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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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u.s. secretary of state i can pay you a consulate has been in place for about one hundred seventy five years and it acts as a defacto u.s. embassy for palestinians so many palestinians consider the move a downgrade and diplomatic relations jacobson is a partner at the truman national security project and he says there's no going back on the embassy move even if trump leaves office bear in mind that in one thousand nine hundred five the it became law in america to try to move the embassy to jerusalem in every six months since then there's been a waiver to to prevent it from happening and it was passed on a bipartisan basis so i don't think the embassy in any way shape or form will will move back to tell of the the issue of the consulate in jerusalem once this change is made i don't imagine that it would change again but i think very importantly one part that's being missed i don't know that the israelis would object to the americans building a full fledged embassy in ramallah and i don't know why that's not something that's being discussed any change like that needs to be viewed significantly and again it
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just points the direction that the trip administration is going in but again i do believe that the israelis would not object to the americans putting an embassy in ramallah i think actually in fact that they would celebrate it because one of the big issues that the israelis look at is the idea of in any sort of two state solution of splitting jerusalem and if they were at the americans were to put an embassy in ramallah it would dictate that the palestinians if they were to have some sort of capital in east jerusalem it would not be the same sort of wouldn't have the same diplomatic status as ramallah so again i think the israelis would actually welcome the idea. and still ahead. to learn about how the why the education of these children could be affected by a kashmir crackdown. from the lab or treats a sanctuary we've made the chimpanzees getting some life.
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hello to stop raining and snowing in afghanistan and pakistan and there's no more in the immediate future pretty look further west there is another system developing other things to look for the north of course immediately is affecting turkey and probably syrians far south as lebanon this is the picture on monday breaks of lightish rain the wind not overly strong it keeps marching slowly eastwards the cloud is still on the coast and further south into egypt it's cheese day with a few showers on it but it hasn't come to much in iran just a little bit of rain every now and again across the heart of the country has not made it for the temperatures don't change very much the wind doesn't change very much in the clouds cape doesn't change very much so a largish window on the gulf the temperatures recovering encounter about twenty
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four but hard in riyadh and obviously highs two in mecca we can add one more three countries to the breeze becoming something of a southerly notice the rains have briefly been heavy in the last day or so in parts of south africa was on beacon tons unable to start to focus the focus the heaviest right is in tanzania maybe eastern side of zimbabwe and beyond but if you're looking to the south of course now you won't see very much the wish hours unless you're in jaipur or possibly in swaziland these two areas are prone to big showers at the moment. who was a sponsor. i mean every new son who brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how they were on the story
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spent much of the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. is there and here's a reminder for our top stories this hour representatives of algeria's presidents have formally put his name forward for reelection. seeking a fifth term despite large scale protests that he's on a fit for office the eighty two year old has pledged to call a new vote if he is reelected next month. has obtained exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general the nest on ball after the
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merger of the journalist jamal khashoggi documentary airing on our sister channel it is there are big details how turkish officials believe and of in that may have been used to dispose of his body. and a tornado has hit the u.s. state of alabama killing at least twenty two people rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lee county thousands of people are without power. so after days of increased tension between pakistan and india where leaders are criticizing the indian government's crackdown against separatist groups in the disputed region of jamaat e islami is accused of supporting an armed resistance against india one hundred seven arrested and leaders say their work for the region's most vulnerable children will be affected so raman has this report from new delhi. it's a really start for these students in should it go they come to this religious
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school from some of the poorest families in the region this hot drink concern is perhaps the only opportunity to eat or the cold winter morning. many live in isolated villages and farms so it's a chance to see friends and catch up before classes begin however they may not be able to study here for much longer. the government has banned jamaat e islami that runs this religious school and many more like it in the region it says the group supports armed resistance against india and is a threat to the country's stability. student says it's a disappointing setback to his education as a i want to do something in my life that benefits everyone i wasn't very religious and wanted to know how to pray correctly i was embarrassed that i couldn't answer questions about my feet this has changed what importantly the school has taught me social skills are to be polite speak to strangers and my elders with respect. late last month the central government banned jamaat
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e islami arrested scores of its leaders and sealed off their homes in indian administered kashmir there's been widespread anger in the community many feel muslims are being deliberately targeted and accused of being sympathetic to so-called terror organizations it's an accusation people here deny and say the government in new delhi is vilifying them for their faith and beliefs. regional politicians and other challenging new delhi. idea do not is an ideology it's an idea you can't just so you know in a democracy it's a battle of ideas if you try to imprison everyone you can imprison the idea is going to for the really need the people of kashmir this former head of india's external intelligence agency believes to mark the islamiyah in kashmir has links with armed groups in pakistan a factor that. has been bad news for a long. well there was a need to ban there i mean there's. a government to decide. but.
