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tv   The Master Barber Of Berlin  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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but first a train journey away from north korea hanoi vietnam was in the spotlight this week the city played host as u.s. president donald trump met north korea's leader kim jong un for their second face to face summit vietnam's being showcased by the u.s. as an example of a phone turned friend can really help it reports. a quarter of a century after the war in vietnam ended jim garcia has traveled to the vietnam veterans memorial wall to honor those who fought and died in the conflict. i think . garcia's father was a marine who served two tours in the vietnam war the conflict cost more than fifty eight thousand american lives most of them moralized here in washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump avoided military service during vietnam citing bone spurs something he's been heavily criticized for. but the vietnamese capital of her
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noise was chosen as the venue for trying to meet north korean leader kim jong il and for their second face to face summit the country serves as an example of how old foes can become friends. from the nine hundred fifty s. through the early one nine hundred seventy s. the united states sent its men to fight vietnam a generation later a nine hundred ninety four bill clinton and other u.s. president who avoided military service lifted the trade embargo on this communist country completely changing vietnam's relationship with the united states since then the vietnamese economy has been. the us is now one of vietnam's biggest trading partners like vietnam after the war the us and north korea have no formal diplomatic or economic ties we think that north korea and jim and kim
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have a tremendous potential as an economic force. as the u.s. tries to convince to abandon its nuclear weapons program some analysts say kim should look to vietnam as an example of what's possible it's really quite remarkable. that we the united states are capable of moving beyond previously adversarial relationships. like vietnam north korea can learn much about transforming its economy despite u.s. efforts to isolate it it's one of the so-called carrots trump is dangling as a means of negotiating peace but the challenge may be convincing the north korean leader a deal isn't a sign of surrender or vietnam like north korea was once economically isolated poor and split between north and south today though it's one of the fastest growing economies in the world. economy growing at seven percent it remains a single policy communist state yet foreign investment and private enterprise have
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created a wealthy middle class all thanks to reforms which in vietnamese the cold but it's not recognized by international investors as an emerging market is seen as a from. vietnam lists two hundred thirty six restricted areas where foreigners are limited to forty nine percent of share. we are. managing director of business advisory group asia if she thought that vietnam could be a model for north korea people. from. that go to that. and so we do believe that. it's going to. not only.
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reason now a new era of super fast internet speeds five g. the future was the message coming out of the mobile world congress this week in barcelona reports. at this tech trade fair there's one thing everyone is pitching it's five thirty. five. life is about there if i just look at the network a hundred times faster than forty wireless internet will be rolled out in twenty twenty but in some places it's already operating here patients under the knife at a hospital in barcelona is linked by five g. cameras to the mobile world congress where a senior surgeon is guiding his genius through a gastro intestinal operation the world's first live five g. assisted surgery one of the main problems you are not in the right plane is you can't make an injury into the year it is estimated that every year one hundred
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forty three million surgeries can't be performed due to lack of surgical knowledge dr antenatal ac believes five g. can change that the surgeon just needs a simple recommendation for a few means needs of the operation or maybe even have a hole into the colony and say ok would work inside you to do it and that's what we believe even defeat to five g. change our lives change the health system most consumers will first see five gene speeds on their smartphones but companies building into every device that can be connected to the internet so your tablet will top see the t.v. which again will be connected to your feed take and so on this is called high ot the internet of things and the improvements won't just be for humans and how will five g. make you a better robot or protests. my mind is in the cloud of some form of general long
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term so complex questions almost instantly and then it's all good bye to the old environmental long time we do our. techie to say five g. puts us on the cusp of a new industrial revolution but it's not a revolution everyone will be able to afford. you said them a lot of fun i said so it's possibly the most important thing we can do to make sure that people feel that today there's two hundred million fewer women the man that owns a mobile phone south asia forty percent less sub-saharan africa thirty percent. so wow this new wave of technology promises it that's a feature as well to make it an equal feature joining us now from london is daniel gleason daniel is a senior consumer technology analyst with london based digital research and consulting firm of i'm daniel always good to have you on the counting the cost so not surprisingly the talk this week in both the loaner mobile world congress has
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been all about five g. what is five g. why is it better than forty well first starters what everyone will hear about is that it's much much faster you'll be downloading h.d. movie in a matter of seconds roar of in half an hour or so the second and what i think is the most important part of five g. is the latency is much lower and that's essentially the response time of the system when you when you ask the internet for a web page or to do something and that's very important for enabling new applications such as augmented reality streaming virtual reality cloud gaming in many many other things yet five g. also has is much broader in its power levels which means it also can be used for us whole internet of things which is a very low power level very low bandwidth monitoring systems which can be anywhere from the thermostat to industrial applications to power in billions of devices
