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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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there was this there was a travel ban put in place by the country's supreme court against him before he embarked on that trip to those so those different south american nations it was also that statement by president nicolas maduro during an interview recently where he said that mr vidal will have to quote face justice when he returns to venezuela now where we are in the city of right on the border of venezuela humanitarian aid continues to sit in containers unable to cross the border diplomatic ties between the two countries has been cut which has also resulted in the closure of the official border crossing into venezuela but people are still finding other ways of making it to and from the two countries freely take a look. for thousands of venezuelans who live near the colombian border crossing the touchy to river is becoming a daily routine the water is shallow but it still requires a bit of skill to make it across most of the people we encountered here are venezuelan citizens carrying heavy bags of used goods they hope to sell in colombia
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. this is scrap metal people take this and sell it and use the money to buy food and then take the food back to the other side. it amiss says he makes several of these trips every day and is lucky to make twelve thousand pesos for the effort that's the equivalent of about four u.s. dollars on the bus i and the people cross over to sell scrap metal because there are no jobs no security this keeps them going there's a heavy military presence along the colombian side of the border but officers tell us they're only here to keep the peace not prevent people from moving freely between the two countries that if it's challenging crossing the border through the river it's challenging this bridge serves as the official border crossing and is usually bustling with pedestrian traffic but a week ago venezuelan officials set up barricades to prevent international aid from entering the country through colombia since then people have had to find other ways
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to get across the border. as many as twenty thousand people are estimated to be crossing to and from minnesota every single day this river is what separates in a swell from colombia some people tell us they've been traveling for four hours or more in search of food others say what they're seeking is medical attention. this woman was rushed across the river on a stretcher after suffering a miscarriage her mother tells us they didn't know where else to go you know cup her mouth is purple she's vomiting infirmity it was no went to treat her if i didn't bring her here she would die. the local economies on both sides of this border rely heavily on commerce and it's clear that people are anxious for it to reopen even though there's no clear sign of when that might be. things are calm here in colombia near the venezuelan border but mr go ahead of his
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planned his scheduled trip back to venezuela already called on social media for more demonstrations more protests against the government of nicolas modal calling for people all over venezuela to take to the streets once more saying that these protests will be taking place on monday and tuesday calling for the first one at eleven am local time all right man well thanks for that man well and up low in force lots more to come when we come back. the u.s. and south korea and a joint military exercises to ease tensions on the korean peninsula. and going back home a bittersweet journey for syrians who fled neighboring lebanon to escape the violence plus.
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hello there we've got yet more wet weather that's making its way across the middle east at the moment this is a system that's already brought is loss of thunder and lightning over parts of greece then which is way over the southern parts of turkey and it will be over the southern parts of the maybe into the northern parts of syria as we head through the next few days so this area pretty wet at times some of the downpours are likely to be rather heavy towards the east though the temperatures are rising for is in baghdad we should be up to twenty three degrees on choose day for kabul well here it should be fine but our temperatures hovering around ten at the moment i mean further towards the south and it's feeling a bit fresh here in doha particularly in the evening and first thing in the morning and that's thanks to the north westerly wind it's bringing in some very dry air and it's feeling quite cool during the day there with climbing up to around twenty four twenty five degrees for us really quite decent to also sounds a lot of there will be getting to around twenty nine in here it's always a bit more humid as we head down towards a southern parts of africa we've got some showers in the eastern parts of our map here just making their way over parts of mozambique but there's also plenty of
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showers in the north as well stretching from angola all the way across into parts of madagascar and this system is just expected to nudge a bit further towards the northwest as we head through the next couple of days if some of us here it is looking pretty wet from monday and she say. well the online. went to the answer for them not to do this or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the phone and some people. everyone has a voice. or twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation amount is iraq.
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hello again you're watching i just here a reminder of our top stories this hour algeria as president eighty two year old abdelaziz bouteflika has submitted his candidacy for april's election came after another day of protests across the country demanding the abandon his plan to seek a fifth term in office. talks in doha between the afghan taliban and the u.s. have ended for the day with no agreement two sides have been meeting this weekend after a taliban spokesman says negotiations are in a sensitive phase and both sides must be quote careful and cautious moving forward . while an opposition leader why don't once again calling for mass protests this week he says he plans to return despite threats of arrest.
