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tv   Hamilton Mourao  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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that agreement will also exchange views on the palestinian israeli conflict and the efforts to revive peace talks between. whether between the palestinian factions and we both agreed that it is necessary to put an end to the division between the palestinian factions and we commend played russia last month where russia invited all the palestinian factions in moscow to converse putting an end to the internal division is a step forward. two words establishing peace once again i thank mr lavrov for his visit to doha and we look forward to the future cooperation and coordination between both our countries.
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but if this. deal is a gentleman. this is the world i like to thank our hosts for the hospitality we conducted today a comprehensive because she's. with the chairman of the council of ministers minister of the state of qatar missed out on me. and before in the morning. i was accepted. conveyed the best wishes. from the president of the russian federation mr putin and the course of the discussions we confirm our interest to maintain their regular political dialogue. trust will develop to mitchell a beneficial dialogue interest in expansion of our practical cooperation and different c.s. . we. agree with our friends there is a need there that to increase our trade economic ties to stimulate mitchell trade
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so we welcome the athletes undertaken in concerning and to governmental commission of the trade economic as tactical cooperation and his next action will take place in moscow with all the sounds of april. there also will become. those days for the international exhibition. at the twelve session of the russian. business council we better get it highly we because the racial level which we have already should be given a direct font of investment on a qatar agency and also the participation of the get our investment addresses and the share share capital of cross net we paid attention to the interest of the russian companies and the oil and gas there apart from other osce nafta's who call . us probably have interest and of attack that they have interest to
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work out michel it's beneficial project with category partners were great because you know our steps on the. energy carriers on the platforms in dhaka of the countries of the gas exporters during my stay here alcoa negotiations i'll visit had quite as all the forum of this country so the exporters of. and will meet the general secretary but we mentioned also that our country's call to rate after the successful conduct of the championship in. the next chapter shall be in kaptur in two thousand and twenty two we trust that the corresponding structures of those states maintain close contacts will be ready to share our experience and to consult our friends about how better to approach the contact of the this chapter football championships taking into account the decisions which were taken and we
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reach vindicated herself during the preparation of the championships and russia's a concern international agenda we paid attention at of course to a situation in the near east not of africa's first of all the syria libya and some alia we are with our partner i assume there is a need to stabilize as soon as possible the situation of this can trace relying on international law and why all the comprehensive company has a political crisis where there is no part for extremists no matter what slogans they might use we spoke a lot about the situation of the palestinian israeli conflict we advocate that this conflict is settled on the international law that forms and so that the contribution to the restoration of the you unity openness to and unity as a prerequisite for the resumption of the active negotiations with israel we do out upon the situation in the persian go zone russia is very interested that
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this situation now rises. you know all these aspects including take into account i.d.'s which are russian puts forward within the framework of the conception of the creation of this is not the collective security the passion gap which is an statistically portent region of the well once again i thank our catenary france for the hospitality and invite my colleague to come to be to pay a visit to russia within the due time period. on. television my question is address the russian foreign minister lavrov the russian president putin promised these really prime minister netanyahu with normalizing the situation in syria what is the nature of such normalization the
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second question is the bad. hear reports about the russian president scheduled to visit to qatar is it not been. fixed yet the date has been scheduled yet in the country for mr the you mentioned that the gulf crisis was part of your discussion today what is the content of the discussions and what is the latest in this regard. and the visit to russia. prime minister of israel and yahoo that of course in the course of his visit was discussed the situation with the palestinian israeli settlement we we can stand still and we repeated position on the interest of russia in the speediest overcoming of the impasse. in
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this settlement and we confirmed our read in this. thank you welcome the. leaders of israel palestine went out last so that they would receive all the direct dialogue without any preliminary conditions so in due time we were always training colleagues asked us about about us even miss them to yahoo us and. my what i go on but i agreed with all proposal is still in force we think it will be very important stamp issue if the matter of the restoration of trust as a minimum without without it it's impossible to think it will be any prospect in the settlement of the between palestine and israel
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excuse me. that. was not able to hear the translation but you did not answer this kid to a. visit of mr potence to qatar and the region as had been scheduled yet. you know. can you repeat the question once again because of how the arabic turned translation of the channel switch didn't get the russian. my question once again i ask you about the proposed. visit by president ruthie that puts in. russia's ambassador to. stated that there is a proposed visit by president bush to qatar and the reason is the date fixed yet.
