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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is too easy to tell. by the people who live. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sorry is a than this is the news hour live from down coming up in the next sixty minutes. key members of a pakistan based group blamed for last month's kashmir bombing among dozens of arrested. libya reopens a huge oil field that was taken over by militia groups last. losing the
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solos. don't trump head south against democrats for expanding an investigation into his inner circle but says he'll cooperate. and a patient in london becomes only the second person to go into a charge be remission we'll explain how. i'm johnny gosch you're still with the sports attacking football a slash is a rival player with a razor blade i'll have all the details in the next sixty minutes. pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups saying suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian troops in the disputed kashmir region made last month a group called gesture mohammad said it was responsible now the brother of its leader was one of those arrested the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in the year. our correspondent emraan column joins us
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live from islamabad so there's a lot of the government is trying to wipe out but now. what they certainly seems like in the last twenty four hours we had about a national action plan that's what the government of calling this crackdown and it seems that they have actually followed through with this they arrested forty four people all of those forty four people as you say one of them was the brother of the leader of gesture muhammad that's the group responsible for the attack on for before take which led to this latest standoff between pakistan and india and they've also arrested the brother in all these are two very senior figures within the jaish e mohammad movement also that arrest a number of what they call a very senior leadership of various different groups that are based in pakistan now what they're also are saying is this the there will be more arrests to come but we aren't hearing anything about must suit he's the leader of jaish al-mahdi now
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there's an enormous amount of rumors about this man that he's very ill that he may have passed away has been seen in public for a very long time the fact that he hasn't been arrested in this latest round suggests that they all still looking for him there was a very key wording in the statement that they released the box on the government it said that these people were under observation and that's why they were rounded up so quickly. putting into context how much of a policy change our witnessing because of a new government there in pakistan. it really depends on the hear you speak to if you speak to the pakistani government they'll say that this is a continuation of the policy of cracking down on groups that was put in place in two thousand and fourteen that they have been fighting against on great to be on the western border with afghanistan groups like. taliban pakistan the pakistani taliban and groups of that nature that mounted cross border attacks into
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afghanistan and also mounted attacks within pakistan itself on the eastern border with the dish in the disputed region of kashmir with india has been less of a focus so it seems to me that if you speak to the government they'll tell you that we have been cracking down on these groups but if you speak to independent analysts they'll say well actually what's been happening is that been concentrating on the western border and now things are concentrated on the eastern border because of this latest standoff but it doesn't mean the all groups have gone away completely they all still within number and they all still some of them at the very least based out of pakistan let's take a look now what those groups might mean to both pakistan and india. they tell it to me it will be free this group called themselves dean the brother of holy warriors their leader is mullah mohammed haroun he's a firebrand cleric who supports armed groups across kashmir including jaish
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e mohammed that's the group who claimed responsibility for the february fourteenth attack on indian troops that sparked this latest crisis between pakistan and india . god willing the fighters of already across the country and are ready to pounce on their targets and are waiting for the right time and god willing this year will be the liberation of the whole of courage near. the end in the pro united kashmiri ideology is fundamental to all of the own groups in the region india has long maintained that these groups are directly funded and directed by pakistan's intelligence service the i.s.i. it's a charge pakistan the noise however the question remains what is pakistan doing about groups like al but their magazine and jaish e mohammad. after two thousand and fourteen we have game hard on these groups. now it's a stupid policy in pakistan that we're not real roylance remained with the state
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and normal group will be able to use that bill bruford real real loud to have that ability to use one for the groups so i think we are taking steps we have taken steps in the past since two thousand and fourteen we have stepped i think we are on the right direction the groups are active today on both sides of the disputed border in indian administered kashmir has both mojahedin regularly now attacks on indian troops yet india insists it's a domestic issue and says there's no comparison between groups on either side of the disputed border saw the suggestion that there is some kind of week where millions between the kind of terror challenge that india is facing and what pakistan is either dealing with internally on india's all internal security issues which are related to the northeast have completely i would say different contours
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and it's a different profile so this is a case of apples and oranges in a very negative sense because these groups have been assisted by the pakistani state on a neighbor and so where there is yes your mama. you cannot compare them with what is happening with groups in india because they are being sustained and they are the strategic assets of the party. there are many in kashmir who say that the indian army is occupying kashmir and that the groups are a direct consequence of that india says it's there for security reasons meanwhile its armed groups in pakistan that seem to be garnering the most attention. the issue of armed groups and who supports them is a phony one in pakistan not a factor in your forty's say they are cracking down on these armed groups but it's clear that they are in the spotlight right now pakistan has made an announcement that it's cracking down on the other groups however that might not be enough for india to demand the arrest of the group's leaders but questions remain as to whether even those arrests will reduce the tensions between the two nuclear
