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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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zero. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes while venezuela's president marks six years since the death of chavez opposition leader urges state workers to help and oust my doodle. after days of protests against president bush to flick out jury as army chief accuse a solemn of seeking
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a return to the country's years of bloodshed pakistan arrests members of an armed group blamed for last month's attacks on indian troops in kashmir. and the london patient becomes only the second person in the world to be declared free of the aids virus. i'm joined again with the sports as defending champions realm of trade face a champions league exit at the hands of i.x. the latest from the last sixteen match coming up. venezuela's opposition leader one is appealed to state workers to push it to back him in his push to oust president nicolas maduro why dose says he's in talks with the unions to call strikes in a bid to paralyze the public sector the strikes would seek to capitalize on the
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momentum spurred by by those triumphant return to venezuela on monday every flouted have travelled bad to tour latin america there were concerns he would be detained by the fluid to caracas airport without being stopped and went on to address a huge rally in the capital. as you know it didn't know all the public workers are being kidnapped by the dictatorship being kidnapped by the. regime today as a result of this meeting of this great event we will not continue collaborating with a dictatorship so public workers are no place to corporate ever again nor be forced to do anything listen carefully we're headed towards a strike of the public administration proposed by the union we know that will come we know that the persecution will begin. when meanwhile president because we're due to lead an event in caracas to commemorate the death of the late president to go charges chavez died on march the fifth two thousand and thirteen sparking
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a series of events that are still playing out today nicolas maduro claims this left wing political ideology which is known as chevy's more is alive and well in venezuela but they were told the crowd he would defeat what he branded a crazed minority determined to to destabilize the country he's called for an anti imperialist demonstration on saturday all money whether apollo joins us live now from which is near the colombia venezuela border so let's start first of all with why though in his return to venezuela and appealing to state worker is what is the thinking the rationale behind that manuel. this meeting that mr garrido had with union leaders and public workers in caracas was very very high on mr grey those agenda we were anticipating that he would be holding talks with union leaders today the reason that this is so important is this
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is a sector of society public workers that would otherwise be loyal politically to the last minute or so strategically for one bill and for the political opposition in venezuela this would be winning over a huge sector of supporters that would otherwise be on the side for lack of a better term of equal less motherhood and a few of the points the main points the takeaways from that meeting today one was these public workers requesting from mr guy though a guarantee securing legislation that would guarantee that their jobs would remain once there is a sort of process for a transitional government one of the things that mr why though is calling for is a census to get an understanding get an idea of exactly how many public workers there are in venezuela and lastly as we heard from one in that in that sound bite that we heard moments ago is calling for a strike like you said to paralyze the public the public sector but to also maintain that momentum to keep that pressure going from opposition supporters in
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venezuela against the government of nicolas modo and in the meantime of course might do it himself was addressing a crowd saying he would defeat what he called a craze the minority determined to destabilize the country pretty strong words perhaps not surprising from nicolas maduro but i mean how did they go down and what can we infer on what might do to us next that might be. certainly a much anticipated speech by president mother two he's been silent for the last few days relation to the news that mr gray though had returned from that tour of several south american countries he was in brazil he was in. as well as. now back on on this day that commemorates the anniversary of the death of former venezuelan leader hugo chavez spoke actually from the place where his remains were laid to rest and he referred as you mentioned to a minority
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a minority out on the streets he called opposition supporters quote bitter also calling on his own supporters to take to the streets on march ninth on saturday which is interesting because it's the same day that one by dole is calling for protests from the opposition so we will be keeping a close eye on that but what my daughter was saying is that he wants his supporters to take to the streets as an anti imperialist march so if we really will be seeing both sides of this crisis this power struggle that is between these two men one go and. play out on the streets of caracas as soon as this weekend might who have her thank you so much for that update and of course another thing to do though said at that gathering was that she is still alive and well in venezuela will that shrine there looks at just how much business is a legacy that so much of it's just still remain six years after his death.
