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tv   Pakistans Lost Children  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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in all that. would. happen. many complain about the refugee populations impact on the country's economy and infrastructure those who hold power say they will push ahead with what they call voluntary and safe returns for many that could mean more difficult conditions to discourage them from. beirut the new york times is reporting that a physician who holds jewels citizenship in the u.s. and saudi arabia has been tortured while in custody in saudi arabia newspaper alleges that the waleed foot was beaten and electrocuted during his imprisonment at a hotel in riyadh it was one of hundreds of people arrested in twenty seventeen and what the saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone said was
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a crackdown on corruption is still believed to be in detention saudi officials have denied any mistreatment of detainees. saudi arabia's public prosecutor says it will put several female activists on trial despite an international outcry they're accused of undermining the kingdom's security stability and national unity in the hall and reports. it was last june that women in saudi arabia were given the legal right to drive a car up until then it was the only country in the world that banned women from getting behind the wheel but about the same time security forces were also cracking down on the women activists who had been calling for these reforms mothers grandmothers were tied professes they were all accused of undermining the kingdom security civility and national unity demonized on state media and branded as traitors a number of them were arrested and saudi prosecutors are putting four women and
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five men on trial there's been an international outcry and a campaign for their release rights groups say some of the women have been tortured in secret prisons some were allegedly caned or electrocuted others sexually assaulted though jane and her family accuse south qatar any the former adviser to the crown prince of supervising her torture the saudi government rejects the allegations and says the detainees enjoy all rights preserved by the laws of the kingdom but the spotlight is again being focused on saudi arabia's human rights record i could impress on on the saudi government and frankly royal court it is simply not worth it to keep these women in prison and they certainly do not deserve to be there those women are innocent and they've done nothing but try to highlight an anon an unnecessary and frankly medieval interpretation of the law dozens of other human rights defenders academics and religious clerics remain in saudi
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prisons where the saudi kingdom continues to promote what it sees as its reform agenda. it's attempts to modernize saudi arabia for him hamad al jazeera conservationists on the kenyan coast and say poaching is putting total species at risk they're working with local fishermen to try to stop the endangered reptile from being caught on purpose or in their notes but the totals are also losing their breeding grounds to erosion and construction cotton so i reports from. a green tart all carefully covers eggs she's just laid down we have to be careful distracting how with bright lights may force her to stop what she's doing this stretch of beach in what time on the kenyan coast is a nesting site for hundreds of green and all you've really tuttle's both endangered species. every time they come out of the ocean to nest there life is in danger hunting them is illegal but some people here do for meat and oil which they
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say is made the scene and it's also an aphrodisiac this residents of our time work for local tuttle conservation groups it's their job to guard the tuttles but the biggest threat is poaching some people who should be talking. that's why we are patrolling to give the security for the nesting models they then tag them to keep count of how many are out there up to four hours of hard labor she's done and has covered up eggs the best way she can to protect them from predators she's lucky that she's in a protected area many cattle that come up to nest in other parts of the beach are in most danger of being hunted down for food by people another tart all lead her eggs in what is considered a danger zone this part of the beach is too exposed the title watchers have to move the eggs to a safe area it's a delicate process. they have to make sure the eggs are well protected from
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poachers and direct sunlight. during the nesting season they carry out by weekly surveys which they say are often green last week the last survey that we did we collected a total of a chat room is considering statistics we feel like we haven't done enough because we have done our outreach with awareness of the people but still not really ready to work with us many fisherman in what time will know that tattled are protected thousand muhammad several have been trapped in his fishing net he hands them over to government wildlife wardens or conservationists in the area for a few it's a program that has helped but does not cover the entire coastal nesting stretch the river where we have it up there is protected i think is very difficult to see as fishermen poaching and. after two months total hard make their way into the ocean
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only one in a thousand will survive into adult food catherine saw al-jazeera on the kenyan coast. so i had an al-jazeera in sports roger federer claims a historic type away and in dubai sun is going to be here with that story. donald presence on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton an allegation to speak on during investigation stick the troops did the trump campaign for colluding with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera.
