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you will know. next question octal field washington on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. alone and this is the news live from coming up in the next sixty minutes pakistan cracks down on groups under u.n. order following days of tensions with india over kashmir. libya reopens an oil field in the southwest that was taken over by warlords and if. the u.s. opens a new front in its trade war with plans to end the special status for india and
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turkey. venezuela's opposition leaders welcomed home by cheering crowds another huge protest against the president. and i'm we are party with all of your sport things go from bad to worse for le bron james and the l.a. lakers after losing to their local rival the defeat all but any of their chances of making it to the n.b.a. playoffs. pakistan's navy says it spotted an indian submarine close to its waters which then turned away after being warned the incident comes after pakistan's government moved to reduce tensions with its neighbor by stepping up a crackdown on armed groups banned by the un has been under pressure to act after an attack which killed more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers in the disputed kashmir region mid last month a group called jaish
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e mohammad said it was responsible for bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in years. well who are these groups and who supports them correspondent reports. they chant all kish meet will be free this group called themselves dean the brother of holy warriors their leader mohammed haroun he's a firebrand cleric who supports armed groups across kashmir including jaish e mohammed that's the group who claimed responsibility for the february fourteenth attack on indian troops that sparked this latest crisis between pakistan and india and. god willing the fighters of al bad are already across the country and are ready to pounce on their targets and are waiting for the right time and god willing this year will be the liberation of the whole of kashmir. the anti indian pro united kashmiri ideology is fundamental to all of the groups in the region india
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has long maintained that these groups are directly funded and directed by pakistan's intelligence service the i.s.i. it's a charge pakistan the noise however the question remains what is pakistan doing about groups like al but there may be and jaish e mohammad. after two thousand and fourteen we have game hard on these groups. now it's a stupid policy in pakistan that monopoly. remains with the state and norgrove will be able to use that bill bruford real reload to have that ability to use one for the groups so i think we are taking steps we have taken steps in the past since two thousand and fourteen we have stepped i think we are on the right direction the groups are active today on both sides of the disputed border in indian administered kashmir has both mojahedin regularly now attacks on indian troops yet india insists
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it's a domestic issue and says there's no comparison between groups on either side of the disputed border so all the suggestion that there is some kind of week where millions between the kind of terror challenge that india is facing and what. is either dealing with internally on n.p.r.'s all internal security issues which are related to the northeast have completely i would say different contours and it's a different profile so this is a case of apples and oranges in a very negative sense because these groups have been assisted by the pakistani state on a neighbor and so where there's your mama. you cannot compare them with what is happening with groups in india because they are being sustained and they are the strategic assets of the party. there are many in kashmir who say that the indian army is occupying fishmeal and that the groups are a direct consequence of that india says it's there for security reasons meanwhile its armed groups in pakistan that seem to be garnering the most attention. the
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issue of armed groups and who supports them is a for anyone in pakistan now to fight on your far to say they are cracking down on these armed groups but it's clear that they are in the spotlight right now pakistan has made an announcement that it's cracking down on the armed groups however that might not be enough for india to demand the arrest of the group's leaders but questions remain as to whether even those arrests will reduce the tensions between the two nuclear neighbors iran car. or for more and all of these elements we've been talking about let's go over now to canal hi there he is in islamabad for us i want to start with reports of each other's military. vehicles crossing over to the other side from submarines to drones are both sides still trying to test each other's limits. where. tensions are high by relative calm and some
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deescalation that started the event didn't get. any navy has been showing the people head in pakistan was an indian submarine were detected on monday night it was an attack submarine india has about fourteen attack submarines aboard german and russian make. a nuclear powered submarine but they say patently. destroyed one of the accept maybe that was snorkeling. which has been shown. detected by the pakistanis that would then say that their warning to go back and did not get did because of the peace initiate devolved government so indeed an interesting development and. that is of course stated this tension and of course everybody's waiting that one would be enough another round of tensions between the
