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tv   Battlefield Washington  ALJAZ  March 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:02am +03

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dr what's happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing the state governor has warned people there could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia dorsetshire pari al-jazeera chad has announced the closure of its northern border with libya a month after libyan fighters from the south entered its territory the minister of security has called the area crossroads of thugs terrorists and rebels both in chad is closely linked to southern libya the most of his food supplies come from but one of the wind has more now from the libyan capital according to the chadian security minister mohammad. the decision of closing the border with libya has been made or has been taken in order to prevent criminal gangs including terrorists and also.
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rebels from entering get chad we understand that the chadian border with libya has been witnessing criminal activities including human trafficking smuggling drugs smuggling and also terrorist acts around the bordering area we understand that chadian opposition groups which the minister refers to them as rebels they have been fighting alongside their libyan cousins the libyan fighters against forces loyal to world lord khalifa haftar since have to have lost his military campaign in the south of libya in mid january under the banner of fighting terrorism and fighting criminal gangs when the stand that this is not the first time chad decides to close its borders with libya in two thousand and seventeen the borders with chad were also closed for a couple of months for the same reason. official break here al-jazeera when we come
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back rescue teams try to reach tens of thousands of people cut off by devastating floods across afghanistan and pakistan. and tensions mount as opposition leader wondered why don't we turns to venezuela under threat of arrest while in the stay with us. and we want to know for a lot of wet weather over the southeastern parts of china at the moment we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud as it gradually edges its way eastwards and that cloud is what's giving us a heavy rain at the moment so plenty more of a as we head through the day on tuesday with a particularly heavy outbreaks of rain lightly around the who now province gradually then sings its way south which as we head through the day on wednesday working its way towards home kong's i will likely to see a few showers particularly in the tone during the day i mean lot of we had out
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towards the west and the area of rain here is just noting its way eastward so it's over the eastern parts of india and stretching across into parts of bangladesh as well those outbreaks of rain a lot need to stick around as we head through the day on choose day and then as we head into wednesday they will begin to break up elsewhere it should be largely fine and dry new delhi getting a bit warmer will be offered around twenty four by wednesday and for the south a bit of cloud there of parts of sri lanka but not too much in the way of wet weather for the arabian peninsula well here the winds are still firing down from the northwest so it is feeling quite cool particularly at night but if we head through tuesday night i think things will change the winds will begin to come up from the east and that will change things a little bit the might be a bit more in the way of cloud a wednesday and it will also be not quite as cold ginger in the evening as well so temperature twenty four. with a new leader in brazil comes changes to how it deals with parents in the u.s.
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brazil's vice president is playing an active role of president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking the president just told me to be careful the vice president of brazil talks to al-jazeera. go. out of the top stories here on al-jazeera reports quoting officials of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces just battling isis say five hundred people including fighters have surrendered in but whose earlier the s.d.f.
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said it was slowing down its offensive against last held areas to protect civilians . israel's prime minister has ordered the acceleration of the demolition of the homes of two palestinians killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank israeli military says the pair were killed after the attempted to drive a car into israeli soldiers and car for an image village west of ramallah but local say it was merely a car accident. and jurors are continuing to protest after the president of the disease but if he formally submitted his ban for a fifth term in office but if he got tempted to appease them by promising electoral reforms if he wins next month's vote page two year old has been facing a growing protests against his rule. that as well as opposition leader says he'll be back home on monday to lead new protests against president nicolas maduro want to go has wrapped up a tour of latin american countries seeking support to topple much. he was last in ecuador but is now ripples be heading back to venezuela why do appeared on social
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media calling for venezuelans join the protest governments trying to arrest him if he returns but al-jazeera has money joins us from the border town of kuta that's in colombia model so what more we learning about. returning home to venezuela. we still can't confirm whether or not he is actually in venezuela yet or not we had reported previously that he does run that risk of being arrested upon his return to get out because the last that we heard there was a heavy military enforcement at the airport in quetta ak us it was also the travel ban that was put in place by the country's supreme court against mr why don't even before he embarked on that tour of several lot of several south american countries including brazil at him but i why and lastly on sunday evening broadcasts it on social media calling for more protests demonstrations against the government of nicholas model for eleven am local time on monday said that if you were to be
