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people. i know and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha with me and there's a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes six years after the death of venezuela's hugo chavez the regime he founded faces its toughest test. pakistan cracks down on armed groups on only weeks of tensions with india over the disputed kashmir region. and
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a call to action as millions of tons of plastic are added to our oceans every year . i'm joined again with the sports a turkish footballer slashes a rival player with a razor blade have all the details in the next sixty minutes. then as well as opposition leader why there has been meeting state workers in the capital caracas why the return to venezuela on monday after a tour of latin american nations where he was looking for support to topple president nicolas maduro said he was meeting with the unions to counter what he said was manipulation of state bureaucracy by models government the meeting comes on the sixth anniversary of the death of venezuela's former leader hugo chavez let's go to our correspondent want to unwrap it and now he's live for us in kuta that's neo colombia's border with venezuela he's wasting no time manuel what was
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won by those message to the state workers that he's been addressing in caracas. that's right elizabeth wasting no time since returning from that tour of several south american countries on monday mr why though at the top of his agenda for tuesday was meeting with public sector employees meeting with union leaders it's a very important group he sees them as being groups that are traditionally loyal to . president nicolas modo so the goal here is to win over their support a few of the main points that he's been making to these public sector employees as actually i believe he's still continuing to talk to them but a few of the main points that he's said already is one securing legislation that could guarantee that their jobs would be would would still exist once there is a transitional government in place another one of the main points that mr white though what wants to wants to do with these public sector employees wants to do
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with union sector leaders is the census to get an idea of exactly how many public sector employees there are in venezuela and among other things he also wants to call for a a measured strike a national strike involving public sector employees to continue this momentum it's part of this larger call for nationwide protests nationwide demonstrations to continue a momentum to continue a pressure against the government of nicolas mother and why what is why though and the opposition's plan beyond calling for more protests because. that hasn't worked because the military the all powerful military continue to support the government. that's that's a question that's on many people's minds we still don't know exactly what's next on the agenda for mr why do i imagine that one of the main points that he's going to be following through on next will be continuing to speak to high level military
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officials as well as members of the military that are stationed near the borders of colombia of venezuela with colombia and venezuela with brazil where there are still international aid tons of internationally that continues to not be moving into that country has called on military leaders to allow that international aid to to enter venezuela here in colombia and cook without where we are now with on the venezuelan border there still tons of international aid that's sitting in a warehouse unable to move the diplomatic ties between got back us and have been severed which means that the official border crossing remains closed and there's no clear sign as to when that's going to open and when that international aid will be able to make its way into venezuela if at all elizabeth thank you very much for that that's the mill with the latest live and cope with that thank you. now and what's changed and that is why in a sense the death of chavez and twenty. one looks at how much of this is legacy
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from the. show these mo is dead the opposition in venezuela has been saying that since the president the idealogy was named died of cancer on the fifth of march two thousand and. chosen successor nicolas maduro continues to cling to power and the pressure from foreign governments and millions of his own people to step down. they blame him for around things inflation high crime and chronic food and medicine shortages. blames foreign sabotage particularly from the united states so then assuage his problems but not as colorfully as charges once did here criticizing former u.s. president george bush at the united nations in two thousand and six. the president of the united states the gentleman to whom i refer as at the devil marquis came here. doing all the talking as if he owned the world i think we could call
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a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the united states but says that she is alive and well citing health and education programs and the continued redistribution of wealth begun by his predecessor but even his supporters admit that is no charge that he doesn't have the same charisma or political astuteness he continues to talk of the future well aware of the mounting risks to his government. but honestly i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela stop the drums of war stop the threats of invasion of lebanon surrealist say with one voice that we want peace we want to be how well the two men shared similar politics the world has changed or prices have slumped and venezuela has left wing allies in the region have largely disappeared the doors critics say the only flawed elections and support from the military keep them in power the predictions of his imminent demise have been frequent these past
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six years as they were the charges before him now president maduro faces one of his toughest challenges yet with the world watching to see how he reacts to the returns have been a swayer of the self declared interim president. from a trip to neighboring colombia. we're going to swell a mark of the sixth anniversary of the death of google charges the opposition is questioning his legacy because with supporters wondering how much longer it will keep the president in office. how does iraq. is the managing director of age a plus and former al-jazeera correspondent in venezuela and she says that many charges supporters will continue to back president despite the economic crisis i do believe that many chevy says have not been very content with my doodle but because of this confrontation of chevy sente chevy of venezuela u.s. many chevy says maybe thinking now it's best to back my dear although we're not
