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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 62  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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why not. you was quoted yesterday. in the newspaper that you are a friend of the palestinians it is true is a true. friend of everyone. was banned from talking to the media or taking part in any political activity but kept his title of archbishop. he left room for south america as agreed with the israelis. i went to venezuela then to brazil and argentina was highly regarded and respected my heart kept longing for jerusalem and its ancient streets left a small prison to enter a big one. but within months she broke the agreement banning him from visiting arab countries he accepted yasser arafat's invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the palestinian national conference in
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syria for the national the south america loves the club and a country well said all economic. measures so you know of us and you will have many. of the loss of a lot if the ballot measures rather than going to one engine. would be. why is are far from a lot. beirut. while khaled across. the bush. years oh is that all. but going a little bit because he was able to near zero at the end he can hear when the men in the house are more behavioral to film academy members were looking chemical nudism three week old connecticut to be able to. be in with the.
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elephant the camel vanier palau up well and whom of the of. michelle they. are when. she was busy in exile from the levant. he was involved in several hostage negotiations and played a key role in iran after the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution in mena nine hundred eighty he obtained the release of the bodies of american soldiers who died in a rescue mission. he also mediated in a hostage crisis in iraq in early one nine hundred ninety s. . but his main preoccupation remained the palestinian cause and he was the link between the p.l.o. and the catholic church in the vatican. he promoted the palestinian cause wherever he could in the world.
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they levied. on imo there is no way to maintain their astarte so may look more though. not shop at all as a says a gun or a muscle man only the manner of the remote on murat will not work the enemy will fix the worth of a whole rotten as will full steam after a few or can be had a man shot a military a gram a crown. of the northern. neutron gun i'm a. you know any normal man in. the car dealers to me if you could open. fishwife didn't like. them comparison no. and no way. jani how to solder to zero sorry well i can can you sort of that you man of the year well most.
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of us before us to learn have. been. shot a carbon. was because well his are. the . was. the are. an israeli blockade of gaza began in two thousand and seven after hammer asked to control there. in two thousand and nine joined a flotilla of boats carrying aid to gaza he was eighty seven very similar to. no can do all is early and had. been locked up.
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in. a number that i would add a little luck for kenya. what took. him in war zone which as. for. oil and the lads will do it here and then i had. a moment with the head official learned. that a colleague. was also on board a turkish ship the mad in twenty ten and. there. yes and. look for this to mean when i say. the bad that lydia was saying that. mills would may not like these.
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israeli commandos attacked the gaza bound ship in international waters before it had reached gaza opening fire on the campaigners on board. nine protesters were killed and was among the injured. he was detained and sent back to jordan. to plant their beer of them i mean an overt. phone in actual has of their beloved as well slightly always had them very. little north. bears out a law. that allows a behavior. with a bill of the year for us to any. of it a shovelful no. longer had that the lot of them were there for and how
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complete. in march twenty seventh protests broke out in syria part of the so-called arab spring. syrians took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations calling on the effort government for reforms. the violence multi factional seven year conflict and huge exodus of refugees has been well documented. from a distance she took the government site in the war. on . the basic logic be. this to do you live. in. as the. one you know i'm going to.
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see or to seem almost on a plank of wood i don't have a. bathtub and i have in my head a common where none of the temperatures are not. there i'm only about half a mile. you have. probably my when i was up there on your post. at the council year. or when you house about one you feel. let. us not rank up. one has a member live there when a saudi year or the. three of you take. it period that is likely. to be done. ever so that's one
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subject if you can't. beat them. three years you've been here and can easily shap well it's up to missy here with the help mr mandela message it to when he shouted when he said it was to me willian it can easily shout can egypt and that if he can he said my shop one to death and. fear and you travel around with your new pilot better yet the obama record having probably what i thought i really welcome it was from the bali live. from a spinning the economy out of obama yes. if you're feeling. lucky you know how to be. she was a senior figure in the mel kites greek church but this is overseen by the pope in rome. it's quite unusual for catholic priests to become heavily involved in
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politics this forced him to make difficult personal choices and did not play very well with the authorities in rome. helen mckechnie see. my brain c.s.e. would deem why she must cool n.z. each arty molokai something where magilla lila and maybe. me here in hey aliya and know. this lee by the way is not so and no ana. jani nor amal there nor. who is are the most loyal and the political machine in mrs healy here call him out of it a little bit with the same more. of the samuel a learned of a worker with. the head of a heavenly host most will be on the bill can be seen as
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a mint and the film a little. liberty in. a no chef nor is this them or they are of the if force than a year as you and your. life as law fill can e see our. i . mean. look you me is a. was
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a. but. the of the. office not c.s.c. . they ought to be. on the first of january twenty seventh. the vatican and nouns that archbishop hilarion. had died in rome aged ninety four. it was his wish to be buried next to his mother in lebannon. on hearing of his death palestinian president mahmoud abbas described him as a great freedom fighter. a controversial figure he'll nonetheless be remembered as the christian priest who put his life in danger for
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a political cause he believed in and fought for passionately all his life. a hundred and sixty. starts advantage in an r.t. st in cairo. there brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. century and a half later the sound still resonates with many today. the people's music on al-jazeera.
