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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred eighty seven israel declared war on egypt syria and jordan. the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ended with israel occupying the egyptian sinai peninsula the gaza strip the syrian golan heights and the west bank. the israeli army and to jerusalem and the city came under israeli control. it was a turning point in the life of archbishop. what it can do with. bothersome or subpoena. them when just as we would think ilesha for bad and morality the us. government had definitely. didn't and americana sure had that for show out it was as a cover how off the holocaust the final be they hear out of by me a shade below what kind of i would move
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a valley bob. if you're solidly on the aisle or a shade i was sure that my bother him what we had here the meat show here. bad. for the semi was our city some our city let me just it lock i have deferred it or you less likely you will not be there to be the end of the man i'll ask in the vision he did in libya. because. the one horny. at the needle ahmed made any and everybody in the theater. looking. at a live. road in his memoirs three days after the occupation of jerusalem i was driving my car on the streets of the city wearing my clerical clothes. an israeli soldier approached and spat at. i got out of the car started. beating him until he fell to the ground. i was then convinced that
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these invaders must be confronted with violence to be their own brutality i decided to work hard and resist occupation. she went on to write i founded the first resistance of the new jerusalem i held meetings in the monastery the men were very enthusiastic and they left arms to carry out of rationing against the enemy. may now the non-polar i don't know how. i was alone now. when adequate fact that most of the un have the name and home. some more know the new dollars for us to come and i can have an
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office a house. a c.s.e. american reality for when i was here and had that little fucker who had risen on one hundred gun finet all about how to be that. free. walk around the stuffies of your ass. the buffalo to be fitted john at the saloon the plank abortion was firmly. archbishop coochie joined the main palestinian resistance group at the time the fatah movement active in jordan and lebanon. he also stayed in close touch with the bush he had an apple fit asked hoping to provide arms to the resistance cells he founded. the to equip he needed to supply weapons to their cells in the occupied territories primarily to three brothers riyadh. and so here. in the in the area
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at which. can a power been reversed me and no none. at three b. could tell here that the fella may have been hornblende. knuckly. and that can a. bit of. a push he had persuaded cappuccino to drive weapons to cells in the west bank. to hide them in his car and drive to jerusalem. were crossing in south lebanon i'm a case that i'm not going to. plunk a boogy and you know well as well most of us here at work learnt of. last. one in less than. well as a whole month. almost drunk i would remove the lead. in the middle of the banner where calif.
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and. i start our english our pm at home it has to. be a bit of a sailor base and i may do it hamas may scale. the body plan on what's. ours are suffering because of our diplomacy vertical and what eliza. has no will be a particle of orthodox as i believe i will let in. who are a little for. i mean a macand here here the whole is a very intimate in qatar. model. the having so many seconds. when my dear little coach passed but i can use it
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the family and as we had danica let out a big apple. as that canyon. can build value the monarch of the me. as. having driven the weapons back to jerusalem she kept them in his car until an arm specialist arrived from up a few dollars to unload them. he then hid them in a fair school in baytown you know with three of my lab elites who picked them up and distributed them. among. hubby on one leg of the very well could look hostile people are sitting in the hot the potter we're young who are can and more will of her is say well as will happen the problem. was
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that there qatar how bad the list was when you. asked the hey i'm never fair fight that how if there are ten hour. gun running i thought i'd put you continued his peaceful political activism. in one nine hundred seventy four u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger visited jerusalem. the archbishop invited leading figures in the city to a meeting to organize anti israel and anti u.s. protests coinciding with the visit. the israeli authorities reacted angrily and felt the immediate in fact. i noticed a change in the israelis behavior towards the first time was on the lebanese borders had arrived at a post in the morning but unlike previous times the officer asked me to open the
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car boot but i refused norm than my limited it's the barrier here allotted to some of it. was. volatile that dude if the tour of a richer marcum was this year alone i think that the an anderson for the. we're alone in the zombie survival bubble something. to watch. for to. cross the lebanese border without being searched but ten days passed with no pickup . he became suspicious. on the second of august one thousand nine hundred ninety four. car still loaded with weapons was stopped at an
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israeli military checkpoint in jerusalem. was held at gunpoint. he refused to get out of the car as he had diplomatic immunity. but the soldiers immediately found the weapons and he wondered how they knew exactly where they were hidden. time and track. and norma had her say on america. in america. a rock band what rock band. can i have a job as
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a sufferer in diplomacy and vertica. the. other half i'll be for the not say one. minute the fish. were at lock or so to have a show for me but because i've been wimber door can know what they have valley very clever. like in bad small mom pashman out of our submarine jar what kind of professional pony and slowly. and then milan you have a job as a sufferer in diplomacy and they said like they have fun diplomacy. what. are they what is late to. be chima should be cherished. but the.