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arrested he said this during this broadcast there were instructions specific instructions for international allies adding that if the government of nicolas motu attempted to kidnap him it would be one of the widows last mistakes and what about the fate of the international aid manual has any monies to arrive in venezuela yet . unfortunately we have no updates on the international aid it continues to sit in shipping containers here in the border with venezuela diplomatic ties we should know between the two countries between us and but what remains severed and there there are bridges that connect the two countries that are used as protests pedestrian crossings and also vehicle crossings those remained blocked off so there is actually no commerce at all moving back and forth between those two countries during that social media broadcast on sunday evening why don't called on military officials in venezuela to allow that international aid to come
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through the last time that international aid workers attempted to bring aid across the border a truck full of international aid was burned so unfortunately we still don't know what the fate of that international aid will actually be all right money on top of . the netherlands has recorded some bastard from tehran over the killing of two iranian dissidents on dutch soil and the foreign minister bloke said it was a direct response to a similar move by rob the netherlands accuses the iranian government of being involved in the assassination of two opposition figures and twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen iran denies the claim. floods in southern pakistan and afghanistan uphill at least fifty people unusually heavy rain over the past ten days has cut off tens of thousands of people the afghan government says flooding was the worst in kandahar at least seven years reports. the afghan military flying over flooded kandahar province on
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a mission to rescue one thousand people trapped by floods there's been heavy rain in afghanistan and southern pakistan for more than a week on saturday flash floods swept through towns and villages across the region we didn't just do your part of the river and that is a disaster took place in kandahar there's no drainage and there is little public awareness which is why so many people were affected most of the affected people were already internally displaced and living on the river banks so they were hit harder than the others the traditional homes constructed from modern clay stood little chance as the floodwaters search through the rose garden. where i'm a poor man at the walls of my house have been damaged my two children were injured i'm asking the government to help me by providing tents it was a feeling to see today and they were distributing emergency aid on the advice of the governor we made a list of three hundred ninety seven families of that two hundred fifty families had their homes fully destroyed the un is sending teams and sitting up shelters to
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help the displaced i think another issue that we're dealing with is accessibility in some of the more rural areas that we're only just getting to people are quite cut off they are quite vulnerable so obviously an event like this has a big impact on. the destruction extends from kandahar through six different provinces to harass and far in the west for than five hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed as well as schools mosques and bridges in pakistan the southern province of baluchistan has been hardest hit the military rescued hundreds of families stranded by flood waters relief camps have been set up for those at high altitude. dealing with heavy snow. back in afghanistan most people were hurt as their homes collapsed around them others was swept away in the waters in kandahar those who could travel made their way from faraway districts to mow us hospital those who couldn't wait it is half a dozen medical teams trying to reach flooded areas. we have received
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in this hospital twelve dead bodies which include six men one woman and five children as well as thirty five injured so far many people were main missing and in such remote areas of afghanistan and pakistan is going to take some time to assess how many lives i'm positions having lost charleville us out is there. any agency doctors without borders suspended bona treatment in parts of democratic republic of congo the two medical centers were attacked now the reckons the disease will spread to neighboring countries including south sudan hundreds of people have died from a boat in d.r. seasons august of two zero zero morgan has more than the town of yeah. close to the congolese border. it's taken almost four days to make it to south sudan from a refugee camp across the border in the democratic republic of congo but before she can return to the home she left more than a year ago health workers have to check to make sure she doesn't have the ebola
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virus. i heard there was an abode outbreak and that it kills i also heard that if one person is infected in the family everyone else can get it to you i've seen the pictures of those who died from about and i was afraid that me and my children got infected so i took them and i returned to south sudan. because outbreak first declared last august is the worst in the republic's history more than five hundred people have died and a further three hundred have been infected most of the cases are in areas controlled by armed groups making it difficult for aid workers to reach and if they do provide treatment while things. camps near the epicenter of the epidemic more south sudanese are choosing to head home. people arriving from the neighboring democratic republic of congo are screened for ebola at fives like this one in the center of a people arriving from uganda which is also considered high risk country are also screened but others are getting through without screening because of challenges at