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two countries what about now the crackdown crackdown on groups how is that being perceived. gone has been cracking down on several groups particularly doored that were operating along the border with afghanistan that all attended some remnants that i left now the pakistanis have enacted regulations which would provide legal cover to be able to seize the assets of these groups and that individuals do it in water and this of course they didn't line with a u.n. . organization is that you are and of course i support sanctions on these groups they cannot travel internationally and they are an arms embargo toward pakistan and doing it to comply with the un. the group concerned and the government. nor did allow any armed group to endanger their security of
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pakistan by using. against any other country and dad obviously india. cannot hide them from islam but. jew is a former secretary in india's foreign ministry he joins us by skype from new delhi good to have you with us so first of all does the announced crackdown on groups by pakistan signal in your mind a policy shift from islamabad. that is. i think everyone here would. but the problem is that fifteen years ago in jan bit of two thousand and four the then president of pakistan general musharraf gave a public assurance that he would not be allowed and that pakistan would not allow
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did it three hundred controlled to be used by armed groups but did resist groups to launch a list operations in india so wouldn't be here today fifteen years later that pakistan is in acting legislation to comply with un resolutions there's naturally us degree of suspicion the real problem is the activities of these groups and if those. then there will be the local normalization. talking about un resolutions and. there are those who would say that what india practices in kashmir mounts to a form of terrorizing the citizens a lot has been documented by a lot of human rights groups do you see any scenario which to your mind india would agree to hold a referendum in kashmir and try to resolve this problem once and for all the un
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resolutions do not hold anymore that is india's position that is not the be i understand that's india's opposition do you see any situation in which india might let the people decide it's no loss and show you that as far as india is concerned the state of jammu and kashmir is an integral part of india the national census on this do you think that that might be part of the problem is neither sides both sides like to quote the un resolutions when it suits them but neither side is ready willing to implement everything. never called at the u.n. resolution that after the riemann. sorry so you just quote you know the resolution just as you need to crack down on groups on armed groups you just quoted to me the un resolutions i mean they are your resolutions which are critical of both sides as my my question is that not something that both sides need to deal with in order to
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resolve this from its roots i think you've got to distinguish between u.n. resolutions on bit of them reach of universal applicability and you and resolutions that deal with the india pakistan issue and the india pakistan issues the last figure in the you when in nineteen sixty five that's more than the goat. thing india would like that. one right. when there are time but thank you very much for your thoughts on that if i catch you thank you libya's national or corporation is restarting limited production i think shut out of field in the southwest it's been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility fighters who are loyal to warlords then forced those gunmen out and he's now ordered his men to leave after talks with members of libya's unity government. there are have has more from tripoli. libya's national
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oil corporation or in new c that is the state oil theorem says that the force majeure a status has been left did on i'll share our oil field around seven hundred fifty kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli i'm sure our oil field the biggest oil producing field in libya was shot down on december ninth by armed groups and also a local militias in the south who wanted to put more pressure on the government of national accord to provide more services and to improve security to their areas and now three months of shutdown of production has cost the libyan treasury around one point eight billion dollars that is according to the national oil corporation during january forces loyal to the warlord honey for have to manage it to get into
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the oil field and. field there was a hand over a peaceful handover of oil field to have to forces now the general prosecutor of libya says the armored groups responsible for shutting down and shut our oil fields are wanted now the n.o.c. says that the oil production operation for much of our oil field is coming back to normal and the u.s. is extending sanctions against zimbabwe for another year the renewal comes despite calls by african leaders to lift them to allow for an economic recovery donald trump says the policies of president obama's silliman gaga continue to pose a threat to the u.s. . laws restricting media freedom and protests have led to fears the country could be going back. to the time under former leader robert mugabe.
