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flourished. the immigrant labor force is indispensable in venator especially in small to medium sized businesses more so in this region than in any other it also has one of the oldest populations in the country which needs domestic employees from this workforce despite this the anti immigration strategy has worked for the leak in this region turning fears into slogans has proved profitable for the politicians in terms of votes but some businesses are asking without the immigrant workers would we still be making a profit. al-jazeera verona venator the agency doctors without borders has suspended a bone a treatment in parts of democratic republic of congo are the two medical centers work tight now there are concerns the disease will spread to neighboring countries including south sudan hundreds of people have died from seasons almost even morgan has more than the town of yeah. close to the congolese border. it's
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taken almost four days to make it to south sudan from a refugee camp across the border in the democratic republic of congo but before she can return to the home she left more than a year ago health workers have to check to make sure she doesn't have the ebola virus. i heard there was an abode outbreak and that it kills i also heard that if one person is infected in the family everyone else can get it to you i've seen the pictures of those who died from about and i was afraid that me and my children got infected so i took them and i returned to south sudan. because an outbreak first declared last august is the worst in the republic's history more than five hundred people have died and a further three hundred have been infected most of the cases are in areas controlled by armed groups making it difficult for aid workers to reach and if they do provide treatment. camps near the epicenter of the. demick more south sudanese
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are choosing to head home. people arriving from the neighboring democratic republic of congo are screened for ebola at fives like this one in the center of a people arriving from uganda which is also considered high risk country are also screened but others are getting through without screening because of challenges at the border. agency say between fifty and one hundred people are arriving in south sudan every day but not all crossing points have screening sites and not all screening sites are easily accessible which is raising fears about the potential spread of the disease at a screening site there located between the border areas between the r.c. in south sudan and uganda and south sudan they are extremely hard to reach due to complex security situation and extremely poor infrastructure so these two are the major challenge that we face in terms of stepping up. gaining access and maintaining access for continued. prevention and preparedness activities
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the authorities in a say they're trying to raise awareness to make it easier for people to get screened we have been advocating so much for people but. to make sure don't be used where the screaming points should not be come to those points i would walk over still in the fields most of them used to moves on but to the challenge but we keep getting that we really need to use the office would. be to set up and screaming all those porous borders ilia has been screened and assured she's well but it claims more victims in the democratic republic of congo and fighting continues to cut off access to border points in south sudan there are concerns if the disease spreads aid workers here in a will have to step up from a position of preventing it to one of containing it people morgan al-jazeera arab or state. another.
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now the u.s. was the last major country to perform invasive testing on chimpanzees infecting them with hiv tuberculosis and other diseases it stopped in twenty fifteen because of animal cruelty concerns well now instead of living out their days in a lab the chimps have gone into a time and in a new home i was there as john hendren as the story from pete phil.
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for mankind's closest relative. this is the reward for a life of service. they've been infected with hiv tuberculosis and other diseases and tested it medical labs across the united states now julius in two hundred sixty eight other chimpanzees are living a life of leisure at louisiana's chimp pavan the world's largest chimp retirement home. they get treatments for the usual ailments for the elderly. we see diabetes we see kidney failure we see liver insufficiency arthritis periodontal disease. and they get specialized medical care and the occasional healthy treat. they are living out the chip life they get to make choices they can decide if they want to be indoors or if they want to be outdoors. that happened. three years after the u.s. government ended invasive testing on chimpanzees there are now more chimps here
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than in government funded laboratories. inching pavan is rapidly making room for the remaining one hundred eighty test chimps hey are you are ready for the release ready but everything about. some labs had insisted the chimps should be retired where they are in the labs that experimented on them but in october the u.s. national institutes of health decided that all chimps who are healthy enough to travel be brought here. this is a far cry from the lives chimpanzees lived in research labs instead of serving humankind with their bodies. they're being catered to themselves. so i'm like julie is we're born in the wild others have never seen a tree you would think if you gave a chimp a tree they would climb it that's not true chimps are territorial sometimes fatally so to newcomers so any faults is part behaviorist part mammal matchmaker when they
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arrive we actually go and do observations on the groups and on the individuals and try to see where we think that they're going to best fit in and with what family they're going to do best and once we kind of make that determination. they have a say in having a say for many for the first time in their lives can make all the difference john hendren. louisiana. our travels but his far derren thank you so much eventers and all but confirmed they will be the citizens at talian syria champions but they had to ride their lock to beat second place napoli as andy richardson reports. this was a game napoli had to win some and sign their faint hopes of catching events at the top of the table despite having home advantage napoli though were quickly on the back foot. with less than a third of the game played they were a man down they keep alex marat sense off of that challenge and christiane are
