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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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pakistan cracks down on armed groups as pressure mounts after an attack that sent tensions soaring with india. and of the armored car let's says al jazeera live from doha also coming up. in the shows. donald trump it sounds against democrats for launching a new investigation into his inner circle but says he will call for aids. and so his opposition leader is welcomed home by cheering supporters and plans another huge protest against president maduro. and refugees from mali explain why they no longer feel safe in the place where they've been sheltering.
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pakistan's navy says it spotted an indian suffering close to its waters which then turned away after being warned india hasn't responded to the allegation pakistan's government moved to reduce tensions with its neighbor by stepping up a crackdown on groups which a banned by the united nations has been under pressure to turn a tack that killed more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers in streets of kashmir region in the middle of last month a group called josh a mohammed said it was responsible the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in the year is let's go live now to. force folks so first of all just tell us more about the submarine come all. well the focus on the navy has really for cage of what day is an indian submarine
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saying that d.n.a. taking place on monday night in india and submarine tried to get into pakistani waters. and then it was warned draw from. the indian government enough drawing the navy also saying that because of the peace initiated by the government the submarine was not fired upon all sorts of. including the naval and air force are on a heightened state of alert so indeed a serious incident by the indian government in india and we're drawing from getting close to pakistani water and come all how is pakistan cracking down on these groups that we mentioned as well. interestingly the government. regulation in
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order to conform to legal requirements whereby they can. individuals are all organizations listed as did a group by the united nations that indeed move and also the fact that the government has now come out with a plan to climb down on any remnants of any militant organizations that could jeopardize national security. information minister for watch audrey. stand in. this issue. abuse groups every room history two thousand and fourteen we all pretty good parties sign national action plan and next election basically suggested our road map the words these groups as. we. stated policy in the state that we will not allow any armed groups to operate or
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use pakistani soil and a monopoly or loon sylvester in the street after that we have taken. given many steps i would say but still there were some requirements the needs to be filled for example the fact of requirements there tonight to deal with the funding of these groups so we have a plan in economic we have economic plan we have political plan and we have the if needed then we can also use force to curb these groups we regular order we have and this has nothing to do with kashmir or. the information minister or what there are as to how their government will move and when it really move again these groups operating in pakistan. now after the security forces and that they of course really do their day ok come on a thanks for that update from islamabad libya's national oil corporation as
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restarting limited production as it failed in the southwest it's been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility as forces are loyal to warlord the half ton who ordered them to leave after talks with members of libya's unity government. went up a lot he joins us live from the capsule tripoli just remind us why the show are all filled was shut down and why it's been reopened. will laura it's lawlessness in the south of the country use on with groups including local citizens just went into the shut our oil fields in december and on the ninth of december and they wanted to put pressure on the government of national accord to provide this ours with more services to improve security they think that this was
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is marginalized so they wanted to put pressure on the national accord government in tripoli so the went into the shut up will field and they stopped production and the also abused the workers inside they dismissed the workers from the oil field now we understand that during the last three months a peaceful hand over of the shut our oil field happened to the favor of forces loyal to the world a lot of khalifa haftar which is targeted a military campaign in mid january to take control of sort of strategic locations look asians in the souers including oil fields and airports now in general the peaceful hand over of oil fields happened for have to his forces they stay there until yesterday when. the groups were forced to leave the show that will field by tribal leaders from from the south of the
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country that happen after negotiations as you know that forces loyal to the world for have that have been taken control of a strategic locations in the south was including airports and also or oil fields and oil installations laura ok so how did this shutdown affect the country and terms of economic output. we'll because of shalott our oil field is the biggest oil field in the country with production capacity of around three hundred twenty eight thousand barrels a day so as you know laura our oil revenues are the backbone of libya's national income which represents more than ninety eight percent of the g.d.p. now this of course has has affected the. libyan treasury because many people have been complaining of not cashing their salaries on time many services in the country many state institutions have been paralyzed because of the
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lack of like liquidity especially the lack of hard currency which basically comes from the oil revenues ok good i'm glad he has many thanks for explaining the situation to us from tripoli in the u.s. the democratic party has launched its most ambitious investigation yet into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office by donald trump targeting people in the president's inner circle including his family members denounced it as part of a political hoax but says he will cooperate as our white house correspondent kimberly harker's. it's a sweeping and wide ranging demand on monday the judiciary committee from the democratic controlled house of representatives ordered eighty one individuals and entities tied to u.s. president donald trump including the president's son don jr to turn over materials believed to shine a light on trump's alleged abuse of power and obstruction of justice it's
