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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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suring at least for now that their lives stay very much in limbo that's one of the reasons things have been set up differently here. at the beginning of the new show response that the additional response was to set that then as we need another shot but since they didn't like it they looked at the hamilton outside the cell. hammocks because it's what they're used to sleeping on not. fernando good you know with the u.n. h.c.r. tells me hundreds of them have been placed in this converted gymnasium to help the white house feel more stable there nobody already vulnerable position and it's clear when we receive them at the border when we check their health conditions it's very clear that they have more room than abilities in they need they have more specific needs. but it's not just the sleeping arrangements that are unique camp administrators also set up a communal kitchen. one of the more interesting things we found in this shelter is
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that the what hour are provided with food and they prepare their own meals it's another way for them to try to preserve cultural traditions many are afraid are disappearing. food that is about much more than eating products that are about much more than selling essential threads of a history they'll do anything to keep alive mohammed atta at the pinta lundy a shelter in both of east in brazil. i'm glad she was still ahead and there are taking on the ball i will be reporting from south sudan's first line of defense against the latest outbreak. of capture was a successful mission to space that brings the u.s. a big step closer to resuming astronaut launches from home soil.
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however there was a warning of extreme cold with wind chill over the weekend for alberta bits of cisco and also across the u.s. side montana north dakota the temperatures forecast with wind chill minus forty to minus fifty that's just ridiculous to early march by day the temperatures will get about minus seventeen in minneapolis about the same in winnipeg the cold is still there and look at chicago's minus for you watch that because botswana get to monday it's down to minus ten not cold is leaking east was not will will but to some degree doesn't bring the snow with it but it is still severe cold at the california coast looking fine a good day off for writing but it is building once again to be there late tuesday for wednesday by which time slightly less cold to chicago but it's got cold winter on to down to minus seven and it's subzero in new york and still snow on the ground
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in most of the northeastern states to squat for the sciences still quite sort of the caribbean and the trade wind is still blowing of course and that's part of the cloud up some degree but the coast of nicaragua and dancer costa rica and panama they're all many showers at least on monday that are start to come back again the concentration appears to be in colombia and the going across the border still into venezuela. we want to return a can bring your people back to life. with updates on the banks the algeciras documentary the struggle continues. to. continuing with australia's most generation of recovery. is a really important issue. do or mine very high. the national
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average rewind. play again you're watching us is there and here is a reminder for our top stories this hour representatives of various presidents have formally put forward his name for reelection. seeking a fifth term despite large scale protests that he's on set for office a two year old has pledged to call a new vote if reelected next month. and exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi documentary airing on our sister channel says there are big details how
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turkish officials believe and of and may have been used to dispose his body. venezuela's opposition leader says he will return home on monday to lead new protests against president nicolas maduro despite the threat of arrest ecuador was the last one of those latin american tour to gather support. now the u.s. consulates and joe islam but still to palestinians is to be absorbed by the new u.s. embassy in the city on monday the controversial decision to make them into a single type a magic mission was announced by the u.s. secretary of state i pump am a consulate has been in place for about one hundred seventy five years and access to fact a u.s. embassy of palestinians and the palestinians consider the merger a downgrade and diplomatic relations jacobs is a partner at the truman national security project and he says there's no going back
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on the embassy move even if trump leaves office bear in mind that in one thousand nine hundred five the it became law in america to try to move the embassy to jerusalem in every six months since then there's been a waiver to to prevent it from happening and it was passed on a bipartisan basis so i don't think the embassy in any way shape or form will will move back to tell of the the issue of the consulate in jerusalem once this change is made i don't imagine that it would change again but i think very importantly one part that's being missed i don't know that the israelis would object to the americans building a full fledged embassy in ramallah and i don't know why that's not something that's being discussed any change like that needs to be you'd significantly and again it just it points the direction that the trip administration is going in but again i do believe that the israelis would not object to the americans putting an embassy in ramallah i think actually in fact that they would celebrate it because one of the big issues that the israelis look at is the idea of in any sort of two state
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solution of splitting jerusalem and if they were at the americans were to put an embassy in ramallah it would dictate that the palestinians if they were to have some sort of capital in east jerusalem it would not be the same sort of wouldn't have the same diplomatic status as ramallah so again i think the israelis would actually welcome the idea. it's almost the reason he wants to end large scale military exercises in south korea is to save the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars and washington and so have agreed to cut back the drills saying it's part of efforts to reduce tensions with north korea they will carry out smaller joint exercises comments come just days after denuclearization talks between the us president and kim jong un broke down in vietnam also in jordan has more details from washington d.c. . the u.s. president donald trump has long criticize the necessity of two key military exercises held by the u.s.