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very happy with him let's not let's not undermine how much chavez legacy means for venezuelans there is a huge mass of people who are from the lower classes although they are hungry but they do not see that things may get better if they went for the other option may get worse i don't think it can get much worse in terms of hunger but i do think that the chavis support base will not want to go back to the preacher. let's move on to other news now and pakistan has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown. they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian troops in the disputed kashmir region last month a group called jaish e mohammad said it was responsible and the brother of its leader was one of those arrested the bombing of the most serious stand off the train and. as a correspondent has the latest. on march the fourth pakistan
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announced its national action plan to take a crackdown on these groups has arrested forty one people so far and he says that more arrests to come now what we're hearing is that among those forty one people that been arrested include the brother and the brother in law of masood azhar who is the leader of the group responsible for the february fourteenth attack that led to this latest standoff between pakistan and india but that doesn't mean the groups are out of action they still present a big problem for both india and pakistan let's take a look at the issues facing both of those countries. they tell me it will be free this group called themselves but they deem it the budget of holy warriors their leader mohammed haroun he's a firebrand cleric who supports armed groups across kashmir including jaish e mohammed that's the group who claimed responsibility for the february fourteenth
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attack on indian troops that sparked this latest crisis between pakistan and india . god willing the fighters of already across the country and are ready to pounce on their targets and are waiting for the right time and god willing this year will be the liberation of the whole of kashmir. the anti indian pro united kashmiri ideology is fundamental to all of the groups in the region india has long maintained that these groups are directly funded and done. by pakistan's intelligence service the i.s.i. it's a charge pakistan the noise however the question remains what is pakistan doing about groups like al but the rigidity and jaish e mohammed after two thousand and fourteen we have been hard on these groups. know it's a stupid policy of pakistan that. really remains with the state and normal group will be able to. reload to have that ability to use one for
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the groups so i think we are taking steps we have taken steps in the past since two thousand and fourteen we have stepped i think we are on the right direction the groups are active today on both sides of the disputed border in indian administered kashmir has both mojahedin regularly now attacks on indian troops yet india insists it's a domestic issue and says there's no comparison between groups on either side of the disputed border so all the suggestion that there is some kind of week where millions between the kind of terror challenge that india is facing and what. is either dealing with internally on n.p.r.'s all internal security issues which are related to the northeast have completely i would say different contours and it's a different profile so this is a case of apples and oranges in
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a very negative sense because these groups have been assisted by the pakistani state on a neighbor and so where there's yes. you cannot compare them with what is happening with groups in india because they are being sustained and they are the strategic assets of the party. there are many in kashmir who say that the indian army is occupying kashmir and that the groups are a direct consequence of that india says it's there for security reasons meanwhile its armed groups in pakistan that seem to be garnering the most attention. the issue of armed groups and who supports them is a phony one in pakistan now the facts on the authorities say they are cracking down on these armed groups but it's clear that they are in the spotlight right now. the arrest may not be enough to satisfy india a may not be enough to reduce tensions between the two nuclear armed neighbors iran come as a for about. now that culture is a former secretary and he is falling ministry and he says that there is
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a degree of suspicion about pakistan's actions the problem is that fifteen years ago in jan that it. to two thousand and four the then president of backus done general musharraf. public assurance that he would not and that pakistan would not in love did it three under control to be used by groups why did his groups to launch terrorist operations in india so windy here today fifteen years later that pakistan is in acting legislation to comply with un resolutions there's not actually. degree of suspicion. but plenty more ahead on the news hour including libya riyadh and or
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a third in the southwest that was taken over by warlords hostile forces the u.s. senate joins the anti anti back saying movement is yes and i will study proves that there is no link between vaccines and autism and the asian champions kicked off the defense of the a.f.c. title to tell you how they got on and score. now bags bottles straws and plates about half of the plastic we use every day is used only once and then thrown away and that's causing widespread damage to our oceans habitats and food chains and environmental organizations say that needs to stop now a new report from the world wide fund for nature documents a dramatic rise in the production of single use plastics since the year two thousand views more plastics than all the years before we're not producing nearly
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three hundred million tons of plastic every year and most of it is not being recycled to tackle the problem the groups calling for an international agreement banning single use plastics they say companies producing the waste should be responsible for cleaning up the mess. so hyra has more. well first of all the world wide fund for nature has tweeted a petition urgently calling on global leaders to make a legally binding agreement but forces every country to end this environmental crisis by within the next ten years that it takes all of fifteen seconds actually to fill that form but the hash tag stop plastic pollution is being widely used to raise awareness in fact this tweeted photo shows you a plastic straw and it is a reminder of how detrimental it is to see life we use an incredible five hundred million plastic straws every day which have been thrown out and that's why bans on single use plastic straws are already in effect in several countries and companies
