since suffering a stroke and two thousand and thirteen geoff porter is the founder of north africa risk consulting he does not think the protests will escalate into conflict you know reasoning by analogy is always a dangerous thing to do. you know you know algeria is not to use your algeria is not egypt it's not syria it's not this is not an arab spring this is its own. generic systemic our jury in movement it's responding to specific conditions and
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i'm sure it's not easily comparable to the circumstances that unfolded in the other countries that i just mentioned for example. your books live despite the protests that took place over the last week and especially on friday kind of does have a base and he does remain popular is not similar to the indian men are you too easy or or awfully boring to egypt's if you go to the countryside. if you ask the older generation because popular if you ask women. especially secular women who remains popular he's a sympathetic figure he's not a big on like the other individuals in egypt and tunisia and syria for example or libya even kurdish forces in syria closing in on the last remaining eisel fighters in the village of say they expect a quote decisive battle on sunday. that u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched the final push against the on
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a group on friday the last remaining civilians were evacuated just hours earlier thousands of people have left in recent weeks i mean taken to a camp near the iraqi border a new york times is reporting that an american position born in saudi arabia has been tortured while in custody and there a kingdom the newspaper alleges that wiley if t. hey was beaten and electrocuted during his imprisonment at a hotel and riyadh he was one of hundreds of people arrested in two thousand and seventeen and what the saudi crown prince mohammed bin simon said was a crackdown on corruption it is still believed to be in detention at officials had denied any mistreatment of detainees. and saudi arabia's public prosecutor says it will put several female activists on trial despite an international outcry the detainees who include activists in their twenty's as well as mothers grandmothers and retired professors are facing charges for fighting for women's rights to drive
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their cars to undermining the kingdom's security stability and national unity or he'll mohammad reports. it was last june that women in saudi arabia were given the legal right to drive a car up until then it was the only country in the world that banned women from getting behind the wheel but about the same time security forces were also cracking down on the women activists who had been calling for these reforms mothers grandmothers were tied professes they were all accused of undermining the kingdom security civility and national unity demonized on state media and branded as traitors a number of them were arrested and saudi prosecutors are putting four women and five men on trial there's been an international outcry and to campaign for their release rights groups say some of the women have been tortured in secret prisons some were allegedly caned or electrocuted others sexually assaulted though jane and
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her family accuse qatar any the former advisor to the crown prince of supervising her torture the saudi government rejects the allegations and says the detainees enjoy all rights preserved by the laws of the kingdom but the spotlight is again being focused on saudi arabia's human rights record i could impress on on the saudi government and frankly royal court it is simply not worth it to keep these women in prison and they certainly do not deserve to be there those women are innocent and they've done nothing but try to highlight an anon an unnecessary and frankly medieval interpretation of. dozens of other human rights offenders academic. and religious clerics remain in saudi prisons where the saudi kingdom continues to promote what it sees as its reform agenda its attempts to modernize saudi arabia for him home it al-jazeera has president his former advisor steve bannon is helping
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set up an academy for all right leaders in italy and has praised italy's populist government for its nationalist agenda and is hoping more countries will follow its example most on a go reports from pardo some residents are unhappy their town will host the next generation of all right leaders for more than eight hundred years the truce will teach how to house more history in college park dollar has been a place of quiet contemplation these days the last of the remaining monks is retired i did is no longer so he dedicated to a theory of pursuits a new resident has moved in with a more worldly plans in mind benjamin hahn well the founder of the did he taught his human institute or d.h. i want to transform it into a right wing populist recruiting ground. the first project is the car no martin academy for human dignity which will promote catholic social teaching with a special emphasis pro-life pro-family issues the second project is the academy for
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the judeo christian west which will promote the christian foundations of western civilization one of the main backers is all right ideologues steve bannon who played a leading role in president trump's electoral victory and was the author of his nationalist american first document his intention here to spread that vision across europe and beyond because then return home use what they learned here for the fight for the judeo christian west once they get back into their home environment the blueprint for this was a talk given by a baton to the d.h.i. at the vatican in twenty four team where he preached his conflict ridden worldview but we're in an outright war against just hardass islam islamic fascism within this forum on astri is where the organizes and steve battle hope to create
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a new generation of populist nationalist politicians and thinkers the next donald trump or viktor orban if you will but outside of these walls there is little appetite for this project. in the town itself there is a sense of discomfort about the plans. was until last year looked after by the state and there are concerns over how the d.h.i. which keeps its funding secret to maintain the monastery. we cannot even begin to consider allowing steve benen to come to our town essential there just so he can do whatever he likes by launching this academy to attack the european union its result to become the battleground for europe we will defend it that at that got a little. drizzle to project may sound a warning for the very future of the european union an increasingly fragile continent that threat is ever present this will be a front line with the forces of populism poised to the new recruits and create an
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elite in their own image sunny diagonal al-jazeera. lives in southern afghanistan have killed at least twenty people at the rain head kandahar city and six districts on friday the u.n. says two thousand homes were engulfed in water and families have been taken to secure iraq has been up to five hundred people are thought to be stranded and all across the border in pakistan the death toll from heavy rain and flooding as across thirty in the last ten days conservationists on the kenyan coast say poaching is putting turtle species at risk working with local fishermen to try to stop the endangered reptile being caught on purpose or and their nets the turtles are also losing their breeding grounds to erosion and construction happens for reports from what's homo. a green tart all carefully covers eggs she's just laid back still we have to be careful distracting how with bright lights may force her to stop what she's doing this stretch of beach in what time on the kenyan coast is
