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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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this is you know on al-jazeera. on the anniversary of the chavez venezuela's president an opposition leader competes for the loyalty of people. hello and welcome a debate a policy of watching our desire live from doha also coming up. as u.s. senators call for more sanctions the european union will urge saudi arabia to cooperate with the investigation into jamal khashoggi smart are. refusing to give up the fight but there's a warning from algeria's army chief for protesters who want the president to go.
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very useful for science and for giving hope to. the people. the message from one breakthrough patient to another and the treatment of a. so it defines venezuelan president nicolas maduro is vowing to defeat the opposition despite the mounting pressure on him to step down he's accusing one guy joe and his supporters of destabilizing the country it is murderous first public comments and squad to defy the travel ban and return to caracas on monday at an event marking the death of the former president hugo chavez has occurred supporters to attend what he calls the anti imperialist demonstrations on saturday. while a crazy minority continues with their hatred with their bitterness. it's their
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problem we will not pay attention to them compared to we are going to stop them in their tracks their work the national you know let the crazy minority continue with their bitterness we will defeat them have absolute security for chavez we will do it for the great history of the country we will do it. well saturday's rally will coincide why there's opposition march he's appealed to state workers to back him and his push to oust. the opposition leader says the state bureaucracy is being manipulated by the government that is there edging public unions to prepare for a strike. public workers are being kidnapped by the dictatorship it's being kidnapped by the regime and today as a result of this meeting of this great event we will not continue collaborating with the dictatorship so public workers are obliged to cooperate ever again no be forced to do anything listen carefully we're headed towards
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a tiered strike of the public administration proposed by the union we know that threats will come we know that the persecution will begin. more from cook at venezuela's border with colombia. venezuelan opposition leader who met with public sector workers and union leaders in get access today this meeting was much anticipated very high on the agenda for one it's important strategically for venezuela's opposition to meet with public sector workers because this is a group that would otherwise be politically very much on the side for lack of a better term of president nicolas maduro so strategically this is an effort to win over the support of union leaders a few of the main points that were made during that meeting between one by bill and public workers were the public workers asking why go to secure legislation that could guarantee that they would not lose their jobs in the event of of
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a transitional government another point from the from the side of history is calling for a national census to get an idea of exactly how many public circuit service workers there are in venezuela and lastly to continue with that momentum to continue with that pressure against the government of nicolas mother who he's calling on public sector workers to hold a national strike to to really continue that pressure against the government now converse lee on the other side of town in fact in the place where the former president of venezuela hugo chavez his remains were laid to rest you coalesce mother commemorated the death of hugo chavez six years ago he was speaking to military officials and finally after several days of silence not. making any sort of mention to the news that one guy deal had finally returned to venezuela after a tour of several south american countries mr nicholas modo did call the opposition a bitter minority against his government and he was calling for his own protests
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calling for what he referred to as a quote anti-imperialist march on march ninth that saturday march ninth this is interesting because it's the same day that one is calling for even more anti-government demonstrations to. please and get back as soon as we can we could see that power struggle between these two men nicholas mother to an opposition leader of one play out on the streets of caracas. in other news top u.s. senators are pushing for a new sanctions against those behind the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi bob menendez on the senate foreign relations committee is among the many politicians this is they're frustrated with the lack of progress made by the trumpet ministration on an investigation into the killing and whether senators gave the president one hundred twenty days to determine added investigate the perpetrators under the global the netsky act but the white house failed to meet that deadline let's get more now from our white house correspondent kimberly how
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get it in washington d.c. . well i think we can take what a couple of senators who have a lot of power in the senate are saying collectively not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine both democrats but it is important to note that there is unity rare unity on this issue in the u.s. congress with respect to the notion that the administration has essentially flouted the law when it comes to the trigger of the global magnitsky act you'll remember that that was triggered in twenty eighteen the administration was required to come up with a report to congress a few weeks ago with regard to who it believed was responsible for the killing of shows you have to remember this ministration said very specifically that it would pursue this to the highest echelons of the saudi government so many congress are very unhappy when the state department simply sanctioned just seventeen individuals
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but did not point to the saudi crown prince a conclusion that the u.s. senate certainly has come to after it was briefed by the cia director gina housefull there was another briefing that took place on monday where senators had hoped they would finally get the information that they were looking for as a result of the trigger of the act but they were in a word disgusted with what they were told according to not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine essentially the senators knew more about this case than those that were put forward by the administration european countries are expected to all saudi arabia to cooperate with the u.n. probe into murder a joint statement is scheduled to be released on thursday and in jewels a demand that releases detained activists. an intelligence officer from saudi