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like starbucks and mcdonald's are phasing them out now a group of beach goes in australia who are known as the straw clothes are part of a popular conservative effort called operation straw to collect plastic from beaches and in the water. we actually once found an altar boy so there's lots of octopus in this beautiful marine life and we found an octopus holding plastic straws in its tentacles and we actually had to pull them out so that was a bit of a depressing total war and the good news is there are alternatives all of them bamboo and paper straws edible ones are also an option you can actually use this straw to slurp up your favorite drink and then either the store itself because it's flavored and made from seaweed now the plastic straw ban is part of actually a wider global campaign to ditch plastic now the world's first plastic free all has opened in amsterdam and it's part of a plastic panic campaign group that wants to bring it to the u.k. as well and kenya is thought to have the world's strictest or harshest plastic bag
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brand since twenty seventeen where anyone found using producing or even selling a plastic bag faces up to four years in prison or a thirty eight thousand dollars fine but asked lead to some very creative solutions like this one just to school student with a school bag made out of lees and speak in solutions this island in the philippines ruined by and tourism was shut down last year for being as the country's president described it a cesspool now a major cleanup operation was carried out over six months and it was back in business in october well it has left the beaches in my killer and the waters crystal clear before we have a taishan of the island's natural habitat can actually take years and meet the marine robot that could help clean our seas because the waste and data collector for sixteen hours cleans up waters with no carbon footprint and that's obvious obvious his role as the u.k.'s first wave shark on monday as part of its efforts to tackle water pollution and they want people to remember if it can't be used again
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and just don't use it. well let's get more on this now were joined by you in the head of programs at plastic soup foundation that's an advocacy group tackling plastic pollution and he's joining us live from amsterdam very good to have you with us on allergies they are so this report says that the one thing needed to change the trajectory for plastics growth is accountability and it's calling from various steps very specific steps which will help solve the crisis and governments businesses and people what do you think of their recommendations and also what is you know the single most important thing that age group can do you know i think and one of one of the most critical points that is in the report is that actually states that we need a global standard for blessedly get into the employments is the basic ingredients us actually missing and if you don't have a standard if you don't have a goal what do we need to we in a certain period of time you know you don't consider it as a as
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a problem and that's the strange thing that's actually the situation at the moment we don't have the standards yet so global standardization. you know to regular explicitly gets into the employments you notice that there's one of the key elements that we need to actually starts killing this problem at the very source it is the you know the first thing actually that the report calls for how difficult is it going to be to establish let alone implement that standard. yeah this strange thing and that's actually how we bless the you don't treat this as a normal chemical and of course it is a chemical substance why don't we used. to measure it on the tools that are already available to start regulating plessy just like any other chemical so what is the maximum goals and what are the goals for two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty five etc how are we going to regulate its and yet it's not easy maybe but
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it's a way it's a big step forward if you start looking at persistence is the substance our docs it isn't isn't like you can buy or cumulation and it's very necessary but bless the it costs less are everywhere and it's you know we are green king ads and we even breathe plastic so you know the time is there to actually start or it is and what is at stake for the world's oceans his health we of course depend on for our own health here at a big problem at the ocean as it's almost impossible to clean and when we talk plastic we think about the both laura back at the blast that once the plastic is in the ocean it's actually degrading and so michael plastic or even the not plastic it's very very small and it's on a very big scale and it's entering the food chain no the proof is there it's entering. birds and it has an effect on yeah on the on life in the ocean and we are depending on the ocean enough for food but also for oxygen it's
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a critical system you cannot play around that is and yet also the scale is enormous and seventy percent of our a role does actually oceans so yeah and so much you know which countries would you say a doing well at managing this problem and who do you expect pushback from. on employment in the sort of worldwide regulations that we need now. yeah i think what's going on right now is the government of norway and they actually are pushing for global standards on. plastics and that's a big step forward that needs a lot of support out range there is there are some send those there from countries like the united states jonah they're reluctant in strong language in regulating the bless the emissions. although and i'm convinced that pressure especially about this whole topic of plastics to their children will actually create a momentum to stocks where it's yeah basically responsibility and cleaning
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up the most and joining the solutions because their solutions are there every weekend do it and it's the the thing off there is no market sort of solution to this is not true so you know let's move on let's say that of us it is great to get your expertise on this we really appreciate your time thank you very much that is doing that give us an answer to that thank you. now u.s. senator bob menendez has called for sanctions against individuals and entities responsible for the murder of salvage analyst general casualty kushal g. men and is the top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee and he's one of many senators left frustrated after they were briefed on kushal she's deaf on monday the committee met officials from the trumpet ministration to discuss if sanctions should be imposed on saudi arabia over the murder let's go now to our white house correspondent kimberly health that she is joining us live from washington d.c.