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neighbors. all of this is going on and these arrests will be welcomed by internationally and by india as well india has long maintained that it needs to crack down on the leadership will discourage what there is there is a real fear rather that the groups won't go away because the anger that they have still exists the situation in kashmir even if you arrest the leaders remains the same particularly in indian. administered kashmir where a lot of these groups say it's not administered by india it's simply occupied by them and until that changes those groups these groups will continue to mount their struggle. and noncom their fight for that. pakistan says it spotted an indian submarine close to its waters which turned away after being warned the navy released this video which is shows the indian sub approaching it says no action was taken in order to help reduce tension between the
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two countries india has accused pakistan of spreading misinformation adding that it will deploy its naval vessels when necessary. libya's national oil corporation is restarting limited production at it's shut out of field in the southwest it's been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who covert the facility fighters who are loyal to warlord khalifa haftar then forced those gunmen and he's now ordered his men to leave after talks with members of libya's unity government but hold up the law has more from tripoli libya's national oil corporation or any new see that is the state oil third says that the force majeure a status has been left did on i'll shut out our oil field around seven hundred fifty kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli and sure our oil field the biggest oil producing field in libya was shot down
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on december ninth by armed groups and also a local militias and the sow's who wanted to put more pressure on the government of national accord to provide more services and to improve security to their areas and now three months of shutdown of production has cost the libyan treasury and around one point eight billion dollars that is according to the national oil corporation during january forces loyal to the warlord twenty four have to manage it to get into the oil field and. we'll field there was a hand over a peaceful handover of oil field to have to forces now the general prosecutor of libya says the armored groups responsible for shutting down and shut our oil fields are wanted now the n.o.c. says that the oil production operation for much of our oil field is coming back to
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normal. the in the u.s. the democratic party has launched its most ambitious investigation yet into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office by donald trump they're targeting people in the president's inner circle including his family trump has denounced it as part of a political hoax but says he'll cooperate is our white house correspondent kimberly how can now. it's a sweeping and wide ranging demand on monday the judiciary committee from the democratic controlled house of representatives ordered eighty one individuals and entities tied to u.s. president donald trump including the president's son don jr to turn over materials believed to shine a light on trump's alleged abuse of power and obstruction of justice it's a political hoax. speaking from the white house surrounded by college football champions once again discredited the efforts to investigate his presidency but said
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he would comply with the committee request i cooperate all the time with everybody and you know. the document triggers what's expected to be another lengthy investigation in addition to robert muller's probe into potential trunk ties to russia this latest effort is a coordination by more than a half dozen house committees including judiciary committee chair jerry navl are looking into trump's decision to fire former f.b.i. director james comey as well as efforts to protect former national security adviser michael flynn it's very clear that the president should be just as it's very clear eleven hundred times he referred to the mole investigation as a witch hunt to try to if fired he tried to protect flynn from being investigated by the by the f.b.i. you fired me in order to stop the russian think the committee's efforts will be
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punctuated by hearings designed to create a record of public testimony and could expose potential presidential conflicts of interest ranging from trump's hotel in washington to possible money laundering by the president's businesses and well impeachment proceedings are possible they aren't imminent no we have to do the investigations and get all this we do not now have. the evidence all sorted out before you impeach somebody you. to persuade the american public trust approval numbers have risen in recent weeks up to forty six percent and eighty eight percent of republicans still back the president that's why the investigations by democrats in the house of representatives are designed to be intentionally slow it's an effort to pick apart donald trump's presidency and illustrate a pattern of behavior that at minimum in the court of public opinion could hurt trump's chances for re-election can really help at al jazeera washington or much
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more still to come including. venezuela's opposition leader welcomed home plans another huge protest against the president. or get the latest on the flooding hitting august on i'm gonna stand. and things go from bad to worse for le bron james and the lakers after losing to their local rivals joe will tell you where it leaves their eye off the charts. now venezuela's opposition leader one guy though has returned to caracas from a tour of regional allies telling supporters to get ready for another big rally against the president although he still come ons all importance support of the military. and this from pangs of luck six years since the death of his predecessor and talk because chavez. will have more on the importance of that and of us we