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needed to be picked up that should have been nuns one time ago this hasn't been arrested and speaking exclusively to al-jazeera tells of his concerns because of the if. bernard did whole system will get us treated and it will be a disaster for the media and people especially on the phones and we're doing jamaat e islami hindi is the original group from which to mark the islam we broke away from the former passengers across india like this and they are not bound with tensions running high the concern for the indian government is how to regulate groups that offer an islamic education in indian administered kashmir without alienating an already disillusioned community so whole raman al jazeera new delhi.
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an executive from chinese tech giant huawei is facing extradition to the us is suing the canadian government its border agency and then national police. lawyers say her whites for a violated the when she was detained and questioned in vancouver last december twenty says she believes she was undergoing it would seem customs check but it was only after giving border agents information and alec tronic devices and they told her she was under arrest last week canada started a process to extradite her to the u.s. where she's accused of violating washington sanctions on iran. kid callus is set to become as tony as first female prime minister after is said to right opposition party won the general election the reform party beat the prime minister's ruling center left party with almost thirty percent of the vote been in polls predicted the ruling party would hang on to power but it only secured twenty three percent of the ballots the far right anti immigrant conservative people's
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party came third more than doubling its vote a former advisor to the u.s. president donald trump is helping set up an academy for far right leaders in italy steve bannon has praised italy's government for its nationalist agenda and it's helping more countries follow its example but to sonically a go report some call it fire though some residents aren't happy with the plan. for more than eight hundred years that resulted charterhouse monastery in college park dar has been a place of quiet contemplation these days the last of the remaining monks is retired and it is no longer solely dedicated to the theory of pursuits the new resident has moved in with a more worldly plans in mind benjamin han well the founder of the d.d. tartus humana institute or d.h. i want to transform it into a right wing populist recruiting ground the first project is the cardinal martino academy for human dignity which will promote catholic social teaching with
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a special emphasis pro-life pro-family issues the second project is the academy for the christian west which will promote the christian foundations of western civilization one of the main backers is all right ideologues steve bannon who played a leading role in president trump's electoral victory and was the author of his nationalist american first dogma his intention here to spread that vision across europe and beyond because then return home use what they learned here for the fight for the judeo christian west once they get back into their home environment the blueprint for this was a talk given by a baton to the d.h.i. at the vatican in twenty fourteen where he preached his conflict ridden worldview but we're in an outright war against shia hardass islam islamic fascism
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within this forum on astri is where the organizers anstey bet and hope to create a new generation of populist nationalist politicians and thinkers the next donald trump or viktor orban if you will but outside of these walls there is little appetite for this project. in the town itself there is a sense of discomfort about the plans to suit was until last year looked after by the state and there are concerns over how the d.h.i. which keeps its funding secret to maintain the monastery. we cannot even begin to consider allowing steve benen to come to our town official there just so he can do whatever he likes by launching this academy to attack the european union resulting becomes a battleground for europe we will defend it that. resulted project may sound a warning for the very future of the european union and increasingly fragile continent that threat is ever present this will be
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a front line with the forces of populism poised to the new recruits and create an elite in their own image so new diagonal al-jazeera. israeli forces have shot the two palestinians in the occupied west bank israeli media say the palestinians were killed after the attempt to drive a car into israeli soldiers a coup for name a village that's west of ramallah two soldiers and a third palestinian or so injured. donald trump says the reason he wants to end large scale military exercises with south korea is to save the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars washington and seoul agreed to cut back the drills saying it's part of africa to reduce tensions with north korea it will carry out smaller joint exercises trumps comments come just days after denuclearization talks between the us president and kim jong un broke down in vietnam. prominent politicians have been among hundreds of people marking what's known as bloody
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sunday in the us it has been fifty four years since police attacked peaceful demonstrators marching from selma to montgomery alabama pushing for voting rights presidential hopefuls cory booker and bernie sanders were among the election's democratic nominee hillary clinton joined people retracing the steps of the civil rights march. x. capsule has successfully talked with the international space station for the first time in the company says tree the mission marks a milestone in commercial space exploration the dragon capsule didn't have any astronauts on board but a manned mission is planned for later this year and gallagher has this report free to you right here. when space x. is unmanned dragon capsule launch from cape canaveral on saturday it was a high stakes mission twenty seven hours later the capsule with only a test dummy on board slowly approach international space station really successful