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a nesting site for hundreds of green and all you've really tuttle's both endangered species. every time they come out of the ocean to nest there life is in danger hunting them is illegal but some people here do for meat and or oil which they say is maybe seen all and it's also an aphrodisiac this residence of what tom was tuttle conservation group it's their job to guard the tuttles well the biggest threat is poaching some people who should be talking that's why we are patrolling to give the security for the nesting mothers they then tag them to keep count of how many are out there up to four hours of hard labor she has done and has covered up eggs the best way she can to protect them from predators she's lucky that she's in a protected area many cattle that come up to nest in other parts of the beach are in most danger of being hunted down for food by people another tart all lead her eggs
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in what is considered a danger zone this part of the bitch is too exposed the tuttle watches have to move the eggs to a safe area it's a delicate process. they have to make sure the eggs are well protected from poachers and direct sunlight. during the nesting season they carry out biweekly surveys which they say are often green last week. that we did we collected a total of. statistics we haven't done because we have done outreach with the people but still not really ready to work with us many fisherman in what time will know that tuttle's are protected. several have been trapped in his fishing net he hands them over to government wildlife why didn't all conservationists in the area for a few it's
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a program that has helped but does not cover the entire nesting stretch we've. protected i think it's very difficult to see a fisherman poaching. after two months to. make their way into the ocean only one in a thousand will survive into adult catherine so i'll just zero on the kenyan coast a canine festival has taken to the streets of brazil's rio de janeiro. nearly event features dogs of all shapes and sizes dressed in pink fairy superheroes clowns and clearly they drive to the parade as part of rio's world famous carnival officially getting on friday more than six million people are expected to take part. for you right now the u.s.
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and south korea have a great to and major joint military exercises in order to support future talks with pyongyang on to nuclearization drills had been a major point of contention with north korean leader kim jong il rob mcbride has more from seoul. this now does come as a confirmation that fold eagle and key resolve these of these big exercises that normally take place in the spring are two ends and they will be replaced by much smaller less high profile exercises a command exercises virtual computer games if you like rather than troops on the ground it is quite the concession the these exercises always enraged the north koreans they say that it could be a prelude to war so it is a concession with the military of south korea and the u.s. now saying that yes they do the two a rising tension a four day long gun fight has ended between security forces and rebel fighters in indian administered kashmir and he and soldiers launched an operation in northern
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gun to try and flush out armed groups and while funerals have been held for some of the victims of the recent fighting in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed on saturday in a cross border shelling between india and pakistan and tense remain high after both sides said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday venezuela's opposition leader insists he will return home despite threats of being arrested on when i was in ecuador where he met with president lenin merino is on a tour of latin america drumming up support against president nicolas maduro the us president has launched a furious attack at the mall or investigation during the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the u.s. i'll try speech came after his former lawyer michael cohen labeled him a racist a con man and a cheat and his testimony to congress a curious president of delegates but a flake is expected to officially file for canada seat for april's election now that is despite growing protests against a decision to seek a fifth term as you can see here there are lots of people hundreds of thousands in
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fact who have rallied and at least thirty cities so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera this next. the latest news as it breaks hours after the explosions two reporters say the city is safe and the civilians were targeted. with detailed coverage despite the high cost the right young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of pack your security from around the world it must be different now that is if you do the trick supported by many many people here in the past a republic. and. you can watch it all. you see. brazil the largest country in south america home to the amazon rain forest and one of the most famous carnivals in the world it is now ruled. he was elected after the
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worst political scandal in brazil's history known as operation car wash that saw dozens of businessmen and politicians arrested and accused of corruption among them former president. in the cold war cool georgia the two of them are so near to zero who will do their job over global saucily be a car because i live in the city there are very souls of all orders. those are going to do the toll go paul it's got to go out. even though he was a member of congress for almost thirty years or so neither was seen as an outsider who promised to fight corruption and crime and help brazil recover from a deep economic crisis now his challenge is to do that without angering crucial allies like china and the arab world with his new foreign policy agenda that's taking his country closer to israel and the united states. still recovering
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from a knife attack last year is hoping to pass crime and pension reforms but many question his lack of policies to fight in. quality and protect minorities i'm in brasilia we've come to the brazilian capital to talk to the man who feels himself as the sword and the shield of president. live vice president of breath you. talk to either zero zero. zero zero zero a first question on this political crisis in venezuela right now. we know that you've been a military attaché in the country do you believe the armed forces will remain loyal to an equal i don't know well what happened. forces in venezuela they are part of this process that's happened there ok my infusion that they are trying to find a solution. because. not only the armored force will have
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weapons and been as well they are do believe. we have drug gangs so the armed forces are bright moment they are trying. to find a solution a peaceful solution ok so that the country can be back on its tracks again but that leadership remains noire why is that. well i don't have enough information to tell you why. i just can't understand the lawyer because they seen mr mudd do is to the man in power. how do you. i mean do you believe that there should be a change in government and that it's well. well. only farted in as it was born with the later presidents of which obvious well proved to be not good for the