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funerals have been held for some of the victims of the recent gun battles in the disputed kashmir region at least seven people were killed on saturday in cross border shelling between india and pakistan both sides said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday. a regional leaders in kashmir are criticizing the indian government's crackdown against separatist groups there members of generality slamming are accused of supporting an armed resistance against india under have been arrested and the leaders say their work for the region's most vulnerable children will now be affected so hale raman reports from new delhi. it's an early start for the students in should a god they come to this religious school from some of the poorest families in the region this hot drink and snack is perhaps the only opportunity to eat or the cold winter morning. many live in isolated villages and farms so it's a chance to see friends and catch up before classes begin however they may not be
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able to study here for much longer. the government has banned jamaat e islami that runs this religious school and many more like it in the region it says the group supports armed resistance against india and is a threat to the country's stability. student says it's a disappointing setback to his education. i want to do something in my life that benefits everyone i wasn't very religious and wanted to know how to pray correctly i was embarrassed that i couldn't answer questions about my feet this has changed what importantly the school has taught me social skills are to be polite speak to strangers and my elders with respect. late last month the central government banned the islami arrested scores of its leaders and sealed off their homes in indian administered kashmir there's been widespread anger in the community many feel muslims are being deliberately targeted and accused of being sympathetic to so-called terror organizations it's an accusation people here deny and say the
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government in new delhi is vilifying them for their faith and beliefs. regional politicians and are challenging new delhi jaylen idea not is an ideology it's an idea you can't just so you know in a democracy it's a battle of ideas if you try to imprison everyone you can imprison the idea it is going to for the really need the people of kashmir. this former head of india's external intelligence agency believed about the islam being kashmir has links with armed groups in pakistan fact is that the german has been bad news for a long time. whether there was a need to ban there i mean there's. a government to decide. but some of the bad had needed to be picked up that should have been nuns one time ago this hasn't been arrested and speaking exclusively to al-jazeera tells of his
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concerns because of the if. bernard the whole system will get us stated and it will be a disaster for the needy and word of people especially on the orphans and widows jamaat e islami hindi is the original group from which to mark the islam we broke away from the former passengers across india like this and they're not bound with tensions running high the concern for the indian government is how to regulate groups that offer an islamic education in indian administered kashmir without alienating an already disillusioned community so whole raman al to syria new delhi or the u.s. and south korea have agreed to end large scale joint military exercises on the korean peninsula washington and seoul say it's part of efforts to reduce tension with pyongyang that the two will still carry out smaller joint exercises that comes just days of course after denuclearization talks between the u.s.
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president donald trump and kim jong un broke down in vietnam and the u.s. president has launched a furious attack back home at the more investigation and the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the u.s. his speech came after his former lawyer michael cohen labeled him a racist a con man and a cheat in his testimony to congress earlier in the week trump says his political opponents are trying to take him out to use his words with the investigation into possible russian pollution during the twenty sixteen election. we have the greatest of all time now we have people that lost. unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that you can be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with ok of the ills of thousands of syrians who fled to neighboring lebanon when the war began are
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going back home the new minister in charge of lebanon's refugees is an outspoken supporter of syria's government has vowed to make the return of refugees a priority but human rights groups say those returning face arbitrary detention and torture by the regime then are harder reports from beirut a new group of syrians is returning home thousands have made this journey in recent months but their numbers are still small lebannon hosts over a million refugees from the war in syria authorities say it is time for them to go home now that much of the country is back under the syrian government's control but there are those who accuse bashar al assad's government of reestablishing we're pressin rule they say the southern province of daraa as an example there is a. in security.