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so what else did senator menendez have to say kimberly. well i think we can take what a couple of senators who have a lot of power in the senate are saying collectively not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine both democrats but it is important to note that there is unity rare unity on this issue in the u.s. congress with respect to the notion that the administration has essentially flouted the law when it comes to the trigger of the global magnitsky act you'll remember that that was triggered in twenty eighteen the administration was required to come up with a report to congress a few weeks ago with regard to who it believed was responsible for the killing of jim hunt shows you have to remember this ministration said very specifically that it would pursue this to the highest echelons of the saudi government so many months in congress are very unhappy when the state department simply sanctioned just
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seventeen individuals but did not point to the saudi crown prince a conclusion that the u.s. senate certainly has come to after it was briefed by the cia director gina housefull there was another briefing that took place on monday where senators had hoped they would finally get the information that they were looking for as a result of the trigger of the act but they were in a word disgusted with what they were told according to not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine essentially the senators knew more about this case than those that were put forward by the administration spokes person from not just the treasury department but also the state department so as a result what we see now is the senate weighing its options we know from a statement from senator tim kaine as well as echoing statements from bob menendez that they are deciding now how to move forward and use the leverage of the senate
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this is the upper chamber it does have more power than the house of represent. lives and certainly there are a number of options that are being considered not only a potential consequence with regard to arm sales but also potentially slowing down or even halting the nominations that have to be approved in the senate for anything put forward by the trumpet ministration until the trumpet ministration gives the information the senators are looking for with respect to the murder of. committee thank you very much for that as committee held it with the latest on that live in washington d.c. thank you. now bush counterterrorism police are investigating after three small explosive devices the found near a major transport hubs in london they were recovered near heathrow and london city airports and washington rail and underground station police say the three incidents appear to be linked and have it was commuters to be vigilant. still ahead on the news out of deadly floods when i'm more on how tens of thousands of people in
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august and i'm gonna spawn a kind of thing. and canada a political influence scandal threatens the government of prime minister justin trudeau and things go from bad to worse for the bron james and the latest option isn't to their liking rivals joe it will tell you where at least they played their playoff chances. you look at some of the. elegant welcome back to in the national weather forecast we're really not looking too bad across a lot right now we're going to be seeing probably some clouds and some rain across parts of turkey over the next few days that's going to be on the increase here not really seeing it on wednesday but by the time we get to thursday there it is across parts of syria as well love zero attempt view of seventeen but looking quite nice as you make your way down here to the south with beirut at seventeen degrees as
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well passing showers through parts of afghanistan as well as pakistan but down towards crushing average temperature if you have this time of year twenty seven degrees there and look quite nice across much of the gulf maybe a passing cloud for here in doha but twenty four degrees and it's going to stay twenty four degrees by the time we get towards thursday down across must got though temperatures are into the low thirty's we are watching what is happening here across the mozambique channel very carefully because a system is potentially building and with that system we are going to see some very heavy rain over here not just from madagascar but also for parts of mozambique over the next few days heavy rain could lead to flooding in that area as we go towards thursday we will be watching that very carefully but down here towards the south we're looking much drier durban is going to be a warm day for you at thirty degrees to head a spirit of forty seven and plenty of sun in the forecast cape town with a temperature of twenty two.
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went on line. for them. to join us all of us have been calling for some fashion this is a diana we are talking about. you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice box here twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera is a name to. which. peacekeeping force approach. his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for the school to buy their guardian's peace killers zero.