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arabia has tried to hold an anti qatar lecture in switzerland. claimed that four of the speakers at the event in geneva work atari's deprived of their citizenship when journalists asked how they were allowed to travel without pos ports that emerged that they were in fact saudis saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt have all imposed a blockade on qatar since twenty seventeen. hundreds faisel fighters defending the last pocket of territory have surrendered to u.s. backed forces in eastern syria more than six thousand people have left the village of our goods in the past twenty four hours alone the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces are trying to push ice allowed it is fear that hundreds of civilians could still be in the area near the iraqi border. to pakistan now which has detained dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include people india suspects of being behind an
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attack that killed more than forty soldiers in the disputed kashmir region last month a group called jaish e mohammad said it was responsible and the brother of its leader was one of those detained the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in years. protests are getting louder in algeria but its army chief hours he won't let the country go back to what he calls hears of pain students have led the latest demonstrations there calling for eighty two year old president abdelaziz bouteflika to stand down from next month's elections and i hear word has the details. they've known no other leader in the one the country for twenty years. but there appears to be a groundswell against algeria as abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algiers the message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave
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office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long too process it's time now for people to wake up and not just citizens. some students were forced to cover their faces suffering from the effects of take ass this outpouring of anger began when algeria's ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically cut to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about is. the military which helped lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria security. that. some parties which feel annoyed to see
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a secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to the years of pain during which people suffered all kinds of suffering and paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times. were never given the bounty of security. president putin has suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since that he's a petition or any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. several days of protests against his room have led to more than two hundred people being injured you. can say constitutes the right to free expression is part of the algerian constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has hold that some people want to take algeria backwards protesters say they hold the king ahead to
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trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time to change and he would al-jazeera . and still had an odd is there are the latest on the rescue efforts in afghanistan's kandahar province are flash floods have destroyed homes and displaced families. and they call for drastic action on plastic it's millions of tons this goes into our oceans every year. i and i there for many of us in the southeast in parts of china as yet more wet weather on its way has the last system that we saw working its way away towards the east but it's being replaced by yet more cloud and yet more rain as well say for
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many of us on wednesday it will be a role the soggy affair and those showers will be pushing for the south and as they do said they'll take down the temperature so a maximum temperature in hong kong just of nineteen degrees and do expect to see a fair few showers around as well they will be further towards the south and for many of us hey there's plenty of dry weather looks like it should be. we find again for us in the philippines but the showers there for the south as you can see on the satellite picture working their way through parts of java and into borneo in this again is where we see the majority of the showers as we head through wednesday and into thursday for the west and for many of us in samoa dry there should be a good deal of dry weather but there's still a risk of one to shower as times most of the cherry weather india has been in the east and that's also been affecting us in bangladesh but all of that is trying to clear away so that we were in the way of drawing weather as we head through wednesday and into the day the showers gradually fizzling out then for most of us on thursday she looks like a fine unsettled day the temperatures are now rising force in new delhi will should
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get up to around twenty six degrees but colombo as usual is hovering around thirty or thirty one. who want to sponsor can tolerate. john trenton sun down the time junior was promised damaging information about the hillary clinton allegation like to see the station sit down to see the trump card. with russia did you at any time a barge former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form closer to backing down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you know. next question bottle sealed washington on al-jazeera.
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again your desire and here's a reminder of our top stories this hour when israel is president nicolas maduro is valid to defeat the opposition leader and his supporters of destabilizing the country but there is calling for anti imperialist demonstrations on saturday coincide with an opposition march. countries are expected to pressure saudi arabia to cooperate with the u.n. investigation into jamal khashoggi word this comes as u.s. senators push for new sanctions on those behind the saudi journalists killing. his army chief has promised he won't let the country go back to what he called years of pain he made the call as students led more protests urging the eighty two year old president to deflate to stand down from next month's election. that the white house has rejected the early quest by democratic leaders for jock
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events related to security clearance of the president's son in law gerrard question donald trump's counsel has called house democrats request unprecedented and intrusive there were questions raised about how krishna who's trying senior advisor at a high level security clearance it we said new york times reports suggested that trump went against recommendations by security officials and ordered his former chief of staff to clear questionnaire she had written see has more from washington. following the reports in the new york times washington post that john kelly the then chief of staff of the white house felt ordered to give jarrad cushnie that security clearance despite the reservations of security officials the house oversight committee aust for more information from the white house notably what reservations did security officials have a cushion and why did donald trump have to lie or felt he had to lie about his role in giving drug question or that security clearance if john kelly is to be believed