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for. the record. people reporting. the opposition had agreed to a negotiated surrender for an amnesty but some say the so-called reconciliation agreements are not being respected instead there have been arbitrary arrests. international organizations including the u.n. say the lack of security guarantees is why many refugees are afraid to go back. into the conflict and we haven't seen any form being done by the syrian government towards the security situation especially syrian security services that are responsible for crimes against humanity. torture and death and. lebanon's politicians are divided on whether it is safe for syrian refugees to
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return home but the refugee affairs portfolio is now run by a politician allied to the syrian government the newly appointed minister saw the first act in office was to visit damascus it further politicized the issue there are some politicians who criticize. the government. intervening in that they believe the return to normalize direct contacts with damascus should not happen until an international political solution is reached. many in lebanon complain about the refugee populations impact on the country's economy and infrastructure those who hold power say they will push ahead with what they call voluntary and safe returns for many syrians that could mean more difficult conditions to discourage them from. beirut. a protests against serbian president president alexander of which are continuing for
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the thirteenth week in a row thousands of people have marched through the streets of belgrade demanding media freedom as a precondition for free and fair elections demonstrations began after an opposition politician was attacked last november hundreds of croatian journalists have rallied in the capital zagreb demanding more press freedom in recent months more than a thousand lawsuits have been filed against journalists who say their cases are being used to censor them croatians public broadcaster has filed complaints against its own and other reporters estonians are heading to the polls in a parliamentary election that is seen as a test of the far right center left prime minister says the front runner in sunday's poll but he could have a tough time forming a majority a parliamentary majority the nationalists estonian conservatives people's party has been making gains since the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen
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conservationists in kenya say poaching is putting a turtle species at risk they are working with local fishermen to try to stop the endangered reptile being caught on purpose or in their nets but the turtles are also losing their breeding grounds to erosion and construction catherine sawyer reports from our time on the eastern coast. a green tart all carefully covers eggs she's just laid back stone we have to be careful distracting how with bright lights may force her to stop what she's doing this stretch of beach in what time on the kenyan coast is a nesting site for hundreds of green and all you've really tuttle's both endangered species. every time they come out of the ocean to nest there life is in danger hunting them is illegal but some people here do for meat and oil which they say is maybe seen all and it's also an aphrodisiac this residents of our time walk
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tuttle conservation group it's their job to guard the tuttles but the biggest threat is poaching some people should be talking. that's why we are patrolling to give the security for the nesting models they then tag them to keep count of how many are out there up to four hours of hard labor she has done and has covered up eggs the best way she can to protect them from predators she's lucky that she's in a protected area many cattle that come up to nest and other parts of the beach are in most danger of being hunted down for food by people another tart all lead her eggs in what is considered a danger zone this part of the bitch is too exposed the title watches have to move the eggs to a safe area it's a delicate process. they have to make sure the eggs are well protected from poachers and direct sunlight. during the nesting season they carry out biweekly surveys which they say are often green last week the last survey that we did we
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collected a total of eight. statistics we feel like we haven't done enough because we have done outreach with awareness of the people but still not really video to work with us many fisherman in what town will know that title to a protected thousand muhamad several have been trapped in his fishing net he hands them over to government wildlife why didn't all conservationists in the area for a few it's a program that has helped but does not cover the entire nesting stretch with the trees protected i think it's very difficult to see a fisherman poaching. after two months total hutchings make their way into the ocean only one in a thousand will survive into adult hood catherine sorry al-jazeera on the kenyan coast.
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this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories algerian president abdelaziz bouteflika has submitted his candidacy for a election several leading opposition candidates have now dropped out as a result of that came in after another day of protests across the country with people demanding the eighty two year old abandon his bid for reelection the protests in algeria have triggered a show of solidarity in france which has a large algerian community hundreds of demonstrating in paris and must say. i mean our fathers' chamber is a protester from the it's a car seat is a movement she says people are demonstrating in paris because they feel a great sense of solidarity with those back in algeria. algerian in paris have a strong bond with their homeland and most all germans in paris have been either been here for the longest time since the independence days or they are young people
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like me who came here for studies or for economic opportunities to find jobs and who are we all has very strong ties to our homeland. it is very important to mobilize here because we have to be an echo for what's going on in algeria and used elders everyone is here where he is and family are also here it's very important to not only say no to a fifth terms of presidency they see no to a regime that has taken us all hostage for so long for all these decades of talks between the afghan taliban and the u.s. have ended for another day with no agreement the two sides have been meeting this week in qatar capital aimed at ending the seventeen year war in afghanistan taliban spokesman says negotiations are in a sensitive phase and both sides must be quote careful and cautious moving forward