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beheaded head and she not a little bit. and had a home under take you there live a bus in the union or should. be a mini. who'd rather than looking for tea in. a kid had to. have the mobile ala know the music of the moment and want to leave the island has an israeli hold on the boards or indeed any baby lima making beef is what and why and if so left no horny. fishy survey not now not a full in new york do a non-argument you rock a bit more crank up would you be had a kitty they never looked men were from the streets let leonor a sob. and yet only the best be heckuva and. little and. a lot of the. a little be.
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stunned by that he can shut he can we live i hope. yes i'll. when i happen to be a i was you had. a deal was in. this caused an immediate crisis between israel and the roman catholic church and the pope sent a delegation of bishops to meet computer. they plan to negotiate his release on condition that he leave to loosen them and told him to deny the charges against him . but computer flatly rejected their deal. that he. thought of my. fellow. men look learn what they all know matter of. fact i laugh after her mom to be more calmly let the lad was yet loud to hum and mature and as the hour let this all be one of them my idea or. what i'm here this
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hour will sow that having been is a win was like other someone on. the m.b. and the yet one apple as has far miller. star millet. fields and the whole if they have the wishing. archbishop was heavily interrogated. they put me in a two square meter cell the floor was wet and as many straw mattress was put there . i preferred to lie down on the floor and kept my clerical clothes on though they wanted me to put on a prison uniform. they took away my prayer book against international law because i'm a religious man with a duty to read my daily praise. in the sessions five military men interrogated me
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at the same time. when. the how when and to happen and then you know tucker smile for katie in a capsule see it. which it does kind or you how luna and you hear new york or new bushy but. they are part of the island valley where. we're. not going to be just me and the land. in reba the roof. who rescission. rescission in goal who with. let's say you i mean men could be a whole. could be more a says when. he was about a whole. what i'm mad. at them
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a lot are wow a little bit as. cooties interrogation centered on his transporting piano weapons. and on an earlier failed attempts on the life of us to quit area of state kissinger. and when he appeared in court if he's three main charges contacting a foreign agent illegally transporting weapons and assisting and illegitimates terrorist organization. these also related to an incident shortly before his arrest . them and not be brothers had planned to fire two kids use our rockets at the israeli parliament the knesset during kissinger's jerusalem visit.