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democrats in congress have launched their most ambitious investigation yet into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office by donald trump targeting people in the president's inner circle including his family trump has denounced it as part of a political hoax but says he'll cooperate a white house correspondent now. it's a sweeping and wide ranging demand on monday the judiciary committee from the democratic controlled house of representatives ordered eighty one individuals and entities tied to u.s. president donald trump including the president's son don jr to turn over materials believed to shine a light on trump's alleged abuse of power and obstruction of justice it's a political hoax. speaking from the white house surrounded by college football champions once again discredited the efforts to investigate his presidency but said
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he would comply with the committee request was great all the time with everybody and you know. the document triggers what's expected to be another lengthy investigation in addition to robert muller's probe into potential trunk ties to russia this latest effort is a coordination by more than a half dozen house committees including judiciary committee chair jerry now looking into trump's decision to fire former f.b.i. director james comey as well as efforts to protect former national security advisor michael flynn it's very clear that the president should be just as it's very clear eleven hundred times he referred to the mole investigation as a witch hunt to try to if fired he tried to protect flynn from being investigated by the by the f.b.i. you fired me in order to stop the russian think the committee's efforts will be punctuated by hearings designed to create
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a record of public testimony and could expose potential presidential conflicts of interest ranging from trump's hotel in washington to possible money laundering by the president's businesses and well impeachment proceedings are possible they aren't a minute no we have to do the investigations and get all this we do not now have. the evidence without before you impeach somebody you. to persuade the american public trust approval numbers have risen in recent weeks up to forty six percent and eighty eight percent of republicans still back the president that's why the investigations by democrats in the house of representatives are designed to be intentionally slow it's an effort to pick apart donald trump's presidency and illustrate a pattern of behavior that at minimum in the court of public opinion could hurt trump's chances for re-election can really help get al-jazeera washington. plenty
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more still ahead on the news hour including china slashes taxes and boost lending to shore up an economy growing at its slowest pace in thirty years. three years since the failed coup in turkey we look at what's expected to come out of the trials later this year. and coming up in sport with details of an injury scare for tiger woods. as well as opposition leader one guy though is called on his supporters to keep protesting against president nicolas maduro i was worried though was mobbed by crowds after returning to caracas from a tour of his latin american allies he was there to gather support after a failed u.s. led attempt to bring aid into venezuela president maduro has threatened to arrest for breaking a travel ban but the u.s.
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has warned any action against him will have consequences like your blood boil or israel or i want to ask people of minutes well is there a shred of fear they threatened only of us here threatened be evil jail death you saw it well i'll tell you something it will not be through threats that they will hold us back we are here and we are strong united more than ever. we are here and we are stronger than ever i q family i hear you they came home to us i mean while venezuela is marking six years since the death of nicolas maduro has freed assessor and mentor with chavez daniel schorr i'm looks at how much of his legacy remains. jody's moore is dead the opposition in venezuela has been saying that since the president for whom the ideology was named died of cancer on the fifth of march two thousand and thirteen. chosen successor nicolas maduro
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continues to cling to power and the pressure from foreign governments and millions of his own people to step down. they blame him for rampant inflation high crime and chronic food and medicine shortages. blames foreign sabotage particularly from the united states so then assuage his problems but not as colorfully as chavez once did here criticizing former u.s. president george bush at the united nations in two thousand and six. the president of the united states the gentleman to whom i refer as at the devil marquis came here. doing all the talking as if he owned the world i think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the united states but says that she is alive and well citing health and education programs and the continued redistribution of wealth begun by his
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predecessor but even his supporters admit that is no charge but he doesn't have the same charisma or political astuteness he continues to talk of the future well aware of the mounting risks to his government. but honestly i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela stop the drums of war stop the threats of invasion let venice relist say with one voice that we want peace we want to be how well the two men shared similar politics the world has changed or prices have slumped in venezuela as leftwing allies in the region have largely disappeared the doors critics say the only flawed elections and support from the military keep them in power the predictions of his imminent demise have been frequent these past six years as they were the charges before him now president maduro faces one of his toughest challenges yet with the world watching to see how he reacts to the returns have been a swayer of the self declared interim president. from a trip to neighboring colombia. well venezuela marks the sixth anniversary of the