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sure these more is dead the opposition in venezuela has been saying that since the president for whom the ideology was named died of cancer on the fifth of march two thousand and thirteen. google chavez has chosen successor nicolas maduro continues to cling to power of the pressure from foreign governments and millions of his own people to step down. they blame him for rampant inflation high crime and chronic food and medicine shortages. they're going to do it all blames foreign sabotage particularly from the united states so then assuage his problems but not as colorfully as charges once did here criticizing former u.s. president george bush at the united nations in two thousand and six. president of the united states the gentleman to whom i refer as the devil came here. talking as if he owned the world i think we could call a psychologist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president
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of the united states but says that she is alive and well citing health and education programs and the continued redistribution of wealth begun by his predecessor but even his supporters admit that is no charge as he doesn't have the same charisma or political astuteness he continues to talk of the future well aware of the mounting risks to his government. but honestly i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela stop the drums of war stop the threats of invasion. say with one voice that we want peace we want to know where the two men shared similar politics the world has changed or prices of slumped in venezuela as left wing allies in the region have largely disappeared but do those critics say the only flawed elections and support from the military keep them in power the predictions of his imminent demise have been frequent these past six years as they were the charges before him now president maduro faces one of his toughest
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challenges yet with the world watching to see how he reacts to the returns have been a swayer of the self declared interim president. from a trip to neighboring colombia well venezuela marks the sixth anniversary of the death of. the opposition is questioning his legacy nicolas maduro supporters are wondering how much longer it will keep the president in office and al-jazeera. it's good well geria now where the army chief says that he will prioritize security and not allow the country to return to an era of bloodshed thousands of people returned to the streets earlier keeping up their calls for the president to resign the protesters are urging eighty two year old abdelaziz bouteflika not to run in next month's elections which he submitted papers for on sunday and the hayward reports. they've known no other leader in the one the country for twenty years.
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but there appears to be a groundswell against algiers abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algiers the message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long to pass and it's time now for people to wake up and not just settle. some students were forced to cover their faces suffering from the effects of take us this outpouring of anger began when algeria is ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically could to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about. the military which helped
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lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria security lynn real that. some parties which feel annoyed to secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to the years of pain during which the algerian people suffered. all kinds of suffering and he paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times were never given the bounty of security. president beautifully suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since that he's offered to shorten any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. several days of protests against his rule of law to more than two hundred people being injured you. can say constitute the rights to free expression is part of the
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algerian constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has warned that some people want to take algeria backwards protesters say they are looking ahead to trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time to change and he would al-jazeera . coming up on this news hour from london where in kandahar finding out how they're coping after flooding killed at least fifty people in afghanistan and pakistan the french president i'm unaware mccrone calls for e.u. reforms in the face of division and rising nationalism while his message may fall on deaf ears in some parts of italy and then sports and joe has the fallout after a turkish footballer slashes rival players with a razor blade. pakistan
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says it has arrested more than forty people thought to be linked to on groups in the region as part of a crackdown following an attack in kashmir which left forty indian paramilitary troops that the february attack was claimed by the pakistan based on group mohammed the brother of the group's leader was among those arrested the bombing has triggered the most serious standoff between india and. pakistan. well earlier the pakistani navy said it turned away an indian submarine that it spotted close to its waters this video released by the navy is said to show the vessel approaching pakistani territory it says no action was taken against the submarine in order to help reduce tensions in one town there are reports from the city of was a fight about on what pakistan is doing about joshua mohammad and other armed. they tell it all kish meat will be free this group called themselves dean the
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brother of holy warriors their leader mohammed haroun he's a firebrand cleric who supports armed groups across kashmir including jaish e mohammed that's the group who claimed responsibility for the february fourteenth attack on indian troops that sparked this latest crisis between pakistan and india . god willing the fighters of eldad are already across the country and are ready to pounce on their targets and are waiting for the right time and god willing this year will be the liberation of the whole of kashmir. the anti indian pro united kashmiri ideology is fundamental to all of the groups in the region india has long maintained that these groups are directly funded and directed by pakistan's intelligence service the i.s.i. it's a charge pakistan the noise however the question remains what is pakistan doing about groups like al but their majority and jaish e mohammad after two thousand and fourteen we have been hard on these groups