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across the world driving drive less cars for example as well that's the kind of technology that these these gadgets are going to rely on you talk about this latency this this being fast to connect what happens if something goes wrong who's going to connect this police this well the i mean lives could depend on it. well specifically when it comes to driverless cars a lot of those instantaneous decisions about whether to turn or brake or x. factor will be taken locally and there's a lot of onboard computing that will those onboard measurement systems instead the connectivity will be much more in terms of driving awareness of broader context traffic. situations also onboard entertainment was becoming much much bigger faster for the connected car once the driver is all of a sudden no longer needing to pay full attention to the road the telecoms industry
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desperately needs growth i mean who do who's going to benefit more here is it is us the consumers or is it the telecoms companies or is this going to be expensive it is going to be extremely expensive course for the telecom companies to deploy the new five g. network for a couple reasons not only is a broad new radio architecture that they will have to deploy but the frequencies in which five g. will be broadcast are much higher i want that means that process is it means that the range of those signals is much much shorter which means they have to have a much denser network deploy lot more radio towers so that's going to mean very expensive rollout and also means it's going to be a lot slower in terms of getting into rural areas and there's a lot of talk in buffalo about the chinese telecoms company quite a way. in your opinion is using way. infrastructure to build
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these future five g. networks a risk. it is very tough for me to say right now exactly where the truth of out lies and frankly i think we're probably even pass the point where the exact truth of the matter is is the most important thing you have a political situation now where the chinese government is obviously backing wall way to the held the us government have dug in their heels and several other european governments a dog and their heels on refusing wall ways equipment so that is a political situation now that needs to be resolved much more than it is a technical situation because you started going to have quite a number of countries that and quite a number of economies that won't really have a choice rather other than to use while way because it is more cost effective i think we had the c.e.o. vodafone saying the past couple of days that you know not using weiwei could potentially delay five g. deployment by you know a couple of years in europe so that has big political and economic ramifications
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that are going to be you know will eventually overtake a lot of the technical issues danielle good to talk to you many thanks indeed thank you finally this week the drug industry maintains where not the villains pup the price of medicine is on the rise drug manufacturers a profiting and patients are at risk for example the price of insulin invented in one nine hundred twenty three it costs hundreds of dollars a dose and the price keeps rising the alarming rise in the price of pharmaceuticals is becoming a heated political issue in the u.s. as alan fischer reports from washington the unusual public hearing after the drug companies asked for it to be in private is a sign america's congress is running into patients over the price of drugs we here in congress are exploring legislative options to determine companies to deter companies from engaging in these practices they keep drug braces high for
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patients. today we expect open honest answers each of the company bosses submitted statements to the committee one said the companies use their profits to invest in important research and development of new drugs we go where the science leads us which means we don't focus all the on diseases in wealthier countries the goal is to save lives even where no viable commercial opportunity exists one this is the first time lawmakers have demanded answers from pharma companies about rising prices the government is among their biggest customers buying billions of dollars for various government programs senators acknowledge the importance of research it was pointed out drug companies enjoyed more than two hundred billion dollars in government grants to develop drugs and they can write off a lot of the cost of himself against taxes one senator says americans deserve a better deal an american taxpayers we are happy to help you be able to develop these drives but i can tell you people in michigan just feel that the bargain not
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to be that the are to be able to afford the medicine after they has had they have helped to develop it my constituents are dying nearly five there was a tense exchange when one senator accused the drug companies of acting recklessly by pushing drugs on patients to boost profits and companies like danson and produce pharma fueled this epidemic employing deceptive and truly unconscionable marketing tactics despite the known risks rask drug makers see other players in the industry help high prices and rebates league gives aren't always passed on to the consumer the president donald trump has promised he's going to make more drugs more affordable for american drug prices are famously complicated with one government report stating it's almost impossible to follow the money and while the pharma companies are reluctant to see government action drug prices is shaping up to be a key issue in the next presidential election and question them. that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can tweet
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me i'm at a finnigan on twitter please use the hashtag a.j.c. t c when you do all you can drop us a line counting the cost of al-jazeera is our e-mail address as always there's plenty more if you online at al-jazeera don't call c t c takes you straight to all patients there you'll find individual links even entire episodes for you to catch up on. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian finnegan from the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next .