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however there was a warning of extreme cold with wind chill over the weekend for alberta bits of says scotch one and also across the u.s. side montana north dakota the temperatures forecast with the wind chill minus forty to minus fifty that's just ridiculous to early march by day the temperatures will get up to about minus seventeen in minneapolis about the same in winnipeg the cold is still there and look at chicago's minus for you watch that because botswana get to monday it's down to minus ten not cold is leaking east was not will will but to some degree doesn't bring the snow with a but it is still severe coat at the california coast looking fine a good day off for rain but it is building once again to be there late tuesday for wednesday by which time slightly less code to chicago but it's got cold winter on
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to down to minus seven and it's subzero in new york and still snow on the ground in most of the northeastern states to squat for the sciences to across the caribbean and the trade wind is still blowing of course and that's parting the cloud up some degree but the coast of nicaragua and dancer costa rica and panama there are many showers at least on monday that are start to come back again the concentration the pace being colombia and the going across the border still into venezuela. i made it to every weekly news cycle going to see the simple breaking story and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janet that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the story that matter the most in bed is a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world all. gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. this is al-jazeera. elephant zero one on come on santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera . oh. protests continue against the
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algerian president's bid for a fifth his campaign manager though says the president would only serve a short term if elected also exclusive pictures from the saudi consul general home in istanbul shedding more light on the murder of jamal khashoggi and its aftermath u.s. president omar trump says scaling down joint military exercises with south korea will save hundreds of millions of dollars while lowering tension with pyongyang. after. the successful mission to space to bring. the u.s. a big step closer to resuming astronaut paunches from home soil. algeria's eighty two year old president has formally put his name forward for a fifth term in office. beautifully has been facing growing protests against his
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rules always tried to appease algerians saying he will call early elections if he wins next month's votes barbara has the latest i demonstrate his march late into the night in protest against such areas long time rina abdelaziz bouteflika al jazeera contant apparently fairy fire this picture is pestered and social media sharing hundred chanting in as. early as students told the president it's time to go the protesters wanted the constitutional court to stop with a fake a standing for a fifth term in next month's election in response to the protests beautifully because campaign manager it signaled the president will not rule for long if he wins a post election in one year or more some mean one hell of a day doubt i insist by the power of god if the algerian people renew their confidence in me to hold the historic responsibility to achieve their fundamental requirement to change the system i pledge to organize early elections to be set up
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by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate in the last election. police fired water cannon in the capital as crowd swelled the protests have been echoed in places like france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against that fifth mandate but also against the system that has taken our country away from a president but to feed his eighty to his you. to wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protests movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across south ceria protesters held rocks at police who fired tear gas more than two hundred people
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including dozens of police officers were injured the protests represent the biggest challenge to put to flick israel since the twenty four thousand election which was denounced by the opposition but analysts say this is different to the protests during the arab spring i don't think there is the anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt that he did hope to heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the voters because the economy is is is crumbling. in algeria half the population is under thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians to struggle to find employment but now that anger is sustaining the protests barbara and get out of syria here's the thoughts of ben brower analysis and professor of history at the university of texas in austin he specializes on algerian says people in the country were cautious about
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political change during that arab spring. we're not talking just about a single person president with a flick. in many ways the protesters are there are you against the fifth mandate for the president but they're not necessarily there out of hostility for the president himself i think that there is something of an understanding that what he's done in this state in this time as president that they knew back in one thousand nine hundred ninety has done a great deal of good for the country but at this particular moment with the president's poor health they're ready for change in a meaningful change i think in many ways when we make the comparison back to the revolutions to tunisia in the uprisings across the arab world at that time algerians themselves when they went into that particular moment there were widespread protests across the country but there was also a great sense of caution algerians as leaders across the arab world toppled algerians themselves were saying we have been in this particular place before which started for us in one nine hundred ninety eight and entered into