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it docked nasser in space exclude a new era in commercial space travel captured. the program. emotionally exhausted. his. but it worked. it's been eight years since american astronauts last launched into space from u.s. soil but space x. hopes to change that the dragon capsule were in maine in place until friday get it on docks and aims for a splash down in the atlantic another vital test for the program the next mission from space x. will be a test of the capsules high altitude of book capabilities safety system designed to get astronauts out of the way if there's a problem during launch after that will come the real milestone in july space x. plans to send two astronauts into space potentially ending years of the u.s. relying on other countries to get humans to the international space station and
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gallacher al-jazeera the last major nation to perform invasive testing on chimpanzees infecting them with hiv tuberculosis and other diseases it stopped in twenty fifteen because of animal cruelty concerns now instead of living out their days in the lab the chimps have gone into retirement home so one hundred has their story from phil in louisiana. for mankind's closest relative. this is the reward for a life of service. they've been infected with hiv tuberculosis and other diseases and tested it medical labs across the united states now julius in two hundred sixty eight other chimpanzees are living a life of leisure at louisiana's chimp pavan the world's largest chimp retirement home. they get treatments for the usual ailments for the elderly. we see diabetes we see kidney failure we see liver insufficiency arthritis
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periodontal disease. and they get specialized medical care and the occasional healthy treat. they are living out the chip live they get to make choices they can decide if they want to be indoors or if they want to be outdoors. that happened. three years after the u.s. government ended invasive testing on chimpanzees there are now more chimps here than in government funded laboratories. inching pavan is rapidly making room for the remaining one hundred eighty test chimps hey are you are ready for the release . of everything about. some labs had insisted the chimps should be retired where they are in the labs that experimented on them but in october the u.s. national institutes of health decided that all chimps who are healthy enough to travel be brought here. this is a far cry from the lives chimpanzees lived in research labs instead of serving
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humankind with their bodies. they're being catered to themselves. so i'm like julie is we're born in the wild others have never seen a tree you would think if you gave a chimp a tree they would climb it that's not true chimps are territorial sometimes fatally so to newcomers so any faults is part behaviorist part mammal matchmaker when they arrive we actually go and do observations on the groups and on the individuals and try to see where we think that they're going to best fit in and with what family they're going to do best and once we kind of make that determination. they have a say in having a say for many for the first time in their lives can make all the difference john hendren keith louisiana.
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are you watching out is there and these are top stories representatives of algeria's presidents have formally put his name forward for reelection abdelaziz bouteflika seeking a fifth term and that's despite large scale protests that he's on fit for all says but the eighty two year old has pledged to call a new vote if reelected next month. al-jazeera has obtained exclusive pictures inside the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi it documentary airing on our sister channel al-jazeera arabic details how turkish officials believe and of and may have been used to dispose of his body it's her native hit the u.s. state of alabama killing at least twenty two people rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in the county more than ten thousand people are without power. for sure the death toll is going up we're twenty two
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right now. and unfortunately i feel like we are told that number may rise yet again but again. that's going to depend on our our search efforts. we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time debris everywhere and it is just as it has mentioned previously this evening just some. damage to structures and residences in the area with israel as opposition leader says he'll return home on monday to lead new protests against president nicolas maduro despite the threats of arrest ecuador was the last stop on why does lots of american toward to build up support. an executive from chinese tech giant huawei who's facing extradition to the us is suing the canadian government its border agency and the national police. lawyers say her rights were violated when she was detained and
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questioned in december. well those are the headlines the news continues. stay with us. here is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. no one race to really show the text points right and the rich are getting it. wrong for lack of a. very. low richard gaisford in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week how one interview that was never even broadcast your.
