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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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to be using the pristine. critics. after. what i want to. read. came members of a pakistan based armed group blamed for last month's bombing are among dozens of people arrested. and welcome to our own life for my headquarters in doha with me and iran i'm also ahead libya reopens a huge oil field that was taken over by militia groups. venezuela's opposition leader is welcome home by cheering supporters and plans for the other huge protests
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against president nicolas maduro and a patient in london becomes only the second person to go into a child's favorite mission we'll explain how. pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian troops in the disputed kashmir region last month a group called jaish e mohammad said it was responsible and the brother of its leader was one of those arrested the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan and years now once again on the groups operating in the greater disputed kashmir region are under the spotlight as pakistan and india continue to face off against each other and wrong khan looks at who these groups are and who supports them. and they just. all kish meet will be free this group called themselves dean the
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brother of holy warriors their leader mohammed haroun he's a firebrand cleric who supports armed groups across kashmir including jaish e mohammed that's the group who claimed responsibility for the february fourteenth attack on indian troops that sparked this latest crisis between pakistan and india . god willing the fighters of al bad are already across the country and are ready to pounce on their targets and are waiting for the right time and god willing this year will be the liberation of the whole of kashmir. the ante in the pro united kashmiri ideology is fundamental to all of the groups in the region india has long maintained that these groups are directly funded and directed by pakistan's intelligence service the i.s.i. it's a charge pakistan the noise however the question remains what is pakistan doing about groups like al but their majority and jaish e mohammad after two thousand and fourteen we have been hard on these groups
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know it's a stupid policy in pakistan that. remain in this state a normal group and we have been to. reload to have the ability to use one in four groups so i think we are taking steps we have taken steps in the past since two thousand and fourteen we have been stepped i think we are on the right that. the groups are active today on both sides of the disputed border in indian administered kashmir hizbollah mojahedin regularly now attacks on indian troops yet india insists it's a domestic issue and says there's no comparison between groups on either side of the disputed border sold the suggestion that there is some kind i require balance between the kind of better challenge that india is facing. and what barbara starr is either dealing with internally on n.p.r.'s all internal security issues which
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are related to the northeast have completely i would say different contours and it's a different profile so this is a case of apples and oranges in a very negative sense because these groups have been assisted by the pakistani state on a neighbor and so where there's yes your mama. you cannot compare them with what is happening with groups in india because they are being sustained and they are the strategic assets of the pakistani army there are many in kashmir who say that the indian army is occupying kashmir and that the groups are a direct consequence of that india says it's there for security reasons meanwhile its armed groups in pakistan that seem to be garnering the most attention the issue of armed groups and who supports them is a phony one in pakistan not a factor in your forty's say they are cracking down on these armed groups but it's clear that they are in the spotlight right now. the arrest those may not be enough
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to satisfy india i'm a little be enough to reduce tensions between the two nuclear on neighbors iran coming out as there was a for about. let's move on to other news now venezuela's officer is missing state workers in the capital caracas on why they made the announcement on twitter saying the meeting will cover state bureaucracy which he says is being manipulated by president government by their return to venezuela on monday after a tour of latin american nations challenge with iran's leadership and called for more protests. and i was following developments from kolkata near the colombian venezuelan a hoarder. there's certainly less attention on tuesday now that is back in got back us there was so much uncertainty on monday waiting to see if mr by the would be arrested if he would be detained after arriving from that tour of several south american countries we know of course that that was not the case although mr white bill had announced that there would be a plan a sort of outline of