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the border. agency say between fifty and one hundred people are arriving in south sudan every day but not all crossing points have screening sites and not all screening sites are easily accessible which is raising fears about the potential spread of the disease the screening site there located between the border areas between the r.c. in south sudan and uganda and south sudan they are extremely hard to reach due to complex security situation and extremely poor infrastructure so these two are the major challenge that we face in terms of stepping up. gaining access and maintaining access for continued. disease prevention and preparedness activities the authorities in a say they're trying to raise awareness to make it easier for people to get screened we have been advocating so much for people particularly those who are in the congo directly to make sure not to use war fishel channels where the screaming
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points about the come to those points i would walk over still in the fields most of them used to moves on but it is a challenge but we keep getting don't we really need to use the official routes because we don't have only capacity to set up and screaming all those porous borders ilia has been screened and assured she's well but it's claims more victims in the democratic republic of congo and fighting continues to cut off access to border points in south sudan there are concerns if the disease spreads aid workers here in a will have to step up from a position of preventing it to one of containing it people morgan al-jazeera arab or state egyptian photojournalist mahmoud abbas a better known as short has been. after more than five years in prison he posted this picture on his twitter account with the hash tag hello asphalt used by egypt's political prisoners when they're freed so can i was arrested in twenty thirteen while taking pictures of the military protests it was later convicted with seven
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hundred others on charges of participating in an authorized protests murder and membership of the banned muslim brotherhood group. in journalism we are told to report this story and not be part of the story and unfortunately what happened with me was i was the story they said and. i am not the first or last journalist to be detained famous journalist were detained and resumed their work when they were released i hope to follow the same path now it's one of the richest regions in europe and an economic powerhouse of italy veneto is also where the country's far right party now known as the league has thrived almost a third of the region voted for the party and its anti immigration policies in recent elections but migrant labor is crucial to the success of the region someone has this report from the city of verona. a city steeped in history and as with other parts of italy their own is people are fiercely protective of their identity
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and customs so much so that protecting these was one of the foundations for the likud party. where the league has always been important in terms of right wing parties and i tend to tary a movement it's an experiment into right wing politics we are battling for an identity and cause for defending security and against illegal uncontrolled immigration and the issue of immigration is always close to the top of the party's agenda there is a history of the extreme right here in verona back to the days of when it was part of the republic of salo during world war two and nazi puppet state these days it is the league that rules and they found the fervor of near fascist organizations here problem is that their anti immigrant rhetoric collides with the reality and that is that migrants are very much a part of the success of this wealthy region. it's heavy work making
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motorized outdoor tools in this factory the assembly line chan's out lawnmowers and tractors one of the many industrial operations that defines venet off as a powerhouse i had a look along the shop floor reveals how diverse the eight hundred strong workforce is the factory could not keep up with demand or maintain its leadership in the market without italian workers i don't think it about politics we take it about the business and when the business come into the matter so the integration is something that you have to do because you want a wonderful blog that you want quality you want to fish and sea and you cannot have it without integrity whatever kind of work is your environment. but while ten percent of the region's population is made up of migrants and immigration political parties have flourished then. the immigrant labor force is
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indispensable in venator especially in small to medium sized businesses more so in this region than in any other two also has one of the oldest populations in the country which needs domestic employees from this workforce despite this immigration strategy has worked for the leak in this region turning fears into slogans has proved profitable for the politicians in terms of votes but some businesses are asking without the immigrant workers would we still be making a profit on al-jazeera the rona beneteau. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ports quoting officials of the us but syrian democratic forces which is battling i still say five hundred people including fighters have surrendered in. earlier the s.d.f.