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tax reform on the news agenda a news anchor in israel learned the hard way about what can or cannot be said about the occupation and israeli soldiers like father like mother like son nicaragua where journalism and politics can be a family affair and citizen journalists have had their crack at covering the on the rest in sudan now the artists are doing their thing. this week we're leading with one of those topics that television news producers would rather leave to print journalists or better yet authors because it's complicated it's about tax rates and it's not a sexy topic not a visual story until a young dutch academic spoke at the recent world economic forum in davos and made news by telling a roomful of billionaires want to fix the global economy then dig deeper pay up it's time to tax the rich then fox news's tucker carlson invited rutger bregman
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onto his program mistake bregman went right after crossing the channel that he works for and the media in general for almost never covering the fundamental issue of tax reform it's fair to say that carlson did not take it particularly well the interview would not go to air but bragman managed to have the entire exchange recorded on a phone camera and once he sent it to now this an online news site it was destined to go viral and get people talking our starting point this week is tax avoidance global inequality and the complicity of big media. format is what's known as a double ender or a d.t.l. a down the line interview which means the host is in one place tucker carlson at fox news's headquarters in new york the guest in another rutger bregman in a studio in amsterdam and it was prerecorded it wasn't
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a lot. of help and. now typically if that kind of interview goes wrong and the channel chooses not to parrot the video never sees the light of day because it exists on the broadcasters server and nowhere else. but this one went viral obtained and released by the online site now this because in addition to showing up with an agenda. bregman had a plan he brought along a friend to record the video from the amsterdam and on his phone and to capture the audio from go thinks. he knew it was probably going to go to the protest because he was raising issues that hurt them or make them look pretty bad and part. of their dirty money he was criticizing the fact that they are paid to represent
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a particular kind of ideology your millionaire. or you're not talking about what you thought is the classic car crash t.v. interview and i think that made him uncomfortable as well but i think the thing that made the most uncomfortable was that he was accused of not being an independent journalist that he was accused of working to a great ideology that will show he's paying. tax. he didn't like that he took umbrage with that they're all like oh i'm against to call this off. even twenty years ago you know this would have been unthinkable the very fact there bregman was able to get it out so quickly is itself a sign of the ability of different voices sometimes to break into the narrative and interrupt the dominant interpretations of issues like say taxing the wealthy i mean
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i want i don't i don't know. the down the line interview between new york and amsterdam actually got its start in switzerland rutger bregman made waves in davos telling the world economic forum's well heeled audience that the best way to fix the global economy was to hit them in the pocket and har. we got to be talking about texas that's it. however fox and carlson would have been more interested in something else bregman told his audience a billionaire and observation that happened to square with fox's own ideology fifteen hundred private yet to hear survey that and ross speak about you know how the planet perhaps crosses producers thought that man would be a kindred spirit regarding the hypocrisy of billionaires flying halfway across the world but it doesn't come at this from that kind of position at all the kind of
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conservative populist position that maybe tucker carlson or fox news does but for me what really stood out from that interview was the moment when rocketeers to tucker carlson of being a millionaire funded by bill in the house you're not part of this. part of the problem actually. went to the heart of this debate about the role that media and well paid people within the media potentially contribute to the debate all the lack thereof around tax breaks. and the criticism. of the u.s. the coverage of tax reform in mainstream news media is disproportionately luck while tax avoidance gets sporadic mentions when celebrities from the world of sports or entertainment are involved those advocating reform like rubber bridge
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members tend to blame corporate leaders and the ideology of their owners for the shortfall but the truth is the little. more complicated to that a little less productive some of the media's aversion to tax stories even the corporate owned media isn't ideological it's commercial channels not wanting to lose viewers by testing their patients and burying them in numbers documents deductions credits and loopholes. you're right reporting on tax can be dry and it can be boring and ninety five percent of that work involves reading very complicated spreadsheets financial statements and e-mails that don't make much sense i do think that television has gotten so much better and they've been a great example of reporting on things like the panel in the past five years if reporting on tax and financial crimes has taught me anything it's that patience is a virtue i think stories run pretty well on television we have news walls we have