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the plot was foiled and the rockets recovered. but the lobby brothers confessed to bringing the rockets from a fair church school clearly implicating cappuccino. coming up controversy stalks to pucci throughout his career as is trying reaches its climax. as he tries to break the. israeli blockade of gaza. and he takes a bold stance on the war in syria offering yeah. i was a bit beyond that because i feel. in germany's capital there is
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a barber like no other sort of what it is the harm of on iraq strong cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road. the stories meet tones often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is erupting on al-jazeera growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being against it freedom of the soldiers point of being. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect
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civilians in state sometimes on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera these is a name to be would disagree in the peacekeeping force the last approach complete eighteen his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seeking justice for those slaughtered by their guardian's peace kilis on al-jazeera. i'm rob others and in doha the top stories on al-jazeera algeria is in paris are protesting against president out there as he's beautifully because expected reelection bid for a fifth term in office is a live pictures from paris hundreds of people are demanding that the eighty two year old president pulls out of next month's elections but a fake
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a has until sunday at twenty three g.m.t. to submit his official bid so far he's defied calls for him to step down on saturday and sacked and replaced his unpopular campaign chief more protests are also expected in the french city of mosques say on friday tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the algerian capital in the largest anti-government protests since the arab spring. the u.s. and south korea have agreed to end large joint military exercises in order to support future talks with pyongyang on denuclearization the drills had been a point of contention with north korean leader kim jong un robert bryant has more than so this now does come as a confirmation that fold eagle and key resolve these of these big exercises that normally take place in the spring are to end and they will be replaced by a much smaller less high profile exercises a command exercises virtual computer games if you like rather than troops on the
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ground it is quite a concession that the exercise is always enraged the north koreans they say that it could be a prelude to war so it is a concession with the military of south korea and the u.s. now saying that yes they do lead to a rise in tension funerals are being held for the victims of the recent fighting in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed on saturday in cross border shelling between india and pakistan. the u.s. president has launched a furious attack at the miller investigation joining the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the u.s. donald trump's speech came after his former lawyer michael cohen labeled him a racist a conman and a cheat in his testimony to congress. people have been urged to leave their homes after bush fars destroyed at least five houses in this training in the state of victoria an emergency warning was issued for residents around the bunya state park east of melbourne hundreds of firefighters are trying to control the blaze it's
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been the hottest start to water in the area for thirty years and those are the headlines that we had to back to al-jazeera world by the. in one thousand nine hundred sixty five a priest in the greek church was appointed archbishop of the. and peachey arkell vicar of jerusalem. a senior christian figure in the region. following the one nine hundred sixty seven israeli occupation of jerusalem he smuggled weapons for the p.l.o. but was caught and put on trial along with three other men. and how they are. i'm sure a kind of. magic and he he has to write the. can at the back and the.
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air. and the miami and. more clearly. had to complete the bushy. saudi liquor you saw where babbitt would fish. out about siberia and america and yet there was a fear from doc was it i'm sorry i made a caricature of. the little. terrify the shut out of. the kind of saudi. in which. mohamed says had it. and. hair and yes had kind of a sad sad that if i know. the. saudis.
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the mother sadly for it because they never. have. that's. what they felt that if i go too far that. men know will. the trial of the abbey brothers started on the twentieth of september one thousand nine hundred ninety four. it lasted one hundred eight days and became a major spectator events in jerusalem israel came under increasing pressure to release the archbishop. and. then it's good. to have him. with us about what i want to show and keep it afloat.
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and. only. that if we committed. to start your own on the committee and. what. i mean. welcome that if we have. that load on the. wall and. the shabby women read and if the mother father and i were let in when i knew him when he. had a little essay and. then about a fifth i like would have otherwise luck. i kind of. have a little bit of going to be good mohammed or lies in that i have is that it has in . the back. a thumb and i. cannot in my how come at.
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you how slim you need to. top of a new course i live in and well how can me where you are you do know. you do not out of a now who. did. it well i'm out of that from day one of the trial i was very clear i said i don't recognize the legitimacy of the school that was prosecuting me. i decided to remain silent i wouldn't take part in the discussions or come in on the trial procedures. i previously confessed to all charges so i didn't want to prove my innocence but to turn my trial from a personal top political one where israel would get convicted in front of the international public opinion. only. i this had he could speak in his defense during the trial.