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a strategy by the opposition we haven't heard what those concrete steps are going to be he hasn't announced that just yet one by bill however has called for more protests to take place on tuesday as well as calling for that momentum against the government of need. to continue into the weekend calling for protests to take place on saturday as well now to that point we have yet to hear any word from the country's president nicolas maduro he's remained silent up until now on the news that that is back in the country both leaders remain in battled in this locked in this in this in this power struggle over control of the country now here on the venezuela colombia border things remain calm we say things are calm but there is a heavy military presence on both sides of the border that border the official crossing remains closed preventing international aid from making it across from colombia into venice that is one of the points one by don't made while he addressed
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supporters in that crowd of thousands of people on monday calling on the military on the venezuelan military to allow the passage of that international aid to to to make it into venezuela but at the moment we're expecting to hear we're waiting to hear from both the opposition leader one by bill and the country's president nicolas my little about what the next steps are going to be what the next what the next moves are going to be in this in this crisis in venezuela now to a developing story out of the united kingdom police and the u.k. said they've launched a counter terrorism investigation off the explosive devices were found at hay through airport london city airport and at horsham new station has got all cost on john paul brennan he's joining us live from london we've had a statement from the metropolitan police paul tell us what they're saying. yes let me go through it i mean three devices discovered within the space of just over two hours between nine fifty five this morning and ten past noon one of the devices
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went off and the other two have been recovered intact the police statement has said that basically they were a four sized white envelope white postal bags and i give you a sense that is a a four sheet of paper so you see the type of size of article that we're talking about and inside that envelope was a small yellow jiffy bag that's a padded bag in which what's described by the police as a small improvised explosive device i would take issue with that to be honest from what they're telling us they are capable of initially starting a small fire i think it's probably more accurate to describe them as small incendiary devices as opposed to explosive devices but nevertheless explosive is what the is what the police are saying first package was found the compass center which is near heathrow airport second device was found in the post room of waterloo station and one of the busiest railway stations in the center of london and the third device
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a ten thousand was found at london city airport and locations well they may or may not be significant the first one the compass center is the registered office of heathrow airport limited the call percent see heathrow airport and the final device was addressed to city aviation house and that's the corporate entity for city airport limited so we could speculate as to whether the person sending a person a person sending these are targeting aviation sense of transport house because of the corporate side of things nevertheless the police are keeping an open mind at this point in time no arrests have been made and they are urging people who are receiving potentially receiving a package of that description to be extremely vigilant and to call officers in if they have any worries at all paul thank you very much for that for now that's paul brennan live in london of course. there are any developments in the story thank you paul. now libya's national oil corporation is restarting limited production and production at its shut out
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a field in the southwest that has been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility fighters who were loyal toward khalifa haftar then forced those gunmen out and he's now ordered his men to leave after talks with members of libya's unity government without the head has more from tripoli. libya's national oil corporation or in new c that is the state oil third says that the force majeure a status has been lifted on. oil fields around seven hundred fifty kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli i'm sure our oil field the biggest oil producing field in libya was shot down on december ninth by arm with groups and also a local militias and the sow's who wanted to put more pressure on the government of national accord to provide more services and to improve security to their areas now three months of shutdown of production has cost the libyan treasury around one
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point eight billion dollars that is according to the national oil corporation during january forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar managed to get into the oil field and. we'll field there was a hand over a peaceful handover of oil field to have to forces now the general prosecutor of libya says the armored groups responsible for shutting down and shut our oil fields are wanted now the n.o.c. says that the oil production operation for much of our oil field is coming back to normal still ahead on the bulletin. donald trump himself against democrats for launching a sweeping new investigation into his and a second part says he incorporates the danish study that says there is no length between autism and the m.m.r.