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a political hoax. speaking from the white house surrounded by college football champions once again discredited the efforts to investigate his presidency but said he would comply with the committee request i cooperate all the time with everybody and you know. the document triggers what's expected to be another lengthy investigation in addition to robert muller's probe into potential trunk ties to russia this latest effort is a coordination by more than a half dozen house committees including judiciary committee chair jerry now looking into trump's decision to fire former f.b.i. director james comey as well as efforts to protect former national security advisor michael flynn it's very clear that the president should be just as it's very clear eleven hundred times he referred to the mole investigation as a witch hunt he tried to fire he tried to protect flynn from being investigated by
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the by the f.b.i. you fired me in order to stop the russian think the committee's efforts will be punctuated by hearings designed to create a record of public testimony and could expose potential presidential conflicts of interest ranging from trump's hotel in washington to possible money laundering by the president's businesses and well impeachment proceedings are possible they aren't a minute no we have to do the investigations and get all this we do not now have. the evidence without before you impeach somebody you. to persuade the american public trust approval numbers have risen in recent weeks up to forty six percent and eighty eight percent of republicans still backed the president that's why the investigations by democrats in the house of representatives are designed to be intentionally slow it's an effort to pick apart donald trump's presidency and
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illustrate a pattern of behavior that at minimum in the court of public opinion could hurt trump's chances for re-election kimberly healthy at al-jazeera washington. but as well as opposition leader who has called on his supporters to keep protesting against president nicolas maduro was a was mauled by crowds after returning to caracas from a tour of his last american allies is that he got of support after a failed us that attempt to bring aid into venezuela president has threatened to arrest one day for breaking a travel ban or the u.s. has warned any action against him will have consequences you don't believe god will or i want to last people of venezuela is that a shred of fear they threatened only of us here they threaten the real jail. and well i'll tell you something it will not be through threats but they will hold
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us back we are here and we are strong united more than ever you know why we are here and we are stronger than ever i feel badly thank you i hate thinking how do i hear sections say whitehall says he's hoping to send a delegation to north korea within weeks of talks between donald trump and kim jong un and with no agreement the north korean leader has arrived home after those discussions and vietnam two sides have given different explanations about why the summit is to work out. the weather is next and then china cuts taxes in place lending as it prepares for a tough war ahead. and how northern italian political policy has managed to ghana supporters in the south.
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get a welcome back well here across the north part of south asia things have been dry of the last several days you can see here on the satellite image not a lot of clouds anywhere from the philippines over towards vietnam even thailand a lot of rain down here across parts of malaysia and that will continue over the next few days and as we go towards thursday we do expect to see more moisture on the increase here for the southern parts of the philippines bringing some rain for that area but from noah it is still going to stay into the low thirty's for you there or here across parts of australia it had been quite hot things have changed we do have a front that made its way to the north and with that temperatures have really dropped across much of the region we're talking adelaide no burn as well as hobart in those conditions will continue as we go towards wednesday winds coming out of the south over adelaide nineteen degrees there melbourne in one thousand degrees but this front is going to slowly push towards sydney and with that we are going to see some rain showers temperatures will drop for sydney but behind that front we are going to be seeing plenty of sun across the area so for adelaide your
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temperatures are back up to about twenty six to be there and then very quickly over here toward the north and south island plenty of sun but we are going to be watching this front coming across tasman sea and christ church that means more messy weather in your forecast with a temperature of about twenty five degrees there. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other sort of put it to. go strong cross what you have. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road. the stories we. are told by the people. of britain this is your.
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time again you're watching al-jazeera as a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan's government says it will seize the assets of groups bound by the united nations has been under pressure to act against armed groups on indian troops in the disputed kashmir region in february. libya's national oil corporation is reportedly restarting a negative production field in the south west or south of three months by gunmen who took over the facility. but as well as off as a snake is called on his supporters to return to the streets and step up pressure on president nicolas maduro to resign received a hero's welcome doctor telling from a tour of latin american. meanwhile venezuela is marking six years since the death
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of. mental hugo chavez looks at how much of his legacy remains. show these mole is dead the opposition in venezuela has been saying that since the president for whom the ideology was named died of cancer on the fifth of march two thousand and. his chosen successor nicolas maduro continues to cling to power and the pressure from foreign governments and millions of his own people to step down. they blame him for around things inflation high crime and chronic food and medicine shortages. blames foreign sabotage particularly from the united states so then assuage his problems but not as colorfully as chavez once did here criticizing former u.s. president george bush at the united nations in two thousand and six. the president
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of the united states the gentleman to whom i refer as at the devil marquis came here. doing all the talking as if he owned the world i think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the united states but says that she is alive and well citing health and education programs and the continued redistribution of wealth begun by his predecessor but even his supporters admit that is no charge that he doesn't have the same charisma or political astuteness he continues to talk of the future well aware of the mounting risks to his government. but honestly i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela stop the drums of war stop the threats of invasion let venice relist say with one voice that we want peace we want to be how well the two men shared similar politics the world has changed or prices have slumped and venezuela has left wing allies in the region have largely disappeared
