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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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conference i pledged not to be a candidate in the last election. before that announcement police fired water cannon in the capitol as crowds swelled the protests have been echoed in places like france thousands demonstrated in paris on sunday as well as in other cities we are all mobilizing through for example today being many to get up against their fifth mandates but also against the system they have taken our country away from a president beautifully his eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stricken twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public to recently travel to switzerland for medical checks on saturday he sacked his veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement the day before tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across such areas the protests represent the biggest challenge to particular because through since the twenty four thousand election which was denounced by the opposition but analysts
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say this is different to the protests during the arab spring i don't think there is the anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt that he did hope to heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the votes is because the economy is is is crumbling . in algeria half the population is under thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians to struggle to find employment but now that anger is sustaining the protests barbara and get out to syria kurdish forces in syria say they're slowing down their offensive against isis last held there to protect civilians u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched their final push into the village of bag on friday their assault was held up as tens of thousands of people fled to safety of the past several weeks but they say there are still a small number of civilians being held as human shields by eisel fighters with them
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on this so hard a joins us live now from beirut xenophobes bring us up to date with what's happening on the ground around baghdad. well this hasn't been an easy fight like you mentioned the kurdish led syrian democratic forces late on friday announced a final assault to capture but who is a town along iraq's border a tiny enclave. last stronghold in the syria the last pocket of territory controlled by this armed group the syrians have a credit force is now saying that its offensive will slow down because of civilians civilians according to the u.s. the f. are still inside this enclave and i so is using them as human shields it's very hard to say really how many people are still trapped inside this enclave or whether or not they are trapped because they are believed to be some of them at least family members of the ice so fighters who are choosing to fight there are some
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reports suggesting that the the captives could be inside but who is so the s.p.f. accusing i still of keeping civilians as human shields last week we saw thousands and thousands of people being evacuated from about who was up to thirteen thousand people and they were all taken to a camp and has a cup province further north of the whole displaced camp where some fifty five thousand people are now based so this fight this offensive has created a humanitarian emergency aid agencies are just overwhelmed so i still fighters their family members they've been taken to this camp now and no doubt losing both who is would be a symbolic and significant blow to the armed group like i mentioned the last pockets of territory but really it has been since two thousand and seventeen when i saw it started to lose to lose territory they lost major cities in syria and iraq so low but many believe that i so will continue to be
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a security threat because many fighters managed to slip into iraq and many fighters have gone to the remote desert in east syria or design a hole in beirut say no thank you. lots more still to come here al-jazeera including tensions mount as opposition leader returns to venezuela under the threat of unrest and as for james harden. rockets to yet another with. palestinians in the occupied west bank the israeli military says the palestinians were killed after they attempted to drive a car into israeli soldiers in name a village that's west of ramallah but local residents say it was a car accident or one of the person in the vehicle was seriously injured media reports say two soldiers were wounded one of them seriously. now the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem which had been providing consular services to
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palestinians has been absorbed by the new u.s. embassy to israel the controversial decision to turn them into a single diplomatic mission was announced in october by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh well the concept has been in place for nearly one hundred seventy five years and acts as a de facto u.s. embassy for palestinians many palestinians consider the move a downgrade in diplomatic relations with its butt can manage a car as a senior fellow at the al-jazeera center for study of the u.s. consulate for decades as the main channel of communication between the u.s. administration and the palestinian leadership just mean that palestinians will now be forced to work with the u.s. embassy david friedman who quite frankly palestinians pretty much despise they see him as extremely close to israel and a supporter of illegal settlements it seems to be undiplomatic sense of frumps diplomas to where he's basically looking at the entire israeli palestinian conflict through the prism of if not the near home and he is excluded in the counter
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perspective therefore this is not a conflict resolution this is not diplomacy so now it becomes awkward for policy officials little loan or the report of the teams to accept the fact that they have to go to the u.s. embassy in jerusalem with the whole symbolic historic. and also psychological connotation that they have it's like they are pushing them in the administration is pushing what is used to accept studies score this is not diplomacy to me this is more of twisting their arm and if he if trumper is side in close with the neo then how i think he is losing not only the policy and but also the the islamic. communities that are now looking at him as a light to israel alone and the palestinians have been scathing in their response haven't they i mean the sec regional of the p.l.o. the executive committee side there said look this is the final nail in the coffin