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vaccine. allergic to welcome back to the national weather forecast or. not looking too bad across the lot right now we're going to be seeing probably some clouds and some rain across parts of turkey over the next few days that's going to be on the increase here not really seeing it on wednesday but by the time we get to thursday there it is across parts of syria as well let's go attempt view of seventeen but looking quite nice as you make your way down here to the south with beirut at seventeen degrees as well passing showers through parts of afghanistan as well as pakistan but down to his crotch the average temperature if you have this time of year twenty seven degrees there i look quite nice across much of the gulf maybe a passing cloud for here in doha but twenty four degrees and it's going to stay twenty four degrees by the time we get towards thursday down across muscat though temperatures are into the low thirty's we are watching what is happening here
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across the mozambique channel very carefully because a system is potentially building and with that system we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain over here not just for madagascar but also for parts of mozambique over the next few days heavy rain could lead to flooding in that area as we go towards thursday we will be watching that very carefully but down here towards the south we're looking much drier durban is going to be a warm day for you at thirty degrees to hanna's period twenty seven and plenty of sun in the forecast cape town with a temperature of twenty two. your men killed a mother and son in that way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms or so it is seem long with the was of the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account from tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp that you can tell the difference
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is when a polish guy a french guy or even a young charge head to head on a jazeera. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on groups they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian soldiers in the disputed region last month. when israel is opposition leader why though has just met state workers in the capital caracas he tweeted that the recently discussed state bureaucracy which he says is being manipulated by president of the rules government and libya's national oil
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corporation is restarting limited production at its shut out a field of the south west that has been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility fascism or dwarf only for half the then forced those gunmen out. now democrats in congress have launched their most ambitious investigation yet into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office by donald trump they targeting people in the president's in the circle including his family trump has denounced it as part of a political hoax but says he will incorporate is our white house correspondent can really help it. it's a sweeping and wide ranging demand on monday the judiciary committee from the democratic controlled house of representatives ordered eighty one individuals and entities tied to u.s. president donald trump including the president's son don jr to turn over materials believed to shine a light on trump's alleged abuse of power and obstruction of justice it's
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a political hoax. speaking from the white house surrounded by college football champions once again discredited the efforts to investigate his presidency but said he would comply with the committee request i cooperate all the time with everybody and you know. the document triggers what's expected to be another lengthy investigation in addition to robert muller's probe into potential trunk ties to russia this latest effort is a coordination by more than a half dozen house committees including judiciary committee chair jerry now looking into trump's decision to fire former f.b.i. director james comey as well as efforts to protect former national security advisor michael flynn it's very clear that the president should be just as it's very clear eleven hundred times he referred to the mole investigation as a witch hunt to try to if fired he tried to protect flynn from being investigated
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by the by the f.b.i. you fired me in order to stop the russian think the committee's efforts will be punctuated by hearings designed to create a record of public testimony and could expose potential presidential conflicts of interest ranging from trump's hotel in washington to possible money laundering by the president's businesses and well impeachment proceedings are possible they aren't a minute no we have to do the investigations and get all this we do not now have. the evidence. before you impeach somebody you. to persuade the american public trust approval numbers have risen in recent weeks up to forty six percent and eighty eight percent of republicans still back the president that's why the investigations by democrats in the house of representatives are designed to be intentionally slow it's an effort to pick apart donald trump's presidency and illustrate
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a pattern of behavior that at minimum in the court of public opinion could hurt trump's chances for re-election can really help get al-jazeera washington. now the u.s. were no longer give india and took a preferential trade status donald trump says india has failed to provide assurances that it would allow reasonable access to its markets while turkey no longer qualifies because its economies seem to be sufficiently developed they generalize system of preferences and supremo to economic development and selected countries by allowing some exports to enter the u.s. duty free and twenty seventeen take the export of one point seven billion dollars worth of goods onto the program that accounts for nearly eighteen percent of all to exports to the u.s. and effects mostly to destry the u.s. decision to remove to the from the preferential list follows onco as imposition last year all vitaly churkin tabs on u.s. goods in response to american steel and add a minium tariffs. is
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a professor at the american university of rock the focus is on us to accumulations and he says the top administration wants to maintain the advantage it has on trade relations with to keep turkey was one of the first countries that were hit with steel and aluminum and scrap minerals terrorists in the spring and summer of twenty seventeen and these have not been removed it looks like they're here to stay and much of it probably has to do with the fact that whatever advantages or whatever trade balance is that the united states is maintaining with turkey and right now the numbers are pretty pretty close in the last three four years the trade balance have been mostly. on equal terms i believe the trumpet ministration from a purely commercial standpoint would want to maintain that advantage these of turkey of course you could also argue that there may be political connections issues related to syria issues related to turkey's perhaps unwillingness to fully
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back u.s. sanctions against iran you know regional problems that sort that that that might be informing the trumpet ministrations decision making. the u.s. is extending sanctions against a bob boy for another year ignoring calls from the government for them to be lifted donald trump says the policies of president ellison man and god will continue to pose a threat to the u.s. laws restricting media freedom and protests have led to fears that zimbabwe could be reverting to the or thora tarion rule on and on the long time former president robert mugabe zimbabwe's deputy information minister told al jazeera that the political opposition struck in america and to maintaining sanctions now this is something. the ordinary people. employed people the people who are trying to make it in the united states it is. try to assist those people.