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death of what charge is the opposition is questioning his legacy nicolas maduro supporters are wondering how much longer it will keep the president in office and china how does iraq. a second member of canadian prime minister just introduce cabinet has quit jane through all to serve the budget ministers says she's lost confidence in how the government is dealing with the worsening scandal departure follows the resignation of justice minister jody wilson raybold last week will snowballed testified that she was pressured to help a construction firm to avoid a corruption trial when she was attorney general it's china's annual event to showcase the strength of the country but the news coming out of the national people's congress is not as strong as china's rulers would like the world's second largest economy is expected to post its lowest growth in almost three decades as it struggles with debt and a trade war with the us chinese premier league expects the economy to grow by six
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to six point five percent this year strong by international standards but not by china's from beijing here's katrina you on the biggest takeaways in the premier speech. we're in beijing's tenement square and behind me is the great hall of the people and inside about three thousand of the country's most powerful communist party members and leaders have gathered to hear the direction of the country for this year and one of the main takeaway is that we have been waiting for is the g.d.p. last year it was six point six percent which is already the lowest economic growth that we've seen from china since one nine hundred ninety well this year it's even lower it's six percent to six point five percent and it's very much in line with what many economists here have been expecting in recent months we've seen some disappointing consumption figures and what china has been trying to do is maintain stable growth while at the same time reducing its reliance on debt and some people
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are saying look some of those measures have been too harsh and now the government is under pressure to swing the other way to stimulate the economy and some things that we're expecting out of this national people's congress for example is a lowering of the income tax as well as a lowering of the amount of pension that employees are expected to pay another interesting was leak a chunk also mentioned he acknowledged that the trade war with the united states united states has had a negative impact on china's business activity and that's something that we haven't heard many government leaders being very candid about but going forward there will be many other things that they will be talking about during this national people's congress they'll be talking about health care improving access to quality improving affordability and access as well as alleviating poverty she didn't thing has made it one of his missions to create a larger middle class in china and this year they want to lift an additional ten million people out of poverty. the u.s. will no longer give india and turkey preferential trade status don't trump says india has failed to provide assurances it will allow reasonable access to its
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markets and trade officials say turkey no longer qualifies because its economy sufficiently develops the generalize system of preferences aims to promote economic development in selected countries by allowing some exports to enter the united states duty free in two thousand and seventeen turkey exported one point seven billion dollars worth of goods under the program it represents nearly eighteen percent of all turkish exports to the u.s. and it affects mostly turkey's auto industry the u.s. decision to remove turkey from the preferential list follows ankara's in position last year of retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods in response to american steel an alum in the tariffs. or bought in co all know is assistant professor of world history of the american university of iraq sun omonia he focuses on the u.s. relations joins us on skype now from solar many are good to have you with us so i
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looked up the official u.s. statistics from the census bureau and from what i can see in the last ten years it looks like nine out of those ten years the u.s. actually had a trade surplus with turkey not a trade deficit is this move by the u.s. to to rebalance its trade. that's very likely sami first of all thank you for having me on the show but yes your question actually points to very possible reasons for the trumpet ministration to. basically strike turkey out from the chair i system preferences but i should also mention that but what is the balance is my question then because if it has a trade surplus if the us has a trade surplus that's in the us his favor. yes but if i looked at the correct numbers as you did last year i believe turkey had
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a small surplus in the united of the but is the only one in the us in ten years yes true and when u.s. turkish trade reached a twenty billion dollars in two thousand and eleven the numbers were highly in the u.s. this favor i think the balance was something to the effect of fourteen billion dollars u.s. exports to turkey versus six or seven billion dollars of turkish exports to the united states as you know donald trump jury in his election campaign made a big deal out of the u.s. international trade surplus blaming free trade agreements and free trade arrangements. which one could say g.s.t. is one of them and then said you know things will things will be terence in in america's favor well this is what i guess i'm not getting is if in the case of tokyo for most years with the exception of two thousand one thousand and the us
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hasn't had so pleased with. how does this fit into the sort of battle cry from the trump white house that we are we are a way of trading with all the countries on bad terms and we need to change those terms in order for us to have a surplus they've already got it. no but you need to understand that's that's a great question i mean you need to understand this of course within the context of what the trumpet ministration has done with turkey is since it came to power about more than two years ago turkey was one of the first countries that were hit with steel and aluminum and scrap mentals tariffs in the spring and summer of twenty seventeen and these have not been removed that looks like they're here to stay and much of it probably has to do with the fact that whatever advantages or whatever trade balances that the united states is maintaining with turkey and right now the numbers are pretty pretty close in the last three four years the trade balance have