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the door those critics say the only flawed elections and support from the military keep them in power the predictions of his imminent demise have been frequent these past six years as they were the charges before him now president maduro faces one of his toughest challenges yet with the world watching to see how he reacts to the returns have been a swayer of the self declared interim president. from a trip to neighboring colombia. well then this will of mark the sixth anniversary of the death of. the opposition is questioning his legacy nicolas maduro supporters are wondering how much longer it will keep the president in office and how does iraq a second member of canadian prime minister just introduce cabinets has quit jane philip or to serve as budget minister says she's lost confidence in how the government is dealing with a west wing scandal her departure follows the resignation of justice minister jody wilson raybold last week wilson raible testified that she was pressured to help
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a construction firm avoid a corruption trial when she was attorney general it was china's annual event to showcase the strength of the country but the news coming out of the national people's congress is not as strong as china's rules would like the world's second largest economy is expected to post its slowest growth in almost three decades as it struggles with debts and a trade war with the united states has premier league chuang expects the economy to grow by six to six point five percent this year strong by international standards but not by china's from beijing trying to you tells us how they plan to turn things around. we're in beijing's tenement square and behind me is the great hall of the people and inside about three thousand of the country's most powerful communist party members and leaders have gathered to hear the direction of the country for this year and one of the main takeaway is that we have been waiting for is the g.d.p. last year it was six point six percent which is already the lowest economic growth
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that we've seen from china since one nine hundred ninety well this year it's even lower it's six percent to six point five percent and it's very much in line with what many economists here have been expecting in recent months we've seen some disappointing consumption figures and what china has been trying to do is maintain stable growth while at the same time reducing its reliance on debt and some people are saying look some of those measures have been too harsh and now the government is under pressure to swing the other way to stimulate the economy and some things that we're expecting out of this national people's congress for example is a lowering of the income tax as well as the lowering of the mount of pension that employees are expected to pay another interesting was leakage also mentioned he acknowledged that the trade war with the united states united states has had a negative impact on china's business activity and that's something that we haven't heard many government leaders being very candid about but going forward there will be many other things that they will be talking about during this national people's congress that we're talking about health care improving access to quality improving
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affordability and access as well as alleviating poverty she didn't thing has made it one of his missions to create a large middle class in china and this year they want to lift an additional ten million people out of poverty. u.s. will no longer give india and turkey preferential trade status donald trump says india has failed to provide assurances that will allow reasonable access to its markets and no longer qualifies because its economy is seen to be sufficiently developed here is currently allows five point six billion dollars worth of indian exports and to the united states to to free. the generalized system of preferences program. or d.s.p. one hundred twenty one countries to export some goods to the us without paying tariffs and twenty seventeen talk exported one point seven billion dollars worth of goods and the d.s.p. system robert scott as a senior and sas the economist at current policy institute in the us he says trump has talks in the wrong countries for the wrong reasons and i think this indicates
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that the underlying problem with the trump trade strategy and it really is a lack of strategy india just does not rise to the level of importance in the united states trade problem it's supported by the ping country our total trade deficit with china is about two and a half percent of our trade deficit with the world the big problems that we have are was not only china but also the big surplus countries including the european union and japan does of the countries that we ought to be trying to solve this problem with it's the let's make a deal approach the trump trade strategy i think in part reflects the fact that he's a bully india is a relatively poor country they don't have a lot of resources and he thinks that he can push them around but that doesn't mean it's going to provide any significant jobs here in the united states for working
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people we're not going to rebuild manufacturing by cutting our imports from china from india by five and a half billion dollars we have an eight hundred fifty billion dollar trade deficit is going to go up about ten percent in two thousand and eighteen will get the numbers on wednesday of this week that's the problem. algeria's antigovernment protests are growing with students boycotting classes to get out onto the streets i'm great about president beautifully. to run for a fifth term even though he has promised to quit if we elected next month it's a fake it has been in power for more than twenty he is rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke and twenty. the netherlands has recalled its ambassador from tehran over the killing of two iranian dissidents on dutch soil from his bloc said it was a direct response to a similar move by iran that accuses iranian government of being involved in the murder of two opposition figures in twenty fifteen and twenty. something
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egyptian photo journalist. has been released after more than five years in prison he posted this picture on his twitter account with the hash tag hello asphalt which is used by egypt's political prisoners when they're freed and was arrested in twenty thirteen last taking pictures of protests. in journalism we are told to report the story and not be part of the story unfortunately what happened with me was i was the story. i am not the first or last journalist to be detained famous journalist were detained and resumed their work when they were released i hope to follow the same path. refugees who have escaped fighting in mali by heading to neighboring kenya say they could be attacked or arrested if they leave their camp in the town of gori thousands across the border when armed groups started fighting forces supporting the government and reports.
