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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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is is is crumbling. in algeria hof the population is under thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians to struggle to find employment and now that anger is sustained in the protests barbara and get to syria. now to the u.s. for at least twenty two people have been killed when a series of tornadoes hit the state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lake county it is fear the number of dead or such a party has the latest this is what is left of lee county in eastern alabama after several tornadoes struck on sunday the u.s. national weather service says the first tornado packed winds of up to two hundred sixty six kilometers an hour carving a path at least a kilometer wide people tried to leave the area before the tornadoes hit i got a car with four of my kids. wide level two more going to my mother in
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law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty. and there followed area right here. is very much just down. the scattered debris is hampering rescue efforts in certain areas we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time debris everywhere it is just as it has mentioned previously this evening just some mass damage to structures and residences in the area catastrophic is toward being used by many to describe what's happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing. the state governor has warned people there
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could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia door such a pari al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera tensions mount as opposition leader wanted to overturn striven his way aware of the threat of arrest and checking out a bolo we report from south sudan's first line of defense against the latest outbreak. hello there we've been seeing plenty of showers in parts of southeastern asia you can see that on the satellite picture gradually marching their way towards the west some of the heaviest of those have been over parts of java and across into somalia as well and it's this southern region where we see plenty more showers as we head through the next few days further north it looks largely fine and dry for us across
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parts of thailand and to cambodia and into vietnam force in the philippines a few more showers here than we've got used to and i think they'll be one or two more as we head through wednesday as well as i'm towards australia and here in the southeast it's been incredibly hot recently and that has caused a problem with wildfires these pictures are from the eastern parts of victoria state you see the fires that have been in there now we do have a weather system that's been making its way across us and as it does say it is going to drag down the temperatures even further so twenty five degrees will be the max from their own choose day a lot of thunder and lightning though and that could cause more follow is that is that gradually worked its way away from us temperatures will drop so twenty will just be the mixing in melbourne there as we head into wednesday towards the west well here is still going to be warm for us in perth but a good deal more cloud so humid thirty degrees we are maximum on wednesday for the north we're still not seeing any particularly heavy showers around.
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a face can tell a story without touching a single. new england it's. a simple touch inform. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories we have been listening to
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remarks from the foreign ministers a russia and qatar talks happening here and qatar conversation a course about the continuing blockade as well as syria and their joint cooperation on many economic and energy deals as well. algeria's eighty two year old president has formally put forward his name for a fifth term in office abilities but if the guy has and facing growing protests against his rule he's promising reforms if he wins next month's vote. certainly forces have shot dead two palestinians in the occupied west bank to fill a military says the palestinians were killed after they attempted to drive a car into israeli soldiers and before name a village west of ramallah the local residents say it was a car accident that one other person in the vehicle was seriously injured media reports say two soldiers were wounded one of them seriously. out of there has obtained exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in istanbul after the murder of journalist. a documentary airing on the network is shedding new
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light on his death and how his body may have been disposed to show she was killed inside saudi arabia's consulate and last october simcoe cell has more from ankara. these pictures show a furnace a tenderer or when that was built by a turkish constructor in the garden of saudi consul general's residence in istanbul just a few hundred meters away from the consulate general building where jamal for shift to was brutally murdered and according to order toppings obtained by the turkish intelligence his body parts were dismembered in the closely general building again we heard from we heard from the police department and the persecutors office that. g.'s by the parts were carried in baggage luggage was and bags to the residence building close to the consulate and according to the police as i said into thought for two thousand and eighteen the police strongly suspect that his body parts might
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have been burnt in the stand there were over the according to technical details of this all when it can fire up to one thousand degrees celsius which means that it leaves no trace of the d.n.a. of a body part or any bones and the turkish police insists that since toby who is a forensic experts of the saudi hit team who came to monitor jamal has shipped in istanbul his the certification thesis was about analysis of d.n.a. from bones that's why they strongly now suspect that. body parts were burnt inside that over and it was already reported before and the reason why they came up to this idea is also that just a few days after jamal his ship was murdered and his body parts were brought to this place where the saudi men living inside they ordered. portions of meat on coop then kooked meat and they did barbecue that's why the police now strongly suspects
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that g.'s body parts were burnt kurdish forces in syria say they're slowing down their offensive against isis last held area to protect civilians yes facts aren't. craddock forces launch their final push into the village of magoo's on friday their assault was held up as tens of thousands of people fled to safety over the past several weeks but they say there are still a small number of civilians being held as human shields by eisel fighters afghan taliban says it's held talks with the stands foreign minister and joe ha the group says it's back to stand has promised to promote peace and provide economic assistance it appears to have happened without the afghan government's consent the meeting took place as negotiations between the us and the taliban continue into ha gyptian photo journalist mahmud of who is a better known as shaw khan was released from prison after more than five years in detention he posted a picture on his twitter with the hash tag hello asphalt used by egypt's political prisoners when they were freed he was arrested in two thousand and thirteen while