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of the u.s. administration as a sponsor of the peace process so this has huge implications doesn't it it seems that. the crime administration does not really think seriously about a political process peace process or whatever we call it it seems to be it's a matter of political realism where the white house decides how to proceed therefore there is a right it is pleases the way this you know. bringing in the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem close in the door against that you know issue the final status of jerusalem the right of return for refugees and so forth so if we exclude all these issues from the table then the question becomes what would be a good point of entry into a negotiation so he is closing the door against a bilateral or trilateral if you like and a process of negotiation therefore i don't see that trump can claim he is
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a peacemaker in the middle east and that's an important point you make that mohamed because i mean how does all of this then play into the broader context of the u.s. tightening the screws on palestinians which is the point you're making i mean trumps already cut funding for is move the embassy to jerusalem now we have this consulate merging so what's this all telling us do you think it seems that we are closing the door against any peaceful coexistence because saddam is looking as i said earlier through the prism of israeli interests let alone with that he is considering the u.s. strategic interest in days or in the middle east and beyond so this strong alliance between not only our trump raises new questions where are we heading with the u.s. foreign policy in the middle east i don't see that there is much trust in trump let alone the fact that also within the state department there are two schools of thoughts one says ok we have to do what we are told to do by the way i was but the
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other community within that is considering some kind of person isn't that the we need the wrong way the. it is about open invade us not grows in them so just a final thought from you i mean the palestinians have steadfastly refused to have any conversations with the us administration and they don't regard the us as you say as an honest broker for peace will this move with the consulate being merged now with the embassy will this just harden the tensions between both sides and the palestinian not to talk to americans are absolutely so there is a mistrust going on now among the palestinians and almost all the arabs in the region so the question is if we do not empower both sides the israelis and the palestinians to come to the table with some calm for those that can bridge certain primary gaps before we come to a peace negotiation process then i think it becomes a matter of just you know another waste of
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a window of opportunity for the white house as well as for all the stakeholders who would like to contribute in the peace process ok thank you very much for your insight my pleasure. the afghan taliban says has held talks with us becca stands foreign minister in doha the group says it's back to stand as promised to promote peace and provide economic assistance it appears to have happened without the afghan government's consent with the meeting took place as negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban continue in both sides say significant progress being made on the armed groups saying the talks are a very important and sensitive phase stephanie decker joins us now from where that conference is taking place stephanie says day six of the talks has there been any progress so far. for both sides are saying off the record from the the few sources that are actually giving some leaks is that there is progress but they're providing difficult disease say it six days but it is spanning into two weeks they took a two day pools to consult on the issues and we know there are two main issues on
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the table one of them the u.s. troop withdrawal a timetable for that that we understand is a sticking point the taliban wanting that to happen much faster than the u.s. forces say they can actually do or want to do in the other one is also ensuring that the taliban make sure that groups like i saw all use the country. staging grounds for attack so it's complicated we're also hearing from sources that there is some kind of communication issue in terms of translation that it can get heated in of course there's no simple changes transition from what we understand certainly but i think all of this put aside we'll only really hear something concrete if something is achieved here it's not going to be easy throughout these talks you had attacks by the taliban inside afghanistan so it also shows you the sort of disconnect between the political leadership and the military men who fight in the mountains of afghanistan hard and what is the group going to come back adds because they are talking about foot putting it into the political fold so these are all questions that the afghans want to know
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a cease fire isn't even being discussed at the moment daryn so again we're going to have to wait and see what if anything the two sides can agree to but yes the initial feeling again from both sides the talks continuing which is a good sign whether they'll be able to agree on something or not at the moment we're still going to have to wait and see all right stephanie thank you. afghanistan taliban fighters have killed thirteen afghan police officers in an attack another seven were captured by the taliban and they were taken when fighters attacked security checkpoints in northern couldn't get province. to the u.s. where these twenty two people have been killed in a series of tornadoes hit the state of alabama rescue teams are such in the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lee county it's fear the number of dead could rise such a body has the latest this is what is left of lee county in eastern alabama after several tornadoes struck on sunday the u.s.
