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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 62  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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the families who did the foundation promises to keep this secret. i beg to mention. this need a good point it was not my idea but it wasn't i mean. if the problem now is if this if. the father must. know that down messing up on. the adoptive mother of the child as if she gave birth to her. even though we still have to decide. this a it's in shall best to give her the best education if. this baby girl will probably never know where she came from she will never know
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about the crib or the family who abandoned it or even the fact that she was adopted . it's not just the didn't were in danger and caucused. in this country of one hundred million people were a quarter of the population lives in publishing some families consider their children the burden they neglect to lose all simply abandon. the even foundation picks up nearly twelve hundred children a year on the streets like this little boy. responsible six years old and he's been lost and wandering the streets since yes. he tells us his name is the jihad. man and if. i know if.
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the jeep is being taken by ambulance to one of the foundations sitting in. a reef one of the teachers he's he's a welcome. how you know. that i would want to. find out what they were at once and if those are the. other oil. but you've been you've got to go to. the movie with jane in the garden. and yeah. i do but jane a new garden when i need a bit of a new was. going to go to. a . little city has barely spoken since he'll wrong if. he joins the other children you really describe.
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there are thirty two children here i'd say between bond and there's a new. found on the streets or abandoned by their parents some of the teeth for months obvious the i never. had one that was high school kid out below where i would have. yet. now when i'm going to. go. in there with one of them what to. do with a bit of anybody. who says he's smart. he will be registered today as a last child with the police. he spoke to will also be put up among many others in front of the foundation sentence everything is done. in the hope that the
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parents can identify their children and come and get them. if the families do not show the foundation started so. today full of the children are going to try and find that one. among them a little eight year old girl who might. be. coming down for the last six months ronnie has been trying to piece together the memory of which she. wanted me to believe. it was. but. we arrived at soltani about a poor area in caracas in. twenty one without. glad
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that he'll take anything not. so tom about he's a labyrinth of streets and alleys that stretches sixty kilometers. an inch of the rio knowing only one dollar to know he was a little out of the. uk the more than an hour of searching little ronnie is long a reef a special from a local residents. but you don't doubt you see that you used. to be odd out of way that you had out of the running about to put out there to do good but to kill somebody would get me to. do what you were gonna go down with on earth. for bob i made a move to go there only know you like it was a little. but then ronnie see something familiar.
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i think that. the bottom line is either you material bob dylan m.f. people are going to con i'm going that one thing that you can't seem to do i need. you but about officially may come to the equivalent. something that. you need to commit but i know that. god is boss and local children at last ronnie finds itself at the door of. the. audio video. of them. there you have it up a little bit down there now i'll give it to you on the to the constant on his hearing that we need to make them to feel like they're going to let him tell us it is not maybe about
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a year ago. you'll hear amy said timothy only get you going slowly being on the thing on the back of the letter and assuming it was waving your hand a little are you going to have a q. when we do not come to what i do now but you. claim she later had told him to. move away not the only thing i know is that the mother says that she looked for her daughter but never reported her missing to the police the other two children when i read a long time ago ronnie is a lifeguard i'm glad that he's a little dignity on the positive doesn't it wasn't because he'll never get does that and maybe he didn't think. there's even you. got to come go think of you would take over the years i doubt i would get. people to make me believe in they being. done with it is. obvious nothing going in and.
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and you know that i don't know. six months after she went missing ronnie's members was strong enough to find her white homes. but it doesn't always turn out this wired. for on as not seeing his parents for a year in hong he spent another day looking for a bank. that has not. been. an. event and. if he can't find his mother for iran to study under the care of the foundation which will give him an education and teach him a trite as i speak he can leap. to
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. the future of abandoned goods is more complicated. than. there are two hundred thirty five but this will change and i cannot live until they are mounted. off to morning prayer they attend education classes led by the ed pieces of the story for us that i. know so much that i was the last thing. between the food to get down to go. up and do it. myself. so to say to. me is just on site it looks like they've been. pointing and will sit down they head into the home and they knew they'd be in on going to buy all of this the envious money the mother is quickly bugs in the sea that's a lot of us who are less than a very old way is a. this is also going to stay
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a get out that this is a big moment if. goals are abandoned in pakistan four times more often than boys many blame the large doubt he's a bride's family aspired which can cost around ten thousand dollars. think don't look if i'm not going to give up now to go to congo to thing it does him a job it was a. mandate is he able to man must a be a good years maybe this is it but you have been a bit here. from the age of sixteen all the girls he is a tall consul big good wives. with so many. cookies. and embroider records. eighteen year old son wants to get married this year but it is bill kids who decide to do what he wanted to say the same to get diverted to school and get to minister to and they descended
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to the gym to shed the mystic chest and i've been depressed enough for. me to let me know that a mistake this test kind of that stage when you can see through the film. like many pakistanis go. choose her future husband has self here it is bill keith who selects them. this evening she receives two problems ibrahim on how to become with a family. solutions are often a trusted by the generous dowry his twenty seven thousand dollars paid thanks to massive donations from around the world. bill keys questions them rigorously determined to protect it will it's sad to say they haven't even. had a hit and said to me. going around that.