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his defense was built entirely on the principle that israel was an occupying force and had no legal right to stage the trial at all. but when the courts reached a guilty verdict he was sentenced to twelve years in prison. and. i thought of that i lay you off and fish is no longer america's you know. but a good illustration of. fear kind of those who don't feel what for work. for them out in the medicine to kill and read doesn't show up there you know. as
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a ninny you know it would ruin any it's done with me i was a little brother to never see the saucony companies only consultancy in the canal with uncle heather the new gods we have and then who will we know who we are when we shall without of those you see a. symbol it illini fear still the enemy. may know when's it all. men have there's a wouldn't have seen like you know. how to fit. in and the mayor told you mr little ken would say you can come on and decision in. we have newly beers my salute of this. little of this mesa lose a little brown is a looser loss of the illusion had. protested at the ban on him praying and having his prayer book confiscated and went on hunger strike
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several times he smuggled letters to a number of contacts aimed at getting him released. one was to an old friend a journalist at a newspaper but i feel. the whole world has alert hakeem our arbor soluble one of the really rather badly. the governor said he. believes a few. of this a lot. of our doubt there is rebranding vertical while. we was both and he said casually key the had. a leo no. less than minimal does that lead me to be a little for hours i. was up also in the far one of them so they're usually on the telly and a new one for in a mechanic by down for the street. you can measure the year film on for your own
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good you know look men. enough of. the hard. sell field but we are. willing and i have. in the twelve. young the. l.r.u. on. and. look around. but if there's a. vertical or worse for eat and no fear. of alamy without them i. might be allergy about them like in bad the without either no we were for my in me. it was.
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my part of a few would cino if ali. wasn't involved in the final agreement. the israelis insisted he travel at night to avoid media attention. he served three years three months in jail. the room and catholic church had arranged for him to arrive back in italy in secret. was a limo for the bubble little bottle of mosul. a wussy colossal shock the. whole us of the heaviest also the gannett as a rebel so there's a little but there's a little more for the bubble we built and the. shift in the plunge in the cylinder can i refer to myself in the midst of an interest or plan of the city
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or study generate a was had these my looked around the bougie bottles to the surgeon can with a subject. have to know that i'm an mother and the thought of well had been mother. was a more a silly little moment just as i want a human life. as my mother how i mean high as you. can a man how it led to us or obama again i've been in. ghana . could as well put desmond as bella little courtesies little guy and you know i'd be nothing she said. that was just of the whole do wish that was the word that me and i might get and. the fact bill called does no comment about reason we're not. you was quoted yesterday
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in the newspaper that you are a friend of the palestinians it is true is a true. friend of everyone. was banned from talking to the media or taking part in any political activity but kept his title of archbishop. he left room for south america as agreed with the israelis. i went to venezuela then to brazil and argentina was highly regarded and respected my heart kept longing for jerusalem and its ancient streets left a small prison to enter a big one. but within months. broke the agreement banning him from visiting arab countries he accepted yasser arafat's invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the palestinian national conference in
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syria for the national the south america loves the club and the country well said all i can and what the and and. and. and measures so you know of us and you will have many. of the loss of a lot if that the whole measures rather than going to one nation. the little. while is are far from a lot. beirut. while khaled across. the. years oh is that all. that is going on in the saloon bill that you call me which would need. any can it when the men in the us are more behavioral to filmmaking i'm in phoebus we're looking chemical nudism three week old can easily get to be.
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elephant camel demi or palau up by lana who muffy of hero. michelle. or when. she was busy in exile from the levant. he was involved in several hostage negotiations and played a key role in iran after the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution in maine one nine hundred eighty he obtained the release of the bodies of american soldiers who died in a rescue mission. he also mediated in a hostage crisis in iraq in early one nine hundred ninety s. . but his main preoccupation remained the palestinian cause and he was the link between the p.l.o. and the catholic church in the vatican. he promoted the palestinian cause wherever he could in the world.
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they levied. on and ideas the world maintain their astarte so may look more don't. shop at all as a says second or national money only the amana of the remote are murat and me will free worth of a whole rotten as will full steam half of europe can be had on my national community grandma brown. layers of the northern. neutron gun i'm a. you know any normal men. obviously is to me if you could open. fishwife didn't like. bond doesn't know what doesn't and know with. you and how to solder to. saberi well i can can you sort of that you man of the.