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national weather service says the first tornado packed winds of up to two hundred sixty six kilometers an hour carving a path at least a kilometer wide people tried to leave the area before the tornadoes hit i got a car away or my kids. by a lot of level two more going to my mother in law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty. and then followed area right here. is pretty much just gone. the scattered debris is hampering rescue efforts in certain areas we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time debris everywhere it is just as it has mentioned previously this evening just some mass damage to structures and residences in the area catastrophic is toward being used by many to describe what's
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happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing the state governor has warned people there could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia door such a pari al-jazeera. and on a few months we'll have all the weather with steph but still to come here on al-jazeera we report from south sudan's first line of defense against the latest outbreak. i'm from the box which would be chimpanzees getting a new lease on life. and its border like to forget the reigning major league. with that story.
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hello there we've had some very stormy conditions over the northwest in parts of europe recently the satellite picture shows this big area of travis' been working its way across us that brought us a most thirty three millimeters of rain and six centimeters of snow that's a lot for britain and ireland and you can see there's still plenty of cloud and plenty of messy weather across us at the moment the winds are also a major feature they were gusting at worst up to one hundred twenty two kilometers per hour in south wales which is where this picture is from that stormy weather was also with us ira the northern parts of france and stretching across the low countries as well so resume out there and we can see where that storm is going to go as we head through the next few days so here it is then making its way up to scandinavia the area of low pressure you can see all the wind swirling around that
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but the strongest winds are just to the south of it so it is part of the demo the northern parts of germany and the northern parts of poland that will see some of the worst of the winds from this system as edging its way eastwards then as we head into choose day i don't choose days where we see some of the strongest winds the gusty it's winds over parts of poland the storm itself that begins to move away towards the east now the southeastern parts of europe has been fine unsettled over the past couple of days really wondering what all the fuss is about with the weather in the northwest but things are changing there are more in the way of cloud if you can rest as we head through tuesday and by wednesday that system moves all the way down towards greece little bit cloudy there but still the temperatures up twenty. sponsored by time. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer bill gates we. want to reinvent the bar bill believed saw
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for what it is today. two high tech visionary breakthroughs inspired by the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. bartender.
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welcome back to the top stories here on the al-jazeera the russian on qatari foreign ministers have held a news conference and regional security issues dominated discussions between. an authentic. kurdish forces in syria say they're slowing down their offensive against last held there to protect civilians u.s. backed syrian democratic forces known as the final push into the village of groups on friday. and two year old president has formally put his name forward for a fifth term in office. has been facing growing protests against his rule he's promising reforms of ukraine's next months that. syria has obtained exclusive pictures from the home of the saudi consul general in istanbul law for the murder of the journalist. a documentary airing on the network is shedding new light on his death and how his body may have been disposed of and was killed inside saudi
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arabia's consulate last october has more now from ankara. these pictures show a furnace a tenderer or when that was built by a turkish constructor in the garden of saudi consul general's residence in istanbul just a few hundred meters away from the consulate general building where jamal for shift to was brutally murdered and according to order toppings obtained by the turkish intelligence his body parts were dismembered in the closely general building again we heard from we heard from the police department and the persecutors office that. g.'s by the parts would carry it in baggage luggage was and bags to the residence building close to the consulate and according to the police as i said into thought for two thousand and eighteen the police strongly suspect that his body parts might have been burnt in the stand there were over the according to technical details of
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this all when it can fire up to one thousand degrees celsius which means that it leaves no trace of the d.n.a. of a body part or any bones and the turkish police insists that since al toby who is a forensic experts of the saudi fit his team who came to monitor jamal has shipped in istanbul his the certification thesis was about analysis of d.n.a. from the hooman bones that's why they strongly now suspect that. his body parts were burnt inside that over and it was already reported before and the reason why they came up to this idea is also that just a few days after jamal his ship was murdered and his body parts were brought to this place where the saudi men living inside they ordered. portions of meat on coop then cooked meat and they did barbecue that's why the police now strongly suspects that g.'s body parts were burnt. egyptian photojournalist bethany marshall