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i'm sorry for the sports here son thank you very much baseball three hundred thirty million dollars man has made his official at the philadelphia phillies bryce harper has signed the biggest contract and will be history is already
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a six time all saw and he was the league's most valuable player in twenty fifteen during his time at the washington nationals the outfielder had agreed to a thirteen year deal with the phillies a team that last won the world series in two thousand and eight while the twenty six year old that hit one hundred eighty four home runs and his seven seasons at the washington nationals on becoming a free agent the san francisco giants and dodgers were also keen to sign him when the phillies confirmed this deal late last week fans bought hundred and eighty thousand tickets within two days. you know i'm not going to tell you that we're to come in this year and when when the world series or you know when the division of course we all want that to happen that's your goal when you walk in the spring training that's a goal the fans it's goal of everybody but good things take time as well you got to mold is a team you got to mold as organization and really understand the guys in the clubhouse
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and make that a family most negotiations whether it's the largest contract in the history of baseball or or something far smaller you're always going to have those moments and you know i won't you know necessarily comment on wednesday night specifically but i think throughout the process we had some some encouraging moments and some not so encouraging moments but the bottom line is that the at the very end we got where we needed to be. light heavyweight champion jon jones has retained the ultimate fighting championship title he defeated anthony smith and las vegas it's a time champion dominated their main event despite the receiving it to pull a deduction for an illegal in need in the fourth round all three judges a school to contest forty eight to forty full. well jeff federer has claimed the one who does title of his korea becoming just the second player in history to achieve the feat with thirty seven year old that beat stephanos to spacek in the final of the dubai championships there who lost to the twenty year old in the
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fourth round of the australian open closed out this match in straight sets six four six four jimmy connors a one hundred nine titles during his career thank god i know a lot of people are probably going to say no well you know you have to reach jimmy connors record you know but i'm not that kind of a guy even though people might think i am i draw inspiration from it but i'm not here out here to shatter everyone's record out there and he's a special special player and special legend in the sport. and if he keeps a record it's all good i'm just happy to have reached a hundred in my career. barcelona have won the second classical against a fierce rivals real madrid inside a week having already knocked them out of the call to del rey barsel all but ended the rails of faintly title hopes evocative got the only goal as they won one nil the win takes barcelona ten points clear at the top of. just a city have moved top of the english premier league their title rivals
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a liverpool are in action later this sunday algerian internationally admire is that it got the window for city as the champions people in the one nil they now have a two point lead at the top liverpool have the chance to reclaim a first place with a win over city rivals everton. already. the community shield in the kind of woke up today with the sleep leaders in the in the premier league can do no good position in the last sixteen champions league in swansea game so when when everybody is there enough to doubt me we're going to win but no complaints no regrets each other and that is the most important thing we can feel like an athlete like a sportsman. nice to see united have moved ahead of arsenal into fourth arsenal drew one one zero with third place thought and while united came from behind to beat southampton three two so please for the boys the money to
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claw. three points out of this game cause. we spoke about it half time just get some more urgency get ball in the box play more forward and stretch it and we'll sort the ball in for you. well saul shows all the united she made david beckham left his mark on the opening day of the m.l.s. season in north america become a was at his former club but the l.a. galaxy it to unveil a statue of himself he want to m.l.s. titles during his time with the team the forty three year old is one of the owners behind in new franchise in miami set to join the league next year. you expected me not one of your own i was proud to represent the l.a. galaxy with the six years. but my proudest moment was giving you guys the championship. while back and was able to watch the
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galaxy when their opening game of the season a late goal from zlatan for i am of it giving that to them at two one win over the chicago fire out the women's world cup kicks off in france in three months time and some of the favorites to win the title are facing each other in the united states the u.s. the reigning world champions and a con in england in the second round of the games in the she believes megan rapinoe gave the home team the lead in nashville england reached the semifinals of the world cup four years ago and they hit back to go to one up but the game finished two two a second straight draw for the u.s. who next play brazil. west indies batting legend chris gayle is looking good ahead of this year's world cup but gayle hit a nineteen a ball half century and a big win over england in census yeah it was the fastest one day fifty and his country's history the series finished in
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a two two draw the world cup starts in england in may. that's it for me back to the sun and thanks very much indeed you can find much more of course on our web site the address for the w.w.w. daughter zero thought that's it for me rob matheson this news out there is going to be here in a moment with more of the day's news but for now. part