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a period of great violence and loss of life during the one nine hundred ninety s. a period that algerians now we'll talk about in terms of the dark decade with a great deal of caution as these possibilities for political change opened up around the arab world and that particular moment and this was a caution that the government itself was able to meet with a great deal of social large us. these things that people been asking for housing better employment better educational oper to pursue unities better salaries the government with the high oil and gas runs that it was enjoying that time was able to spread that those resources around in society and essentially buy for itself a moment of social peace move to other news and al-jazeera has obtained exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a documentary airing on al-jazeera arabic is shedding new light on his death and how his body may have been disposed of shoji of course was killed inside saudi
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arabia's consulate in istanbul last year more from same course in that. these pictures show a furnace a tenderer or when that was built by a turkish constructor in the garden of saudi consul general's residence in istanbul just a few hundred meters away from the consulate general building where jim alford shipped to was brutally murdered and according to order toppings obtained by the turkish intelligence his body parts were dismembered in the closely general building again we heard from we heard from the police department and the persecutors office that. g.'s by the parts would carry it in a luggage was and bags to the residence building close to the consulate and according to the police as i said in two thousand for two thousand and eighteen the police strongly suspect that his body parts might have been burnt in the stand there were over the according to technical details of this all when it can fire up
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to one thousand degrees celsius which means that it leaves no trace of the d.n.a. of a body part or any bones and the turkish police insists that since al toby who is a forensic experts of the saudi hit team who came to motor jamal khashoggi in istanbul his dissertation thesis was about analysis of d.n.a. from the hooman bones that's why they strongly now suspect that. body parts were burnt inside that over and it was already reported before and the reason why they came up to this idea is also that just a few days after jamal his ship was murdered and his body parts were brought to this place where the saudi men living inside they ordered. portions of meat than cooked meat and they did the barbecue that's why the police now strongly suspects that g.'s body parts were burnt. at least fourteen people have been killed
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after a tornado hit the u.s. state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lee county and it is feared the number of dead could rives. me more than ten thousand people are now without power tonight the warnings are still in place in parts of alabama and in neighboring georgia. now venezuela's opposition leader says he will return home on monday to new protests against president nicolas maduro won by those wraps up a tour of latin american countries seeking support to topple he was lost in ecuador but it's not reportedly heading back to venezuela a short time ago he was on social media as well calling for venezuelans to join the protest the government is threatening to arrest him if he doesn't return let's talk tomorrow about polo he's in the border town of kuta in colombia this is a big risk isn't it he was there was a court order in fact selling one by donuts to leave he runs a big risk coming back. absolutely that was
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a court order that was also the statement in a recent interview from president nicolas maduro saying that when mr by the returns he will face justice in venezuela we still can't confirm where exactly he is he did take to social media calling once again on venezuela's to fill the streets of the country convening demonstrations against the government of president nicolas maduro for eleven am on monday that's local time it's unclear whether where that broadcast that social media broadcast was made but he did say that he would be attending those demonstrations on monday as you mentioned already he was last in ecuador wrapping up a tour of several south american countries meeting with leaders of neighboring countries such as brazil argentina as well as parer as well as paraguay during that social media broadcast mr gray though said that the that the dilemma that venezuela faces right now is between democracy and dictatorship he also condemned the use the government's use of paramilitary forces that were responsible for violence that
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broke out on the venezuela colombia border on february twenty third violence that lasted for three days he also called on the venezuelan military to allow international aid tons of international aid that is sitting in containers here in the border town of kuta to enter the country now that border the official border between bin. and colombia remains closed but it hasn't stopped people from finding alternative ways to continue crossing the border freely take a look. for thousands of venezuelans who live near the colombian border crossing the touchy dove river is becoming a daily routine the water is shallow but it still requires a bit of skill to make it across most of the people we encountered here are venezuelan citizens carrying heavy bags of used goods they hope to sell in colombia . this is scrap metal people take this and sell it and use the money to buy food and then take the food back to the other side. of it miss says he makes several of
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these trips every day and is lucky to make twelve thousand pesos for the effort that's the equivalent of about four u.s. dollars. people cross over to sell scrap metal because there are no jobs no security this keeps them going there's a heavy military presence along the colombian side of the border but officers tell us they're only here to keep the peace not prevent people from moving freely between the two countries and if it's challenging crossing the border through the river it's challenging this bridge serves as the official border crossing and is usually bustling with pedestrian traffic but a week ago venezuelan officials set up barricades to prevent international aid from entering the country through colombia since then people have had to find other ways to get across the border. as many as twenty thousand people are estimated to be crossing to and from venice.


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