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would qualify for. the world if. it's a good. time for. the g.o.p. to. abraham's interview last only a few minutes then it's you promise time. is official the made it appear from the media that. to mother to have a clip and to. judge us it will it's not going to do is a really good idea and her parents are going to get. right on the we've got their cut oh how do you find out oh i see that you never. did it at all. bill kids takes a role as much because seriously the prospective husbands must have
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a job they must never have been married before and i must practice islam moderately the way they will go i will go on as if they. did and you're going to get it into a little bit of money that has a. you know that whatever the page it. gave it back to giving you their god how could it be that he i want to get elected i want you to see my. but bill keys except these two brothers and two girls are presented with a suit has a few ties like. winning ceremonies take place in the orphanage in the last thirty years two hundred twenty two young women have been married in one year i want to. be wanting you haul a male. to her to scan the functions forget all of them in detail then get. on to. boy were the horse human out there. just two months later
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the brothers married their brides on the sofa. or on the fisherman and of nineteen year old. married. nineteen years old. the young bride met their husbands just wants. before the ceremony. now they start. possibly family. thailand's military government is accused of using repressive laws to silence the general critics. but a new brigade of artists is fighting back one a one a snake's thailand's rebel losses. zero zero i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and
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doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is why those two cultures north and south america beat us to t two great it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be. a face can tell a story without uttering a single lie. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manity of life witness through the lens of the human nine. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions
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a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and don't go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire presuming people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. alarums vigor pollen and these are the top stories on al-jazeera algeria's eighty two year old president and for a put forward his name for a fifth term in office abdelaziz bouteflika has been facing growing protests against his rule is try to appease algeria and say help color early elections if he
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wins that's one barbara the latest. demonstrators marched late into the night in protest against health care is long time ruler abdelaziz bouteflika al jazeera contant apparently very high this picture is posted on social media showing hundred. earlier students told the president it's time to go the protesters wanted the constitutional court to stop with a flick of standing for a fifth term in next month's election in response to the protests beautifully because campaign manager it signaled the president will not rule for long if he wins a post election where in any there was some. doubt i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate in the last election. before that announcement police fired water cannon in the capital as crowd swelled the protests have been echoed in places like
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france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against the fifth mandate but also against the system that has taken our country away from a president but a frica who's eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across how to. area the protest represent the biggest challenge to put if we can through just a twenty four thousand election which was denounced by the opposition but analysts say this is different to the protests during the arab spring i don't think is there anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt he did hope to
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heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity because of the vote is because the economy is is crumbling. in algeria half the population is under thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians to struggle to find employment and now that anger is sustaining the protests. out of syria. are just there as obtained exclusive pictures nisar the residents of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a documentary airing on our sister channel was there are big details how turkish officials believe of and may have been used to dispose of his body at least twenty two people have been killed in the u.s. state of alabama after tornadoes swept through rescue teams have been searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lee county but as well as opposition
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leader says he will return home on monday to lead protests against president nicolas maduro despite the threat of his arrest ecuador was the last stop on one guy those latin americans or to build up support the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem will be absorbed by the new u.s. embassy for israel on monday this controversial decision to turn them into a single diplomatic mission was announced in october by u.s. secretary of state i can pay or a consulate has been in place for about one hundred seventy five years and it acts as a defacto u.s. embassy for palestinians so many palestinians consider the move a downgrade in diplomatic relations. donald trump says he's decided to end large scale military exercises with south korea in order to save the u.s. hundreds of billions of dollars washington and seoul have agreed to scale back the drills saying it's part of efforts to reduce tensions with north korea they will
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carry out smaller joint exercises instead well those other headlines the news will continue here off her head to head. in december bangladesh went to the polls with prime minister sheikh hasina securing a landslide victory. she said she won on the back of bangladesh's impressive economic record and a decade of growth. her opponents say she stole the election. while international monitors accuse her of silencing her critics and muscling the press. the media. is bangladesh becoming
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a one party state. and was hosting over one million rohingya refugees fleeing myanmar how long can and will bangladesh protect them. and i've come here to the oxford union to go head to head with the international affairs advisor to bangladeshi prime minister. and the historian and former academic i'll challenge him on whether democracy is dying in bangladesh and whether his country should be doing more to help the refugees. tonight i'll also be joined by. a swedish bangladeshi journalist and author of death squads and state terror in south asia. bangladesh is high commissioner to the u.k. and ireland. phase of south asia i'm a list of you case essex university who previously worked for amnesty international for more than thirty years.