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and south korean military key resolve and foal eagle for the past decade or so military forces from both countries have trained to be prepared in case of an attack from north korea on south korea the u.s. has a treaty obligation to provide and to protect south korea in case of any attack from its enemies notably from north korea well even though the exercises themselves were very expensive it's long been thought that the president wanted to end those exercises one because that's something that pyongyang has been asking for and to to give a reason to want to strike a deal on its nuclear weapons program however there are some military analysts who suggest that the exercises themselves were quite valuable in terms of troop readiness and that the president and his ongoing efforts to try to broker a deal to get rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula might have given away
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some leverage whether or not that is in fact the case we'll have to see but certainly the south korean government is saying that for now it wants to support u.s. efforts to broker a deal with pyongyang on the nuclear weapons question and so it is willing to a focus instead on other smaller joint military exercises with the u.s. if that's what it takes to get and manti nuclear deal. an executive from chinese tech giant huawei who is facing extradition to the us is suing the canadian government its border agency and the national police. lawyers says her rights were violated when she was detained and questioned in vancouver last december. attorneys say she believes she believed she was undergoing a routine customs check but it was only after giving border agents information and electronic devices that they told her she was under arrest last week canada started
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the process to extradite her to the u.s. or she's accused of violating washington sanctions on iran. floods in southern pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least fifty people and usually have a reign in the past ten days has cut off tens of thousands of people relief workers say the number of dead could be much higher afghan city of kandahar the government says it's the worst flooding in seven years. the international aid charity doctors without borders has suspended its operations fighting and the ball outbreak in the democratic republic of congo after two such treatment centers were attacked that there are concerns that the disease will spread today bring countries including south sudan or than five hundred people have died from a bowl in d.r. see since august the morgan has more from the town of gay in south sudan close to the congolese border. it's taken almost four days to make it to south sudan from a refugee camp across the border in the democratic republic of congo but before she
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can return to the home she left more than a year ago health workers have to check to make sure she doesn't have the ebola virus as my i heard there was an abode outbreak and that it kills i also heard that if one person is infected in the family everyone else can get it too and i've seen the pictures of those who died from a bowl or i was afraid that me and my children got infected so i took them and i returned to south sudan. because an outbreak first declared last august is the worst in the republic history more than five hundred people have died and a further three hundred have been infected most of the cases are in areas controlled by armed groups making it difficult for aid workers to reach and if they do provide treatment well things have a preview camps near the epicenter of the epidemic more south sudanese are choosing to head home. people arriving from the neighboring democratic republic of congo are screened for ebola at fives like this one in the center of a people arriving from uganda which is also considered high risk country are also
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screened but others are getting through without screening because of challenges at the border. agency say between fifty and one hundred people are arriving in south sudan every day but not all crossing points have screening sites and not all screening sites are easily accessible which is raising fears about the potential spread of the disease screening sites they're located between the border areas between the r.c. in south sudan and uganda and south sudan they are extremely hard to reach due to complex security situation and extremely poor infrastructure so these two are the major challenge that we face in terms of stepping up. gaining access and maintaining access for continued. prevention and preparedness activities the authorities in a say they're trying to raise awareness to make it easier for people to get screened we have been advocating so much for people particularly. to make
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sure not to use more free channels where the screaming points should not be come to those points were goes over still in the fields most of them used to moves on but as a challenge but we are. getting that we really need to use the off issue because we don't have all the capacity to set up and screaming all those porous borders ilia has been screened and assured she's well but it claims more victims in the democratic republic of congo and fighting continues to cut off access to border points in south sudan there are concerns if the disease spreads aid workers here in a will have to step up from a position of preventing access to one of containing it people morgan al-jazeera arab or state. colors is set to become a stony us first female prime minister. after center right opposition party won the country's general election their reform party beat the prime minister's ruling center left party with almost thirty percent of the vote opinion polls predicted
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the ruling party would hang on to power but it only secured twenty three percent of the ballots of the immigrants conservative people's party came third more than doubling its votes. the u.s. was the last major nation to perform invasive testing on chimpanzees infecting them with hiv. and other diseases that stopped in twenty fifteen because of animal cruelty concerns that well instead of living out their days in the lab the chimps have gone into retirement and a new oh so one hundred has the story from keep louisiana. for mankind's closest relative. this is the reward for a life of service. they've been infected with hiv tuberculosis and other diseases and tested it medical labs across the united states now julius and two hundred sixty eight other chimpanzees are living a life of leisure at louisiana's chin pavan the world's largest chimp retirement