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it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera new sound these are our top stories venezuela's opposition to fund weibo has been meeting state workers and union leaders in the capital caracas why those at the talks were to counter what he called the manipulation of state bureaucracy by the government. has done has arrested dozens of people as part of a crackdown on groups they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian troops in the disputed kashmir region last fall and the top democrat on the west and that farms relations committee has called for sanctions against those responsible for the murder of salvi journalist jamal khashoggi the
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committee met officials from the trump of ministration to discuss sanctions should be imposed on saudi arabia over the murder. now to canada with a second member of prominence to justin trudeau his cabinet has quit. phil paul to serve as budget minister says she's lost confidence in how the government has dealing with the worsening scandal a departure follows the resignation of justice minister jody wilson raybold last week also the rebel testified that she was pressured to help the construction of a. of what a corruption trial when she was attorney general let's get more on this now we're joined by correspondent daniel lak he's live for us in toronto this is a longstanding case daniel talk us through what this massive construction firm is accused off. well elizabeth this goes back about nearly twenty years now the firm which is s.n.c. level based in the city of montreal is a global forum that builds infrastructure airports ports around the world it's accused of paying thirty five million dollars in bribes to the government of the
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late libyan leader moammar gadhafi the case has been going through the courts now for a couple of years or at least through the prosecution process and the scandal involved pressure being put on the resigned attorney general to actually agree to a plea deal so the company would not have to face the courts face the possibility of criminal sanction the government is saying that would cost canada jobs it would affect the economy and that's why the government was calling for this as we've been reporting downing of two ministers have resigned over the government's handling of this case how much pressure is this putting on prime minister justin trudeau specially an election year absolutely the elections coming up in november this year he came to power two thousand and fifteen promising a new style of open government inclusive progressive policies and many are seeing this scandalous business as usual really a government representing corporate interests pushing for the justice system to be
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made subordinate to the needs of a massive corporation and also to talented female ministers justin trudeau made much of it welcoming women into his cabinet it was a fifty fifty split between men and women two talented female ministers being left on the outside so they have to resign because they don't agree with the way this is going so he's really got a lot to do if he's going to turn this around in any way and frankly with the election coming he doesn't have much time daniel thank you very much for that is daniel that for the latest live in toronto thank you. now libya's national oil corporation has restarted limited production at it's shut out a field in the southwest that has been shut down for the past three months by a gunman who took over the facility fighters loyal to warlord and then forced out after it's now ordered has meant to him after talks with members of libya's unity government that that one has more from tripoli. libya's national oil corporation or in new see that is the state oil third says that the force majeure
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a status has been lifted on. oil fields around seven hundred fifty kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli and sure our oil field the biggest oil producing field in libya was shot down on december ninth by armored groups and also local militias in the south who wanted to put more pressure on the government of national accord to provide more services and to improve security to their areas and now three months of shutdown of production has cost the libyan treasury around one point eight billion dollars that is according to the national oil corporation during january forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar managed to get into the oil field by field there was a hand over a peaceful handover of oil field to have to forces now the general prosecutor of
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libya says the armored groups responsible for shutting down and shut our oil fields are wanted now the n.o.c. says that the oil production operation for much of our oil field is coming back to normal. floods in pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least sixty people heavy rain over the past ten days has cottle's tens of thousands of residents and government says flooding in kandahar province is the worst in at least seven years balance has more from kandahar. now this is the main point in kandahar city where people are coming to get help behind me there was crowds of people out here this morning here the guards making sure that only the people in the u.n. had actually been to the homes and sure that they were actually damaged put them on a list chicks and they brought them here this is not a secure area over here is where the food is being handed out so you have got so you've got lentils you're got high energy biscuits but children you've got ted here
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that you're five the water uns migration agency handing out blanket. for children to keep them warm because of course it is winter here so there's a lot of work being done to try to help these people who have lost so much the u.n. and n.g.o.s not the only ones helping you've got the military have done a lot of work in a thing twelve hundred people from flood stricken areas whether it's river beds what have you to try to get them to safety and love the stories coming out as well about what the military and police are doing. don't make a lot of money but they donated one day of their pay to try to help these flood victims get back on their feet. now talks between the u.s. and the taliban continued in the hall the both sides focusing on the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan stephanie brings us the latest from the. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei referring to those talks going on here in doha