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maybe the gentleman please well. very politely held senior positions in universities around the world including oxford harvard and the university of virginia he's worked for the prime minister for a decade and his role is the equivalent to that of a cabinet minister. following your party that a warming leagues recent landslide election victory in december it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state does it not i'm surprised that you would say that this has been said earlier by a number of people so it's not that surprising part and surprised that you said ok because as one who has studied politics you would understand that just because the party has been elected three times it is not a word one party state the reason that you're being called
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a one party state is not just because you win lots of elections and so many parties do that it's still knowledge and by which you win just to be clear of the three hundred seats contested in the december election how many seats did your ruling coalition win in parliament you're eighty eight to eighty eight out of three hundred years i wanted to be oppositional in well let's seven let me put this question two hundred eighty eight letters and seven let me put this question do differently give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted into power they did not have a manifesto they were ambivalent whether they were going to win the election or not so you're comfortable with a ninety six percent of the seat stuff so you are seen as now winning the kind of percentage of victories that bashar al assad and kim jong un when ninety six re said that you're comfortable with the knockers no it is not fine with oh no i think the comparison is totally irrelevant here there were the thirty nine political parties contested in the election. free and fair elections to play a large number of international observers were there who saw it for themselves who
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would not vote for a government which has performed brilliantly by any count and if you want me to there are many brilliant governments and they win fifty sixty seventy percent ok you say it's a free and fair election last year without point as you know the european union has said there were quote significant obstacles which have tainted the electoral campaign and the vote transparency international studied fifty constituencies in bangladesh and found serious irregularities in forty seven of them and what for including fake votes ballot stuffing voters barred from entering polling stations the b.b.c. how footage of a stuffed ballot box in the port city of chittagong the other b.b.c. in transparency international just making this follow one of my closes frame is the head of bangladesh transparency international so i'm not going to compute any other than deal with the report for seven out of the i would like the election commission found irregularities in fifteen or nineteen i forget the exact number of polling
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stations and run there when you remember there were forty thousand plus polling stations so for healing and being fifteen or nineteen that's all there is if you go your friends organization looked at fifty seats and forty seven of the island don't have a regular i am here does not mean i can't get out of the top of my ninety five percent it's like your margin of victory isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared in the months running up to the election there was a quote atmosphere of fear one hundred fifty opposition members were arrested just two weeks before the election surely that crippled your election campaign if the government keeps arresting your members these were people who committed arson and killing. in in the months of again ready to mark two thousand and fifteen after that they went underground they did at the time of the election. there were allegations criminal charges against them and so when they resurface they were
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arrested by the sort of deal with some of the people you put criminal charges against in the opposition you said that a man called min to come on a dark a dark or b.n.p. leader was charged with blocking a road in september twenty eighth in the problem is he died in two thousand and seven. isn't this embarrassing for going it is embarrassing you're throwing criminal charges off of the members who are dead when such charges that it is. embarrassing but one knows that in police investigation in many societies in developing countries often have these shortcomings it's not just the opposition that have been on the brunt of your government the media have had some issues i think it's fair to say you let me quote you you said civilization cannot flourish without freedom of expression intensity ship never works which is a good line but in practice there have been numerous examples of media crackdowns perhaps the most famous case is out of the photo journalist. who was dragged from his house by police after documenting
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a student protest in august and then criticizing your government on this channel actually on al-jazeera english should have seen your prime minister described him as quote mentally sick do you think he's mentally sick or is he just a journalist trying to do his job. those who are familiar with the media in bangladesh will know one thing it is free it is vigorous shy had the alarm was not arrested for appearing and. and making a comment he was arrested for spreading misinformation which was inciting violence shahid is my very close friend of the law and told reporters outside court in august that he was beaten so badly by police that his tunic needed washing because of all the blood he was jailed for one hundred seven days and said he was tortured is that how you treat your friends i. have not said a word about his treatment all i have stated he is a close friend of my.


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