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renowned on. the setback of his departure compounded by the resulting free kick marilyn piano is putting you they want out. and the concerts look to be as good as over when emery chan made it to kneel before half time i. but the game turned around in the second half damage was cents off after receiving a second yellow card. not play thrived in the ten a side environment i was a care home pulling a goal by was i a penalty ben gave napoli the chance to equalise but lorenzo incendiary mr spock. in the game finished she won't see you very. there now sixteen points clear at the top and insights of an eighth straight title and the richardson al-jazeera. liverpool have missed
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a chance to regain top spot in the english premier league you're going cops team was held to a goal a straw waved to local rivals everton result means they trailed manchester city by one point with nine matches to play the reds have only won two of their last five league games and i believe one hundred percent no chance and all that and hard said game by game by game my fear gets better about the boys because they look really ready for it so and today of course we didn't score that happens. chelsea are now two points off of the champions league places after beating solemn and brendan rodgers has lost his first game in charge of leicester they can see that late two least two one at watford. to lose it was just a piece of good movies that probably get better we were a point away from home he would have been a good use of the debate as to. who to lose it was obviously. jos a marine you know says he's flattered by reports of
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a possible return to his former club real madrid well eager presents have your tables says he would welcome radio back to the spanish top flight real have been beaten twice by fierce rivals barcelona in the us in a week in relation to the words of missed that there was a league president i think is very flattering the fact that the names me has somebody that could bring something to is a leader is doing an amazing work in spain and to to mention me. is very is very threatening. former manchester united and arsenal star robin van persie has two hundred career goals and he did it in spectacular fashion then percy scored a hat trick for a flyer no one problem he started his career his goals helping them beat after the end then for nail in the dutch lead the thirty five year old plans to retire at the end of the season during his career that person scored fifty international force
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for the netherlands and won the english premier league with united. reigning m.l.s. champions atlanta united have made a losing start to their new season they were beaten by wayne rooney's d.c. united atlanta keeper brad guzan had a night to forget his mistake allowing luciana acosta to score finish to d.c. . athletes from all seattle will compete at the asian games in two thousand and twenty two hand show in china will be hosting the spectacle the asian games is the second largest sports advent in the world after the olympic games officials in oceana have been campaigning for decades for the inclusion the move to include the likes of australia and new zealand is geared towards increasing the level of competition at the games the invite is for selected sports to enable qualification for the twenty twenty four paris olympics through asian competition and will include the likes of football basketball and volleyball countries from the region
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are really part of football's asian cup and were invited to be part of the asian winter games in twenty seventeen. and the n.b.a. james harden dominated another game for the houston rockets harden made six three pointers and scored forty or more points for the twenty fourth time this season this time out a forty two point effort led his team to a win over the boston celtics rockets a fifth in the western conference and the detroit pistons got the better the trauma raptors in overtime this game in detroit could be a first round match up in the eastern conference playoffs and has since winning this encounter one hundred twelve to one hundred seven and go for keith mitchell has shown the value of persistence in sports after ninety seven top level tournaments the american has finally tasted victory a birdie on the final green at the honda classic in florida saw the twenty seven year old win the title by just a single stroke holding off challenges by brooks coca rickie fowler two of the
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game's biggest names have been close and i let my emotions take over and today the first two holes like i'm not one it's happened again i want to stick it out or you know jews have learned over the past couple years and i was able to do it i just heart breaking those french ok and that's all you sport for now more coming up later but for now it's back to you derek thank you very much indeed for that well that's it for me darren jordan so this news out don't go away though there's a back in a moment with much much more of the day's news that you've done so much. rewind return us i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates and the best of al-jazeera is documented trees struggle continues. to. use distance continuing with australia's most generations of recovery from. is
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a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera in slave abuse among the freedom. supplied so to many a police. officer a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force was. driven by her favorite recollections of subjugation to me my memory is my power a witness documentary on a jersey. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and
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dumped a lot of this who tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for her to line it and therefore the sea water is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it if it really were not told in just the marshall islands we're talking the whole suite. the battle to retake lost territory stalls and civilians continue to live.