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know it's a stupid policy in pakistan that. really remains with the state and nor the group will be able to use that. real law to have the ability to use one for the groups so i think we are taking steps we have taken steps in the past since two thousand and fourteen we have stepped. i think we are on the right direction the groups are active today on both sides of the disputed border in indian administered kashmir his bold mojahedin regularly now attacks on indian troops yet india insists it's a domestic issue and says there's no comparison between groups on either side of the disputed border saw the suggestion that there is some kind of week where millions between the kind of terror challenge that india is facing and what. is either dealing with internally or indios all internal security issues which are
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related to the northeast have completely i would say different contours and the different profile so this is a case of apples and oranges in a very negative sense because these groups have been assisted by the pakistani state on a neighbor where there is gesture. you cannot compare them with what is happening with groups in india because they are being sustained and they are the strategic assets of the pakistani army there are many in kashmir who say that the indian army is occupying kashmir and that the groups are a direct consequence of that india says it's there for security reasons meanwhile its armed groups in pakistan that seem to be garnering the most attention. reissue of all groups and who supports them is a phony one in the parking lot of actually authorities say they are cracking down on these armed groups but it's clear that they are in the spotlight right now. the arrest may not be enough to satisfy india i'm
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a little be enough to reduce tensions between the two nuclear neighbors iran al-jazeera has a for about. rescue and they the operations are ongoing in pakistan and afghanistan where flash floods have killed at least fifty people heavy rain over the past ten days this cut of tens of thousands of residents aid workers say that around four thousand families are in need of assistance in afghanistan's southern kandahar province alone schools bridges and mosques have been the story by what the afghan government says is the worst flooding in kandahar in at least seven shelob ellis' in kandahar one of the hardest hit provinces where fifteen hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed. now this is the main point in kandahar city where people are coming to get help behind me there with crowds of people out here this morning here making sure that only the people in the u.n. had actually been to the homes and sure that they were actually damaged put them on a list. brought them here this is not
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a secure area over here is where the food is being handed out through you've got so you've got your got high energy biscuits the children you've got ted here that purify the water you end migration agent three handing out blanket. to children to keep them warm because of course it is winter here so there's a lot of work being done to try to help these people who have lost so much the u.n. and you're not the only ones helping you've got the military have done a lot of work in a thing twelve hundred people from flood stricken areas with river beds what have you to try to get them to thank me and love the stories coming out as well about what the military and police are doing. don't make a lot of money but they donated one day of their pay to try to help these flood victims get back on their feet rescuers in alabama are still searching for people missing after a massive tornado tore through the eastern part of the u.s.
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state twenty three people are known to have died including seven members of one family four of them children that were found inside or close to their homes local authorities warn that the number of dead could rise greek prosecutors have charged several local politicians and fire chiefs over last year's wild fire that killed around one hundred people the charges include manslaughter for the fire in july devastated the resort of matty and led to the resignation of several police officials emergency services were heavily criticized for all the properly prepared in the wake of the disaster. the french president emmanuel mccrone has called for reforms of the e.u. which would pave the way for a european renascence ahead of crucial european elections in may he wrote an open letter published in newspapers across the u. and warned citizens of all twenty eight states never has europe been in such danger breck's it stands as the symbol of that it symbolizes the crisis of
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a europe that has failed to respond to its people's need for protection from the major shocks of the modern world retreating into nationalism offer is nothing it is rejection without an alternative and this is the trap that threatens the whole of europe the anger mongers backed by fake news promise anything and everything well his appeal received a subdued reception from other e.u. leaders european council president on toast praised just one of his proposed reforms the creation of a european agency for the protection of democracies he also called on voters to reject and the e.u. parties that he said had been set up by hostile foreign forces to seize influence in brussels and i external and the european forces which are seeking openly or secretly to influence the democratic choice of europeans as was the case with greg that in the number of election companies across europe. and it may again be the
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case with the elections in may. well macross initiative for talks on reforming the bloc was welcomed by hungary's prime minister viktor orban a strong critic of the e.u. he responded by say this could mark the beginning of a serious european the base and the details of course we have differences of views but far more important than these differing opinions is that this initiative be a good start to a serious and constructive dialogue on the future of europe well let's speak to peter kleck there who is head of the brussels office at open europe an independent policy think tank sir thank you so much for joining us here on. does it surprise you that a man electrons letters that perhaps so but do you get reaction from people that you would think would be is obvious allies but then you have viktor orban in a way at least welcoming the idea of an open dialogue and clear change well