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country stronger the oil industry destroyed their internal production ok they put people against people and so today given israel an economy stupidly shattering their social tissue shattering so of course they need a change of government right now i think rationing the building up there is not of tension what you agree or how do you feel about the possibility of the united states intervention well brazil as a long tradition we don't intervene in town or firs of other countries because we don't like aus they have our internal affairs be subject to intervention of now some of the people so i think the united states we'll stay in and push and proceed position like he is today ok making their politics go in economic sanctions and waiting for divan as well as to resolve
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a problem. but right now the u.s. is having an active role in what's happening in venezuela you do not agree with that well they are making a pressure that they can to their oppression in a political size like i said recognizing mr gray door. presence ok make an economic pressure. freezing the assets that even as well as have in the u.s. and now zeus' ryan is pressuring of the humanitarian aid ok to search for a break point in the stalemate that the venezuelans are leaving right now and that tension is cost mostly by getting aid into the country. how do you see. the next few days unfolding i mean once you agree for brazilian soldiers to take that eight intravenous well we must of course not we're not going to inspect the border
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ok what we're doing what are you can do we can put supplies on the your board and if given as well as one they can come and get it but i don't think this will work ok because as you see from rural. river it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these is that empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil when to to reach for supplies i think that the main points for these humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the border was colombia and just announced that they were shutting down the border with president why do you think they're doing this well i see you wouldn't want to stop venezuelan people that are coming to brazil now so if for instance if they see that we're going to put some place in their size of border going to stop this to happen but they can be and they can be real real cool
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because this is not going to happen so there is only going to stay on the brazilian side of avoiding for those who want to cross of course if you if you pass the border it is that act of aggression we are not going to do this verbal good you are the laws of your laws of the law so it is not so nice. but was it good to live with. you possible as it was there's been several changes in brazil foreign policy. the president and yourself took office one of them is also in the relationship with the united states and at some point there were talks about the possibility of a base a military base here in the country is that still an option no this is not an option we never sought to be. use it what mr bush will not have said is there were bays in the current that are can be used or rented for diminishes but not an
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american base and is a deal that has to pass by congress so it's nonsense just another changing foreign policy is that relationship might as well now also talk about moving the embassy to jerusalem is that still the case well what happened is the president wants to have a different kind of relation to see israel and relations from state to state they always search for mutual benefit that's what you want so this question for the changing of the embassy in my opinion some minor question me the president will decide about d.s. it will be after i next sauced if this thirty of the main. problems that can happen we still is because it could generate tensions with allies to with arab countries along on a fad this is one of the points but there are some other points to which are well we have some agreements now and also the problem of the un bric
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a commission of both countries ok the palestinians and israelis i think this is not a big issue today but the lead story is the divorce market you know at all the a good. yeah for those who are as it does who knows. if those two are cute but i guess upon their. minds about this new computer that is with you this is you do more than they are here do you like our barcode there was yet you defend your budget is it given that he is apologize. or because you not even know me or to do this if you listen you do put their due to the regret is not good your view does divorce it is destroyed if i did it was eleven sit with those little guys not separately but so so like i said whatever the space was you being you are going to jihad legit is that your thought there that you see the legitimate their fears are one of the reasons why you were elected was
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because the brazilian people weren't tired of corruption. we were talking to many people in brazil and they said that things needed to change but yet one member of the cabinet cabinet was recently fired because of corruption what do you think should be the response by the government to things are engaged in corrupt act for example well i think that the member of the government that was fired was not for cover ups and exclusively the problem was a question of confidence in the relationship that he had with our president but our government like to say it was elected to fight and compete against the administration and corruption we are not going to deal and pass our hands in the heads of people that commit this kind of crime and as you see you know mr morris sent out a very have package dealing exactly this kind of crime we are not going to
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to accept this well where he joined the military during that question what's your opinion about those times and. so there are very good times ok. say we didn't have a dictatorship we had a period of military presence ok people that came from the army they had rain some years an instrument had gave them a bigger. we were in the middle of the cold war we had people here there wanted to install in brazil another kind of dictatorship like and see it is believed in their marxist. marxist. who often meant ok so. during that period ok in the fight that happened. in both
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sides some five hundred people died in a county of ninety million so it was of has softened problems when you see two dated sixty thousand people were murdered in brazil. what a people were tortured and what count and couldn't vote for president well that was the moment they could vote for their representatives in congress for instance in the one nine hundred seventy four elections the opposition won almost every place in the congress ok then in the early eighty's when we had elections for governors almost every state was ruled for a position in government so i think it's history and allies do this in some more for twenty to thirty years when most actors will be gone when the president and yourself are elected an. actress and brazil are afraid and they are saying.


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