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discussion programs that remember that if you talk about taxation you're talking about inequality you're talking about poverty you're talking about real people's lives all that can be represented on television i think what's happening at the moment is out ideas like radical taxation across the board taxing labor income less . accumulated words these were outlier ideas only a couple of years ago but they're starting to take root now and perhaps the media is having to rethink where allocates space and time to those kind of discussions. commercial considerations are not the only thing the tax reform story is up against corporate ideology preaches that mo tax rates are a good thing that if billionaires are spared taxes proportionate to their income society will somehow benefit that's debatable but what does trickle down is the truth that starts on the executive floor and winds its way below to the news room
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where it becomes a journalistic truism whether it is true or false for example. if a government cuts taxes it will lead to increased economic growth there is no evidence of that and yet it's repeated as though it's true it's not a challenge the cut is a great thing because businesses small and large well left to the federal robber barrons and be able to do is they see fit with their newfound hard earned cash the problem with the media really is that there has to be an ideological capture and there is a kind of narrative that has become dominant and one of the successes of neo liberalism is it seems visibility in the fact that people are not aware including journalists are not aware that they repeat sink beneath the house you know every ten children is there a cultural difference between mainstream media and the sort of voices without seeing the general public and audiences that yes there probably is i think the
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media is only now coming to terms with the fact that people are challenging more bravely the status quo that even five years ago in a forum like this would not have been mentioned it's not a coincidence that in every project that we had. the swiss wakes panama papers or paradise papers there is a pretty substantial number of media moguls television station owners newspaper owners magazine owners who appear surprise surprise as using tax havens as having secret bank accounts so the question is significant is there a way in which that economic pressure leads perhaps to the distortion of media coverage the better question may be is there any way to this is my first time at davos rutger bregman has recently made waves at two institutions one a gathering of the rich and powerful the other a news network i want to. speak truth to power and i'm doing exactly the same thing
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right now but your a millionaire funded by a billionaire. and that's the reason why you're not talking about these issues bregman made news by stating the obvious that the rich should pay their fair share because sometimes it's not what you say that matters it's where you say it but the last word on this goes to the millionaire fox news anchor who went viral fifteen million views and counting. and. he didn't really mean that. hugh we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tara enough starting with another interview that did not go well the u.s. based spanish language broadcaster only views you on lands a face to face with venezuelan president nicolas maduro what went wrong the interviewer jorge ramos did the interview at the presidential palace in caracas but
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it didn't last long barely fifteen minutes according to ramos moderate didn't like his line of questioning of the challenging him on electoral fraud human rights concerns and humanitarian issues ramos he showed me this video of three young venezuela and eating from a garbage truck. not only did my door then abruptly end the interview ramos and five of his colleagues were held by security confiscated all of their equipment including the memory cards six of them were deported from venezuela the next day seems like some of the best interviews these days aren't making it to air what arma duros people saying about this so the information minister jorge rodriguez tweeted that ramos was a stooge for the u.s. state department he said the government has welcomed hundreds of john but that quote we don't lend ourselves to cheap shows and to be fair richard last week spanish journalist jordi alba away from the channel called left sexed up sat down
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with a mentor in an interview where he pulled no punches and nothing untoward occurred we know the history and politics at play here caracas has reason to be suspicious of western news outlets many have largely uncritical supports for what some see as u.s. regime change in venezuela the government has arrested or deported news crews from chile france and spain but jorge ramos is nobody's stooge his reputation is found moving on to israel now an anchor woman there named all shot at. we're taking a lot of heat over comments that she made about the occupation of what did she say and why are people so worked up about it caught her took aim at an institution that is seldom criticized on israeli airwaves the military. limited the minutes of our lives to have a couple. of people she was referring to a segment they just run on channel thirteen a privately owned israeli channel about the beating of
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a palestinian man and his son by israeli soldiers last month the victims were hung cuffed and blindfolded and the fifteen year old boy was made to watch of his father had his ribs and nose broken the soldiers reportedly started dancing afterwards so channel thirteen got thousands and of complaints over callers remarks she received death threats and the network has since find her a bodyguard israeli politicians currently in the middle of an election campaign feast on this incident prime minister benjamin netanyahu tweeted about it but his education minister naftali bennett went right after you confuse the idea of soldiers give their lives so that you can sleep soundly apologize caller did apologize and i show you the next week but she added this i mean it's there's no mclean viber go but me make him a villain and. surely all the time i feel you a cow shall not the michel mean there are still and then oh hey leno. only at sea