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home. they get treatments for the usual ailments for the elderly. diabetes we see kidney failure we see liver insufficiency arthritis. and they get specialized medical care and the occasional healthy treat. they are living out the chimp life they get to make choices they can decide if they want to be indoors or if they want to be outdoors. that happened. three years after the u.s. government ended invasive testing on chimpanzees there are now more chimps here than in government funded laboratories. and chin pavan is rapidly making room for the remaining one hundred eighty test chimps hey are you are ready for the release anything anybody ever did about. some labs had insisted the chimps should be retired where they are in the labs that experimented on them but
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in october the us national institutes of health decided that all chimps who are healthy enough to travel be brought here. this is a far cry from the lives chimpanzees lived in research labs instead of serving humankind with. bodies. they're being catered to themselves. so i'm like julie as we're born in the wild others have never seen a tree you would think if you gave a chimp a tree they would climb it that's not true chimps are territorial sometimes fatally so to newcomers so any faults is part behaviorist part mammal matchmaker when they arrive we actually go and do observations on the groups and on the individuals and try to see where we think that they're going to best fit in and with what family they're going to do best and once we kind of make that determination. they have a say in having
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a say for many for the first time in their lives can make all the difference john hendren keith to louisiana. a space x. capsule has successfully docked for the international space station for the first time in the company's history the mission marks a milestone in commercial space exploration the dragon capsule didn't have any astronauts on board but a manned mission as planned later this year and gallagher has more in this three q. right here it's that. when space x.'s unmanned dragon capsule launched from cape canaveral on saturday it was a high stakes mission twenty seven hours late to the capsule with only a test dummy on board slowly approach international space station but it excessively docked nasa and space x. declared a new era in commercial space travel to capture was the program. well emotionally exhausted. stressful. but
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it worked. it's been eight years since american astronauts last launched into space from u.s. soil but space x. hopes to change that the dragon capsule were main in place until friday grid and docks and aims for a splash down in the atlantic another vital test for the program the next mission from space x. will be a test of the capsules high altitude of book capabilities and safety system designed to get astronauts out of the way if there's a problem during launch after that will come the real milestone in july space x. plans to send two astronauts into space potentially ending years of the u.s. relying on other countries to get humans to the international space station and gallacher al-jazeera. you're watching out is there and these are top stories representatives of various
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presidents have formally put forward his name for reelection adela days is seeking a fifth term despite large scale protests that he's unfit for office but the eighty two year old has pledged to call a new vote if reelected next month. i insist by the power of god with the algerian people renew their confidence in me to hold the historic responsibility to achieve their fundamental requirement to change the system i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate in the last election al-jazeera has obtained exclusive pictures inside the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi it's all airing on our sister channel there are big details how turkish officials believe and of and may have been used to dispose of his body. it's or nato has hit the u.s.
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state of alabama killing at least fourteen people rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in the county more than ten thousand people are without power venezuela's opposition leader says he'll return home on monday to lead new protests against the president nicolas maduro despite the threat of his arrest ecuador was the last stop on one guy those latin americans who are to gather support and the interim says he wants to end large scale military exercises with south korea to save the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars washington in seoul have agreed to scale back the drills saying it's part to efforts to reduce tensions with north korea malaysia's government says it's considering new proposals to resume the search for flight m h three seventy five years after advantage with two hundred thirty nine people on board families and friends of the missing have been marking the anniversary malaysian airlines flight was on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing when air
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traffic control lost contact with the plane. well those are the headlines and the news continues here. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera.
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and welcome once again to rewind i'm kemal santa maria since around as they were english launched back in two thousand and six we've been adding to our collection of award winning films year by year and here on rewind we're showcasing some of them once again today it's a one on one east film about the abnormally high suicide rate among young indigenous australians each year more than one hundred aboriginals choose to end their lives they are twice as likely to commit suicide as other restraints in kimberley and western australia tree stumps they use to mark the site of a suicide and programs based on ancient rituals have been developed to try to help young people find their way from twenty twelve this is australia's last generation . remote and picturesque. the kimberley in north west australia. a vast area three times the size of england.