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a kurdish forces in syria say they are expecting what they call a decisive battle as they close in on ice was last territory the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched their final push on the village of buck who's on friday those are the headlines inside stories next. managing this that is going kashmir tensions remain high between india and pakistan but could be another all out war between the countries and this peace in this disputed himalayan region even possible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. sandwiched between india and pakistan kashmir has been a flashpoint between the two nuclear powers since one nine hundred forty seven both new delhi and islamabad claim all of the region controls boss of it after three wars in the past seventy years a cease fire agreement was reached sixteen years ago but it has been regularly violated last week there were fears in india and pakistan were on the brink of a new war india strikes in retaliation for a suicide bombing that killed at least forty indian troops in indian administered kashmir pakistan responded shooting down a fighter jet and detaining its pilot who was then returned to india as
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a gesture of goodwill but indian and pakistani forces have also exchanged have a gun fire along the borders of kashmir killing at least seven people we have the latest from both sides first in delhi. maintaining the status quo has been a conundrum for india and pakistan that no one seems to have an answer for many others suggest that while kashmir seems to be the main issue between the two countries the de facto line of control may become and perhaps is the best possibility of a long term border between the two countries but to have that conversation islamabad the new delhi need to speak to each other and as far as india is concerned new delhi has had a problem with pakistan over the last seven decades the country has been ruled by one military dictatorship after another civilian governments have rarely lasted long enough for new delhi to have a conversation with them and new delhi will not discuss issues like this with unelected military officials the nearest that these two countries ever got to
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speaking to each other about trying to resolve the longstanding issues and kashmir was in the late ninety's when the present position of was in charge of pakistan that fell through very quickly and then also analysts suggest how about the people of kashmir on both sides of the line of control their aspirations their wants and their needs should be considered will they be in the future is only a question politicians can ask and then for india the real concern is that no matter how far the negotiations go there are always non-state actors and militant groups or terrorists as they call them that are sponsored as far as new delhi is concerned by pakistan and it only takes one incident like that and pull warmer in mid february to disrupt the status quo it's a complicated political jigsaw that has yet no answer the inside story i'm still robin in new delhi command heydays following events from islamabad. danger
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in britain india and pakistan remain a den or dime high once again or did the issue of kashmir were just come to the forefront india has blamed buggiest on for committing an act of getting them over forty over its shoulder and located in forty while mom august on her deathbed had no evidence to suggest that the attack was gathered out from bugs on saying that the regular you didn't die during the indian and ad d. i tag go in there gosh meeting with indian nationality buggers on going to news to maintain their days in their dangerous issue and i did do excited much to get that across their day boil to talk about all outstanding disputes however india had already a good read by august on under their shimla agreement signed off for the water in one hundred seventy one that orders through to marjorie said good bye lad drily the problem a india did not warrant
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a third party intervention could try and sort out their dispute and add the same time if you are just a dog group august on bringing up the issue of getting them the bugs on the prime minister imran khan had already made and opened all four to india dead bugs on a drilling to discuss all outstanding issue an order dissolved there's a dispute the boiler seems now and in india are scored according to most analysts here and so fall that signals coming out of new delhi showed there did nor deescalation are no way this has come all the hard for inside story from islam a lot. let's bring in our panel in new delhi prem shankar jiang journalist and author of the book me in one thousand forces some of the origins of the dispute in london victoria schofield historian of the conflict and in lahore via skype central asia
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security analyst and welcome to or mr john i mean judging from statements by officials from india and pakistan they don't seem to be willing to further escalate over quite so now what is next. you're right there i don't think there's any desire whatever escalate the crisis anymore because fundamentally the first of all the the attack and who am i was something that came out of the blue. and so all that the indian prime minister did was it took full advantage of it because he's facing an election in six weeks six weeks to two months and beating the beat of the sort of patriotic drum heads to get votes he's been doing that with his usual sort of. flare for the last fifteen days and. we've had these two
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attacks but counterattack i think it served its purpose and now i think we've had a very soon that the poor dates would be you know just victorious it's fair to say this particular moment of this is a going to be a turn chapter and from now on was going to be back to normal. well it's always difficult to get as you say back to normal with the dispute over german kashmir what you tend to have is a halt a period of deescalation a period of status quo on easy an easy situation some violence and then potentially another flare up and this is why i think it's important to focus not just on deescalation but on what might be the next step which inevitably has to be actually putting heads together and working out how in year in peace and the inhabitants of the state can can live together peacefully to to resolve the issue
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but those who have seen flare ups in the past is there any sentiment this time this could be different it could be conducive to first political talks between iran. and not enjoy mahdi one hundred one and i agree with that there won't be a major escalation but what i am worried about is that this level of of escalation that we have already could be maintained for another two or three months by the indian side because. prime minister modi is seeking election and it suits him to have a. pakistan that as an enemy there. it doesn't suit the pakistanis because they are facing a very severe economic and political crisis they want an end to this as quickly as possible but unfortunately i don't see. prime minister modi really are asking for