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can has been released after more than five years in prison he posted this picture on his twitter account with a hash tag hello asphalt used by egypt's political prisoners when they're freed shore can was arrested twenty thirteen while taking pictures of the military protests he was later convicted with seven hundred others on charges of participating in unauthorized protests murder and membership of the banned muslim brotherhood group. floods in southern pakistan and afghanistan killed at least fifty people and usually heavy rain over the past ten days has cut off tens of thousands of people reports from kabul. the afghan military flying over flooded kandahar province on a mission to rescue one thousand people trapped by floods there's been heavy rain in afghanistan and southern pakistan for more than a week on saturday flash floods swept through towns and villages across the region we didn't just do your part and i would hope that
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a disaster took place in kandahar as there is no drainage and there is little public awareness which is why so many people were affected most of the fixed people were already internally displaced and living on the river banks so they were hit harder than the others the traditional homes constructed from modern clay stood little chance as the flood waters search through the rose garden or programmer or i'm a poor man the walls of my house have been damaged my two children were injured i'm asking the government to help me by providing tents it was a sale and a city and they were distributing emergency aid on the advice of the governor we made a list of three hundred ninety seven families of that two hundred fifty families had their homes fully destroyed the un is seen in teams and sitting up shelters to help the displaced i think another issue that we're dealing with is accessibility in some of the more rural areas that we're only just getting to people are quite cut off they are quite vulnerable so obviously an event like this has a big impact on. the destruction extends from kandahar through six different
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provinces to harass and far in the west for than five hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed as well as schools mosques and bridges in pakistan the southern province of baluchistan has been hardest hit the military rescued hundreds of families stranded by flood waters relief camps have been set up for those at high altitudes dealing with heavy snow. back in afghanistan most people were hurt as their homes collapsed around them others was swept away in the waters in kandahar those who could travel made their way from far away districts tomorrow i say hospital those who couldn't wait it is half a dozen medical teams trying to reach flooded areas. which we have received in this hospital twelve dead bodies which include six men one woman and five children as well as thirty five injured so far many people were main missing and in such remote areas of afghanistan and pakistan it is going to take some time to
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assess how many lives and positions having lost shiela bellus out is there a couple. venezuelans opposition leaders says he'll be back home on monday to leave new protests against president nicolas maduro one guy door has wrapped up a tour of latin american countries seeking support against majority he was lost in ecuador but is now reportedly heading back to venezuela why do appear on social media calling for venezuelans to join the protest governments threatening to arrest him if he returns by european allies more now from the colombian border town of. as far as we can tell one by bill has not yet returned to venezuela he took to social media on sunday evening once again calling for venezuelan citizens to take to the streets to fill the streets of the country saying that he's convening demonstrations for eleven am on monday across the country that's local time now it's unclear where that broadcast was made from but mr white dog did say that he would be attending these demonstrations he was most recently in ecuador wrapping up
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a tour of several south american countries including brazil meeting with leaders in paris why as well as argentina now on that social media broadcast bill said that the dilemma that venezuela currently faces is between democracy and dictatorship he also condemned the violence the government's use of paramilitary forces that were responsible for violence that took place here in the in the city of on the border with venezuela on february twenty third violence that lasted for three days mr garrido also called on the venezuelan military to allow international aid tons of international aid that continues to sit in containers here on the border to be allowed to enter the country lastly he said on monday that the that he said that on monday the next steps would be announced this would happen at some point where these nationwide demonstrations would be taking place and we will be keeping a close eye on these demonstrations on these scheduled protests across the country
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in venezuela. donald trump says he decided to end large scale military exercises with south korea in order to save the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars washington and seoul agreed to cut back the drills saying it's part of efforts to reduce tensions with north korea comments come just days after denuclearization talks with kim jong un broke down in vietnam the two countries will carry out smaller joint trips. so. we think our combined defensive readiness won't be affected because we'll be having combined command center exercises and coordinated outdoor maneuver exercises will also be maintaining defensive readiness now after days of increased tensions between pakistan and india kashmir really leaders are criticizing the indian government's crackdown against separatist groups in the disputed region jamaat islami is accused of supporting an armed resistance against india hundreds have been arrested and leaders say their work for the region's most vulnerable children will not be