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the traditional lands of the good ranges. to take care of the land. a using their bush skills. study but it's a different thing that ensure. what's or what. but recently these ranges have had to a quiet a new set of skills. to respond on the ball to some lloyd know gets younger brother last year the suicide spot the only good ranges to take up a suicide intervention course i lost my little brother. last year.
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we had my birthday. mowanjum has a population of three hundred and fifty people. and is about eight kilometers away from the town of. it situated in the kimberley. the week before we arrived there had been another five suicides in the region. it's taboo to talk about the aboriginal culture to even say the name of someone who has passed away but we speak with people in the community. there's been more suicides there than anywhere else in the region just about every single family has been touched by suicide.
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is a suicide response worker for the derby and area he's been working here for more than seventeen news hundred or more has become in this community. very year old kids. want to hang actually mark out their tree their identified trees that they want to hang. out in the kimberley region. in the kimberley region it's probably thirty completed in the last twelve months. and that's a. marked the spot where people have committed suicide. serving as an eerie reminder of the on time the deaths.
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families guard down. just like you don't want to see it brings back. bad memories but that night. when. best friend killed himself here a few months ago he was just eighteen years old if someone commits suicide it affects the whole community. one big family it's not the first time a man has had to deal with the death of someone close to him. when i was only an adolescent. committing suicide i don't know what for. just turning eighteen so i think about it too. and the sound of suicide stirs him in his sleep.
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i just like. people shouting in the night saying somebody help this person want to commit suicide or hung himself. lloyd no good believes a lack of opportunity is contributing to a downward spiral. there's nothing there for them but alcohol and drugs just nothing exciting or good for them to enjoy. it. takes us to a popular spot the adults and children go to drink alcohol kimberly's allowing him to drink more three times as much i'll hold you know him try it you know normal sitting for the boys to have a drink is ninety cans of beer. with copious amounts of know all.
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and they'll drink and i and then go back the next day and rick will sign with often the whole white on a home. and not even flinch. terence james often finds himself in a drug and alcohol haze. we go on to have a good time. again broke small of weed. a few years ago when he was high and depressed terence tried to hang himself. as i hear that happened the oh well here. for the rope he takes me to the site of his suicide attempt to. come over here to help me understand how his feeling that day. it was going to get it from going on.
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waste that struck him. and one of my mind in my mind that school blank you know the day no one went over here to him one of them and with them. getting one. just. like over them then one would mean and over. in my most of. the public and one of them to grab a rope when. they were home or. would you do it for you would you want a good feel for. where
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the northern territory would mean yes so aside right it's three and a half times the national average wedding to an indigenous camp to say how culturally appropriate methods are being used to heal and save they are. david cole runs which means creation in the local language it's about giving the kids a safe place and a culturally appropriate place to just. get away from things play them on share some tools with. him some seeds of understanding and by sickly help them which are the challenges i got him a safe place to just let things go. and how's it culturally appropriate the biggest aspect of the problem is cultural reconnection it's getting the kids to build their self-esteem through identity and culture and that's a key component of the program. six
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camps. for about a week at this one nine high risk youths are being put to task. for. making traditional weapons to help break connect them to their ancient culture. more than forty thousand history. with traditional dance i. and smoking ceremonies to cleanse. all but one of these adolescents have thought of committing suicide and are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. we can't identify them because they're under age ranging from twelve to sixteen years old. to early and hoping to heal.
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you know the violence from broken families the loss of identity the various forms of abuse physical mental emotional. substance abuse drug and alcohol. can be drug and alcohol around the kids and ultimately the kids being embroiled in that substance abuse themselves. is first indigenous psychologist professor pat dudgeon says substance abuse is a symptom of largest social issues i think that. all the problems that are consequence from. all of that prying has been left unattended and just manifested through the generations and that plane passed on to the children and so for has led to the
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children that we have today who are at the end of that crying child that don't understand the pray that i must understand where it comes from and i don't understand why they must enjoy such crying. this fifteen year old who call cameron is one boy who wanted to end his life mom. she can and i mangle just. don't feel lucky. now so awful. what do you do with that anger. so my friends do bad things and then i just hang up the creditors. that's where you find the drunks and stuff like that with a little help from nature david cole is trying to show these adolescents how to isolate their problems. it does violence broken family if there's been past.


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