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of. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. the fact. more
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a place on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the big i would say year two about just now it's a race against time to try and face a species thank you chrysler that's in the meshes heaped on. extinction tag no zero. the u.s. and south korea and there are major military exercises tensions on the korean peninsula. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up. later
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as more gunfire is exchanged in kashmir we take a look at the pakistan based armed groups that india is accusing of inciting violence. talks continue in doha to end afghanistan's seventeen year war. and the campaign to save a reptile and kenya that's facing extinction. the u.s. and south korea have agreed to end large scale joint military exercises on the korean peninsula drills have been a point of contention with north korea's leader kim jong washington in seoul say it's part of efforts to reduce tensions with pyongyang about the two will still carry out smaller joint exercises it comes just days after denuclearization talks between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong il broke down in vietnam. rob mcbride that is
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has more from the south korean capital seoul. effectively joint military exercises in south korea have been scaled back since president donald trump announced after the single poor summit last june that he was no fan of these war games as he called them that they were a waste of money but this confirmation that key resolve and foal eagle these spring exercises involving tens of thousands of troops of war planes ships and tanks will effectively come to an end is seen as a big concession they'll be replaced by a much smaller less high profile exercises these exercises have always enraged the north koreans who see them as a possible credit to war seems the joint militaries of south korea and the u.s. of now agreed at least in part with that saying that they do indeed lead to a rise in tension that these exercises are being ended as a way of supporting the diplomatic efforts this will be welcomed by president moon
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j.n. of south korea who's once again standing in as a possible mediator between north korea and the u.s. to get things back on track it will also possibly help his personal initiative to try to help into korean relations go move forward to the next step he has stated in the last couple of days that despite the disappointment of the hanoi summit he's still determined to try to resume economic and tourism projects with north korea we still wants to try to go ahead with that although it's difficult to see just how without getting sanctions relief from the united states kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at his son national university he says the move could face some objections from the u.s. congress and japan. i mean it's always a little bit if you're right because congressional authority over foreign policy is
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sort of not to be well sketched out in the constitution and this sort of a great deal of room for congress for example to cut funding on things it doesn't like i'm the congress were to get involved you could actually see congress pass legislation to force this or something like that i would be pretty surprised generally this falls under sort of the executive branch because it's military stuff but congress could get involved if they really want to i would imagine the japanese are a little bit nervous about this you know the japanese like the idea of the americans believed in korea and in japan the american presence in japan or in korea is something of a forward buffer you know defense buffer if you will for japan as well i think the japanese are pretty worried that donald trump isn't getting enough of the north koreans have the feeling that in japan there is some relief that hanoi sort of collapse without any major concessions on the american part but i mean as long as the tests aren't going including missiles flying around your japan you know it's possible the see this is balanced positive and if the north koreans were to go back to that i think we would get exercise immediately in fact i think there probably be a very harsh snap back on this more than just exercises there's been an exchange of
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gunfire between security forces and rebel fighters and in administered kashmir and soldiers have watched an operation in northern publican to try to flush out armed groups so ron has more from new delhi. tension of the kashmir region has increased over the past three weeks since the deaths of over forty india the paramilitary said on february the fourteenth and of course the tension has been not just on the ground but also in the air we saw military cruft in a dog fight earlier this week which led to the capture of an indian pilot released only on friday back to india for buckets than yet the shelling continues across the line of control the civilians have been evacuated from the pooch and several other areas along the line of control while indian officials say the situation is tense and the. events in the region the army's chief.
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will be visiting the line of control to assess the situation for himself with a brief government officials in new delhi as far as new delhi is concerned the relationship with pakistan is tense will not develop for the positive in the near future and while it pakistan perhaps was hoping that the tension could be ratcheted down it seems very likely where shelling from pakistan administered kashmir continues into india the biggest of kashmir of that front india says they will remain on high alert. have been hell for some of the victims of the recent fighting in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed on saturday in cross border shelling between india and pakistan tensions remain high after both sides said they shut down each other's jets on wednesday. the afghan taliban and the u.s. are continuing via lateral talks and soha u.s.