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taking pictures of anti-military protests it was later convicted with seven hundred others on charges of participating in unauthorized protests murder and membership of the banned muslim brotherhood group israeli forces shot to palestinians in the village of four name in the occupied west bank the israeli army says the palestinians were killed after attempting to dive a car and to drive a car into israeli soldiers but local residents say it was a car accident this consulate in was stories on which provides consular services to palestinians has been observed by the new u.s. embassy for israel the controversial decision to turn them into a single diplomatic mission was announced in october by u.s. secretary of state might pompei o the consulate has been in place for about one hundred seventy five years and acts as a de facto u.s. embassy for palestinians many palestinians consider the move a downgrade and simple matic relations. and if wales opposition leader says he'll
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be back home on monday to lead their protests against president nicolas maduro on has wrapped up a tour of latin american countries seeking support to topple mentor own he was last in ecuador but is now reportedly headed back to venezuela i do appeared on social media calling for venezuelans to join the protest the government is threatening to arrest him if he returns on a rappel has more from the clumpy and border town of kuta. as far as we can tell one by bill has not yet returned to venezuela he took to social media on sunday evening once again calling for venezuelan citizens to take to the streets to fill the streets of the country saying that he's convening demonstrations for eleven am on monday across the country that's local time now it's unclear where that broadcast was made from but mr why dog did say that he would be attending these demonstrations he was most recently in ecuador wrapping up a tour of several south american countries including brazil meeting with leaders in
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paraguayan as well as argentina now on that social media broadcast. said that the dilemma that venezuela currently faces is between democracy and dictatorship he also condemned the violence the government's use of paramilitary forces that were responsible for violence that took place here in the in the city of kuta on the border with venezuela on february twenty third violence that lasted for three days mr garrido also called on the venezuelan military to allow international aid tons of international aid that continues to sit in containers here on the border to be allowed to enter the country lastly he said on monday that the that he said that on monday the next steps would be announced this would happen at some point where these nationwide demonstrations would be taking place and we will be keeping a close eye on these demonstrations on these scheduled protests across the country in venezuela and it's not the richest for agents in europe and it economic
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powerhouse of italy and that is also where the country's far right party now known as the league has thrived almost a third of the region voted for the party and its anti immigration policies and recent elections a migrant labor is crucial to the success of that region said ago has this report from the city of aurora. a city steeped in history and as with other parts of italy their own is people are fiercely protective of their identity and customs so much so that protecting these was one of the foundations for the likud party. where the league has always been important in terms of right wing parties and identity terry a movement it's an experiment into right wing politics we are battling for an identity in course for defending security and against illegal uncontrolled immigration and the issue of immigration is always close to the top of the party's agenda there is a history of the extreme right here in verona back to the days of when it was part
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of the republic of salo during world war two and nazi puppet state these days it is the league that rules and they found the fervor of near fascist organizations here problem is that their anti immigrant rhetoric collides with reality and that is that migrants are very much a part of the success of this wealthy region. it's heavy work making motorized outdoor tools in this factory the assembly line chan's out lawnmowers and tractors one of the many industrial operations that defines venet off as a powerhouse i had a look along the shop floor reveals how diverse the eight hundred strong workforce is the factory could not keep up with demand or maintain its leadership in the market without italian workers i don't think it about politics we take it about the business and when the business come into the matter so the
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integration is something that you have to do because you want a wonderful blog that you want quality you want to fish and sea and you cannot have it without integrity whatever kind of work is your environment. but while tempest sent of the region's population is made up of migrants and immigration political parties have flourished. the immigrant labor force is indispensable in venit so especially in small to medium sized businesses more so in this region than in any of the tools has one of the oldest populations in the country which needs to mystic employees from this workforce despite this immigration strategy has worked for the leak in this region turning fear is into slogans has proved profitable for the politicians in terms of votes but some businesses are asking without the immigrant workers would we still be making a profit. al-jazeera the rona beneteau malaysia's government says it is
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considering new proposals to resume the search for flight m h three seventy five years after it vanished with three hundred two hundred thirty nine people on board and friends of the missing had been gathering to mark the anniversary the malaysia airlines flight was on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing when air traffic control lost contact with the plane the agency doctors without borders has suspended ebola treatment in parts of democratic republic of congo after two medical centers were attacked now there are concerns that is ease gets right to neighboring countries including south sudan hundreds of people have died in the since august morgan has more from the town to day and south sudan close to the congolese border. it's taken almost four days to make it to south sudan from a refugee camp across the border in the democratic republic of congo but before she can return to the home she left more than a year ago health workers have to check to make sure she doesn't have the ebola