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should not. continue on the sanctions drive they should look good you recently do you do one sided story of the opposition that we are being victimized or we are being. pointed out is not what is obvious because this. we did not give it is. they are trying to with the international community to support the. elected government but would never happen according tokyo has granted bail to the sands former boss and vote against a prosecutor's appeal and said the bail for one billion yen or about one million dollars going who was arrested in november for allegedly understating his and maintains his innocence a brazilian born executive was denied bail twice on the fears he could tamper with evidence acquittals are rare in japan which has a ninety nine percent conviction rate. floods in pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least fifty people heavy rain over the past ten days has cut off tens of
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thousands of residents the afghan government says flooding in kandahar province is the worst in at least seven is shallow about this as m. kandahar. now this is the main point in kandahar city where people are coming to get help behind me there was crowds of people out here this morning hits the guards making sure that only the people came in that you had actually been to the homes and sure that they were actually damaged put them on a list shakespear safety enable them here because this is not a secure area over here is where the food is being handed out so you've got so you've got main tools you've got high energy biscuits the children you've got tabs here that sure fire the water uns migration agency handing out blankets taint. outfits for the children to keep them warm because of course it is winter here so there's a lot of work being done to try to help these people who have lost so much the u.n. and n.g.o.s not the only ones helping you've got the military have done
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a lot of work in a sting twelve hundred people from some flood stricken areas whether it's river beds what have you to try to get them to safety and love the stories coming out as well about what the military and police are doing the police in farsi don't make a lot of money but they donated one day of their pay to try to help these flood victims get back on their feet now talks between the u.s. and the taliban continued and the whole the both sides focusing on the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan stephanie decker brings us the latest from the. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei referring to those talks going on here in doha saying that they were incredibly complicated negotiations they were trying to achieve was an afghanistan that was an afghanistan that wasn't a threat to the united states and afghanistan respected the fundamental rights of every citizen he mentioned including women and children he said it was further complicated by the international interests in the country by countries like china pakistan india and russia but he praised the work of the ambassador. those talks
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have been going on for seven days it was a two day pause they're now into their second week they went on late into the night on monday resuming tuesday afternoon really getting into the detail of two main issues on the table one the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the country two to ensure how the country will not be used by groups like isis and al qaeda to pose a threat to the united states and other countries both sides be incredibly tight lipped about what's been achieved what's being negotiated but certainly i think reading between the lines the progress is being made these talks are going on now day off today we're seeing the delegations come and go from a or so it seems that there are making movements but nothing being said officially as to how they're going to end what's been achieved of course crucially if anything is achieved here can it be implemented on the ground in afghanistan now as being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against hiv
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a london man appears to have become only the second person to go into long term remission of the virus the patient was seeking treatment for cancer when he received a stems stem cell transplant three years ago as he was also hiv positive doctors decided to give him bone marrow from a rare hiv resistant donor three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the virus and tests show that he's still in remission timothy brown who was the first man had a similar treatment in germany twelve years ago and has since lived a child be free now to moscow works at u.n. aids and he says that while such scientific research should be encouraged governments should also throw their support behind preventive treatments that are already available. this functional cure as we as we're calling it is obviously a significant step forwards when cleared is obviously a lot of a lot of further work that needs to be done in terms of the past ways and once what it what is behind that cure and i was it is further work before we can definitely
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say there is a full you know. we really want to recognize that there is a lot of further work that is needed to be done to define a particular overseas stem cell transplants that are highly complex that significant interventions and not something we can use for the twenty seven million people living with hiv so there's a lot more work we need to do to to make this a bannable more generally as as a successful. solution for the problems at the moment we have highly effective antiretroviral medicines that. are very very effective if they have low levels of resistance that have low levels the talks to city and they are a key key aspect of what we would encourage countries to continue to invest in but i do want to stress we also say this is a great step forward and it is really important that we continue to invest in and scientific innovation such as this now a study of more than half