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shortly but first. reports from kolkata where the colombia venezuela border. thousands took to the streets in caracas anxiously awaiting the return of the opposition leader when he was returning from a tour of several south american countries that have pledged their support for his proposal of a transitional government while many expected quite bill would be arrested for having violated an order by bin as well as supreme court not to leave the country his plane was allowed to land and get access and he now says he would be joining the demonstrations on the streets. let's go where in this together long live venezuela. as he arrived at the last eleven assistance and downtown can access why don't was mobbed by supporters as he told his own citizens that momentum against the rule of president nicolas maduro is stronger than ever
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again if there was you know what i'm after is a good idea not to go to usurper who wears the venezuelan flag across his chest because of the kind of all holiday is not the president you're looking at the president in charge of venezuela. who counts on the support of the united states and dozens of other western nations also called on the venezuelan military to allow international aid to be moved across the border from colombia. venezuelan officials have blocked off several bridges that connect the two countries and like recent events near the colombian border the demonstrations that took place on monday were peaceful. despite mounting pressure against president nicolas mother would of both at home and from the international community the president did not make any official statements relating to the return of going to get access there are more demonstrations expected to take place against mother to his government on tuesday a day that happens to coincide with the anniversary of the death of venezuela's former leader hugo chavez one resident.
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jodi's mall is dead the opposition in venezuela has been saying that since the president for whom the ideology was named died of cancer on the fifth of march two thousand and thirteen. chosen successor nicolas maduro continues to cling to power and the pressure from foreign governments and millions of his own people to step down. they blame him for around things inflation high crime and chronic food and medicine shortages. blames foreign sabotage particularly from the united states so then assuage his problems but not as colorfully as charges once did here criticizing former u.s. president george bush at the united nations in two thousand and six. the president of the united states the gentleman to whom i refer as at the devil marquis came here. doing all the talking as if he owned the world i think we could call
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a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the united states but says that she is alive and well citing health and education programs and the continued redistribution of wealth begun by his predecessor but even his supporters admit that is no charge that he doesn't have the same charisma or political astuteness he continues to talk of the future well aware of the mounting risks to his government. but honestly i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela stop the drums of war stop the threats of invasion let venice relist say with one voice that we want peace we want to be how well the two men shared similar politics the world has changed or prices have slumped and venezuela is left wing allies in the region have largely disappeared the door those critics say the only flawed elections and support from the military keep them in power the predictions of his imminent demise have been frequent these
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past six years as they were the charges before him now president maduro faces one of his toughest challenges yet with the world watching to see how he reacts to the returns have been a swayer of the self declared interim president. from a trip to neighboring colombia. well venezuela marks the sixth anniversary of the death of war chavez the opposition is questioning his legacy nicolas maduro supporters are wondering how much longer it will keep the president in office and how does iraq. boy with me here in the studio now is deemed her team she's the managing director of a.j. plus she was also on the sirius correspondent in venezuela so you're very familiar and across this story today of course you've got a lot going on in venezuela but it's also the important verse three of us how important is his legacy to more doulos survival right now extremely important i would say this is what makes mundra survive is the chavis legacy that he carries
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the only thing is go oh almost the only thing he's got because that's what he came to power for to keep the legacy of chavis and i do believe that many terrorists have not been very content with material but because of this confrontation of chevy sense of venezuela u.s. many chevy says may be thinking now it's best to back my dear although we're not very happy with him so the only trouble is there i think he's keeping the guys like to see a lot i think many chevy says do you think that he has betrayed travis is legacy in many ways maybe failed at many things but they still think this is the chavis this is the chavis option and let's not let's not undermine how much chavez legacy means for venezuelans there is a huge mass of people who are from the lower classes although they are hungry but they do not see that things may get better if they went for the other option and i would like bad to worse if we don't it's hold on yeah it's it may get worse i don't
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think you can get much worse in terms of hunger but i do think that the chavis support base will not want to go back to the preacher rats what they don't want to state for them yes for the wrong since i know it's a very big question government spend hours but can it be simplified simply down to how you sanctions an oil price no no no and i think you know this is very funny because my daughter's best asset is chavez but it's also his curse. can you imagine coming after somebody a giant like job there is taking over is no way to get there is no way you can fill that space correctly nominally things went down economically things went down i think my daughter needed to make economic reforms that he has failed to make i think he made a lot of mistakes letting go of people that he needed to stay with him and he was not very anti democratic slowly he crushed