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it's in these phrasing and has been so positive but according to rumors he he's actually keen on a change to the peace to take powers from the european commission about migration. and also to supposedly make sure that the european union can no longer take action against some of the reforms that it's been and then and pour into the e.u. in danger to have a role so that it can be quite surprising what did you make of emmanuel mccraw letter itself and i guess some of the points that he makes you know protecting the continent the spirit of progress of course protecting the mock recy as well i mean on paper by all means they sound laudable but how how possible to implement do you think they actually are within the e.u. institutions. i don't think there is a big chance that these changes will be delivered fundamentally it's
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a good thing that micro has a vision i think more european leaders should wonder why the u.k. has left but of course role once is very much more of the same more top down control and this is precisely why the british left and sol so why you see more and more anti establishment sentiment bumping up around europe now i think from the monthly europeans and even many people who vote for nice and the establishment are nice are not against the core business of your view which is oh this is a bogus opening of various trades they are always very skeptic whenever to use vice to judge their money or very since the policy areas like migration out thing the rights of the e.u. is supernational organization it's already very hard for national politicians to make choices of money on spending or on budget cuts and so on migration
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policies so supranational brooke receives maybe have even less. to read and area. i suppose the one thing that mccrone says which is hard to argue with is just in how much that danger the e.u. is you have i suppose the symbolism if nothing else of breck's it and then the reality of the european elections coming up or a lot of parties that are very clear and strong anti e.u. sentiment ironically in the padding quite a lot of seats in the european parliament michael speaks of an alternative realistically what can either leaders do in the time leading up to the european elections to i guess try to change the way the tide is going. i think. different mindset is we need to grow but also a medical or posing the old ladies ever more concentration of power and money to brussels level thinking that this is the solution to everything while it
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is actually something that has been. people and has been creating a lot of anti e.u. sentiments typically the people who are most in favor of europe. to be the people most dangerous to the european projects because these people typically always want more money and more powerful brussels i think it's time for a rethink your v union is always very popular when it opens up barriers to traits and it make sure that it becomes easier for example to buy a car another country this is a little bit boring it's very crowded but it's a broker see and this is this is the sort of strong points of the e.u. and the e.u. is always unpopular whenever it's trying to organize transfers a big france for years or when it's waiting in very sensitive policy areas like migration policy how many migrants a country should welcome home much money the government should be spending.
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all the e.u. should stay far away from. the latter policy areas and just very briefly if you can as a final point do you think that the e.u. parliament but really the e.u. will be unrecognisable after these elections in may. i don't think so if you look at the projections then you see that the combined euro skeptic forces for lack of a better word meaning soft on the hard we are skeptics are about to gain hundred fifty two maximum two hundred seats there are there around six hundred seats so comfortable majority. any piece will definitely not be your skeptic. and t.e.u. so i don't think much will change as a result of the european parliament elections at least not in terms of the fact that the parliament would have the power to influence or leaders got these would
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have the power to the parliament the new commission president of course the good results. with three perhaps it changed the tone of the debates and that sounds it would have an indirect effect so maybe that's something to go for to get a clip ahead of brussels office at open europe sir thank you for sharing your views with us thank you. of course one of those parties that is famously skeptical of the you is if he lays a leg up party it started off as a northern separatist movement with innately but it's found surprising political success in the south of the country formerly known as the northern league the party's leader mikhail savini became an m.p. in the southern calabria region one of the poorest natally and it's focused his agenda on immigration from was out in the song it gave the reports. a town left to its own devices stuck in a troubled present. does not know is an agricultural community of some fifteen
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thousand people in italy south it continues to live through hard times in the grip of the local mafia the input on guitar and yes it's a political party that once supported the idea of northern italy seceding from the south that's had its most surprising success here but people get the only party that will sort things out is the leak five star is a joke and i voted for them but not everyone agrees remember you. don't remember when salvini would call us calabrian sleeves and crooks. all the troubles that this town has the poverty your guys crime and lack of any civil society have been taken by the league party transfigured into another issue immigration one of illegal only too eager to use to their advantage. so the migrant ship blockade is a promise made and kept usually can't take all these desperate people there are
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enough here in desperation underflow and sense of hope have been powering the league success hit calabria is one of the poorest regions in italy and has been forgotten time and again by politicians over the decades and its place criminal organizations have taken root exerting a powerful control of almost everything here including politics. the leaks coordinator in calabria domenico pictured here on his facebook page with the leader . has been key to its success here but he has been accused of having had links with the mafia. last march mateo salvini celebrated his election as calabria sen. among those pleased with his win was a result of this form of a jackal. who denies that the has had anything to do with the league's victory in the region. when people say that the league only won because the in that