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been mostly on equal terms i believe the trumpet ministration from a purely commercial standpoint would want to maintain that advantage rees of eat turkey of course you could also argue that there may be political connections issues related to syria issues related to turkey's perhaps unwillingness to fully back u.s. sanctions against iran you know regional problems that sort that that that might be informing the trumpet ministrations decision making going thanks so much for coming in and analyzing the situation for us out in kyle knew that. now in a few moments we'll have the weather but still ahead here now does their. scaping violence thousands of became a faster refugees for their lives in camps in mali deadly floods we'll have more on how tens of thousands of people in pakistan and afghanistan are coping. and two of
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the top middleweight champion prepping for the next fights and he has more coming up in the school. well we've had a couple of very windy days across parts of northern europe want to show you some images that have community the area this is poland where they saw winds up to about one hundred ten kilometer kilometers per hour bringing down trees power lines across the region also of course we had a lot of problems in terms of structural damage there but it wasn't only poland we're talking about germany as well as denmark and the area we're going to be seeing over the next few days the winds continue now to libya now since you see these lines right here those are ice bars and obviously those ice bars really close
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together that means the winds are also a big problem there as we go towards the next couple days today is still going to be a very windy day across much of the region all the way up here towards the baltics we could see a lot more wind damage as well as power outages across the area as we go towards the next couple days though we are going to be watching a storm out here coming in off the atlantic now that's going to bring bring some very heavy winds not only for the u.k. also down towards parts of france as well as their bare peninsula we're going to sing a lot of rain with that as well that's going to move in the winds are going to continue to be a big problem all the way through the area and we're also going to give you some higher elevation snow across parts of the alps but still look quite nice out here towards much of the east. good weather sponsored by cats only. real men killed a mother in some way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms or so it is soon with the was off the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention
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that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think hear that sharp that you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy holding the chart at the head on a. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from any of us over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing casanova stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and not explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform much of hate and inspire presuming people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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go back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now pakistan's government says it will seize the assets of groups banned by the united nations still under pressure to act against armed groups after an attack on indian troops in the disputed kashmir region in february libya's national oil corporation has restarted production at it shot out of field in the southwest it was shot for three months by gunmen who took over the facility but as well as opposition leader why though it's called on his supporters to return to the streets and step up pressure on the president to resign why don't receive a hero's welcome after returning from a tour of latin american allies. rights groups are calling on the u.n. to deny egypt a leading role in setting its human rights agenda this is related to the office of
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the un special rapporteur responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms its mandate is up for renewal in egypt is reportedly in talks to take a leading role in drafting the resolution egypt was recently denounced by the un special rapporteur of the severe uprising against people who spoke to another visiting un expert. and its government has been accused of numerous rights violations amid a crackdown on dissent matt pollard is a senior legal advisor and u.n. representative for the international commission of jurists he joins us now from geneva good to have you with us so what sort of human rights record hold does egypt have in comparison with other members of the human rights council. well i mean here it's important to keep in mind we're talking specifically about the abuse of counter-terrorism measures to violate human rights special rapporteur
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the expert we're talking about here is the one person within the massive architecture that the u.n. has to push states to take measures to prevent terrorism which of course we all want governments to protect people from violent attacks but this is the one person in that huge architecture who has a specific job from the u.n. to remind states that they need to respect human rights or they counter terrorism and to give them independent expert advice how to do that mexico has for many years played the leadership role in creating this expert position maintaining it while at the same time egypt has an appalling record of be using counter-terrorism measures deliberately to repress human rights defenders of civil society and other nonviolent dissenting voices within egypt so for us to to imagine sharing
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an important role in defining and maintaining this one expert who has that specific job to to uphold human rights and vice states how to do that that this is like putting the fox in charge of the of the chickens in the cliched sense a lot of human rights organizations have quite a few reports detailing all sorts of allegations of misdeeds by the authorities in egypt from disappearance detention without trial even deaths of people whose practice their basic civil rights why do we not see more action taken by organizations like the i.c.j. . well we do we do take action as you can imagine when a government like the egyptian government is engaged in a systematic campaign to try to eliminate dissenting voices from civil society from within egypt it becomes very difficult even for domestic egyptian human rights