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us before us to let her come. across. then. grant. him a shot of carbon. because it has some of. the. the. the are. an israeli blockade of gaza began in two thousand and seven after hammers to control there. in two thousand and nine joined a flotilla of boats carrying aid to gaza he was eighty seven very similar to. that no can ever do. that. but an act of his
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alma. mater. along with a little luck a marker for kenya. what took. him in war zones. for. oil and the lads will do it here and then i had. a moment with the head official learned. that a colleague. was also on board a turkish ship the map in twenty ten and. there. yes and a little further still mean when i say i'm. the bad that lydia was saying that. mills would may not like these.
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israeli commandos attacked the gaza bound ship in international waters before it had reached gaza opening fire on the campaigners on board. nine protesters were killed and was among the injured. he was detained and sent back to jordan. for help of them i mean an overt welcome to. your cell phone and actual has of their beloved as well slightly always read them very. little north. bears out. a lot of the behavior. of the if a lost any. of it the shovelfuls. at the a lot of them were there for and how completely. in march twenty seventh protests broke
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out in syria part of the so-called arab spring. syrians took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations calling on the effort government for reforms. the violence multi factional seven year conflict and huge exodus of refugees has been well documented. from a distance she took the government site in the war. on. let the things be closure be i believe. this to do you live. in. as the. one you know i'm going to.
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see out of the course of seem almost on a plank of wood i don't have a. doubt of it and i have in my head a common when one of them to preserve. them and the other half. you have. probably you know what i was up there on your post. at the council you. are one who has about one you feel. let. us not rank up. multiple if one has a member live there will a saudi year or the. three of you take. it appears that is likely. to be done. ever so that's one
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subject you get a chance to in the. three years you've been here and can e see the shap where they started missy here with the help mr m. and then a message to what he shouted when he said it was to meet up with an it can easily shout ten years and that if he can he said my shop one to death and. fear and you travel around with your not valid battery at the obama record i have a copy of what i thought i really welcome it was from a bollywood shot from a spinning the can money out of for obama yes. if you're feeling a little lucky you know how to be. she was a senior figure in the mel kites greek church but this is overseen by the pope in rome. it's quite unusual for catholic priests to become heavily involved in
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politics this forced him to make difficult personal choices and did not play very well with the authorities in rome. helen mckechnie see muscle membrane c.s.e. would deem why she must cool in chief r.t. molokai something where magilla leela. may. be me he and hey aliya and no. young heir how are their family by the way is not so and no anna. jani nor amal there nor. who is of the most old and the. mrs healy here climb out of it a little bit with the same or. sort of the sun will a lot of work you would. have if
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a heavenly host most would be on the bill can you see him is a man and the film a little. missa he liberty and. a no sheriff nor is this them or they are of the a force than a year as you and your. life as law full can e see our. i . say the. year was
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a. bit. but. not c.s.c. . they ought to be. on the first of january twenty seventh. the vatican and nouns that archbishop hilarion . had died in rome aged ninety four. it was his wish to be buried next to his mother in lebannon. on hearing of his death palestinian president mahmoud abbas described him as a great freedom fighter. a controversial figure he'll nonetheless be remembered as the christian priest who put his life in danger for
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a political cause he believed in and fought for passionately all his life. a hundred and sixty years the. starter vand in an artist street in cairo. there brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a halt later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today possibly the people's music on al-jazeera.