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in the south as they are alive and also coming up. protests continue in algeria despite the president's promise of. talking peace corp the leaders of ethiopia and eritrea in south sudan will have a live update. tornado hama's the american state of alabama killing at least twenty two and leaving a trail of destruction. the reports quoting officials of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces which is battling i still say at least one hundred fifty people including fighters have surrendered and babus earlier yesterday have said it was slowing down the offensive against isis last held area to protect civilians with a more this joins us live now from the lebanese capital so what more details are
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you hearing about the surrender of myself as around. well what we understand is that there is a pause in the fighting or what amounts to an undeclared ceasefire you mentioned the kurdish led syrian democratic forces announcing earlier today that their offensive would be slowing down because i saw it was using civilians as human shields what happened since that statement was announced is that they open the corridor to allow anyone who wants to leave to leave this enclave who is this tiny enclave the last pockets of territory under the control of i so kurdish affiliated media or as the affiliated media as well as syrian opposition activists they are reporting dozens of fighters surrendering some put the numbers at one hundred fifty others but the number of two hundred they're also reporting hundreds of other civilians leaving who's now on friday the as the f.
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announced a final assault to capture this town there was intense fighting over the past few days it's still not clear how many fighters were left inside but whose they were given two choices really to fight to death or to surrender because they were under siege they were outgunned they were outnumbered and seems the choice that they made today is to surrender but like i mentioned we still do not know if there are other fighters still inside but this is definitely a blow to i so a symbolic blow more than anything else because back in two thousand and seventeen was when i saw it started really to lose territory itself declared caliph it was crumbling at last major cities in iraq and syria so this town really would be a symbolic blow but losing it losing the last territory it controls in syria and iraq really puts an end to their self declared caliph it. i mean as you say earlier
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the s.t.'s said they were slowing down their offensive worry about. casualties so what's happening now to people caught up in the fighting. well we do not know whether there are more civilians trapped inside but last week thousands and thousands of civilians emerged weak tired hungry it was a battleground and they had twin things supplies little health care and many of the people who left where women and children and they were members or family members of of i so fighters they were taken to a camp further north in the governor at the. old displacement camp and already overcrowded camps so fifty five thousand people in this campaign agencies have been struggling to feed them more than eighty people died and two thirds of them infants i may say and they died either trying to reach the camp or once they arrived to the camp they died from malnutrition or hypo so agency is struggling and what is
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important to to mention is that these are fighters families these are people who are not really accepted in society what is what is their fate what is going to be their fate especially since a lot of them are foreigners and many countries the countries that they have come from many european countries do not want to take them back so humanitarian crisis as a result of this ongoing offensive to and isolate presence in syria. in the lebanese capital beirut zana thank you syria was high on the agenda of talks between the russian qatari foreign minister sergei lavrov was in doha before travelling on to saudi arabia kuwait the u.a.e. the foreign minister the political solutions to complex across the region. in concern to the international agenda we paid attention of course to the situation in the near east africa first of all in syria libya and somalia we assume
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there is a vital need to stabilize these countries as soon as possible relying on international law and a comprehensive political solution where there is no part for extremists no matter what slogans they might use. continuing to protest after president. formally submitted his name for a fifth term in office. tempted to appease them by promising electoral reforms if he wins next month the eighty two year old has been facing growing protests against his rule crowds of mainly young demonstrators faced off with police sunday on monday israel's prime minister has ordered the acceleration of the demolition of the homes of two palestinians killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank israeli military says the pair were killed after the attempted to drive a car into israeli soldiers and village that's west of ramallah but locals say it was merely a car accident one of a person the vehicle was seriously injured israel demolishes the homes of alleged