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organizations to to operate and you can imagine it's that much more difficult for international non-governmental organizations like the i.c.j. to to operate within the country so this presents a real challenges in documenting the violations here you can see this this call that we put out to mexico and other states to to keep egypt away from this precious mandate we do together we do together with eight other n.g.o.s in this case amnesty international human rights watch and others precisely because it is so difficult to document and take action on these cases are you don't we do consistently raise in public advocacy and at the un you know that the abuses that we're talking about here i disappointed when you see the sort of level of global response especially from world powers to the situation in venezuela over a disputed election there and compare it to the sort of abuses which have been well
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documented in egypt not to mention a very clear coup against the democratically elected government a few years ago which sparked all of this off. yes of course the international commission of jurists would like to see all situations of human rights violations addressed with equal urgency and seriousness what we're talking about here the place within the un that created this particular expert and renews it and where this concern arises of the human rights council here in geneva this is a body made up of governments of states elected by the general assembly along regional lines to ensure regional and it's an inherently political body and we do understand that to achieve good outcomes for human rights in the human rights council it's it's partly the art of the possible what can civil society and states get enough states to support to get action on and there's no question that
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governments like egypt are very sophisticated clever and strategic when it comes to their international diplomacy and are very effective at persuading other states not to focus on much on them but as civil society we do work very hard to find. a way to give a higher profile to these violations and we always hold out hope that if not today that then in the days that come the you know the human rights council will give equal focus to this situation but it certainly is not going to help if at the same time as these abuses are occurring these violations of the rights of people who even speak with you and experts that egypt is given a leading role this will not help give give a higher profile to to what's happening in egypt it will only help egypt to try to immunise immune immunize itself against that kind of criticism not pause been great having you think so much fear falls now refugees who escaped fighting in mali by
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heading to neighboring the kenya faster say they could be attacked or arrested if they leave their camp in the town of doherty thousands cross the border when armed groups started fighting forces supporting mali's government well matheson reports. for the families of these million woman this refugee camp in the town of gori in neighboring book enough awesome is no longer a sanctuary they say it now feels like a prison you know. the problem or you face is the arbitrary arrest by either of the two armies of mali and. diarists whoever comes their way even without a question. many people began fleeing from mali when armed groups demanding independence for the north of the country started attacking mali and government forces in twenty twelve mali's military force back supported by troops from other african nations and france the money and separatist fighters started carrying out raids across the southern border in book enough people in camps like this one say
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they're being blamed. our problem is that we were forced to leave our homeland as refugees we were welcome to burkina faso and they used to be enough relief aid now there's a big shortage of aid we can't move because of confrontations between the army and terrorist groups and now we fear the reaction of the people not the government and . since twenty eighteen there's also been a rise in the number of attacks and became a fast so itself they said to be carried out by several armed groups with different goals the u.n. says at least one hundred thousand people have been forced from their homes in the last two months we. would have security is totally absent we asked them to remain in the areas which the makino faster or thorny as can control we complain of sure divide and we believe it is insufficient international agencies must do more to help them. while they wait for more help these madeon refugees say
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they're trapped in camps where aid is dwindling and the dangers are growing rob matheson al-jazeera. called since turkey are expected to complete trials later this year for thousands of people accused of taking part in the country's failed coup in two thousand and sixteen wary of them are legit supporters of u.s. based business been. accused of trying to topple the government so there goes all the reports from ankara it's been nearly three years since a field coup in turkey killed two hundred fifty one people and wounded at least two thousand more relatives of the victims attend the trial of those accused of using the ak and to air base as their headquarters during the cooler temps in the capital on korea in july two thousand and sixteen families say they want to be sure justice is served then at least we're talking to our sons graves instead of them i want those responsible to face life sentences and not see the daylight should not
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interfere denying their crimes by saying they were planted by the government inside the courtroom the insult and threaten us by saying they'll come back the orders to conduct air strikes against parliament and a presidential complex were given a firm they are air base most of the five hundred or so defendants are military personnel from noncommissioned officers to high ranking generals the turkish government stays the plotters are linked to the founder of the killing movement fit to luck good men and his supporters turkey listed the group as a terrorist organization after to failed coup. fit their aim was to seize the turkish state government judiciary and the turkish army they controlled fifty percent of the army by two thousand and six by two thousand and sixteen they got full control of all key department. more than seven to seven thousand people have been jailed pending trial since to coup port and the widespread arrests are still virtually authorities have suspended or sacked one hundred fifty thousand civil