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said it's slowing down the offensive against isis last held area to protect civilians there from syria was high on the agenda talks between the russian and qatari foreign ministers. was in doha before travelling on to saudi arabia kuwait and the united arab emirates the foreign minister urged political solutions to conflicts across the region. in concern to the international agenda we paid attention of course to the situation in the near east north africa first of all in syria libya and somalia we and our partners assume there is a vital need to stabilize these countries as soon as possible relying on international law and a comprehensive political solution where there is no pot for extremists no matter what slogans they might use the israeli government's pushing for the quick demolition of the homes of two palestinians who were killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank israeli military says the pair were killed after they attempted to drive
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a car into israeli soldiers. village that's west of ramallah locals say it was merely a car accident. algerians are continuing to protest after president abdelaziz bouteflika formally submitted his name for a fifth term in office he attempted to appease them by promising electoral reforms if he wins next month's vote the age two year old has been facing growing protests against his rule the afghan taliban says it's held talks with was back to stan's foreign minister in doha the group says his biggest on has promised to promote peace and provide economic assistance it appears to have happened without the afghan government's consent the meeting took place as negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban continue in doha. it was a response. to
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. the claims of those. from the european union a good. michael
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. you. will. see. brazil the largest country in south america home to the amazon rain forest and one of the most famous carnivals in the world it is now ruled. he was elected after the worst political scandal in brazil's history known as operation car wash that saw
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dozens of businessmen and politicians arrested and accused of corruption among them former president. in a cold war cool georgia thought that are so near to zero who will do their job. to be a car because i live in the city star the very thought of all the world is. this you don't just miss not told paul it's got to go out. even though he was a member of congress for almost thirty years or so another was seen as an outsider who promised to fight corruption and crime and help brazil recover from a deep economic crisis now his challenge is to do that without angering crucial allies like china and the arab world with his new foreign policy agenda that's taking his country closer to israel and the united states. still recovering from a knife attack last year is hoping to pass crime and pension reforms but many question
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his lack of policies to fight inequality and protect minorities i'm in brasilia we've come to the brazilian capital itself with a man who feels himself as the sword and the shield of. vice president of breath you. talked. to. a first question first political crisis in venezuela right now. we know that you're in a military attaché. in the country do you believe the armed forces when we mean no l two an equal i don't know well what happened is that the army forces in venezuela they are part of this process that's happened there ok my vision to say that they are trying to find a solution. because. not only the army force will have weapons and been as well they are do believe in the leadership we have drug gangs
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so the armed forces out right moment they are trying it was to find a solution a peaceful solution ok so that the country can be back on its tracks again but that leadership remains loyal why is that well i don't have enough information to tell you why. i just can't understand that they are loyal because they see mr mudd who is to them in power. how do you see i mean do you believe that there should be a change in government for many as well. well. only farted in as it was born with the later presidents who shot his. well proved to be not good for the country stronger the oil industry destroyed their internal production. they put people against people and so today given israel an economy stupidly shattering
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their social tissue shattering so of course they need a change of government right now a situation of building up there's not tension what you agree or how do you feel about the possibility of united states intervention well brazil as a long tradition we don't intervene in town or firs of other countries because we don't like aus they have our internal affairs be subject to intervention of some of the people so i think the united states we'll stay in and push and proceed position like he is today ok we make in the politics go in economic sanctions and we're waiting for divan as well as to resolve a problem but right now the u.s. is having an active role in what's happening in venezuela you do agree with that
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well they are making the pressure that they can to the oppression and the political side is like i said recognizing mr gwadar. presence ok make an economic pressure. freezing the assets that even as well as have in the u.s. and now zeus' ryan is pressuring of the you many times you need to search for a break point in the stalemate that the venezuelans are leaving right now and that tension is cost mostly by getting aid into the country. how do you see in the next few days unfolding i mean once you agree for brazilian soldiers to take that aid into venezuela we must of course not we're not going to inspect the border ok what we're doing what are you can do we can put supplies on the border in a forgiving as well as one they can come and get it but i don't think this will
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work ok because as you see from rome a river it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these is that empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil when to to reach for supplies ok i think that the main points for g.'s humanitarian aid would be the ports and out of the border was colombia. and just announced that they were shutting down the border with president why do you think they're doing this well i see it would you want to stop that as well and people that are coming to brazil now so if for instance if they see that we're going to put some place in their size of border going to stop this to happen but they can be. they can be real real cool because this is not going to happen so there is only going to stay on the brazilian side of avoiding war those who want to cross of course if you if you pass the