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donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary
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clinton to an obligation to seek an investigation see the troops did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form to close sort of back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question octal field washington on al-jazeera. venezuela's opposition leader one why don't return home as he calls on supporters to hold mass demonstrations.
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have them thinking this is al jazeera live from also coming up one hundred fifty five to surrender in their last stronghold in syria. by more protests in algeria despite the president's promise of reform. several tornadoes hit the u.s. state of alabama killing at least twenty two people and causing severe destruction . venezuela's opposition leader is back in caracas after defying a travel ban arrived to a huge welcome at the airport he had called for demonstrations to coincide with his return had been touring latin american nations to gather support for his self declared leadership he want president nicolas maduro against any attempts to arrest him on his return. as manuel joins us live now from on the
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colombia venezuela border so man well why don't we take a huge risk here and coming back to venezuela. yes he did there was that expectation that he could be arrested upon his return ticket back as but we can confirm that he is back in the country landing in the airport of might get the get access where there was a large military presence sort of expecting mr those return but there were also many demonstrators many supporters there at the airport we also did hear reports that there were several diplomats from a number of european countries there to greet one when he returned was not arrested as many believe that he could be after the country's supreme court had issued a travel ban even before he embarked on that tour of several central several south american countries including brazil argentina ecuador but i why he was not arrested
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upon his return we've heard that he is now on his way to join hundreds of demonstrators on the streets of caracas on sunday evening one by bill had broadcasted on social media calling on venezuelan citizens to take to the streets across the country in protest against the government of nikko last month was if you can see the live pictures now these are the images that we're seeing on the streets of caracas hundreds of people demonstrating and there is an expectation that once mr by the arrives to take part in these demonstrations as he says that he would be there will be an even larger turnout of people there on the streets of caracas yet it certainly looks from those live pictures man well that his cool for mass demonstrations is is being on set but have we had any reaction at this point from president maduro anyone in the venezuelan government. we have not heard any official statement made from president nicolas mahut or related to the news that mr white though has returned to get out to us but we did
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check twitter our team was following president motos twitter his most recent statements are related to tourism inviting venezuelan families to take part in the two thousand and nineteen carnival that is taking place in venezuela now we should note that it is a national holiday in venezuela which is one of the reasons that there is an expectation that there could be an even larger turnout of anti-government demonstrators anti mother demonstrators taking part in the scheduled demonstrations on the streets of caracas today. all right for the moment. on the colombian side of the border with venezuela they're now the united states house judiciary committee has issued new risk request for president trump sons and former white house counsel in the probe against the president the requests a total of eighty one included records from former attorney general jeff sessions
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the justice department the f.b.i. the judiciary chairman says the probe is focused on corruption and obstruction and abuse of power kimberly how kit is live for us in washington with the latest on the house judiciary committee so kimberly where where are they expecting this to go then. well there they're sort of saying officially that they will follow where the evidence takes them let's lay out where this is headed and we should point out the white house has reacted sara sanders issuing a statement saying that the house judiciary committee's letter has been received and the white house will review it responded appropriate time. to be clear some sixty people associated with the trump presidency have been requested to turn over documents to between six and eight committees what is the democratic chaired committees what are they doing with all of these documents well they've planned to hold a series of public hearings that will last for a very long time this is
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a court nation of a number of committees looking into as you point out of obstruction of justice corruption abuse of power with regard to the president essentially what the house democrats are trying to do in all of this is to create lengthy public hearings to put the president on public trial in the court of public opinion so that will last for many months it may or may not lead to impeachment proceedings but what this definitely will do and this is part of the strategy as we understand is to embarrass trump officials embarrass the president in the eyes of the public as they head towards election day for the president trying to win a second term in the white house in two thousand and twenty yes so i lot of people will be wondering kimberly what whether this is a prelude to an impeachment process but i suppose as you say the public will have some say in that. right well democrats are definitely keeping the options open and