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virus. i heard there was an abode outbreak and that it kills i also heard that if one person is infected in the family everyone else can get it to you i've seen the pictures of those who died from about and i was afraid that me and my children got infected so i took them and i returned to south sudan. because an ebola outbreak first declared last august is the worst in the republic's history more than five hundred people have died and for the three hundred have been infected most of the cases are in areas controlled by armed groups making it difficult for aid workers to reach and if they do provide treatment while things leave camps near the epicenter of the epidemic more south sudanese are choosing to head home. people arriving from the neighboring democratic republic of congo are screened for ebola at fives like this one in the center of a people arriving from uganda which is also considered high risk country are also screened but others are getting through without screening because of challenges at
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the border. agency say between fifty and one hundred people are arriving in south sudan every day but not all crossing points have screening sites and not all screening sites are easily accessible which is raising fears about the potential spread of the disease border screening sites are located between the border areas between the r.c. in south sudan and uganda and south sudan they are a extremely hard to reach due to complex security situation and extremely poor infrastructure so these two are the major challenge that we face in terms of. gaining access and maintaining access for continued. prevention and preparedness activities the authorities in a say they're trying to raise awareness to make it easier for people to get screened we have been advocating so much for people. to make sure that the usual fishel channels where the screaming points about the come to
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those points i would walk over still in the fields most of them used to moves on but as a challenge but we keep them advocating that we really need to use the off issue because we don't have only capacity to set up and screaming all those porous borders has been screened and assured she's well but it's claims more victims in the democratic republic of congo and fighting continues to cut off access to border points in south sudan there are concerns if the disease spreads aid workers here in a will have to step up from a position of preventing it to one of containing it people morgan al-jazeera the arab or state. strike out the headlines on al-jazeera the russian economy foreign ministers have held talks and doha they as i said have just had a talks here in doha regional security including the gulf crisis dominated
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discussions between sergei lavrov and shaikh mohammad bin ani they also emphasized economic cooperation. first real friends there's a new to increase trade and economic ties we welcome the effort some cooperation the next stage will take place in moscow and we're tenth of april so we highly value this relationship we value the cooperation between the russian government and the qatari investment agency. algeria's eighty two year old president has formally put his name forward for a fifth term in office abilities beautifully gore has been facing growing protests against his rule is promising electoral reforms if he wins next month's vote at least twenty two people have been killed after a tornado hit the u.s. state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lake county more than ten thousand people are without power al jazeera has obtained exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in
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istanbul after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a documentary airing on the network details how turkish officials believe an of and may have been used to dispose of his body kurdish forces in syria say they are slowing down their offensive against last held area to protect civilians back democratic syrian forces say the they have launched their final push on the village of bugaboos on friday and the operation was held up as tens of thousands of people but to safety over the past several weeks but there are still a small number of civilians being held as human shields fighters. gyptian photo journalist mahmood of who is a better known as chalk on has been released from prison after more than five years in detention it posted his picture august twitter with the hash tag hello asphalt is fight egypt's political prisoners when they're free he was arrested in two thousand and thirteen while taking pictures of anti-military protests it was later convicted with seven hundred others or so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera
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for all your news throughout the day will be back at the top of the hour witness the husband school is next. these stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera. we. will. show you he said creates mission we see a lot of potential. but see women and young guys out on the table to. face. on it mary
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say i think you're right again. again. you. would let them. go do you mean one way you know i mean doggone i will you know what i mean i know they make me go you know what i mean i got my stuff and so let's starts and i will but i know this time when i know full well know from never will i do. this whole trial will be safe space forgot picking there we know my d.n.a. everybody know or didn't know with this man they slapped me nobody knows that it's not a few minutes and i don't i mean it's but this year i think that now we see now we
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need money and i would have called you. and i mean. all of you could have been there would have got a million miles. they don't go. down it's now without oh. well but. they have to you know when you're young i mean you're not. big on good. and bad for all the time yeah so something there. you know when you hear that you know if you had to break it would have. it come to mind about my. yeah i mean i guess i'll give it a variable. yeah yeah. i do laugh going you know i like that it's called me and i just have to make ice and i'm comfortable laughing so that you know why do you explain everything to me the end of it all i went on i see you don't do that again. so now reading this
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make or you can see right. now monday or fourteen no train monday why forget i have no more force for you got to go what do we do you know if you know cities are dry enough for me and i will do it and i mean. if it was about school can be changing me to another level i mean this is. going to talk the language i say we can't do what we say i can see to my. power over a second week i'm a big scene she needs minority. she smiled wives. and the morning we talk like they said that fifty fifty in our country here. you can go on my own mama control and listen to me carefully and if they want to
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say it. she can listen me. she said no. for song. is the freshest time they have been in across from sitting. at the sky stylings to get them to open not to need i.d.'s. when that was your there was spirit case in my village. i remember you could. see left it village humility. we had the money was only fine. all of the. shows feel. every day in a skinny feeble will be made. i wonder stitching.