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palestinian attackers to deter future incidents you know abraham was more from ramallah in the west bank. the palestinian health minister says that two palestinians were killed and a third was wounded in the village of west of israeli forces say that the three palestinians have branded a car against israeli soldiers in the area wounding two of them and the israeli army has also said in a statement that there found fire bombs in the car however the palestinians say that they contest the version of israeli forces and they say that the area in which the incident has happened has witnessed so many car accidents in the past the israeli army has closed the area and many palestinians have suffered tear gas inhalation after the confrontation between the palestinians and the israeli army now the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem which had been providing consular services to palestinians has been absorbed by the new u.s. embassy to israel the controversial decision to turn them into
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a single diplomatic mission was announced in october by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei of the council it's been in place for nearly a hundred and seventy five years and acts as a de facto u.s. embassy for palestinians many palestinians consider the move a downgrade in diplomatic relations. the leaders of eritrea and ethiopia are in south sudan on an official visit ethiopian prime minister ahmed the eritrean president. arrived in juba where high level talks will focus on regional peace and economic ties south sudan's president salva kiir who was in a tall cut short his trip to meet with the visiting leaders both ethiopia and eritrea have promised to play a key role in helping south about the return to peace even mogen has more from car too. the visit of the prime minister abby ahmed and the eritrean president is out of her where he came as a surprise the president of south sudan salva kiir was touring the states in the country and he had to cut his tour short to go back to the capital juba to receive
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the prime minister everything up here and the president of eritrea now the foreign ministry of south sudan said that some of the things that will be discussed will be bilateral relations and economic ties between if you're eritrea and south sudan but they also said that the peace deal that was signed in september last year and if you think of it so i disavow will also be discussed now that peace deal as per the e.u. the. intergovernmental authority for development which is a regional bloc and the u.n. they say that that peace deal is being slowly implemented that it's behind schedule and let's not forget that by the end of may the trying to transition period comes to an end the transitional period should be starting with the opposition leader of wrecked my car who is currently in khartoum returning back to south sudan to take up his seat as first vice president but there is thing the un is saying the e.u. saying and the i get into government authority for development is saying that this peace deal is being slowly implemented that they are behind schedule and they need to be discussing about certain groups that have not signed the peace deal fighting has been continuing in south sudan there have been tens of thousands who have been
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displaced over the past two weeks over the past two months and the u.n. is saying that people are facing hunger so there are concerns about how that peace deal is being implemented and asked for their foreign affairs of south sudan that will be discussed and to find ways to implement the deal faster so that any further bloodshed and for the displaced in south sudan should be stopped it's not clear if any agreement would be reached and the i get said that they're not going to renegotiate the peace deal to try to bring on board the people who have not signed and the people who have not signed the peace deal say they do not recognize the peace deal they don't recognize the government that they will continue to fight so it's not clear what these talks will produce but one thing is for certain is that they will be discussing the peace deal and they will try to find ways to reduce the fighting if not and it. now to the u.s. where he's twenty two people have been killed in a series of tornadoes hit the state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in the county it's feared the number of dead could rise has the latest this is what is left of lee
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county in eastern alabama after several tornadoes struck on sunday the u.s. national weather service says the first tornado packed winds of up to two hundred sixty six kilometers an hour carving a path at least a kilometer wide people tried to leave the area before the tornadoes hit i got a car with four of my kids. wide level two more going to my mother in law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty eight and then followed area right here. is pretty much just down. the scattered debris is hampering rescue efforts in certain areas we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time debris everywhere and it's just as it has mentioned previously this evening just some mass damage to
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structures residences in the area catastrophic is toward being used by many to describe what's happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing the state governor has warned people there could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia door such a pari al-jazeera. chad has announced the closure of its northern border with libya a month after libyan fighters from the south entered its territory the minister of security has called the area crossroads of thugs terrorists and rebels both in chad is closely linked to southern libya the most of its food supplies come from but one of the wind has more now from the libyan capital according to the chadian security minister mohammad. the decision of closing the border with libya has been made or
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has been taken in order to prevent a criminal gangs including terrorists.


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