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again depending on what evidence is put forward the question remains whether or not republicans in the senate would support the effort by the house of representatives that is controlled by democrats that question remains open so what they're doing right now is gathering evidence but the chair of the house you just cheri committee jerry nadler was very clear over the weekend that they do believe that there is the basis for at least obstruction of justice they point to for example the president's statements repeatedly about the moeller investigation to go witch hunt the fact that he tried to prevent his national security advisor michael flynn from being investigated by the f.b.i. . potentially to stop the russian vest a geisha and also that they allege that the president has repeatedly over social media intimidated witnesses in public they believe that this is evidence alone but they feel it is necessary to try and win over those that support the president we should point out that in recent days the president's poll numbers have gone up some
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forty six percent of americans still believe in support the president of the republican base eighty eight percent still support the president so there is a sort of wave of words that is taking place over social media in fact the president was very active on social media over the weekend continuing to call this investigation presidential harassment by crazed democrats and also a corrupt mainstream media kimberly thank you. oh hundred fifty i saw fighters defending the groups who lost territory in syria have surrendered to u.s. backed troops there among hundreds of people to leave the eastern village of syrian democratic forces try to liberate the town yes the f. says some. remain in. beirut. the battle for but who is maybe coming to an end i still fighters are surrendering
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dozens emerge from the armed groups last pocket of territory in syria besieged and outgunned they gave up their tiny enclave along iraq's border there are others who are refusing to give up the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces who launched a final assault on the town on friday said i still fight his remains inside the enclave but the numbers are unclear early monday the kurdish led for said it would slow down its advance because i still fighters were continuing to use civilians as human shields. we are taking into consideration the possible presence of civilians who are with the terrorists who are being used as human shields or even the families of boys who fight says who decided to stay with the terrorists. last week thousands of civilians were transported out to who is mainly women and children families of i so fighters the exodus worse than what was already a humanitarian emergency the new arrivals week hungry and tired were brought to an
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overcrowded camp the population of in north east syria is now over fifty five thousand aid agencies are overwhelmed. there are still so many coming in and you know the aid agencies are going to the best they can but we weren't prepared for the number that are having so we're struggling with having it. we have found forty children and separated from their parents during the journey or have been able to read. annette heist are a lot of them but their needs are and eighty one deaths have been registered many from hypothermia almost two thirds of them infants some died on the way to the camp others shortly after reaching it four years ago i still controlled eighty eight thousand square kilometers of territory from syria to iraq and ruled over eight million people but it wasn't two thousand and seventeen when the armed group began to lose major cities in both countries in separate offensives by different players
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losing both lose would be a symbolic blow to the armed group but it will continue to be a security threat many fighters have slipped into iraq and others are in the desert in eastern syria senator al jazeera beirut. are the leaders of eritrea and ethiopia are in south sudan on an official visit ethiopian prime minister ahmed and eritrean president i.c.'s of work arrived in juba where high level talks will focus on peace and economic ties ethiopia and eritrea promise to play a role in helping south sudan return to peace ever morgan has more from car too. the visit of the prime minister ahmed and the eritrean president as i was aware to came as a surprise the president of south sudan salva kiir was touring the states in the country and he had to cut his tour short to go back to the capital juba to receive the prime minister with european and the president of eritrea now the foreign ministry of south sudan said that some of the things that will be discussed will be
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bilateral relations and economic ties between if europe and south sudan but they also said that the peace deal that was signed in september last year and if you think of it so i disavow will also be discussed now that peace deal as per the e.u. the. intergovernmental authority for development which is a regional bloc and the un they say that that peace deal is being slowly implemented that it's behind schedule and let's not forget that by the end of may the trying to transition period comes to an end the transitional period should be starting with the opposition leader of wrecked my car who is currently in khartoum returning back to south sudan to take up his seat as for his vice president but they are saying the u.n. is saying the e.u. saying and the i get into government authority for development is saying that this peace deal is being slowly implemented that they are behind schedule and they need to be discussing about certain groups that have not signed the peace deal fighting has been continuing in south sudan there have been tens of thousands who have been displaced over the past two weeks over the past two months and the u.n. .


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