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supported them i can tell you that in these areas the end would have voted for other parties yet this is a region where local governments have been dissolved because of mass infiltration suspicion runs deep here. it's very surprising that an intelligent politician like matteo salvini hasn't understood this when you choose candidates who have links to these organizations how you are citizens to report crimes to the police if they feel have repercussions. not far from the town center this tent city one official of a makeshift housing hundreds of people mainly from sub-saharan africa exploited by the end but they work in the agricultural sector for a pittance and provide a distraction for the other problems people face here sunny al-jazeera not so to come this hour mexico's government makes a rare apology to the families of five killed after corrupt police under them over
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to a drug. six stitches in my chest by a rising number of young people in the u.k. and become victims of night for tax and the asian champions kickoff the defense of the a.f.c. title joe will tell you how they got on in sport. hello there the weather has been pretty wild across parts of europe recently there's more wet and windy weather still to come the satellite picture shows one system working its way away and then another one making its way in from the atlantic this is already giving us the rain and it's sweeping pretty quickly eastwards so on wednesdays looking pretty wet for many of us here across britain and ireland through parts of scandinavia and down through parts of spain and portugal and it
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looks like here is where we see some of the heaviest of the rains and they could be a little bit of flooding thanks to this system the whole thing is marching its way eastwards but it's still looking pretty mobile as we head through the day on thursday plenty of showers rattling in on some fairly brisk winds some of the heaviest outbreaks are likely to be in the north of our map that will be snow and we'll also see a fair amount of wintry weather across the alps in the southeast that's where it's calmest and quietest and also quite warm force in athens with the top temperature of twenty degrees for the other side of the mediterranean largely fine and settled for many of us in the east but in the west where we're seeing the tail end of that system affecting europe so more cloud is making its way across parts of morocco and into algeria and we'll see some wet weather as well particularly wednesday night and on thursday there's a chance of seeing a few more showers the temperatures will be dropping behind that system too so a maximum of seventy.
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a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean it i mean if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remaining people on al-jazeera. your men killed a mother and son on their way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms law or so it is seem long with the was the american occupation of iraq that the house on hold an arrogance to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or you leave your charming head to head on a zero.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a day after his triumphant return to venezuela opposition leader has met public employees in caracas and urged them to help him oust the president model algeria's army chief says he will prioritize security and not allow the country to return to an arrow bloodshed this is thousands of people protest again demanding the resignation of president have been the zs defeat there. and pakistan says it's arrested more than forty people thought to be linked to armed groups in the region it's part of a crackdown following an attack in kashmir that left forty indian paramilitary
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troops that. refugees who escaped fighting in mali by heading to neighboring kenya faso say they could be attacked or arrested if they leave their camp in the town of gori thousands across the border when armed groups started fighting forces supporting mali's government. reports. for the families of these million women this refugee camp in the town of gori in neighboring book enough ass and is no longer a sanctuary they say it now feels like a prison. but the problem or face is the arbitrary arrest by either of the two armies of mali and breaking no fast diarists whoever comes their way even without a question. many people began fleeing from mali when armed groups demanding independence for the north of the country started attacking mali and government
12:36 am
forces in twenty twelve mali's military fought back supported by troops from other african nations and france the money and separatist fighters started carrying out raids across the southern border in book enough people in camps like this one say they're being blamed. our problem is that we were forced to leave our homeland as refugees we were welcome to burkina faso and they used to be enough relief aid now there's a big shortage of aid we can't move because of confrontations between the army and terrorist groups and now we fear the reaction of the people not the government and . since twenty eighteen there's also been a rise in the number of attacks in burkina faso itself they said to be carried out by several armed groups with different goals the u.n. says at least one hundred thousand people have been forced from their homes in the last two months we. would have security is totally absent we asked them to remain in the areas which the makino fassero thorniest can control we
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complain of sure divine aid and we believe it is insufficient international agencies must do more to help them while they wait for more help these modern refugees say they are trapped in camps where aid is dwindling and the dangers are growing rob matheson al-jazeera. government officials in mexico have issued a rare apology to the families of five you who were killed in two thousand and sixteen corrupt local police kidnapped four men and the sixteen year old girl and turned them over to a drug gang in the state of veracruz one of mexico's most violent relatives say the apology is the first official recognition that their loved ones were innocent victims and not criminals as officially as officials initially claimed when they went missing. if you know the school or this is it's an apology for the time so we tried to criminalize with children and without justification they were folks lee