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what we have the response from the white house and that is look we'll give you general information and general briefing about how security clearances are given out but we're not going to get any information on individual cases because that would violate the privacy of those individuals the house committee now saying they will think about what the next step will be it's not clear yet whether subpoenas will be following which might then really lead to a court action which might mean that this is all just caught up for months and months and months and bureaucracy but certainly this debate is beginning now in. canada's prime minister is facing a deepening crisis the risk government's handling of a corruption inquiry its second senior minister has quit his cabinet after the justice minister resigned last month other scandal centers on the canadian companies attempts to avoid prosecution of a claims that it pay bribes to libya's former government than a lack has this report from. justin trudeau promised a new kind of politics when he became canada's prime minister in two thousand and
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fifteen open government progressive policies it earned him plaudits at home and abroad as did his first cabinet with equal numbers of men and women ministers because it's twenty. four years on it's much less positive as last two of his most high profile female ministers in a growing scandal over accusations of attempting to politically influence the justice system. and one of canada's largest engineering companies is charged with paying bribes worth tens of millions of dollars to the government of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi if found guilty the company faces being blocked from bidding for lucrative canadian government contracts in extraordinary testimony to a parliamentary committee the attorney general said trudeau and his advisors tried to make or accept a plea deal to avoid a trial. for a period of approximately four months between september and december of two thousand and eighteen i experienced
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a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of canada trudeau in his inside circle have said they did nothing wrong they were acting to save a company employing nearly ten thousand canadians opinion polls indicate the scandal is hurting the prime minister's popularity with an election later this year his party will have to take urgent steps to save itself from defeat lessening the power of the prime minister and lessening the power of political staff lessening the degree of centralization within the political and the administer of flights of government both the cabinet ministers who resigned say they still support the government possible hint they'd serve another leader someone other than justin trudeau the promise of a few years ago has long gone as canada's prime minister attempts to weather the worst political crisis he's ever faced daniel lak al-jazeera toronto. riot police
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in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro have used tear gas to break up the violence at a street party during a carnival around a hundred thousand people were gathered for the festivities and fighting broke out police cut short the event and one person was arrested. the french president. has called for a forms of the you which would pave the way for a european renaissance ahead of crucial european elections in may he wrote an open letter published in newspapers across the e.u. and he wants citizens of all twenty eight states is it never has euro been in such danger brags it stands as a symbol of that he's suggesting the british people were not properly informed before voting to leave the e.u. . his appeal received a subdued reception from other e.u. leaders here pm president council our european council president donald tusk
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praised just one of the crown's proposed reforms and that was the creation of a european agency for the protection of democracies he also called on voters to reject anti e.u. parties and external i'll tell you to be able forces which are seeking hopefully of security to influence the democratic choices of europeans as was the case with greg that in the number of election countries across europe. the dick case was the repeal elections in may police in britain and ireland are investigating that we mail bombs sent to two airports in a main train station in the u.k. the devices were discovered at london's heathrow and city airports as well as waterloo train station no one was injured although one cost a small foreign office building at heathrow aid has been rushed to afghanistan's kandahar province after some of the worst flooding in years residents are salvaging what they can after nearly ten days of heavy rain and at least twenty
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people have died while another thirty were killed by flash floods in other parts of afghanistan and neighboring pakistan charlotte bella's has this report from kandahar. yes press ration runs deep and searches quickly through this crowd much like the floods swept through here last week it's nine am and they want aid from the u.n. distribution point they say they've lost everything and need help. last your house is your basic. supplies or services they had and so they all were going there are in need of assistance. but there's a list only those who have been verified as a name and don't pose a security threat to the county and to sixty year old abdul k u s one zero zero zero the world food program gives some fortified wheat pulses so much oil he receives change some blankets it is meant to last him his wife and nine children
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for two months until they can get back on their feet. he's come here to pick up the supplies with his neighbor we follow them home. and this is what is left of it after a creek burst near here on friday night. abdul karim this was your home can you show me what rooms it was this a bedroom was this a living. here whether in about one room is here and one here there were three rooms and one toilet here and then all gone now we were over here sheltering in my shop and i was hearing things falling down and then why home collapsed all my friends were flooded washed away from the press some filmed this video as light broke the next morning was the first time they'd seen the extent of the damage that i'm not upset this is from god and i have to accept that if i find the money i will rebuild the house but if not then we will live in the tent. kandahar got half of
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its annual rainfall in just thirty hours from friday into saturday resulting in a lot of water overflowing from creeks like this one and surging into residential areas and damaging or destroying homes like these ones made out of mobs and clay in total across kandahar province fifteen hundred homes were either damaged or destroyed. kandahar's police chief says the number of displaced families could be as high as by fells and his officers responded across the province over the weekend deal with have a concert always we were able to reach all parts of the province and evacuate people out of the water and transport them to government buildings and mosques we saved a lot of people's lives especially on friday night. the military assisted also the afghan air force sealift to twelve hundred people trapped by the rising waters of the army risking those stuck in here the snow at high altitudes it was risky because this syria is a taliban stronghold every rescue in far flung districts could lead to