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hello there we're seeing some pretty heavy rain in parts of south america at the moment the satellite picture showing all the showers that gradually work their way down towards ri i realize they pretty soggy over the past twenty four hours and there's more wet weather still to come to the south of all of that there is hot in asuncion thirty seven degrees for us is also rather warm forcing what is ari's but there's more cloud it marching its way towards us and if you outbreaks of rain as well so a very different feel to the day on monday a wetter one and a cool one if we head for the north is largely fine settled weather to be found across the central americans at the moment some weather is just beginning to emerge there over parts of venezuela and that's working its way towards the northeast so they're all one of the two areas where we may see
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a little bit more in the way of cloud and that cloud could just be fake enough to give us one or two showers particularly i reports of jamaica and down towards costa rica as well but even here those are the showers of fizzling out as we head into monday further north there's lots of wet weather here particularly in the southeastern parts of the states cold thanks to this weather system here is gradually marching its way eastwards lots of heavy rain out of bad some snow on his back edge and it's turning pretty cool behind it the temperatures in atlanta will be dropping ten as a maximum but look at minneapolis only minus thirty. the weather sponsored by cattle ranch is. my main fish every week a new cycle going to see me simply breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the an aisle ation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the least named post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most in bad news
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a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . swear every. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. protests break out again in algeria
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to try to force the country's long serving leader to drop his plans to run again. diplomacy not to drills the u.s. and south korea say they're ending large scale joint exercises to ease tensions in the korean peninsula. a bridge too far but venezuelans find ways to smuggle in supplies from colombia. docked can save a lot of mom. moment which could allow the u.s. to send astronauts back into space. and support baseball's three hundred and thirty million dollar man makes after vishal balbir ice harper has signed the biggest contract in north american sporting history. and we begin in algeria where tens of thousands of people are protesting against
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plans by the president to seek a fifth term in office a deadline is looming for abdelaziz bouteflika to formally submit his candidate papers for april's election all indications say he'll put in the paperwork by the end of sunday despite ten days of unprecedented demonstrations in dozens of cities on saturday he sacked and replaced his unpopular campaign chief the eighty two year old has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen. the protests in algeria have triggered a show of solidarity in front's which is a large algerian population hundreds are demonstrating in paris more protests are also expected in ma say i mean a protester from the cost citizen movement she's joining us now live from paris thank you very much indeed for being with us why is this is so significant for all gerri ns in paris.
9:51 pm
algerian and paris have a stronger bond with their homeland in mosul joins in paris have been either been here for the longest time since there were the independence days or there are young people like me who came here for studies all for economic opportunities to find jobs and who are we all have very strong ties to our homeland. it is very important to mobilize here because we have to be an echo for what's going on in algeria and use the elders everyone is here for you some family there also here it's very important to not only say no to a fifth terms of presidency to say no to a regime that has taken us all hostage for so long for all these decades with corruption cliental is them and they have deprived us of our own country.
9:52 pm
well we appear to have lost those pictures from paris we'll try to get them back later on in the show but it is a rare show of dissent in a nation where demonstrations are banned in all of the protests by far the biggest since president bush if he came to power twenty years ago supporters say he restored political and economic stability after the civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. his term in office coincided with high oil prices but the economy has since suffered both a flake amended the constitution in two thousand and eight to remove two term limits on one the twenty fourteen election without a personal campaign well iraq's the allawi is a political analyst specializing in the middle east and north africa he's joining us on skype from one guy many alabama thank you very much indeed for joining us and . for those of us coming to the story perhaps a little bit later can you clarify something for us is the objection to beautifully himself to the people that he represents in government or do they simply want
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a change in algeria. if you don't have any the objection to it started as the opposition to the fifth term to go to sleep then he had the end of the pulpit and grief and pain included. the need the rejection of all the structure of the government and the corrupt. taking place there since the chance for law and especially in the last twenty five years and or the reign with the feet of so it started and the restraint the edges actually ended up with. little very little or no position to be sure. and the span old when we look at the flat didn't want to know. the movement called for the program. or rick perry twenty second and ben ferguson last week.