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a quick resolution or even just to go back to what was the theater's quo before which was not particularly conducive to want to circumvent but at least was not putting the two countries on the edge of war. prem model could be using this whole crisis to his own advantage but isn't there a burst of this could further spin out of control and he would and up facing one of the biggest political crises of his tenure well that's precisely why he i don't think there's or going to be any more escalation from the indian side as far as more these concerned he has got what he wanted out of it if it goes any further now first and foremost. we will not see he was able to portray india as a victim after the poor may attack but it is skill and one counter-attack that's ok with the repair responded to what they did but
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a second one now would would would serve no purpose whatever particularly because the pakistani counterattack our air strike was so carefully on was designed not to take human life and in fact there have been as far as i know almost no loss of human life on either side and it served his political purpose very well i doubt very much if he would like to rock this boat. he's a very fine orator is going to take full advantage of this and what i've seen is now he's picking on the on the opposition and saying why did you see this every day that the opposition makes a remark saying that look you are playing just like theater for elections you say ah but you are anti national so that's the game today victoria against the backdrop of the domestic politics particularly in india and with the upcoming elections do you think that more you will have to wait until after the elections to decide whether or not he will be talking to the pakistani counterpart. yes i did i didn't
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see anything happening before the elections and i think those premonition had a right that it's going to be used as an election ploy basically to drum that patriotic drum it is arguable whether it might get out of control but one hopes not and there will not be any further escalation but unfortunately it's going to be some months until we see the outcome of the election before i think you ever get an initiative or an acceptance of a meeting between moody and prime minister imran khan with the russia this is a conflict there has been pitting two neighbors to support powers india and pakistan for almost seventy years but the whole issue is about kashmir do you think that to more of both leaders decide to start political talks about a way out of the crisis where should they start. well we've already got
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a blueprint which was in two thousand and seven when. prime minister manmohan singh from india and president musharraf from buckstone ownership agreed on a settlement at that time and that never came into being because of the political crisis in pakistan and the musharraf government unravel so there is already a formula there which could be taken up i think one of the tragedies of in the last few years is that modi has refused to have a back channel in which a trusted aide of pakistan of bucks county leaders and indian leaders would talk to each other when this. when this plan came up in two thousand and seven it was largely due to back channels not through the official foreign offices or the political governments of the of the two sides but secretive back channel when
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moodie was proposed to have this back channel by former prime minister nawaz sharif you refused and i think you know at a time like this when tensions are so high something like a back channel a very much needed problem we've seen commentators and analysts saying that the problem would mordy is that he has always been describing this as an issue coming from pakistan when he forgets the fact that this has become more of a homegrown problem where the indian government and the bay d.p.p. party in particular have been ignoring the discontent which has been simmering for quite some time in the kashmir region. i think you're basically right on this and i would put it differently this is not merely a discontent that has been simmering the discontent had pretty nearly vanished when
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the when the did the road between she no good and. and with about was opened i was there was present i saw it on both sides of the line of control it had value after that the amount of the number of militants coming across the border dropped sharply we went ahead and we had the the framework agreement that has just been referred to and really by two thousand and thirteen this thing had almost completely died out. you have to understand that the more the government is not a normal government it is a government that got that came to power with thirty one percent of the vote you know then the just because the entire opposition was was was fighting each other and this came as a huge surprise. for they need to stay in power they have a horde transformative agenda that india must be taken that totally transformed
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from being a weak. loving sort of. governing to the to the muslims kind of country to a strong hindu country as it used to be a thousand years ago now that kind of transformative agenda that kind of ideology has no relationship to facts or history there in the middle of this and they now feel that they're very close to it didn't need to win this election for another five years to change every institution in the country and bring it in line with their thinking so that there's no no into it isn't left in the police in the bureaucracy or in the unit. that is that is that agenda. so i see your point but isn't that the very your part. sense of the problem and this is going to be my question to victoria when a party builds its agenda around. do nationalism an anti muslim sentiment we see in it's backfiring now in the indian administered part of
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kashmir well i think it's absolutely backfiring and this is one of the problems and actually one of the tragedies of the state of german question is history is that you've got a government as mr prince says that is so antipathetic all to the idea of secularism and without secularism why should the state of german kashmir want to stay within the indian union given its past history and i'm personally very surprised at the way that the government has handled kashmir in these in these recent years because it's really created an entire new generation of local kashmiris one can talk again about the involvement of pakistan till the cows come home but now what you've got is an indigenous movement you look at the kashmiris out on the streets you look at the hostility the use of pellet guns to quell crowds only make sickish mirrors feel they're being treated like cattle this is not the