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if you. know it would be seismic and if it was. to you for five purchasable don't. bother come on i was i was rather go and see if i did not straight now go. on. already they say that they. really don't want. you believe in god the idea to miss it we haven't got it up you know heidi the rules. are to talk. and if you're. looking. take us you now want to. stay mandy me frank i we need me how you will feel. oh.
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you take the next best thing i stand and i mean all my knee talk to you. i mean i did by this i mean. i don't think. oh i mean what you used to volition i guess we made that easy i didn't you see from do with. the war it's you are young was mostly in the run. you was about corruption what's that dug into your. volitions doing you want yeah suman the body make you once it's real.
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it's united south of me no money no money. level on. the theme so that did you know more then so i do but last. night that didn't differ activity. to widen my and to night was it's all going on with the i'm afraid that they are walking past me i doubt we do you mind if that we see we'll have a president. visit israel to just tell him i'm not american no more to talk to you come up i want to make people more time i think. now i want to let you know now mom if you can hear no money make money again i'll give you i'm not i'm not a rock. and i don't want what i always say you know i know it's a lot well i got one not done. well then i wanted i knew we need to my wife you
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know they're in if i don't want to what i'm the one. i want. for see i am a rock. you will be this if you do that to you my way nora do you get this that you say you say that i mean see there is that why bill talk that while i said see that. i really don't know really that you know we so we don't i can't say because you know we. don't i fancy because you know we need you for that you know and i mean you know if i had no plug i've always known as an internet.
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history so god we get jealous was you know i don't want to bring up to the level he did they were not it's a government oh my. someone and it's in a question i really want to. not pass out if i want you to know. while acquitting me what you people do you want. to take on a piece of it it is no it's it dr only yes. i'm all me me me which you mean yes or stuff like that we're not going to and i'm getting the facts when i've repeated. that to for the reactor and you know anyhow it while you don't know. yeah.
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i walk into. the front. so that's how. many of my white. friends. when there's a. will begin.
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yeah. thank you. i. want to see. you and i would be done for. yeah i did pay to go be a go get me like johnson guy get him one. i'm reality allegory of all this from the think you know money he respects in the community how people look at
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me i definitely know like people too he had died at my house begin to believe for money i'm thinking of leaving displease for you why. this is the road leading to my hope that. the people. we have a lot from now on disarray every day we used to walk through the fire and do some activity while they were going back. and having fun you know visit grieve for the. five. find fido was the medical practitioner here he was the only person he had given me to your story i did read
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that from one in which frankly people without getting money from any of their own enough to see you i. think you just. need to get on with. my and i must tell you i'm busy and they believe. it but. i did. now again.
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yeah. i'm going to be my girl for money is my passion quite know that it's a life saving i can relate it to what he too was dream he was not really given treatment to people for money it would have been the case you have have much of what you know nowadays not to live yes to gain what you like beforehand. i definitely know i'm right now. we have all gone let's see we got to be fool enough alone no. cause for being there we must be today because you know we boys didn't do very well my cities you know
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able born first they don't die. completely show. when and when i go. back i met your friend frank good morning i said i'm no i'm not of no look to different this. my depart back to what i say now i read it minutes you know left and i can cause in a good cause and i mean this. guy i got in with how are they now going to go yeah you know what guy why do you do the yeah they're broken and you got a problem. i got yeah i know i am not a goner. you can. have no deal when i. love you so now you. know he.