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org. ok thanks to our. last month we reported on one of nicaragua's most outspoken journalists fleeing the country carlos father nando chamorro said he feared for his life that he was facing extreme threats from the government when civil unrest erupted last year against the government of president daniel ortega chair models news outlets all on and on the air reported on those demonstrations and the crackdown that followed more than five hundred protesters jailed more than three hundred killed this is not just a story of another crusading journalist there's a lot of history here to morrow comes from an influential family the to morrows own media outlets his mother is a former president and his late father paid for his journalism with his life that was back in the one nine hundred seventy s. when daniel ortega led the sandinista rebels the political roles were reversed and ortega was fighting to get the story out with one foot in journalism and the other
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in politics that your morals don't just speak truth to power they've held power the listening posts to sell a piece are now on a family that lives and works at the intersection of journalism and politics in nicaragua. this is a story that spans generations a family history of journalism including with politics a story about the get out world that is now being told from costa rica but you know what you learn. you haven't done little bit about it who. can let's pick number ten not in our heads up i'm presenting. this week one of his country's most watched current affairs show is. not december police raided one of the other media outlets and. a week later they targeted. another media
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house and arrested. you know for tomorrow it was time to leave stock out of the records they raided our offices and occupied them in the military spy unless police have harassed us my home was surrounded by checkpoints for every time i had to leave or go back home i was interrogated. was whether to wait a day or rested on a trumped up criminal charge or continue to report from costa rica that any god i worked there that was very god got a fair number of columns from nando is the journalist with the most credibility and most impact in nicaragua his journalism is heavyweights and is focused on the political and economic issues a combative journalist that pall of finds uncomfortable and not just the current government because he has been critical of all governments of different political stripes political more defined in the. ground though what's happened to carlos fernando is an example of what's happening more generally i think in december and
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again in the water from c.n.n. . and his head of news you see it in asia but charged in basically kidnapped by the state and they're still in jail this is how the state cracks down on the media can . only make. more of the reporting the civil unrest in nicaragua says a wave of protests against the government of president daniel ortega destabilize the country last april. story i think i work in the input device that's one reason why tomorrow is considered by the president speech persona non-grata but the other is in the name more of the country's most influential family based in politics and in journalism five of tomorrow's forefathers and his mother ruled the country and today his cousin one moral is one of the opposition movements leaders the family also was main print outlets including the oldest and. most renowned
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newspaper lapin suck papers critical coverage of the crackdown to let the government pound its ink and last month published a plant from page in protest is up by an embargo that blank page really made an impression on all of us journalists to see that a newspaper with such a long history in nicaragua i would need to resort to that form of protest against censorship we really are experiencing a state of siege and persecution in the media. it's a newspaper which has always being in opposition to power and one which has always had very good journalists it is clearly aligned with an economic cost but that has not prevented it from doing the important work of watchdog journalism watchdog journalism many other. media outlets like have always behaved more like a political party than a newspaper has been able to determine who is allowed to be
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a presidential candidate who is allowed to be a politician the newspaper product that's what i call it. salon has a dog in this fight and he'll. yeah he's a pro-government journalist a prominent voice on state t.v. but he also has a point for the past ninety years lebensohl has been at the center of nicaraguan politics during the one nine hundred seventy s. there's a food decade long summers a family dictatorship tightens its grip on power most financial models father was an editor. and the country's most outspoken opposition figure this is a fucking moron was assassinated in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight by some as a gunman protests erupted paving the way for then you know take a left wing revolutionaries the sandinista to take power. with
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violetta to come with a newspaper during the eighty's and then the country defeating ortega in the nineteen ninety elections to become president. petro cracking john moore's legacy remains his cool values which were about the fight for public freedom as an ecological still a rallying cry that's what journalists and ordinary people find so important about that story one that sadly remains relevant to this day c c n the weekend they don't . look at what came after pedophile walking chamorro which was no less influential politically it was just the ghost of what here in the cargo has come to be known as the. people who push their political interests through the medium of newspapers in order to set the government's agenda. if i used their papers to wield influence that fourth day then i don't think many have
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taken from the medium with more reach television a smiling. god only love the way they look at you nancy i don't know where to. look out for our bottle. get it but it is that if i if yes then for the past ten years the ortega's have bought up seven t.v. channels both to traditional sandinista party outlets like. yeah and cut government advertising across non sundanese outlets because out there knows that political battles are often won or lost depending on the media. but it is a sort of i thought boy a mistake in order to take a cab back into power in two thousand and six he created t.v. stations and placed them under his children's control. we already had camilla morris all involved in channel four channel eight and then there's the state