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i didn't realize the question was to be new russian president was invited to my mammy of contact to visit your state. she accepted this invitation as the invitation of the neighboring countries when this visit will take place. when with this will take place will be established by the protocol departments of the states with regards to your question on the latest development on the gulf crises and the content of our joint discussion with with mr lever of today. so far there are. no new movements. but the efforts made by his royal highness. the a move quaid. hoping that dialogue will be initiated
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also the united states are making efforts to put an end to the crisis however up till now if there are no practical steps on the ground which may indicate any change to the rhetoric or the demeanor of the blockading countries as a result we still hear. hear the same rhetoric the same methodology and the same demeanors qatar has been clear from the beginning of the crisis one to the blockade in countries are willing to engage in a positive dialogue qatar is prepared however their continued policy that continued rhetoric and demeanor will lead. to no solution and that was the content of our discussion and the implication of the crises in the region and how these implications are impacting. other issues of
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interest to both of us and to the middle east as a whole. russians are seraj. within the framework of the un to go she said with a cut there was any idea was dashed of the creation of the working group on the normalization of situation in syria what is the prospect of the start of such a group such an idea in the light of the ongoing i mean provocation. who controls major part of. it in bin not of hama and if yes. will even this group of sort of you know. what to do. what will be there all of this group if this group will start operating. so me to have reservations again is
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that it get to the league of arab states. it was a long question and the short answer would have discussed this topic and i don't think we're going to be any working groups to create on syria. there's a stand up process which has been recognized where the state and the opposition. with the mediation of russia can iran conduct dialogue quite successfully. and there are feasible the results in this process. others u.n. observers also there of jordan. the u.s. observers would rule that they decided to refuse to take part at the corresponding meetings in atlanta while but we don't rule out there might be additional observers . there this institute of special envoy of the un generosity secretary on
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the syrian settlement that there are other countries of the region who are interested so that this is a crisis is resolved as soon as possible we. in contact with our regional partners not with the stand off on what we operate only with the whole region with all the countries who in this way or another could influence the process of serious settlement we'll continue this work we have contacts as you know with a representative of the so-called small group with its western participants we worked together with our turkish colleagues bret french and german there was a summit in istanbul of this four countries russia turkey germany france and we have a channel there which we discuss the situation in syria with our american colleagues between the military and also foreign ministries.
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it seems to me it's quite a. demand is network of different branches of contacts which could and should lead to the result to artificially create any new groups have these of any sense but i want to remind you that there are until now formally created by us your russian and us international global this is part of syria we add in the plenary for much of one and they got together. as a meeting together but the two target groups of this international the support of syria the target group of this support of the ceasefire and and on the humanitarian assistance in syria they regularly do three times a month the main meet in geneva these groups include representatives of more than
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twenty countries including the countries of the region of the west of for russia china iran. and so on so there's no shortage of the mechanisms is supported only that everybody is governed by the resolution twenty two fifty four as we did it in the ass now almost trying to achieve that the issues of the of the serious element decided by the syrians themselves know nobody happens to them as a western partners want to do that in december of last year when they. the. made it possible that the formation of the constitutional committee was told that we would be busy without any styria where completing all work in their stana form i think our un colleagues will realize this is the responsibility to convene this forum as soon as possible.
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with respect to there is a very sort of raised by qatar to the return of syria to the illegals are states we explained the reasons in the past. the reasons for the same with regard to the suspension of syria's membership and nothing has changed we are committed that a political solution agreeable to the syrian people is the only solution to the crisis in syria we also look forward to a political leadership representative of the syrian people the process of. with ministers. last year it was reported that qatar was buying its four hundred defense missile systems from russia the schools to some problems we are listening
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to remarks from the foreign minister of russia and qatar that is of course our last prophet mohammed in obdurate lemon finally after a meeting that the two gentlemen had this morning. is actually making a stop at all the gulf countries the major ones qatar being the first so joining me on set to talk about some of what we heard as much answered harry is director of the gulf study center at qatar university there's a lot of take away from that the first one i'm going to mention is that. i'm sorry the qatari foreign minister was very clear that there has been no progress made and this blockade that the u.s. hasn't been able to do anything russia has also call for dialogue hasn't been able to do anything basically it's still status quo it's absolutely it was it was very clear that. neither the north is to know the russians even europeans were able to do anything on that regard they were not able to look to to push.