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meant you know who can i meet you gives us an idea but. we can't. now do reflect with this you don't know what it think back now they're industry and how we do know where we will money. thank you. so. much he. said well. you know if i said when you quit or go what you're getting a grand let me do it again yeah i'm going out of one hundred fifty fifty five face i don't. buy schooling him i can and yet you know my and then i looked up i said
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did you feel when i had a counselor. do you want to follow my howard to my back. so i got that together we. were not getting about you know what i did you know that was stuff i would go for to continue to do but you know it's you know a show i said this year now i don't know what offer to call the level. you have with me. go unsaid. so back up where that i've been where will my right workers were making us open.
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them up to me. like you are in right. now maggie maggie. we. need. you never ever have a very good question i wish i knew where i shall confess i looked like a second time watching reality and we and they share together and i knew it. but was. going to try and. i mean i do believe that. community by community we get to know the contents of equality in the very safe life. over ninety zero gradually the.
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good you know the one. who would no i don't think. oh no time for incident. and i mean look at i will cancel class. i mean. not be smoking and if i am i want to die and i pace back and then i get in a journey i think we are. safe. and usually when i go risk it's. going to make a witness. and i will die when i see him now and. the rules need to. be sent to the world. and my discomfort in
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be able. to i wouldn't mind the need for heads up and with you and i need help. no nathan in. fin slave abuse i'm only free of. the plight of too many of these good after a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force up. driven by her favorite book or lectures of some to gauge. my memory is my power a witness documentary on
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a jersey about. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the world's
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pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of the tries we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes. is crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes from war in syria to help in brazil the gulf crisis russia's
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foreign minister is in doha to discuss his country's next i'm grown and regional security. us but kurdish forces fighting the last i saw remnants in syria are slowing down their operation reports of civilians at risk. protests in algeria as the president promises reforms once he's reelected for his fifth. tornadoes cause massive damage in the u.s. state of alabama killing twenty people. in event is all but they will be this season champions a two one win now the napoli taking a sixteen points play at the top of the area table. welcome to the program the war in syria the gulf crisis and the israeli palestinian conflict russia is playing an increasingly visible role in the middle east and
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north africa it sent its foreign minister sergey lavrov to tour the region his first stop is cancer where he just held a news conference in the last alongside foreign minister chef mohammad bin abdul rahman funny but al-jazeera has a. joint press conference with the russian and qatari foreign ministers he joins us now live so hashem how significant is this middle east. and what's he trying to achieve. daryn this is quite significant in the sense that russia is trying to build bridges with countries in the middle east for different reasons russia has been having problems with many countries over regional conflicts like of the syrian conflict in the past where many countries were saying that the bashar assad needs to step aside and the opposition needs to form a new governing coalition something which has been dismissed in the past and this has created so strained relations between. russia and many countries and this
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explains why the russians are trying to mend fences and build bridges they also know trying to flex their military might in the region taking advantage of the fact that in two thousand and fifteen when the intervened militarily in in syria they made a huge difference and they saw an opportunity when the americans started to talk about pulling out from afghanistan from syria and the russians are now ripples this feeling themselves as the most important ally in the region and this explains why they are insisting on starting a new chapter and for that particular reason the russians are saying that they would like to team up with qatar for example when it comes to expanding the gas market worldwide let's listen to what mr lavrov had to say. if you do this really really with our friends there's
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a new to increase trade and economic ties we welcome the efforts and cooperation the next stage will take place in moscow and. we highly value this relationship we value the cooperation between the russian government and the qatari investment and . will now there are no practical steps on the ground which may indicate any change to the research or the demeanor of the blockading countries as a result we still hear the same tired rhetoric. being clear from the beginning of the crisis once the blockading countries are willing to engage in a positive dialogue. however the continued rhetorical lead to no solution. what about russia's relationship with the cats are mean qatar's foreign minister says no progress has been made on the blockade so what are they expecting from the russians. what if you may is to be seen whether a wash could use its influence in the region take advantage of the with the
6:53 pm
withdrawal of the us or its waning influence in the middle east and ripples. now which remains to be seen whether they will be able to put more pressure on the countries and push for a political way out of the crisis i mean when you listen to the statement from the . family it was insisting that the. kuwaiti mediation is the. is the alternative is is the most viable push in the near future and that that gives you an indication that they would have to give it was time to see whether kuwait will be able to build bridges although when you listen to the statement from the qatari foreign minister it gives you a strong indication that the qatari government does not really believe that there will be any way out of a crisis so i think there are two things here whether russia will be able to bring all the countries to negotiate a political settlement of the crisis if they can do it that will be