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a lot of people even from the chevy. legacy so he has made mistakes but let's not forget about the sanctions that's very important because that's what's going to keep him now from catching up even if you want it and that's where the dilemma lies that the sanctions being the way they are. may not last very long in terms of the economy and that's what the u.s. is banking on so where does that take venezuela i think hopefully something will surge from billiton venezuela let's not forget there are a lot of people who may be with why don't just because he's an teach every step you know you might want to be a choice i think there could be i think there is a third choice that comes from this mass in the middle there is a huge mass in the middle who doesn't like either side and there could be former chair easters who may want to run for next elections and i do think that i get the support of the only thing. i don't think you're right that it's tricky that's why
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do doesn't have today could they get the support of the army i think. that's possible i think that's possible so i think that the future of it as it will of course is going to take a very long time but the thing is chavez his legacy is not going to disappear that's what people need to understand him always great talking to coming here thank you roger. now the un human rights agency has closed its office in burundi after being pressured to do so by present currencies as government but on the official say the un has made sufficient progress on human rights so their office was no longer needed it opened twenty three years ago to investigate human rights violations. patrick had began the is senior project leader for the great lakes region at the institute for justice and reconciliation he joins us on skype now from cape town good to have you with us so the government says hey we're shutting down the un office because we've got enough national mechanisms to guarantee human
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rights do you agree with them on that. let me start by saying that the main problem that led to shutting down. from the government to shut down the of the on writing. i mean when you take for example the crisis the political crisis that erupted in twenty fifteen. they have been in way in which the human rights movement what has been addressing the issue of. all the claims about the people who are being harassed or. who have been imprisoned or even the crimes we should be committed and which. cause a lot of anxious and. why because
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it has been quite difficult to distinguish the position of the human rights office and from that the opposition well it got opposition. and human rights has really been on the has been politicized in the way they operate yes that's my point that my point has really i think what we want to have the industry having that. able to play fully it's wrong i think that would a grid. ok well what evidence is there of the un human rights monitors politicizing human rights and i think inappropriate. let me let me try one more time not sure about this connection if you can still hear me what evidence is there that the u.n. human rights monitors have been politicizing the issue and acting in appropriately
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. well the first thing i want to say is that the from the beginning of the crisis there have been claims about being genocide of course was not true and un. human right has not been able to deny these allegations which was unfounded of course there has been no. a lot intensity conflict which has been going on but from there to go to claims about genocide that was too much but. raising the alarm bells may not be politicize ation right we blame the un when they fail to predict genocide in other areas should we be blaming them now and they perhaps over predicted. community please but. i'm saying if they are calling if they're warning about something that doesn't happen yet it doesn't necessarily mean the politicising right in other
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areas they've been criticized human rights un workers for not ringing the alarm bells early enough when it came to genocide in rwanda or other places. yeah but in precisely in the case of blue indeed it was a well known that there was no way a genocide could have been because of the changes which happened after the signing of the peace and reconciliation accord we load every segment of the only society to be re presented within the institutions of government and indeed a security apparatus so there was really no possibility of a genocide that time want to get that had been the use of human rights but in my view they they. have been committed by every side which also the office tended to and to boot only on the side of the
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government and this impasse yet it is not something you should expect from an organization like the un office or human rights or. thank you thank you very much patrick for your thoughts on that. all right let's get some weather now because kevin's here how's it looking that's right well it's a commute better on the east coast but i want to show you what happened there we saw some major storms want to take you down here towards parts of the southeast notice this line of thunderstorms this one through on sunday and we did have forty five tornadoes they were reported actually we got the wrong video there that's from boston but i wanted to show you boston we did have a lot of snow and that particular area because of that same storm it's just the northern part of the storm that actually brought schools closing as well as binge of delays at the airport but what did happen down towards the south we did see about forty five tornadoes pass through twenty three people died across parts of many of those states now we're dealing with is what is happening over here towards
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the west that storm system out there is going to bring some more rain towards parts of southern california over the next few days if you remember last week we had a lot of flooding flash flooding across central and northern california we are going to be seeing more rain pushing into that area if we do expect to see flash flooding occurring in some of the same locations they're higher elevations though is also going to be a major problem across that area and look at these temperatures across the north we're talking about minus eight in toronto new york minus three degrees a lot of that cold air still pushing in all the way down to its washington a high there of only minus seven but if you go a little further to the south miami is still in quite nice twenty one degrees there and sunny skies thanks so much well still ahead this news out details of an injury scare for tiger woods joe has more in the sports.