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affected so how raman reports from new delhi. it's an early start for these students in srinagar they come to this religious school from some of the poorest families in the region this hot drink and snack is perhaps the only opportunity to eat or the cold winter morning. many live in isolated villages and forbes so it's a chance to see friends and catch up before classes begin however they may not be able to study here for much longer. the government has jamaat e islami that runs this religious school and many more like it in the region it says the group supports resistance against india and is a threat to the country's stability. student says it's a disappointing setback for his education. i want to do something in my life that benefits everyone i wasn't very religious and wanted to know how to pray correctly i was embarrassed that i couldn't answer questions about my feet this has changed. only the school has taught me social skills how to be polite speak to. strangers
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and my elders with respect. late last month the central government banned jamaat e islami arrested scores of its leaders and sealed off their homes in indian administered kashmir there's been widespread anger in the community many feel muslims are being deliberately targeted and accused of being sympathetic to so-called terror organizations it's an accusation people here deny and say the government in new delhi is vilifying them for their faith and beliefs. regional politicians and are challenging new delhi you can jail an idea not is an ideology it's an idea you can just so you know in a democracy it's a battle of ideas if you try to imprison everyone you can imprison the idea is going to for the really need the people of kashmir this former head of india's external intelligence agency believes to mark the islam being pushed me it has links with armed groups in pakistan a factor that. has been bad news for
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a long. and whether there was a need to ban their dog i mean that there's. a government to decide. but some of the bad had needed to be picked up that should have been nuns one time ago this hasn't been arrested and speaking exclusively to al jazeera tells of his concerns because of the ban if. bannard the whole system will get us stated and it will be a disaster for the needy and word of people especially on the orphans and widows jamaat e islami hindi is the original group from which to mark the islam we broke away from the former centers across india like this and they're not bound with tensions running high the concern for the indian government is how to regulate groups that offer an islamic education in indian administered kashmir without alienating an
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already disillusioned community so whole raman al jazeera new day. doctors without borders has suspended the bone of treatment in parts of democratic republic of congo of the two medical centers were attacked now there are concerns the disease will spread to neighboring countries including. hundreds of people have died in the bone and they are seasoned oberst al-jazeera morgan has more from the town of yeah in south sudan close to the congolese border. it's taken almost four days to make it to south sudan from a refugee camp across the border in the democratic republic of congo but before she can return to the home she left more than a year ago health workers have to check to make sure she doesn't have the ebola virus. i heard there was an abode outbreak and that it kills i also heard that if one person is infected in the family everyone else can get it too and i've seen the pictures of those who died from about and i was afraid that me and my children got
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infected so i took them and i returned to south sudan. because an outbreak first declared last august is the worst in the republic's history more than five hundred people have died and a further three hundred have been infected most of the cases are in areas controlled by armed groups making it difficult for aid workers to reach and if they do provide treatment while things. camps near the epicenter of the epidemic more south sudanese are choosing to head home. people arriving from the neighboring democratic republic of congo are screened for ebola at sites like this one in the center of the people arriving from uganda which is also considered a high risk country are also screened but others are getting through without screening because of challenges at the border. agency say between fifty and one hundred people are arriving in south sudan every day but not all crossing points have screening sites and not all screening sites are easily accessible which is raising fears about the potential spread of the disease border screening site there
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located between the border areas between the odyssey in south sudan in the. uganda and south sudan they are a extremely hard to reach a deal too complex security situation and extremely poor infrastructure so these two are the major challenge that we face in terms of stepping up. gaining access and maintaining access for continued. he did this prevention and preparedness activities the authorities in a state they're trying to raise awareness to make it easier for people to get screened we have been advocating so much for people particularly those who are in. to make sure not to use will free channels where the screening points so that the come to those points i would work of course over still the fears most of them used moves on but is a challenge but we keep on advocating that we really need to use door for students because we don't have only got one city to set up screaming all those porous
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borders ilia has been screened and. but it's claims more victims in the democratic republic of congo and fighting continues to cut off access to border points in south sudan there are concerns if the disease spread aid workers here in a will have to step up from a position of preventing it to one of containing at people morgan al-jazeera the arab or state a top executive from the chinese tech giant who are way who's facing extradition to the us is suing the canadian government among one joe's lawyers say her rights were violated when she was detained and questioned in vancouver last december our attorneys say she believes she was undergoing a routine customs check last week started the process to extradite her to the u.s. where she's accused of violating washington sanctions on iran. will need to negotiate a coalition government if she's to become a stone is first female prime minister center right opposition party pulled off a surprise.


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