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accused make this be clear your children were innocent and never should experience what they did riot police in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro have used tear gas to break up clashes which broke out at a street party during carnival around one hundred thousand people were gathered for the party when the violence broke out police cut short the event and at least one person was arrested. a rising number of young people in the u.k. have become victims of knife attacks the murder of two seventeen year olds over the weekend has ignited a public debate on the issue britain's most senior police officer what has clashed with the prime minister over whether there is a link between police cuts and increased knife crime neve barker reports this is the brazen face of british knife crime mask gang members descended on a college day a month just seven threatened students a seventeen year old was wounded six people were arrested since the start of the
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year ten teens have been fatally stabbed twenty seven have been killed in the past twelve months seventeen year old jodie chesney was murdered last week she had never been involved in crime. she was with a group of friends in this park when her killer approached he stabbed her in the back and left he didn't say a word knife crime is no longer confined to criminal gangs in deprived areas it's everywhere. judy chesney seanad huggins she just siminoff the names of some of those killed were read out in parliament this week and this opposition labor m.p. stella creasy wants says from the government this is an emergency that requires an emergency response here. recent news police rix periods deep funding cuts leading to the lowest police numbers since the one nine hundred eighty s. the british prime minister denies the resource problem is to blame there's no direct
12:40 am
correlation between certain crimes and peace numbers what matters is how we ensure that the police are responding to these criminal acts when they take place that people are brought to justice but what also matters is as a government that we know the issues that underpin that underlie this use of knives and britain's most senior police officer disagrees in the last few years police officers numbers have gone down a lot of there's been a lot of cuts in other public services i agree that there is some link between violent crime on the streets obviously and the police and police numbers of course there is not i think everybody would would see that mohammed has she is a youth worker on the front line in communities most affected by violent crime he's also a victim i was stabbed an attempted robbery and i was in a watch on a break up a fight with some young people but for me again i was someone that was well qualified i was never involved in gangs of violence etc however that kind of reinforce in the case it's not really a choice for a young person to be
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a victim or or necessarily a perpetrator if the environment kind of pushes you in a certain direction. for us as i don't have really let down our young people and you actually bear the scars yeah so i've. got shot in the show six stitches in my chest and i had another ten rifle. steel warriors is a charity that wants to take all the lives off the streets and turn them into something positive a ton of weapons is confiscated in london every month. this is the result an outdoor gym in an east london park made entirely from recycled weapons allowing young people to refocus their bodies of their minds as police politicians and charities agree and disagree on new ways to tackle the symptoms and causes of knife crime children are killing children of britain streets the barca al-jazeera london
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irish police say that they're assisting london police in their investigation into small explosive devices sent to three major transport hubs in the city the devices were sent to heathrow london city airport and to waterloo station least say they are treating the incidents as linked and described the packages as capable of igniting a small fire when opened no one was injured now it's being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against. a man in london appears to have become only the second known adult worldwide to be in long term remission of the virus the hiv positive patient was seeking treatment for cancer when doctors decided to give him bone marrow stem cells from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists hiv infection three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the infection and tests show he is still in remission is doctors say the virus is undetectable well experts say this doesn't mean
12:43 am
a cure has been found but it does mark a critical moment timothy brown that was the first case he had a similar treatment in germany twelve years ago in a sense live hiv free he says he would like to meet the london patient. i would say take your time in if you if you want to become public do it it's been very useful for science and for giving hope to to interview positive people. to people would be with a t.v. and so i would encourage you to become public time day take your time and. if you would what's good for you or to talk about the similar detail we're joined by anton pose the ecb president of the international aid society who joins us from seattle sir thank you for joining us and welcome to al-jazeera we just heard from timothy brown of course the the first person to
12:44 am
effectively sort of not need. retroviral drugs therapy to keep the hiv at bay a lot of similarities between the two men so tell us what the similarities are but also what the differences might be between the two cases. yes well both men hot can set different katz's and both men had chemotherapy way to see brad pitt but he radiated and had two sessions of chemotherapy two goes at transplant station. and they were transplanted with sal stem cells that are inherently resistant to h.-i the h.l.v. has done that shown to cells through reset and will and the slower ones are. to be bound to london patient hat when deficient in these reset to sell a chevy column gain entrance the new yorker interesting thing is that they reacted
12:45 am
slightly to the transplant that's it's a call in problem which caused some inflammation on one of the theories is that that helped remove a child the bars that's inside the d.n.a. of some of these aging poles there and so you had a bill of rights to you had you given cells and regenerates itself that could be an exit athan that inside the d.n.a. the virus of waiting that it could wake up at any time was removed. so it's obviously premature to speak of a killer but how do you welcome this news do you think it is of the size since that to perhaps eventually finding a cure for hiv aids oh yeah i think the proof of principle is that if you caton. do genetic manipulations of the cells that are resistant to the r s adnan you can do some gene and it seemed like they do that some diseases to remove the virus that's already inside the cells inside d.n.a.