1:44 pm
channel number six which acts like much of the nicaraguan state in other words like a feudal system linked to the presidential family and then there is channel thirteen along with numerous radio stations this all means that in the nick of regular in context they are practically no t.v. outlets that produce an aggressive form of investigative journalism nothing on the challenges the exercise of power. but. ironically they were and tomorrow will once on the same song. in the eighty's at the beginning of the revolution or take the lead it and tomorrow ran its official mouthpiece the sandinista newspaper but he gotta barricade joffrey part of the role as i was part of the son that mr revolution touted successes and failures in one nine hundred ninety s. on the knees more went into crisis and two paths emerge one was a democratization of the left which i followed ortega continued to believe in
1:45 pm
a one party system which meant all for terri in control we're seeing the results of that now will be an order. to parts two narratives one speaks of the socialist revolution the other a social democracy times changed families dug in and today the political battle in nicaragua will to a large extent be thought through the media the media each side has at its disposal . and finally two weeks ago we reported on the media side of the political unrest unfolding in sudan and the information war taking place online social media feeds there have been flooded with images and commentary now come the contributions of sudanese artists also circulating online primarily via instagram artists like abdul rahman al nazir khalid al baker and i started here whose viral images center around
1:46 pm
the theme of freedom and dignity some of the artwork criticizes the sudanese news media for their role in succumbing to the power of the state and failing to tell the story will leave you now with some artistic impressions of a country in the midst of a power struggle and we'll see you next time here at the listening.
1:47 pm
the fact. hopeless on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention of the big i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save a species like a chrysler it's an emergency plan they've all extinction. in germany's capital there is
1:48 pm
a barber like no other sort of what he. goes from. but as he said. he's moving with it. and going on the road. the stories we hear. by the people who live. in this is you know. a president defies protesters demands to not run for a fifth term but promises early elections if he wins next month's poll.
1:49 pm
watching all of these are live from doha also coming up. exclusive pictures of the saudi consul general its home and more lights on the murder. of its off to. eternity to rip through the u.s. state of alabama killing at least twenty two people and causing what's been called catastrophic damage. from the lab or a tree to sanctuary we made the chimpanzees getting a new lease on life. now joyous eighty two year old president has formally put forward his name for a fifth term in office. with a flake out. when facing growing protests against israel and is trying to appease
1:50 pm
algeria and saying i'll call early elections if he wins next month's vote barbara as the. demonstrators marched late into the night in protest against algeria is long time ruler abdelaziz bouteflika al jazeera contant apparently very five this picture is posted on social media showing hundred. earlier students told the president it's time to go the protesters wanted the constitutional court to stop with a flick of standing for a fifth term in next month's election in response to the protests beautifully because campaign manager it signaled the president will not rule for long if he wins a post election where in no neither was someone. i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate in the last election. before that announcement police fired water
1:51 pm
cannon in the capital as crowd swelled the protests have been echoed in places like france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against the fifth mandate but also against the system that has taken our country away from a president beautifully who's eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across south ceria the protest represent the biggest challenge to put to flick israel since the twenty fourteen election which was denounced by the opposition but analysts say this is different to the protests during the arab spring. i don't think there is the anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt that he did hope to heal
1:52 pm
the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the votes is because the economy is is is crumbling. in algeria half the population is under thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians to struggle to find employment and now that anger is sustained in the protests. out of syria. are just there as a saying the exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jim allchin soggy. documentary airing on our sister channel it is there are bakers shedding new light on his death and how are his body may have been disposed of because all she was killed inside saudi arabia's consulate last of tobar see them cause he also has more from ankara. these pictures show a furnace a tenderer or when that was built by
1:53 pm
a turkish constructor in the garden of saudi consul general's residence in istanbul just a few hundred meters away from the consulate general building where jamal for shifty was brutally murdered and according to all your toppings obtained by the turkish intelligence his body parts were dismembered in the course of a general building again we heard from we heard from the police department and the persecutors office that. g.'s body parts were carried in baggage luggage was and bags to the residence building close to the consulate and according to the police as i said into thought before two thousand eight hundred the police strongly suspect that his body parts might have been burnt in the stand there were over in according to technical details of this all when it can fire up to one thousand degrees celsius which means that it leaves no trace of the d.n.a.