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a million children in denmark has become the latest research to show that there was no link between autism and the measles mumps and rubella vaccine known as m.m.r. and yet people continue to resist the inoculation many are mahommed looks at what's fueling the fia. twenty five at least that's the number of studies that conclude there is no link between autism and the m.m.r. vaccine to protect against measles mumps and rubella and we can now take that up to twenty six the latest study this one out of date mark of more than half a million children born over eleven years establishing once again there is no link you might think that well and truly puts him into the n.t. vaccine movement truth says it's not likely. super charged by the internet and social media anti vaccination views no matter how bogus or ill informed have flourished. and coincided with the growing and his deposition and backlash new
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research out of the queen mary university of london this month shows people who vote for populist parties across europe a more likely to mistrust vaccines and the experts who promote them some of the madrone instead to people like andrew wakefield the man behind the now debunked nine hundred ninety eight study that first made the claims of an autism vaccine link he's being thoroughly discredited but is enjoying something of a real nice aunts among right wing groups and conspiracy theorists even politicians without changing the system that has led to the political disenfranchisement of a large portion of the population without changing the system that's led to the economic marginalization of large proportion of the population it's hard to see how we can rebuild this this general trust between the population between accepts me but peel away the n.t.
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vaccine messaging in many cases you simply live here and just want what's best for the kids who were worried and unsure and seeing anti-vaccination lissajous like this one on twitter last month from dallas shine the wife of the white house communications chief advocating natural immunity over vaccinations thing is for natural immunity to kick in you need to get the disease first if that's measles you face a one in five hundred chance of dying from it the chances of an adverse reaction to the im a ma vaccine are less than one in a million the world health organization says vaccines safe two to three million lives every year but they're also victims of their own success type a man so. mazie be giving a motion. to make people realize how bad things are because that's what. history's anything to die while the empty vaccine movement are in
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minority communities rely on high vaccination rates to keep disease at bay but dismissing those who don't want to vaccinate as a rational isn't helpful either cleaning up social media is and lead has begun but restoring face and established systems and people who champion vaccines now that is the real challenge. thank. you no again is a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian soldiers in the disputed kashmir region last month august on's government has also said that it will seize the assets of groups and by the united nations we have economic plan we are political and we have the if we
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need to breed them we can also use force to curb these groups are we regular about or we have and this has nothing to do with this miracle romack. venezuela's opposition leader why the who has met state workers in the capital caracas tweeted that the meeting will discuss state bureaucracy which he says is being manipulated by president models government. police in the u.k. so they launched a counter terrorism investigation after explosive devices were found at heathrow airport london city airport and to station. libya's national oil corporation is restarting limited production and its shut out of field in the southwest it has been shut down for the past three months by gunmen who took over the facility fighters loyal to warlord khalifa haftar then forced the gunmen out. the u.s. is extending sanctions against him for another year ignoring calls from the government for them to be lifted donald trump says the policies of president amazon and god will continue to poison threat to the u.s.
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laws restricting media freedom and protests have bit of fears that zimbabwe could be reverting to the or thora tarion rule enjoyed under longtime former president robert mugabe. of course in tokyo has granted bail to the stands former boss carlos ghosn a draw against a prosecutor's appeal and set bail for a billion yen or about my million dollars going who was arrested in november for allegedly understating his income maintains his innocence the brazilian born executive was denied bail twice over fears he could tamper with evidence floods in pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least fifty people heavy rain over the past ten days has cut off tens of thousands of residents the afghan government says flooding and kandahar province is the worst in at least seven years well those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next thank you very much for watching.
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six the death of. an economic crisis so is there a way out. this is story. when venezuela's former president hugo chavez died on the fifth of march two thousand and thirteen it sparked a series of events that still.


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