12:46 am
then it would be a good move forward for us to try and find a cure they're already working very hard for it in monkeys at eighteen and removing the didn't genetic material that was presented from inside cells and we've seen that transplanted cells that are resistant also are very effective however you know the science it's fantastic the two the two strands now in both patients are really relevant so that people can start focusing on trying to find the following these two adding years. because just paint a picture of us of what the situation is for aids and hiv around the world in most cases is it our most or patients able to keep it at bay with the use of and to retroviral therapy which of course isn't going to be available to everyone all the sufferer is around the world but the ones that do have it available can you keep it a bay for a considerable amount of time you know we've had answered richard are up there at
12:47 am
the effect since ninety ninety six i mean we had drugs before but we've got effects it's there since then and there are people who've been on therapy since then controlling the virus which means that they don't transmit the virus. and they live a healthy life maintains their health there's about twenty million people in the world now on antiretrovirals we need to put another twenty million on but the fact that the way that that package is you can take one pill a day and the future is now a long acting where people can have injections once a month or people work out implants and these implants to be put in every six months or every year so that there are people. getting medicines is really also advanced you get quite a pace and tacit developments are all around and one positive president of the international aid society thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us thank you thank you it's a pleasure now in a surprise move the former nisanit chairman catulus colon has been granted bail
12:48 am
he's already served just over three months in prison for accusations of financial misconduct after being denied bail twice the japanese court set bail for the sixty four year old at one billion yen that's eight point nine million dollars on condition that he submit to video surveillance and communication on training in a statement he said he is innocent and committed to fighting the accusations. it's going to canada now where protesters are angry at a growing political scandal and they have interrupted a speech by prime minister just intruder oh. thank you. it happened hours after the resignation of a second cabinet minister treasury president jane philpott quit over accusations that trudeau's aides tried to influence a criminal inquiry the case involves a multinational canadian company accused of bribing the libyan government it also led to the resident resignation of the justice minister jody wilson raybold last
12:49 am
month. still ahead. of the world's toughest that most. coming up in sport. on. business updates. going places together.
12:50 am
business updates. going places together. thank you. and now here's joe with the sport. barbara thank you realm of the team that has won four of the last five champions league titles is now minutes away from being eliminated in the last sixteen stage by i.x.