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saying that they were incredibly complicated negotiations they were trying to achieve was an afghanistan that wasn't at war in afghanistan that wasn't a threat to the united states and afghanistan that respected the fundamental rights of every citizen he mentioned including women and children he said it was further complicated by the international interest in the country by countries like china pakistan india and russia but he praised the work of the ambassador khalilzad those talks have been going on for seven days there was a two day pause there now into their second week they went on late into the night on monday resuming tuesday afternoon really getting into the detail of two main issues on the table one the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the country two to ensure how the country will not be used by groups like isis and al qaeda to pose a threat to the united states and other countries both sides be incredibly tight lipped about what's been achieved what's being negotiated but certainly i think reading between the lines the progress is being made these talks are going on now
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day off today we're seeing the delegations come and go from a or so it seems that there are making movements but nothing being said officially as to how they're going to end what's been achieved of course crucially if anything is achieved here can it be implemented on the ground in afghanistan. to sri lanka now where details about the country's biggest mass graves are expected to be revealed soon remains of more than three hundred people were discovered last year and as many elfin and as reports it was part of a battle zone during the nearly three decades civil war. human bones were digging foundations at a former. it led to the discovery of this most creative. in men no question and. detailed excavation of the site under court supervision as on earth the remains of more than three hundred people around thirty of them children the judicial medical officer in charge of the investigation says the site is being treated as
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a crime scene if it is for my burial site. what's more stuff the symmetry is. having that. that coffin then. that formal arrangement but here it is somewhat different because you know that they are all up in here saw i don't know if a date is a crime or an ear. or. any other thing but to get an improperly six bone samples were sent to the united states for carbon dating tests to find out when those in the three. medical office in charge here receive the official results on monday they will be known when they're submitted to court the island of men i was famous for its fisheries in sion times and still boasts foot fishing grounds. but many of its residents escaped of the areas during
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the civil war. fighting between government forces and the rebel time of tigers began in one thousand nine hundred three and lasted for twenty six years with hundreds of people still missing after the end of the war the discovery of this mosque grave in the heart of man a town has led to despair and hope hope that families of those missing will finally find answers so why are myriad last saw her husband soon the right figure are due in august one nine hundred ninety she believes he was detained by the navy sea but doesn't know for sure letting go they're going to get out i laugh and smile with everyone but i'm saddam's i it's an unless sadness wondering when my husband will come back whether i will see him at least once before i die or find out what happened to him. but the judicial medical officer will not speculate on whether the remains in the months grieve are those of their victims services see that was no sign of a clothing but some of the bodies may have been found with metal shackles and it
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suggested some of those buried there suffered trauma investigators say they would continue to dig until they are confident all the remains have been recovered minute fernandez jazeera manner shouldn't. now study in denmark has become the latest research to show that there's no link between autism and the mabel's measles mumps and rubella vaccine known as m.m.r. and that people continue to resist the inoculation in part because anti backs corp's becoming ever more vocal shortly we'll hear from heidi show castro about a u.s. senate committee committee meeting on how to combat a spike in preventable diseases but first as many alcohol with more what's fueling the fear. twenty five at least that's the number of studies that conclude there is no link between autism and the m.m.r. vaccine to protect against measles mumps and rubella and we can now take that up to
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twenty six the latest study this one out of date mark of more than half a million children born over eleven years establishing once again there is no link you might think that well and truly puts him into the n.t. vaccine movement truth says it's not likely. super charged by the internet and social media and a vaccination views no matter how bogus or ill informed have flourished. and coincided with the growing and his deposition and backlash new research out of the queen mary university of london this month shows people who vote for populist parties across europe a more likely to mistrust vaccines and the experts who promote them some of the madrone instead to people like andrew wakefield the man behind the now debunked nine hundred ninety eight study that first made the claims of an autism fixing link
9:42 pm
he's being thoroughly discredited but is enjoying something of a real nice aunts among right wing groups and conspiracy theorists even politicians without changing the system that has led to the political disenfranchisement of the large portion of the population without changing the system that's led to the economic marginalization of large proportion of the population it's hard to see how we can rebuild this this general trust between the population between accepts me but peel away the n.t. vaccine messaging in many cases you simply live here and just want what's best for the kids who were worried and unsure and seeing anti vaccination lissajous like this one on twitter last month from dallas shine the wife of the white house communications chief advocate in natural immunity over vaccinations thing is for natural immunity to kick in you need to get the disease first if that's measles you