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border to set an act of aggression we are not going to do this verbal good you are the laws of your laws of the law so it is not so nice. to live with them poor. that it was very family changes in brazil's foreign policy . the president and yourself took office one of them is also in their relationship with the united states and at some point there were talks about the possibility of a base a military base here in the country is that still an option no this is not an option we never sought about. use it what mr bush will not have said is there were bays in the current that are can be used or branded for dominica as might not an american base and is a deal that has to pass by congress so it's nonsense just another changing foreign policy is their relationship with israel now also talks about moving the embassy to
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jerusalem is that still the case well what happened is the president wants to have a different kind of relation to see israel and relations from state to state they always search for mutual benefit that's what you want so this question of the changing of the embassy in my opinion some minor question in a cave the president will decide about d. is it will be after i next saw stiffest thirty of the many problems that can happen we still is because it could generate tensions with allies too with arab countries along on a fad this is one of the points but there are some other points to. which are well we have some agreements now and also the problem do you in brick of the nation of both countries ok to palestinians and israelis i think this is not a big issue today was only saw is the divorce market you know add up all the a good
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. you know for those who are as it does who knows. if those storekeeper has gone there if my is about this new company it is quit it is if you do more than a day or judge you are barker there was yet you defend your budgets you could be that is apologize. because you obviously had no mere to do this if you lose you do put their due to no good is not good you know if he does you know since he is just twenty five years it was eleven she would have thought those little guys not separate us so so like i said whatever the space was you being you are going into your budget it is your fault that that you see the legitimate their fears are one of the reasons why you were elected was because the brazilian people want tired of corruption. we were talking to many people in brazil and they said that things need to change but yet
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one member of the cabinet cabinet was recently fired because of corruption what do you think should be the response by the government to both i mean gauged and corrupt act for example well i think that the member of the government that was fired was not for kind of russian it exclusively the problem was a question of confidence in the relationship that he had we start president but our government like to say it was elected to fight and compete is bad administration and corruption ok we are not going to deal and pass our hands in the heads of people that commit this kind of crime and. as you see you know mr morris sent out a very have package dealing exactly this kind of crime we're not going to to accept this what you where you join the military doing had protection what's
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your opinion about those times and present. very good times ok i say we didn't have a dictatorship we had a period of military presence ok people that came from the army they had seen some years an instrument had gave them a big. we were in the middle of the cold war we had people here they wanted to install in brazil another kind of dictatorship let them see it is believed in the marxists. in marxist. who often meant ok so. during that period ok in the fight that happened. so in both sides some five hundred people died in a county of ninety million so it was a very soft problem when you see two dated sixty thousand people were murdered in
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brazil what a people were tortured and they weren't counted and couldn't vote for president. well that was the moment they could vote for their representatives in congress for instance in the one nine hundred seventy four elections the opposition won almost every place in the congress ok then in the early eighty's when we had elections for governors almost every state was ruled for a position in government so i think it's history we underlies this in some more for twenty thirty years when most actors will be gone when the president and yourself are electronic form factors and brazil are framed and they are saying and military is coming back and again and eight members of your cabinet that are former members of the military do you think that they are a threat to democracy. of course not out them ocracy is
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a very strong our democracy survived d.p.t. governments because they want to stay forever in power ok our democracy. has the balance of powers very very straight ok there is active does his job the let's just look at does the job they do charge system does this job. the president chose military people for his cabinet this is normal. and these guys are here working civilians not military the ahmed force they are doing only their job loss and more than that i don't see an spread for democracy in brazil. one of the rule of now and the president has said in the past that. he. unworn members of security forces that count criminal. have policies such as this one well what happened that
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we are dealing with so war in brazil drug war ok you have a lot of narco guerrillas here a this state is not doing its paper it's the state was born ok so that people could have an umbrella for them so that security would be if ok in the streets in the house so we have to deal with this sometimes the president uses strong words for the fight that we're having you see that every year more than one hundred two hundred policemen are killed here in brazil. that's not happens in other kinds in other countries of the ward so we have to work hard in this it's not always. we did the repression was the police do police work we have to deal with. the our provisional system and we have to do with our law enforcement system and and we have to work with the social system to the government has is now proposing