6:54 pm
a significant. more forward but they have also some differences with their own allies in the region like with qatar when it comes to syria qatar insists bashar al assad must go and that he has lost legitimacy something which the russians dismiss they say that should stay in power and that if there is a political settlement it's the syrian peoples who will eventually decide the fate so i think russia faces a mammoth task in the middle east trying to build bridges and offering itself as an alternative to the americans. thank you. well as ashleigh saying they're both sides are emphasizing the strength of the relationship between qatar and russia qatar's invested billions of dollars into the russian economy and it recently finalized an eleven point five billion dollar deal to acquire nearly twenty percent of russia's state all company rosneft well the relationship has stepped up since saudi arabia the u.a.e. bufferin and egypt all imposed a blockade on qatar in twenty seventeen russia has consistently called for an end
6:55 pm
to the crisis through negotiations and in october russian qatar signed a number of agreements on military and technical cooperation joining me here on set is measures where he's the director of the gulf studies center at qatar university let's talk big picture first on the russian survey lavrov will clearly be focusing on a number of regional issues like syria yemen libya palestine during the tour but of course top of the agenda will be syria absolutely as we know russia has a played important role in syria since two thousand and fifteen of course started with the military intervention in syria however the russians were able actually to pull out the whole file of the european hands to more school and many most important summits and other places where they able to manage the whole approach about the future of syria and actually the lid actually most of the asians about
6:56 pm
syria so also do worked with turkey by the fact that there are differences with turkey between between both of you in both russia and turkey however they are managing the relationship when it comes to see the russia is ahead when it comes to syria and russia and interesting that sergey lavrov his first stop is here in doha what about the relationship between cats and russia i mean qatar has significant investments in russia we know that russia called for an end to the blockade by its neighbors so what can russia and qatar do for each other as you know both countries are most important the producer for the important back and. also that. has diversity its own foreign policy and the relation is after the blockade more and more and one of the main target was that there was an amazing you know a developing an amazing relationship between it with with with the russians let's not forget there was a you know collaboration when it comes to the world cup and qatar twenty twenty
6:57 pm
twenty two qatar is has benefited a lot of the experience of russia and they attended actually the. russia world cup as we know also in addition to the military and economic relations so that is. developing. the relations to make sure that you know it's the fact that by political atmosphere let's just go back to syria for a second because the planned u.s. withdrawal from syria is fueling tensions between russia and turkey especially over it lebanon is russia losing patience with turkey and how can they resolve this i think. russia wants turkey to be collaborating with them they don't want them to turn back and go to washington and for that reason i see that they are trying to keep the door open with us so they can solve the issue one of the most important to pretty to russia is to maintain their relations with turkey it is important it is vital to play with turkey in the region at the moment because the only to them
6:58 pm
credible partner is turkey when it comes to iran for example iran is involved but russia is a headache and it caused a lot of the trouble with israelis just just a final thought from you. i mean we're hearing a lot about donald trump and jared first as dean of the sentry this deal that's supposed to bring peace in our time to the middle east i will the russians be keeping an eye on this i think one one of the main reason behind this kind of visit to the region is actually this because we know that russia is not happy with this deal they tried to invited for. by palestinians there to solve the problem within put is there i think russia is not happy with this move and they try actually to fill the vacuum in the region in including the issue of the to the century of the deal of the century sorry all right budgets very thank you very much indeed here i've surgery. now algeria as a two year old president has formally put forward his name for
6:59 pm
a fifth term in office abilities but a thinker as been facing growing protests against his rule he's tried to appease algeria is promising a tort reforms if he wins next month's vote as the latest. demonstrators march late into the night in protest against algeria is long time arena abdelaziz bouteflika al-jazeera contant apparently very five this picture is posted on social media showing hundred. earlier students told the president it's time to go the protesters want to the constitutional court to stop or to flick a stand in for a fifth term in next month's election in response to the protests beautifully because campaign manager it signaled the president will not rule for long if he wins a post election where in any there was some. doubt i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be
7:00 pm
a candidate in the last election. before that announcement police fired water cannon in the capital as crowd swelled the protests have been echoed in places like france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many be going up against the fifth mandates but also against the system that has taken our country away from a president beautifully his eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across our area the protests represent the biggest challenge to put a ficus rule since the twenty four thousand election which was denounced.


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