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during sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist's camera the piece is named to be. the secret in the peacekeeping force to launch the product complete. zone using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardian's peace kilis on al-jazeera. running six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bringing the story straight to. have. a few of us have left this young. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian are. fluent in world news.
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welcome back you're watching i'll just say let's recap our headlines now pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include suspects linked to the attack that killed more than forty indian soldiers and with disputed kashmir region last month. libya's national oil corporation is restarting limited production that it shut out a field in the southwest it's been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility fighters who are loyal to war. and then force those gunmen out. a congressional panel investigating a legit abuse of power by
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a dog from but there's a new stray she has declared as demanded rather documents from dozens of people and organizations close to the president trump insists he's done nothing wrong. the u.s. will no longer give india and turkey preferential trade status trump says india has failed to provide assurances allow reasonable access to its markets while turkey no longer qualifies because its colony is seen to be sufficiently developed the generalized system of preferences aims to promote economic development in selected countries while allowing some exports to enter the u.s. duty free two thousand and seventeen turkey exported one point seven billion dollars worth of goods under the program it represents nearly eighteen percent of all turkish exports to the u.s. and it affects mostly turkey's auto industry the u.s. decision to remove turkey from the prefer intro list follows ankara's imposition last year of retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods that was in response to americans steel and alum in the tariffs
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but in cairo although it is a professor at the american university of iraq he focuses on the u.s. turkey relations he says the trouble ministration wants to maintain the advantage it has on trade relations with turkey. turkey was one of the first countries that were hits with steel and aluminum and scrapped mentals tariffs in the spring and summer of twenty seventeen and these have not been removed it looks like they're here to stay and much of it probably has to do with the fact that whatever advantages or whatever trade balances that the united states is maintaining with turkey and right now the numbers are pretty pretty close and the last three four years trade balance have been mostly on on equal terms i believe the trumpet ministration from a purely commercial standpoint would want to maintain that advantage reserve eat turkey of course you could also argue that there may be political connections
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issues related to syria issues related to turkey's perhaps unwillingness to fully back u.s. sanctions against iran you know regional problems that sort that that might be informing the trumpet ministrations decision making and the u.s. is extending sanctions against zimbabwe for another year ignoring calls from the government for them to be lifted zone tom says the policies of president imus and the magog one continued to pose a threat to the u.s. wools restricting media freedom and protests have led to fears symbolic way could be reverting to the old flora tarion rule in june down the long time former president robert mugabe zimbabwe's deputy information minister tells al-jazeera the political opposition is striking america into maintaining sanctions now this sumption. team would not people. on the employed people. the
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people who are trying to make ends meet in the united states in this heat of trying to assist those people disadvantaged communities should not really continue on the sanctions drive this should not cause you to listen to the opposition to the one so did you story of the opposition where did i say we are being victimized or we are being arrested it is all the prisoners of conscience that is not that is rubbish that is not because these people are any gauge again would an octave it is and they are trying to would we get the international community to support them and to then subvert to be opposing only looked at the government and that will never happen rights groups want to be denied a leading role in setting the un's human rights agenda this is related to the office of the un special rapporteur are responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms its mandate is up for renewal egypt is reportedly in talks to help draft the resolution egypt was recently
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denounced by the un special rapporteur for so there were prizes against people who spoke to another visiting un experts and its government has been accused of many violations during a crackdown on dissent matt pollard is a senior legal advisor and u.n. representative for the international commission of jurists he says egypt is working to undermine un human rights for these. this is the one person in that huge architecture who has a specific job from the u.n. to remind states that they need to respect human rights or they counter terrorism and to give them independent expert advice how to do that mexico has for many years played the leadership role in creating this expert position maintaining it while at the same time egypt has an appalling record of abusing counter-terrorism measures deliberately to repress human rights defenders civil society and other nonviolent dissenting voices within egypt so for us to to imagine sharing an