9:43 pm
face a one in five hundred chance of dying from it the chances of an adverse reaction to the im a mob vaccine are less than one in a million the world health organization says vaccines save two to three million lives every year but they're also victims of their own success type a man so. major league event and motion. to make people realize how thanks exam because that's what. history's anything to die for while the n.t. vaccine movement are a minority communities rely on high vaccination rates to keep disease at bay but dismissing those who don't want to vaccinate as a rational isn't helpful either cleaning up social media is and has begun but restoring face and established systems and people who champion vaccines now that is the real challenge. this hearing comes at
9:44 pm
a time when the consequences of not vaccinating children appear to be catching up to those parents who have decided against vaccinations the number of measles cases in the u.s. this year has been two hundred six which is a drastic increase from previous years and about half of those cases have been concentrated in the pacific northwest which is a place where the movement against vaccinations has really taken a foothold and today during the hearing senators will be wishing will be wanting to answer true important questions one what is leading these parents who are assumed to be rational trying to make the best decisions for their kids to choose not to vaccinate them and secondly how can public health officials counter that attitude and convince parents that vaccines are indeed safe the commission the committee members will be hearing from an eighteen year old young man who says he was not
9:45 pm
vaccinated as a child because his parents did not believe in vaccinations and when he turned eighteen and became an adult he promptly made the decision to get those shots himself and he's expected to shed some light on the thinking of his parents that kept him from being vaccinated at an earlier age now this is all coming at a time when the bigger political context where a growing number of states are allowing more people to not get their children vaccinated eighteen states allow for moral and philosophical exemptions from required vaccinations and this comes coincides with a time donald trump's rise to the white house trump has a strong and long history of raising unsubstantiated doubts about the safety of vaccinations so while public health administrators may be hoping that this committee hearing results eventually in a nationwide mandate for vaccinations because none exist at this moment blue.
9:46 pm
speaking that may be far off in the horizon. now is being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against hiv a london man appears to have become only the second person to go into long term remission of the virus the patient was seeking treatment for cancer when he received a stem cell transplant three years ago as he was also hiv positive doctors decided to give him bone marrow from a rare hiv resistant door and three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the virus and tests show still in remission. works at u.n. aids and he says that while scientific research should be encouraged governments should also throw their support behind treatments that are more readily available. this functional cure as we as we're calling it is obviously a significant step forward when all cleared is obviously a lot of a lot of further work that needs to be done in terms of the past ways and once what it what is behind that cure and obvious it is further work before we can definitely
9:47 pm
say there is a full you know. we really want to recognize that there is a lot of further work that is needed to be done to develop a cure i was to stem cell transplants the highly complex that significant interventions and not something we can use for the twenty seven million people living with hiv so there's a lot more work we need to do to to make this a plan to build more generally as as a successful. solution for the problems at the moment we have highly effective antiretroviral medicines that a very very effective they have low levels of resistance that have low levels of talks to city and they are a key key aspect of what we would encourage countries to continue to invest in but i do want to stress we also say this is a great step forward and it is really important that we continue to invest in and scientific innovation such as this still ahead to. the team of injured soldiers and
9:48 pm
different things from one of the world's toughest small to school friends jealous but have to deal with.
9:49 pm
it is time for sports now here it is the thanking the champions league round of sixteen second leg kicks off in just over an hour with top i'm in a strong position to progress looking to make the quarter finals for just the effect in time and take a three goal advantage into the match and it's but i don't want the. looking for
9:50 pm
change and for change after winning just one of the last seven games on us when i was and i think we're in a position to achieve the impossible it's very important that we believe in ourselves that we have to give a really great performance and we have to reach our total and of course we have to score goals at the right burnable so it's very important to find the right balance between defense and attack and if they scored well of course be very difficult we believe in ourselves and we have to prove ourselves and it's we've. seen we need to play those we play trying to win the game that is the most important we can not see in the first leg we need to forget that voted on. the start of the game in a very good level. we must to be able to see if we must fight from the beginning. i think that is the key. well madrid take a two one lead into their second leg against i.x. they're chasing a fourth european title in
9:51 pm
a row but coming to the game off the back of three straight home defeats they're also missing captain said joe ramos who is suspended but i axes head coach thinks that will play into his team's hands that they're almost a part of a loss is the boss of the defense and him missing is a big loss for them so they'll be without rameses personality physically and emotionally and not having him around is definitely going to affect them. over in the asian champions league japan's kashmir analysts got the defense of their title off and running they beat debutants joho durant text him of malaysia brazil and antlers legend zico was in the stands as taking here otto opened because she was accounts in the forty third minute. to junior doubled their advantage after the break and despite the malaysian side grabbing a consolation goal she won this group the match two one. album victory couldn't live up to their name in their group f. opener with f.c. the south koreans came from behind with goals from just one pseudonym and edgar to