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a five fight. first we block the area and want team secured it another team started helping the affected people we all knew our duty of who would secure and who needed to help the locals in the rescue operation abdul chi you wasn't risk use that he must risk you himself now at sixty he must start a game. his children play livia's to his burden what was the floor of the whole charlotte dallas al-jazeera kandahar. bags bottles strawson plates about half of the plastic we use every day is used only once and then thrown away this is causing widespread damage to our oceans habitats and food chains and environmental organizations say that needs to stop now a new report from the world wide fund for nature documents a dramatic rise in the produce production of single use plastics since the year two
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thousand we've used more plastics than in all the years before we're not producing nearly three hundred million tons of plastic every year and most of that isn't being recycled to tackle the problem the groups calling for an international agreement banning single use plastics they say companies producing the way should be responsible for cleaning up the mess. here and that have us is the head of programs at plastics who foundation that's an advocacy group tackling plastic pollution and he says countries need to come together for a common solution to the problem one of the most critical points that is in the report is that actually states that we need a global standard for blessedly get into the environment that's the basic ingredient us actually missing if you don't have a standard if you don't have a goal what do we need to reach in a certain period of time. you don't consider it as a as a problem but what's going on right now at the government of noro and they actually
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are pushing for global standards on plastics that's a big step forward that needs a lot of support our change there is there are some sense from countries like the united states jonah they're reluctant and strong language in regulating the bless the emissions. although and i'm convinced that the pressure especially about this whole topic of plastic soup. that will actually create momentum to start where it's yeah taking responsibility and cleaning up the mess and finding the solutions because there are solutions are there every weekend do it it's being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against hiv a london man appears to have become the only second only the second person to go into long term emission from the virus that's cos this aids patient was seeking treatment for cancer when he was see the stem cells transplant three years ago now because he was also hiv positive doctors decided to give him bone marrow from
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a rare hiv resistant donor three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the virus and attack show that he is still in a mission timothy brown was the first case when he received similar treatment in germany twelve years ago and has lived in the free since. i would say take your time in if you if you want to become public do it it's been very youth for for science and for giving hope to. profit people and town pas nack is the president of the international aid society he says therapeutic treatment of hiv is also making great strides we hadn't richard are there at the effect not you not six i mean we had drugs before the fact it's there since then and there are people who've been on therapy since then controlling the virus which means that they don't transmit the virus. and they live
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a healthy life maintains their health there's about twenty million people in the world now and that zero two are oh sweet but another twenty million dollars but the way that package is you can take one pill a day and the future is now a long acting where people can have injections once a month or people work out implants and these implants to be put in every six months or every year so that there are people. getting medicines is really also advancing the quote it's. a court in turkey who has granted bail senescence former boss carla scone it really gets a prosecutor's appeal and said the bail for about nine million dollars and ernest arrested in november for allegedly falsifying financial documents he says he's innocent and will fight the accusations the executive has been denied bail twice over fears that he could tamper with the f.f.s. . and you can find much more on our web site the address for that is al jazeera dot
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com take a look. you're watching are these our top stories venezuela's president nicolas maduro has vowed to defeat the opposition he's accusing leader one goh ideal and his supporters of destabilizing the country or do is calling for anti imperialist demonstrations on saturday to coincide with an opposition march for whom you know your local while a crazy minority continues with their hatred with their bitterness it's their problem we will not pay attention to them compared to what we are going to stop them in their tracks their work the national you know let the crazy minority continue with their bitterness we will defeat them have absolute security for
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chavez we will do it for the great history of the country we will do it. countries are expected to pressure saudi arabia to cooperate with the u.n. investigation into jamal khashoggi is murder this comes as u.s. senators push for new sanctions on those behind the saudi journalist killing. of various army chief has promised he won't let the country go back to what he called years of pain he made the college students lead more protests urging the eighty two year old president abdullah g.'s put a flicker to stand down from next month's elections. pakistan has detained dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include suspects linked to an attack that killed more than forty indian troops in the disputed kashmir region last month bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in yours. an aid has been rushed to afghanistan's combat province after some of the worst flooding in
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years residents are salvaging what they can off to ten days of heavy rains at least twenty people died in kandahar and another thirty were killed by flash floods in other parts of. and they bring pakistan police in britain and ireland are investigating three male said to two airports in the main train station in the u.k. the devices were discovered in london's heathrow and city airports as well as waterloo train station no one was injured although one costs a small fire and an office building at heathrow. while the news continues here on. inside story stay with us.
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six years since the death of venezuela's president hugo chavez two men to the power struggle the country is dealing with the sparling political and economic crisis so is there a way out of what's choice this is legacy this is inside story. james but when viewed as well as former president hugo chavez died on the fifth of march two thousand and thirteen it sparked a series of events that still.


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