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important role in defining and maintaining this one expert who has that specific job to uphold human rights and vice states how to do that that this is like putting the fox in charge of the of the chickens that governments like egypt are very sophisticated clever and strategic when it comes to their international diplomacy and are very effective at persuading other states not to focus on much on them but as civil society we do work very hard to find. a way to give a higher profile to these violations and we always hold out hope that if not today that then in the days that come the you know the human rights council will give equal focus to to this situation but it certainly is not going to help if at the same time as these abuses are occurring these violations of the rights of people who even speak with you and experts that egypt is given
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a leading role. is promising to keep the country secure and protect citizens from any more bloodshed the army chief of staff says. which ones return what he calls the years of pain that's a reference to the destructive civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. protesters have been demanding. that of the steps after running for office. floods in pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least fifty people of iran over the past ten days is cut off tens of thousands of residents the afghan government says flooding in kandahar province is the worst in at least seven years charlotte bellis is there now this is the main point in kandahar city where people are coming to get help behind me there with crowds of people out here this morning here the guards making sure that only the people in the u.n. had actually been to the homes and sure that they were actually damaged put them on
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a list shakes their safety enable them here this is not a secure area over here is where the food is being handed out you've got so you've got lentils you've got high energy biscuits for children you've got head here that your fight the water you end migration agent three handing out blanket. for children to keep them warm because it is winter here so there's a lot of work being done to try to help the people who have lost so much the u.n. and india is not the only one helping you've got the military have done a lot of work in a thing twelve hundred people from the flood stricken areas whether it's river beds what have you to try to get the him to safety and love the stories coming out as well about what the military and police are doing. in far thirty don't make a lot of money but they donated one day of their pay to try to help these flood victims get back on their feet. it's being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against hiv
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a london man appears to have become only the second person to go into long term remission of the virus the patient was seeking treatment for cancer when he received a stem cell transplant three years ago as he was also age i.v. positive doctors decided to give him bone marrow from a rare h.i.v. resistant donor three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the virus and tests show he is still in remission timothy brown who was the first case had a similar treatment in germany twelve years ago and has since lived h. i.v. free. tim martino works at un aids he says that while some scientific research should be encouraged governments should throw their support behind preventative treatments that are already available. this functional cure as we as we're calling it is obviously a significant step forward we're not clear there's obviously a lot of a lot of further work that needs to be done in terms of the past ways and watch
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what it what is behind the cure and obvious it is further work before we can definitely say there is a full cure. we really want to recognize that there is a lot of further work that is needed to be done to develop a cure overseas stem cell transplants that are highly complex that there are significant interventions and not something we can use for the twenty seven million people living with hiv so there's a lot more work we need to do to to make this a plan to build more generally as as a successful. produce a solution for the problems at the moment we have highly effective antiretroviral medicines that. are very very effective they have low levels of resistance they have low levels a toxicity and they are a key key aspect of what we would encourage countries to continue to invest in but i do want to stress we also say this is a great step forward and it is really important that we continue to invest in and
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scientific innovation such as this a study of more than half a million children in denmark has become the latest research to show there is no link between autism and the measles mumps and rubella vaccine known as m.m.r. and yet people continue to resist the inoculation that hannah honda looks at what's fueling the fear. twenty five at least that's the number of studies that conclude there is no link between autism and the m.m.r. vaccine to protect against measles mumps and rubella and we can now take that up to twenty six the latest study this one out of date mark of more than half a million children born over eleven years establishing once again there is no link you might think that well and truly puts him into the n.t. vaccine movement truth says it's not likely. super charged by the internet and social media and
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a vaccination views no matter how bogus or ill informed have flourished. and coincided with the growing and his deposition and backlash new research out of the queen mary university of london this month shows people who vote for populist parties across europe a more likely to mistrust vaccines and the experts who promote them some of the madrone instead to people like andrew wakefield the man behind the now debunked nine hundred ninety eight study that first made the claims of an autism fixing link he's being thoroughly discredited but is enjoying something of a real nice aunts among right wing groups and conspiracy theorists even politicians without changing the system that has led to the political disenfranchisement of a large portion of the population without changing the system that's led to the economic marginalization of a large proportion of the population it's hard to see how we can rebuild this this