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for the families of these million women this refugee camp in the town of gori in neighboring book enough ass and is no longer a sanctuary they say it now feels like a prison. but the problem we face is the arbitrary arrest by either of the two armies of mali and breaking our fast our diarists whoever comes their way even without a question. many people began fleeing from mali when armed groups demanding independence for the north of the country started attacking mali and government forces in twenty twelve mali's military force back supported by troops from other african nations and france the money and separatist fighters started carrying out raids across the southern border in book enough people in camps like this one say they're being blamed along with. our problems that we were forced to leave our homeland as refugees we were welcome to burkina faso and they used to be enough relief aid now
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there's a big shortage of aid we can't move because of confrontations between the army and terrorist groups and now we fear the reaction of the people not the government and . since twenty eighteen there's also been a rise in the number of attacks and became a fast so itself they said to be carried out by several armed groups with different goals the u.n. says at least one hundred thousand people have been forced from their homes in the last two months we. would have security is totally absent we asked them to remain in the areas which the makino faster or thorny is can control we complain of sure divide and we believe it is insufficient international agencies must do more to help them. while they wait for more help these modern refugees say they are trapped in camps where aid is dwindling and the dangers are growing rob matheson al-jazeera. it's league of parties started out as
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a northern separatist movement but its support has extended to the south the leader of the party also known as lee became an m.p. in the southern region of calabria and has focused his agenda on immigration so we're going to get reports from. a town left to its own devices stuck in a troubled present does not know is an agricultural community of some fifteen thousand people in italy south it continues to live through hard times in the grip of the local mafia. and yet it's a political party that once supported the idea of northern italy seceding from the south that's what it's most surprising success here but people get the only party that will sort things out is the leak five star is a joke and i voted for them but not everyone agrees remember you. don't remember when salvini calabrian sleeves and crooks. all the troubles that this town has the
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poverty your guys crime and lack of any civil society have been taken by the league party transfigured into another issue immigration one of illegal only too eager to use to their advantage. so the migrant ship blockade is a promise made and kept usually can't take all these desperate people there are enough here desperation underflow and sense of hope have been powering the league success hit calabria is one of the poorest regions in italy and has been forgotten time and again by politicians over the decades and its place criminal organizations have taken root exerting a powerful control of almost everything here including politics. the leaks coordinator in calabria domenico pictured here on his facebook page with the leader . has been key to its success but he has been accused of having had links with the
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mafia. last march mateo salvini celebrated his election as calabria sen. among those pleased with his win was a result most form of ai jackie. who denies that the input on paper has had anything to do with the league's victory in the region. when people say that the league only won because the in that supported them i can tell you that in these areas the in the would have voted for other parties yet this is a region where local governments have been dissolved because of mafia infiltration suspicion runs deep here. it's very surprising that an intelligent politician like matteo salvini hasn't understood this when you choose candidates who have links to these organizations how do our citizens to report crimes to the police if they fear of repercussions. not far from the town center this tent city one official of
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a makeshift housing hundreds of people mainly from sub-saharan africa exploited by the end but i get they work in the agricultural sector for a pittance and provide a distraction for the other problems people face here sunny al-jazeera. and watching our sara these are our top stories and pakistan's maybe says it spotted an indian submarine close to its waters which then turned away after being warned india has yet to respond the allegation incident comes after pakistan's government moved to reduce tensions with its neighbor by stepping up a crackdown on armed groups which have banned by the united nations has been under pressure to act after an attack that killed more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers and speech of kashmir region made last month a group called jayashri mohammed said it was responsible the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in years. libya's national oil
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corporation is restarting limited production as it sure a field in the southwest gunman had taken over the facility and shut it down for three months fighters who are loyal to warlord holly for huffed al then forced those gunmen out and he's now ordered his men to leave off to talk with members of libya's unity government. that as well as opposition leader has called on his supporters to return to the streets and step up pressure on president nicolas maduro to resign friday received a hero's welcome in the capsule crack us after his return from a tour of latin american nations. if you don't believe god will only say no i want to oscar people of venezuela is that a shred of fear they threatened us here they threatened me with jail you saw it and well i'll tell you something it will not be through threats that they will hold
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us back we are here and we are strong united more than ever you know what we are here and we are stronger than ever i q family thank you my head thank you home to. algeria is antigovernment protests a growing with students boycotting classes to get out onto the streets i'm great about president puts a ficus decision to run for a fifth term even though he has promised to quit early if we elect its next month it's a fake has been in power for more than twenty is and has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke and twenty. you have to say now with all the headlines more news on al-jazeera this is your thailand's military government is accused of using repressive rules to silence the general critics. but a new brigade of office is fighting back what i want a snake's thailand's rebel losses. zero.
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