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after anshan reform to save three hundred million dollars from the economy what other things need need to happen to jumpstart the brazilian economy well what happens is we have a deficiency budget ok and our fiscal problems very have it we have today some forty billion dollars ok of depth to every year we are paying a marshall plan every year of just deb's almost one hundred billion dollars an ear and it is split the country completely tie it in the country stop it so. and we have this pension system reform we have to have a tax system reform we have to. put capes. brooke to. system ok things in brazil are very regulated we have to work and regulate brazil i think once we can do this the country will go to
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a moment of good progress many many reforms they had crime corruption pension do you think you should be able to pass that for congress well we have to deal with this is not easy but if was easy it was not for us ok i can tell you this so we have to convince the congress we have to talk with ever congress member we have. to convince the population of being assessed your dues reforms you know this is democracy democracy works that this way. if was a dictatorship where you should say ok it's a deal send all we have to talk with everybody when the stand is there as i said you said before many we form has to be made but still no real legislation to address the problems that affect minorities black people women indigenous communities do you believe that they need special legislation or for the government
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to start thinking of legislation that will protect them in some way while they are protected because our constitution is a very huge one. they. are close to sion. protects everybody here this problem of human rights and the minorities i don't feel i'm protected here in brazil. and their government he looks very he has a very good look for d.s. ok nobody's going to be produced here in brazil. so what what you think off there for example we have been talking to some people from the gay community one of them is that lawmaker that says that he had to leave the country because of a death threat. it's and many people said that they were leaving the country because they were afraid about many of the comments the president what would you tell them well first of all they had to prove ok that. they were
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affected by this kind of pressures second i don't see i walk in the streets i don't see anybody ok fighting gay people ok these have their lives i think here in brazil we have the biggest gay parades of the woods and it against the biggest death and killings off off members south and t.t.t. also because we have a lot of them to our populations more than two hundred million we have a lot of gay people here in brazil and they are not killed because they are gays the are killed because all the crimes that happens all the kind of people once sixty thousand people were killed here in brazil some of them from the gay community i don't see a gay persecution here in brazil so you don't think that lawmakers are unwilling laughter and that the death threats he received when real mr john we should have
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stayed here in brazil and represent the people that voted him he should be in congress doing his work. what do you think i mean poverty is a vacation inequality is a vacation in brazil what is going on and what is this government i don't know in order to to resolve it well to resolve poverty here in brazil we are going to need a lot of time but we have to improve already investments in education and has helps a. social security system because what we believe we believed to to suppress poverty we have to put everybody in the same point at the line of the portrait ok for people who receive a good education if they had assess a good health ok they can get a good job and so he can get progress to their lives that's why we have to do. of course that some of them has to be assisted by the states i think so you don't
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think that there needs to be special programs in order to fight inequality i mean it's just government assistance but no you know inequality is a serious problem and a major. issue and many affects states especially northeast the country what happened in the equality is just what it same to do if people don't have access to education if they don't have at excess to help us we're going to stay in the lower side of this so show a resource show or a part of me it's ok so we have to give them. education we have to give them helps once they get access to these ok they can get a good job they can progress because if they don't have this they will stay in the lower parts of our society is one of the laws that are you going to plan on or one of the programs that you're planning to present to congress and finally this is not a problem of laws laws we have we have enough laws or we need to do is to enforce
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that this happens because you see money flows to every park in the world in brazil ok so that they have schools they have teachers they have hospitals ok but what happens with this money the corruption took it so what do we have to do to stop corruption and the money has to reach where it has to reach during the campaign there were talks that the government was planning to open up the amazones in some areas for agribusiness is that still make a stand on something like that. our government or ensuring the campaign we never talked about this what happened we haven't laughed leant it is able to the agriculture business ok we can be the barn of the world like a used sea we can feed the world we still and that we are already dealing with them
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as on rain forests is going to be preserve it i've been there a lot of time and she's there and she's going to be there for centuries and i'm not in the tennis community where many say that they're under threat. they have their lance what do you want that they have jobs ok that they can produce to feed themselves ok to have access to or what they need they can't be preserved like animals in a zoo they have to have jobs. there are reports almost constantly about members of indigenous communities that are being killed by. a different type of our many terror groups among others i mean it's you know that this is happening about is this doesn't happen in brazil it doesn't happen this doesn't happen here in brazil you can have some problems in the part where you know we had to point to where they have the culture of the border reaches the forest ok and we have