9:54 pm
we can being included also among their demands is almost the end constitutional and should do to reform which is very cold there of course so why are the pros have. very surprising to those conservative geria even organizers of the movement. also been very successful it's not all that limited to algiers this protest movement is almost all over the country and. almost every city even its. wrong or which is in the heart of the algae and then has about a mile of jeers forgive me for interrupting you we are having a little bit of dropout on the on the skype line but i hope you can you can still carry on for us and answer me this there are focusing on. the president's attempt
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to go for a fifth time but who is behind the president given what you were saying about the fact that the people in algeria failed that he is not capable of actually representing them and running the they the country who is it that is behind both the fleet in this. to understand going to children little sister. college you have to understand the coalition had to have greatest role because you have a coalition very composed of the military the intelligence services and the limited group that was added by bill to three times when you're right in power the only go so you have a coalition very well balanced between the three. and four very influential groups so as long as the military and the intelligence services are
9:56 pm
behind sleep and all of. the broader movement will be a lot and you will last in the protests in the streets and the reaching something that little wants to see i'm going to leave it there because unfortunately as i say we're having a few technical problems with this guideline but we appreciate your time louis thank you very much indeed for joining us the u.s. and south korea have agreed to end a major joint military exercises on the korean peninsula washington and seoul say its part about what's to reduce tension with pyongyang but the two will still carry out smaller joint exercises and as one comes just days after denuclearization talks between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un broke down in get now robin wright has more from south korea's capital seoul. effectively joint military exercises in south
9:57 pm
korea have been scaled back since president donald trump announced after the single poor summit last june that he was no fan of these war games as he called them that they were a waste of money but this confirmation that key resolve and foal eagle these spring exercises involving tens of thousands of troops of war planes ships and tanks will effectively come to an end is seen as a big concession they'll be replaced by a much smaller less high profile exercises these exercises have always enraged the north koreans who see them as a possible credit to war seems the joint militaries of south korea and the u.s. of now agreed at least in part with that saying that they do indeed lead to a rise in tension that these exercises are being ended as a way of supporting the diplomatic efforts this will be welcome by president moon j.n. of south korea who's once again standing in as
9:58 pm
a possible mediator between north korea and the u.s. to get things back on track it will also possibly help his personal initiative to try to help into korean relations go move forward to the next step he has stated in the last couple of days that despite the disappointment of the hanoi summit he's still determined to try to resume economic and tourism projects with north korea we still wants to try to go ahead with that although it's difficult to see just how without getting sanctions relief from the united states. kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy and national university says north korea will be expected to refrain from any nuclear testing in return. i think it's probably a quid pro quo for the continuing moratorium on the tests and nuclear tests the north koreans could continue to test missiles they could detonate weapons even larger than the one they did fifteen months ago sixteen months ago and i think you
9:59 pm
know trump has basically informally given them this in order to maintain that halt i suppose it's a reasonably fair trade i would imagine the japanese are a little bit nervous about this you know the japanese like the idea the americans have built in korea and in japan the american presence in japan and korea is something of a forward buffer you know defense buffer if you will for japan as well i think the japanese are pretty worried that donald trump isn't getting enough of the north koreans have the feeling that in japan there is some relief that hanoi sort of collapse without any major concessions on the american part but i mean as long as the tests are going including missiles flying around your japan you know it's possible they see this is a balance positive and if the north koreans were to go back to that i think we would get exercise immediately in fact i think there probably be a very harsh snap back on this more than just exercises a four day long gun fight has ended between security forces and rebel fighters in indian administered kashmir indian soldiers launched an operation in northern nevada bungs to try and flush out the groups so how raman has more from new delhi.
10:00 pm
tension of the kashmir region has increased over the past three weeks since the deaths of over forty india the paramilitaries and on february the fourteenth and of course the tension has been not just on the ground but also in the air we saw military aircraft in a dogfight earlier this week which led to the capture of an indian pilot released only on friday back to india for a bucket start yet the shelling continues across the line of control the civilians have been evacuated from booge and several other areas along the line of control while indian officials say the situation is tense and they're monitoring events in the region the army's chief. will be visiting the line of control to assess the situation for himself and then brief government officials in new delhi as far as new delhi is this.


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