4:44 pm
general trust between the population between accepts me but peel away the n.t. vaccine messaging in many cases you simply live here and just want what's best for the kids who were worried and unsure and seeing anti-vaccination lissajous like this one on twitter last month from dallas shine the wife of the white house communications chief advocate in natural immunity over vaccinations thing is for natural immunity to kick in you need to get the disease first if that's measles you face a one in five hundred chance of dying from it the chances of an adverse reaction to the im a ma vaccine are less than one in a million the world health organization says vaccines safe two to three million lives every year but they're also victims of their own success type a man so. mays will be giving a motion. to make people realize how banks things are because
4:45 pm
that's what. history's anything. while the empty vaccine movement are a minority communities rely on high vaccination rates to keep disease at bay but dismissing those who don't want to vaccinate as a rational isn't helpful either cleaning up social media is and that has begun but restoring face and established systems and people who champion vaccines now that is the real challenge italy's leg up party started out as a northern separatist movement but its support is extended to the south the leader of the party also known as lee became an m.p. in the southern region of calabria and has focused on the agenda of immigration sunday gago reports from those are no. a town left to its own devices stuck in a troubled present does not know is an agricultural community of some fifteen
4:46 pm
thousand people in italy south it continues to live through hard times in the grip of the local mafia the input on guitar and yes it's a political party that once supported the idea of northern italy seceding from the south that's what it's most surprising success here but people get the only party that will sort things out is the league five star is a joke and i voted for them but not everyone agrees remember you were neutral don't you remember when salvini would call us calabrian sleeves and crooks. all the troubles that this town has the poverty your guys crime and lack of any civil society have been taken by the league party transfigured into another issue immigration one of the illegal only too eager to use to their advantage. so the migrant ship blockade is a promise material sylvania made and kept and usually can't take all these
4:47 pm
desperate people there are enough here desperation underflow and sense of hope have been powering the league success hit calabria is one of the poorest regions and italy and has been forgotten time and again by politicians over the decades and its place criminal organizations have taken root exerting a powerful control of almost everything here including politics. the leaks coordinator in calabria domenico pictured here on his facebook page with the leader . has been key to its success but he has been accused of having had links with the mafia. last march mateo salvini celebrated his election as calabria senator. among those pleased with his win was a result of most former mayor jacket. who denies that the input on paper has had anything to do with the league's victory in the region. when people say that the
4:48 pm
league only won because the in the running that supported them i can tell you that in these areas. would have voted for other parties. yet this is a region where local governments have been dissolved because of math infiltration suspicion runs deep here. it's very surprising that an intelligent politician like matteo salvini hasn't understood this when you choose candidates who have links to these organizations how you are citizens to report mafia crimes to the police if they fear of repercussions. not far from the town center this tent city one official of a makeshift housing hundreds of people mainly from sub-saharan africa exploited by the end but i get to they work in the agricultural sector for a pittance and provide a distraction for the other problems people face here sunny diagonal al-jazeera. well coming up next joe will tell us about the team of injured soldiers aiming to
4:49 pm
compete for one of the world's toughest most schools events. for her.
4:50 pm
all right sports fans joe's head to bring us all up to speed with the sports absolutely sammy i am yet to a football and turkey has been released on bail outs being accused of wounding opposition players with a razor blade the incidents allegedly happened during a third division game between four and amidst all four four players claim that abbott's four midfield a month. targeted them with a sharp object on the pitch
4:51 pm
a court imposed a travel ban on shiela while the police investigation is carried out he faces a lifetime ban from the sport but his club deny the allegations chelsea of appeal to a fee for against a one year transfer ban the english premier league cup was handed the ban which runs until january next year after breaching features rules to protect teenage players if a for follows previous examples chelsea could see their appeal frozen which would allow them to sign players until their appeal is hurt. european champions league resumes later on tuesday but right now it's all about the group stage of the asian champions league japan's cashman that's got the defense of the title off and running as they beat to be tons johor texan of malaysia brazil an atlas legend zico is in the stands as to you key hereafter opened accounts in the forty third minute . set genius doubled their advantage after the break and despite the malaysian side grabbing a consolation go when they screw up the match to one. of the misrule
4:52 pm