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servants and military personnel and at least five hundred thousand people have gone through the court process in fact as the jew to give the government to investigate these crimes what they should be doing is investigating the people who are actually responsible for criminal acts as part of the coup attempt and not persecuting people or purging people who they believe without any evidence to be part of a network of sympathizers for fertility or any other people that they believe to be problematic over what turkey is western allies have criticized the crackdown with president trichet type add ons critics accusing him of using the failed coup to dissent based on the testimonies of suspects and informants some supporters of fits a lot glenn have you see quick names to hide their identities to infiltrate state institutions that's why the government fears there may still be others who could pose a threat but the spike delegations of
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a decades long infiltration some here say no hard line supporters of good men in political parties including the ruling party have been brought to justice so you know because al-jazeera. floods in pakistan and afghanistan they've killed at least fifty people have a raid over the past ten days is cut of tens of thousands of residents the afghan government says flooding in kandahar province is the worst in at least seven years short of bess's in kandahar one of the hardest hit provinces where fifteen hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed. now this is the main point in kandahar city where people are coming to get help behind me there was crowds of people out here this morning here the guards making sure that only the people in the u.n. had actually been to the homes and sure that they were actually damaged put them on a list chick's their safety and they brought them here this is not a secure area over here is where the food is being handed out to you have got so
1:45 pm
you've got lentils you've got high energy biscuits for children you've got ted here that purify the water un's migration agency handing out blankets. for children to keep them warm because of course it is winter here so there's a lot of work being done to try to help these people who have lost so much the your way and you know it's not the only one helping you've got the military have done a lot of work in a thing twelve hundred people from flood stricken areas whether it's river beds what have you to try to get them to safety and lovely stories coming out as well about what the military and police are doing the police in. don't make a lot of money but they donated one day of their pay to try to help these flood victims get back on their feet a study of more than half a million children in denmark shows there is no link between autism and the m.m.r. vaccine yet people continue to resist vaccinations tens of thousands of people die
1:46 pm
every year for measles a disease that can be prevented with the simple vaccine. against all the signs vaccines skepticism. twenty five at least that's the number of studies that conclude there is no link between autism and the m.m.r. vaccine to protect against measles mumps and rubella and we can now take that up to twenty six the latest study this one out of date mark of more than half a million children born over eleven years establishing once again there is no link you might think that well and truly puts him into the n.t. vaccine movement truth says it's not likely. super charged by the internet and social media anti vaccination views no matter how bogus or ill informed have flourished. and coincided with the growing and his deposition and backlash new research out of the queen mary university of london this month shows people who
1:47 pm
vote for populist parties across europe a more likely to mistrust vaccines and the experts who promote them some of the madrone instead to people like andrew wakefield the man behind the now debunked nine hundred ninety eight study that first made the claims of an autism vaccine link he's being thoroughly discredited but is enjoying something of a real nice aunts among right wing groups and conspiracy theorists even politicians without changing the system that has led to the political disenfranchisement of a large portion of the population without changing the system that's led to the economic marginalization of large proportion of the population it's hard to see how we can rebuild this this general trust between the population and between accepts me but peel away the n.t. vaccine messaging in many cases you simply live here and just want what's best for
1:48 pm
the kids who are worried and unsure and seeing anti-vaccination lissajous like this one on twitter last month from dallas shine the wife of the white house communications chief advocate in natural immunity over vaccinations thing is for natural immunity to kick in you need to get the disease first if that's measles you face a one in five hundred chance of dying from it the chances of an adverse reaction to the him a mob vaccine are less than one in a million the world health organization says vaccines safe two to three million lives every year but they're also victims of their own success type a man so. to make people realize how. because. of history. while the empty vaccine movement are a minority communities rely on high vaccination rights to keep disease at bay but
1:49 pm
dismissing those who don't want to vaccinate as a rational isn't helpful in cleaning up social media and that has begun but restoring face and established systems and people who champion vaccines now that is the real challenge.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
why football is making the headlines not just for its going on in the field right yeah but for its going on the match to semi we start with some extraordinary pictures from turkey where a footballer has been released on bail after being accused of wounding opposition players with a razor blade that allegedly happened before kickoff in the third division game between four and spore for sick areas for players claim that i'm a sport midfielder mansour color targeted them with a sharp object on the pitch his club deny the allegations but a police investigation is under way and he's also facing a lifetime ban from the sport in the meantime a court has ruled that he is not allowed to leave turkey and must sign in twice a week at the closest law enforcement unit. the miserable run continues for le bron james and the l.a. lakers that their chances of reaching the n.b.a. playoffs are pretty much over after yet another defeat this one came against local rivals the l.a.