1:54 pm
of a body part or any bones and the turkish police insists that since topeka has a forensic experts of the saudi his team who came to monitor jamal has shipped in istanbul has the certification places was about analysis of d.n.a. from the hooman bones that's why they strongly now suspect that major body parts were burnt inside that over and it was already reported before and the reason why they came up to this idea is also that just a few days after jamal his ship was murdered and his body parts were brought to this place where the saudi men living inside they ordered. portions of meat and coop and cooked meat and they did barbecue that's why the police now strongly suspects that tomato soup g.'s body parts were burnt. and that's why the u.s. where at least twenty two people have been killed after tornado hit the state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed
1:55 pm
in lee county it is fear the number of dead could rise more than ten thousand people are without power. force of the death toll is going up we're in twenty two right now. and unfortunately i feel like we are told that number may rise yet again but again. that's going to depend on our our search efforts we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into a just point in time debris everywhere it is just as it has mentioned previously deceiving just some damage to structures and residences in the area i got in the car with for my kids. find a lot of little children going to my mother in law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty eight in this old area right. there is pretty
1:56 pm
much it is down. venezuela's opposition leader says he will return home on monday to lead new protests against president nicolas maduro. has wrapped up a tour of latin american countries he was seeking support to topple my doro he was last in ecuador but is now reportedly heading back to venezuela a short time ago he appeared on social media he was calling for venezuelans to join the protests the government is threatening to arrest him if he return on how the apollo has more from the colombian border town of. as far as we can tell one by bill has not yet returned to venezuela he took to social media on sunday evening once again calling for venezuelan citizens to take to the streets to fill the streets of the country saying that he's convening demonstrations for eleven am on monday across the country that's local time now it's unclear where that broadcast was made from but mr white dog did say that he would be attending these
1:57 pm
demonstrations he was most recently in ecuador wrapping up a tour of several south american countries including brazil meeting with leaders in paraguayan as well as argentina now on that social media broadcast bill said that the dilemma that venezuela currently faces is between democracy and dictatorship he also condemned the violence the government's use of paramilitary forces that were responsible for violence that took place here in the in the city of kuta on the border with venezuela on february twenty third violence that lasted for three days mr garrido also called on the venezuelan military to allow international aid tons of international aid that continues to sit in containers here on the border to be allowed to enter the country lastly he said on monday that the that he said that on monday the next steps would be announced this would happen at some point where these nationwide demonstrations would be taking place and we will be keeping
1:58 pm
a close eye on these demonstrations on the scheduled protests across the country in venezuela. well aid workers in brazil say indigenous people fleeing venezuela are among the most vulnerable migrants. met one group at a shelter in the city. they say they're doing all they can to hold on to their traditions. delicately weaving their traditional handicrafts the work being done by these women is one part practical and one part personal practical since it helps them earn a living personally because they feel it guarantees their survival. but i know that they were doing all this so that we won't lose our cultures arts and crafts we need to keep doing this so our children will never lose their culture and hideous and to no like the others seated next to her is a member of the what an indigenous community that lives in venezuela's orinoco river delta numbering around twenty thousand eight workers here say the what out
1:59 pm
were among the first people to be affected by the deepening troubles and it is well a. little city man is a city she has many of them were already living on the streets begging on the streets of venezuela hundreds of what i now live here at this shelter in the northern brazilian city of gold pieces it's run by brazil's army and in geos and supported by the united nations refugee agency. to pass the time younger members play volleyball. while tribal chiefs reminisce about their beloved or a no go. tells me the river seems almost to flow through their blood and that now the river seems to be flowing ever farther away. but. we're afraid because the children are learning that we are in a shelter what we have here is very different from our customs of fishing and hunting and our traditional arts and crafts unlike other migrants the what are trying to get to other parts of brazil they prefer to stay close to venezuela
2:00 pm
hoping to make it back. ensuring at least for now that their lives stay very much in limbo that's one of the reasons things have been set up differently here. at the beginning the initial response the traditional response was to set that then as we need not to show but since they didn't like it they looked at the handle held by the shelter. hammocks because it's what they're used to sleeping on not. fernando good you know with you in h.c.r. tells me hundreds of them have been placed in this converted gymnasium to help the white house feel more stable they are now very vulnerable position in the it's clear when we receive them at the border when we check their health conditions it's very clear that they have more room than abilities in they need they have more specific needs.


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