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way to win hearts and minds which was the mantra chanted twenty years ago by the indian government and they've done the exact opposite with the russian listening to pakistani officials over the last few days they seem to be completely in denial about their responsibility for what's happening for this saying that we have nothing to do with. it is not claiming responsibility for the i do think that the pakistanis are typically will have to make major concessions for this issue in particular to go forward. well let me just say one thing in addition to what victoria said which i agree with very much is that it's very dangerous for india to hunt this kind of level of antipathy amongst the kashmiri population not it did that this is not an anti-gay i can ism growing because of but could start out because of pakistani militants coming across the border you certainly got
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a situation in in indian kashmir when the militant did local militants who kill themselves carry out two side attacks have become the heroes of the day now this was not the case before in fact when but it's done for sending in militants in the early ninety's there was a lot of resentment from question here is that why are these foreigners coming in telling us what to do know it seems that the kashmiris themselves so fed up that they're willing to lie or not is their own militants i and i certainly i mean at first but i thought his concern buxton has never faced a government in india which would which was not willing to talk every government in india had to talk to parkside of some level of the other and often about the kashmir issue this is the first government that box that is faced with that refuses to talk and consequently there is an element of brinkmanship on talks on side as
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well to try and force the pace of talks with india now to do that both sides have to compromise and i think one of the ways that one compromise obviously is that some of these groups that are resident in buxton should be disbanded fully. and not just promises made but disbanded fully but on the other side is that is that mean to talk for india to talk to because for me good speaking about. the compromises miss a prime the general kashmir is the. typical example of what happens when a government alienates its own population don't you think this is about time for the government to reach out of the mirror is in kasmir give them one biggest say in running their own affairs for for both parties to turn the top two. decades of animosity and death of course. of course it is of course it is i've
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written nothing else but this ever since the death of good honey in fact i began warning about what was happening in south carolinian in april two thousand and fifteen and i've been in touch with people in south southeast me and i am a poor dog at that at at the lack of sensitivity in them with the government the more the government given to an agreement to move to say than the p.d.p. government and then did it from the beginning in compete bad faith in order to make a fool out of them of the most of the p.d.p. to destroy its control in the valley and create chaos that's exactly what the succeeded in doing and they had no intention right from the beginning to ever allow me to do it to have autonomy ever allow the the government to function they did not want the vision to cooperate with the with with the p.d.p. in kashmir and did not want to talk to the who did the deed deliberately.
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deliberately stopped broke all. contact and communication with the rich in the most insulting manner possible with the intention of degrading them denigrating them interest needed so that you get a vacuum there that the vacuum is now being filled by these extreme militarist these young and extreme militants and and and i agree with you that this is not in the control of either pakistan or india there could be another suicide attack in e d. in kashmir and mr modi would see it come from pakistan and in order to get get votes then that beast another roar here and then another and another confrontation i'm terrified of that is that there are three parties to the dispute not to. victoria two thousand and eighteen was described as one of the worst years the. president had level of violence five hundred people killed the international community is calling for india to further investigate humor why it's abuse why does
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it leave the region. well can i also add that putting german kashmir under governor's rule what message does that send to the inhabitants i think that has to be taken taken into account and mr prince says this this idea of cooperation and allowing the p.d.p. to function just never happened i think where where it leaves us is that you have to have as a say some leadership which has the vision to see that this actually can in danger not just the inhabitants but the whole region maybe the whole world if if there were ever to be a nuclear exchange if there's to be one more attack how can you know we've now are seeing a deescalation but that after the next attack will be that same deescalation or will the two countries resort to war and that's the sort of scenario we've been looking at really for the last thirty years we go back to the cargill war in one thousand nine hundred nine the attack on the delhi parliament in two thousand and
2:44 am
one the mumbai attack in two thousand and eight these are all landmark occasions when thank goodness both countries withdrew from the brink but who knows what will happen next time. a mother she just spent many years writing about jew political implications of conflicts kashmir is a conflict for starters seventy years ago because of the hasty partition historical background different ethnic and religious backgrounds the two countries still determined that the have the absolute right to control all of kashmir the us nuclear powers and in a further confrontation in the near future could just mean further destruction what could be the best possible scenario for india and pakistan. to end this conflict where the person prime in the same row khan has offered talks and talks about terrorism and that is precisely really what modi had asked for back in two thousand
2:45 am
and fourteen when he first addressed the u.n. general assembly he said that you know that he canceled talks at pakistan and said only only talk to pakistan would be about terrorism now if the two sides are if but son is prepared to discuss terrorism as emraan carter said i think this is you know one plank towards building up a consensus for a dialogue. if if if and you say there is no dialogue and talks to not take place i fear very much that the whole region is going to be affected the fact is that this split between india and pakistan is now very much dividing the region of course all the regional countries are said we don't want war but they're lining up on one side or the other and. the really big fear is how will this
2:46 am
affect relations with china with russia with the united states and the arab countries thank you and. as these tensions worth. i don't think we will see any quick resolution thank you very much indeed. prim. and victoria schofield thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you to forcing you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com. further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com. you can also join the conversation on twitter a hundred is a lot of for me. the whole team here left.