1:52 pm
clippers le bron scored twenty seven points and the lakers were actually ahead in the third quarter with the clippers they finish wrong and took over the lead and actually took the victory to it's the lakers fifth loss in six games and although mathematically still possible james now looks like missing the playoffs for the first time since his second season in the n.b.a. disappointing for the lakers who hope signing the brown would in their playoff drought which is lasted for five seasons. you start to think that the playoffs are a reality for this team i mean this is the plan to be here and see what happens there so. been talking about are full of obviously everyone's been talking about the postseason we need to worry about each and every game how we continue to get better our process to get better we are seen so. you know obviously you know at the end of the year you know the chips will fall where they may you know you see where you have. the president of the san francisco giants baseball team have taken a leave of absence after a physical altercation with his wife the event was caught on video showing larry
1:53 pm
larry baer showing pulling his wife to the ground in a public park on friday the footage went viral the sixty one year old has since publicly apologized to his family and his team major league baseball says it's looking into the incident and the giants are said to be cooperate in. tiger woods pulled out of the arnold palmer invitational because of a next sprain but says it's not a long term entry he has one this invitational eight times already but says he hopes to be back for the players championship next week was only just return to golf last season after a long layoff following a spinal fusion surgery he says his back didn't play a role in missing out on playing in the. boxers canelo alvarez and daniel jacobs made their final stop on the press tour for promoting their upcoming middleweight world championship fight the bout will be held on may fourth in las vegas and will be a unification battle holds in the w.b. a super and titles while jake ups known as miracle man is the i.b.s.
1:54 pm
champion jacobs famously battled cancer in two thousand and eleven but was able to return to boxing and twenty two off. for the present the man at the bottom and why daniel i know he's a tough opponent and i know he's complicated but he is a world champion and i've always said always wanted to write history and i've said to be the best you have to be to paste this is no exception i love challenges i want people to always know when they come to see my fights they are going to get the best fights if i may win i may lose i'm a draw but i'll tell you. that my heart is a winning heart and that may the fourth will not be an exception and i think that what i've said before as far as canelo facing the best he has his resume speaks for itself but one thing that we have to mention is that he might have played a big dude before but what it's how it's a guy before or fast guy or a guy with
1:55 pm
a high boxing i.q. but he's never faced all of those things in one night and that's believe that's what i believe i possess. well there is about to be more competition at the asian games teams from oceania have just been given the go ahead to compete starting at twenty twenty two officials and oceania have been campaigning for decades to be included in the games now countries like australia new zealand and several pacific island nations will be allowed to compete the next games will be in china in three years. do you wish it had it had happened sooner it may have happened sooner and why didn't happen sooner that's probably more the question that you ask in relation to this happening it's going to give for instance if you just pick one change is how athletes here to get to an olympics is going to be an asian games it and you can make you book your ticket to an olympics by the games that's something truly significant to an athlete in the way they prepare the way you view it from asia or is it significant for the athletes coming the other y into these games that are up
1:56 pm
to ten thousand participants already but i think that remains to be seen but more competition greater competition out of these whole a right of sport can only be a good thing i think if we use football as a guide it changed everything in astronomy in that we started to perceive ourselves differently as almost another motional level as part of asia suddenly you know football sense and certainly worked on our behalf in terms of what it did for getting us into the asian cup and winning the ice in cup. a group of disabled british soldiers are aiming to become the first all this able to him to compete at the twenty four hour motor race they're called team bridge which stands for british racing injured troops the cars are specially adapted with hand controls to allow drivers to compete was working as a bomb disposal expert in afghanistan back in two thousand and ten when he lost both legs in an i.e.d. explosion and he's convinced that he and his fellow drivers can make it to the mall possibly as early as twenty twenty one. days stephanie. the team is come on leaps
1:57 pm
and bounds from its inception in two thousand and fifteen we start off with one call garridge two people the teams growing race truck that b.m.w. you see behind me the pirate and the flagship of the team yes i'm on g t four get into the money it's not a question of basis of course no one martin compton is another driver for team brit he suffered burns to seventy five percent his body when his tank took a direct hit in helmand province in two thousand and six compton's had more than five hundred hours of surgery and suffers from post-traumatic stress it's a great buzz but for me. if. i'm on which is going to go. the next step from the scars of two to. make a prosthetic and then remove the people as i am into that place for them. inspiring
1:58 pm
as a me thank you so much there and that's it for this news hour back in a moment i stay with us. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better market share than bill gates was apple was going to reinvent stuff fall below made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face
1:59 pm
to face on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an atif straight. that brass band was so popular it gave but to an entire musical genre. a century and a halt the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of the
2:00 pm
people's music on al-jazeera. pakistan cracks down on armed groups and a un order following days of tension so with india and disputed kashmir region. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. reopens an oil field in the southwest that was taken over by world for you the hopped awful since. u.s. president donald trump excludes india on.


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