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envoy zelnick is describing unprecedented progress to end the seventeen year war is meeting the taliban's co-founder mullah abdul ghani baradar it is the highest level of talks between the two sides since the war began has been following the talks here and. stay five of negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban taking place at this hotel behind me in doha now we've spoken to sources within the taliban here who say that they are optimistic they will reach an agreement sometime soon but the only thing they're discussing at the moment with the americans is a timeline of the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan there are now fourteen thousand american troops in their country and that's how about want them to leave as quickly as possible that's something the americans are trying to negotiate they believe they need a few years to withdraw all their troops but the taliban wants that withdrawal to happen within months not years according to an american source we've spoken to is
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while they were not optimistic that the negotiations will wrap up by the end of today but they are hopeful they will reach an agreement sometime in the coming days on the ground in afghanistan people are dying in record numbers the u.n. report documented thirty eight hundred civilian deaths in two thousand and eighteen and cooling nearly a thousand children that is the highest number of killed sense record with a record keeping began in two thousand and nine charleville us has more from kabul . it's lunchtime when fifty eight year old mohammed who say arrives to open a shop he saw string sort of a container in the symmetry it doesn't get busy until the afternoon but it's busier than it's ever been. every day we're witnessing burials here there is no still being left on this hill top we are suffering from these attacks. the u.n. says thirty eight hundred civilians including one thousand children were killed in
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afghanistan last year it's a record for mohammed to those numbers come to life in the hills around him he's lived at the foot of the symmetry watching it expand for over a decade. it is very painful in a nightmare from now when they bring the bodies sometimes twenty thirty even forty to be buried. the u.n. says one of the reasons for the record number of civilian deaths is i saw suicide attacks that were particularly deadly last year and they often targeted the shia minority over here and western kabul resulting in a lot of people being brought up here to be symmetry which is quickly filling up. the u.n. report found the biggest killer of civilians was the taliban responsible for thirty seven percent of deaths the taliban rejects the un's finding somebody or struck on our last meeting of tribal elders and former taliban commanders in kabul spoke out against it this week they laid the blame on afghan and international forces.
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raids and killing innocent people people who reads people get killed in the strikes . last year was the first on record that more than five hundred civilians were killed because of air strikes mostly by international forces who say they do investigation review credible allegations of errors to learn and improve but in the blame game of the afghan war the un hopes they can be some accountability i think it's important that the stark reality of the costs of the conflict is put before the public and therefore does enter the calculations of those who are talking in that. endeavor to bring this conflict to a close it's a complex now and it's eighteenth year with everyone that passes the graves edge closer to the ridge line behind the statistics beneath the snow my children and parents sunni and shia not fighters killed by them just the same ballasts
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al-jazeera. kurdish forces in syria her closing in on the last remaining eisel fighters in the village of say they expect to quote decisive battle on sunday. u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched the final push against the armed groups on friday the last remaining civilians were evacuated just hours earlier thousands of people have left in recent weeks they're being taken to a camp near the iraqi border. still ahead on al-jazeera a bridge too far venezuelan to find ways to smuggle in aid from colombia. i'm sunit i go and call it part of where a form of motor street is set to become a school for the next generation's far right populist politicians.
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and we've got rain marching its way across the northern parts of asia at the moment there it is on the satellite picture but if you have a key you shoot on the southern parts of honshu and we are seeing a few outbreaks of heavy rain from that i think we'll see a few more outbreaks during the day on monday most of them along the south coast but if we head into tuesday it will begin to edge you wait towards the east that means for some of us it should be brought to including force in osaka but we should get up to around fifteen degrees to take here there's still the chance of seeing a lot of cloud during the day and a few outbreaks of wet weather towards the west is generally looking quite quiet for seeing beijing but seventeen degrees already is quite mild now the temperature is definitely rising hit before the towards the south and there is a loss of fine weather for monday but then the town begins to build and then by the time we get to choose day it's very different lots of heavy downpours all stretching up towards shanghai really doesn't pretty messy for some.


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