run continues for le bron james in the l.a. lakers their chances of reaching the n.b.a. playoffs are now pretty much over after yet another defeat the brom scored twenty seven points the lakers would downed one hundred thirteen two hundred five by local l.a. rivals the clippers is the lake his fifth loss in six games invoke mathematically still possible james now looks like missing the playoffs the first time since his second season in the n.b.a. disappointing for the lakers who hoped signing the braun would end their five year playoff drought. and the search i think the playoffs are in reality for this team coming he planted him see what happens now and then a day or so i've been talking about a lot and i wish him and was talking about the postseason we know about each and every game how we can continue to get better with our process to get better with our state so. you know obviously you know how to enter
4:53 pm
a year you know the chips fall where they may you know you see where you have. the president the san francisco giants baseball team has taken a leave of absence off your physical altercation with his wife laurie but it was caught on video on friday pulling his wife to the ground in a public park the footage then went viral the sixty one year old has since public apologies to his family and his team major league baseball says it's looking into the incidents and the giants is said to be cooperating. tiger woods has pulled out of the arnold palmer invitational because of a next brain but he says it's not a long term injury he has won this invitational eight times already but says he hopes to be back for the players championship next week woods only just returned to golf last season after a long layoff following a spinal fusion surgery he says his back didn't play a role in missing out on playing this week folks as canelo alvarez and daniel jacobs made the final stop on their press told to promote their upcoming middle
4:54 pm
white world championship fight unification bouts will be held on the fourth of may in the us they get all roads holds the dummy be a super titles well jacobs known as miracle man is the i.d.f. champion jacobs famously battle cancer in two thousand and eleven but was able to return to boxing the following year. park and represent them but at the bottom and why daniel i know he's a tough opponent and i know he's complicated but he is a world champion and i've always said i've always wanted to write history and i've said to be the best you have to beat the best this is no exception i love challenges i want people to always know when they come to see my fights they are going to get the best fights i may win i may lose i'm a draw but i'll tell you what you know that my heart is a winning heart and that may the fourth one will not be an exception i think that what i've said before as far as canelo facing the best he has his resume speaks for
4:55 pm
itself but one thing that we have to mention is that he might have played a big dude before my foot it's how to guy before or fast guy or a guy with a high boxing i.q. but he's never faced all of those things in one night and that's believe that's what i believe i possess. now a group of former british soldiers are aiming to become the first all disabled team to compete at the limo twenty four hour motor race the cool team prit which stands for british racing injured troops the cars especially adapted with hand controls to allow drivers to compete for fund with reports on. the road to recovery is brought a group of former soldiers together looking to compete in the world's toughest sports car race. national was working as a bomb disposal expert in afghanistan where he lost both legs and in the explosion our job was to go out and search for ids and on the ninth of july two thousand and
4:56 pm
ten i found one slightly odd why not stand on a result with an illusion by four legs from an fingers from the left hand fractured pelvis broken partially collapsed long such as this goes on and on. his teammate masson compton is also lucky to be alive he suffered burns to seventy five percent of his body when his tank was blown up in afghanistan as it was going to the british a place he had been way to know and so annoyed you was really as we drove in and that pretty well i got and how. fortunate going to go as innit. because it out eventually recognized me. and. somehow managed to come out of all of the rubble over me and say they're now on fire. and get into cover shutoffs so it's not just the team took part in a forty five minute race at limone last year in
4:57 pm
a support category both drivers are convinced they can be on the start line for the twenty four hour race within two years. stephanie. the team has come on leaps and bounds from its inception with lots of fifteen we start off with one car garridge two people the teams growing to race truck the b.m.w. you see behind me the pirate and the flagship of the team yes i'm on g t four so i get into them on it's not a question of this question of one. having already overcome so much in their lives the members of the team are also mentoring the next generation of drivers the newly launched academy for disabled drivers allowing people to access most border interest level and use it as a tool for rehab and recovery and with al-jazeera. right that is a yes but for now i'll have more field sammy thanks so much and that brings us the
4:58 pm
end of this news out and back in another couple of with another four shows so do stay with us. why can't i always can experience the worlds like never before cats are always going places together over a hundred and sixty is the. station started of found in an arty street in cairo and the brass band was so popular again but to an entire musical
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genre. a century and a halt later the sound still present mates with many egyptians today house of the people's music on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging they believe but the fear because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor. across the globe. you know men killed a mother and saw my way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms or so. with the was the american occupation of iraq that the house on hold eric prince to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention the
5:00 pm
meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or you hear your charge at the head on a. key members of a. group blamed for last month's cash bombing among dozens of arrested. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up libya reopens a huge oil field that was taken over by militia groups. losing its. gains democrats.


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