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with a new leader in brazil comes changes to how it deals with in the u.s. brazil's vice president is playing an active role of president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil talks to al-jazeera. colleague muslim which is saying he's now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said charnel us as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with
2:48 am
professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime in costs writing journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. this is al-jazeera.
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has this is the news hour live from dot coming up in the next sixty minutes. protests break out again in algeria as the president's admits his papers to run for reelection just before the deadline. the symmetry in western kabul coming up we'll be telling you who's to blame for a record number of civilian casualties in afghanistan last year a bridge too far but venezuelans are still finding ways to smuggle in aid from colombia. and the efforts in kenya to save these turtles from extinction. follow a representative of algerian president. has submitted papers for his fifth reelection bid but in the last hour election officials are now saying beautifully cast to
2:50 am
submit his papers in person is told he's currently in switzerland getting medical treatment and a leading and number a number of leading opposition candidates have now dropped out of the race because of his entry and then big demonstrations against beautifully taking part across algeria and france the dean barber has more. police fire water counted all the students demonstrating in algiers the protesters wanted to get to the constitutional court to stop. standing for a fifth term in next month's presidential election the eighty two year old has used a wheelchair since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public he recently traveled to switzerland for medical checks. saturday he sacked is the veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement that started last month the day before tens of thousands of people had taken to the streets in the capital police used tear gas and there was scuffles near the presidential palace there were also
2:51 am
large demonstrations in the second city oran and other towns across the country the protests represent the biggest challenge in years to your forty's and have surprise some observers remember on the fourth. twenty fourteen there were tens to hundreds of protesters so not that much we're seeing now hundreds of thousands of protesters and the concentration was just in algiers and maybe one or two towns but that was it still in terms of intensity scale geographical location. numbers we're talking about a very very different level and it's very surprising. in algeria half the population is under the age of thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians who struggle to find employment but now there hasn't been major violence but the anger hasn't gone away the dean barber al
2:52 am
jazeera. it is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social sciences in paris he is in algeria where she joins us now via skype thanks very much for being with us so those protests are going on beautifully submitted these papers through one of his representatives but now the election officials are saying he's got to do it in person is this something that they're going to hold him to. well it shows how much does regime is good disconnected from the reality and from the demands of the people actually well you know this morning another candidate who is a former military has also feel his paper. too although he is director of campaign so that's was of proust's way to say that before you can we do this and indeed we just learned those asked to reverse from that but we learned. also didn't do it in person old oh this is a battleship of the low that's actually
2:53 am
a launch and think of the fact that bush is running that he's not going to camp out a protest or even answer to the events of chance for our for our whole system of governance that the judge is going to have and as far as these protests that have been taking place for several days now is this all about to flicker and his. his attempt to run for reelection given his age and. the state of his health or is it much bigger than that is it about the whole system in algeria. yes and you know i want to it's more about them has our journey in the back to him has a critical to our dictator this point test our sanity to be sage to all algerians first and foremost so they can themselves to say we can they'll have three ontic in the streets we are not afraid anymore to take to the streets and to provoke a civil war because that's one of the regime has tried to make them believe for so
2:54 am
long after the ninety. credit crisis so this is first and foremost and they're forced to take back control of their debt political future and will. the political life all the usual political ads that have been excluded from those that that doesn't count that's not what that they're trying to pull that is not enough and another political life what they're trying to they will try to build their own childish and even if they don't otherwise themselves right now me that final call that's you know i mean that thinks that there are lots of those who will still put the pressure on the transition of the knife by the army. and there's been a lot of comparisons to what we're seeing in what we've been seeing in algeria over the last few days i'll let you take a moment there two together yourself. there's been some comparisons there to to