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a lot of that we see some fights between people who are trying to get to land that was not there ok with people that were trying to explore the woods would so in that in every forest ok but the police. system is dealing with us but the other states never seen as ok during the campaign the president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking why in fact now the president didn't ask me not to talk was to press the present just told me to be careful. and your are you being careful was. one last question and most vice presidents have a decorative role but your says in the not you have very strong opinions about many many things i wanted to be president of a country and you know you don't want to be impressed i'm very good as vice
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president ok that's the point that's what i was chosen by bistable son are i'm ok with my position what is the most important role you play as vice president during this administration to be in this ward of my president i mean from now vice president of brazil and for talking to lunches here nice to meet you there is a. macho outages e.l.o. . maggi house and debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to heads five years after the revolution voters in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirty s arab league
11:47 pm
summit in china ziad join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on i'll just sierra. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and in your trying to provide the best most accurate up to
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date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things to pin the realized witness history in the making. of it every week brings a series of breaking stories. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. live from studio fourteen here to headquarters in doha i'm while continues did the push to take eyesores last stronghold in syria but civilians being used as human shields are slowing down as the fighters fighters are
11:49 pm
surrendering and thousands of women and children have been pouring out of the town . also on the grid return to venezuela opposition leader one why don't says he's going back home to lead more protests against nicolas maduro that's due to begin this hour but will taking center stage will land him in prison we'll have a live report from caracas. and an east african summit the leaders of ethiopia eritrea and south sudan are meeting in juba on the agenda regional stability and bolstering economic ties we'll have a live report on the talks and tornadoes that swept through alabama have caused extreme damage and. we have the latest online update. it's and when i'm home it's to just read the show use the hash tag eighteen his grades. follow you with the news good live on air and streaming online through you tube
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facebook live and it is it a dot com good to have you with us on this monday or dozens of i saw fighters defending the group's last territory in syria have surrendered to u.s. backed troops syrian democratic forces began an offensive to liberate the eastern village of black who's on friday so in a hot it joins us live now from beirut so zain a what is the latest you're hearing from there well hasn't it seems that the battle for buffalo's is coming to an end i sill is surrendering reports from media affiliated to the kurdish that syrian democratic forces as well as syrian opposition activists on the ground and syrian state television as well they're reporting hundreds of people leaving this tiny enclave along iraq's border and among the hundreds of people who are leaving i so fighters i saw fighters
11:51 pm
surrendering there are conflicting reports on the numbers some say one hundred fifty others say two hundred fighters but what is not clear is whether or not there are still high so fighters inside both who is who are refusing to surrender refusing to lay down their arms and who want to fight until the end really these fighters were given two choices to surrender or to make their last stand they've been outgunned outnumbered and besieged and like you mentioned the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces they launched a final assault against the group in their last enclave in syria on friday. it hasn't been an easy fight i still is making its last stand in its last pocket of territory in syria the syrian democratic forces launched a final assault on who's on friday but the offensive has since slowed down the kurdish dominated force blames the armed group of continuing to use civilians as
11:52 pm
human shields. we are taking into consideration the possible presence of civilians who are with the terrorists and are being used as human shields or even families of ice or fighters who decided to stay with the terrorists our forces are on the battlefield and they noticed the presence of civilians that is why they are taking necessary measures. it's not clear how many people remain inside the tiny enclave but last week thousands who were transported out of book whose mainly women and children families of i saw fighters the exodus worsened what was already a humanitarian emergency the new arrivals weak hungry and tired were brought to an overcrowded camp the population of l. hall in northeast syria is now over fifty five thousand aid agencies are overwhelmed. there are still so many coming in and you know agencies are going to the best they can but we weren't prepared for the number of
11:53 pm
that so we're struggling with having it. we have found each other and separated from their parents during the journey so have been able to reunify several of them but they need our men eighty one deaths have been registered many from hypothermia almost two thirds of them infants some died on the way to the camp others shortly after reaching it. four years ago i thought controlled eighty eight thousand square kilometers of territory from syria to iraq and ruled over eight million people but it was in two thousand and seventeen when the armed group began to lose major cities in both countries in separate offensives by different players in the latest battle against eisele was launched by the us backed s d f in september and the target was a stronghold in the euphrates valley many i still fighters have surrendered many of them foreigners an unknown number are still inside but whose the us led coalition
11:54 pm
says many are hiding in tunnels losing booze would be a symbolic blow to the armed groups but it will continue to be a security threat many fighters have slipped into iraq and others are in the desert in eastern syria. well like i mentioned a blow to the armed group but at the end of the day they do have sleeper cells that are able to mount attacks behind enemy lines so this threat does not go away but losing both what was really would mean an end to their self the clarity caliph it zina thanks very much as they know how to live first in beirut not just sure landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he joins us now from there good to speak you again joshua now these reports that we're getting that around one hundred fifty i saw fighters from the town of have surrendered there are still reports that there could be many more there so how out difficult is it to defeat