12:51 am
it is the first time in eight years that rail have failed to make at least the semifinals the dutch side went into the match with a one goal deficit but that was quickly arrays to a c.h. scored in the seventh minute david narrows the strike in the eighteenth minute put i.x. into an unlikely lead at the bernabeu marker sensi who pulled one back for the defending champions but the four one score with minutes remaining would see i.x. pull off the incredible five three aggregate upset. or top them or all three of the quarter finals for just the second time in their history with a one no lead over brucia dortmund hurricanes go in the forty eighth minute putting the tie beyond doubts spurs leading the when for now on aggregate on wednesday robot will look to hold on to their one goal advantage against porto the big game though is between p.s.g. at manchester united he will be looking to overturn a two goal deficit the premier league team lost two nil at old trafford and face
12:52 am
a challenge to make it into the quarterfinals against the french league champions but their case a good manager insists that united can do it especially if they school first. never mission impossible force more difficult for. us i said here earlier we've got to get the first goal then anything can happen. yes it's a technical and tactical game but it's also a mental game and suddenly. it's always change games and if we get the first one. we'll be believing even more so and might they might start doubting themselves so it is important we get the first one i bring the asian champions league japan's kashmir atlas got the defense of their title off and running they be debutantes to hold their all texan of malaysia brazil and legend zico was in the stands as taking opens because she was accurate in the forty third minutes. said jean you're then
12:53 am
doubled their advantage after the break and despite the malaysian side grabbing a consolation goal kashima one based group a match to one. well the victory couldn't live up to their name in their group opener with dacre f.c. the south koreans came from behind with goals from just senior wind soon min and ed good to give them a three one winning start to their debut campaign alberts keisuke honda had a header saved in the seventieth minute to catch a disappointing night for the hosts. a footballer in turkey has been released on bail after being accused of wounding opposition players with a razor blade it happened during a third division game for sokoto a sport players claim that sport midfielder mansour targeted them with a sharp object on the pitch a police investigation is under way his club deny the allegations. chelsea of appeals to fee for against a one year transfer ban the english premier league club has handed the ban which
12:54 am
runs until january next year after breaching features rules to protect teenage players if he follows previous examples chelsea could see their ban frozen which would allow them to sign players until their appeal is heard. a course in hungary has ordered the extradition of a portuguese whistleblower behind some of the biggest expenses in european football pinto established the football leaks website in two thousand and fifteen which has uncovered stories including cristiana an elbow and jersey marine years tax avoidance on tuesday he was told he'd be sent from budapest back to portugal where he is charged with extortion violation of secrecy and illegally accessing information he denies the charges. now a group of former british soldiers aiming to become the first all the sable team to compete at the twenty four hour motor race they're called team bridge which stands for british racing injured troops because especially adapted with hand controls to allow drivers to compete pool fun to work reports. the road to recovery is brought
12:55 am
a group of former soldiers together looking to compete in the world's toughest sports car race. national was working as a bomb disposal expert in afghanistan where he lost both legs and in the explosion our job was to go out for id and on the ninth of july two thousand i found one slightly odd way up standing on that resulted in losing both my legs from an fingers from the left hand fractured pelvis broken hearted flaps long such as this goes on and on. his teammate masson compton is also lucky to be alive he suffered burns to seventy five percent of his body when his tank was blown up in afghanistan as it was going to the british a person had been waiting so annoyed you was really as we drove in from that plane
12:56 am
all right and how. fortunate in the go isn't it. because it out eventually recognises me. somehow. issachar out of the rubble alive and they say they're now on fire. and getting to cover shots off. the team took part in a forty five minute race at lamont last year in a support category both drivers are convinced they can be on the start line for the twenty four hour race within two years as stephanie terrible team has come on leaps and bounds from its inception the logic of the fifteen we start off with one call by garridge two people the team's growing race truck b.m.w. you see behind me the pirate and the flagship of the team yes i'm on g t four get into them on it's not a question of this question of one of the team boss told al-jazeera the opportunity
12:57 am
to race is providing the drivers with fresh motivation for some guys with mental health issues with depression and. p.t.s.d. . and just don't have the motivation to think the world of them or. taste racing it's almost like a drug they'll do they'll do anything just to go racing. allows us to teach. all the skills we need. having already overcome so much in their lives the members of the team also mentoring the next generation of drivers the newly launched the cademy for disabled drivers allowing people to access most border interim level and use it as a tool for rehab and recovery better with al-jazeera. as full time in madrid the champions have been eliminated by x. five three and i could get that focus for back to barbara joe thank you very much
12:58 am
and that is it for this news hour i do stay with us though going to be back in just a few minutes with more of today's news i hope you'll be able to join with us about . june ring sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state sometimes on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera but these is a name to be well to see greenpeace keeping force the last of the complete eighteen years on using his harrowing images international lawyers seeking justice
12:59 am
for those slaughtered by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera. you leave this place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds the workers mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more
1:00 am
independence and freedom this feels like it's a little sure is a tomato exploration process. we have that technology available to us. while venezuela's president marks six years since the death of chavez opposition leader one why though urges state workers to help them oust model. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. after days of protests against president going to freak out algeria's army chief accuses some of seeking a return to the country's.


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