2:55 am
what we've. seen in algeria over the last few days to the arab spring protests swept across much of the middle east back in twenty eleven which we didn't see in algeria a you're there right now how would you gauge the mood among people there right now . you know how does that say it yesterday into your colleagues of insight so it's not of about of revolution it's you to look to let's not actually think that the people are not committing feelings or fears of an hour that every day we're happy it was just for they weren't so you don't see that was really the mode the triage to and that's also and this once you get that control over that you made the world has of themselves and work to be managed that has been turning it back thirty four mandates are now largely about saying look there we're in the hole where we are able and we are civilized and we are politically mature enough to decide
2:56 am
a lot of richard will. get to speak with you. speaking to us there from algiers thanks very much for being with us. venezuelan opposition leader one why don't he is once again calling for mass protests this week he says he plans to return home despite threats of arrest why don't he's in ecuador where he met lenin moreno he's on a tour of latin america which took him to colombia brazil power and argentina the european union is urging them to do the government not to rescue i don't know for violating a court order not to leave the country. manuel apollo is on the border town of cuckoo tar in a colombia for someone well what more are we learning about quite as plans for returning to caracas. one of those did
2:57 am
finish his trip to ecuador on sunday that was the last stop for mr y. though on a larger tour of several self american countries including but indiana and but why . offered on twitter a clarification saying that he would be traveling back to venezuela on sunday but he didn't give any details specifying the itinerary that he would follow now there are some risks that he might be facing there is an expectation that that he could be arrested that he that he does run the risk of arrest upon his return to get out because although we are not sure that is exactly where he's going to go the country's supreme court had issued a travel warning a travel ban against. before he embarks on that trip to those several south american countries it was also that statement in a recent interview given by president nicolas maduro saying that mr would face justice when he returns to business well and now also on social media on sunday one
2:58 am
was calling for new protests he was calling for the international community to harsh in sanctions against the government of nicolas maduro and he was calling on people across venezuela to once again take to the streets and protest against the government of nicolas maduro and what about the fate of the international aid has actually managed to arrive in venezuela gets. international aid continues to sit in containers here on the border town of on the colombian side of the border that border because the two countries have cut diplomatic ties the official border has actually been cut there's a bridge that connects the two countries there's no pedestrian access that bridge would otherwise be full of people crossing but people are finding ways around that and take a look. for thousands of venezuelans who live near the colombian border crossing the dutch government is becoming a daily routine the water is shallow but it still requires
2:59 am
a bit of skill to make it across most of the people we encountered here are venezuelan citizens carrying heavy bags of used goods they hope to sell in colombia . this is scrap metal people take this and sell it and use the money to buy food and then take the food back to the other side. of it miss says he makes several of these trips every day and is lucky to make twelve thousand pesos for the effort that's the equivalent of about four u.s. dollars. people cross over to sell scrap metal because there are no jobs no security this keeps them going there's a heavy military presence along the colombian side of the border but officers tell us they're only here to keep the peace and not prevent people from moving freely between the two countries and if it's challenging crossing the border through the river it's challenging this bridge serves as the official border crossing and is usually bustling with pedestrian traffic but
3:00 am
a week ago venezuelan officials set up barricades to prevent international aid from entering the country through colombia since then people have had to find other ways to get across the border. as many as twenty thousand people are estimated to be crossing to and from minnesota every single day this river is what separates in a swell and from colombia some people tell us they've been traveling for four hours or more in search of food others say what they're seeking is medical attention. this woman was rushed across the river on a stretcher after suffering a miscarriage her mother tells us they didn't know where else to go you know her mouth is purple she's vomiting infirmity it was no went to treat her if i didn't bring her here she would die. the local economies on both sides of this border rely heavily on commerce and it's clear that people are anxious for it to reopen even though there's no clear sign of when that might be. things
3:01 am
or call me here in near the venezuelan border but there are protests that are being called and coordinated for eleven am local time local.


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