9:52 pm
give them a three one winning start to their debut campaign. of football in turkey has been released on bail after being accused of wounding of opposition players with a razor blade the incidents allegedly happened during a third division game between. four and four force four players claimed that amateur sport midfielder mansour chela targeted them with a shot object on the pitch a court has imposed a travel ban on shower while the police investigation is being carried out he faces a lifetime ban from the sport the his club deny the allegations. chelsea of appeal to fee for against a one year transfer ban the english premier league club was handed the ban which runs until january next year after preachings fief is rules to protect teenage players if a for follows previous examples chelsea could see their appeal frozen which would allow them to sign players until their appeal is heard. a court in hungary has
9:53 pm
ordered the extradition of a portuguese whistleblower behind some of the biggest exposé in european football rui pinto established the football league's website in two thousand and fifteen which is uncovered stories including christian rinaldo and jayson reno's tax avoidance on tuesday he was told he'd be sent from budapest back to portugal where he's charged with extortion vial. ation of secrecy and illegally accessing information he denies the charges you can see that a lot of european investigations were opened thanks to the revelations brought by football leaks and the media has evolved really into football weeks. so it's obvious that now there is a euro just to shake if they are interested in the data in the full weeks poseurs who are part of it seized by the police because the army we own self euros that hopefully the european authorities can can get back now the misrule run
9:54 pm
continues for le bron james and the l.a. lakers their chances of reaching the n.b.a. playoffs are now pretty much over off to yet another defeat the bronx school just twenty seven points as the lakers were down one hundred thirteen two hundred five by local l.a. rivals like that is the lake his face lost in six games and although mathematically still possible james now looks like missing the playoffs for the first time since his second season in the n.b.a. . you start to think that the playoffs aren't a reality for this team i mean listen you keep playing to me and see what happens at the end of the day so. been talking about it for a while and i wish him and was talking about the postseason we need to worry about each and every game how we can continue to get better with our process to get better we are seeing so. you know obviously you know at the end of the year you know the chips will fall where they may you know you see where you have. a group of former british soldiers aiming to become the first all disable team to compete in the long twenty four hour motor race they called team brits which stands for
9:55 pm
british racing injured troops because especially adapted with hand controls funded with reports. the road to recovery is brought a group of former soldiers together looking to compete in the world's toughest sports car race. national was working as a bomb disposal expert in afghanistan where he lost both legs and in the explosion our job was to go out and search for ideas and on the ninth of july two thousand i found one slightly odd why not stand on a result within reason by four legs forming fingers from the left. fractured pelvis broken partially collapsed long such as this goes on and on. his teammate masson compton is also lucky to be alive he suffered burns to seventy five percent of his body when his tank was blown up in afghanistan as it was going
9:56 pm
to the british a place had been white and so annoyed you was really as we drove in and that pretty well i got and how. fortunate going to go isn't it. because it out eventually recognized me. and. somehow managed to climb out of all of that with the rubble rivalry and see them off. and get into cover shots off. the team took part in a forty five minute race at lamont last year in a support category both drivers are convinced they can be on the start line for the twenty four hour race within two years it's definitely terrible the team has come on leaps and bounds from its inception with lots of thousand fifteen we start off with one call gary two people the teams growing a race truck the b.m.w. you see behind me the pirate and the flagship of the team yes i'm on g t four get
9:57 pm
into them on it's not a question of a face a question of one of the team boss told out zero the opportunity to race is providing the drivers with fresh motivation some guys with mental health issues with depression. and p.t.s.d. . also. just. they don't have the motivation to to face the world and more susie get taste racing it's almost like a drug they'll do will do anything just to go racing and not not allow those closest to to teach. all the skills they need. having already overcome so much in their lives the members of the team are also a mentor in the next generation of drivers the newly launched the cademy for disabled drivers allowing people to access most border interim level and use it as a tool for rehab and recovery bad with out his era. all right that is useful for
9:58 pm
now i have a major thank you very much for that and that doubled from a little south korea and they entitles our team thank you very much for watching. monch on outages e.l.o. . maggi hot sun did bates' discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and had tags five years after the revolution coaches in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem share their thoughts on
9:59 pm
its cost present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china zia join a school coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in me and ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. don't tread. and son donald trump jr was promised damaging information about the hillary clinton allegation want to see an investigation seductress did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. with and for you. six years after the death of all go chavez of venezuela as opposition leader takes his message to state employees in caracas. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up pakistan that rests members of an armed group blamed for last month's attack on indian troops in kashmir. as protests against president will to think a continual.


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