11:55 pm
a group like this many of whom are still going to be fighting to the death. yes and we've seen this repeated many times before both in mosul in iraq and in iraq where fighters really fought right to the bitter end and it took much longer than anybody expected we heard in both those cities that things were about to and about to end and they kept on going because of the civilian hostages and that's the situation here there's a tunnel system quite extensive that seems to be quite sophisticated underneath where fighters can hold up and even though in the evening times the american coalition has been using white phosphorous in order to light up the night it's very it's a some burning chemical. they've been using every sort of weapon that they have but it's very dangerous and they don't want to big slaughter of civilians because that would. you know in some ways it be a pyrrhic victory and what happens. after after they're completely defeated
11:56 pm
territorially and it's a big question as to what happens to those areas what replaces them if there's some kind of a power vacuum and so on. well you're absolutely right and this is where all of a sudden the focus is going to runs again go right back to american policy the u.s. after saying it was going to withdraw its troops has now said that there will be a residual force around four hundred american troops that will stay in the area and airpower this will help the syrian democratic forces that's the kurdish led forces in the north of syria keep some autonomy majority of it's time to be from the syrian government and to avoid a turkish invasion and this is going to then implant the u.s. and perhaps french and british coalition forces in northern syria for the the forseeable future and that's going to cause a really a very different security structure and the you the kurds are going to hope that
11:57 pm
this will give them really a quasi independent state in the north of syria. and then we come come back to this idea of though that the war and the and the i had ideology that they you can defeat i saw on the battlefield but defeating eisel as an idea how how hard is that going to be it's going to be very hard if this was tremendously exciting for for many muslims particularly young muslims the idea that there would be an independent state led by a kaela if and that it would defy the west it would defy local governments like the syrian government and the iraqi government both of which are led by allies of iran by shiites this in a sense was a sunni sectarian nationalist government and it created a lot of excitement and it and it also in many ways spoke to the resentment of. many people from this area who feel that their governments mistreat them are press
11:58 pm
of and that they have no hope and this this hopelessness is not going away any time soon the economic sanctions the terribly oppressive governments remain what happens then two thousand. fighters who are captured and then the ones as well who managed to the somehow escape and get back to their home countries with the skills if i can put it that way that they that they have learned from from being on the battlefield day well there's a tremendous mess and as su you have been recording at al-jazeera the you know u.s. government pleaded with all the nations of the world to take back their fighters because the s.d.f. which has them in these big camps and prisons cannot process them properly because they're not a legitimate government they're not recognized internationally and they're not allowed to try them in a sense so they need to either send them to iraq or send to syria or send them home
11:59 pm
to the home governments but president trouble after asking the governments to do this refused to take the american jihad ists back to america so this once again is very confusing and it underlines the deep problem because if people take them home how will they convict them there's very little evidence they will be able to subpoena other people. it'll be it'll be like one time tomorrow all over again where people are stuck there with no trials and and and the governments will fear to release them because of the problems that you've outlined that they can go right back to the fight get to speak with us though as always joshua landis in oklahoma thank you. now for more on the middle east you can head to our web site you can read the details on what's happening in the battle against eisel as well as all things syria are stories of consular outdated to bring you the latest updates it's all there for you on al-jazeera dot com we want to hear from you on these stories
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you can send your comments to any of our on line platforms were on twitter just use the hash tag a.j. news grid our handle a.j. english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one one four nine now regional stability was on the agenda as the leaders of eritrea and ethiopia met in south sudan in the last hour a joint statement was issued emphasizing the need for the three countries to continue working together seeking common ground on global issues south sudan's president salva kiir was on a tour cut but cut short his trip to meet with the visiting leaders here morgan is live for us now in the heart too in sudan so is what is the latest there. what has and what we do know is that they discussed as you said and as the statement said they discussed regional peace they all said they were going to
12:01 am
discuss economic ties and economic development they said that they were trying to look for ways to try to develop south sudan eritrea and if you now let's remember as you said president salva kiir was on a tour around the country trying to listen to the people and trying to get them aware of the peace agreement that was signed in september last year but he had to cut that trip short and come back to juba he said that he's going to resume the trip after the visit now another thing that was discussed in the meeting as kurds and south sudanese foreign ministry was that the peace deal that was signed in september is being slow in turn in terms of them for implementation they're saying that or at least the u.n. and i gather intergovernmental authority for development which is a regional bloc is saying that this peace deal that was signed in september is being slowly implemented it's behind schedule and at the end of may there should be a transitional government that is being formed but that is unlikely to happen because of a lot of articles in the agreement that has not yet been implemented so that is one of the things i was also in the discussion.


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