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and medicine particular these are other countries that sort a lot of awful revisiting in the coming days. i mean let's look at russia foreign policy and put it in a context i mean it was very clear that this truer to love rule is to follow up on major issues with russia is trying to fill the look of the mess in the region where the united states is actually doing a lot i was actually going to ask what do you make of this this outsized role that russia seems to have now and what happens in the middle east what's at play play there i would i would go back to two thousand and fifteen in particular with russia decided to intervene militarily in syria i think that. as an important you know point where russia is trying to be more i would say active foreign policy in the region i think we saw this on different fronts we saw it in syria we saw it
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in iran we saw it on collaboration with turkey we saw it in with the paladin yeah i actually didn't see him fax him inviting but in fact in two months to go in to moscow and now we see and then when it comes to the done for crisis it was obvious that they are trying to you know promote themselves as a major player trying to sell of the vacuum where the united states actually left things without you know. i would say pending in a lot of you know matters it's obvious that russia is trying its on you know using its own foreign policy and diplomacy but it's obvious you know it's a very complicated situation and the region is you know there are a lot of complicated fires as well let's not forget you know the the israeli dimension and that pressure on bashar to push iran out of syria and how russia is handling the relation was with iran because iran is an important ally to russia as
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well so it's a very complicated situation that most who is in actually at the moment how how effective have they been at what they're trying to accomplish but that actually it's me to backtrack a little what are they trying to accomplish i think they succeed in doing two things wine is actually to to to take the whole issue of syrian file of european the united states to bring it to moscow to sochi to you know do it in a bringing the dimension of pressure and it's even the geographical aspect itself bring it to sooty and you know bringing turkey in board and trying to arrange with with turkey even with with with sort of undermining iran as well that was an important achievement to russia i think the there. other achievement actually is. moving i would say. changing the direction of the diplomacy in the region
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and trying to be more. you know balanced compared with the united states of course they have you know they try to please the israelis they try to please please arabs in the side but it's obvious that it's this is their approach now to play with all sides and try to be in the middle as much as they can. think that you know the the major issue also they achieved in the last three or four years. is the fact that they become the only active player in the region that is achievement because if you if you look at the three four years of the development in the region if you go to syria russia is that if you go to yemen which is that if you go to the gulf across the across russia's there and the playing role actually in. shit if you're the us would you be concerned about that considering the us well actually i'm getting some more marks right now is he going to stay closer actually get
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a lesson back into what's happening at the press conference. or russia today the misnomer of concern of venezuela see advise on the u.n. security sad in washington they did they don't and if the shoe to fall the montreaux doctrine how legitimate is the situation the situation which is as it was in one thousand century seems to me after. nine hundred forty five was created the u.n. was created international lawyers regulated by the charter out this universal and most legit americanization. scott at the hearing of the backyard. fence safe in reality because san siro to react to this. is an
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arrogant statement of john houseman. with a with a eleven americanas well reacting to. what it was because he mentioned he sounded holland america by. some time all right again you are listening to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov let's pick up on the conversation we were have with having with budgets they were talking about the role that russia in fact does have in the middle east and they have been driving what is described as a political solution in syria where are we on that if you let me just finish the point he was saying about whether the united state is happy of that or not it is obvious that the stablish meant in washington was not happy if you know i'm pretty sure the department of state the cia those starlit there would not be happy of you know allowing us to do all of these movements they when they did pull back but yeah that's absolutely but you know pulling back is not the disposability of
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establishment is this argument of the administration that is different the the foreign policy the up the the way how the administration is handling the region is actually push back the american foreign policy not the statement so i do believe that the stablished is not happy of what the us is doing and they're actually maybe they're in inside and they blame the president of being behind all of this you know pulling back their make americans from the. new question it's obvious that you know syria again you have turkey as an important player you have iran is engaged on that and you have russia. russia succeeded to take it out of the europeans and their missions they managed to have more than one summit and meeting to discuss the future of of syria now this because the constitution the committee to draft a constitution. they but but it's important to you know to have a great deal of agreement with with turkey and i think they are achieving this i
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mean they try to avoid any confrontation with turkey turkey is managing its ties with the americans to get north of syria and to secure north of syria so they can secure their own. border as well i think that's a collaboration between russia and turkey may need to sort of stability but let's not forget syria is a failed state i mean even with all of this international effort it's hard i think syria needs more than three hundred billion dollars for to rebuilt and i think you know in such situation looking at what's happening in the gulf it's obvious that it will be a tough you know way ahead to achieve the sorts think much of her expertise as always thank you very much. algeria's eighty two year old president has formally put for his name for a fifth term in office adele's he's been a flake a has been facing growing protests against his role has tried to appease algeria is promising electoral reforms if he wins the x.
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months vote or go back as the latest. demonstrators marched late into the night in protest against algeria is long time ruler abilities but a flick of al-jazeera content apparently very high this pictures posted on social media showing hundred chanting in. earlier students told the president it's time to go the protesters want to the constitutional court to stop what a flick a stand in for a fifth term in next month's election in response to the protests beautifully because campaign manager it signaled the president will not rule for long if he wins a post election were in no neither was someone. i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate and that selection. before that announcement police fired water cannon in the capitol as crowd swelled the protests have been echoed in places like france
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thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against the fifth mandates but also against the system that has taken our country away from a president but to flee his eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across the area the protests represent the biggest challenge to put a ficus rule since the twenty fourteen. action which is denounced by the opposition but analysts say this is different to the protests during the arab spring i don't think there is the anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt that he did help to heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some
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measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the votes is because the economy.


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